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Is CBD Biocare a Scam or the Best CBD MLM Opportunity?

It's the quest of this review to help answer the questions, is CBD Biocare a scam or the Best CBD MLM Opportunity?

Disclaimer: I am not an active Representative for CBD BioCare nor am I a competitor or customer for any other CBD MLM company, this review is for educational purposes.

CBD BioCare is a relatively new company that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of CBD oil products across the country and beyond. The company is relatively new because it came into existence in the year 2016 when Matthew and Stacey Pitts discovered the company. These are a couple. The husband and wife had an interest in cannabis right from the time the drug was not legalized in the country. The ingredients have helped him to overcome some of his healthcare challenges which include cancer, pains associated with and loss of appetite for food. Even though the man eventually died by the plant worked wonders for him. This however motivated the couple to find better ways of using the plant and the extracts to help people hence they discovered the great potentials in that. They were helped by the fact that medical marijuana was legalized in the country and that provided them the wonderful opportunity to put their research into action. BioCare, therefore, became possible.

The couple spends most of their time in seeing that the product gets to the people that need them to live. Because of that they spend and devised means of selling and marketing the healthcare products. Moreover, they had previous experience in this kind of product having worked with similar products in the past.

The aim of the makers and distributors of this product is to ensure that it reaches the correct people who need them. Furthermore, many people who are passionate about that product do not even know where and how to get them, this will help them get access to the product.

What are CBD Oils

CBD stands for cannabidiol and the oil is a product of cannabis strains. Cannabis is known to have smaller quantities of THC. This type of oil has lots of health benefits because it is very high in cannabinoids. Research has shown that this kind of oil has great medicinal values because it has been used by humanity over the years to deal with one form of ailment or the other. This oil extract has lots of medicinal values such that it is used for the treatment of different kinds of health conditions. This is possible it works with the cannabinoids that are created in man. It can perform useful functions to a man in different parts of the body system as the central nervous system, the brain and so on. The best thing about it is that it can boost the human immune system. It is very useful to the body because it works with the endocannabinoid in regulating how the body works such as homeostasis regulation and so on. It ensures that the body is always in a state of balance. It can regulate sleep, enhance mood as well as regulate home and reduce pain and so on. The most interesting aspect of the product is the income-earning opportunity which it offers. You do not only get cured for your ailments, but you can also even get rewarded for selling and marketing the products. It offers a lot of opportunities for people. This is because it is offered by a multi-level marketing company.

What is CBD BioCare, Location, Leaders etc…?

CBD Biocare is a product marketed by a company discovered by a husband his wife Matthew and Stacey Pitts. The company is located in Florida, the United States of America. Matthew and the family had an interest in the product even before its use was legalized in most parts of America. As soon as medical marijuana was approved in the country, the company started to market it. The company can now market this product in virtually all over the country since the use of medical marijuana was legalized. They can even take it to other parts of the world where the use of that product was also allowed.

CBD Biocare includes the sale of different products and this ranges from CBD Oil, as well as anti-aging collagen retinol cream. This is infused with the oil. Furthermore, it includes pain cream and this consists of CBD oil mixed with Emu oil. It is marketed as a full-spectrum CBD oil product. As stated before it is manufactured in the US and before it was released for public use, it is third party tested. This implies that the safety of the user is guaranteed. When it is described as full-spectrum it means that it contains all the essential ingredients such as cannabinoids, terpenes, as well as flavonoids. You can get almost everything you want but it would not contain any of the THCs. Because of that, you are safe when you consume the product. The benefit of this is that you can get all the benefits that come with it but you are not going to get high.

The product is safe to use. Moreover, the hemp plants which are often used to make this are produced from the US. The manufacturing process is also conducted in the US. This is good for its users as the US is restrictive and strict when it comes to the use of this kind of product. It is expected to meet the strict standard put in place in the country. Furthermore, to ensure that it is safe to use, you discovered that it is manufactured from a facility approved by the FDA. It contains everything you need and you are one hundred percent safe when you use the product.

What products does CBD BioCare offer?

The company currently distributes a wide range of products ranging from the oils, capsules, creams, pet chews as well as moisturizers. There are others. The good thing about the products is that they are not very expensive and this means that they are affordable.

Some of the products you can order from this company or the agents are CBD oil and this is the major product. There are others in the product line and they include the anti-aging collagen retinol cream, which is infused with the CBD oil. Another thing they offer includes pin cream and this consists of EMU oil and this is often mixed with CBD oil.

This is not ordinary oil, rather it is a full-spectrum CBD oil. You are safe to use it because they are the third party tested before being released to the market.

MLM Compensation Plan for CBD BioCare

A lot of emphasis so far have been on the healthcare products they offer. Serious attention was not paid to the huge income potential that comes with the product. The truth is that it comes with lots of earning opportunities. This means that you do not only get cured when you use it, but you can also earn money through the compensation arrangement that is put in place.

The compensation plan may seem complicated but if you are serious with it, you can earn plenty of money in the process. It offers unique income-earning opportunities for everybody including beginners. The system is going to compensate for every serious member. If you make a sale the system has a way of compensating, you. In the same way, if you refer three persons to the system, there is a reward awaiting you.

There are different ways of earning through the system and it includes:

  1. Lifetime affiliate commissions
  2. Ten percent continuous referral as well as
  3. Retail commissions

The first way you can earn under the compensation plan is the retail commissions. Here you are supposed to pocket forty percent commissions of sales you make in selling CBD BioCare products. Even if you decide to buy those products by yourself, you are still going to make fantastic money. However, you should know that the compensation plan also comes with a ranking system. This implies that what you make at the end of the day depends on your rank in the system. Here are some of the remuneration arrangements put in place.

The sales rep can earn up to $999 total sales volume and this amounts to twenty percent of the retail commissions

In the same way, another rank of a sales rep can earn from $1000 to $4000 and the total sales volume, and this represents twenty-five percent of the commission.

The next level is the sales manager which can earn from $5000 to $14,999 total sales volume and such a person is entitled to thirty percent retail commissions.

Another rank of a sales manager can make a sales volume of $15000 to $24,999 and the commission is also thirty-five percent.

The highest rank under the system is the CBD CEO which total sales volume would start from $25000 and above can pocket the highest commission of forty percent.

The ranking system is not dependent on how long you have been in that system, rather it depends on your sales efforts. However, the benefit of this is that once you get to that system or rank, it would be impossible to demote you to the lower rank.

The second way of earning through the system is the ten percent continuous referral fees. This is why your recruitment effort would come into play. The more people you recruit to the system the more money you can make because you would be rewarded with ten percent of the earnings of the people that you have personally recruited.

The third way you are going to earn from the system is the Lifetime Affiliate Commissions. You are going to earn something when somebody purchases through the affiliate link that you provided. If such a customer is to join through the link that you provide then you would be compensated for your lifetime once such a person or persons would continue to earn through the system.

However, it is pertinent to state that this compensation plan is not static that it does change from time to time.

The compensation plan starts with the sales representative. The good thing about this is that you can purchase that plan if you like. It is affordable. When you sign up for a membership, there are options available to you and one of the options is to purchase the stage of membership. If you decide to purchase it, there are lots of benefits that you can derive from that. It comes with the marketing kits and materials and these are going to assist you to jump start that business. You are going to boost your sales when you do that. Other benefits come with that starter kits when you buy one. If people are to purchase the same kits through your affiliate link, you can earn a commission for that.

CBD BioCare from Stacey Phillips Pitts on Vimeo.

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What makes CBD BioCare a Legitimate MLM Company and not a scam?

The business is a legitimate one. The first thing you need to know about the CBD BioCare is that it does not cost you money if you do not want to pay to become a sales representative. It is free and if you work hard, you would be rewarded for your efforts.

Secondly, the system does not promise you that you are going to become wealthy overnight if you follow them. The level of success you attain in this system depends on the efforts you put in.

Moreover, the system is rewarding you for the efforts you put in. The compensation plan they put in place is real. If you pass to the higher rank, you are not going to be demoted.

The creators of the system are known, they are real people and the addresses are known. Such people were never involved in any scam and nobody can associate them with any scam. Furthermore, there is no report anywhere that can show that any member has been created from the system.

Most importantly, the creators of the program have their contact address. If you have any issues, you can contact them and they will be willing to attend to your queries without hassles. The creators are known and they are not faceless individuals.

If you join the program, you do not expect to become rich overnight, but it has the potential to create wealth and you can achieve that depending on your efforts and your marketing strategy.

If you are looking for a legitimate CBD MLM company that can help you succeed, you can think of CBD BioCare, it is one hundred percent legit.

Disclaimer: I am not an active Representative for CBD BioCare nor am I a competitor or customer for any other CBD MLM company, this review is for educational purposes.

34 thoughts on “Is CBD Biocare a Scam or the Best CBD MLM Opportunity?”

  1. It’s a a great company because I have na aunt that works with them. Really they really offer great hemp products that are proven to be good for the health. I have tried their products too and can tell that they are very effective. The making money opportunity is also something that people can try out and see how good it is too. Everything is just perfect.

  2. I have been reading up a lot about this product which is called CBD oil and wondered how I could get hold of it. I am not usually a fan of MLM, but here is a product that I would sell. I can think of many people who would benefit from its uses (it has so many) and being able to work with its compensation plan would be a big plus. Thank you for this review that has all the details I need.

  3. Hi Tony,

     It sounds like a wonderful money making opportunity for any one interested in MLM marketing of CBD biocare product such as cbd oil.

    I have personally seen people getting cured from tough symptoms. I was happy to see the approval of CBD in US and many countries world wide. I am not sure if it is approved in India.

    The key to the success is the fractional distillation of CBD oil mixture to remove the oil etc THC. This content can not exceed 0.3% in the mixture. 
    The analysis is done by a third party. Do these product contain an official level of analysis? I am curious to know.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and research article. The main subject of this article is the Best CBD MLM Opportunity. It is truly commendable that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about CBD Biocare. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like the CBD BioCare product offer.The products of CBD Biocare are very good which many of my family have benefited from using.
    Finally, I enjoyed reading your article and I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you give me permission.

  5. I have been reading a lot about CBD oil so found your review when searching and am interested to learn about CBD Biocare.  I didn’t know it was yet another MLM company.
    For me the most important thing is do the products work and will they help me?
    The products mention this isn’t an ordinary oil, rather it is a full-spectrum CBD oil.  What I’d like to know if a similar product can be bought cheaper without all the MMLM compensation plan markup.

    If anyone knows the best full-spectrum CBD oil in the market this would be really helpful, so I will await other comments.

    Also any product testimonials would help out a lot too.

  6. Hi, Tony.
    Thanks for sharing your honest review on the CBD Biocare MLM Opportunity. I have been to a lot of your reviews in the past and it has become my routine to check for your new reviews on weekends. I was looking after this particular review on CBD oil and was delighted to land safely here. You said all good about CBD Biocare so I will definitely try my hands on it.
    Warm Regards,                                                                                                                        
    Gaurav Gaurs

  7. Interesting to see here and I really fancy what you have shared all here. Cbd biocare  is definitely the  a very great platform and they offer so much good products that can make the difference in the cbd industry. Hence, they are quite worthy enough here well! Their business model is not exactly that great but I still value all I have seen here. Thanks so much for sharing here

  8. Hello Tony, I’m a fan of CBD products too, even I don’t use a lot, but I know CBD has its benefits. The benefits that CBD helps for cancer, some others can help to relieve too. And it’s from natural plants, unlike those chemical capsules.

    I used it once I had headache, but I had out of my pain killers at home, then I found a CBD oil at home, so I tried to use it. After few times, my headache was gone. From the moment I do believe, that promoting CBD products is a good way to make an income for yourself, and helping people too.

  9. I don’t think there is any doubt about the big demand for CBD products now. With recent legislation changes in many regions, this is a market very much in its infancy, so there are opportunities. Although I personally wouldn’t choose the MLM method as I prefer affiliate marketing, I can see the potential nonetheless, Thanks for a very informative post.

  10. CBD BioCare looks like a good place to start if you are interested in a multi-level-marketing program. I am curious if they offer a strictly affiliate program or if you have to be a member of their company to promote the product. I found the type 2 diabetes video very enlightening. I have often wondered if CBD would help with that condition. 

    I like that the company founders are both very familiar with the product and its uses as they have used them to help live better, fuller lives themselves.

  11. Hi Tony,

    Another informative and comprehensive article. CBD BioCare is here at the right time and in the right space as finding CBD oil products is a mystery for many. It fills the gap making this bio-care product available to people in need. Backed by the fact that medical marijuana has been legalized.

    The benefits of CBD oil is new to me. However, this is a well know fact that this has been used over centuries to make the mind calm. Your post has factually listed down its usage. Besides, the benefit of CBD oil is packed into the product without getting a high like from marijuana.Best thing is that they are not highly priced and are affordable.

    A pretty reasonable compensation plan. Worth a try.

  12. Hi Tony!

    CBD does look like a legitimate company! My wife is big into Essential Oils and sells it on occasion. I see this product as something similar to the essential oils. It would be hard for me to sell a product though that people can only say helps from personal experience. I am not a big fan of ingesting something that is suppose to “benefit” my health in some way without an official approval from FDA. 

    Sounds like a great MLM if someone is interested in that niche and passionate about it!

  13. I’m a huge fan of CBD products, even though I don’t personally use them but I know that they have fantastic benefits since a lot people I know use CBD oil and other products. The benefits that CBD offers for cancer, mutiple sclerosis and other ailments is incredible and well worth looking into. I do believe that promoting CBD products is a great way to make an income. 

  14. A comprehensive review and a good one. If I were not obligated to other endeavors, I would certainly consider this opportunity as a serious one. The owners have given people who join the company a good and generous compensation plan to work with and can be properly rewarded for their sales efforts. Definitely not a scam.

  15. I wouldn’t necessarily call them a scam too though their business model can be really risky if proper care is not taken. I personally like the fact that cbd products are really great and they can truly help in getting started. However, the cbd biocare products are legit and can help in getting things running. So, I wouldn’t call them scam too. 

  16. Your review on this site is informative, educational and easy to read. This sounds like the type of company I want to be involved with. With the research that Biocare has put in CBD and it’s possibilities are endless. I like the fact that they have personally benefited from the use of CBD products.

    I will be looking into the affiliate program.

    James B

  17. That review almost had me thinking you work for CBD Biocare.  I know you dont but what that is to the company is a testament to the product.

    I have been using CBD for a while and know a few others that use it.  I also have a great list of people who may eventually be interested.

    Also I have to smile with the compensation plan. It is actually one of the better ones.

    There is only one problem and thats that I made a commitment to affiliate marketing.

    However you never know when this might change or when I could maybe make one work with the other.

  18. Hi There

    CBD Biocare must be one of many in the USA that sells CBD. I wonder if they will be able to open this up to the rest of the world and create cures, pain alleviation and recreational comfort legally. I would be the first in the queue if it was legal here in the UK, let’s face it we have the land. I enjoyed your post it looks and read well so thanks for telling us about CBD Biocare. 

    Anti-ageing collagen could become really successful if it was under controlled selling environment and also for those that want to affiliate with the business at CBD Biocare could do really well in the future.

  19. Hey Tony Lee,

    For me I think this product need to still be watched as CBD is a well respected product in our markets today but unfortunately some if the new products are tending to spoil the image already built by the older companies….thanks anyway Tony for sharing this awesome article I hope it helps others.

  20. There are some great benefits to using CBD but I didn’t know there were so many not only that but you don’t have to use it to get its benefits. If you are looking for a way to make money selling CBD might be for you and you could create income off of it if that’s what you want. Also in your article, you were kinda repeating yourself.  

  21. As you mentioned that the company was recently new, I actually thought it was launched somewhere this year but by my surprise it’s been a couple of years now. I am a little concern towards the fact that as you said, the CBD oil can be extremely beneficial and helpful with a certain type of diseases but somehow people in the health care system are looking over it. This happens a lot to be honest and if we’re to name some of the conditions I’m almost sure it would’ve prevented a lot of deaths over the years. 

  22. I knew that back in 2016 CBD was going to be huge as that lead to many early investments pay off big time.  Now as we are in the early adoption phase as we move towards legalization on the federal level, there will trillions made.   

    I am advocate for this CBD Biocare.   I feel that they have one of the best products on the market due to their manufacturing methods.  They are also transparent as you indicated with the info and even down do the contents that they use.   Either as a consumer or seller, this is a great product. 

  23. CBD biocare seems like an interesting opportunity and although I have never experienced it myself I know that there are many people out there with good stories to tell about the use of the substance. 

    In terms of the MLM opportunity not a massive fan but the opportunities seem fairer than many out there as you give a balanced review. Nice to see the FDA mentioned in your comments. I guess this will add credibility? The video’s also provide extra support for people interested. Thanks for sharing.

  24. I think CBD products can benefit a very large percentage of the population in terms of pain relief and the anti aging properties. It is great to know that the CBD BioCare products are approved by the FDA.

    Although I am not a great fan of the multi level marketing business plan, to be getting forty percent commission is far better than what most companies ofer. The fact that they are free to join, makes it even more attractive to sign up. 

  25. It seems that amongst all the sketchy CBD businesses out there, BioWare seems like a legitimate one to me from this review of yours. This seems like a rather good business opportunity as it has a relatively low barrier to entry with a relative huge income potential. 

    Most importantly, I like the fact that you have many people you can approach to help you when you face any doubts unlike many other companies out there, who leave you struggling alone. 

  26. It is so interesting! I have been hearing about CBD Biocare and its benefits, I think it is perfect to improve your health because it can decrease pains in your body. Many people think it is a scam because they are skeptical but I think that worth it to try. This article provides a lot of info essential to understand the CBD advantages. 

    I will share this article because I think many people need to know more about the topic of MLMs. Thanks for the info, I am glad to read it. Well done.

  27. Hello there! My experience with CBD BioCare has been incredible from day one! The products are, in my opinion, the best on the market, and that gives me so much confidence in sharing these products with the people I love and care about! Their lives have been changed for the better and so has mine!

  28. Tony,

    My Mum suffered from Parkinson’s during the latter part of her life. CBD products were recommended for her to help ease her pain and dementia. I do believe that they helped extend her life and am truly grateful for that.

    Because of this, I became very interested in CBD products and decided to promote them in my online business. 

    Your review was very helpful to me as I have done some research on CBD BioCare as an MLM opportunity. You have provided all the information I need, very thoroughly, to make an informed decision.

    Thank you!

    I am especially pleased to know that the business is legitimate and FREE to join as Sales Representative. 

    I will definitely be looking into this opportunity!


  29. Hi! I have never joined an MLM program. And I personally wouldn’t use CBD. But it was interesting to read this post because I thought all MLMs were bad. Some MLMs do have a good compensation program in place and have a good earning potential. This has been kinda an educational post for me on the topic of MLMs. Thanks.

  30. For me I think this product need to still be watched as CBD is a well respected product in our markets today but unfortunately some if the new products are tending to spoil the image already built by the older companies….thanks anyway Tony for sharing this awesome article I hope it helps others.

  31. Thank you for your review on CBD BioCare. As a CBD user myself, I know for the fact that it is best to get the best quality CBD possible. The last thing that I want is to put more chemicals in my body than necessarily. 

    It is refreshing to see a legit MLM business like Cbd BioCare. I love the fact that it is a husband and wife business and they are doing it for a good cause. However, I like to try the product myself first before I sell it. I am going to use it first then decide if I want to promote it or not. I love the fact that I can get an affiliate commission as well. 

  32. I feel like CBD is all the rage these days. The older generations who would be a bit afraid of simply using marijuana are starting to see cannabidiol as a safer alternative while getting many of the same, or better, benefits. That makes it popular in every generation old enough to buy it and makes CBD an incredibly profitable niche if done well. While, like you said, the CBD BioCare compensation plan is a bit complex, I love the lifetime commission and lack of demoting. I think those two aspects really show a company’s respect for their Representatives. I’ll definitely want to be checking that out. Thank you for the great info!

  33. I am always very wary of these MLM companies there doesn’t seem to be many genuine ones that you can trust out there, but you seem to have found one with CBD  Biocare, it’s good that there are actual people to report to if you have queries or problems and the amount of money you earn can be achieved realistically by the effort you put in. many of the companies seem to offer false promises of get rich quick schemes but they don’t seem to be dong this which is good. you seem to be representing a good clear review of CBD Biocare for anyone wanting to know if this is a scam. I do believe from this I is not.

  34. I really enjoyed reading this article about this company BioCare and the CBD Oil products. I know there are some many companies who specialise in CBD Oil out there so I can only imagine that this is a tough market place to be in.

    I like the ethos to this company especially your introduction to the owners and how they have come to use CBD Oil and why they want to get this product out to those who are in need most. This does sound very genuine. The way they are looking to market there business is really reasonable with no huge set up costs and good commissions irrelevant of the options to do this.

    I wish them huge success but feel this is such a competitive market place. 

    Thank you for sharing this information


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