is QubitTech a scam? 2021 QubitTech Review

QubitTech is a platform that is described as different things by different groups and people. The online platform is often described as a cryptocurrency trader, an economic quantum computing processor, and a tool for investment. The platform has been around since January 2020 and is still very new. However, the people who have encountered this program provide mixed reviews about it. Is QubitTech a scam? The following information within this article will answer this question. By the way, QubitTech will also be written as Qubit Tech since you can find information about this system online under both search terms.

An Explanation of QubitTech

Once again, Qubit Tech started at the beginning part of 2020, This company was created by a group of engineers and computer scientist. This intelligent group of people wanted to make a cryptocurrency platform that would be beneficial to investors. They also wanted this technology to have quantum computing processes.

We’ll go more into the quantum computing aspect of Qubit Tech momentarily. For now, we’ll just that quantum computing tech helps to make this crypto generating system more efficient and effective for investors. Different websites claim that the company operates in the European Union. Yes, Qubit Tech is a company as well as an investing platform.

Some people online claim that the company has been based out of Estonia. This is a small European country. However, the company’s CEO Greg Lemon supposedly operates outside of London. So, the company might be physically located or at least registered inside of Estonia, but its operation is probably run in London. Remember, this is an online platform that can be operated from anywhere.

Finally, cryptocurrency trading is at the heart of the cryptocurrency program. This is the ultimate reason why this platform was created. Cryptocurrency trading is still a fairly new form of investment. Qubit Tech is trying to establish itself as a premiere cryptocurrency system during the development of this investment industry.

The Guys Behind QubitTech

Qubit Tech was created by a bunch of smart college guys who are engineers and computer scientists. Each of these guys put their collective knowledge together to create the Qubittech system. Greg Lemon is the CEO and a chief founder of the organization. Mr. Lemon supposedly works in the area of Security Token Offering (STO).

Mr. Lemon is also a part of DigiMax which is an online business that consults businesses. Some reviewers have stated that DigiMax is not doing so well. Other people involved in Qubit Tech include Allan Albang, Per Lind, Reuben Godfrey, Jorge Sebastiao, Nikitas Papatsos, Nikola Lazic, Froystein Bakke. Each of these different guys are co-founders and plays a critical role in the company.

Ultimately this group of Qubit Tech developers wanted a platform that would provide users with Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, quantitative analysis, quantum technologies, algorithmic trading.

A Quick Word about Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency trading works a lot like stock market investing. A person purchases the type of cryptocurrencies they want to trade. Then they speculate on the price movements of the cryptocurrencies that they purchased. They will need a CFD trading account to do this. A CFD trading account stands for Contract for Difference.

This type of financial vehicle pays investors the varying amounts in the settlement prices for the fluctuating cryptocurrencies. Investors are paid the settlement prices related to the opening and closing trade. Here is an oversimplified example. If Supercoin (made up altcoin name) opens at $10 and closes $20; but some investors decided to settle at $9.90 because the prices remained stuck at $9.80 all day long; then the investors who settled at $9.90 will get this price since they settled at this point.

However, a few brave souls figured that if they hold out until the closing of the market the prices will jump very far. And in this example, they did. So, now they get $20 and double their Supercoin cryptocurrency. One group lost $.10 on their crypto investment and another group gained $10 on their cryptocurrency. Again, this example is oversimplified but you get the meaning of it.

We’ll explain how Qubit Tech quantum computing factors into this process within the next section. You just needed to know the basics of cryptocurrency trading to understand Qubit Tech and why some people might believe it to be a scam.

What you Should know about Quantum Computing and Qubittech

Quantum computing utilizes physics, engineering, and computing processes to create highly functional algorithms. These algorithms are used to compute the prices for trading cryptocurrencies. In other words, an investor would set up their Qubit Tech account; and then watch the quantum computing processes present prices to investors where they should buy, sell, or hold. The price settlements where investors should settle are also presented. This is how this tech works for this system.

Okay, you understand the basics of how quantum technology works with Qubit Tech. One more thing, did you know that quantum bits are known as “qubits”? This is where the name Qubit Tech is derived. Just a little trivia for you to know.

QubitTech Platform Official Trailer from Dylan Howard on Vimeo.

Why isn’t Qubittech located in the U.S. or Canada?

Qubittech isn’t located in the U.S. or Canada simply because the founders might not have wanted to be based out of these two countries. However, people who reside in the U.S. or Canada can access the platform with technology that will allow them do so from other parts of the world.

Not all businesses can do businesses within the U.S. or Canada. Also, not all businesses want to business inside of Canada and America. Qubit Tech wasn’t fined or thought to be a fraudulent company in the U.S. or Canada. Truthfully, no one can honestly say why this organization wouldn’t operate within the U.S. or the Nation up North. A VPN is normally used for this purpose. Some people believe that Qubittech is a scam because of this reason. Still, that is not a good enough reason to call this organization a scam.

Things you can do with Qubit Tech

Qubittech will simply allow you to trade cryptocurrencies more effectively. However, this platform doesn’t always guarantee good results. The algorithms and AI processes will help an investor to make a more informed decisions about how to get the most out of cryptocurrency trading. Once an investor has this tool at their disposal, they should get a good return on their cryptocurrency. The next section will discuss Qubit Tech features and functions.

Qubit Tech Investment Products and Packages

Qubit Tech offers a lot of features and functions for account holders. Here is a quick overview of their services.

  • Qubit Tech utilizes 2 different types of trading strategies. The first one is known as Trading Robots through API and the second is known as Margin Trading Contracts. Trading Robots through API offers a 7% monthly profit, a direct binary bonus, and a monthly trading volume that is more than $100 million. Margin Trading Contracts benefits investors by giving them a 25% monthly profit, daily and weekly profits, and the use of a binary program.
  • Binary Program

The binary program allows investors to earn more through their crypto speculation. This is a great way for investors to improve their overall bottom line. There are 4 packages offered through this system.

  • Package 1 = 8%
  • Package 2 = 9%
  • Package 3 = 10%
  • Package 4 = 12%
  • Investment packages sizes vary by package level. Each package level runs out once it reaches 250% then it will become inactive. This means that an investor will earn at least 25% profit per month. Also, if you invest at least $1000 the robots (trading bots) are free.
  • Package 1 Bronze $100 level Bronze $500 level
  • Package 2 Silver $1000 level Silver $5000 level
  • Package 3 Gold $10,000 level Gold $25,000 level
  • Package 4 Platinum $50,000 level Platinum $100,000 level
  • Quick Start Bonus

This bonus is available for users within the first 15 days. An investor can get a bonus investment package back if you invite 4 people to your different investment package levels. This bonus package level will be equal to the level that the 4 people signed up for. The system will determine which package level is the average if all 4 invest at different levels.

  • Daily Payout

Daily payout will vary according to package level. Remember that the margin trading contract pays 25% per month. However, daily payout can be up to 2% per day. You can accept this payment process or you can stick to the weekly or monthly payment options for your package level.

  • Referral Program

Yes, there is a referral programs and we mentioned the benefits about this program in the quick start bonus section. Remember, both these programs are connected.

  • Minimum Withdrawal Amount

Just so you know the minimum withdrawal amount is $10 and you can withdraw money 7 days a week. Again, this will depend on your package level. Also, you should know that there is a 2.5% withdrawal fee.

  • You can Sign up Under Multiple Names

You don’t have to give your real name to use this platform. This might raise eyebrows with many people but that doesn’t mean it is anything illegal.

  • No Recruitment Needed

While it is beneficial to recruit people for Qubit Tech, you don’t need to recruit anybody to use this platform. This platform relies on cryptocurrency trading and not MLM or recruiting people to make a profit. This changes the dynamic of what this website offers and what it is trying to accomplish.

  • No Involvement Required

Most online automated systems that no assistance or involvement is required. All you do is set up your system and then sit back while the money rolls in. However, this is not true in most cases. Qubit Tech does offer this advantage. The platform is able to provide users with the tools they need to create a platform that will give them the best profit and the best ability to earn a profit.

How do you Join Qubittech

When you join Qubittech you will have to register on the site which can be found at You will then click the register button located at the top right of the screen and they follow the directions on the site to complete the process. You will click a confirmation email and then click your activate button to finish establishing your account. The platform will then explain what else you need to do to operate the system.

What are people really saying about Qubittech?

Many people are saying different things about Qubittech. First, this platform is still fairly new. What this means is that people are still trying to figure it out. Some people believe that this platform is good and other believes it’s bad. Still, some people believe that Qubittech is a mixed bag.

Why do some people claim that it’s good?

Well, some investors claim that this system does everything that they expect and a lot more. They like the way that it performs and the advantages that it offers for investing. Some reviewers claimed that the system made the crypto trading process more manageable. They also said that the program helped to educate them about how to become a better investor by how it performs.

Another benefit of the Qubit Tech system is its payout ability. Many account holders like the way the system pays out its clients. They also like the way the system performs over time. Depending on their package level they believe it is a good performing system that pays the appropriate profits.

Don’t forget that the system’s quantum algorithm program helps investors to select the best overall prices to make move. Whether it is buying, selling, or staying put; this system provides the knowledge they need to ensure that their investments are profitable, and they remain on point.

The program might be easy for some people to learn. I won’t make the assumption that all people will pick up on it right away. Remember, there are plenty of people who simply don’t have investment knowledge or investment skill. These individuals might have a learning curve to understand this whole entire process. So, while the program is fairly straight forward, it does have some challenges.

Still, Qubit Tech does most of the work for the investor. It was designed to operate in this way. People will have to simply figure out how the system works. Once they do, they can then start to maximize their potential with improving their crypto trading.

A Quick Word about Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and Altcoin

Don’t forget that Qubit Tech deals with a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Remember, bitcoin is the primary cryptocurrency on the market. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency. The name bitcoin is the alternative name for cryptocurrency. However, there are different types of cryptocurrencies.

Altcoins is the name given to different types of cryptocurrencies. There are different types of cryptocurrencies because the industry needed to develop different cryptocurrencies for different markets. This is similar to the different types of fiat money standards for different countries. The U.S. dollar is one type, and the Euro is another.

When altcoins are being traded on through Qubit Tech and other crypto trading platforms, they have to trade in their own sphere and according to their own value. Again, bitcoin is the king of them all. Altcoins represents other types of cryptocurrencies besides bitcoin. Qubit Tech deals with them all. This system exchanges them all. This is a huge bonus for the emerging cryptocurrency industry. Investors can take comfort in knowing that Qubit Tech can help their crypto investments to become more fruitful and important.  Cryptocurrency are kept in a wallet within the blockchain, CoinPayments & CoinBase are 2 that I highly recommend.

Why do some people say that Qubit Tech is a mixed bag?

Some people claim that Qubit Tech might be a scam because they don’t fully understand the system. They believe that it is rigged to take people’s money without giving them any profits. Remember, most people have the mindset that a platform like this will make them instantly rich.

The problem with so many automated money generating sites is that people falsely assume that they have to set up a site and then sit back while the profits roll in. This is not the case. People will have to put in work with Qubit Tech if they want the best results. However, if they do have the option of siting back and generating money from this site by simply using the automated system. Still, it is not guarantee that they will always be successful.

Keep in mind that just because a site claims that you can get daily payouts, doesn’t mean that it is going to happen. It simply means that you “might” be able to get daily payouts “if” the system will work for your advantage. So, don’t sign up believing that this system is always going to make you money.

Also, you should constantly be aware of the fact that people want to get-rich-quick. We mentioned this fact earlier in the article. The truth is that many people do want to make money right away without doing any type of work. This is the wrong mentality for anyone to have when it comes to investing. Still, many people approach this system in this way.

Why do people think that QubitTech is a scam?

Qubit Tech is also considered a scam because of certain factors associated with the program. First, some people don’t like the fact that the system is located outside of the U.S. Remember, most people believe that a legit company would operate in the number economy in the world. This is not always true.

There are plenty of legit companies within the European Union and in China. However, the prestige that the U.S. carries is very strong. If a company doesn’t have some type of valid U.S. connection, then it will be considered a scam.

Qubit Tech doesn’t have a legit Estonian (physical) address. They do have an email address which is Many companies take this approach to customer service. However, a business that doesn’t have a valid email address is usually seen as fake or a scam. This train of thought makes sense because if a business can’t be contacted at a legit address or phone number, that should raise red flags.

A few Qubit Tech reviewers say that the company hasn’t been registered with a trading commission with Estonia. They say that this important because the system works as a part of the investing industry. The rules for cryptocurrency investment are in place. However, they are beyond the scope of this article to mention them. Investors should read the trading commission rules for exchanging/trading this medium within this industry.

Final Thought

Keep in mind that some people don’t Qubit Tech because they simply don’t believe that this platform delivers. Remember, this platform has been around a little over a year and it has limited use because of the corona virus pandemic. Yes, many people have been online, but the cryptocurrency markets have also been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ultimately, the verdict is still out on Qubit Tech. You’re going to have to sign up and figure out for yourself if this cryptocurrency platform is suited for your goals and aspirations as an investor.

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