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Online business ventures are always going to be available on the internet. Knowing which venture is legit and which one is a scam is important. This information will help to keep people from getting ripped off by some fraudulent internet scam. The following review will be conducted on LeadsLeap. It will help you to know who runs this online opportunity, how it operates, and if you would be wasting your money by joining.

What is LeadsLeap and what can it do for you?

LeadsLeap has a very confusing backstory when it comes to its foundation. About half the sources on the internet that disclose information about this enterprise state it was started in 2008 and the other half says it was founded in 2016. The information on various blogs, review pages, and forums is confusing. The site itself states that it was created in 2016 but the founder might have made the company in 2008 but never released it to the public.

Anyway, LeadsLeap is a lead generation system. What this means is that the site is designed to drive traffic to websites and blogs. This traffic allows the site’s owners to make money once people make purchases. Also, affiliates who set up the ads can make money as well. LeadsLeap even has an MLM aspect which is no different from many other online business sites.

There is also a revenue-sharing aspect of LeadsLeap. This simply means that you can team up with other members and promote ads on their web pages, sites, and blogs; while they do the same thing for you. This is the basic way that this advertising program works.

LeadsLeap also comes with perks, bonuses, and useful tools. Members will be given quality traffic, powerful advertising tools, various ways for affiliates to make money, free advertising, information about network building, an earn while you learn element, and they also say that you can make money without putting much effort into the business. That last statement is probably a blatant lie. Buy hey, they also include it in there to help sell the program.

Don’t forget that if you have an online business this program can help to drive more traffic to your sites, build up your brand, and could possibly improve our bottom line. It could also help to generate more income online over the long run.

Summary of LeadsLeap Benefits for your Business

Ultimately, LeadsLeap is designed to make your business more noticeable in the market. You can use this platform to build up your brand and to help your business to get in front of more consumers.

A Word about Kenneth Koh the LeadsLeap Founder

Kenneth Koh is the founder of LeadsLeap. He might have started LeadLeap in his homeland of Singapore back in 2008 before it became available in the U.S. in 2016. Again, the background for this site seems to be shrouded in mystery. There isn’t much information about LeadsLeap’s past or its present. No one has mentioned where the business is located and if it operates within the U.S.

The only reason why I was able to find out that Kenneth Koh was from Singapore (or might be from this nation) is because I just happened to come across the information from a site that stated this information. Truthfully, Kenneth Koh could be U.S. born. However, we just don’t know based off the information available on the internet about this business and his personal life. The website doesn’t say much about Mr. Koh either. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even mention his name. It focuses primarily on what LeadLeap has to offer members.

This might be a serious red flag for many people. You should have transparency about the founders of a company and have an idea of who they are. Kenneth Koh was supposedly involved in other online endeavors. Once again, it is not clear if he is involved in any other online schemes or not. One thing that is clear about Koh is that no one seems to affiliate him with any scams or bad reviews.

The Cost to Join LeadsLeap

People can sign up for LeadsLeap for free. There are two membership programs. One membership is free and users get the basic package. However, the second membership plan is the pro plan and members get advanced benefits and features. Of course, there is no charge for the free plan. The Pro plan will cost $27 as posted on the LeadsLeap site. There are some sources that claim that they paid only $20 to get started with the program with the site. We’ll default to the business’s statement about their Pro plan cost to make sure that we’re staying factual about this information. Remember that the $27 cost is to get started and it also a monthly expense as well.

*By the way, you can get paid through LeadsLeap once acquired a $10 minimum payout threshold. You can collect your money through PayPal or Solidtrustpay.

A Quick Overview of the LeadsLeap Website

The LeadLeap website resembles a web page more so than a site. While the site is actually a website it doesn’t have the feel of a site. There isn’t an “About” link to describe the company, and the site is also missing a contact link. They do, but you have to hunt around for it. Right quick, the site has an “About” section listed at the bottom of the site. This section doesn’t have detail about the company it focuses primarily on what LeadsLeap can do for members and their business.

LeadsLeap keeps track of its members it has 119,000 to date; the site has 28 million visitors, and 56,000 people supposedly used the app. The front page is divided up into sections. Each section describes a certain aspect of this business. Around the top part of the page there is a section titled 4 Ways To Get You Traffic And Leads. This section has four-page links that will explain the different methods that users can employ to get more viewers to their site.

Ultimately, the site goes into lots of detail about the LeadsLeap system. Still, it doesn’t give you much information about the site’s operators or the business itself. This could also be viewed as another red flag by potential members. Ultimately, the site just isn’t the best source for giving people information about who they are doing business with. Again, this could be seen a serious problem for people who want to join.

LeadsLeap Members Help Grow your Business

LeadsLeap is a lot of things but one of its primary qualities is its ad exchange functions. LeadLeap is an ad exchange site where members are given the ability to swap ads with other members in an effort to promote each other’s business. This feature provides a good way for businesses to improve their brand and to stay relevant in the market.

One of the best features of this benefit is that it allows a member to advertise their business on different member sites. This in turn will give a business more exposure to the public and general web viewers. This feature is also important for earning credits. We’ll go into this part of the system further in the article. Members can set up various widgets, banners, and links to carry out ad exchange functions. Members can even custom color their ads to blend in with another member’s site to create the best look and feel for their advertisements.

Some people claim that this part of the system only takes 5 minutes to perform. Once it’s set up a person can start to generate lots of money. We all know that it is probably not that easy to carry out. You should also keep in mind that once you place your ads onto another member’s site, they will appear on their dashboard. This way you can keep track of them, and they can as well.

Having this feature will benefit the other members because they will be able to determine how effective your ads are and then adjust their advertisements accordingly. You too can gauge how they are doing to benefit you in the same way. Remember there is a 40% ad frequency (shared free ads) for free users. Pro members have around 100%

What’s the difference between the free and Pro plans ad models?

Again, we already discussed that there are two basic programs with LeadsLeap. The free plan and the Pro plan. The free plan model will allow members to receive 1 – 400 clicks every month. They will only get 40% of the traffic share since they are free account holders. The traffic share is the amount of money that is generated through the ads. The site will take 60% from free membership users. Free members will also need to earn credit first to generate more income. The free membership level still allows extra traffic to reach a business site. However, it’s just not as effective as the Pro plan. Also, you will have more competition for ad placement onto other member’s pages. This of course will reduce your chances of reaching more customers.

Pro plan users are allowed 1000 clicks per week and they will also get 10 Pro ad slots. They do not have to earn credits to advertise their business. Also, they will be able to generate between 600 – 1000 clicks per month because of the increased level of exposure. The Pro plan has less competition, and it is also more versatile with ad placement than the free model. You can also save up credits and use them for other purposes since you don’t need them to advertise your business on other’s websites.

Available Tools to be used on LeadsLeap

Here is a list of the tools that you will get on the LeadsLeap program:

  • Real tracker tool so you can see how your visitors are interacting with your page. You will be able to figure out which type of pages are being viewed the most and you will also find out how long people are staying on each of your pages. This tool is also able to track the mouse movement of each visitor as they explore your site. That is extremely beneficial for ad placement.
  • The LeadsLeap widget is designed to put money in your pocket every time someone clicks on the link within the widget.
  • Bogging tools are available from LeadsLeap. You can use them to generate and even customize more leads from your ads to your sites.
  • If you are a member you can get rewarded with the web traffic exchange that allows you to get rewards for visiting another member’s page. The longer you stay on their page and the more clicks you make the more rewards you’ll receive.
  • You’ll also get more exposure through other blogs and websites. This in turn should generate more traffic to your site.

Keep in mind that tool benefits for Pro plan members is doubled.

They are listed below:

  • Pro members get daily revenue shares. This means they can generate more money and cash out a lot quicker than basic members.
  • Not only do Pro members get daily revenue shares, they even get weekly benefits! This will allow them to earn more money and improve their profits over time.
  • Pro members get affiliate commissions. A Pro member will be able to earn more money from the ads they put out.
  • Pros can also sell their saved-up credits to LeadsLeap. This in turn will give them more cash in their pocket.
  • Pro members will also naturally generate more traffic to their site.
  • They can also set up an auto referral program that is able to put money back into their pocket through referrals or the MLM aspect of the program.

As you can see there is a lot of ways for pro members to cash in with LeadLeaps. The thing about these different functions is that they allow people to make money from the site. Also, we don’t want you to forget about the other tools and perks that the site provides to clients.

  • 1 – All-in-one popup generator that allows you make animated popup offers that can be customized and tracked.
  • The real tracker feature is an advanced tracking tool. This feature will allow you to track real viewers and weed out the online bots.
  • You can build your own email and/or other types of lists with the OTO List Builder feature.
  • You can get a built-in banner system for creating fantastic banner ads.
  • You get a site for social reviews
  • Email marketing platform
  • Opt-in, pop-ups and set-ups for ads
  • Hosting images, PDF placement, and forum insertion is also available.

There are so many more tools that we can’t list them all. Just be mindful about your benefits and how to use them.

A Quick Word about LeadLeap Credits

Whenever you view another member's ads, you get credits. These credits are important for free members being able to place more ads on the LeapsLead network. Any member will need at least 1 credit to place an ad. So, this means that you must watch other member ads. They also must watch yours. If not, then you will not earn any credits or be able to place any other ads. Free members will have a 3 ad limit and Pro members will have 10 ads.

About the LeadLeap Referral Program

As a part of the LeadLeap program, members will be able to refer other people to the site for a commission. Free members will get a 25% commission and Pro plan members will get a 50% commission for each referral. You can also get 10-levels of overriding credits for referring 20 members. If a person can refer over 1000 people to the program they will get the ultimate 20% on 10 levels. That means you will earn more money from the spillover of these members signing up more people to the site. In order to reach the 1000 mark, you will have to hustle to get people to join. Sorry, no simple work here to get people to sign up. There’s more to the MLM aspect of LeapsLead, but once you sign up you learn everything you need to know about this aspect of the system.

Is LeadLeap a scam?

LeadsLeap services are beneficial for people who want to promote their existing online business. It is also beneficial for people who are starting off their online enterprises. LeadsLeap is not a scam. While everything about this site might not be transparent or shrouded in mystery; that doesn’t mean it is fake. The site provides members with lots of perks and opportunities to advertise.

Here’s something else about the site that you should know. There are very few reviews on the site that make LeadsLeap out to be a scam. In other words, the site generally received (and continues to get) positive reviews. This is an important thing to understand. If people are constantly being ripped off, the internet would be quick to disclose this information.

LeadsLeap doesn’t have this type of reputation. While the site is shaky on some points it is not designed to rip people off. The biggest negative side of this site is its ability to stretch the truth beyond what it should be. Telling people they can make money by only doing 5 minutes of work is no lie but it is misleading.

You can do 5 minutes of work with LeadsLeap, but don’t expect to bring in huge profits from this small amount of effort. A few people will get lucky with this kind of effort, but most members will not. The bottom line is that this system is designed to put out what you put into it. So, don’t sign up thinking that you’re going to get rich after 5 minutes of work. That probably will not happen.

LeadsLeap is a great opportunity for businesses to expand and grow. The site will help people to build up their brand and get more exposure. This is a great system for marketing any enterprise on the world wide web. The MLM aspect of the site is beneficial because it will get more views for your ads while getting more money into a person’s pocket.

Still, no one can rely on the MLM aspect forever because it will eventually peak and decline and go flat. That is the nature of any online MLM scheme. They can’t last forever because if people are no longer making money, they send out bad reviews, and they will eventually start to become disinterested. Once this happens, the site will eventually go into decline. LeadsLeap is no exception. Maybe this helps to explain why this site was created in 2008 and then again in 2016. It is safe to sign up with LeadsLeap but use the site wisely to advance and grow your business.

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  1. Hey Tony, great review. Now, it does sound like this could work for people but personally, I would not get involved with this company for 2 reasons.

    First and foremost, when a company takes the effort NOT to disclose company information, founder, location and so on that’s a huge red flag for me.

    Every company that I work with I know who there are, where they, are I can call or email them anytime. It seems Leads Leap has made it a point of not being total transparent.

    Second, the MLM business model, is a plan for failure. I would never be involved in any company that employs an MLM business model.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Keep up the great work and the voodoo that you do my friend.

    • Hey Leo, thank you for stopping by to not only read this review but to also share your feelings about it’s legitimacy and/or lack of it.

      It’s all about Sharing & Caring as there are indeed many legitimate MLM companies as well as those that are more of Pyramid and/or Ponzi Schemes.

      You’re welcome back here anytime Leo,



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