Is CBD Biocare a Scam or the Best CBD MLM Opportunity?

Is CBD Biocare a Scam or the Best CBD MLM Opportunity? post thumbnail image

It's the quest of this review to help answer the questions, is CBD Biocare a scam or the Best CBD MLM Opportunity?

Disclaimer: I am not an active Representative for CBD BioCare nor am I a competitor or customer for any other CBD MLM company, this review is for educational purposes.

CBD BioCare is a relatively new company that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of CBD oil products across the country and beyond. The company is relatively new because it came into existence in the year 2016 when Matthew and Stacey Pitts discovered the company. These are a couple. The husband and wife had an interest in cannabis right from the time the drug was not legalized in the country. The ingredients have helped him to overcome some of his healthcare challenges which include cancer, pains associated with and loss of appetite for food. Even though the man eventually died by the plant worked wonders for him. This however motivated the couple to find better ways of using the plant and the extracts to help people hence they discovered the great potentials in that. They were helped by the fact that medical marijuana was legalized in the country and that provided them the wonderful opportunity to put their research into action. BioCare, therefore, became possible.

The couple spends most of their time in seeing that the product gets to the people that need them to live. Because of that they spend and devised means of selling and marketing the healthcare products. Moreover, they had previous experience in this kind of product having worked with similar products in the past.

The aim of the makers and distributors of this product is to ensure that it reaches the correct people who need them. Furthermore, many people who are passionate about that product do not even know where and how to get them, this will help them get access to the product.

What are CBD Oils

CBD stands for cannabidiol and the oil is a product of cannabis strains. Cannabis is known to have smaller quantities of THC. This type of oil has lots of health benefits because it is very high in cannabinoids. Research has shown that this kind of oil has great medicinal values because it has been used by humanity over the years to deal with one form of ailment or the other. This oil extract has lots of medicinal values such that it is used for the treatment of different kinds of health conditions. This is possible it works with the cannabinoids that are created in man. It can perform useful functions to a man in different parts of the body system as the central nervous system, the brain and so on. The best thing about it is that it can boost the human immune system. It is very useful to the body because it works with the endocannabinoid in regulating how the body works such as homeostasis regulation and so on. It ensures that the body is always in a state of balance. It can regulate sleep, enhance mood as well as regulate home and reduce pain and so on. The most interesting aspect of the product is the income-earning opportunity which it offers. You do not only get cured for your ailments, but you can also even get rewarded for selling and marketing the products. It offers a lot of opportunities for people. This is because it is offered by a multi-level marketing company.

What is CBD BioCare, Location, Leaders etc…?

CBD Biocare is a product marketed by a company discovered by a husband his wife Matthew and Stacey Pitts. The company is located in Florida, the United States of America. Matthew and the family had an interest in the product even before its use was legalized in most parts of America. As soon as medical marijuana was approved in the country, the company started to market it. The company can now market this product in virtually all over the country since the use of medical marijuana was legalized. They can even take it to other parts of the world where the use of that product was also allowed.

CBD Biocare includes the sale of different products and this ranges from CBD Oil, as well as anti-aging collagen retinol cream. This is infused with the oil. Furthermore, it includes pain cream and this consists of CBD oil mixed with Emu oil. It is marketed as a full-spectrum CBD oil product. As stated before it is manufactured in the US and before it was released for public use, it is third party tested. This implies that the safety of the user is guaranteed. When it is described as full-spectrum it means that it contains all the essential ingredients such as cannabinoids, terpenes, as well as flavonoids. You can get almost everything you want but it would not contain any of the THCs. Because of that, you are safe when you consume the product. The benefit of this is that you can get all the benefits that come with it but you are not going to get high.

The product is safe to use. Moreover, the hemp plants which are often used to make this are produced from the US. The manufacturing process is also conducted in the US. This is good for its users as the US is restrictive and strict when it comes to the use of this kind of product. It is expected to meet the strict standard put in place in the country. Furthermore, to ensure that it is safe to use, you discovered that it is manufactured from a facility approved by the FDA. It contains everything you need and you are one hundred percent safe when you use the product.

What products does CBD BioCare offer?

The company currently distributes a wide range of products ranging from the oils, capsules, creams, pet chews as well as moisturizers. There are others. The good thing about the products is that they are not very expensive and this means that they are affordable.

Some of the products you can order from this company or the agents are CBD oil and this is the major product. There are others in the product line and they include the anti-aging collagen retinol cream, which is infused with the CBD oil. Another thing they offer includes pin cream and this consists of EMU oil and this is often mixed with CBD oil.

This is not ordinary oil, rather it is a full-spectrum CBD oil. You are safe to use it because they are the third party tested before being released to the market.

MLM Compensation Plan for CBD BioCare

A lot of emphasis so far have been on the healthcare products they offer. Serious attention was not paid to the huge income potential that comes with the product. The truth is that it comes with lots of earning opportunities. This means that you do not only get cured when you use it, but you can also earn money through the compensation arrangement that is put in place.

The compensation plan may seem complicated but if you are serious with it, you can earn plenty of money in the process. It offers unique income-earning opportunities for everybody including beginners. The system is going to compensate for every serious member. If you make a sale the system has a way of compensating, you. In the same way, if you refer three persons to the system, there is a reward awaiting you.

There are different ways of earning through the system and it includes:

  1. Lifetime affiliate commissions
  2. Ten percent continuous referral as well as
  3. Retail commissions

The first way you can earn under the compensation plan is the retail commissions. Here you are supposed to pocket forty percent commissions of sales you make in selling CBD BioCare products. Even if you decide to buy those products by yourself, you are still going to make fantastic money. However, you should know that the compensation plan also comes with a ranking system. This implies that what you make at the end of the day depends on your rank in the system. Here are some of the remuneration arrangements put in place.

The sales rep can earn up to $999 total sales volume and this amounts to twenty percent of the retail commissions

In the same way, another rank of a sales rep can earn from $1000 to $4000 and the total sales volume, and this represents twenty-five percent of the commission.

The next level is the sales manager which can earn from $5000 to $14,999 total sales volume and such a person is entitled to thirty percent retail commissions.

Another rank of a sales manager can make a sales volume of $15000 to $24,999 and the commission is also thirty-five percent.

The highest rank under the system is the CBD CEO which total sales volume would start from $25000 and above can pocket the highest commission of forty percent.

The ranking system is not dependent on how long you have been in that system, rather it depends on your sales efforts. However, the benefit of this is that once you get to that system or rank, it would be impossible to demote you to the lower rank.

The second way of earning through the system is the ten percent continuous referral fees. This is why your recruitment effort would come into play. The more people you recruit to the system the more money you can make because you would be rewarded with ten percent of the earnings of the people that you have personally recruited.

The third way you are going to earn from the system is the Lifetime Affiliate Commissions. You are going to earn something when somebody purchases through the affiliate link that you provided. If such a customer is to join through the link that you provide then you would be compensated for your lifetime once such a person or persons would continue to earn through the system.

However, it is pertinent to state that this compensation plan is not static that it does change from time to time.

The compensation plan starts with the sales representative. The good thing about this is that you can purchase that plan if you like. It is affordable. When you sign up for a membership, there are options available to you and one of the options is to purchase the stage of membership. If you decide to purchase it, there are lots of benefits that you can derive from that. It comes with the marketing kits and materials and these are going to assist you to jump start that business. You are going to boost your sales when you do that. Other benefits come with that starter kits when you buy one. If people are to purchase the same kits through your affiliate link, you can earn a commission for that.

CBD BioCare from Stacey Phillips Pitts on Vimeo.

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What makes CBD BioCare a Legitimate MLM Company and not a scam?

The business is a legitimate one. The first thing you need to know about the CBD BioCare is that it does not cost you money if you do not want to pay to become a sales representative. It is free and if you work hard, you would be rewarded for your efforts.

Secondly, the system does not promise you that you are going to become wealthy overnight if you follow them. The level of success you attain in this system depends on the efforts you put in.

Moreover, the system is rewarding you for the efforts you put in. The compensation plan they put in place is real. If you pass to the higher rank, you are not going to be demoted.

The creators of the system are known, they are real people and the addresses are known. Such people were never involved in any scam and nobody can associate them with any scam. Furthermore, there is no report anywhere that can show that any member has been created from the system.

Most importantly, the creators of the program have their contact address. If you have any issues, you can contact them and they will be willing to attend to your queries without hassles. The creators are known and they are not faceless individuals.

If you join the program, you do not expect to become rich overnight, but it has the potential to create wealth and you can achieve that depending on your efforts and your marketing strategy.

If you are looking for a legitimate CBD MLM company that can help you succeed, you can think of CBD BioCare, it is one hundred percent legit.

Disclaimer: I am not an active Representative for CBD BioCare nor am I a competitor or customer for any other CBD MLM company, this review is for educational purposes.

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