Is CashJuice a scam or Great Online Business Community?

Have You heard about the CashJuice Online Business Community yet, is Cash Juice a scam?

I know ……. the name makes it sound very scammy and like it's some kind of “Get Rich Quick” scam, scheme, pyramid, ponzi etc….

I have been a member from the beginning when Cash Juice was still in the Pre-Launch phase ~ Launch was official on the 3rd of November 2018 as the image below shows.

Now that I have been a member for 4 months, I feel that it is due time or me to start sharing this great site that is an amazing place to not only earn money online with but also an awesome place to share your business and/or opportunity.


What is CashJuice?

Great question and I am so glad that you asked!

CashJuice is a community of like-minded friends sharing opportunities with each other while also learning and earning 100% online. It's best described as a social media marketing site like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all of the others without the drama, food posts, politics, haters etc…… It's also a very great alternative to the scam site IBOtoolbox also known as IBOsocial .

CJ Promo from Darren Merrett on Vimeo.

Who is the Owner of CashJuice?

Darren Merrett in the Vimeo Video above and the YouTube video below is the Owner and creator of CashJuice, also of the site name TrafficAdBar. Motivational speaker, marketeer and from Australia according to his Facebook page ~ He's not very active on Social Media sites but the CashJuice site is great. CashJuice is still just getting started so you're in a great place to get started now, growth is about to happen and you're among the friends that I am sharing with.

Where else do I share the CashJuice site?

Today, in addition to writing this article right here, I have also launched an Instagram page, a Facebook page and a Facebook Group. You can take a look at them by simply clicking on the blue words previously right here in this paragraph, I welcome all positive friends. Yes, I am sharing Cash Juice at those sites as well as on Twitter, LinkedIn and more places.

CashJuice Online

What do I share at CashJuice?

CashJuice is a great place to increase your website views, social media presence and also a wonderful site for gaining referrals to opportunities as well. I share Global MoneyLine, Wealthy Affiliate, Instagram, Facebook etc… within the community and with excellent results in the past 4 months.

You can do all of the above with the free CashJuice membership and even more when you upgrade, it's so economical and a great return of your investment of time and/or money as well. The ROI is very important to me and therefore I know that it will be great for all friends who have a site and/or opportunity to share.

Tony Lee Hamilton Digital Marketing Veteran Crushing it 10X

CashJuice with me, Tony Lee Hamilton ~ The Digital Marketing Veteran ~ Crushing it 10X

Why join the CashJuice Online Business Community & more importantly, why join via this post and with me? Wonderful question & my answer to that, because I am here to assist you not only in earning with CashJuice but also sharing what you are passionate about. Contact me anytime at <- Click there 🙂

Click on any of the blue words below to open the popular article in a different tab:

Comment below with your thoughts and/or questions, all positive friends welcome!

79 thoughts on “Is CashJuice a scam or Great Online Business Community?”

  1. Hello Tony Lee,

    CashJuice sounds scammy and you said that. However i have seen you recommend this. So could u please explain more clearly how it works ? What does the program do for us ? i know u clarified that when you upgrade, it’s economical and a great return of your investment of time or money. ROI is very important to everyone and therefore I know you will only recommend something that gets us returns. 

    I am definitely going to look into it further, especially as it is such a new company and likely to have benefits for my business. CashJuice seems to be a good platform to increase our engagement on social media and with our website in general. The only fear is that we do not want to waste more money in the process of trying out new stuff. That is why we read reviews. 



  2. It’s very true that the name sounds really like a scam lol, it’s very nice that you made this review cos I’ve always wanted to know one or two things about cashjuice. I think it’s a very good online opportunity and online business opportunity for those of us in online business and also for newbies willing to make money online.

  3. Haha, even before reading your first sentence, I thought, “Ew. Gross name.” I’m glad to hear that they’re a good and reputable site, though. I love a focused, welcoming community. Social media is all about selling yourself nowadays, and I love platforms where the main objective is just to support and assist other people. In that regard, plus the potential for income, Cashjuice sounds pretty darn good!

  4. Well! Not very many times do I actually say this but this review is very good and I actually like the fact that it is not biased and it is very well detailed and well explained and I like that a lot about it. To be honest, the fact that cashjuice offers something better than what I expected alone has given it the much needed edge above others and I will really like to maximize it. Thanks

  5. Cashjuice – Is making money that simple as advertised? Making money in 3 steps?

    But it becomes legitimate the moment someone who is already a part of it for the past four months is recommending it. It seems to be a great place for like-minded online marketeers. It is a blessing in disguise with you volunteering to be a mentor – cannot miss an opportunity to connect with one the best online marketers available in this space today.

    I am for it and will be signing in shortly. Thanks for sharing this post.

  6. Like you say it’s ROI that is important, and any platform that offers a good ROI is worth the time. I had heard about CashJuice so I was glad I came across your review. The concept does sound similar to other sites that I have tended to stay clear of, so I will approach it with some scepticism. My confidence however has increased now that I know you are giving it your approval. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I am looking for more organic traffic for my website, can cash juice actually help with that if so how? I would actually sign up to cash juice but my mind is nagging me by saying that “it might not be safe.” Primarily because I have never heard of it. Can you give me more reasons as to how cash juice is worth your time?

  8. If I would like to join cashjuice for natural traffic to my websites is there a joining fee? It is the first time that I have heard about it and in principle it sounds like a good business to join if you want to grow your own online business. I’m a bit sceptical because it is being compared to IBO which generates traffic through bots but if it is infact all natural and wont decrease my ratings with google then I am interested 

  9. Hi Tony,

    I know have a much better understanding of how this CashJuice works.  However, I am not sure about the name.  It definitely sounds like a scam, even though you are saying it is not.

    I am still not entirely convinced it is the right more for me, I have not seen great results from another platform that is similar.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing your views

  10. I’m not a fan of these websites where you sign up to promote your offers to other people that are also signing up to promote their offers. Do you really get a good return on your efforts and your payments? How much time do you spend promoting your offers on these sites to get that return? I’m not really convinced that is the way for me.  I signed up on your Global Moneyline and I just don’t get it! This would be the same type of website if I understand this correctly?

  11. Hi Tony thank you for introducing me to cashjuice.  It sounds like you have truly found a gem.  The fact that you are ready you are sharing this with the world speaks volumes.  I’m yet to sample what they have to offer but your endorsement tells me it’s going to be safe! 

  12. Tony,

    I have heard about ‘CashJuice’ but thought it was a physical product.
    Certainly, nothing like what you described.

    As I build out my websites and online business, I am always looking for opportunities to monetise.
    CashJuice’s appeal is in the networking that you described; the ability to partner and support like-minded people.

    I am definitely going to look into it further, especially as it is such a young company.

    Thank you for another great opportunity.


  13. Tony,

    I have heard about ‘CashJuice’ but thought it was a physical product.Certainly, nothing like what you described.

    As I build out my websites and online business, I am always looking for opportunities to monetise.CashJuice’s appeal is in the networking that you described; the ability to partner and support like-minded people.

    I am definitely going to look into it further, especially as it is such a young company.

    Thank you for another great opportunity.


  14. You are someone I really respect a lot and I try all my best to lookout for your guidance in your posts on your websites. I really appreciate the fact that you have shed a lot of light on this cashjuice. Well, I just got to know about it recently a nd being g the pessimistic self of me, I decided to know about it more. Thanks for sharing this here

  15. Thanks Tony for yet another amazing review. This is the first time reading about Cashjuice but with your explanation, I found it very legit and a network that every online marketeer should sign up with. I already have tis site bookmarked will certainly sign in through your link. I hope you will guide me more when need be? Ofcourse I will hook you up in Facebook.

  16. I have been learning to distinguish scams from legit sites. And the name of this one sounded as a scam as you mentioned at the beginning. I’m glad it turns out to be a good platform to increase our engagement on social media and with our site in general. Thanks for recommending these good tools. I’ll give it a try!

  17. Hey Tony,

    Thanks so much for putting together this great article on CashJuice.

    At first I thought it was for juicing machines or something, but now it makes sense.  I’ve been looking for something just like this, so I think I will be looking at this pretty seriously.

    Thanks once again, and I wish you all the best going forward.


  18. Hello there! This is another amazing review you’ve got here. I know I can always count on your review of platforms like this. Though this is actually my first time hearing about Cashjuice but I will love to sign up for it in as much as you are going to guide me through the process. Thanks!

  19. Hi,

    This is new to my ears, it just incredible there are so many platforms out there. today I learned about catjuice. on the side note is it like any other social media? How does it boost your referral when all people that need to be a referral are out from that platform. There some things that are easy to look but hard to understand? Has it given you more referrals? 

    Thank you for the information.

  20. I have heard about CashJuice before, but I have not erally explored what the site is all about. It is as you say, the name in itself sounds quite scammy, so it is great to see that you have been having success with them and that it is not a scam. 

    If I can share my websites within that community, then it certainly sounds as if I should be checking it out and joining CashJuice to get more exposure. 

  21. Hello there,thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me….I must tell you, I haven’t heard about cashjuice and I know they are definitely new in the system. Over time the rate of online scams has really increased….

    But I think cashjuice is still worth a trial as you would never know where the gold is until you dig…..I would give it a trial and find out…thanks once more for sharing

  22. Cash juice is something I haven’t heard of yet but it sounds very interesting.  I think it would be a great way to earn money online.  I like how you have explained it all in clear detail.    And it’s great that you can join for free.
    Thanks for sharing such valuable information! 

  23. I have been a PRO member of TrafficAdBar for over 1 year and recently joined CashJuice , upgraded to PRO there as well. I have been using the site daily. It is a community where you can really meet other Internet marketers just like me. You can promote your own stuff over at CashJuice, but I think it is more about sharing information, helping others, asking questions and being social. I recommend signing up and then upgrading ( a one-time fee of $30) if you think it is worth it for you.

  24. To be honest I have never been heard about Cashjuice until now. although this program is a bit new in the industry but it is worth to give it a try to see how it works and how outcome would be after all.

    You’ve stated that you have bee a member for 4 months now. what is the big advantage of Cashjice form your point of view. I personally think that if it’s community is so active and like minded people,friends share their Ideas, so we may be able rely on this program. Thank you for your honest review

  25. I recently just came across the name when I did a search on net, didn’t even bother to click on the link because the name sounds scammy “cash juice” I am a digital marketer and I don’t pass on any opportunity that allows me to share my ideas with the world, thanks for sharing this I will sure check it out.

  26. Hi Tony

    I’ll go check it out Tony = It’s always good to read a review like this so people can determine which product is ok to pursue and spend their hard earned cash on and watching a few more videos will secure my decision so thank you for taking the time to write this

  27. Having read through the provisions of this cashjuice system, I am still skeptical about it but definitely, my doubts has reduced drastically because I am sure you would never share a scam or dubious program. What I personally like about the features of cashjuice is the ability to amass referrals through the platform for other sites by sharingg. That’s rather cool for me and I would be willing to take the risk of joining.

  28. Hello Tony,

         Thanks for this review.  I find CashJuice intriguing and I’m going to sign up for the free account to check it out in more depth.  I joined Global MoneyLine, after reading your review on that platform, and that panned out well for me.

    I view WA’s Live Chat and Blogging features as a social media site for like-minded individuals focused on building an online business.  How does CashJuice compare in that respect?

    Thanks again.  I’m off to sign up now and look forward to your reply.


  29. Good Day, and thanks for this post, Tony.

    After reading your post, I can’t tell if Cash Juice is a Scam or a Legitimate Online Money Making opportunity.

    How does Cash Juice work and how can I make money using the Cash Juice System?

    What are the 3 easy steps?

    Is it a “different” social media platform?

    I want to learn more about it before I go clicking some link that does sound a bit “scammy”.

    Looking forward to your reply.


  30. CashJuice actually seems pretty cool. You’re right about the name sounding a bit skethcy, but all in all I like the concept. There’s not a whole lot of places where people can share their Biz Ops. I think it’s a good time to jump aboard cause CashJuice is still not that old. I might join soon! Thanks for writing this up buddy!

  31. Hi Tony,

    Thank you for this wonderful review. My first instinct was to say no but I was curious to find out what lies beyond such and introduction.

    You were to the point after your introduction which flows very well. If I may say it was captivating. Your writing bring with it a charismatic flare. Your energy is contagious and the review makes reading easy.

    I also like the idea that you are encouraging positive energy where liked minded people can bond and learn at the same time.

    Tony, I have no doubt that this is going to be a huge success for you and i’m looking forward to hearing more about CashJuice.



  32. This is the second time I will be hearing about cashjuice platform. I heard it from a colleague who was about to become one of their members several months ago. He also told me the platform is great for getting interested people that want to try out a particular product. He later told me he got many refferal from cashjuice platform. I thought he was only trying to sell out his scam thought about scamjuice until I come across this review. This review is able to convince me about the platform and I wish to join very soon.

  33. Thanks so much for this informative about is CashJuice a scam.  I have heard about this program form a couple of my friends and still really didn’t understand what it is all about so I have been investigating it and found your website. I loved the videos and clicked on some of your links showing that it is free to get started, which I love because I like to try a product out before I jump in financially with both feet. This does seem like an interesting platform to share your business as well as help other people, it is very interesting. I am going to drill down deeper and find out how this offers results and ROI but at first glance I really like what I see.  Thanks so much for sharing this information with the rest of us.

  34. Hi Tony, I also almost fell to the name and thought this was just another fraud site. It seems quite good and I am intrigued to check it further, especially when you said that it can increase website review and ROI. How about the pricing plan? Is there any free plan to try it? Thank you

  35. I thought you were going to say it’s a scam. Just the name.. nothing personal. I’m interested in marketing online. I’ll check it out. Do you find that other marketers are buying or clicking on your opportunities? I currently have more of a health related website. Is that something that would work in CashJuice?

    Thanks for the info!

  36. Tony,
    I’m intrigued. I’m not sure I completely understand how the system makes me money, but increasing traffic is always a good thing. I’ll have to look at this more closely. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  37. Glad I came across your review Tony,

    You’re definitely right on the name! I was halfway on bailing when I saw that CashJuice name, sounds like one of those gets rich quick schemes alright! I love Facebook and Twitter but sometimes I think that the people there prefer drama over content, I’m definitely tempted to give CashJuice a try! Out of curiosity, how do we earn at CashJuice if it’s free to join? 😀

  38. Hi, Tony! Well, thank you so much for this information!

    I have to be honest and I didn’t know about CashJuice five minutes ago. Now I can see this as a big opportunity to meet more people aligned with my desire to grow my online business to the sky. I appreciate your dedication and your promise to help.

    My name is Benjamin and I would like to talk with you better about this a other opportunities I know there are online. I’m just starting my dream but I liked your post. 

  39. Thanks for this information. I’m currently run a market affiliate website of my own and one can never have to many networks to learn from and grow with. I’ve been looking into ways to maximize my exposure and this looks like a great place to check out. I was wondering if you could go into a bit more details for me of what exactly you share with them. Is it like a social media place where you post things kind of like facebook? any more information you could give me would be great. Thanks again

  40. This looks like it would be a fun platform to be a part of, definitely has a catchy name. I tried to join the Face Book groups and was not able to. Followed on Instagram.

    And since I am interested in the online marketing, seems like it

    would be a valuable asset to my business endeavors.

    Going to check it out further.

  41. I heard about cash juice and you can start as a free member which is a good sign that you’re in a legit place. This could be a good opportunity for bloggers and affiliate marketers to get some good traffic to their website and make money from it as well. Cash juice can optimize  website exposure and jumpstart the business. Thanks for the information. I like that it is geared towards business that can help other people to identify which could help and which to avoid.


  42. Interesting. I will  check it out. I must say though that when I see a title like “is XXXX a scam?” I’m pretty sure you’re going to tell me it isn’t. I know that it’s meant to be provocative, but I think that particular trick is kind of dated.

    That being said, I think your site does a good job of explaining the service and it definitely whets my appetite to learn more. Near the bottom you allude to upgrading. So, is this a really monthly subscription service like Wealthy Affiliate and if so, how much is it?

  43. Great post, Tom. I learned a lot from the post about CashJuice because I seem to be familiar with the product myself. I’m quite not sure where I heard about this but this seems to be a hype on the internet. 

    From reading your post with your thoughts in it, I realized that it’s a great opportunity to sell such product for others aside from what I know like the Wealthy Affiliate, and other affiliate marketing programs existing today. Thank you for the post. Again, I learned a lot.  

  44. This is the first that I have heard of the CashJuice online business community, but I am always open to new ways to earn money online, so dug into your review with gusto and anticipation. The name initially set me off a bit, it sounds kind of hokey, but no matter.

    I like the concept of like-minded business owners who meet in a community setting to share advice, tips, and opportunities, and it almost sounds like a forum of sorts, likely an updated version of one in any case? I did watch the videos and the platform reminds me of an improved LinkedIn or Facebook site.

    Since it is free to join, I may give it a try. How many members are there in total and what does it cost to get a premium or upgraded membership? What are the advantages to upgrading? Lots of questions, I know, but you have piqued my curiosity with the review of the CashJuice platform.

  45. Wow, cashjuice sounds awesome.  The article is very convincing.  Surely there must be a catch, if Tony Lee Hamilton is offering a free service, then how does he make money from it?  And more importantly, how would I make money from it?  Is the benefit just promoting my own online business?

  46. Hi Tony, I am hearing about Cash Juice for the first time and I intend to check it out. I could just move on to the next web page but I am impressed with your experience and some of your descriptions of the questions I would ask. I like the promise of support. i always need support. Thank you for the introduction. I will be heading over there now.

  47. Increasing website traffic and exposure is very important that is why we all run to social medias like facebook, twitter e.t.c

    Good enough the cashjuice is here doing some good for online business owners because a community of like mind people helps build ones stability of online business. Just give a try if you have not i will say

  48. You’re absolutely right about the name sounding a bit scammy.  But your article is well written enough,  I’m going to have to do more due diligence. I especially like the concept of a limited in for online marketers.   I have 3 online businesses including wealthy affiliate that are all very interdependent.  The first is a subscription service that advocates financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills (my primary niche in WA),  the second is a lead generating technology that I started marketing to allow me to have something to sell b2b.  This opportunity made me realize that networking among other online entrepreneurs is important. I’ll have to check it out.

  49. Thank you for the thorough review of Cash Juice. I hadn’t heard of it before today, but I’m just about to sign up and check everything out. Everything seems pretty straightforward according to your review, so that’s a good thing for people like me who are jumping in without a bunch of experience.

    Cheers and thanks again! I look forward to using the system.

  50. Hi Tony – very interesting post! I haven’t heard of Cash Juice, but will check it out. It sounds like a great place to collaborate and learn more about online business. I understand they have an affiliate program, or is it mainly so you can also advertise your business? Going to check it out now 🙂

  51. I always look for opportunities to make money online.I registered and I was impressed by the options I found.

    For the first time I find a system similar to Facebook but focused on helping us earn money.I also liked that they have tutorials and step by step plan to success.

     I am very pleased and will recommend this site to all my friends.Regards!

  52. Hi,

    Thank you for introducing CashJuice online business community to us by writing this excellent article. I feel very inspired to keep continue my online business. I think ChashJuice helps me more to get the right direction about affiliate marketing. Without time wast I will connect my personal Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, the Instagram like with CashJuice’s official site. And obviously, I bookmark this page and shear with my friends.

  53. Hi Tony, Thanks for introducing me to the CashJuice. I signed up and become a member of community. While looking carefully at how the site will generate traffics, I feel there is something artificial. In order to get more traffics, all members need to click the websites from emails CashJuice send, which apparently don’t create value for website owners. The website value should come from our true customers who use our websites. By simply member’s click the websites, there is no value added.

    Anyhow, I will continue my CashJuice journey. There are a lot of new things to learn from. Good luck with your CashJuice efforts.

    • Hi Anthony,

      welcome to CashJuice my friend.

      Take a much better look at the community, your assessment of the emails etc… is completely incorrect……. there are no emails sent in order to generate traffic Anthony.  You have been a member for only a few minutes since posting this comment, I highly recommend that you indeed look carefully my friend.

      Talk with you soon Anthony,


  54. Tony, this sounds interesting but also a bit mystic to me.

    I just checked the Facebook page but didn’t read much in detail, I guess I will check with you to get more information.

    The videos certainly do help to be highly intrigued about what CashJuice is and how I can use it for my online business.

    It also has a very catchy name.

    I am looking forward to receiving more information.

    Talk to you soon Tony and thank you for sharing.


  55. Hi Tony,

    Thank you very much for the wonderful article about CashJuice Online Business Community.

    I wasn’t familiar with Casjuice online business community but after reading this article i have learn properly that cashjuice is the best type of Community that helps to get more traffic and referrals into our affiliate program.After reading your article i can’t wait to join this group.I believe that this is a very informative and also helpful article for those people who are not heard about cashjuice.By reading this article they will understand perfectly about cashjuice online business.Thanks again for sharing such a helpful article with us.I will share this article with my friends.

  56. Hi,

    Thanks to Tony for sharing this informative post about Cashjuice online business community. 

    I will be joining this group without wasting of time. 

    Strongly, I agree with you and believe that this is the type of community that helps get more traffic and referrals into our affiliate program. 

    I did not hear about Cashjuice before. 

    I came to know about Cashjuice by reading your article. It is very informative and insightful.

  57. Hi Tony Lee Hamilton,

    I have not heard about CashJuice Online Business Community before. 

    After reading your article I have understood and learned about some traffic opportunity from that community. 

    At first, I thought it would be a scam. But when I read it thoroughly and understood the concept of this community.

    I have to trust it and  I will definitely go for it for my future business. 

    I believe it will be helpful for new blog sites traffic and affiliate opportunity also. 

    Thanks for sharing this helpful post with us.

  58. Hello Tony, 

    I am just beginning into the online marketing world through Wealthy Affiliate. 

    This article introduces me to the Cashjuice Online Business Community which is the second one. 

    I am interested to have a try. 

    Before that, I wanted to know if there is any differences between Wealthy Affiliate and Cashjuice online business community? 

    I think these two online marketing communities can give me some amazing experiences in the future. 

    Thanks for sharing this informative article.



  59. Hi, 

    I read read your whole about Cash juice online business community. 

    It’s a great method for earning money in online. I think this is a great opportunity for the unemployment people. 

    Another advantage of Cash Juice is that it’s free of signed. 

    It’s simple and efficient online business community.  

    Online trading can be done online through a device anywhere in the world. I learned many important things here.  

    Now i am going to share it with my friends.   

  60. Hi Tony,

    I have read your whole review with all necessary information about CashJuice Online Business Community.

    Really this is a wonderful article.Online the best way for making money easily from home.

    There are many kinds of website for online business and cashjuice is one of them.

    CashJuice is an awesome community where friends share their business or opportunities with each other while learning and earning from online.

    This is a great website for earning money.

    I hope this will be very much helpful for the people.I will share this article with my friends and relatives.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

  61. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for writing this awesome educational and informational article. 

    I was impressed by reading this article. 

    If I did not read this article I could not find details about cash juice online business community.

    I first wondered about the name of Cash Juice and I thought it was a scam but after reading the article, I learned about Cash Juice. 

    So, what is Cash Juice? 

    Is Cash Juice a Scam or a Legit Space to make some money? 

    Maybe someone submitted to you this new social platform called Cash Juice & told you that you can make some money from it and you’re here because you want to make sure it is really a place to build your business. 

    I think Cash Juice Community will help us get more traffic and referral to affiliate marketing. 

    I believe the juice online business community can be another platform for online earning. 

    So I’m going to join juice online business community without wasting time. 

    I think newcomers can learn more through your articles. 

    I’ve bookmarked this article and I’ll definitely share it with my freelancer friends.

  62. Tony Lee Hamilton,

    Haven’t hard of this site until I found your article and a full review about Cash Juice.Well you know from my childhood I always dreamed to be blogger.

    But I was confused here to start that and share my feelings and helping people with informations they they really needs to know.

    Guess what I think I have found a perfect platform to do that a credit card 😂(jokes a part) goes to you my friend.


    ⏺Will you help me to create an account on CashJuice?

    ⏺Would you be kind enough to provide me the link for that? 

    And at the end take my cordial thanks for sharing this article.   

  63. Hi, 

    I have always wanted to be engaged in a community where I can learn and earn being among the known people remaining in connection with them.

    The cash juice is just what I always desired.

    It’s a very great idea to learn and earn.

    As a result, we can learn and apply immediately after learning the work.

    And the safety is that we’ll be connected with the known people . 

    Thanks a lot

  64. wow…… thank you for sharing this informative post about cashjuice online business community. This are the type of community that help get more traffic and referrals into our affiliate program.i know I can as well get another online making money program in this community.  I will be joining this group without wasting of time. Thanks to Tony  for the insight 

  65. I must commend you for sharing this revelatory article.

    I am just hearing about this Cash juice online business  and I really enjoy the way you outlined its review And having read through this review I think it is worth giving a short. But why is the owner not so much active on social media like twitter , Facebook etc?.

  66. This seems to be a very lucrative business that you can run from your home. I have heard about cash juice many years ago and what it offers is truly amazing and can provide persons with a full-time income.

    I have been researching this form of income generating for some time now and I have seen some great reviews on the internet. I thinknits hightime I join the community in order to make more money.

    How do I get the link?

  67. Thanks for sharing this information, I have been looking for a program to share my online projects through and have always avoided the usual social media pages.

    Cash Juice sounds like a program that may just be what I have been looking for. Does Cash Juice also have an affiliate program like other platforms? Or is it just for sharing online business ideas or programs?

    I am really keen to know more about it and will definitely visit your links to join.

  68. When I heard the name cash juice, I really thought, here we go again. I could just imagine this has to be a get rich quick initiative. Thankfully, I was wrong. 

    I believe the idea of cash juice is amazing. Seeing that it’s mainly for online entrepreneurs, it would really be a nice place to get referrals for programs. I can’t wait to join the platform, could really help me in traffic generation.

  69. Tony,

    This sounds very interesting. 

    Lord knows I need to boost my traffic. 

    Do you think Cash Juice would work well for very specific niches? 

    Or does it do better with the “make money online” niche? 

    My niche is so specific sometimes I have a hard time finding my place in the online world, 


    Thank you for sharing,


    • Hi Holly,

      while CashJuice is more geared towards the Make Money Online industry, it can and will absolutely be able to assist you with your niche as well as any other niche imaginable my friend.

      You are welcome and thank you Holly,



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