is Easy1Up a Scam? 2021 Easy1Up Review

We all know that net hustling is important in today’s world. The internet provides different ways for people to make money and Easy1UP provides these opportunities. The following Easy1UP review will explain how this online business opportunity works, how it can help people, and if it’s a scam.

Basic Information about the Easy1UP Scam

Peter Wolfing is the creator of this program. He is known as the founder of and operator of Multiplex Systems, Inc. This system was created to promote online opportunities by Peter Wolfing. He started this business back in 1998 but Easy1UP emerged in 2016. This online enterprise has been quietly operating without much notice since it was first founded. Multiplex Systems, Inc. is a legitimate operation. It is located within the borough of Manhattan within New York City, New York. The company also has a working phone number.

Peter Wolfing hasn’t been associated with any negative business practices in the past. While his reputation isn’t necessarily tarnished, his sites are not always seen in the best light. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives the company a C rating. The rating by the BBB is not a bad thing in terms of showing the site’s legitimacy. Remember, a legit business wants to be registered with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau. This helps to prove that they are not shady or a scam.

However, the BBB evaluation of Multiplex Systems, Inc. tells us that the company isn’t always clear about who owns it, its location, or the products and services it provides to consumers. So, the information about this online business might be completely false. There is no way for any person to really know. The Better Business Bureau has the company’s information but once again, this could be a screen to make an illegitimate online business to look more legit. You can draw your own conclusions about this business based on this information.

Here is something else you should know about Peter Wolfing. He used to be a marine during the 80s and 90s. After he left the marines, he created a marketing system that used some of the principles he learned from the marines. He eventually became a successful marketer, and his marketing schemes were coveted by other businesses. Apparently, Peter Wolfing had become a great marketer that helped to change how marketing is done today. This might be speculation, but others claim it to be fact.

About Frank Industries LLC. and the Easy1UP Website

Frank Industries LLC. is an Ohio based company that is owned by Richard Frank. Frank Industries LLC. This company teamed up with Easy1UP back in 2016. This move was made by Frank Industries LLC. because they claimed that Easy1UP had the best online business opportunity in the nation at the time. It’s hard to find information about if their partnership is still intact. Also, there hasn’t been any information that state’s that these two companies are no longer together.

This point was brought up because Frank Industries LLC. is considered a credible organization. The company decided it was to their best interest to partner with Easy1UP. They liked the way that Easy1UP presented realistic online business opportunities for their clients. Keep in mind that if a credible business teams up with an online scheme, that online scheme is probably a good outfit. Still, there are some other questionable things about Easy1UP that will be addressed later in the article.

Easy1UP: An MLM Marketing Scheme that Works

Easy1UP is a marketing scheme that works. Many people online say that they have made money from this venture. The company provides two processes for earning income. You can make money by selling the company’s online education services related to internet business opportunities or you can make money through the site’s MLM marketing scheme.

The marketing scheme does work because people can make money. The chances of a person getting rich from this business opportunity are slim. This is true with most business opportunities. However, you can make some side money with Easy1UP. You just have to be dedicated to working this opportunity as a second job.

How does Easy1UP work?

Here’s the thing about Easy1UP. The company wants people with large business lists to utilize the contacts on this list to amass customers. This is isn’t the only way to get started with this program, but it helps to get off to a good start. Why? You can use your contacts to see if they would be interested in the opportunity. Truthfully, you will have to proceed with caution because they might not be happy about being approached with a MLM marketing opportunity.

Also, you should understand that this business does provide legit online business opportunities. The key is to make sure that people on your list know and understand that you are presenting realistic online opportunities. Don’t deceive them about the MLM aspect of the business and chances are you’ll get people to sign up. Well that is what some members of Easy1UP claim will happen.

What products does Easy1UP provide?

Easy1UP sells various products according to the plans that members buy. Here is a quick outline of the plans.

  • Level 1: The Elevation Plan

This plan cost $25. This is the entry-level plan and members will get courses for Network Marketing Basics and the Affiliate KickStarter Video Series. These courses simply explain how the Easy1UP program works. They will also help members to learn how to use their contacts to get others to join. The plan will primarily focus on lead generation.

  • Level 2: Elevation Elite

The Elevation Elite is priced at $100. You get the previous content that is available in the basic Elevation Plan. However, you also get the Free Marketing and Cash Generation Video Series since the program is an elite version of the standard plan. The elite courses will teach people how to utilize YouTube and Udemy to drive more traffic to their business. This level will also help you to better understand how to manipulate social media for this purpose.

  • Level 3: Vertex, Cost $250, you get Advanced Digital Business Video Series

The Vertex is the 3rd level plan. It will cost $250. People who are serious about what Easy1Uphas to offer will pay for this plan. Members will have access to a live training program with full replays. They will also get 18 hours of training on different topics. You will have access to special links to see the live training session and the replays. You will be given the materials from levels 1 and 2.

  • Level 4: Vertex Elite

Vertex Elite is a 4th level, $500 plan. You will pay half a thousand dollars to get this program. However, you will get the Money Counts Live Business Course. This business course has a part 1 and a part 2. Topics covered in this level include Drop Shipping Counts, and methods for getting Non-Stop Traffic and Zero Cost Traffic. Keep in mind that both Vertex plans provide information about affiliate marketing. It will also help members to understand how they can make a product or service and get affiliates to sell them. Of course, you will get all of the materials that come with the lower levels as well.

  • Level 5: Vertex Pro, Cost $1,000, you get WhatsApp Marketing Made Easy, Zero Cost Traffic,

The Vertex Pro is $1000. If you’re paying this type of money for this Easy1UP plan, then you got money to burn. You’re also ready to become a highly productive business person. You will get videos, free traffic ads, sales funnels, Tumblr Training, information about traffic exchanges, membership authority, slide shares, marketing on Reddit, Linkedin training, marketing information on Instagram, email marketing coaching, blog coaching, Coaching Authority, Google Hangouts marketing information, FB branding and marketing, and social media marketing.

You will get so much information and training courses that it will take you weeks or even months to get through it all. The Vertex Pro is a powerhouse plan for people who want to make the most of the Easy1UP opportunity. One more thing you should know. This plan offers high-level Facebook planning that will help to get your business off to a good start.

  • Level 6: Vertex Live, Cost $2,000, you get another 14 lessons.

The Vertex Live plan is $2,000. If you purchase this plan you better prepare yourself for a training session that will last between 3 – 6 months. That is how much information is packed into this stage. You’ll get everything that is available from the previous levels. However, you will also get another 14 lessons that will go deeper into the realm of internet marketing, affiliate networking, generating leads, and getting people to purchase this program.

These are the Easy1Up Levels and each of them provides training packages for members.

Easy1UP Compensation Plan

Now, we’re going to discuss the compensation plan for Easy1Up. Your goal is to sell a membership with the educational materials. Once a person purchases the membership and the materials, you will receive the money from their purchase. However, you will give the company between 10% – 25% of your commission for each purchase made by a member’s customer. For example, if a person buys the Elevation Elite plan for $100, then the member selling the plan will pocket between $75 – $90 because they will have to pay between $25 (25% of $100) – $10 (10% of 100). The site doesn’t go into detail about how they will determine commission prices. This would leave me to believe that they can charge whatever percentage rate they desire. Still, the company allows users to pocket most of the money they make. There is one catch. Easy1Up does charge expenses for its members. Keep reading the next section to know what they are.

What are the Easy1UP expenses?

What are the expenses made for using this program? Users will be charged processing fees for each sale they make. They don’t disclose how much this processing fee costs. You should also know that you can only make money on the packages that you purchase. In other words, if you buy the $25 Elevation plan you will only make money on this plan once you sell a membership to another person. Realistically, you will lose money in the long run because you cannot break even. Remember, you’re constantly selling the product and losing money on it. You can recoup some of your money back, but you won’t break even.

Here is something else you should know. Some online reviewers claim that you can purchase the program through a franchise and then start to make sales in this way. If you purchase Easy1Up program as a franchise, you will make money on each sale since you will be the franchise owner. However, they don’t disclose how much it will cost to purchase a franchise of this business.

The Easy1UP site says that you can sell their products, but there is a small license fee to cover the cost of their hosting and technical support overhead. All payments are one time. Once again, you will be paying a fee to this company to sell their products. You will make back some of your money but not all. Hmmm, once again you’re going to have to decide if this is the right business scheme for you.

The Affiliate Marketing Aspect with Easy1Up

The affiliate marketing aspect of this business will teach members how to set up Easy1UP membership links, to get people to sign up with the program. The affiliate marketing program makes it easier for members to seek out potential clients. Affiliates can set up the links and banner ads on various platforms. Video sharing and social media sites are two of the best places on the internet where affiliate links will be the most beneficial.

Do you really need an online site that provides information about various online business opportunities?

The answer to this question is maybe. Hear me out. Easy1UP can provide you with the knowledge to maximize your ability to take advantage of online opportunities. However, you don’t necessarily need to pay for these courses from this organization. Also, the courses are geared toward teaching you how to be a more effective marketer for the Easy1UP system. However, the information they provide can be used for just about any product or service that you decide to use. The bottom line is that Easy1Up can help you to effectively market on the internet. However, that doesn’t mean that you are going to become a great marketing genius from this program. Again, you will have to make a decision if this program is for you.

How much money can you make with this program?

Your ability to make money will vary by the amount of time, resources, and energy you put into the program. Once again, you can purchase the program for a fee, but you constantly have to recruit and get more people to join. If you don’t continue this process, you will end up not making any money.

Remember, this program is set up to profit you, but you will still have to pay to get ahead. Think about it like this. If you purchased a franchise for McDonald’s or Burger King franchise, you’re going to pay at least $2 million. However, you will only get about $150,000 in yearly profits. This means that it will take you at least 13.3 years to get back your initial sales prices. The same concept works for the Easy1UP system.

You can invest in one of the packages and pay that one-time fee. However, you are going to have to purchase every package that you sell. If you decide to go up in levels, then you’re going to pay more money. You will eventually get back your money, but you will have to consistently recruit people throughout the years to turn a profit.

In a sense, you are franchising this system and you will constantly lose money until you eventually make enough to cover your initial investment for each membership you sell. Remember, Easy1UP has to make money off their system even though you make money. If not, they are going to lose money while you make more money than them. That is not good business sense, and it will not happen with this program.

Easy1UP Reviews by Members and Clients

The clients of Easy1UP report that they make money with the program. Most say the program really does work. A few have even stated that they have become wealthy from this program. We already stated that most people will not get rich from this system. Still, it is legit enough for people to make money over the long run.

Clients claim to like the educational materials. The materials are beneficial for bringing in more people for this system. However, a few people wished it wasn’t just focused on Easy1UP. Still, the principles behind the Easy1UP marketing system can be applied to other endeavors. Ultimately, most members approve of this system and what it has to offer.

So, is this program a scam or what?

No. Easy1UP is not a scam. It is a legitimate online business opportunity. It is registered with the Better Business Bureau, members do make money, the educational materials and information are beneficial, and it is an MLM scheme. Still, this marketing system works. The only drawback is that you will always be behind with turning a profit. The system is designed to constantly take money from you because you have to buy every package that you sell. Still, if you set aside a certain amount of money from each sale that you make, you will eventually make back your initial investment into the program.

Easy1UP also makes it hard to know who is doing what with this program. This is a huge negative aspect of this program. Also, there is no immediate accountability or support for this system since it is hard to get in touch with people who run the platform. Still, the organization is registered as a legit business and it is also partnered with a few legitimate companies. However, some people might not be all that thrilled about the credibility of home-based marketing companies or other online opportunities. The MLM aspect of this business will cause experienced online opportunity seekers to roll their eyes. People who have experience with online opportunities are sick of MLM schemes because they know in the long run they won’t work.

Finally, Easy1UP will continue to make headway because the system is smart enough to get some money back into its member's pockets. However, most of the system’s members are not going to make a significant amount of income from this endeavor. Some people will be able to crack the code and exploit this company for unlimited riches. It is possible to do this if a person can consistently get more and more people to sign up to the Easy1UP system.

For example, if you could somehow get 100,000 people to sign up for the $25 Elevation package, you could literally make $250,000. A good chunk of that money will go back to Easy1UP but you will have more money in your pocket than you started off with. The key is to constantly get people to sign up on the link. Currently, there are about 5,000 members registered with the program around the world. At least half the members are from the U.S. So, it's possible to get a lot of people within the U.S. and around the globe to join. If you can figure out a way to get more people to sign up for Easy1UP; then you will crack the code and make a huge profit from this online home-based venture.

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