Is My 20 Dollar Travel Business a Scam or a Legit Business Opportunity?

Is My 20 Dollar Travel Business a Scam or a Legit Business Opportunity? post thumbnail image

If you have been wondering whether My 20 Dollar Travel Business is a scam or legit business, then you’re in the best place where you will get an answer to your question. Nowadays, it is pretty hard to know if an organization is legit or worth trying to make a decent income from it. Therefore, it’s vital to research and look for the right solutions to your problems. That is a great way to avoid getting scammed and also find legit ways to create a passive income online.

My 20 Dollar Business opportunity has been getting lots of attention on the internet lately. There is a lot of hype and many network marketers who are trying to market and sell this business opportunity from all corners, including all over the social media platforms. Based on the rate in which individuals are uploading videos about My 20 Dollar Business on social media, they are beginning to gain traction. Some of the videos you will see contain income proof and many affiliates explaining the details of the program.

In this post, we’ll gather for you all the available facts about My 20 Dollar Travel Business to assist you in making an informed decision about it. One of the main questions that we intend to answer in this comprehensive review is whether the firm is a scam or legit. We are also going to take the time to analyze the information we get about the company, all the available products, how their compensation plan works, and how you can make money with the company.

My 20 Dollar Travel Business Review

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What is My 20 Dollar Travel Business?

My 20 Dollar Business refers to a multi-level marketing firm that you can generate a passive income by recruiting new clients and business builders via the assigned affiliate link, which is provided by the company once you join. According to WHOIS, My 20 Dollar website was developed in September 2017.

The company does not have any actual products but a wide range of savings on condos, hotels, and vacations. As the name suggests, their product is typically in the Travel niche, and you can enjoy discounted prices on condos, cruises, and hotels once you become an active member. There is limited information about the firm and the founder of My 20 Dollar Business. However, you can see a gentleman by the name Steve Gresham doing a video presentation on the official website of the company.

Before this program, Steve Gresham ran Savings Highway as well as My 1 Dollar Business, a similar multi-level firm that partners with a wide range of companies to build volume savings, bonuses, and discounts for a variety of services such as health, food, travel and legal. Many people believe that My 20 Dollar Business is generally a rebranding and a re-launch of My 1 Dollar because the domain is still under

Products of My 20 Dollar Travel Business

My 20 Dollar Business has no tangible retail products or services, which means that the company affiliates can only market My 20 Dollar Business affiliate membership alone. This business opportunity provides easy access to a comprehensive travel services booking program. However, the travel section of My 20 Dollar has nothing to do with the multi-level marketing opportunity attached to it.

When you join this program for the 20-dollar price tag, you’ll get direct access to an amazing travel portal that’s claimed to have 75 to 90 percent cheaper rates on a variety of services such as resort stays, condo stays, and hotel stays than many other popular websites when taking a vacation or planning to travel.

You will also find a savings program that’s included with each membership, which shows you where you can save some money on retail products too. The travel portal you’ll get access to when you become an active member will offer:

• Condos

• Hotels

• Savings Program

• Vacations

The value you can get on the savings is fascinating. There are three levels that you use to join My 20 Dollar Business, and these levels will provide you with access to the savings program, travel discount portal, replicated website, as well as your back office with guaranteed support.

How Much Will It Cost You To Join My 20 Dollar Business?

To get started with My 20Dollar Business opportunity, you can sign up for any of the three different membership plans. The minimum cost you can pay to join My 20Dollar Business is $1. That will provide you with minimum access to this business opportunity. You can easily earn commissions at all the three Level memberships available in the program. Here is the actual cost for the three levels:

Platinum Level: $100 every month

• Gold Level: $20 every month

• Member: $1 every month

You can refer to the detailed compensation plan segment below to find out the benefits for every level of membership. Access to the saving program and travel portal is provided at all levels.

My 20 Dollar Travel Business Compensation Plan

There are three main ways to earn with My20DollarTravelBusiness opportunity, and you should recruit at least two individuals to join before getting any commissions. These ways include:

1. Fast Start Commissions

Once you join My 20 Dollar Business and get some new people to join, you’ll earn a Fast Start Commission of 50% of the individuals’ membership purchase as follows:

• Referring a Platinum Member for approximately $100 will earn you $50

• Referring a Gold Member for approximately $20 will earn you $10

• Referring a Trial Member for approximately $1 will earn you $0.50. However, Trial Members are usually upgraded to Gold Members after one month.

2. Personal Residual Commissions

Generally, the Fast Start Bonus pays commissions only on the price all your recruits buy to join, and that covers their membership during the first month. The Personal Residual Commission comes into play during the subsequent monthly payments of the membership of all the people you recruited.

Beginning the second month after all your recruits pay and join, you’ll earn 25% commission of all their membership payments every month going forward. So, you will earn:

• $5/month from all Gold Members

• $25/month from all Platinum Members

• $0.25/month from all Trial Members

3. Team Bonuses

The Team Bonus system is a 2×10 structure matrix. Generally, you are at the top, and there are two positions under you at level 1, there are four positions on the subsequent level down on level 2, and then there are eight positions, and the structure continues branching out in the same way.

The system branches out by multiples of 2 on each level and then goes down in 10 levels. You’ll be able to earn a 5% commission on membership costs down all these ten levels. Your main objective is to recruit two people in, and then get them to bring two people in, and the process continues. Nevertheless, you can recruit as many individuals as you want, and the additional recruits will fill the open positions in this structure.

Summary of the compensation plan

• You will receive a 50% commission with the Fast Start Bonus after personally enrolling a new member and this commission will come from the membership payments of the first month.

• Starting from the second month going forward, you’ll get 25% Personal Residual Commission from everybody that you enrolled in the program.

• You will earn a 5% commission down the ten levels every month via the 2×10 Team Bonuses.

My 20 Dollar Business Customer Reviews

Upon first glance on the company website, it appears that this online business has some incredible reviews. With a 4/5 stars rating on Facebook, you can never go wrong with an opportunity like this. Here are some of the customer reviews we found:

• This business model is incredibly amazing. Its simplicity makes it attractive.

• This program is one of the best I have ever joined. The business model is amazing.

• This business model presents a great opportunity for those individuals who have not made any money over the internet and fun to the experienced marketers to get better deals and also make a good income. I love working with Steve; he is transparent and honest.

Is My 20 Dollar Business a Scam?

In my opinion, My 20 Dollar Travel Business opportunity is not a scam. That’s because it provides everything that a reliable multi-level marketing firm should have. When it comes to the compensation plan and the company itself, I feel that the company is operated and run by an experienced owner, and their compensation plan is fair enough because it offers some exciting and attractive incentives.

However, there is always a certain sales target pressure within every multi-level marketing business. In general, you are supposed to maintain a specific number of sales or recruits to be one of the active members and receive your payments. In most cases, people usually spend their hard-earned cash to stock up products from these companies to meet their sales targets. That is the main reason why most people lose a lot of cash in a multi-level marketing business.

Pros of My 20 Dollar Travel Business

• It has low start-up costs

Unlike most traditional businesses that impose a high start-up cost to rent physical stores or to purchase inventory, My 20 Dollar Travel is a low start-up cost business opportunity, which means that the entry-level is incredibly low, but the competition package will be stronger on the other hand.

• It’s not a get-rich-quick deal

Contrary to common belief, this business opportunity is not a quick get rich scheme. Everything normally takes longer than many people think it should, which means patience and consistent action towards your goal is of the essence.

• It has a huge potential income

Generally, there’s no record on the company’s website on the amount of money you can get, but it all depends on your effort and your decision on how much you would like to earn.

Unlike regular jobs and employment where you can only earn a fixed amount each week or month regardless of the amount of work, this business opportunity provides you with the versatility of generating as high income as you want.

Cons of My 20 Dollar Travel Business

• It’s not accredited by BBB

Most people feel safer when they see companies that are BBB accredited. However, My 20 Dollar Business is not accredited by BBB, but that does not mean that it’s a scam. Maybe it’s because the firm is still new since the accreditation takes some time or maybe not.

• It looks more like a pyramid system

You can always see the difference between a real multi-level company and a pyramid scheme. Most of the companies might have a great focus on their recruiting system, but they have retail products as well. My 20 Dollar Business has no retailing products, which one of the main reasons many people think it’s a pyramid scheme.

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The reason why only a few people make some good money with multi-level marketing companies is due to their pyramid structures. These systems provide the few top individuals a percent with some kickback commissions and bonuses while seated at the top, making it more challenging for the majority who are at the bottom. This reason makes any MLM a not very good opportunity to generate a decent income.

My 20 Dollar Travel Business is a recruitment-heavy opportunity. To join, you only need to pay a low monthly fee, and then go out and convince other individuals to do the same. Income-generating opportunities along this line are typically high-risk, which means they are not for everybody. It’s possible to earn some good cash with My 20 Dollar Travels Business, but remember there’s also a probability you'll spend a certain amount of money every month and not recruit anyone, which means you will end up losing lots of money.

As a result, I would suggest you give this business some more time to observe how it goes and if you realize that the company is safe or they have added some retail products then you can give it a try. Take that risk aspect into consideration and know what you are comfortable with before making your decision.

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