Instagram Help from Me, The Marketing Veteran

Would you like to grow your Instagram Following in order to earn more with your business by building your brand?

Instagram help from me, The Marketing Veteran is much more economical and affordable than you may think.

Do I charge $100 per month and grow your account with fake followers like the so called Instagram Gurus do?

No, I don't!

It makes no sense at all to grow your Instagram account with fake followers so don't fall for the hype of buying followers and instantly going from 0 followers to 10,000 followers overnight!

It's very easy for anyone to see when someone has 10,000 followers and very little activity on their Instagram posts and therefore no revenue or influence at all.

What if I told you that I can and will be able to increase your Instagram Following by 100 or more per week and that they'll be targeted to your Niche and therefore when you put our quality content that they'll also be active and then in time also become customers?

Would that be worth $100 per month to you?

No, I don't charge $100 per month for my services in growing your Instagram Account by 100 followers per week.

100 followers per week turns into 5,200 followers within a year, how many more sales could you make with 5,200 more followers seeing what you have to offer?

In many cases, I can assist you in increasing your Instagram following by much more than 100 followers per week, usually closer to double and even triple that amount.

At a rate of 200 more followers per week then you would have about 10,400 more followers within a year, how many of those 10,400 followers would you like as your customers?

How much would 200 – 300 active followers pr week be worth to you?

Would you be able to make a profit by paying $50 per month / $12.50 per week for 800 – 1,200 more possible customers per month?

Do You currently have 800 – 1,200 new viewers to your website per month?

Instagram is now the #1 Social Media Site for Business Owners to share their website and what the products and/or services that they have to offer.

Did You know that when You achieve the 10,000 follower mark that you are also able to add a link to your Instagram Stories?

Yes, it's true!

Visit my Instagram page at now to see how I do and how I earn a full time income online while utilizing my Instagram Page. I was already earning a Full-Time Income Online prior to starting my Instagram account less than 2 years ago and now I am earning 2X as much as I had been earning prior to Instagram.

Take a look at another article here on this website titled “My Top 4 Recommendations” to see what other sites that I recommend to Business Owners to grow their Online Business.

OK, back to Instagram and how I can assist you in growing your Instagram following and therefore increasing your opportunity to earn more when sharing your quality products and/or services on your Instagram page.

I am going to offer a 1st Mover's Discount for my services!

For just $20 per month, I will assist you in growing your Instagram account at a rate of 100 or more active followers per week / 400 per month.


You read that correctly, the first 100 Friends who send me $20 to my PayPal account at and then email me with the following information will be locked into that price on a month to month basis:

  • Instagram UserName
  • Instagram Password
  • Target Audience (Niche)
  • Other Competition in your Niche on Instagram

The $20 is per month and there is no contract or obligation, when you want to continue with my services you simply send another $20 via PayPal and I keep helping you to grow your Instagram account.

Multiple month discounts are available after the 1st month to ensure that we both would like to continue working together and works as follows:

  • 2 Months = $38
  • 3 Months = $55.50
  • 4 Months = $72
  • 5 Months = $87.50
  • 6 Months = $102

In addition to the above discounts, when you choose the 4, 5 or 6 month choice above you will also receive a completely Free Upgrade to being a Lifetime Gold Member at When you upgrade to the 2-month plan, you'll receive the 90-day Gold Membership for Free at SMTE & with the 3-month plan a 1-year Gold Membership for Free at SMTE.

Friends, I welcome any and all questions, comments and/or ideas in the area below.

4 thoughts on “Instagram Help from Me, The Marketing Veteran”

  1. Okay this is a great review! 

    I haven’t taken my business to instagram but when I finally decide to do this idea is not bad at all.

    I also know some of my friends that have business pages, and introducing them to this won’t be a bad idea. 

    The key is also to grow and at least the active users could be a huge help. 


    • Thank you John for your compliment my Friend, also thank you for recommending your Friends who are utilizing Instagram for their business.

      They will absolutely thank you for introducing them to me and seeing how I will increase their Instagram Following with active followers who will also become great customers.

      You are welcome back here anytime John and I will also assist you in setting up your instagram for your business as well as growing your brand.

      Talk with you soon John,


  2. Hey Tony,

    I just recently watched a video about these internet gurus claiming they can help grow your Instagram, only to discover the majority of their followers are from India.

    Most of them don’t speak English; let alone engage with their posts.

    It’s great to see a product that delivers on its promise. I’ve decided to grow my Instagram for my business organically, but it’s not growing fast enough.

    Congrats on the huge following on yours.

    100 followers per week would do a lot for my business. The key is getting them to engage with my posts and getting them to take action.

    Can you do that as well?

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hey Diana,

      Yes my Friend your followers will be organic and real followers and while I can’t make anyone engage I do indeed assist your Instagram in receiving followers who are actively engaging on Instagram.

      100 followers is on the low side and in most weeks there will be much more that that my Friend.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting Diane, you are welcome back anytime my Friend.



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