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Tony Lee Hamilton

Not only am I a 7 year Veteran of the United States Army but I have also been earning an income online for 7 years.  That is why I have my website as Tony Lee Hamilton – Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

According to Wikipedia Affiliate Marketing is performance based marketing that rewards affiliates for customer's brought to a merchant's products and/or website.  Affiliate Marketing many times overlaps with Internet Marketing because many of the same advertising methods are used such as Search Engine Optimization SEO, PPC – Pay Per Click, Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising and also more unorthodox methods like Reviews of the products and/or services offered.

Affiliate Marketing is also sometimes referred to as Referral Marketing as both types of Marketing utilize 3rd parties to drive sales.  The concept of Revenue Sharing or paying commissions for referred business came about in 1994 just 4 years after the birth of the World Wide Web.  E-Commerce websites generated over 2.16 Billion dollars per year since 2006 and beyond.

Affiliate Marketing is a wonderful and very legitimate way to earn an income online from anywhere in the world, I am part of an Amazing Affiliate Marketing Community that is ranked #1 Online Affiliate Business Community in the World!

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There are many Affiliate Marketing opportunities and you can earn by sharing virtually any product and/or service on the internet with your blogging website.  Turn your Passion into a Thriving Business with your Free SiteRubix website that also comes with Free hosting forever.  Amazon Affiliate Program, ebay Affiliate Partner Network, ClickBank and CJ Affiliate by Conversion (Formerly known as Commission Junction) are just a few of the Affiliate programs available and within CJ Affiliate by Conversant there are many big brand name stores and websites available to promote their products.  Under Armour, Urban Outfitters, The Sportsmen's Guide Outdoors, PetCo, and the Disney Store are just a few of the over 2,800 store websites full of products that you can choose from in order to monetize your website as an Affiliate.

Many companies also have Affiliate programs and the best way that I have found to check if they do is to scroll down to the bottom of the website and look for the words “Affiliate Program” or something like that.  If they don't specifically state that they have an Affiliate Program you can also contact them with your website and ask them if they have an Affiliate Program and/or if they would consider allowing you to promote their products and/or services.

Affiliate Marketing is hard work and is not a get rich quick scam or scheme so if you need to get rich quick then go another route like maybe play the lottery.  To start a legitimate website that you can learn how to monetize and grow an online income with then here is my #1 Recommendation and I'll also be available there to help you anytime that you ask me for help.

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Tony Lee HamiltonInternet Affiliate Marketing Veteran

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