Is Bitlocity a Scam? 2021 Bitlocity Review

Bitlocity is a new online crypto business that takes the concept of crypto crowdfunding and combining it with a MLM business strategy. The information here will provide an updated Bitlocity review. Let’s take a look at this company to see what it has to offer and to figure out if it’s a scam.

The New Era of Crypto Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a business concept where a bunch of people invest small amounts of money into a business idea. This style of investment allows entrepreneurs to secure money for their business ideas instead of relying on business loans or borrowing from other financial institutions. Crypto crowdfunding is a new practice. At the heart of this new concept is bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a standard form of cryptocurrency. All cryptocurrencies are considered digital money. When a person invests bitcoin, they are investing digital currency that has a monetary value. Bitcoin can be converted into any type of monetary system in the world. This means that people can covert it into U.S. dollars, Euro’s, and into the Chinese Renminbi. People who are the recipients of this crypto crowdfunding will then be able to apply it toward their business ideas.

This information was provided to give you a good understanding of what Bitlocity is trying to accomplish. Crypto crowdfunding can also be stated or written as cryptocrowdfunding, cryptocrowding, and cryptocurrencies crowdfunding.

A Quick Word about Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Crypto Crowdfunding

Initial Coin Offerings are also known as ICOs. They are similar to stock that are offered by companies. However, ICOs are bitcoin based and each company creates their own type of ICO. People then use the concept of crowdfunding to purchase the ICOs. Cryptocrowdfunding is derived from this approach. The only difference is that people are funding new business ideas and not directly supporting an established company. By the way, some established businesses and companies will offer cryptocrowdfunding services to help expand their businesses or to launch a new business idea or something related to their business.

What is Bitlocity?

Bitlocity was established online on October 28, 2020. This site has been around only since the fall of 2020 and people still finding out about it. The site doesn’t provide information about it's founders and it is not registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Bitlocity uses the cryptocrowdfunding scheme to help entrepreneurs to raise money for their business ideas. The company also relies on MLM recruitment. This aspect of the business is how Bitlocity gets the word out to people about their organization. The more people are recruited for this organization, it helps this brand to spread far and wide.

What Does Bitlocity Offer?

Bitlocity offers cryptofunding and MLM services. The cryptofunding aspect of the business will be summed up and then the MLM part will be discussed as well.

  • Education information about cryptofunding and bitcoin.
  • “The first global all in one decentralized educational, technological, as well as rewards system” is the line that Bitlocity tells it's clients. This company doesn’t offer any type of features that will help affiliates to promote the company. For example, there aren’t any links, banner ads, or promotional tools.
  • Truthfully, the site doesn’t offer any type of service offered for the cryptofunding aspect of the business.

The MLM part of Bitlocity is extremely important. Why? This is where affiliates will make their money.

  • Bitlocity wants new members to purchase a position within a matrix tier from their site. These tiers are listed below:
  • Bronze Tier – To join this matrix commission tier, you will need to purchase a $25 position.

-Silver Tier – To join this matrix commission tier, you will need to purchase a $50 position.

-Gold Tier – To join this matrix commission tier, you will need to purchase a $75 position.

-Platinum Tier – To join this matrix commission tier, you will need to purchase a $100 position.

-Pearl Tier – To join this matrix commission tier, you will need to purchase a $200 position.

-Amber Tier – To join this matrix commission tier, you will need to purchase a $500 position.

-Ruby Tier – To join this matrix commission tier, you will need to purchase a $750 position.

-Sapphire Tier – To join this matrix commission tier, you will need to purchase a $1,000 position.

-Emerald Tier – To join this matrix commission tier, you will need to purchase a $2,000 position.

-Diamond Tier – To join this matrix commission tier, you will need to purchase a $5,000 position.

-Double Diamond Tier – To join this matrix commission tier, you will need to purchase a $10,000 position.

-Blue Diamond Tier – To join this matrix commission tier, you will need to purchase a $20,000 position.

-Ambassador Tier – To join this matrix commission tier, you will need to purchase a $50,000 position.

-Crown Ambassador Tier – To join this matrix commission tier, you will need to purchase a $100,000 position.

  • Once a person signs up for a package, they will receive some type of digital product. However, it isn’t clear what the digital product is. Truthfully, it might be some more educational materials about cryptocrowdfunding. In other words, it’ll teach people about cryptocrowdfunding but it won’t tell them how to really make money from it. However, you will get information about MLM strategies that will help your recruitment efforts to take off.

An Overview of the Bitlocity Website

The Bitlocity website is simple and straight forward. It is broken down into 4 sections. These sections include “Register Now”, “Get Positioned”, “A video section about compensation packages”, and a “Telegram” section. At the bottom of the site there are buttons for “Telegram Support”, “Vimeo Channel”, and a button for “Live Zoom Calls”.

Most of the buttons on the site are designed to get people to register. The Telegram support is an email field for sending information about problems with the Telegram feature. The Vimeo channel is used to provide weekly training sessions for affiliates. The Live Zoom calls supposedly connects members with Bitlocity employees for whatever reason they need to be connected. The site also has a Spanish language button at the top right so it can be instantly translated into this tongue. Again, there really isn’t an about me page and the site doesn’t provide any information about who operates it.

How does Bitlocity help entrepreneurs?

That is a question that doesn’t seem answerable with how this site works. They don’t go into detail about how their services can benefit entrepreneurs who are looking for cryptofunding opportunities to help grow their business.

Bitlocity Facebook Page

The Facebook page for Bitlocity is very confusing and strange. Some parts of the page says that the company has moved, and other parts of the page doesn’t look like it’s representing the company at all. You can also click a link to the new page and then it shows a picture of an insane looking guy trying to convince you to purchase this service. The Facebook page also has bizarre quotes about building pyramids and building businesses. Obviously, this is a page created by a Bitlocity affiliate trying to sucker (I mean recruit) people to the site.

Is Bitlocity a Scam?

I’m going to stop with the review right here and tell you that this site is a scam. Why pretend that it is not? This site doesn’t make much sense. They tell you that it a designed for cryptofunding opportunities, but they don’t provide legitimate way for crypto investors to make money. Instead, they provide a lot of education about the cryptofunding business and a lot of education about MLM strategies. Truthfully, you can go on online and learn about this stuff on your own. I’m about to go into a rant about Bitlocity so pay attention.

Bitlocity tries to keep everything too private. This sends out red flags. Companies should be transparent. If it’s legit why try to hide who made the company and why cover up the people that is running the operation? Seriously, what’s the point? If I was trying to rip people off with a fake online business scheme, I would try to make my site look legit as possible. I would showcase information about who founded the company, why it was invented and when it came out. I would even put information about the key workers at the organization.

That is what a good online business does. They don’t hide stuff on their site or give you little information as possible. That is irritating. People want to invest their money want to see who they are working with and what they are getting into. The less information that you provide in these two areas will usually send out red flags to people cause a lot of hesitation toward investing. It’s almost like you’re saying “I’m going to scam you once you give me your money. I want to rip you off and you’ll never know who I am. So, give me your money and then go make me more money by telling other suckers (I mean people) that they should join up with my scam as well”.

The company tries to push their organization as a cryptofunding business, but it is just a ploy for MLM recruitment. Remember, a business has to offer something before taking people’s money. If they don’t offer a product or service, then they are breaking the law. Bitlocity sells a lot of hype around crypto crowdfunding but they don’t deliver. The company is not illegal but that doesn’t mean they aren’t ripping people off.

The MLM scheme of the business is thoroughly promoted. Affiliates are given smoke and mirror speeches about cryptofunding. Then the rug is pulled out from under them as they learn about MLM recruitment strategies. Affiliates think they are taking advantage of a good business opportunity with cryptofunding but that is a lie. This site is all about MLM, recruitment, and paying Bitlocity more money for every person that is recruited.

Honestly, people can and do exploit systems like Bitlocity. There are few people who are MLM marketing geniuses and they are able to take advantage of a MLM scheme. They know how to create sites, videos, and ads that get people to join. They end up making a decent income from their efforts. However, they are the exception and not the rule.

Most people that sign up with Bitlocity are going to lose their money. That is a fact. They’re going to quickly realize that this company isn’t about connecting bitcoin investors to potential new business ideas; it's about bringing more people into Bitlocity’s marketing scheme. Bitlocity wants that money and the recruitment game is how they get it.

No investment opportunities exist with Bitlocity and no entrepreneurs uses their services to get their business going. Most people will not mess with a business that outright claims to be an MLM company. People just don’t behave in this way. So, Bitlocity (like any other MLM scheme) simply comes up with a really good business idea to use as a screen to cover their MLM efforts. This is how Bitlocity works.

Keep in mind that Bitlocity does an outstanding job with their smoke and mirrors presentation. They can make their company seem like a legit place for cryptofunding investors to support entrepreneurs. They tell members about this great opportunity and they sound convincing when they do. Again, when a person realizes that what they’re saying doesn’t match up with their business opportunity; it’s too late. Now they have been suckered into recruiting more people for Bitlocity.

Most people will try to follow through with the recruitment process because they want to try to get their money back. However, they will eventually lose their money over the long run.

Also, if you can’t find an entrepreneur that benefited from Bitlocity or a group of investors that invested into this platform, that should cause you to question it as well. This brings up another good point about any online business opportunity. If an online money making scheme claims to benefit businesses and people with a unique opportunity, and you can’t find not one business (or person) that has actually prospered from a scheme; the scheme is probably a scam!

A legitimate business is going to promote some company that is helping them to succeed. People who have legitimately prospered from an online scheme will also promote it as well. No legitimate entity is going to deny a company that has benefited them tremendously. When you see established companies such as Home Depot, TJ Maxx, or Progressive Insurance use a business such as Bitlocity then you know that it is probably a good thing. However, if no major company or business is even remotely associated with the site, this is another indication that it could be a scam as well.

Look, no online platform is perfect, and they will not appeal to establish companies. That is because established companies have their own way of marketing, investing, and promoting their business. One thing that legit entrepreneurs won’t do is to hook up with bogus online internet companies to raise funding. This would not be wise on their part simply because online scam opportunities related to investing would instantly ruin their business and reputation. No legit entrepreneur wants to be associated with any business or people that are illegal and unethical about how they do things.

Bitlocity isn’t registered with the SEC or any investment regulatory system. This should also send out red flags. Remember, any company that is involved with investment has to adhere to SEC guidelines. Funny, Bitlocity isn’t a part of the SEC investment community and they are not registered with this organization. Truthfully, if Bitlocity was a real cryptofunding platform, it would have to be signed up with this securities regulator. However, it is not.

Again, they are selling people a scam. It is a good sounding “fake” scam but a scam nonetheless. Bitlocity should be avoided at all cost. Again, if a person is a mastermind at the MLM game, then go for it. Like I stated earlier in this article, some people can actually exploit these MLM schemes and make money from them. However, most people should leave them alone.

I will say that Bitlocity doesn’t go out of it's way to tell people that they are going to get rich overnight. They don’t try to push the get-rich-quick scheme onto people. That is a good thing. Still, they are misleading people by trying to pump up a new legitimate financial opportunity. Yes, cryptofunding is taking off and it will be a part of the future for entrepreneurial investing in the future. However, legitimate cryptofunding investment opportunities will come through established investment firms and businesses.

New startups within this field will be transparent and recognized by the SEC. More importantly, they won’t require investors to start recruiting more people to join their ranks. Yes, they provide some incentive for investors to get other investors to use their business. But that doesn’t mean that they are not providing real investment opportunities for people and entrepreneurs.

This Bitlocity review will end with the following conclusion. You can invest in Bitlocity if you choose to do so. You have a good idea about what the company is about. Things might change, but I would doubt it. Bitlocity doesn’t make much of an effort with hiding it's true intention. The MLM game is a huge part of the online world of business.

Many new online businesses tend to rely on this scheme to make money. There must be something to making it work. Still, Bitlocity and other companies like them have to realize that the MLM scheme is not a sustainable way to make money. Yes, there are millions upon millions of people from around the globe who will get involved with this type of scheme. However, most people will not be able to reach these individuals to exploit them for their wealth.

You can risk your money in legitimate business or investment opportunities. Bitlocity just doesn’t meet that standard. This business cannot help you to get rich or help you to succeed. It is not designed for that purpose. It has been designed to benefit Bitlocity the most. If this online platform can get a bunch of people to support it, it creates a never-ending stream of money for them. You will get some of it, but it won’t be much. Also, if people that sign up under your name decide to leave you’re out of luck because your income will leave with them.

Crowdfunding crypto should not be taken lightly. This is a serious investment opportunity. You also don’t want to mislead people with Bitlocity by getting them excited about a legit and new way of investing. No one likes to be fooled. If Bitlocity is a MLM scheme promote it as such and don’t trick people into signing up with you just to make a quick buck. While you are offering them something in return for their money, they still don’t like being deceived. That is what Bitlocity is all about.

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  1. While investing in bitcoins, be cautious. If your bitcoin gets stolen, then it can be a very frustrating time but instead of getting frustrated, it is important to act fast so that you can get your money back. Unluckily, there are many victims that do not get their money back because it is very hard to track down the people behind it. The thief is either in another country or using fake identities. But in some cases, it is easy to track the person who has stolen your bitcoin. Tracing bitcoin is not hard for the bitcoin forensics or specialists.

  2. It is a minimum investment of 25 usd .. If someone invests only this amount ..and at some point will lose it .. assuming that Bitlocity will close as soon as the first fee of 25 usd is collected .. how will Is it possible for someone to lose “in the long run”?


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