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Published on 10/12/2016

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Are you on a tight budget with little or no money to invest in programs that may or may not pan out?

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone with years of experience were to share with you some sites that are tried and tested and that have created an income for hundreds of other Friends?

My name is Tony Lee HamiltonInternet Affiliate Marketing Veteran and I have been earning an income online since 2009 while helping Friends from around the world to also earn an income online with a tight budget.

I am going to share with you below some sites that are Free forever or for as long as you need them to be and you will be able to generate an income with the sites as a free member.

You will also be able to increase website traffic, referrals and revenue online from anywhere in the World that you are!

I also share the below sites on my website at

Tony Lee Hamilton Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran

The following sites I highly recommend and use daily!

When you click on the banner above or any of the links the site will open in a new window and you won’t leave this press release so click on any or all of them to learn more!

All of the above sites are Free for as long as you want them to be and you can earn on any or all of them.

Of course when you feel comfortable to upgrade then they all are even more lucrative to earn revenue with and all are very economical to upgrade at.

At my website I do promote other programs as well so visit my website at

Tony Lee Hamilton

Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran


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Posted by Tony Lee Hamilton

7 year United States Army Veteran - Providing Social Media & Internet Marketing Solutions for Businesses as well as helping Friends earn an income online with Internet Affiliate Marketing from anywhere in the World.


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  1. Thanks, Tony, you came up with the best websites in the domain I have worked with ClixSense and it was fine to start with it, Social Media Traffic Exchange also it is another good way to earn some revenue and traffic, I think it’s recommended for anyone wants to understand how the online world works


    1. Thank you Simoon for viewing and commenting my Friend.

      I do love these traffic sites that I share and love sharing them with Friends as well.

  2. I am already a member with few websites you mentioned like, Clixsense, Easyhit4u and used them to get traffic and make money.
    From the traffic point of view, they deliver cheap fast traffic but with no high quality and it is not easy to get a premium sale from this type of traffic.

    1. Mahmood,

      The Clixsense and EasyHits4U traffic is amazing and will absolutely get a Premium sale when what is shared is Premium my Friend.

      I know that for a fact as I have generated many sales, referrals and much revenue while utilizing them Mahmood.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting my Friend,


  3. I am already making money from Clixsense and surfing Easyhits4u from time to time. With Neobux and other traffic exchanges too.
    However, I don’t think it is a good way to build your presence online. I also heard it affects keyword rankings and SEO badly. It is said it is good for splash and capture pages.

    1. Thank you Mahmood for your input my Friend, I am very happy utilizing these sites to build my presence online my Friend and the results speak much louder than the critics.

      Do you also utilize IBO, Global MoneyLine or any of the others my Friend?


  4. Hi Tony!
    I found your article on how to increase website traffic very informative. I would admit right the way that I’ve been looking for something like that. You suggested there a couple websites to visit in order to learn and get some tips that would really help to boost a traffic on a website. At this point I cant really tell how trusty those websites are but I will take a look and find out.
    Great comment Tony and thank you for sharing this valuable information!

    1. Wonderful Patric,

      You are welcome anytime my Friend and it is my pleasure to help Friends from around the world to increase website traffic, referrals and revenue.

      Thank you Patrick for stopping by and for commenting my Friend,


  5. Hi Tony. It would be very useful for me to go through your list of sites and find those that would work for me and my site. But tell me, what exactly do I need to do to maximise the usefulness of any of these sites? And do I need to use them every day or even being active only a few times per week might be beneficial?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Ellie,

      I personally utilize them all almost on a daily basis my Friend but there is no maximum or minimum and it all depends upon your time available and what you are looking for.

      Sign up with them for free and take a look around utilizing them to see if they are what you can continue with to benefit your business.

      I highly recommend them all to increase website traffic, referrals and revenue online from anywhere in the world!

      Thank you Ellie and talk with you soon my Friend,


  6. Very good information but do they actually work? I get that you build lists and stuff like that but how do you know those people are actually interested in what I have on my site? Also, will I get a bunch of spam comments? I don’t want that on my site either.

    1. Hi Marlinda,

      Thank you for the questions my Friend and yes they actually do work!

      They are real people who really are looking for and/or are willing to look at new opportunities as well as other websites.

      I utilize them all daily and absolutely love what they have helped me do for y website and business Marlina.

      Welcome my Friend, Thank you for viewing and commenting.


  7. Hello Tony how often are you getting traffic from these websites are they generating enough income for yourself, you don’t have to get into detail as to what type of revenue you are making, and also how are these sites benefiting your audience? I’m asking these questions because I been a lot of research on how to bring traffic to my website and how does that work for you.

    1. Hello Marsean,

      The sites mentioned are providing daily website traffic my Friend and I am active daily with the all as well. My audience benefits from the traffic in that I also share other ways to generate an income online and the viewers who visit my website are looking for ways.

      I earn daily revenue and enjoy when Paypal sends me the email that says “You’ve got Money” and I also enjoy when Friends who I have helped message me saying that they are also now receiving those emails.

      Thank you Marsean for viewing and commenting my Friend,


  8. You mentioned that you can earn an income from those sites, are you talking about some extra cash or a full-time income? I am a member of a few of them already and yes they are good for getting website visitor but I don’t rely on them for an income.

    1. Do you share them on IBO Cathy?

      The income that you generate for free from the sites can be generated by directing traffic to your website such as I do with my Friend.

      Global MoneyLine is the newest and has been awesome fro sharing this website so you can share yours there as well my Friend.

      If you are serious about earning an income online while increasing website traffic then I suggest visiting the home page here on my website.

      Talk with you soon Cathy,


  9. What exactly are these websites for? I had a look and they all have the look and feel of scams. Of course they can’t be if you are recommending them! 😀
    I’ve ended up signing up for traffic ad bar and so far it looks pretty good. It sounds a lot like traffic boost where you view other people’s websites and get points so that they can view yours!

    1. Thank you for asking my Friend,

      All of the sites help to increase website traffic, referrals and revenue and you are correct when you say that they aren’t scams.

      Thank you for the wonderful compliment my Friend, I love and utilize theses sites daily!

      Contact me anytime with any questions that you have and I will help when I can,


  10. Hey Tony! Never heard of those sites before I’ll take a look at them for sure, are those revenue sharing sites or something like that? how do you get the free traffic exaclty, Do I have to watch other ads or is t another thing?, thanks for sharing, have a good one.

  11. Hi!
    Is any of this websites free? And is the traffic that you get from people who are clicked to click?
    I’m against getting payed traffic and the most important thing is if people convert no the actual traffic.
    Also, do you have to do anything to get traffic from this sites?

    1. Hi Dreamgirl93, They are all free my Friend. Get signed up and I will be glad to help in any way that I can as they all will help to increase your website traffic, referrals and revenue.

  12. Hey, Tony, I am not really sure what these sites do for a website’s traffic. How do they work? Do you post your site with them and they share it with people on those networks? Are they Revshare programs?

    I am interested in driving more traffic to my blog. What do you recommend my first step be, or which one of these programs are best for just starting out?

    1. Hi Todd,

      I would recommend starting out with IBO my Friend. The only one that is kind of a revshare would be LeadsLeap and all are unique in their own way. Get signed up, Take a look around and I will be glad to help answer any questions that you may have Todd.


  13. Tony,
    I realize that increasing traffic to my website is vital for my business to succeed but I wasn’t sure where to find a low-cost way to do this, let alone free! Every day I receive emails from people saying that they’ve seen my website and are sure that they can help me with traffic but they have always been very costly. I’ve already signed up for Global Money Line and Clix Sense after reading this but wanted to know first if I’ll be barraged with marketing emails from these sites before I add to this list. Thank so much for this helpful information.

    1. Hi Lynn,

      No you won’t be barraged with emails my Friend. Each of the sites has the ability for you to change the email settings for what you would like to receive. They are all wonderful sites to increase website traffic, referrals and revenue my Friend and all are free. Contact me anytime with any questions and I will always help in any way that I can.

      Talk with you soon Lynn,


  14. Having a list of other free advertising sites to try is great. Like most things on the web, it is always an excellent idea to find as many resources to have on hand that can save you money with getting your website presence out there to others.

    I’ll need to check these additional sites out to see about improving my traffic.

    1. Wonderful Travis,

      You are welcome anytime my Friend. I am a long standing member with these sites that I share and love increasing my website traffic, referrals and revenue with them Travis.

      Talk with you soon my Friend,


  15. Hello Tony
    A great press release on how to get traffic to a website.
    As we both know, without traffic your website and your business is going nowhere fast.
    I have to admit that I haven’t heard about a couple of your traffic sources.
    Therefore I for one will be looking into this further with your links.
    I will also be holding on to your sites URL for further visits.
    To your success Tony and mine to of course lol.
    Robert Allan

    1. Hello Robert,

      All of our continued success is my daily Prayer my Friend!

      Thank you for taking a look at these sites that I know can and will increase website traffic, referrals and revenue from anywhere in the world Robert.

      Talk with you soon my Friend,


  16. Sometimes, It’s very hard to increase the website traffic. There’s a lot of hard work to do to increase the visitor organically. According to my experience, the Clixsense is one of the best PTC sites to advertise the website. The clixsense have a million of a user and the chance to get the bunch of traffic is very high compared to the other advertising platform. Do you know about FP traffic?

    1. Hi Roudell,

      I don’t know about FP traffic my Friend.

      I do know that the platforms that I have shared here when utilized will increase website traffic, referrals and revenue online from anywhere in the World and all are free.

      Thank you Roudell for joining these sites my Friend and growing your business,


  17. Hi Tony, these look like helpful links for those of us wanting to build website traffic.

    I wonder what the catch is though. I assume that you sign up, add your website details and then wait for the traffic to arrive?

    I wonder what this does to your visitor bounce rate and how this will be affected in the eyes of google?

    1. Hi,

      The sites that I recommend for increasing traffic, referrals and revenue are tried and tested my Friend. There is no catch, It’s real people who really are interested in what I am sharing and the bounce rate is amazingly good.

      Google “Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran” my Friend and you will see what Google thinks about us 🙂

      Thank you for viewing and comment,


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