Is HB Naturals A Scam or the Best CBD MLM Opportunity?

Is HB Naturals A Scam or the Best CBD MLM Opportunity? post thumbnail image

If you’ve been following the various health topics on the media in the recent past, you might have come across a brand known as Heart & Body Naturals or HB Naturals. This company is one of the best CBD MLM firms that sell hemp-derived CBD oil and healthy supplements. CBD has become very popular in the last couple of years as a natural and effective remedy for things like anxiety, pain, movement disorders, and enhancing cognition. In this review about HB Naturals, we will be focusing on the products they offer, the founders of the company, and their compensation to help you determine if the business opportunity they present will work for you or not. What is HB Naturals, a scam or the Best CBD MLM opportunity available online?

What is CBD oil?

CBD is among the various compounds in the cannabis plants popularly known as cannabinoids. Researchers have been studying the potential therapeutic uses of CBD oils. These types of oils contain different concentrations of CBD, but the uses and the concentrations of CBD oils do vary.

CBD usually comes from cannabis plants. Many people refer to the cannabis plant as either marijuana or hemp, depending on the THC levels. According to the Farm Bill, for Hemp plants to be legal, they should contain THC levels, which are less than 0.3%.

Over the years, the farmers who grow marijuana have selectively bred all their plants to have high THC levels o and some other compounds mainly because the compounds produce a smell or have another effect on the flowers of the plant. Nevertheless, hemp farmers have hardly modified the plants. The hemp plants are typically used to make CBD oil.

What are HB Naturals?

Established in 2017, HB Naturals refers to a family-owned business that was established back in 2017, and it’s also a sub-company of the Green Organics. The founders Ben and Paula Scarcella teamed up with Alexandria Brighton, a popular herbalist, to make a wide range of health and wellness products for both pet and human consumption.

Mainly targeting the Canadian and US markets, the main aim of these products is mostly to reduce and counter the negative side effects that inflammation has towards the body. These products range from coffee, hemp oil, superfood, biominerals, personal care, essential oils, weight loss, and pet products.

All the products are manufactured in the United States and have undergone rigorous testing to meet various certifications and quality standards. The information you find inside the product page and the labels also reflect their transparency in revealing what is included inside their ingredients lists.

Company Overview

HB Naturals was established by co-founders Paula Scarcella, Ben Scarcella, and Alexandria Brighton in 201, and it is headquartered in Kentucky. Paula is the Chief Executive Officer of the company and has decades of incredible experience in network marketing. She founded Green Organics, LLC, the parent company of HB Naturals, and also runs another wellness and health MLM known as goDesana, which is not very popular.

Alexandria Brighton is responsible for formulating the products of the company and has more than three decades of experience when it comes to natural remedies. She also owns and runs the Brighton Institute of Botanical Studies, and she is generally a natural health expert of all sorts.

When you look at the company website, the main purpose of HB Naturals is to share different synergistic Healing Trilogy inventions with the world. HB Naturals was instituted with one purpose, which is sharing products that have synergistic Healing Trilogy formulated with the natural healing power of different plants provided by nature.

The main way they share all these products with others is via the multilevel marketing business model. That means that rather than selling their products through conventional retail outlets, the company leverages its network of some independent consultants to distribute its products across the world. Consultants are generally the salespeople who sell these products and also recruit other individuals into the HB Naturals business opportunity.

HB Naturals has a legitimate business model that can be incredibly lucrative for consultants. But most often, many people in MLM end up getting very little revenue. Either way, you should consider selling products that represent great value for money if you would like to be successful. Furthermore, you also need a creative compensation plan, which is both ethical and lucrative.

Products offered by HB Naturals

HB Naturals typically sells natural wellness and health products. It offers everything from personal care and superfoods, to pet products to hemp oil products. There are many individual products offered within the main categories. The main products categories include:

Hemp Herbals – It covers hemp-derived CBD oils

Super Foods – These are powder supplements

Biomineral supplements

Personal Care (skin, hair, etc.)

Weight loss supplements

Essential Oils


Pet Products

According to the website information, the most popular products in HB Naturals are Super Foods and Hemp Herbals. So I will briefly look at these two categories to help you understand the products you will get.

Hemp Herbals

The Hemp Herbal category of products is made up of a full spectrum of hemp extract oils that comes in a wide range of sizes and flavors. Hemp extract oil is usually derived from the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plants. It will not make you feel high, but it contains CBD oils that some individuals utilize for therapeutic purposes.

Super Foods

The other popular product category in HB Naturals is Super Foods. This product line usually consists of various supplement powders that you can add to your juice or water. The main supplement powders are Mind, Soul, Nourish, and Body, which are specially designed to assist you in achieving optimal health in various ways.

These powders normally contain vitamins, minerals, and superfoods to boost cognition, improve liver and kidney health, reduce inflammation, and enhance your general health and well-being. These products are unique to the company than the hemp extract oils. Therefore, comparing these to the other products can be more difficult.

HB Naturals’ Compensation Plan

HB Naturals do not hold back on giving the full details of the company’s compensation plan on the official website. You will see a video, overview, as well as long and short versions of their compensation plan, which is more than what many multi-level companies provide. The company also provides an income disclosure even though it appears that many consultants only earn between $500 and $2,000 annually. Let’s look at the compensation plan of the company as well as the different ways to help you earn with the company

HB Naturals offers a free membership choice that enables you to earn 20% Fast Start Bonuses. So it’s free to join and begin earning as well. However, if you would like to participate in any other aspect of the incentive plan, you will have to meet specific requirements.

More specifically, you will have to remain active and also qualify for commissions. That means that you have to maintain PSV of 25 every month and also recruit one individual who does the same.

Generally, PSV denotes Personal Sales Volume. It is typically made up of your purchases and any other direct sales that you make. Beyond that minimum requirement, you’ll need to accomplish certain sales volume requirements and rankings, to take full advantage of the company’s compensation plan. Generally, the higher your ranking is, the more sales your team will make, and the more cash you will earn.

Ranks of HB Naturals Consultants

There are eleven ranks of consultants within the incentive plan of HB Naturals, and they include:


Executive Consultants

Bronze Consultants

Silver Consultants

Gold Consultants

Platinum Consultants

Pearl Consultants

Sapphire Consultants

Ruby Consultants

Emerald Consultants

Diamond Consultants

Ways To Earn Money With HB Naturals

There are seven main ways that you can earn money as a consultant with HB Naturals. These methods include:

Fast Start Bonus

50% Retail Customer Bonus

STAR Bonus

Binary Commissions

Matrix Commissions

Rank Advancement Bonus

Binary Match Commissions

1. 50% Retail Customer Bonuses

This bonus pays out approximately 50% of the commission volume (CV) of each product you individually sell. The way these bonuses work is relatively simple. The firm offers you a replicated site, and when a person purchases a product using your link, you immediately earn a commission.

You will get 50% of the CV, and the commission volume depends on the specific product. For instance, one bottle of 1000mg of CBD oil, which costs $129.95, will have a 100 CV accompanying it. That means that you will earn 50% of the 100 CVs, which amounts to $50. Many companies pay 10% or less on the sales of a physical product. Therefore, HB Naturals offers you a huge profit margin in this method.

2. Fast Start Bonuses

This bonus pays 20% in commissions on all orders that your referrals make during their first three months or 90 days. That boosts a maximum of 30% when you buy a Value Pack ranging between $245 and $429.95 and maintains 100 CV automatic-ship orders every month.

3. STAR Bonus

Once you purchase products worth 100 PV for a month and refer at least two people who do the same, then you will earn $50, which is a 1st Generation STAR bonus. If those referrals manage to refer people who purchase products worth 100 PV for the month, you will earn $75, which is a 2nd Generation STAR bonus. When these referrals recruit other people who purchase products worth100 PV for the month, then you will earn $100, which is a 3rd Generation STAR bonus. Generally, there is no limit to the number of bonuses you can get at this level.

4. Matrix Commissions

The HB Naturals company utilizes a 2×17 matrix, which pays between $0.25 and $1 on all orders worth 50 Commission Value and above. This matrix is generally a downline that places only two individuals directly under every affiliate, and it goes 17 levels deep in the matrix. The higher the rank goes, the more the levels that you can earn from, and hence the more the money you can earn within this stream of income.

5. Binary Bonus

Binary Bonus usually works on a standard binary downline system. Every binary downline will place you at the top, as well as the two direct referrals beneath you. Each of these referrals represents a separate leg, both right and left. Every time the two legs accumulate a commission volume of 200, you will earn between 4 and 12% in commissions. The exact percentage you earn will depend on the PSV you’ve accumulated by the time the binary bonus is computed.

6. Binary Match Commission

If you are in the Bronze consultants rank and above, you will earn between 5% and 50% match commission on what your team gets in Binary Bonus bonuses. The amount you can get depends on the rank you are in and the amount your team gets in Binary Bonuses.

7. Rank Advancement Bonus

If you are in the Pearl Consultants rank and above, you are eligible to get between $5,000 and $100,000 in rank advancement bonuses whenever you advance in rank.

The following is a fast breakdown of every bonus:

Pearl Consultants – $5k

Sapphire Consultants – $10k

Ruby Consultants – $25k

Emerald Consultants – $50k

Diamond Consultants – $100k

All these payments are usually broken down into ten monthly payments, which mean that you should maintain this level for ten months to get the full rewards.

Is HB Naturals a Scam?

In my opinion, HB Naturals isn’t a scam but a legit company based in Ohio that offers pet products, hemp oil, personal care products, essential oils, and superfoods. Customers can purchase these products through HB Naturals consultants or over the internet.

The HB Naturals business model is MLM, and any interested persons can register as sales consultants to earn bonuses and commissions. However, you should be realistic, especially when it comes to this type of investment. You should consider your personality and the previous experience you have in marketing this type of business.

Here are some of the reasons that make HB Naturals a legitimate business opportunity:

1. The wide range of products

There are many products available for all your hemp oil enthusiasts out there, and even the people who only want dietary supplements or essential oils. You can buy different units and flavors of hemp oil from HB Naturals. Do you want some hemp-based coffee, cream, soap bar, serum, or cleanser? Then you and your clients will love these wonderful products once you go through the catalog of HB Naturals. You can also buy pet products and essential oils through HB Naturals’ consultants or the company website.

2. Free membership

Unlike most multi-level marketing companies, the prospective consultants of HB Naturals don't have to pay any expensive fees to get an opportunity to sell the products offered by the company. The registration is completely free, and you do not have to buy products to be a company consultant, but it won’t hurt if you can offer some samples to your new customers.

3. 60-day money-back guarantee

Some of the people who purchase HB Naturals products might not like them or even find relief with the hemp oil or CBD. Therefore, the company allows you or your clients to return the products in question and get a refund, especially if you are not satisfied.

4. The member rewards program and Auto-delivery of products

There are two benefits that members of HB Naturals enjoy, and they include members reward program and auto-delivery of products, but auto-delivery is optional. However, if your customers need the products in a short time, then you can have them automatically delivered each month. According to HB Naturals, that enables you to save and also earn money via the customer loyalty repayment program. The members also get a 5% discount, and some rewards point out the customers’ purchases, and the consultants can use the reward points to get some free products.

Pros of HB Naturals

It offers high retail commissions

Free members can also earn

The CBD niche has incredible potential

All the products seem to be of high quality

General transparency with regards to income disclosure and the compensation plan

Third-party lab tests on most of the CBD products offered

Cons of HB Naturals

The CBD oils are on the expensive side

The company does not disclose the CBD content in some of the main hemp oils

BBB issued alerts about a few alleged health claims on the company site

HB Naturals


HB Naturals isn’t a scam but a real MLM company that sells tangible products, and it’s possible to earn some good money as a sales consultant if you can build a big team. The CBD niche is full of potential, particularly as the sector expands, and more individuals become aware of the numerous and possible benefits of CBD. The commissions you will earn with the business opportunity are incredibly attractive because earning $50 on $129.95 products is a generous offer.

The main issue is, selling such products over competing brands might prove difficult unless you are selling to individuals, you know. I don’t see why individuals would pay more money for these products over better and more popular brands, particularly considering that most people compare online shop these days. That is the main reason why recruiting individuals into the business opportunity is a huge part of earning some money with HB Naturals, just like any other MLM company. The bottom line is that if you would like to make good money, then you will have to recruit some new people to the company constantly.

In order to see what I recommend, simply got to the home page at right here on this website.

Again, unless HB Naturals provides you with good training on the way to recruit people using the internet, then you will be stuck recruiting only the people you know. Lastly, if you are going to join this business opportunity, make sure that you have a comprehensive game plan to help you generate sales and leads online. Otherwise, you will probably end up just like many HB Naturals sales consultants who only earn between $500 and $2,000 each year doing this.

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