Is HempWorx a Scam, Hempworx Reviews to Help you Decide

Cannabidiol is among the most popular natural remedies used for purposes if common ailments. It is, in other terms, referred to as CBD. Therefore it is among the various 100 chemical compounds which are referred to as cannabinoids and is found in marijuana and cannabis plant. CBD Oils have indeed become very popular lately, this article addresses 1 of the CBD MLM companies available. One of the main questions that friends have is “Is HempWorx a Scam?” and we have looked at HempWorx Reviews to help you decide. CBD is currently appealing, especially for the people who are looking for achievement from pain and other various symptoms without necessarily acquiring and mind-altering effects of pharmaceutical drugs and marijuana drugs.

Disclaimer: I am not a HempWorx Distributor nor am I an active Affiliate for any CBD Oils company and/or product.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil has been made by the use of CBD extraction from the various cannabis plants and later diluting it using a carrier oil such ad hemp seed oil and coconut oil.

THC, Cannabis sativa Tetrahydrocannabinol is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid present in cannabis and is giving the sensation of becoming high, which is associated with the use of marijuana. However, contrary to THC, CBD has been proven not to be psychoactive.

Currently, it is widely getting the momentum wellness and health in the world with various scientific studies confirming its capability of easing symptoms of multiple ailments such as anxiety and chronic pain.

What products does Hempworx offer?

1. Mantra Essential Oils

Essential oils are aromatic and fragrant oils that are produced naturally by plants. When they get to interact with the body, they end up providing a feeling of peace and surprising benefits. Therefore every Mantra box was coming with six kinds of proprietary blends with harmony and steeped with significance and tradition. THC Free Isolate Tinctures CBD Oils by

2. Hempworx Fruit Gummies

It is a product that will help in snacking of relief using delicious and healthy CBD fruit, which is infused with Gummies. Therefore the various gummies containing 10mg of CBD for each and are coming in the form of assorted flavors of grape, orange, and lemon.

  • No artificial coloring
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Grape, orange and lemon flavors
  • 450mg/10mg total CBD

3. Hempworx BathBox

With this product, you will end up enjoying a relaxing soak. Therefore it is a perfect CBD which is infused using a bath bomb for all bathing experience. Therefore it is coming in four various scents, including Citrus, Sea Salt, Lemongrass, and Lavender. In the case of the skin, all you will deserve is getting the best skin, and this product is guaranteeing you of getting a great skin complexion.

  • 60-day guarantee on money back
  • Available in four different scents including citrus, sea salt, lemongrass and lavender
  • 10mg of CBD with Hemp-Derived for the Bath Bomb
  • 100mg of the Hemp Seed Oil for Bath Bomb

4.HempWorx Hair Mask

It is a Hair Mask for all the different hair types containing organic hemp seed oil that is enriched using vitamins and amino acids to nourish the hair, reduce frizz, and adding radiant shine. More also, it is free from parabens and sodium chloride. Additionally, you will end up feeling confident as your hair will be getting the nutrition need as it requires. Additionally, you will feel as if you have just left a spa with various pure bliss.

  • Contains Cold Pressed Organic which is using Hemp Seed Oil Nourishing and Color-Safe Hair Mask
  • Leaves the hair touchable sleek and soft
  • Free of parabens and sodium chloride
  • Used for all the different skin types
  • 60-day money return guarantee
  • Contains no THC or CBD

5. HempWorx Hair Serum

The Liquid Gold Hair Serum helps in making the hair look healthy, silky, and even smooth without weighing it down at any single time. Therefore the serum contains organic hemp seed oil that is enriched using vitamins and amino acids to help in revitalizing the hair. More also, it is free of parabens and sodium chloride. Additionally, it will help one in feeling confident as your hair will be acquiring the nutrition it needs. Consequently, you need to get ready for the sake of your big debut.

  • It contains cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil that is Organic
  • Nourishing and color-safe hair mask
  • It is leaving the hair touchable sleek and soft
  • Free from parabens and sodium chloride
  • Best for use in all kind of skin types
  • It is assuring one of 60-day guarantee of money return
  • The product contains THC and CBD

6.HempWorx Body and Hand Lotion

The body and hand lotion is helping in hydrating the skin from toe to head. The widely known nourishing formula contains organic hemp seed oil, which is rich in complex vitamins and amino acids. Therefore it contains shear butter, which is very necessary and useful for purposes of deep hydration. The various natural elements are working with the body to moisturize dry skin, thus contributing to a radiant and healthy glow. Additionally, it helps in adding light to the daily skincare routine.

  • It contains organic Hemp Seed Oil that is Cold Pressed
  • It is a nourishing and color-safe hair mask
  • It is leaving the hair touchable sleek and soft
  • It is free of parabens and sodium chloride
  • It is best for all kind of skin types
  • The product contains THC and CBD

7. HempWorx Shampoo & Conditioner

The HempWorx is a shampoo that is useful for the different hair types which containing organic hemp seed oil, which is loaded with complex vitamins and amino acids to help in strengthening and hydrating every strand. Additionally, it is free of parabens and sodium chloride. Consequently, you will end up feeling confident that your hair is acquiring the nutrition it is requiring. Additionally, you will need to uncover the hemp seed oil secret, and it is also revitalizing the hair to silky perfection. Shampoo & Conditioner sold separately.

  • It contains Organic Hemp Seed Oil that is Cold Pressed
  • Refreshes and Cleanses the scalp
  • It is strengthening and hydrating every strand
  • It is a safe color shampoo
  • It is free of parabens and sodium Chloride
  • For all the different hair types
  • It is guaranteeing a 60-day money return
  • The product contains THC and CBD

8. Hemp-Infused Coffee

HempWorx Coffee is Keto Friendly, Cruelty as well as Gluten Free, Non-GMO, has a delicious bold taste with 5mg of CBD derived by hemp, Arabic beans & Chaga mushrooms all with a 60 day Money-Back Guarantee.

9. Keto Coffee Creamers

The Keto Creamers are available in these 3 flavors:

  • Mocha
  • Vanilla
  • Hazlenut

Each flavor comes with 5mg of CBD, are Gluten, Sugar & Cruelty Free, they are also Vegan and Keto Friendly and all come with the 60 day money-back guarantee.

About Josh & Jenna Zwagil

Leadership is definitely what makes HempWorx & MyDailyChoice so special. Josh and also Jenna Zwagil didn't begin their occupations in the business globe and afterwards just take the reins of a Network Marketing company. They both started in the area as Affiliates, discovering what it resembled to construct a network and also a business. It's that field experience that has actually allowed them to produce such a one-of-a-kind possibility.

At 18, after leaving company college, Josh responded to a Craigslist ad promoting a way to earn money individually. He marketed his drum kit to get the $600 he needed to begin, and also his business impulses soon repaid. With strong assistance as well as management, Josh rose through the ranks rapidly to become the primary revenue earner with a group of over 60,000 individuals around the world and also sales reaching $100 Million within 6 years.

From the earliest part of his Network Marketing career, Josh experienced initial hand the difficulties of the sector. He saw the turmoil brought on by item adjustments, settlement strategy modifications, shifts in company ownership as well as more. This intimate expertise of the innermost functions of the market would lay the structure for the following leg of his journey.

Josh as well as Jenna fulfilled in the Summer of 2014. They will claim it was love at first sight that drew them together, but their commitment to serving others is what actually cemented their partnership. They shared a vision and also mission to alter the world.

In November 2014, Josh released MyDailyChoice and also, pleased with her networking abilities, asked Jenna if she ‘d be willing to join as one of his first Affiliates. Jenna got on a goal as well as had a great deal to confirm so she dove in, head initially, to construct energy the only method she recognized exactly how – via social media. She placed her talents to deal with the initial product line, just three nutritional sprays during that time. Also, prior to MyDailyChoice's most popular items and also advanced advertising and marketing devices remained in area, Jenna gained $3,600 in her very first week.

Shortly after arriving of the business, Jenna became very ill. She counted on holistic wellness options as well as made adjustments to her way of life. Her wellness enhanced, however something was still missing out on. Jenna was still getting ill after consuming and the medical professionals educated her it was something she simply had to find out to cope with because there was no treatment.

In 2016 Josh and Jenna began try out CBD oil after checking out its numerous health advantages. Jenna experienced some relief, however it still had not been sufficient. Josh began searching for the purest kind of CBD and discovered it in a ranch in the United States. He brought samples house for Jenna to attempt, hopeful maybe the missing item in her health and wellness trip. Just with couple of hrs of attempting the oils Jenna started to really feel far better. Just with week her wellness began to restore. Just with month she began feeling like herself once again.

Jenna became established to make the same life-altering experience obtainable to others. Josh was reluctant to jump on board, concerned that dispute around the hemp industry would certainly get in the way of the job they were currently doing. So Jenna headed out and established HempWorx on her own. The action to the products was prompt as well as frustrating. Within months, HempWorx was so prominent as well as successful that Josh could not refute that the best point for both companies was to combine. HempWorx was released as a line of product inside of MyDailyChoice in May 2017. Considering that the introduction of HempWorx, MyDailyChoice has actually soared to the top as one of the fastest expanding Network Marketing firms in the industry.

Hempworx Compensation Plan, Affiliate Rewards Program, Training & Tools

One of the many questions worth taking a look at is the company that will end up making money with or without scams. Additionally, there is a necessity of joining any company to become scammed with commissions and pay all the time you are putting into it.

Additionally, there is the necessity of avoiding the joining of a lousy company by taking enough time to research the various companies' information on the owner, compensation plan, and the products.

Additionally, there is a necessity of taking a closer look at a given opportunity as a result of excitement. For you to end up succeeding in the new compensation plan and earning of commission, there will be the necessity of having some things in place, including:

Purchasing 70 PV or even more of every item each month, uniquely while not qualifying for the Blue Diamond or even higher.

You will end up purchasing 150 PV or even more of the item every month, especially if ranked with the Blue Diamond or even higher.

Having the four retain customers in the monthly auto-ship

When you are qualified for the earning of commissions, it is time to consider learning on the way of making money using it. Among the significant factors present in MLM companies is the need to pay attention to all the various ranks that you are qualifying for. Additionally, the increase of your position in the MLM company will be implying having more money in the pocket. Thus, the different ranks will have their requirements that you will be required to reach to end up qualifying for it. Additionally, there is a necessity of paying attention to all the individuals and particularly building on the business accordingly.

Does the FDA approve CBD and Hempworx?

Cannabis-derived products and cannabis is subjected to FDA laws and contains any other kind of substance. People are working to protect Americans from various companies, which are marketing products with various unsubstantiated claims that they cure, treat, diagnose, and prevent several conditions and diseases. In most cases, this becomes a significant concern, especially when companies are peddling the various unproven CBD items for use in the different vulnerable populations such as children and infants.

FDA commissioner has said they have been sending many letters that are focusing on significant public health matters which concerns the CBD companies. Therefore the various actions are sending messages to the broader market on the complying FDA requirements.

Top 10 Hempworx CBD Oils

1. NuLeaf Naturals

The oil is best used to relieve pain. It helps in making of active concentrated CBD oils that are coming with 50mg for every ImL.

2. Spruce CBD

It is best used for purposes of relieving anxiety. It is aiming at helping individuals in finding relief and thus making a customer's listening on whatever they need.


It is the oil that has the most appealing taste. It is coming with a clean citrus flavor that is covering the hemp taste.


It is the best CBD oil used for purposes of better sleep. Therefore it is offering a broad and full spectrum of CBD oils. Additionally, various customers are having the option of choosing whether they wish to altogether fuller range or THC-free extract of beneficial plant terpenes and cannabinoids.

5. Medterra

It is the most appropriate THC-Free CBD. The oil is excellent for an individual who is treated regularly for drugs. Therefore they are having a neutral taste since they are acting as isolates.

6. CBDistillery

It is an oil that has a very high value. Moreover, it is offering great products at a very high price. The affordability has led to CBDistillery to be among the fastest-growing companies present in hemp space.

7. CbdMD

CbdMD contains a top line of quality. Therefore it has been making great efforts to reach out in the sports world to expand the reaching of derivations on hemp.

8.Charlotte's Web CBD

It is the best oil for purposes of calming. Therefore it is an established brand coming with a proud history for the sourcing of American hemp.

9. Sunday Scaries

It was founded in intent to reduce the anxiety that is making use of natural alternatives such as CBD. Therefore the company has a dedication to helping individuals in the finding of the best solution.

10. Vital Plan Select

It was founded as a supplement company back in 2008. Since then, it has been branching out to offer topical and CBD oils as a tremendous natural wellness option. Therefore the brand believes in CBD healing power.

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CBD HempWorx is currently among the most searched oils in the market for its many benefits. As you have seen in this article, there are various CBD products and fats in the market with multiple works. As a result, you need to ensure you buy the CBD oil that will satisfy your needs. From all the discussed information, it s obvious that CBD Hempworx is not a scam.

Disclaimer: I am not a HempWorx Distributor nor am I an active Affiliate for any CBD Oils company and/or product.

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    I’ve never heard of these CBD products before and it’s great that there’s so much choice. From oils to coffee to face masks. Something for everyone.

    Like someone else said though I’m not sure on the affiliate scheme, would like to hear from someone who’s had some success with it?

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    In your article, Is HempWorx a Scam, Hempworx Reviews to Help you Decide, the essential oils are aromatic with fragrant oils that are produced naturally by plants, Mantra Essential Oilss Esential oils are aromatic Therefore every Mantra box was coming with six kinds of proprietary blends with harmony and steeped with significance and tradition. 

    Thank you.


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    I hope the youth group don´t see as an only category to look for relieving pain. 

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  28. CBD Oil has so many uses and is very popular at the moment. The main problem is that there are a lot of products suddenly hitting the market and some are blatant scams. Others are not quite what they say on the label. Then there are the ones that are excellent . It is important that you research the product and company whether you are a customer or someone looking at selling the product

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    Otherwise it is just like other supplements – full of fillers.

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    I have heard testimonials of many cancer survivors who attribute their recovery to use of cannabis extracts, but they acquired those products secretly from acquaintances. HempWorx products are worth trying.

    Thanks for posting this review, Tony.

    God bless you,


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  43. CBD Oils have become a revolutionary form of medicine in modern times with various health benefits. This has definitely raised the interest in CBD Oils which was not there before. Due to the high demand of cannabis oil and emergence of companies selling products, its important to know which can be trusted as authentic and which cannot. 

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  48. Much obliged to you for an even article on Hempworx. I have not actually utilized it however I have seen a portion of the items which you portray which I will be keen on utilizing. My hair will require something which will make it delicate as it is exceptionally unusual. Anyway I have to find out about Cruelty free, I’m not catching it’s meaning precisely? It would have been likewise a decent think to bring up symptom if there are any. Is this item ok for everybody to utilize? Do I have to counsel my GP before utilizing it? Those are a portion of the things which I thing will help the individuals who are thinking or keen on beginning the item.

    Much obliged to you for an enlightening article.

  49. I appreciate this review. I’m a big fan and advocate of cannabis and I believe in it as medicine. I like the idea of CBD online but I’m not to keen on MLM CBD. Reason being? I think cannabis has the potential to have some breakthroughs but I don’t think peddling CBD this way is meaningful. I wonder how legit the products are. I think it’s better to get your CBD from legit retailers that are passionate about the products. That’s my take- but I appreciate the review.

  50. I have researched Hempworxs before and almost became an affiliate. However my final decision came down to the fact that the pay plan is based on multi level marketing. Many mlms do not hold up over time because the business model is made for the higher ups and recruiting. It takes away from the fact that Hempworxs does indeed have good cbd products. But the focus is on recruiting unfortionatly.

  51. I believe cannabis is now recognised as benefitting pain relief and that CBD has no side psychoactive and can now be formulated into a pain relief oil is amazing. The product available from Hempworx seem to be ingenious and valuable to all who want a solution to their pain. The gummie may be taken by youngster though which is a little worrying.

  52. i have come to learn about the various products that hempworx offers. the benefits are just so much.

    The fact that i have learnt something really tangible from this post is very satisfying. The build of your website is nice and the simplicity of the color selection makes it so beautiful. Thank you very much for this review

  53. Hempworx is actually not a scam and definitely deserves a lot more than all it is. I actually fancy it and the fact that they offer everything else about making money online by promoting their products well they offer very good products so, it shouldn’t be more of a hassle to actually get the right amount in the meantime. Thanks so much

  54. Good day Tony. Cannabis oil has a lot of great benefits and hempworx really seems like a forefront company that specialises in all it s available product uses. You have done a great job by putting together this wonderful and concise, research oriented article. The many advantages of cannabis oil cannot be overemphasized and it is gelreat to see hempworx can be trusted in getting cannabis oil products 

  55. It was good to learn about Cannabidiol, you have explained the pros and cons about Hempworx really clearly.  The advice you have highlighted in this review is even more credible the fact that you are not linked to them. I have wondered about CBD oil for a while.  Its good to know it has been proven not to be psychoactive. Have you tried CBD oil?  Do you think its effective?

  56. Hello Tony CBD products are really good and from time to time I make use of it and I get the desired result needed. I am a big Fan of their products because I suffer from arthritis and their cbd products are what I use. Well! On the business side, I don’t really know much about them but I believe that since their products are quality made, they should be very reliable in dealings with their distributors. I will keep making use of this product and share with others 

  57. You’ve done  a good work by putting together this article,it is filled with a lot of helpful resourceful that can make your business develop quickly. This is the first time I’m reading about this and it’s a really great opportunity for me to be able to get my hand on them, that is why reviews are good.

  58. HempWorx is one of those names I easily found when I started my researches to get better information about CBD oil. I was sure it is not a scam – and it is so good when you discover that a trending company is not trying to sell things in a bad way! – and when I was reading your review I discovered very good products – I’m fascinated by the coffee and  the hair mask:)

  59. Hi, that’s an interesting review on Hempworx and their products. There are some countries that have legalized the use of marijuana and related products. CBD oils have been trending for quite some time and its mostly positive news. I’ve never done a research on it to get the experts opinions. The only evidence I’ve got from those who have used CBD oil is anecdotal. 

    The niche is really expanding given the number of products available based on the CBD extract. Thanks for providing such information on your review. It was a good read.

  60. It’s a good thing to learn about the hempworx platform and see how they work. It seems like the way you have shared this information you too are into the whole business because you know so much about it. I don’t think that it is right to call an MLM platform a scam just like this one here. It works well and CBD products work as well.

  61. Hempworx is definitely not a scam and can always be the way to getting the much needed success online here. I like all you have shared here and honestly, it is well worthy enough. Thank you for sharing this out here. The reviews you have provided here about it and the various plans too is great. Thanks

  62. Cannabis derivatives are getting so popular these days and there is talk of legalizing this in the UK as well where I stay. So your article definitely piqued my interest and was a good read. I hadn’t heard of Hempworx before, but given your unbiased review, they seem to be a good company, especially for any affiliate looking to get involved in this niche. Thanks as usual for sharing despite having no affiliate links to this niche! 

  63. Enter the wonderful world of hemp and CBD. 

    These products are becoming so popular now, that corner stores and even gas stations are starting to carry their products. I have not heard of Hempworx and after this review of their company anyone interested in getting into the CBD, niche may want to check them out. Clearly it is not a scam and it sounds like the creators of the program are invested in this in the long run. This article did show me some more things I did not know CBD was good for coffee and hair products?! I will have to try it out. 


  64. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I lost a lot of hair recently. I tried many different products and so far, I don’t find any have good effect on preventing my hair from losing.

    In your review, you provide several hair nutrition products, such as HempWorx Hair Mask, HempWorx Hair Serum, and HempWorx Shampoo & Conditioner. It is apparent that CBD is good for hair health and should have the potential to prevent hair loss and enhance hair growth. I am definitely going to try this. Since I use shampoo and conditioner daily, I am going to use HempWorx Shampoo & Conditioner. Though the prices are much more expensive than that of traditional shampoo and conditioner, it is worthy to give a try.

  65. This product is very thorough I must say. Never heard or knew about this product. I like the story part regarding the partners who went through many difficult situations that eventually led them to CBD oil.

    Your review makes want to try the product as my wife is suffering from anxiety attacks.

  66. Hi Tony , thanks for a great review as usual. I learned a lot from this article and never knew about Hempworx before and did not know they made so many hemp based products.

    I have not tried any of these products but if i had the opportunity i will certainly do so. It is good to know that the CBD oils and toiletries etc can help relief pain and other ailments.

    Thank You !

  67. I have never used HempWorx, but my mother has fibromyalgia, and since we are trying them all I was looking for some reviews like yours. I think I will try to buy the oil, I have been talking to you about the beneficial effects of CBD for years, and I hope this will help you improve a bit. Thanks for this article, I’m convinced me to try this way too

  68. Hi Tony!

    I have to be honest, I had never heard of something like HempWorx! 

    I’m not personally a fan of these types of businesses but this was really great to learn several things about this product. As always, your reviews always show all the necessary information and are really complete!

    Thanks a lot for the post.

  69. I must admit I am not someone who would have considered hempworx. Thankfully I have never needed to consider such products for myself or my family however this is very informative, I didn’t know anything about hempworx, well I hadn’t even heard of them. I have heard about CBD oil and the potential that it has for helping all sorts of illnesses, I understand it is not a cure but it certainly helps ease some symptoms for quite a lot of people thankfully. Hopefully it will be more accessible to people in different countries as you hear stories how people have been rejected being able to use it or even purchase it to try. Thank you for braking it down so much that it is an easy read and very easy to take it all in. I must admit I didn’t even realise you could purchase it in so many different forms as well. The only question I do have about this is there are 2 video’s that look like they have been removed from YouTube as they come up with an error to play?

    Thank you very much!

  70. Hello,

    Thank you for this great, informative review article! I have been wanting to try a CBD oil for a while now for and it’s good to know it’s available in so many forms. I also like the fact that there is no “high” with CBD oil, just pain relief. I also can’t wait to try Naternal for a better, more restful sleep. 

    Thanks again!

  71. Being a kid of the 80’s, I definitely believe in the qualities of hemp. I know that it is different from THC, but there are common qualities that permeate and make CBD oil something substantial to help people. Your article, however, explained things I wasn’t familiar with but wasn’t’ surprised by either. 

    Thanks for adding another dimension and layer to the understanding of what hemp oil and related products can to. I’ll keep reading on….


  72. We have tried and tested the Hemp oils for various ailments, mostly pain, chronic pain and my Mothers osteoporosis.  From personal experience I know it works wonders.  There are many health advantages to CBD oil.  I personally know a few other people that use the oil for various ailments, and all of them agree that it’s a miracle cure.  I did not know you get so many different kinds, for different ailments.  Where I live we get one oil, it works for everything.  

    Thank you very much for sharing this valuable information on the company Hempworx and the products.  I am definitely interested in the products, and I’ll be looking into these more.  Again, from personal experience, good quality Hemp oils are the miracle cure.  

    Thank you for your recommendation today.  Great post, looking forward to some more posts on this subject.  

  73. I use Hemp products daily and when trying to find good products switch the supplier. Came across this company HempWorx once before but did not order any oils as knew to note about the company. Now with this review, I know more and can decide to use the company or avoid it. I will also be sharing this with friends and family.

  74. Hello Tony, thanks for this beautiful informative review.well,I have heard so much about CBD oil and the powers it hold.I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about Hempworx., I enjoyed reading your article and so I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you allow me

  75. For a start, I have a couple of friends who works withhempworx and they have never complained to me. So, it is safe to say that this platform is really a Greta company. Going by the things you have shared here, having gone through them, I can only say that you confirmed that they actually offer some very legit products which is a good thing. Thanks

  76. I have to tell you, I have heard so much about CBD oil and the powers it holds. While I have always been skeptical, I know that there are many that swear by it. One of the biggest problems (and I suppose it is the same with other essential oils too) is making sure that you find those of the highest quality and purity. It’s good to see that HempWorx has placed a high emphasis on this. While I might try the product, I’m not sure I would get involved in the MLM business side of it. I’ve had enough bad experiences and reviews of MLM’s to try one. Thanks for the post!

  77. Your review on Hemworx was really helpful I’ve been looking into CBD because I have some scars on my body and I don’t know if it will help. One of the main reasons is I want to be calmer and they say it helps with anxiety but to be honest I didn’t think there were so many products that are made with CBD.  

  78. Thank you so much for sharing us an interesting and informative article. The main theme of this article is Hempworx Reviews. It is really laudable that you have illustrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about Hempworx. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like the Hempworx product offer such as HempWorx Hair Mask. My hair would fall out almost all the time but using this product has helped to add vitamins to the hair and it has become very strong.
    Finally, I enjoyed reading your article and so I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you allow me

  79. When it comes to dealing with scam products and companies, it is true that lots of them out there are not real with what they offer but when it comes to CBD products, Hempworx can be trusted by some of its products have been used by some people I know and I myself have made use of Spruce CBD when I was having a tough time at work and was battling with anxiety. With time I was better after using the product and so I can attest to it being original. 

  80. Nah nah. It’s not a scam and its because I know a friend who has tried the product before and it worked for her. Since them she has decided to take it on to use the business opportunity that it offers. I think it’s all good to be able to advice this to other people as well. You really know your way around online platforms though. Good work!

  81. It was nice to know the journey of the founders and both of them sound very inspiring!

    I know that Jenna has experience with this kind of marketing, I somehow wish they can just stick to the retail e-commerce business just because I easily got turned off by MLM companies. Perhaps it works on their sales strategy but from my experience, at times MLM companies can produce lower quality products and focus on earning money through their ranks..

    But since you mentioned that they are one of the most searched right now, perhaps I’ll give it a try as I have scoliosis and my back tends to get very sore very fast..

  82. Nice article Tony, very detailed and helpful. HempWorx really has an extensive range of CBD products. It is clear from the product range only that they have put a lot of thought and have created products to bridge the needs of a very wide customer base. That kind of effort is really admirable.

    Another thing that I liked about HempWorx is the story behind it. It shows that they are working for a vision and not just for sales. They knew the challenge (low-quality CBD products) and started working to provide good quality products to make a difference in the lives of many people.

  83. Hi there dear friend

    I am going to start by going into things right away so I went through your HempWorx Review and found that there is to much to read but what helped me to understand is the video content so to save time I watched the videos that brought more clarity I wanted to thank you for your efforts and talents that you used to create this content to help people around the world, you have done a great job. 

    All the best,


  84. This review on HempWorx is very thorough and informative.  I must say the founders have done a very good job promoting their beliefs in such a short time-frame.  That is what I call marketing success.  On one of my visits to my chiropractor, hemp oil was recommended to minimize pain.  I remember being skeptical about using it because I had associated it with drug usage.  I don’t think it is a scam and  I am sure it is a great product to market especially if making money is the number one goal as opposed to the validating the proven benefits of the product.  The use of the product in so widespread and filled with promises.  I like the idea of the gummies.  After reading this review, I may try it with a more positive mindset.  Thanks for sharing.

  85. I believe even when you read about treatments and thing to use on your health, it’s very appropriate to consult a medical practitioner who can give you guide regarding what you’re about to use on your health. I’ve used a CBD product at a time but I stopped cos I noticed something really odd, my doctor said I should stop using it, these products are not meant for everyone, people should know.

  86. I wouldn’t agree with the summation of hempworx being a scam because they are not. They are actually one of the most legal and legit cbd and essential oil providing companies out here and I have heard a lot of commendable comments about their products and how they are really legit and very well respected. I value your evaluation of them and it is really awesome to see here. Thank you so much for shading this out here

  87. I am currently looking into the potential benefits of using CBD oil, either as a topical product or for ingesting. I believe there could be a number of benefits associated with its use although of course research is still in its early stages and caution is necessary, especially if you already take certain medications. I wouldn’t be interested in the MLM opportunity because I think there are more effective ways to make money i.e.affiliate marketing. This however could be a good opportunity for anyone who is passionate about CBD products. The CBD industry is growing rapidly, especially now people are becoming more about the product, so it could be a good time to ride the wave so to speak.

  88. Hi Tony,

    There seem to be a great number of high quality products when signing up to Hempworx. Thanks for supplying the overviews for this scheme. It would certainly take a bit of commitment for someone deciding to go into it, and obviously using and becoming more familiar with the products. It certainly doesn’t seem like a scam.

  89. The popularity of CBD oil is growing on a daily basis and it is good to see legit companies taking up this opportunity in producing amazing products making use of CBD. From this review it is obvious that HempWorx is a legit company that is producing products that are of great benefit to people. I would take a closer look at these products to see if there would be any that would be of great use to men. Thanks for the research you did not these guys reassuring us that they are a legit company. 

  90. It looks to me that Hempworx is a decent company with a backstory that explains their why for their business convincingly. I must say that they have amazing products I was specifically blown away by the CBD bath oils and hair products, and I think I may have a look at them, check out their prices. I would not join for an MLM opportunity. I would be more interested in trying out their products.

  91. I haven’t used any CBD products yet, but from your review, I think HempWorx is not a scam. I think it’s just a typical network marketing company that offers products derived from one key ingredient, like how DXN is with the reishi mushroom. I do know that there have been many claims about the potency of CBD oil, but I guess I won’t believe it until I try it.

  92. Your article was a great education about HempWorx. I had no idea that HempWorx was formed as late as 2016. Considering how mature this market was at that time they have done very well in establishing themselves as a premier player in the CDB field.

    The range of products they offer is very impressive. If I was going to market their products I would use the Affiliate Marketing business model. For any MLM to succeed, the leader must act like one. Not only do they have to build a team through recruitment, but apply a great deal of effort to train and inspire their team IT’s all about duplication. The very few who are able to do this successfully become wealthy. The cast majority struggle and give up. 

    Thanks for a well laid out analysis of the CBD Industry as well as HempWorx. 



  93. No, HempWorx does not appear to be a scam. It is nice to know the story behind its creation. I know a couple of people who swear by the positive effects of CBD oil. I believe that it likely has the ability to do much of what is claimed. However, as you mentioned, the FDA has to regulate its sale. It is too easy for someone to mix something unhealthy with the oil just to increase their profits. While I would not be interested in trying this program myself, I would not mind recommending it to someone looking to join such a program.

  94. Hi Tony,

    Another informative and helpful post from the digital marketing veteran. Today I understand the meaning of CBD – I acknowledge that I had not known it earlier. Now it makes sense as it is well known that cannabanoids reduce anxiety and that is what CBD does. 

    The range of products is quite good with almost everything covered to soothen our senses – Shampoo, Bath Bar, Coffee everything. I am already in love with the products.

    The leadership is inspirational. They are examples to follow in their own rights.

    Hempworx is definitely worth a try. Thanks for bringing this up.

  95. Thank you for this article. I am really interested in HempWorx products and to be honest, I could not have asked for a better insight. There are rumours that it is a scam but it so obviously is not. Your honest analysis of what they offer has definitely pointed me in the right direction. Thank you for this.

  96. Thank you for a well balanced article on Hempworx. I have not personally used it but I have seen some of the products which you describe which I will be interested in using. My hair will definitely need something which will make it soft as it is very kinky. However I need to know more about Cruelty free, what does it mean exactly? It would have been also a good think to point out side effect if there are any. Is this product safe for everyone to use? Do I need to consult my GP before using it? Those are some of the things which I thing will help those who are thinking or interested in starting on the product.

    Thank you for a very informative article.

  97. Hempworx is not actually a scam and I totally agree with the fact that they are legit and they work very well. I am a big Fan of their products because I suffer from arthritis and their cbd products are what I use. Well! On the business side, I don’t really know much about them but I believe that since their products are quality made, they should be very reliable in dealings with their distributors.

  98. Hello there! One major reason I prefer this product is that HempWorx CBD oils are pretty standard in terms of effectiveness, and perhaps even a good value in terms of price compared to some of the more popular brands in the US.

     Thank you very much for sharing this with me, I love this product.

  99. Hello Tony Lee; in this review, you have provided so much information about the Cannabis CBD THC that if it was a way I could not be lost.

     Do you have personal proofs about the many CBD products or its information from their website and supposed to be users? Many people get rich one way or another from cannabis Sativa from my country. Is Mantra Essential oils a product combined with CBD?


  100. Nice article Tony,i have not use any of CBD product, but i have heard a lot of people saying its a good product, i guess its good, they have a lot of variety, i really like hempworx shampoo and conditioner for hair, i will try it and will also recommend it, i know some people will like to try it, even the coffee sounds nice with different flavour….Thanks for the info

  101. The CBD products sound very interesting though I didn’t get any sense or the prices. The MLM sounds very suspicious especially in light of the requirement to buy so much of the products yourself in order to qualify to rise in the marketing levels. I don’t doubt that Josh is a brilliant successful network marketer but I don’t think that necessarily means anyone else who signs up for this system will be successful. Having said that I accept that this is not a scam. Thanks for an interesting review.

  102. This is kinda a side note. It’s related to the topic and that’s why I wanted to vent it here and see what you and your readers thought. I have been surprised how in this hyped promotional era, CBD companies have begun peddling CBD items for use among children. This raises concerns because, although these companies are subjected to FDA laws, in many cases these items they’re promoting to our vulnerable populations are unproven CBD items. 🙁

  103. Multilevel marketing is not my thing, but I am fond of CBD products. It sounds like Hempworx has a really nice range of products but when it comes to a way to make money online I am more of a fan of affiliate marketing and this won’t cost me a thing and I won’t need to sign up at any additional companies since I am already an affiliate of Amazon and I can promote many different CBD products there. 

  104. i was pleasantly surprised to finally find a good review on HempWorx. CBD Oil has always been an enigma and it was news to me that it been made by the use of CBD extraction from the various cannabis plants and later diluting it using a carrier oils such as hemp seed oil and coconut oil.

    I love your articles Tony. Big fan. 



  105. CBD products are great.  I have been using them for a while and they have worked great.
    It is so nice to see a good review of a MLM company.  So many of them are right there being border line scams but not in the HempWorx world.
    I have made a commitment to never join another MLM company.  However if I were to this would be the one.
    Thanks for a great review.

  106. Thank you for this interesting and informative review of HempWorx.  The videos also explain most of the things you need to know, including the latest on FDA rules and regulations.

    It is nice and useful to know your conclusion that it is not a scam, after going through various reviews and dissecting their product range and their compensation plan, affiliate rewards program, training & toolsets available.  

  107. Thank you for this interesting and informative review of HempWorx.  The videos also explain most of the things you need to know, including the latest on FDA rules and regulations.

    It is nice and useful to know your conclusion that it is not a scam, after going through various reviews and dissecting their product range and their compensation plan, affiliate rewards program, training & toolsets available.  

  108. Hempworx has an interesting range or products like hair care and body creams and even coffee that are infused with CBD oil. I like the fact that they are using organic hemp seed oil in their products. 

    I worked for a multi level marketing company, although it was not in health care, and I know how difficult it is to make money with MLMs. So I am not a great fan of the business plan. Hempworx sounds to me as if it will be difficult to make real money with them. 

  109. Indeed this article of yours is really a decider as I have heard a lot about this product but I was very sceptical about trying it out as I have really encountered a lot of product fails in the past….after reading and watching the video I think I would just try it out although it still seems like a risk to me but I would just hope for the best.

  110. I had no idea there were so many products that incorporated CBD oil! I knew about the oil to use internally and also topicals, and I have heard of the gummies. But hair treatments? Coffee? I definitely need to do a bit more reading on the products.

    The program you describe seems quite interesting, too. I’ll look into it further, based on your recommendations. Thank you for sharing!

  111. Ask a multitude of former Hempworx customers and former Hempworx IBO’s and you will hear a resounding YES IT IS A SCAM!
    Their labeling is inconsistent with the contents of their products!
    When the IBO’S brought this to the companies attention they were terminated or ostracized.

    • Thank you Rona for your insight and experience with HempWorx former customers and Independent Business Owners my friend.

      You are welcome to take a look at any of the other articles on this site anytime as well.

      Talk with you soon Rona,



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