Is NutriCellix a Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan or DNA Hoax?

Is NutriCellix a Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan or DNA Hoax? post thumbnail image
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Have you been approached yet, either through social media or in person by someone pitching NutriCellix as being a groundbreaking new healthy weight loss diet plan based upon your specific DNA? Is it really possible to create products based on each person's exact deoxyribonucleic acid test and in an economically feasible way or is it all just a hoax and placebo effect? Are DNA tests too invasive and not worth the $100 that NutriCellix charges for the privilege of being able to purchase the products that are supposed to be tailored to you to be worth it? Continue reading this article to learn my feelings on the above questions and whether I recommend the opportunity and/or products.

Does matching DNA to a diet work?

No, is the answer if it's not indeed tailored to your specific needs and DNA.

Below I will share some articles about recent studies that have been done:

Yes, I do feel that a diet plan that is actually based upon our specific DNA could have great results.  That being said, I have a hard time believing that NutriCellix will be the company to be able to produce products that are based on individual testing.  $100 for the DNA test is in my opinion just a part of the upsell that will be going into the program leaders' pockets and have no effect whatsoever on the products produced and sold as unique.

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Final Thoughts

I'm not sure about you, but as for me, I am not convinced!

Not only am I very leary about someone performing a DNA test that will cost me $100, I am also not sold on the claim that by taking the test that NutriCellix will be able to tailor products based on the results. I am of the belief that it's a DNA hoax and that the products are all exactly the same no matter what the results show. For a healthy weight loss diet plan, I feel that we simply need to burn more calories than we take in. Eat healthier and be more active while living life, those are in my opinion the keys to being in better shape in 2020 and beyond. As for the so called opportunity, I am almost certain that it'll never take off and if it does, it won't last long. I'm not trying to be a negative person, I simply know that with the recent shut down of Advocare as well as the upcoming fall of Neora / Nerium that the FTC is cracking down on these types of Network Marketing MLM Direct Sales Companies. The Federal Trade Commission has already been investigating Neora / Nerium for the past 2 months, so it won't be long.

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101 thoughts on “Is NutriCellix a Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan or DNA Hoax?”

  1. Cherryl says:

    This information is relatively new to me. Never heard of any of these companies before or a diet plan based on DNA. Many of these companies play on the public’s emotions and the fad of the day just for financial gain. It seems like a great idea on the surface. But you need to do a thorough research to know if this really works. I personally would prefer to take the path that actually works which is a healthy diet and exercise rather than something that’s new and shinny and cost a lot of dollars and we’re not certain whether or not it would work.

    Thank you for your research and investing your time into this article. I’ve learned a great deal from this article.


  2. Kayla Lopez says:

    Reading your article is the first time I have ever heard of matching the right diet with your own DNA. It’s actually kinda interesting. Although it’s kinda hard to know anything about it at all unless you read all of it. Which in some cases people just scan through content, that is not good for them not to have all of the information.   Thank you for sharing with all of your viewing audience.   

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome Kayla, thank you. 

  3. Bob Lynch says:

    Thanks for writing and posting this.  I’ve never heard of this company.  Although I do believe we’re all different and that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to health and healthy eating, I’m not about to pay someone $100 for a DNA test.  I think you’re right about where that money goes.  I think it’s important that we all learn about ourselves and how certain foods affect us.  That’s the sweat equity method of doing our own DNA test.  I will avoid NutriCelix for sure.  Good job.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Thank you Bob

  4. Alex Rubio says:

    To be honest I’ve never heard about NutriCellix until now, when I read your post.

    I was googling DNA diet because a friend posted about it on Facebook.

    I really appreciate that you wrote an honest review about this product. My thoughts are with you, it seems just a hoax and I agree with that “placebo effect” part. A lot of pharmaceutical products are, in my opinion, based on placebo effects.

    About diet…? Come on, you wanna get rid of that belly fat? Then exactly as you said, do some exercise, get healthier, eat healthier, be committed and ambitious to your goals. People are often trying to find easier ways to reach their goals and it’s never going to happen.

    I am glad I found your article about this product, so now I know what it’s about. 

    Keep doing great work! 🙂

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Thank you Alex, you are welcome here anytime my friend.

  5. Alejandra says:

    Hi Tony

    Thanks for sharing a good article to read to know more about Nutricellix, 

    Weight loss is a topic many people are looking to find the magic stuff to work and see great results the next morning.

    I’ve seen some videos about this product and a friend was telling me about I should try it, but I like to read more about this product before I say yes to it.

    Your article shares good information, for today I’m more informed about it and this time as you, I would say, no thank you. 

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome Alejandra & thank you my friend.

  6. Carmen says:

    I think if you want to lose weight you have to make a little effort. Eat less, healthier and glaze over fruit sweets. I don’t like to experiment with different inventions, like NutriCellix, to lose weight. You can also naturally lose weight. And the price is exaggerated. Does this product offer any warranty?

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      No warranty as far as I am aware Carmen, thank you my friend.

  7. Juan Saladin says:

    I love the way you’ve done this review. You’re free of pretentious, Sincere and direct… You haven’t personally tried the product, but you don’t think it would work and you make it clear throughout your post.

    It would be good in any case, when the product becomes available to find someone using it to report on usage experience basis.

    The concept is clear, the mechanism behind it and the way things get accomplished not so clear. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. I’d love to give them a try on myself (but $100.00 is by far too much to my experiments budget).

    Thanks for a very interesting and entertaining review (I don’t remember the last time I spent more than 25 minutes on a single post over the internet).

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Thank you Juan, I am honored that you spent over 25 minutes here on this website my friend.


  8. MrBiizy says:

    Hi Tony,

    Thank you for sharing this article to actually show if NutriCellix is a healthy weight loss plan or just a DNA hoax. 

    Since our DNA has so much to tell about our blood, I was kinda thinking that it would be possible for NutriCellix to actually create products that would work accordingly to help in our weight loss. 

    But I totally agree with you. To lose weight, one needs to watch the food taken, do exercises in order to lose more calories compared to what is taken into the body.

    About the opportunity, I have always been scared of these kind of opportunities…


    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Yes, absolutely!

  9. BlueMoon UniqueFashion says:

    Thanks for this post! I heard about NutriCellix and I really liked the idea of ​​a healthy weight loss plan based on my specific DNA. I’m glad you discovered the whole myth behind this idea. Like you, they did not convince me that they would make a special diet for my DNA. What I do know for sure is that we should be consuming fewer calories than we have consumed, and so we will lose weight. It’s not easy, but it seems only possible.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome and thank you my friend!

  10. Dave says:

    Interesting review on this Nutricellix product. Surely the best weight loss plan is to develop a change in attitude to food and exercise, consume less calories and formulate an exercise plan that we burn off more calories than you actually consume, the result being a structured and healthy weightless plan. I certainly wouldn’t pay $100 for the DNA test for weightless purposes.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Thank you Dave for reading and for commenting my friend,


  11. thrivingcat says:

    Hello Tony,

    This was really interesting for me since I have been curious about these DNA diets. I am not looking to lose weight in particular but that would hopefully occur on a healthier diet anyway. I have many food allergies and auto-immune conditions. If I followed all the different recommendations to avoid inflammation causing foods, foods that release histamine, foods I know I am allergic to anyway, foods that are bad for this condition and that condition etc., there would hardly be anything left. I am not exaggerating. You would think things like nuts, beans and spinach would be really healthy but those are all foods I shouldn’t have. I am allergic to many fruits and vegetables as well as grains. I am allergic to sugar, coffee, chocolate etc…but it is pretty hard when you are also sensitive to the healthy stuff. Milk is already out too but I shouldn’t have soy either. No fermented foods either, no spicy foods, no greasy foods. No nightshades (potatoes, peppers…) no pineapple, citrus or strawberries. It is ridiculous. 

    I finally found some information on the root causes and how to address those rather than cutting every food out of my diet. This is a much more practical and sustainable approach for me. 

    I wondered if the DNA approach could shed any light on my situation. From the articles you have posted here, maybe not.  I guess I will stick with the methods I have found already. 

    I agree about MLMs. They can be very, very shady to work with and I generally avoid them at all costs. 

    Thanks for this review,


    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Thank you Jessica for sharing your very thorough experiences and thoughts with us all my friend, you are welcome back here anytime.


  12. Dolbe says:

    I am a believer of losing body weight healthily by burning more calories than we taking in, together with active lifestyle.  But it does mean that I will deny all other methods such as using the result of DNA test to plan the diet.  But here, I would like to have the comprehensive scientific proof.  Otherwise, we are not only like the laboratory rat, but also seem an idiot to give the money to do the test in order to prove the effectiveness of the method or the product.

    Thank you so much for reminding us.


    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome Dolbe and thank you my friend,


  13. Joy gateru says:


    Great article with great information, to start with i really like the way you present your information.

    Personally, I don’t think that someone needs a DNA test so as to get a better weight loss plan.

    i agree with you it’s all the same as someone had to reduce the the intake level, and eat healthy. 

    I think they just come up with the DNA idea to make look more complex candidate this people will go for it, in the process they got a great chance to pocket some good cash in their pockets.

    I really appreciate you for sharing such a wonderful article.

    Thank you.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Wonderful, You are welcome Joy & thank you my friend.


  14. Kell says:

    Well, having this in mind that a diet plan that is actually based upon our specific DNA could have great results is something to consider but with NutriCellix especially making you to pay $100 for the DNA test for weight loss is something to carefully look at. Who knows? You may get hit by upsells.

    Someone made mention of this product to me on Facebook but it never piqued my interest. I saw it as another program that may get shut down sooner or later. Thank you for this informative article.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome kell & thank you my friend.


  15. RazvanIlie says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing with us such an amazing review of NutriCellix and DNA Hoax.

    The only diet I tried was the Cambridge diet but I didn’t take supplements. I want to participate in a fitness competition and I need to lose weight very fast.From what I read these supplements would be very useful to me.

    Thanks again and keep in touch !

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome Razanillie, 

      you would need to purchase it from someone else my friend as I don’t use, promote or recommend the product and/or opportunity.


  16. Phil says:

    I think charging one hundred bucks right off the bat is quite a turn off, considering that you did not even buy their weight loss product yet!

    So NutriCellix claims to have a Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan based on our DNA ?

    I would have to see the proof how they do that before I gave them one penny

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Absolutely Phil, I agree my friend!


  17. Shannon says:

    That is very interesting and scary at the same time. I am not sure how many people will fall for this one. It seems some people will do anything to try to lose weight. I agree everyone loses a different way but I don’t think it is all about your DNA as much as it is about eating habits and how active you are. For some people genetics may play a part but not everyone.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Yes Shannon, thank you my friend.


  18. Christine says:

    I haven’t been approached by anyone, asking me to try out Nutricellix. I think that it’s possible to create a weight loss plan based on your DNA, but weight isn’t all about DNA, is it? It has much to do with diet, lifestyle, stress, etc. So, I’m not sure what to think of Nutricellix, if it’s another medical “magical” cure or if it’s worth investing in …

    If they sell protein shakes, how are they adapted to each person’s DNA? I think I would just stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle to keep a good weight instead of relying on weight loss cures. I think we both agree on that here. 

    In your last paragraph I read that Nerium is also going down … I know two people who are/were selling their products years ago and they were convinced of their value. I haven’t seen them in years, so I don’t know if they’re still doing that, but if the company went down or is going down, they probably already gave up on that …

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Thank you Christine for sharing your thoughts my friend.


  19. Paula says:

    It will be interesting to see how the investigation turns out. I think DNA testing or other testing is good for health issues, but weight loss? There are too many variables. It’s not all genetic, our weight. It’s all about lifestyle and diet decisions, and activity levels, as you stated. Very interesting review. 

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Thank you Paula,


  20. yoge says:

    Thanks for giving the reviews about “NutriCellix “.My WhatsApp friend recommended me to join this “NutriCellix program and i see your reviews about the websites it gives clear information about the overall site and Your layout is easy to navigate with great images and easy to read text and video helps me a lot to find the right direction. Then only I realized the truth of the NutriCellix.And thanks for giving the valuable information about the websites. and keep doing more articles for people to use.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome Yoge, thank you my friend.


  21. Neil Brown says:

    DNA testing for weight loss sounds like a whole new hype to me, weight loss fads come and go, no doubt DNA testing for weight loss will be a thing of the past also.

    I am a firm believer in following a healthy diet and getting exercise is the proper route and the only route in achieving a healthy weight and feeling good about yourself.

    All too many people simply don’t feel like putting the work in, they would rather make some fat-cats back pocket thick for promoting overly hyped products when the absolute trustworthy and proven path still remains open when they realize all other systems are just full of a lot of hot air.

    Thanks for your post, a lot of great information.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome Neil & thank you my friend.


  22. Cathy says:

    It is said that obesity is somewhat related to genetic so I guess if people can find out what makes them overweight, they can also presumably, figure out what makes them thin. I think that’s the idea behind the whole idea of genetic testing. But still, I won’t buy the idea of NutriCellix just yet. It’s too early to tell and there’s no concrete proof that it actually works on a large population of people.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Absolutely Cathy, I agree my friend.


  23. Wayne says:

    I’m glad I found this review.  Your short comments and the videos especially, paint a concerning picture of this product.

    It would seem to me (I’m not a scientist so this is just my opinion) that if these products are supposed to be formulated to an individuals DNA, and being that everyone’s DNA is a little different, then it would seem to me that there would have to be many formulations of these products, each tailored to the individual.  That, to me, would be very time-consuming and just does not seem possible to me.

    I’m tending to think the same as you and, I  also, am a firm believer in proper diet and exercise for the purpose of weight loss.  I’m pretty sure that if people really take the time to think about what they are saying they will come to the same conclusion.

    This doesn’t make sense to me.  As they say on Shark Tank,  “I’m out!”


    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Awesome Wayne!

      I love the SharkTank & love that you used that here my friend.


  24. DorcasW says:

    Hey Tony, 

    I am in agreement with you that this DNA test to determine what Nutricellix Product is best for weight loss could be nothing less than a hoax. 

    How a DNA test will determine if my blood sugar is at the right level for the tailored Nutricellix product, or how will a DNA test determine my cardiovascular heart condition and blood pressure?

    I strongly believe any test that is necessary for a tailored product should determine these vital statuses.


    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Hey DorcasW,

      thank you for reading and commenting my friend.


  25. Randy Levy says:

    Hi this is a great product review about the the Nutricellix, I have personally learned things I was ignorant about such as matching DNA to diet doesn’t work, this is so far things I have personally not come across before but I am happy for learning them today. Thank you 

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome Randy & thank you my friend.


  26. Mike says:

    Wow what a weird sounding hoax! I completely agree that if we want to lose weight it’s a simple case of daily good habits. Eating more vegetables and whole foods is so important but some quick fix DNA test is almost certainly not going to help exactly like you suggest. What a horrible way to prey on people’s emotions 

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Yes Mike, I agree my friend.


  27. Tyson says:

    I’ve looked around the web but there is surprisingly little information from other users on the subject of Nutricellix at this time. As it’s a product I myself haven’t tried before, I was very curious to stack up against other reviews against this one, but there’s so little to go through.

    Anyway, I have heard of these DNA specific diets but haven’t heard anything great on the results side of things. Personally I’m inclined to agree with you Tony, as I think the $100 charge seems a bit sketchy. 

    With the FTC and others going after shady health products more all the time, I think we’ll be seeing these products possibly disappear from existence in the years to come.


    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Cheers Tyson,


  28. Nuttanee says:

    I feel that the diet industry is just getting too ridiculous. 

    Especially now is the prime time for them to make money after the holidays and also the most popular new year resolution for most people are usually to lose weight. 

    It is a billion dollar industry and everyone just wants to make money I guess. 

    The sad part is that we deep down want to take all these magic supplements too so we can just enjoy eating and look like supermodels. Both parties are to blame. 

    I actually saw NutriCellix on my social media, as much as I would love the science behind it and all the theories, deep down I know that I just have to eat less and move more and I will lose that extra pounds. 

    I think I would rather spend my money on a diet coach, thanks for your review 🙂

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome & thank you my friend,


  29. H. Tracy says:

    Hey, thanks for your review. I also happen to think NutriCellix is a scam. 

    I had a childhood friend who used a similar product recently and complained it didn’t help a bit. Actually, she started feeling pretty bad a few days after she started using it and it didn’t seem to get better in time. I didn’t ask more about it back then, since I wasn’t familiar with the product. But now that you mentioned it, I can tell this is the product she was talking about. It also seems really expensive, I had no idea it cost so much. So I’m definitely not recommending it, based on the info I know about it.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome and thank you,


  30. Kristeen Gross says:

    I would love to see the listed articles broken down into summaries, instead of having to read through each and every one of them.  Or a summary for each article.  It looks like you have substantial material pointing toward a hoax, but the details are unclear without reading and reading for hours.  

    If DNA specific diets could work, why doesn’t NurtiCellix?  Besides the $100 price tag for a DNA test, is there another hoax?  What specifically, is the problem with NutriCellix?  How much do other companies charge for DNA testing?  

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Hi Kristeen,

      the reason that I believe that NutriCellix is a hoax and not legitimate is that the products in my opinion will be exactly the same for everyone no matter the results of the $100 DNA test charge.

      Thank you Kristeen for your comments and questions,


  31. Anastazja says:

    You have offered a huge amount of information on this page through the various links provided.  I have not yet sorted through most of them.  I do appreciate your assessment of NutriCellix.  I agree about the DNA test.  Although the test may be legit, I don’t think its possible to create and package a different formula for weight loss for every DNA sample.  Your simple advice about the traditional way to reduce or maintain weight was welcome in the midst of this discussion.  I am going to continue to work through the links you offer and learn more.  Thanks.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Wonderful Anastazja,

      you are welcome here anytime my friend & I look forward to more comments and questions as you go through the articles in more detail.

      Thank you Anastazja,


  32. Feji ben says:

    Thanks for another great article on Nutricellix, I read the previous one and I really learned a lot.

    this time you have decided to show that DNA matching is absolutely the best way to diet and in fact makes no difference to weight loss. 

    But is Nutricellix still going to marketed as an effective weight loss tool? 

    Definitely the answer is no because your article has show me that it’s more of a DNA hoax than a weight loss tool

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome Feji Ben & thank you my friend.

  33. Danijel says:

    Hello Tony, I must say that this review is very helpful and informative. I recently heard about Nutricellix and I was suspicious from the very beginning. I think that there is no magic pill or something that will burn calories except proper diet and regular exercise. I heard from my friend that it’s going to be revolutionary and to get in now before the January 1st launch.  I will pass!

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Hello Danijel,

      you are welcome and thank you my friend.


  34. Neko Cat says:

    I have read about NutriCellix before, but I was very skeptical about the idea of someone needing my DNA profile to help me choose the right diet. I’m glad that DietFits was able to determine the fact that DNA doesn’t seem to be the determining factor in which diet plan will be the most efficient for an individual. Basically, if one diet doesn’t seem to be working, then a person should carefully try a different one, along with appropriate exercise. Thank you for posting this. I hope others will now know not to waste their money on NutriCellix.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome my friend and thank you for letting me know that this article ha been beneficial to you.


  35. PurpleLioness says:

    Hiya Tony

    Thanks for another great article on Nutricellix, I read the previous one with interest and was surprised to see that this time you have decided that it is not the right way to go because further study has shown that DNA matching is not the best way to diet and in fact makes no difference to weight loss. 

    Is Nutricellix going to continue to be marketed as an effective weight loss tool? Surely it’s making false claims, no? You have researched it thoroughly and I appreciate being able to make an informed choice which will be to not look further into Nutricellix as I don’t think it’s for me. Krs PurpleLioness 

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Thank you so much my friend for following my reviews, i appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on them.


  36. Nathaniel says:

    Hi Tony – Your sharing on this product is appreciated.  It is really too bad that this isn’t an effective method for losing weight.  It sounds so good and logical—it should work!   The fact of the matter is, as you said in your final thoughts, we just have to burn more calories than we take in.  It’s like washing your hands, there are no shortcuts!  We have to roll up and sleeves and work at it!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome Nathaniel, thank you my friend!


  37. JR Bible says:

    DNA, who would’ve thought! I guess there are still some creative and crafty ways to entice innocent souls who are trying to lose weight. I appreciate your review, Tony. I wish folks would just realize that there’s no magic pill, or potion that’s going to solve their weight problem. Thanks, again.


    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome JR, thank you my friend.


  38. Jake says:

    Hi, great work here with this excellent article. I appreciate that you have done so much research it must have been a tremendous amount of work. In any niche, people are willing to use scams and be incredibly creative with them.

     People know that the reader is going to take them at their word so they use a bunch of scientific claims and big words knowing fully well that they do not know what they’re talking about. 

    It looks to me as if you have done your research and you are gaining valuable expertise that will help people a great deal. 

    Keep up the great work and thank you.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome & thank you Jake,


  39. Travis says:

    Although I agree it seems a little fishy especially in light of the $100 to take the DNA test, I can see why different people might have different needs when it comes to losing weight. At the end of the day though, you are completely correct that a healthy diet and exercise will always be the best bet. 

    Why do you think the FTC is cracking down on MLM companies? Some of them are legit, aren’t they?

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Yes Travis, 

      I do sincerely believe that some MLM companies are absolutely legit my friend.  I feel that the problems arise when false claims of benefits are promised and/or financial gains, especially recruiting over real products being sold and promoted.

      Thank you Travis,



  40. Antonio says:

    Hi Tony

    Thank you for bringing this review of Nutricellix and I can tell you I am not impressed with the product. The biggest problem is that they lay everything in front of DNA and completely ignore all the environmental issues. DNA is not the great identifier that people make it out to be, as we are all nearly the same with only minor differences. To base a business on an unsound scientific principle is never a good option. The cost is large and it will reveal so little.

    I wish people would stop jumping on the DNA bandwagon. The results are not accurate anyway, as it can be  interpreted in so many ways. Thank you for bringing this up. I will most certainly not be buying into it.



    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Hi Antonio,

      you are welcome & thank you my friend for the thoroughly thought out response to the DNA weight loss question.


  41. Benson says:

    Hello Tony, you have made so many things clear to lots of people who have tried using this type of product to help them with reducing weight in the past. This is my first time reading extensively on this Nutricellix products. Losing weight is one thing that most people are interested in and getting a good product that can help with it would play a really vital role. Thanks for sharing this post.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Hello Benson, you are welcome & thank you my friend.


  42. ronnytan says:

    Very good and comprhensive review! I also agree with you that I quite disagree with the claim from NutriCellix. Maybe not a scam, maybe! Because I believe, they must first register themselves with the FDA for their products. But the problem is the marketing overclaimed.

    To be honest, I am a pharmacist, and in creating genomic-appropriate products, the price will be extremely expensive. And an effective product for one person will be very different to another person. This is because the receptor of the drug, physiological and metabolism is significantly different from one to anotherr.

    Just my thought!

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Awesome ronnytan, I appreciate you haring your knowledge as a pharmacist my friend!

      You are welcome here anytime,


  43. Derek. says:

    I would like to thank you for your post.  I’m very interested in diets, how and why people choose the diets they choose.  It would be quite amazing if someone could develop a product that targeted someones dna but is it here yet?  I think not!  Your review of NutriCellix confirmed something I would have found very hard to believe.  I’m thankful that you are here to help those who are desperate to lose weight and only end up losing money.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Absolutely Derek!

      Thank you for reading and commenting my friend as I appreciate your expertise and thoughts.


  44. Gomer says:

    It is only now that I realize that the thought you’ve shared, that if someone need to lose weight, it’s really simple. The simple solution like you said is, burn more calories that we take in! It’s that simple it made me puzzled why are people complicating it like having to perform DNA testing, etc.

    By the way, this looks like a network marketing business opportunity or a product by one of those network marketing companies. In opportunities like this, I am wary of the programs requiring people to spend a certain big amount on a monthly basis just to remain qualified to earn team commissions. Have you inquired how much NutriCellix is requiring their marketers to spend every month in products purchases?

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Hello Gomer, yes my friend, you are indeed correct and can find the additional information here & also here

      Those 2 links go to the two other articles that I have written while researching and reviewing the NutriCellix opportunity and products.

      Thank you Gomer, you are welcome back here anytime my friend.


  45. Katja says:

    I have indeed been approached through social media to try out NutriCellix. That is the reason why I came to your site, to check out your review.

    I have been intrigued to find out more, because they are claiming to tailor products based on the DNA. After information you provided, I share your opinion of not being convinced. I do think it’s possible that tailoring diet based on our DNA is beneficial, just not in a way NutriCellix is trying to sell it… But I will be on the lookout for further reports and reviews…

    Thank you for taking the time to write this post!

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome Katja & thank you my friend for sharing your experience and thoughts.

  46. Henderson says:

    Your conclusion is very funny, well and true too. I myself after reading this whole post cannot believe that the product that they claim to have are all different and they will prescribe anything after the test. I mean for God sake how do you expect that we pay that much, $100 for a test on our DNA. Like you pointed, getting rid of fat or weight loss generally takes a different look by focusing on eating specifics and workout. Nice review of Nutricellix

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Thank you Henderson my friend, I do indeed agree my friend.

  47. Jessie says:

    I am so glad you made this post!  I have been wondering about NutriCellix, and have been keeping up with it over the past few weeks. I’m upset to see that the science actually does not back up the claims.  I do wonder if they could get in trouble for making claims like this?  It’s very deceptive.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Yes Jessie, I do believe that the DNA claim will indeed be their downfall my friend.  Not only the claim that they are catering to everyone’s specific test results, I also don’t see too many joining and having the test done in the 1st place.

  48. Alblue says:

    Hi Tony, my cousin has been approached by one of their consultant to try their diet plan. Just like you, I also have a mixed feeling about NutriCellix. We tried to do both online research and interview our friends, but the reviews seem to be mixed. There are a lot of other budget friendly weight loss plan, so we inclined to not take this plan. Thanks for your review.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome Alblue and thank you my friend for sharing your thoughts.


  49. Benny says:

    Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. I was of the opinion that nutricellix s as purely on a weight loss diet. I although I have not used it but an affiliate marketer introduced me. If there is anything else to do with DNA hoax then I am out of it. Presently I think I’m OK with my health 

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Thank you Benny for stopping by to read and comment.


  50. Rodarrick says:

    Well! Going by what I have read here, I kind of have a mixed feeling here concerning nutricellix. 

    Though I have heard about it when it was pitched for me and also, I know of the ways to which it works. 

    But then, some discoveries that you have presented here kind of made it look like it is not totally a saint and there is more to it inline with DNA considering a third party testing that never replied. 

    Well! I’d still make some more findings on this myself

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Yes Rodarrick, 

      time will certainly tell in this launch my friend.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this review, the next one will be sometime next year.


  51. Parveen says:

    Hey Tony, 

    Thanks for writing on NutriCellix a Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan or DNA Hoax. You have done a great work for me and other searching about Nutricellix. I already read your review about Nutircellix. We can not say anything without testing its products ourselves after launching. But still now it look in good condition. 

    Thank you,


    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Hey Parveen,

      you are welcome my friend and I for one will not be testing the products.

      I will however be writing an updated review soon after their launch on 1 January 2020 to share the new information.

      Stay tuned for it Parveen,


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