Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran sharing Wealthy Affiliate

I, Tony Lee Hamilton am also known all over the internet as the Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran.

Does that mean that I am some genius or millionaire?

Absolutely not, It simply means that I am here to help Friends increase website traffic, referrals and revenue online from anywhere in the world and that I am a Veteran!

Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran on Wealthy Affiliate
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Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 Ranked Affiliate Marketing Business Community Online and in the World!

I have been a proud member of WA since 18 June 2015 and plan to stay as long as they will allow me to as it is that great.

The training is second to none because not only does WA have great built in tutorials but the Community is also full of knowledgeable in absolutely every area of Affiliate and Internet Marketing that there is.

I love WA and You will too!

Wealthy Affiliate is such an incredible site to not only get started with Affiliate Marketing but it is also extremely helpful for anyone who would like to learn and grow daily in the Marketing arena.

No matter what your niche is you can and will learn how to monetize a WordPress website with the awesome Affiliate Marketing Classes within Wealthy Affiliate.

There are many Friends within the WA community who are earning many thousands of dollars per month with affiliate marketing and simply sharing what they are passionate about.

Does it happen overnight?

Does it happen automatically?

Is it a “Get Rich Quick” scheme, scam or thing?


Will it be worth it?

Will you realize a return on investment (ROI)?

Will you build a respectable legit online business?


Wealthy Affiliate Training
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The Screenshots below shows the activity level within Wealthy Affiliate, WA is the most active business community in the World and so much more productive than Facebook, Twitter etc…..

  Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran

Because Wealthy Affiliate is such an active community support there is 24/7 as someone within the community will have an answer to virtually any question that can be asked.

There is also a question area at the top center of every page at WA so you can type your question in there and if the question has ever been asked before the answer many times will be in that post.

WA also has a live chat area that you can view to the left and it is in the right column pictured.

One very unique benefit about the Wealthy Affiliate Community is that most everyone is helpful and most genuinely care about your success online and will not only help but also cheer you on.

Thank you Friends for viewing and commenting below,

Tony Lee Hamilton – Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran

22 thoughts on “Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran sharing Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. Hi Tony,
    You did a great job emphasizing on the Wealthy Affiliates community. In all my years of working online, I have never seen such a helpful bunch of people. All my questions get answered within minutes, you can’t beat that! I have been in other programs that have taken days to get a response to my questions.

    • Hi Cathy,

      Thank you my Friend and yes I agree that the support at Wealthy Affiliate can’t be matched!

      Talk with you soon Cathy,


  2. Hello,
    thanks for sharing in-depth article about Wealthy Affiliate. I agree with you, WA is definitely a great program where people cal learn so much about online marketing. What I love the most about Wealthy Affiliate is their support. You can get help practically in a seconds.
    Great informations

    • Hello Karlo,

      Thank you my Friend!

      Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing source for learning and is great for newbies as well as seasoned Veterans.

      Talk with you soon Karlo, Thank you for stopping by and commenting my Friend,


  3. Your tag line says it all…

    Helping Friends to Increase website traffic, referrals and revenue Online Worldwide!

    I know because you have helped me!

    You have hit the nail on the head explaining the support at WA. It is the best I have ever seen!

    Keep up the good work and I will be following!


    • Thank you so much Connie for the wonderful testimony and compliment my Friend!

      I truly do enjoy helping Friends increase website traffic, referrals and revenue online worldwide!

      Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing community of Friends who support and encourage one another!

      You are welcome anytime Connie and thank you for stopping by and commenting my Friend.


  4. Well you slammed it out of the ballpark again Tony!!! You were the first to welcome me to Wealthy Affiliate and I love following you. You have a knack of laying it out just perfect and easy to understand. I have 2 sites going and have some meager traffic but guys like you are an inspiration!

    • Thank you for the Wonderful compliment Dennis and I appreciate you stopping by to comment on my post my Friend!

      It’s my pleasure to follow and share Wealthy Affiliate with great Friends Dennis, Talk with you soon.


  5. Hi Tony, how’s it going?

    Cheers for sharing this review with me, I took a real interest to this post as I myself am am used of wealthy afiliate and I think that it and it’s community is truly amazing and that eveveryone should make use of the amazing opportunity Wealthy affiliate provides

    Thanks again for sharing


    • You are welcome Josh,

      It’s my pleasure to share Wealthy Affiliate with the World my Friend as it is truly the most amazing community on the internet and in the world!

      Thank you for stopping by and for commenting Josh,

      Tony 🙂

  6. Thanks for the share Tony – I think what lacks in other online marketing programs that also teach you is the community side that you mention with Wealthy Affiliate – like minded people sharing and helping with common goals. A lot of other affiliate marketing sites tend to offer value in terms of teaching, but with the goal of upselling all their products … this community sounds refreshing.

    • Yes Laurie,

      No upsells with Wealthy Affiliate after the Premium Membership my Friend.

      Thank you for stopping by and for commenting,


  7. Tony, you are doing marketing Wealthy Afilliates the same way I have in mind practical and real. Very good tony I hope it works out well. You are indeed thorough and concise

  8. Hello Tony. Do you mean I can have a more productive site to invest my time as an online marketer than Facebook or tweeter? This review from a veteran from you will possible expand my online horizon. should I pay before subscribing to Wealthy affiliate or its free to join?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Bruno,

      Yes my Friend you can sign up for free and Wealthy Affiliate is far more productive than Facebook and/or Twitter.

      You are welcome anytime Bruna and thank you my Friend,


  9. Thanks so much for sharing this important information Tony.

    I also am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I second every point you make here.

    It really is a wonderful community with the very best and latest in training and tuition.

    For anyone considering going into the online business area, I recommend they follow your advice.

    Thanks 🙂


    • You are welcome Chris and thank you my Friend for confirming what I have posted about Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting Chris,


  10. Hi, Tony. I must agree with. There is no place like WA. I have been with them for around 8 months. I am not rolling in te money yet but it’s not too hard to see the amount of potential that lies within this amazing platform. In the world of internet marketing, WA is king

    • Hi Leonard,

      Yes WA is amazing my Friend!

      2017 is going to be a great year and I look forward to helping many Friends have their best year ever.

      Thank you Leonard for stopping by and commenting my Friend,


  11. I love your article on WA! You highlighted all the things that I also am proud about this community. It’d really be hard to find another company that offers everything you need to be successful in the online world. Your success is inspiring especially for someone like me who is just starting.

    • Thank you so much Cassia,

      WA has been a blessing to me and my online business my Friend.

      It is my pleasure to share with Friends who are looking to also increase website traffic, referrals and revenue from anywhere in the World!

      Talk with you soon my Friend,



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