Is CashJuice a scam or Great Online Business Community?

Have You heard about the CashJuice Online Business Community yet, is Cash Juice a scam?

I know ……. the name makes it sound very scammy and like it's some kind of “Get Rich Quick” scam, scheme, pyramid, ponzi etc….

I have been a member from the beginning when Cash Juice was still in the Pre-Launch phase ~ Launch was official on the 3rd of November 2018 as the image below shows.

Now that I have been a member for 4 months, I feel that it is due time or me to start sharing this great site that is an amazing place to not only earn money online with but also an awesome place to share your business and/or opportunity.


What is CashJuice?

Great question and I am so glad that you asked!

CashJuice is a community of like-minded friends sharing opportunities with each other while also learning and earning 100% online. It's best described as a social media marketing site like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all of the others without the drama, food posts, politics, haters etc…… It's also a very great alternative to the scam site IBOtoolbox also known as IBOsocial .

CJ Promo from Darren Merrett on Vimeo.

Who is the Owner of CashJuice?

Darren Merrett in the Vimeo Video above and the YouTube video below is the Owner and creator of CashJuice, also of the site name TrafficAdBar. Motivational speaker, marketeer and from Australia according to his Facebook page ~ He's not very active on Social Media sites but the CashJuice site is great. CashJuice is still just getting started so you're in a great place to get started now, growth is about to happen and you're among the friends that I am sharing with.

Where else do I share the CashJuice site?

Today, in addition to writing this article right here, I have also launched an Instagram page, a Facebook page and a Facebook Group. You can take a look at them by simply clicking on the blue words previously right here in this paragraph, I welcome all positive friends. Yes, I am sharing Cash Juice at those sites as well as on Twitter, LinkedIn and more places.


What do I share at CashJuice?

CashJuice is a great place to increase your website views, social media presence and also a wonderful site for gaining referrals to opportunities as well. I share Global MoneyLine, Wealthy Affiliate, Instagram, Facebook etc… within the community and with excellent results in the past 4 months.

You can do all of the above with the free CashJuice membership and even more when you upgrade, it's so economical and a great return of your investment of time and/or money as well. The ROI is very important to me and therefore I know that it will be great for all friends who have a site and/or opportunity to share.

Tony Lee Hamilton Digital Marketing Veteran Crushing it 10X

CashJuice with me, Tony Lee Hamilton ~ The Digital Marketing Veteran ~ Crushing it 10X

Why join the CashJuice Online Business Community & more importantly, why join via this post and with me? Wonderful question & my answer to that, because I am here to assist you not only in earning with CashJuice but also sharing what you are passionate about. Contact me anytime at <- Click there 🙂

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Comment below with your thoughts and/or questions, all positive friends welcome!

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