Is GoFounders a Scam Onpassive Review tells all!

There are many available opportunities online that promise you some easy ways of earning a passive income. Searching for the right opportunity can be quite challenging, given the high number of possible options. To get a legit business opportunity, you should take the time to do your research to avoid being taken off by the rip-offs and scams that are found almost everywhere over the internet. Is GoFounders a Scam, continue reading below for information found while researching and read the OnPassive Review that pulls no punches!

Being a part of a business venture has some risks to take, time to consume, efforts to invest, and also a huge amount of money. A true business opportunity might require a huge amount of cash to start with, and many firms in the multi-level marketing industry are usually pricey. By doing your due diligence, you will help avoid all the scams and frauds which are polluting the sector with all the legit ones that you will find out there.

Perhaps you might have had an interest in OnPassive for their never-ending wealth guarantee. In this review, we’ll see whether the promise is real or another fraudulent scheme. We help determine whether an opportunity is a scam. We will review all the available facts and also compare that information with the regulations and set laws from places such as the SEC and FTC to determine whether the business opportunity is a scam or not.

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Disclaimer: I am not a representative for OnPassive ~ GoFounders or any of their competition.

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What is Onpassive ~ GoFounders?

OnPassive is a multi-level marketing company in the advertising niche where you should refer other people and build your team to earn commissions. Onpassive provides advertising and marketing services, including some business building tools such as autoresponders, bulk emailers, and member advertising. This company assists you in generating traffic from within the website itself from all the other affiliate members of the online program.

Once you take a closer look at the company, you will realize that OnPassive is currently being promoted by another firm known as GoFounders. When you look at the registration details of the domain for the websites, it appears that they were both privately registered in mid-2018. Since the domain registration details are entirely private, there is no way you can tell where both registrations took place and who owns the domains.

Onpassive is still in its pre-launch state, so some of the current information may change after its launch. If you visit the company’s website right now, you will see that there isn’t much of anything with a clear note on the homepage stating, “Only Qualified Founders Accepted in Prelaunch By Invitation Only.”

Who is the founder of Onpassive ~ GoFounders?

The founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Onpassive is Ash Mufareh, a very successful GDI (Global Domains International) distributor. According to his Facebook page, Mufareh is the Chief Executive Officer of GFI Fusion, a team of different marketers for the Global Domains International opportunity. The company offers a multi-level marketing opportunity in the domain names and hosting niche and has been around for quite some time now.

In the recent past, Ash Mufareh has been involved with many companies such as PayDiamond and TelexFree, as well as other passive income type business opportunities. In 2014 the SEC shut down TelexFree and sued the company, which eventually turned into a big mess. In mid-2018, PayDiamond was also shut down, and that’s when Mufareh began putting together OnPassive.

OnPassive Products ~ GoFounders

When it comes to the product line, OnPassive does not have anything to offer. There are no services or goods sold to customers. Instead, the affiliates only offer access to the company’s affiliate membership.

If you join this membership, you will get access to the advertising credits and a marketing automation platform alongside the bundled business opportunity. You can use the advertising credits to promote any of your sites within the back-office and to other affiliates of the OnPassive business opportunity. You can also see that they provide online training, but because it is still in pre-launch, there’s limited information listed.

How does Onpassive Work

You can earn through Onpassive through selling affiliate memberships. By building your team and selling the memberships, you can earn commissions depending on how many people you recruit and how well they will recruit, other individuals as well. The compensation plan of Onpassive is usually based on a multi-level marketing matrix, and the affiliate members earn recurring commissions.

OnPassive provides a recurring subscription on all its four levels, as you can see in the compensation chart provided on the site. Qualifying for the residual commissions requires you to have a monthly subscription plan at every price point, beginning with $25.According to the Onpassive promotional documentation, the $25 is a one-time payment supposing that the profits of a member will self-fund the cost of the monthly subscription. The profits of a member can also pay for the other higher-priced plans as well.

The compensation plan indicates a theoretical estimated amount of possible income. Attrition alone means that there will be gaps in the matrix of a member that might prevent profit maximization. Due to the high attrition rates, multi-level marketing companies are known for front-loading new affiliate members with appealing fast start tools and products, loading them with products or services, selling them training and marketing materials, sending them to pay-to-attend seminars, and signing them up for online-access subscriptions before they are gone.

Nonetheless, the most damaging figure is only 15% of the members will enroll more than two new individuals. When the members have a three-member broad matrix level, most of the members won’t fill their initial level. The few who are lucky will be fortunate enough to have one sponsor in the 15% who supports more than two new affiliate members. Consequently, there’s a limited probability that the placement of new members in a lower-tier or level will occur.

As a result, many members at the 25-dollar level might never make enough earnings to either pay for the 125-dollar level plan or self-fund their monthly subscription of $25. The founders who signed up the Onpassive business opportunity in mid-2018 have a higher probability of self-funding all their monthly requirements. Nevertheless, they cannot afford high attrition rates.

If you are keen on becoming an active founder, you’ll have to pay a one-time amount of $97. It’s a yearly pre-launch discounted fee, which is not commissionable. This payment is usually valid for the first year if you are an active founder member and enables you to have a good positioning way before the real launch of the company and on the initial compensation package they have.

You are only entitled to good perks if you join the program. If not, you’ll be regarded as an inactive founder member, and you will not enjoy the benefits unless you are fully active. New multi-level marketing companies like Onpassive have a strong focus on registering people as early as possible with the intention of giving you the best position in the company, allowing you to enjoy good perks for being an early bird.

Onpassive’s Compensation Plan

There are four levels of Onpassive membership that you can begin with. The price range begins at $25, then $125, $250 and finally $500. If you would like to get the best arrangement, you can join the $900 plan to get better earnings potential. Furthermore, there's no pressure in becoming a founding member if $25 is all you can afford.

As you grow your passive income, you might not afford to pay for the subsequent qualifying level if you have only three levels under you. However, you can easily earn your way up to the subsequent level as you build your team, and as time goes by.

OnPassive offers the members an opportunity to buy their positions up to four 3×10 matrices. A 3×10 matrix usually puts you or even potential affiliate members at the apex of the matrix, with three positions underneath.

The three positions normally form the matrix’s first level., The second level of the matrix is generated from dividing the initial three positions into some other three positions. The third level to the 10th level of the matrix is usually generated in the same way, with every level holds three times as many places as the earlier level.

Commissions are normally paid out when the positions are filled, or when individuals are recruited into the program matrix by the top matrix. The commissions paid across the four matrix tiers of OnPassive are as follows:

$25 Matrix

These positions cost $25 and you will earn:

• $2 per position filled on level 1

• $3 per position filled on level 2

• $2 per position filled on level 3

• $1 per position filled on levels four up to 8

• $2 per position filled on level 9

• $1 per position filled on level 10

$125 Matrix

These positions cost $125, and you will earn:

• $10 per position filled on level 1

• $15 per position filled on level 2

• $7 per position filled on level 3

• $5 on per position filled level 4 and 5

• $3 per position filled on level 6

• $2 per position filled on level 7

• $3 per position filled on level 8 and 9

• $2 per position filled on level 10

$250 Matrix

These positions cost $250, and you will earn:

• $10 per position filled on level 1

• $25 per position filled on level 2

• $10 per position filled on level 3

• $8 per position filled on levels 4 to 6

• $7 per position filled on levels 7 and 8

• $8 per position filled on levels 9 and 10

$500 Matrix

These positions cost $500, and you will earn:

• $20 per position filled on level 1

• $30 per position filled on level 2

• $15 per position filled on levels three up to 5

• $10 per position filled on level 6 and 7

• $15 per position filled on level 8 and 9

• $10 per position filled on level 10

It is important to note that the above matrix positions are usually monthly recurring payments, which means that the commissions are recurring, too, as long as all the recruits continue paying their fees.

Is Onpassive a scam?

In my opinion, OnPassive isn’t a scam. It’s a legit multi-level marketing company that has been in operation for more than one year now. Although the Better Bureau Business has not yet accredited this company due to some procedures, rules, and ways that are questioning their credibility, they have been around since 2018.

As we mentioned earlier, OnPassive is run by Ash Mufareh, a man who has a long history of involvements with several scam companies. Therefore, that is one of the reasons why we do not recommend OnPassive. Again, OnPassive’s business model is almost similar to that of Pyramid schemes, and they are illegal.

The company claims to pay some referral commissions on its multi-level downlines just on the sale of its affiliate members. Without any services or retail products, OnPassive automatically becomes a pyramid scheme because all the MLM companies which provide members with referral commission on their downlines without selling retailable products are considered as a pyramid scheme.

Although OnPassive’s affiliate membership offers access to a marketing automation platform and advertising credits, still those services and products aren’t the retailable types. It appears like all those products are made up to make it look more like a multi-level marketing company than a pyramid scheme. Otherwise, I do not see any good purpose being delivered by all those products.

Currently, OnPassive positions are available for a fee of $97. Nevertheless, once OnPassive launches fully, the affiliate membership will automatically be tied to matrix position purchases of $25 to $500. The position fees of the matrix will be recurring every month, including the $97 founder positions. Therefore, if you would like to participate fully in the OnPassive business opportunity, then it’ll cost you approximately $900 a month to get its membership in return. The only way you can build your downline is by fulfilling your matrix by allowing other people to join under you and pay some money for membership, but not for any tangible products. Therefore, this business plan looks just like another pyramid scheme.

Pros of Onpassive

• It allows membership refund

Other than providing efficient methods of generating traffic through the internet, just like what many MLM establishments offer, that is not the only positive thing about this MLM company. Onpassive allows founders or aspiring members to get refunds from their investments, which is a good sign

Cons of Onpassive

• The company is still on the pre-launch state

As mentioned earlier, Onpassive has been on operation for more than one year, but it’s still on the pre-launching phase. Furthermore, there’s no information regarding its official launch. We do not know if it will go on closing instead of being launched.

If you join this multi-level marketing opportunity, you’ll share the same fate of the 23,000 members awaiting the company to launch officially. But though Onpassive has not officially launched, the founding members of the company are still active, which is a good sign.

• The founder has a bad reputation

The founder of Onpassive has a bad reputation on the multi-level marketing business. Ash Mufareh was involved in several investment schemes in the recent past, such as Telexfree, Ashmax, and PayDiamond. Even though we are not accusing Mr. Mufareh of operating an illegal business scheme in the present, but it will be difficult to trust him again if he was involved in illegal income schemes in the past.

• The company operates as a pyramid scheme

According to the Federal Trade Commission, Onpassive has several red flags of pyramiding schemes. The company sounds like a pyramiding scheme because there are no products or services to sell, and you can only earn by recruiting some individuals to the program.

• It is expensive to join

Apart from the entry fee of $97, you will also pay for other monthly recurring fees, as well.

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The services and products like automated marketing platform, advertising credits, and anything else that OnPassive business opportunity attaches to the membership do not help the company in any way on the legality front. It appears as if the OnPassive program will miserably fail since it cannot legitimize pyramid frauds just like TelexFree, which was unable to legitimize the Ponzi fraud.

You should know that every pyramid scheme will collapse eventually when affiliate membership recruitment dries up. Since there are no good products or services, and individuals are putting their money into the membership subscriptions only that means the system won’t be sustainable in the long run. You can only earn by recruiting other people in, and eventually, the market will become saturated, and the last people to join Onpassive will leave the program when they do not have any further individuals to recruit in the platform.

Once that individual leaves the program, then their upline will lose all the money, and in the long run, that upline will also leave the platform too. In this way, the entire system will begin to backfire, and eventually, the whole program will collapse. That is how each pyramid scheme is operated, that is the main reason why they are considered illegal because most of the members will end up losing their money in such types of platforms.

Disclaimer: I am not a representative for OnPassive ~ GoFounders or any of their competition.

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If you are looking for legit platforms to make some passive income over the internet, you should never go after such kinds of shady platforms. There are many legit choices available on the market, and you can find a variety of legit online businesses and works to make some real money online. Is GoFounders a Scam? I am at this time not going to say that they are, You can however, by reading the InPassive Review above know that I don't recommend the site.

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