Is bUnited a Scam or can You Really Get Paid to Unite?

Is bUnited a Scam or can You Really Get Paid to Unite? post thumbnail image

In the recent past, you may have realized that bUnited has been getting a lot of attention and hype. You might have seen bUnited on social media, or you may have had some of your friends who are into Network Marketing put their referral links on social media platforms or even approach you about it. is supposedly an online platform where you can earn or get paid to connect and unite. If you have been wondering what is and whether it’s another scam where only the founders laugh all the way to the bank or a great business opportunity that you should consider joining, you are in the right place.

In this comprehensive review of bUnited, we have gathered all the facts about the company and its founders, how the organization works, their product line, and compensation plan among other things, to help you make a suitable decision whether you would like to sign up to the platform in question.

I should also mention that I am not a representative for bUnited and this review is for informational purposes.

What is bUnited?

bUnited is a multi-level marketing company that operates in the e-commerce niche. According to the company website, the firm initially began around five years ago. The website’s domain,, was first registered in 2014. Nevertheless, promotion for this company did not begin until mid-2015. Currently, the Alexa traffic ranking results show that Brazil, Russia, and the United States are the top three sources of bUnited website traffic, with 10%, 8%, and 8%, respectively.

The objective of bUnited is to unite consumers to create a big and powerful movement. According to the company, if eco-friendly consumers come together, they can inspire manufacturers, retailers, multinationals, and factories to become as sustainable as possible. As a result, this group of consumers can decide to buy only from you if you are eco-friendly, peaceful, and inclusive or go out of business. works just like a standard cashback scheme, intending to build up a massive affiliation so that it can be able to negotiate substantial discounts with big companies, with a plan to get these firms to play their part for our environment as well. The main idea is that corporations will save on their marketing costs because this platform enables them to access such a huge customer base. Therefore, whatever they pay, will be distributed to the members.

This concept is not new, but the people behind this firm are trustworthy. The company is backed by a reliable team of advisors and co-founders from all around the globe. If you try to look them up, you’ll realize that they are real people. However, there are no guaranteed returns because it solely depends on how things will work out eventually since it’s still in its initial stage right now.

Who are the founders of bUnited?

On the management part, bUnited is run by three guys who are also the co-founders, and they include Johannes Pohle, Jim Jorgensen, and Ozan Taner. Apart from their co-founding roles, Jim Jorgensen also works as the chairman of bUnited. According to his Wikipedia page, Jim has started more than 25 enterprises after graduating from Stanford Graduate School of Business with an MBA at 24 years of age.

The industry selection of Jorgensen for these new start-ups has been wide, ranging from mail order to the Internet, from insurance to oil exploration and from manufacturing to retail. Some of the enterprises remained small, but two of them attained market caps in a surfeit of $1 billion.

Pohle and Jorgensen’s business relationship started back in 1999 through a start-p known as AllAdvantage. According to Ozan Taner’s LinkedIn profile, Ozan cites himself as the CEO and founder of Moema Espresso Republic enterprise. This company is purportedly one of the leading importers of Brazilian roasted coffee/gourmet espresso.

How does work?

bUnited is a group of individuals who are frustrated and tired of big firms charging high prices and offering you poor customer service and low-quality products in return. Therefore, bUnited is not a club where you’ll pay a yearly or a monthly membership, and it will always be free. The big companies will pay, and then will compensate you in return.

Big companies pay for the privilege to give bUnited members discounts. Many companies pay some huge amounts of money to market their products or services on media platforms such as Google or Facebook. contacts these companies and requests them to sign up and spend all or some of that money to offer discounts to all members of bUnited. They promise savings of up to 30%. Therefore, companies pay for a subscription, and then bUnited pays forward to all its members and attaches discounts to all types of products.

Since the group of individuals who have created bUnited is looking for companies who appreciate their customers, having a large consumer base will give more power to approach big companies, negotiate favorable prices, and get you low rates in return. The larger the groups of consumers, the more purchasing power you’ll have.

bUnited will be in a good position to negotiate significant discounts for things that you’re already paying for using the concept of uniting a big consumer base, Some of the things they negotiate on your behalf are cars, insurance, cell phones, food, household products, electricity, entertainment, travel, and health among other things. Generally, getting 20% or more off for these services and products would have a significant impact on your spending.

By partnering and rewarding big companies that would like to play their part in issues like providing some basic needs to the less fortunate and protecting the environment, bUnited is in for a bigger and world-changing cause.

Uniting will make the voices of the consumers to be heard. On the other hand, will be in a position to reward firms that want the best for the consumers and the planet and also push out those that chase only after profits while turning a blind eye to the well-being of consumers and the environment.

At the moment, bUnited is in its initial phase of assembling as many people as possible. Again, there are not too many firms on board currently, because they require the numbers before they can begin negotiating for any relevant deals.

Services and products offered by bUnited

bUnited does not have any retailing products or even services, which means affiliates market affiliate membership alone. When you sign up for bUnited, you will be joining a big group of consumers to utilize that to leverage some favorable agreements for everybody involved. Many large companies get amazing deals on health insurance, cell phone services, and many other services.

That can happen because the middlemen are eliminated, and there are thousands of customers, meaning that in the end, everybody will make some money. The more people sign up for, the better cuts all the owners of this multi-level marketing company get. That way, they can pay you $10 for each person you recruit, get you some discounts and still make good money.

Products and Services Negotiated by bUnited

• Entertainment services like Netflix, theme parks, Disney, and concerts, among others.

• Communications services such as internet, cable, and mobile

• Utilities such as electricity, gas, and water.

• Automotive such as used and new automobiles, fuel, and many others.

• Travel services such as airlines, vacations, car rentals, and hotels, among others.

• Food such as restaurants, groceries, and many others.

• Insurance services such as auto, health, and home.

• Health services such as assisted living, dental care, pharmacy, supplies, and more.

• Finance products and services such as credit cards, loans, and many more

• Households Products like furniture, appliances, repairs, and many more.

• Personal Products like clothing, footwear, and beauty, among others.

• Electronics such as phones, computers, television, and more.

bUnited's compensation plan

Most multi-level marketing companies have complicated compensation plans, particularly with different ranks and confusing graphs that explain everything as well as what appears like a made-up language. However, bUnited is different since you are not selling anything but free subscriptions.

You supposedly get $10 for every person that you recruit, and you also receive commissions when the individuals you recruited get other individuals to sign up. Generally, you get paid up to five levels of separation, which are tracked through a uni-level compensation system. This compensation structure places every member at the top of a certain uni-level group, with every individually recruited affiliate placed right under them in level 1.

If the affiliates in level 1 get some new people to join the program, then they will be placed on level 2 of the uni-level team of the original affiliate. If the level 2 affiliates get new people to sign up, they will be put on level 3, and the structures continue downwards to an infinite theoretical number of levels.

bUnited earnings calculator

According to the bUnited calculator, if you recruit 6 individuals, and those recruits get four individuals each, and then each of them recruit 4 affiliates and so on to level 5 you can generate potential earnings amounting to $20,460: It’s not exactly 100% clear how the math works out because they have not indicated the percentage of the ten dollars you will get on the people recruited by your recruits. When you change the calculator to 10 recruits, and each of them recruits the other ten, the calculated potential earnings will amount to 1.1 million dollars.

According to the terms and conditions of bUnited, affiliates can get three basic forms of benefits from the company as follows:

• You will get partner entities offered by bUnited, which will provide services and products to bUnited affiliates at reduced costs and special services.

• You might receive benefits if you participate in the Get Paid to Unite Service offered by bUnited.

• You will cause global benefits via bUnited’s Global Initiatives. However, you will accrue these benefits when you take advantage of them during the duration they are offered.

• The cash you earn through bUnited is placed in reserves. You will reserve the earnings now and withdraw them over time. Depending on the country you reside in, some individuals will be able to withdraw funds within 60 days, while others can take years.

Is a Pyramid Scheme?

Most people think that all multi-level marketing companies are pyramid schemes but that is not necessarily the case. Some are, but most also are not. bUnited is not a pyramid scheme, regardless of having some similarities. In many MLMs, you make money once you recruit people into the system, and that is the textbook definition of a pyramid scheme.

Some multi-level marketing companies are not outright pyramid schemes since you can always make some money selling some of the products the company offers directly to consumers without recruitment. That means that it’s simply more rewarding to recruit.

Generally, a pyramid scheme depends entirely on recruitment and does not have any products or services to sell to customers. However, that does not that make a pyramid scheme since there are no tangible products you are selling, and you only make some money by recruiting people. The main difference is that joining bUnited is free. It cannot be another pyramid scheme unless the members are losing money, and no one is losing money in bUnited.

Is bUnited a Scam? bUnited get paid to Unite

In my opinion, I don’t think is a scam, but that does not mean that I don’t have my doubts about it. Some questions come to mind when it comes to this platform and the flags that have also been raised in the company’s terms and conditions on their official website. For instance, section E about the Country Specific Restrictions and C about the Accrued Benefits has contradicting information.

According to the company website, bUnited is currently open for Memberships across the world. However, because of different regulatory conditions in every country, it might become necessary for to restrict specific countries from using the Get Paid to Unite service. As a result of the specific legal requirements such as unduly burdensome or unfair regulatory requirements or prevailing market conditions such as a small number of active Internet users, members from some countries might not qualify to receive benefits.

Just like any other business opportunity, there are some major risks involved, and a lot of factors also come into play. When it comes to the model being used by, they require the initial investment to put infrastructure, systems, teams, and things in place to get the ball rolling. If they get a massive membership, they’ll then be in a better place to negotiate good deals with big companies.

Again, the price bUnited is charging firms to get on board is critical because the companies will weigh the price against the marketing costs they get to compensate for accessing these consumers. But the good thing is that none of these major risks are transferred to you, as the company members. There’s no fee you have to pay to join. If everything works out as expected, the potential to earn good money is there.

All in all, I think that if can get enough members in different countries across the world, they’ll pay out all your referrals. However, if they cannot, then your cash will be sitting in reserve in bUnited account until they’re able to do that. We do not know how long the process will take, but you have nothing to lose by signing up for the bUnited platform because it is completely free.

Pros of bUnited

• It is run by real people

The company’s team is made up of real and trustworthy people. Better still, Jim Jorgensen, one of the co-founders, has an incredible experience in managing businesses, and hopefully, he’ll take this program to greater heights.

• You enjoy amazing discounts

You can potentially get great discounts from some of the companies in your nation that agree to bUnited’s movement.

• You earn by referring people is free to join, which means that there’s no risk involved. It is not that difficult to find individuals whom you can convince to sign up to a bUnited platform. There’s potential to earn good money there.

• It has a good cause

bUnited has found a way to safeguard consumers without bureaucracy or government intervention by uniting people for a good cause.

Cons of bUnited

1. It is not clear how everything will work out is still in its initial stages, with a pretty long path of uncertainty to go. But the worst-case scenario can be zero earnings and no monetary losses.

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I should also mention that I am not a representative for bUnited and this review is for informational purposes.

In conclusion, I believe that is doing is a good cause, but it’s still a baby that has just started to crawl and requires some time before it can begin running. The sustainable goals of this company are heartfelt and superb. According to the facts stated in this bUnited review, the company has every intention to compensate its members for all their referrals as soon as the deals get negotiated. Members can also look forward to some future discounts if bUnited uses its huge client base of more than 1 million members to get the deals people want.

In simple terms, cannot pay you until it gets paid by the big companies giving its members a discount, and that is the reason why the payouts will vary. Nevertheless, you can keep checking your account page to see when you can withdraw your earning.

Moreover, you might sign up, and a firm that you work with may never agree to bUnited’s revolution. That means you might never save money. Nonetheless, the individuals you invite can potentially assist you in earning commissions because the movement is expected to extend globally.

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  1. Taetske Guillaume says:

    Good evening Tony,

    I must say you have written a good, well researched and extensive review on bUnited.
    Too many countries/leaders have been wasting time and still do not see or understand something has to be done, now.
    The concept of bUnited is going directly to the people so together we could make things happen.
    I know they have only started recently so are still in their baby phase but the more people join now the sooner things will change.
    I have joined and with me, quite a lot of people and I am really happy about that. Let us put a stop to big companies’ carelessness in regard to the environment and our health. Let us united and make things whole again.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Good Evening Taetske,

      thank you my friend for reviewing this article and commenting as well.

      I, myself am not a representative for bUnited but do have many friends online who are including you.

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