Is HB Naturals A Scam or the Best CBD MLM Opportunity?

If you’ve been following the various health topics on the media in the recent past, you might have come across a brand known as Heart & Body Naturals or HB Naturals. This company is one of the best CBD MLM firms that sell hemp-derived CBD oil and healthy supplements. CBD has become very popular in the last couple of years as a natural and effective remedy for things like anxiety, pain, movement disorders, and enhancing cognition. In this review about HB Naturals, we will be focusing on the products they offer, the founders of the company, and their compensation to help you determine if the business opportunity they present will work for you or not. What is HB Naturals, a scam or the Best CBD MLM opportunity available online?

What is CBD oil?

CBD is among the various compounds in the cannabis plants popularly known as cannabinoids. Researchers have been studying the potential therapeutic uses of CBD oils. These types of oils contain different concentrations of CBD, but the uses and the concentrations of CBD oils do vary.

CBD usually comes from cannabis plants. Many people refer to the cannabis plant as either marijuana or hemp, depending on the THC levels. According to the Farm Bill, for Hemp plants to be legal, they should contain THC levels, which are less than 0.3%.

Over the years, the farmers who grow marijuana have selectively bred all their plants to have high THC levels o and some other compounds mainly because the compounds produce a smell or have another effect on the flowers of the plant. Nevertheless, hemp farmers have hardly modified the plants. The hemp plants are typically used to make CBD oil.

What are HB Naturals?

Established in 2017, HB Naturals refers to a family-owned business that was established back in 2017, and it’s also a sub-company of the Green Organics. The founders Ben and Paula Scarcella teamed up with Alexandria Brighton, a popular herbalist, to make a wide range of health and wellness products for both pet and human consumption.

Mainly targeting the Canadian and US markets, the main aim of these products is mostly to reduce and counter the negative side effects that inflammation has towards the body. These products range from coffee, hemp oil, superfood, biominerals, personal care, essential oils, weight loss, and pet products.

All the products are manufactured in the United States and have undergone rigorous testing to meet various certifications and quality standards. The information you find inside the product page and the labels also reflect their transparency in revealing what is included inside their ingredients lists.

Company Overview

HB Naturals was established by co-founders Paula Scarcella, Ben Scarcella, and Alexandria Brighton in 201, and it is headquartered in Kentucky. Paula is the Chief Executive Officer of the company and has decades of incredible experience in network marketing. She founded Green Organics, LLC, the parent company of HB Naturals, and also runs another wellness and health MLM known as goDesana, which is not very popular.

Alexandria Brighton is responsible for formulating the products of the company and has more than three decades of experience when it comes to natural remedies. She also owns and runs the Brighton Institute of Botanical Studies, and she is generally a natural health expert of all sorts.

When you look at the company website, the main purpose of HB Naturals is to share different synergistic Healing Trilogy inventions with the world. HB Naturals was instituted with one purpose, which is sharing products that have synergistic Healing Trilogy formulated with the natural healing power of different plants provided by nature.

The main way they share all these products with others is via the multilevel marketing business model. That means that rather than selling their products through conventional retail outlets, the company leverages its network of some independent consultants to distribute its products across the world. Consultants are generally the salespeople who sell these products and also recruit other individuals into the HB Naturals business opportunity.

HB Naturals has a legitimate business model that can be incredibly lucrative for consultants. But most often, many people in MLM end up getting very little revenue. Either way, you should consider selling products that represent great value for money if you would like to be successful. Furthermore, you also need a creative compensation plan, which is both ethical and lucrative.

Products offered by HB Naturals

HB Naturals typically sells natural wellness and health products. It offers everything from personal care and superfoods, to pet products to hemp oil products. There are many individual products offered within the main categories. The main products categories include:

Hemp Herbals – It covers hemp-derived CBD oils

Super Foods – These are powder supplements

Biomineral supplements

Personal Care (skin, hair, etc.)

Weight loss supplements

Essential Oils


Pet Products

According to the website information, the most popular products in HB Naturals are Super Foods and Hemp Herbals. So I will briefly look at these two categories to help you understand the products you will get.

Hemp Herbals

The Hemp Herbal category of products is made up of a full spectrum of hemp extract oils that comes in a wide range of sizes and flavors. Hemp extract oil is usually derived from the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plants. It will not make you feel high, but it contains CBD oils that some individuals utilize for therapeutic purposes.

Super Foods

The other popular product category in HB Naturals is Super Foods. This product line usually consists of various supplement powders that you can add to your juice or water. The main supplement powders are Mind, Soul, Nourish, and Body, which are specially designed to assist you in achieving optimal health in various ways.

These powders normally contain vitamins, minerals, and superfoods to boost cognition, improve liver and kidney health, reduce inflammation, and enhance your general health and well-being. These products are unique to the company than the hemp extract oils. Therefore, comparing these to the other products can be more difficult.

HB Naturals’ Compensation Plan

HB Naturals do not hold back on giving the full details of the company’s compensation plan on the official website. You will see a video, overview, as well as long and short versions of their compensation plan, which is more than what many multi-level companies provide. The company also provides an income disclosure even though it appears that many consultants only earn between $500 and $2,000 annually. Let’s look at the compensation plan of the company as well as the different ways to help you earn with the company

HB Naturals offers a free membership choice that enables you to earn 20% Fast Start Bonuses. So it’s free to join and begin earning as well. However, if you would like to participate in any other aspect of the incentive plan, you will have to meet specific requirements.

More specifically, you will have to remain active and also qualify for commissions. That means that you have to maintain PSV of 25 every month and also recruit one individual who does the same.

Generally, PSV denotes Personal Sales Volume. It is typically made up of your purchases and any other direct sales that you make. Beyond that minimum requirement, you’ll need to accomplish certain sales volume requirements and rankings, to take full advantage of the company’s compensation plan. Generally, the higher your ranking is, the more sales your team will make, and the more cash you will earn.

Ranks of HB Naturals Consultants

There are eleven ranks of consultants within the incentive plan of HB Naturals, and they include:


Executive Consultants

Bronze Consultants

Silver Consultants

Gold Consultants

Platinum Consultants

Pearl Consultants

Sapphire Consultants

Ruby Consultants

Emerald Consultants

Diamond Consultants

Ways To Earn Money With HB Naturals

There are seven main ways that you can earn money as a consultant with HB Naturals. These methods include:

Fast Start Bonus

50% Retail Customer Bonus

STAR Bonus

Binary Commissions

Matrix Commissions

Rank Advancement Bonus

Binary Match Commissions

1. 50% Retail Customer Bonuses

This bonus pays out approximately 50% of the commission volume (CV) of each product you individually sell. The way these bonuses work is relatively simple. The firm offers you a replicated site, and when a person purchases a product using your link, you immediately earn a commission.

You will get 50% of the CV, and the commission volume depends on the specific product. For instance, one bottle of 1000mg of CBD oil, which costs $129.95, will have a 100 CV accompanying it. That means that you will earn 50% of the 100 CVs, which amounts to $50. Many companies pay 10% or less on the sales of a physical product. Therefore, HB Naturals offers you a huge profit margin in this method.

2. Fast Start Bonuses

This bonus pays 20% in commissions on all orders that your referrals make during their first three months or 90 days. That boosts a maximum of 30% when you buy a Value Pack ranging between $245 and $429.95 and maintains 100 CV automatic-ship orders every month.

3. STAR Bonus

Once you purchase products worth 100 PV for a month and refer at least two people who do the same, then you will earn $50, which is a 1st Generation STAR bonus. If those referrals manage to refer people who purchase products worth 100 PV for the month, you will earn $75, which is a 2nd Generation STAR bonus. When these referrals recruit other people who purchase products worth 100 PV for the month, then you will earn $100, which is a 3rd Generation STAR bonus. Generally, there is no limit to the number of bonuses you can get at this level.

4. Matrix Commissions

The HB Naturals company utilizes a 2×17 matrix, which pays between $0.25 and $1 on all orders worth 50 Commission Value and above. This matrix is generally a downline that places only two individuals directly under every affiliate, and it goes 17 levels deep in the matrix. The higher the rank goes, the more the levels that you can earn from, and hence the more the money you can earn within this stream of income.

5. Binary Bonus

Binary Bonus usually works on a standard binary downline system. Every binary downline will place you at the top, as well as the two direct referrals beneath you. Each of these referrals represents a separate leg, both right and left. Every time the two legs accumulate a commission volume of 200, you will earn between 4 and 12% in commissions. The exact percentage you earn will depend on the PSV you’ve accumulated by the time the binary bonus is computed.

6. Binary Match Commission

If you are in the Bronze consultants rank and above, you will earn between 5% and 50% match commission on what your team gets in Binary Bonus bonuses. The amount you can get depends on the rank you are in and the amount your team gets in Binary Bonuses.

7. Rank Advancement Bonus

If you are in the Pearl Consultants rank and above, you are eligible to get between $5,000 and $100,000 in rank advancement bonuses whenever you advance in rank.

The following is a fast breakdown of every bonus:

Pearl Consultants – $5k

Sapphire Consultants – $10k

Ruby Consultants – $25k

Emerald Consultants – $50k

Diamond Consultants – $100k

All these payments are usually broken down into ten monthly payments, which mean that you should maintain this level for ten months to get the full rewards.

Is HB Naturals a Scam?

In my opinion, HB Naturals isn’t a scam but a legit company based in Ohio that offers pet products, hemp oil, personal care products, essential oils, and superfoods. Customers can purchase these products through HB Naturals consultants or over the internet.

The HB Naturals business model is MLM, and any interested persons can register as sales consultants to earn bonuses and commissions. However, you should be realistic, especially when it comes to this type of investment. You should consider your personality and the previous experience you have in marketing this type of business.

Here are some of the reasons that make HB Naturals a legitimate business opportunity:

1. The wide range of products

There are many products available for all your hemp oil enthusiasts out there, and even the people who only want dietary supplements or essential oils. You can buy different units and flavors of hemp oil from HB Naturals. Do you want some hemp-based coffee, cream, soap bar, serum, or cleanser? Then you and your clients will love these wonderful products once you go through the catalog of HB Naturals. You can also buy pet products and essential oils through HB Naturals’ consultants or the company website.

2. Free membership

Unlike most multi-level marketing companies, the prospective consultants of HB Naturals don't have to pay any expensive fees to get an opportunity to sell the products offered by the company. The registration is completely free, and you do not have to buy products to be a company consultant, but it won’t hurt if you can offer some samples to your new customers.

3. 60-day money-back guarantee

Some of the people who purchase HB Naturals products might not like them or even find relief with the hemp oil or CBD. Therefore, the company allows you or your clients to return the products in question and get a refund, especially if you are not satisfied.

4. The member rewards program and Auto-delivery of products

There are two benefits that members of HB Naturals enjoy, and they include members reward program and auto-delivery of products, but auto-delivery is optional. However, if your customers need the products in a short time, then you can have them automatically delivered each month. According to HB Naturals, that enables you to save and also earn money via the customer loyalty repayment program. The members also get a 5% discount, and some rewards point out the customers’ purchases, and the consultants can use the reward points to get some free products.

Pros of HB Naturals

It offers high retail commissions

Free members can also earn

The CBD niche has incredible potential

All the products seem to be of high quality

General transparency with regards to income disclosure and the compensation plan

Third-party lab tests on most of the CBD products offered

Cons of HB Naturals

The CBD oils are on the expensive side

The company does not disclose the CBD content in some of the main hemp oils

BBB issued alerts about a few alleged health claims on the company site

HB Naturals



HB Naturals isn’t a scam but a real MLM company that sells tangible products, and it’s possible to earn some good money as a sales consultant if you can build a big team. The CBD niche is full of potential, particularly as the sector expands, and more individuals become aware of the numerous and possible benefits of CBD. The commissions you will earn with the business opportunity are incredibly attractive because earning $50 on $129.95 products is a generous offer.

The main issue is, selling such products over competing brands might prove difficult unless you are selling to individuals, you know. I don’t see why individuals would pay more money for these products over better and more popular brands, particularly considering that most people compare online shop these days. That is the main reason why recruiting individuals into the business opportunity is a huge part of earning some money with HB Naturals, just like any other MLM company. The bottom line is that if you would like to make good money, then you will have to recruit some new people to the company constantly.

In order to see what I recommend, simply got to the home page at right here on this website.

Again, unless HB Naturals provides you with good training on the way to recruit people using the internet, then you will be stuck recruiting only the people you know. Lastly, if you are going to join this business opportunity, make sure that you have a comprehensive game plan to help you generate sales and leads online. Otherwise, you will probably end up just like many HB Naturals sales consultants who only earn between $500 and $2,000 each year doing this.

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    The company as you said, started in 2017, which means, it is too early to know what are the real interest in the industry. My thoughts go to base employees or partners which want to hear some money with PSV, and it is very hard to gain money by MLM business model.

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  45. I did not know that HB Naturals was a part of Green Organics that is good information for me. I was one of the marketers that have jumped on the cbd bandwagon not for the money but because of the health benefits of cbd. Being a cbd user myself I know it works. I went with a non MLM company however because of the selling requirements and recruiting that involved with MLM. Not my thing but if it was HB Naturals would be the company I would go with.

  46. Thank you so much for shading this here. HB naturals actually seem very legit to me and the fact that it gives a lot of opportunities to really make the best out here. I value this a lot. I would also want to get into the whole of this and see if I can really make the cut worthy from here. Thanks so much

  47. There are a lot of scam MLM CBD games out there. In my opinion as we discover more about the endocannabinoid system and the science progresses many of these are obsolete. There are some really reputable CBD companies out there that are actually involved in the manufacturing and production- I feel more comfortable with those companies.

  48. Another fantastic review Tony! 

    I have never heard of this company before now but I know a ton of people who jumped aboard the CBD craze. I love how you clarify how the company works in great detail. Again, I am never a huge fan of MLM companies, but that is simply because it is not my forte. It seems like they offer a lot of products compared to other companies I have seen that are similar. 

    Interesting read, thanks for sharing!

  49. Wow thanks for this informative post, Tony! I do agree that there are simply tons of these sorts of items flooding the market right now. Though I am not really into MLM. But since it sells tangible products as it claim, I think that compensated for the suspicion of it not being a scam. Furthermore, it doesn’t need a huge amount money for starting up or a month to month costs, unlike those scam schemes out there.

    With that, I can say that HB natural has proven itself to ba a genuine MLM company. I am really looking forward their success. Thanks

  50. Awesome data you gave about HB Naturals! I think CBD Oil is an amazing recuperating fixing. By and by, my mom experiences extreme joint pain in her grasp and she was consistently a little leary of attempting CBD Oil however she ended up attempting it as of late and immediately, she said her hands felt so much better.

    HB Naturals seems like a trustworthy organization that is attempting to advance recuperating and health. I likewise believe it’s an incredible marker when an organization is totally straightforward about their installment structure in the event that you do choose to turn into a business specialist for them and allude individuals to join. Whenever an organization is muddled or doesn’t depict installment structure unmistakably, that is a warning in my book.

    Much obliged to you for furnishing this data to impart to your perusers! You have spread out the realities unmistakably for others to settle on the correct choice if HB Naturals is for them.

  51. One difference that i have notice between HB naturals and other MLM platforms is  that Consultants are generally the salespeople who sell these products and also recruit other individuals into the HB Naturals business opportunity. this give anothe level of control to the platform. i am happy i got to read this review.

  52. Thanks for sharing this article on CBD, I haven’t had anything like CBD before, thanks for bringing the benefits of CBD plant to our notice, I appreciate the fact that you  brought out, CBD was used in 2018 to treat epilepsy and that means it we useful in other treatments in the future, obviously CBD is not a scam.

    i also like the point you brought about HB, you also mentioned what the purpose is that is, to reduce and counter the negative side effects that inflammation has towards the body. These products range from coffee, hemp oil, superfood, biominerals, personal care, essential oils, weight loss, and pet products. I really appreciate the article, I will  e looking forward to more of your article.

  53. Good day Tony, honestly I’m surprised that I have never come across Heart & Body Naturals before despite it being one of the leading CBD KLM companies so I was really glad reading this article and learning all about it. Hemp oil truly has innumerable healthy benefits and features. Having read your article I’m also convinced that Heart & Body Naturals is a legit company 

  54. There are just so many of these types of products flooding the market at the moment, that I think it must be a very competitive field to get into as far as MLM goes. At least there are no huge start-up or monthly costs involved with HB Naturals, unlike some of the others out there.

    For myself, I prefer not to have to manage a team or get people to sign up under me to sell, so I will keep on recommending similar products through an affiliate marketing sort of program rather.

  55. Thanks for his words

    CBD is an household name and we all know it and have made us of it and see how good it is. I’ve been a user of cbd for years now and it has great health benefits, I suffer from depression and anxiety also a sleeping disorder and has definitely helped me. I really feel there should be more consideration before going into this business and it’s best to read reviews

  56. Thanks for providing such detailed information about HB naturals. From what I can tell, it may be a good product. However, being marketed as an MLM is always a red flag for me.

    To be fair, many MLM products are good and perform the task they are designed for. I don’t know if this one is or not. But the problem comes in with pricing. They almost always charge extra to cover the costs of paying the MLM line. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

    If they want to market using others, I’d be more apt to look at them through an affiliate program. As an MLM, I’m not interested.

  57. I really like the information you provided in this article Tony! I don’t know if HB Naturals would be for me at the moment because I am trying to focus on WA but it would be something good for me to consider if I wanted to try doing something else. I tend to get bored easily so maybe this will be in future someday! Nice touch including that Business Insider video!

  58. Hello Tony, CBD is an household name and we all know it and have made us of it and see how good it is. I’ve been a user of cbd for years now and it has great health benefits, I suffer from depression and anxiety also a sleeping disorder and has definitely helped me. I really feel there should be more consideration before going into this business and it’s best to read reviews 

  59. Well they actually offer something really good and to be very honest, I would say that cbd has been a magical product and any company offering it must actually have the respect and the right offer to become a legit platform. However, I don’t think it is right enough to get into something like this here since they offer mlm business and mlm always collapse

  60. Over time, I have come to notice that many MLM platforms are beginning to take the cbd as a way to start earning money by dealing in the networking business which I don’t think is a really good thing. All the same, it is really good to see what you have put together on your website about this review on hb naturals. It’s a really good thing and I like it. Good stuff.

  61. Right from time, I’m not big fan of MLM model companies and businesses because it is very hard for people to make money from it. I believe no matter how good a product is, if it is owned by a MLM model company, it brings shortcomings to it and I think HB naturals is in this category.

  62. Hello Tony

    I like the fact it is free to join the company even though I am not into MLM marketing so much.
    benefit like 60 days guarantee gives confidence.
    I sure hope it’s not a scam, with so many people investing their money into it.

    HB Naturals sounds like a legitimate business opportunity. Using nature in the creation of natural products to help better one’s life is supported by me with no exception. 

    I like the fact it is free to join the company even though I am not into MLM marketing so much. benefit like 60 days guarantee gives confidence. 

    As you mentioned, but also I would say that for everyone MLM company, you actually make money in that system mostly by recruiting people into that business. 

    Sales don’t bring so much income anymore because you can find all kinds of products everywhere now. 

    Thanks for a great review once again!

  63. I have not heard about HB Naturals before, so thank you for this informative post about their products and their compensation plan. Generally speaking I am not a fan of the multi level marketing business model, as it is very difficult to make money with them without constantly having to recruit new team members and build a downline. 

    HB Naturals do seem to be different than most mlm companies in that you can start for free. I also like the fact that a herbalist is involved in formulating their products.

  64. I don’t use cbd but I am pretty curious because I see that interest in this kind of products is raising. I’m planning to invest in them but I have not considered them as a product to sell as an affiliate marketer. My problem is always the same: I think that for MLM you need to put a lot of time and work into it but the money is not worth it. Maybe this limits me even when it comes to good products

  65. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for another really informative article. It is clear that HB Naturals isn’t a scam and a legitimate company, but I am still weary of multi layer marketing businesses models. This is because you need to sell to people you know and you need to be high up in the chain to make some decent money.

  66. Great information Tony, I’ve been a user of cbd for years now and it has great health benefits, I suffer from depression and anxiety also a sleeping disorder and has definitely helped me. Hi naturals doesn’t look to be a scam in my eyes with the research I’ve done, it must be fairly confident in its products as it offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

    Also the payment plan looks interesting, really well written great read 

  67. Great information tony , i’ve been a user of cbd for a few years now and it has great health benefits, I suffer with depression and sleeping disorder
    and it has definitely helped me. HB Naturals don’t look to be a scam in my eyes with the research i’ve done, that offers 60 days money back guarantee. Like i said previous i totally believe in cbd as its worked wonders for me . Also the payplan looks quite interesting.

    well written and i really enjoyed reading

  68. Very interesting article about HB naturals, especially the fact that they have free membership, which most MLM schemes don’t have.

    Personally, I love reading articles regarding making extra income, though MLM methods are not on the top of my list due their negative reputation on the net. But I’m glad to see that more positive and honest companies are starting to pop which can indeed be a honest business and a real opportunity for making money, next to having a regular job. 

    Plus you’re helping a lot of people with health improvements in the process, which is a win-win for everyone. 

    Thanks for the recommendation!


  69. HB Naturals sounds like a legitimate business opportunity. Using nature in the creation of natural products to help better one’s life is supported by me with no exception. 

    I like the fact it is free to join the company even though I am not into MLM marketing so much. 
    benefit like 60 days guarantee gives confidence. 

    As you mentioned, but also I would say that for everyone MLM company, you actually make money in that system mostly by recruiting people into that business. 

    Sales don’t bring so much income anymore because you can find all kinds of products everywhere now. 

    Thanks for a great review once again! 

  70. HBNaturals is indeed a MLM company. They have done significant research in the CBD niche and have partnered with a herbalist. What concerns me the most is the way they have their compensation plan set up. You have to buy product and convince someone to buy through your link and the payoff may not be that high. You have to be in one of the upper tiers to make any real money. I realize that those who offer links on their websites offering products want to make money but should a person not want to make more than pennies on the dollar.


  71. CBD Oil is an amazing product that can help people with a variety of conditions. The growth of the CBD market has been astronomical recently and it is likely to only get bigger in the near future. Try the product and I am sure you will see the benefits. Then share it with others and start your own business, Tony is also an amazing mentor/trainer who can guide you to success.

  72. Hi Tony great review about HB Natural. To be honest, I didn’t even know there was an MLM opportunity. Interesting article you have written about this company. It clearly has a lot benefits, according to your review.

    It’s good to learn HB Natural is not a scam, however MLM companies have gotten a bad wrap of the years. To become a sales consultant makes thing a lot more difficult to make money. The CB Oil niche could something to look at closely. Thanks for sharing this article.

  73. The market is egging filled with so many products, an most them are coming out to be really similar with each other, and if one is not careful enough you’ll end up buying the wrong product and that is a waste of money for the buyer. There are so many cbd products, in the market and only a pro can get the good ones without much stress. However, with the review, it will be easy for others 

  74. Hey Tony,

    I checked out your review of HB Naturals because I’m interested in herbal remedies for improving overall health.

    I’m glad I read your article, because I have no interest in participating in MLM strategies.  It’s just too smarmy for me.  I don’t want to end up calling all my friends and family just to get them to join or buy my products.

    One of my uncles got heavily involved with another MLM (we will not mention names here), and all he could talk about was his business.

    Long story short, he completely isolated himself, and at one of my cousins’ weddings, he was placed at a table in the corner.  Way in the back.

    Basically, I just wanted to leave you a comment thanking you for all the hard work you must have put into this post.  It saved me a lot of time and trouble.


  75. Great article you have shared here.

    I must admit that I am not really the kind of person who likes CBD Oil as it is really hard to find a product that has enough of the product in the bottle so most are useless. I can understand why this company has had a number of BBB issued alerts because it is not disclosing how much product is within the items it sells which seems ludicrous.

    I also dislike MLM companies so I suppose for me the combination of these two businesses types together would definitely not be something that I would do.

    Lot of good information here.

    Thank you

  76. Thank yoy so much! 

    This review is very useful and will help you out with the application process and the information you require for the application process and the information you require for the application. Thank you so much for this information and the information you provided. I will definitely be in contact with this. 

  77. It is often hard to distinguish between scamming companies and legitimate companies these days due to the high influx of them into the mlm business model. However, one needs no sweet sayer to understand that this HB naturals actually sells very legitimate and good products. Cbd oil and essential oil are very good products that can be used for multiple occasions depending on our health demands. 

    So, I can be sure that this is really good and I might consider trying them out

  78. Hi Tony,

    I have read many reviews prior to this one on CBD Oil. But this is in through detail and leaves no stone unturned in explaining all the aspects. But this is not something new for you, is it?

    I was not a big fan of MLM until recently. But after doing my own independent research which was exhaustive I found out that it’s indeed a viable option for those who like it and has a bright future ahead.  

    I am sure there will be many who will like this business idea offered by HB Naturals.

    Thanks for the great review.

  79. Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and excellent article.I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about HB Naturals. I personally like CBD oil and can recommend freely to anyone. CBD is becoming popular now and it has been helpful to lots of people out there

  80. Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and excellent article. The principal content of this article is about HB Naturals. It is really pretty that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about HB Naturals. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like CBD oil. There are many beneficial aspects of CBD Oil that I have found to be used for foot pain.
    I’ve read and enjoyed your article and I’d like to share it with my friends by posting it in the Facebook community so everyone knows about your article and gets to hear about CBD Oil.

  81. Hey!

    I am not really a fan of MLM, however, this seems like a really good business if that is what you like! Thank you for all the information! I was really impressed by the liver reference that you did since I believe that it is a really sensitive area!

    Anyway I want to thank you for all the information!

  82. I have heard of the products from this company before but I have never thought of giving it a go seeing that it doesn’t really help in the sense that I would have to reach out to a lot of people. One of the reasons why I do not like MLM businesses but I am very sure that a lot of people have been making their own from such top MLM platforms still. I guess the business model is not just cut out for me.

  83. This is a nicely made review if HB naturals, I’ve heard quite a bit about the company and it’s business opportunities, I think it’s a good idea but the only off I do have about companies like this is the fact that operates the MLM model and it’s not always beneficial to new comers, the 50% retail bonus seems nice too. It would have been a perfect offer but it’s MLM.

  84. This looks like a good opportunity if MLM is your thing and you are prepared to put into the work. There are certainly a lot of levels to get your head around and as ever you provide a very balanced review.

    I was certainly interested in the inflammation side of the product and the reference to the liver as that is one area I have personal experience of. Not for me but the article is very informative but I can imagine for someone with the time and dedication you could dream big here. Once again shame it’s an MLM but always good to read about.

  85. This looks like a decent opportunity. I am not a very big fan of the MLM model as it involves extensive efforts compared to the returns involved for newcomers. But, what I liked about this opportunity is their 50% Retail Customer Bonuses, which is much greater than what other similar opportunities provide. This way marketers can earn decent money from the beginning as an affiliate along with expanding in the MLM model.

  86. Thanks Tony, this does look like a good opportunity for people who are interested in a MLM business opportunity and who have a good affinity with CBD products as well. I think Superfoods as a popular choice, could be a real opportunity going forward, that are likely to prove successful. 

    It seems legitimate and as though there is good potential for someone who wants to put in the work to achieve success. Thank you for sharing this opportunity!

  87. Thank you so much for the review here and I must say that this is really very well detailed about HB naturals though I have really comes across their products before but I never knew that they offer so much more like this. However, as much as their products are exceptional, I do not really like the business plans and the mlm opportunity they offer here.

  88. I have purchased CBD products in the past.   One main thing I look for is the CBD content.  This would be a stickler for me, selling or purchasing.  I don’t know that I would feel completely good about a product that does not list all of the ingredients.  I would also find these products difficult to sell.  There are so many places locally that I think the products would be a hard sell.

  89. This is a very detailed overview of the topic about whether this MLM opportunity is a scam. I know very little about this topic myself but I think that people would pursue this opportunity with confidence after reading this review. 

    I like that you give a detailed overview of several aspects of the opportunity and the company before even offering your opinion. This makes a reader feel that you have done your research and are an authority on the topic. 

  90. I very detailed review of HB Naturals. For me, having some experience with MLM, the average money earned seems about right. Just like any MLM, you get out what you put in as long as the company is being straightforward in its business practices. Sounds like it has the potential for a part time income unless you really are good at recruiting people. Hopefully the company practices good quality control and safety.

  91. Very detailed overview, thanks for sharing so much about HB Naturals! I’d come across similar MLM business before and generally realised that many of them aren’t as optimistic as they come across. However, it seems fair to say that – done right – the HB Naturals program could be a fair tool as a part-time way to build a small cash-flowing portfolio. Not quite the top potential, but definitely not the worst – especially in the health niche! 🙂

    Great help, thanks again!


  92. My hat’s off to Ben and Paula Scarcella and Alexandria Brighton to dive into this highly competitive field to start yet another CBD business. You showed they have a background in this and related fields as well as the passion to pull it off. 

    Whenever I see a company use MLM techniques for sales, I feel that the products must be expensive. As you stated, if a member has difficulty selling the products because of price, then their best approach to earn money is through recruiting. Even though the business is not a scam and is legal, there are many challenges to build an MLM downline. 

    My recommendation is for an individual to use the products first, even it they are costly, if they want to build the business. Then they can combine their experience with testimonials with other customers to show potential customers that these products work. A lot of thought has gone into creating them to provide top notch quality. When a consumer can be sure that what is on the label is what they actually get, then the company has the customer in the forefront. Unfortunately quality costs. 

    If I was going to do the business I would use the affiliate marketing model instead of MLM. In that way I would not need to recruit people. 

    Thanks for sharing another good company that markets CBD related products. 



  93. Wow! HB naturals actually means business and with the way they are coming aggressively, I believed that they might actually end up becoming an industry leader which would be really a good thing for them personally too. This is really massive to see here and thanks for sharing this post out here. I like the fact that they are transparent and they also offer quite a lot of gooodies. Thats really great. Thumbs up

  94. As a user of CBD products, I have used them long enough to feel comfortable recommending them on my sites.  With the free sign up, this is a plus, but not using the brand myself I would have some trouble recommending them over other such products.   II don’t remember seeing information about a discount for members.  With the product gaining popularity as more use it and find the benefits for their health, I am very interested in a creditable source to use in my affiliate marketing.

    Thanks for bringing HB Naturals to my attention.

  95. MLM has never been a good way to earn money for me, even when I enjoyed the sales that I made and some of the products that I sold. CBD oil is really becoming popular now and may prove to be helpful to many people. It’s manufacture must however be carefully regulated to ensure that there is little or no THC traces in the product. The compensation plan concerns me too. When I look at the number of levels, it is plain to see that it would be difficult to make a living income selling HB Natural products. If however, a person has established himself as a successful MLM then yeah, go for it.

  96. HB Naturals does sound legit from your explanation. It is backed by real people, they seem to have good quality products that have undergone extensive testing. Thanks for the thorough explanation of the commission system. The one question it raised in my mind was trying to guestimate how much of the retail price gets distributed in commissions and how much goes to the actual production, the packaging and the logistical distribution of the product. All those multiple commission mechanisms have to be funded from somewhere and the only source is the retail price. If HB Naturals are expensive when compared with competing products I think it is likely that the commission structure is a part of that. Thanks

  97. I have no doubt that HB Naturals is a very good company selling a quality product. The downside is that it is a MLM and of course you have to chase people to get them to join up. It would be far better if this company would offer an affiliate program because it would be a better way to promote the company than trying to find people and get them to sign up. Many MLM companies have failed because of this factor.

  98. I’m a huge fan of CBD products, but I do not like MLM companies. However one of the reasons I don’t like MLM companies is that you usually have to pay a registration fee to start promoting the products and very often you need to pay a monthly fee or purchase a certain amount of products each month which I see HB Naturals does not do, you sign up without paying any fees. This is fantastic. 

  99. While it certainly looks like a nice opportunity, you have to be comfortable with the MLM business format. I know I have gone into my own experience on your site before, but I just don’t gravitate towards them. Like you said in the post, there is a lot of potential to never earn back what you put into it. However, I do feel it is a bit better than some MLM’s in that the products are consumable and thus the customer would need to come back to purchase more. Jewelry and handbag type MLM’s can’t really boast that. Thanks for the write up!

  100. I find it just crazy how fast MLM pop up for new products like CBD. I know it has been around a few years , but just am surprised that these type of platforms are already going.

    I am always fascinated by MLM,  does anyone really ever make a living selling with an MLM type platform. I have never heard of, so for that reason I wouldn’t join. Also the CBD is very expensive and I would absolutely find it hard to promote CBD without the amount of It being disclosed. 

    Great post and a job well done. Very thorough review and this is going to be super helpful to anyone looking for more info!

  101. Hi Tony,

    Thank you for this detailed and balanced review of HB Naturals

    I must confess up front that  I do not have first-hand experience with the use of CBD oil, but I have heard of the amazing therapeutic effect it has had on pains and arthritis. However, I am of the opinion that HP Naturals is up against stiff opposition from older established and emerging providers.

    I think it is in its Superfoods category that HP Naturals is set to carve a place for itself in the Health and Nutrition niche by providing supplements that would improve liver and kidney function, reduce inflammation and enhance general health and well-being.

    The fact that HP naturals had been dinged by the BBB for its inability to substantiate one of the benefits of one of its products does not make it a scam. Its liberal 60-day return policy is reassuring to its numerous customers and has restored confidence in the efficacy of its products.

    Finally, I think the compensation packet for its marketers is generous and fairer than compensation packets from other companies. Nevertheless, it is advisable that it should be backed by some training program for prospective MLM marketers to make it even more attractive.

  102. Getting me started about THC and CBD is like starting a diesel engine, you’ll here me hum the whole day haha.

    I myself have started a herb product website and i love to here others are succeeding as well. CBD is great for mood inhibiting, relaxation, joint pain and a endless amount of other things. Having CBD around the house should be an essential. Supper food is also a great topic to get into because of all the amazing health benefits they carry.  Fish, soy beans, spinach, lentils and a few others are my favourite.

    There’s nothing wrong with investing a little money into your health. Its the body you have to live with after all! 

  103. Hello Tony! This is an awesome review you’ve got here. For me, earning good commissions from these products offered by HB naturals isn’t an easy thing especially for beginners as maintaining PSV is tasking. However, I love the 60-day money-back guarantee which they offers, that shows how genuine they are.

    Thank you!

  104. Hi Tony,

    I have yet to find an MLM that is a good opportunity.  Is this one going to be any different?  CBD is popular, but isn’t market getting a little crowded.  It definitely does seem like an interesting subject though, CBD oil is definitely getting a lot interest at the moment and the right person could make great use of this business opportunity.


  105. That a big question tony…but i think all the answers are here in this your article…thanks anyway for sharing this awesome article I know it would help a lot of persons as it just showed me some lights.

    I have a lot of experience with CBD oil as I have been using them from inception and they have really been good and from all the products I have used I haven’t really noticed any side effect or what I would say bad product…for HB naturals I would put them on my watch list.

  106. The investment opportunities right now for CBD oil coupled with the health benefits are incredible for anyone to get involved.  Once the Feds legalize it will erupt full force so this is the perfect time to get involved.  I like that their program is free to join.  To many companies like this have fees that prevent most for starting.  

    I really like the image of the company and all their content.  I agree that this is a winner to get involved with either as a consumer or marketer. 

  107. Hi Tony. I won’t join HBnaturals. Despite this fact, I have found your post useful getting to know how this MLM business works (and also learning about the things that wouldn’t work for us if we join). I don’t like to bug friends and family with unwanted offers so I would rather prefer other types of business.

  108. Hi Tony, by my other research i feel HB is not a scam, but doing well in this MLM scheme is difficult. The popular product category in HB Naturals , ie Super Foods is the one that i am a bit intrigued about. This product line usually consists of various supplement powders that you can add to your juice or water.  This has indeed been hugely successful and that’s why HB has been doing well.

    I sure hope it’s not a scam, with so many people investing their money into it.


  109. Wonderful information you provided about HB Naturals!  I think CBD Oil is a powerful healing ingredient.  Personally, my mother suffers from severe arthritis in her hands and she was always a little leary of trying CBD Oil but she did end up trying it recently and almost instantly, she said her hands felt so much better.  

    HB Naturals sounds like a reputable company that is trying to promote healing and wellness.  I also think it’s a great indicator when a company is completely transparent about their payment structure if you do decide to become a sales consultant for them and refer people to join.  Anytime a company is unclear or does not describe payment structure clearly, that’s a red flag in my book.  

    Thank you for providing this information to share with your readers!  You have laid out the facts clearly for others to make the right decision if HB Naturals is for them.

  110. Being in the online space as I am on a daily basis, I see and have seen a lot of these CBD opprtunities. This is the latest one and possibly the best explanation on the topic I have seen, because I have never fully understood what CBD does

    Now however I do.

    It also seems to have quite a lucrative pay plan, which is structured quite well, though to the untrained eye, it would take a couple of views to understand it and get the head around it, but once you do, then it would be full steam ahead

    Any company in my opinion that offers a 60 day money back guarantee, has to be 1,000,000 million per cent confident in their products.

    Well written post which I enjoyed reading


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