Is Commission Hero a Scam or is it Legitimate?

Do you want to make thousands of dollars every day by simply operating an online business? Do you want to perform this job in 3 simple steps? Do you want a get-rich-quick scheme that doesn’t require much effort or work? Then Commission Hero might be what you’re looking for. You can become an affiliate marketer with Commission Hero and watch the money roll in. Does this sound too good to be true? We’ll keep reading to find out the answer to this question. This review will answer the question is Commission Hero a scam or is it legitimate?

What is Commission Hero about?

Commission Hero is all about affiliate marketing. This system is an affiliate marketing course that teaches people how to make the most of this online opportunity. Keep in mind that you will not make money by purchasing this affiliate marketing system. Instead, it will teach you how to make money through the affiliate marketing process.

You will learn how to do things such as promote other businesses or individuals' products or services, how to properly advertise on social media sites including Facebook, how to covert ad leads into sales, and how to generate commissions from each sale. This system also teaches people how to perform affiliate marketing through paid or free advertising.

Commission Hero uses a 3-step method, and it is outlined below.

  • Pick an offer from an online retail outlet or from another affiliate marketplace.
  • Create a landing page for the product or service you choose to represent.
  • Then create ads for a social media site (preferably Facebook).

This is the system that Commission Hero promotes. The program encourages people to follow the training so they will be able to make big profits. However, this might or might not be the case.

So, why is Commission Hero different from other online affiliate marketing programs?

There are many different reasons why Commission Hero is considered a different type of affiliate company. One of the biggest reasons has to do with the site’s use of Facebook to promote ads and its personalized psychological system that was created by Robby Blanchard to force people to purchase the offers you provide. That is a very big claim.

Here is a quick word about Bobby Blanchard. He founded Commission Hero sometime in 2015 after he quit working his old job as a personal trainer. Since that time, he perfected this online affiliate marketing system that claims to be effective for generating thousands of dollars daily. He is also the CEO of Blanchard Media. This company is located at 930 Main St, Acton, MA 01720 and the phone number are (978) 855-0677. Commission Hero is an affiliate of Blanchard Media. This is the legitimate contact information that can be used to call the company to find out more about this offer. This is a legit business.

The site’s primary use of Facebook to promote ads is not unique. However, the way it carries out this process with Blanchard’s psychological techniques is. Commission Hero isn’t the only affiliate program on the market. However, it seems like it’s one of the best.

Why are affiliate ads targeted for Facebook with Commission Hero?

Facebook is used by nearly 2 billion users. This means that there are a lot of customers that will potentially click affiliate links and ads on this social media network. Nobody could possibly sell to 2 billion people but they can reach many people through this medium if they focus on this area.

Commission Hero’s system knows that there are other social media sites. Their system will work on those sites as well. However, they focus on Facebook because there really isn’t a need to go outside of this community to find customers. YouTube has 2.3 billion users. Commission Hero does promote affiliate links on this site, but they still focus on Facebook.

Facebook is also seen as a quick way to build traffic. Commission Hero teaches people how to use the right type of marketing campaign to attract customers. They also recommend certain products and services for niche audiences that are often on Facebook. Also, Facebook might have a deal with Commission Hero about generating more revenue from their users by placing ads onto their platform.

Commission Hero will also teach people how to carry out affiliate marketing processes without being removed by the site. Keep in mind that affiliate links can easily be viewed as spam. Commission Hero provides many tips, tricks, and useful information for promoting their program through Facebook.

How does this program work?

Here is the process for signing up with Commission Hero:

  • First, you need to sign up with the Commission Hero website.
  • After you sign up you will be given 2 package options. You can either pay a one-time fee of $997 or make 2 payments for $597 within a 30-day period. By the way, the 2-payment option will cost you $197 more than the one-time payment option.
  • Once you’re registered with the site, you will then have access to training materials, resources, and tools to get your business up and going. You’ll have access to coursework and programs that teach on topics about landing pages, how to properly use Facebook for posting ads, ad account training, how to properly utilize images for your page, contact information for potential customers, a private coaching group, and there are also live training sessions given by Robby Blanchard.
  • It is also recommended that you sign up with Clickbank as a part of using Robby’s system.
  • If you don’t have a Facebook page, then you might need to create one.

The steps for joining up with this site are simple. Once you’re signed up you will then be given instruction on how to perform the necessary steps to becoming a money-making affiliate hero.

About the High Priced Cost of this System

The high cost of Commission Hero was designed that way on purpose. Again, this program costs $1000 or over if make 2 payments. Blanchard set it up this way to weed out fake people from serious inquiries. He doesn’t want to go through the trouble of having people purchase his system, learn the material, and then get a refund for their money. This happens more often than you would believe. So, he decided to make the program a high costing opportunity to avoid this problem.

Truthfully, many people simply cannot afford to put this much money toward an online opportunity that might not work out in the long run. Ultimately, if a person is not completely sure about purchasing this program, they should avoid it altogether. Hero Commission is a legit business that isn’t too keen on giving refunds if someone can’t make the system work or doesn’t like how it functions.

By the way, the company does have a refund policy. You can get your money back in a year after purchasing the system. You also must request your money back within 7 days of your purchase. Also, you will have to give Commission Hero proof that you really gave it an opportunity to work for you.

I will warn you one more time. Do not purchase this system thinking it’s going to make you rich or fulfill whatever dreams you might have about business success. You must seriously evaluate how this program works and if it something that you want. In other words, once you spend your $1000 for this program, and you find it was a mistake, you can’t get your money back anytime soon – if at all.

A Quick Word about Commission Hero Support

Commission Hero does believe in helping its members. However, it primarily does so through its Facebook community. They strongly encourage users to watch training materials at least 2 – 3 times before reaching out to the community. They also expect each user to set up and run a campaign on their own before they ask for help. If a person doesn’t do this, they shouldn’t expect to get the assistance that will make sense to them.

The bottom line is that Commission Hero wants people to work and to put in some effort with making this system work. Ultimately, if you don’t follow the training or you feel as if it is too time-consuming to learn, then you can’t get mad about not receiving help. Commission Hero isn’t there to hold anybody’s hand. They make that notion clear, and they reinforce it through their community. So, please make sure you want this program before you purchase it.

Is the program time-consuming?

Bobby Blanchard claimed that he only puts in 1 – 2 hours a day with his business. However, you will probably have to give more of your time since you’re not as experienced as Blanchard. The recommended amount of time to make this program work is between 2 – 3 hours a week. However, Commission Hero recommends that people put in more time. Remember, there will be a learning curve with any new system. A person can only get better at something new by simply repeating it over again.

You must Put in Work and Money to make Commission Hero Profitable

In the last paragraph, we mentioned the amount of time that a person would need to put into Commission Hero to become successful. Now, we’re going to talk about the amount of effort and money that you will need to make things work. We’re also going to discuss the strategies that you need to follow to make your business grow.

  • You will need to find the best products and services to promote through your affiliate business. You can pick up ideas from consumer spending trends or you can pay attention to how other affiliates are making money.
  • Landing pages are essential to this system. You’re going to have to build up some great landing pages to accomplish this. Commission Hero provides people with tools and templates for building landing pages that get results.
  • We previously mentioned how a person will need to drive traffic to their Facebook ads. The system will explain how to do this in detail, and you will need to follow the information closely.
  • Finally, you’re going to have to do what works and let go of things that do not work.

This is considered the basic process that you will have to perform to become successful with Commission Hero. However, it is not always easy to implement or carry out. Remember, buying and selling is a hard thing to do. Trying to figure out what people want and are willing to pay for is also hard. Don’t just assume that if you build it, present it in the right way, they will come. You can’t do this and expect to be successful all the time.

You will need a degree of flexibility with this system. Knowing when to move on from a product or service or knowing the right type of ads to place will always be a challenge. So, you must put the work into this system. This is especially true for when you are first starting off.

By the way, you need to spend at least $10 – $20 for every Facebook ad you place. This fee is very important for making your system work. You must have money available to continuously pay for ads for as long as you run your business.

Make Money with this Site

You can make money with this site by promoting products and services, converting leads into sales for businesses, collecting commissions from sales or visits to an online marketplace.

Who can benefit from this program the most?

Commission hero is designed for any person that wants to be serious about their opportunity for affiliate marketing. It is also recommended for internet (digital) marketers as well.

An Important Message about Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing generates 15% – 20% of all online sales. This field continues to grow and develop. It will become more widespread in the future. Many retail establishments rely on affiliates to promote their businesses online. Also, many new start-ups use their services as well. Even small unestablished businesses profit from the use of affiliate marketers. The point is that affiliate marketing isn’t going to die off anytime soon. So, Commission Hero provides a good opportunity for someone to work this business for profit.

Commission Hero can be used as a Second Source of Income

The world of online work is exploding. This is especially true since the COVID pandemic of 2020 impacted the world. A lot of people are now permanently working online. Since this is the case, affiliate marketing is expected to prosper from this new trend. There is no way that we are going back to how things were before the pandemic struck when it comes to working, spending, and “living” on the internet.

This important point was stated because people are now supplementing their income by working a second job online. You can also do the same thing with Commission Hero. What you could possibly do is sign up for the program. Make the initial $1000 investment and then spend a while getting to know how the program works.

Once you do this, you should be able to generate enough money to earn a part-time income that helps to supplement the money you work from your regular job. You shouldn’t have to quit your regular job (unless you want to) just to work online. However, you can make Commission Hero a permanent part-time opportunity to generate extra income for a lifetime.

Is commission hero a scam or is it legitimate?

Commission Hero is legit. This is a credible business. However, some people who are not serious about working on this opportunity might think that it’s a scam. Also, if you’re not successful at making this program work (and you gave it real effort) you might think that you have been ripped off as well. Again, make sure you want to work as an affiliate marketer before you sign up. Do your homework because the program costs $1,000. That’s a lot of money to spend on an online opportunity that you are unsure of.

Richard Blanchard is a legit guy. His company is also legit. The contact information was placed at the front of the article. The company is a real place. This is commendable and transparent. It should also give you confidence that you are working with scammers. Especially, if you plan on spending $1,000 of your hard-earned cash.

One thing I will caution you about is trying to get over through this system. Commission Hero won’t hold a person’s hand or constantly listen to complaints or whining. You will either figure out how to make this system work or you won’t. You’re initial 1K investment is on the line. If you want to make your money back, then figure it out. That is the attitude that the company has, and they don’t back down from that position.

With that being said, Commission Hero is not for people who can’t do things on their own or figure things out by themselves. If you need people over you constantly telling you what to do and how to direct your life, this program is not for you. I would strongly recommend that you get involved with something else.

Affiliate marketing is on the rise and Commission Hero provides a solid opportunity for people to make money. Again, nothing is foolproof. Still, this program is able to deliver. You will have to put in the effort to get the business going. Once you take this initiative, chances are you will be successful. Don’t forget it normally takes up to 3 years before an online business can recoup its profits. It also takes up to 10 years before an online business is considered successful.

Don’t rush this process. Don’t shortchange this process either. If you decide to purchase the program give it time to work. Don’t get mad and quit when things aren’t going right. I can’t stress enough that your $1,000 investment is on the line. You shouldn’t be risking that kind of money just to give up on it when you encounter some setbacks.

I would recommend this opportunity to any person that wants to get involved with affiliate marketing. You won’t get ripped off and the site does deliver. There are plenty of positive testimonies from people who used this system in the past. They can tell you that it works. They also try to show proof to back up their claims.

Still, there will always be people who speak negatively about an online opportunity. That is to be expected. Commission Hero is not a scam but not all people will benefit from it either. Just makes sure that if you sign up with this program that you are prepared to go the distance. Give this opportunity some time-work and chances are you will be earning money like a real hero.

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