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Is Somaderm gel a scam? New U Life Reviews tell all!

I have researched many New U Life Reviews, many that give details answering that very question! What do you say, is Somaderm gel a scam or not? Not sure, view the details in this article where I share all that I have found in many hours off scouring the internet. According to the Better Business Bureau, New U Life has an A- rating & in the Network Marketing Industry that is almost unheard-of. The company is also listed as an Online Retailer that is not accredited by the BBB and has 97 complaints in the past 3 years although they started in April 2018. Even more importantly, their BBB account only opened in May 2018 so realistically that's 97 complaints in just over 1 year.


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Top 5 New U Life Reviews

  1. A ‘miracle' healing gel, a cult-like following, and a fiercely protected empire” – By The Guardian who states that he first heard about the gel when a friend posted a picture of herself in a post on Facebook. She spoke of its fountain of youth abilities saying that she is now pain free and feels better than she has since she was 34 years of age, she is in her 50s. There is also a mention of a Reddit thread with the question WTF is the gel? The Guardian site, I must include is very anti MLM so keep that fact in mind when reading their review. I myself am not an anti Multi-Level Marketing minded person, I believe that there are many that are legit and get a bad rap for the scams, schemes, ponzi schemes and pyramids that aren't legitimate.
  2. Hormone Gel Cannot Make Health Benefit Claims; Somaderm Agrees to Modify, Discontinue Certain Claims After ERSP Review of Its Advertising” – By The Advertising Self-Regulatory Counsel (ASRC) which has merged with BBB National Programs, Inc. New U Life agreed to stop with the health performance claims and also that the gel is Homeopathic, also that while Somaderm is FDA registered with a National Drug Code (NDC), it's not FDA approved. Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program (ERSP) is an investigative unit of the advertising industry’s system of self-regulation and is with the Council of the BBB. Alex Goldstein, CEO & Principal Founder of New u Life stated through company channels “We at New U Life take our position and standing with ERSP very seriously, I would like to personally acknowledge the importance of the ERSP decision and will continue to work with them and provide them with updated information to make all description accurate and fair to the consumer.”
  3. New U Life Sells Over 500,000 Bottles of HGH Gel in their First Year” – By P&T Community = Pharmacy & Therapeutics Community. The original post was by the Cision PR NewsWire and their site states that it's from a Press Release by New U Life and that by sharing, they don't endorse them. Alexy Goldstein stated the following “I am humbled by this unbelievable, explosive growth. When I started this company in 2017, I wanted to change a few lives. I never imagined SOMADERM would go viral and benefit more than 150,000 people that I now consider my family.”
  4. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT NEW U LIFE” – By Truth in Advertising who filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) citing that the MLM Company New U Life is concentrating more on recruiting than on the selling of the products thereby showing that it is indeed a pyramid scheme, scam, ponzi scheme and not legitimate nor legal. TIA also mentions many specific posts on Social Media sites that show spammy and scammy practices that are becoming more and more common among the deceptive marketing community. Wouldn't it be much better and more morally correct to just be honest and then some will and some won't be interested? Why do direct selling leaders choose to use tactics that aren't direct and right out in the open?
  5. Somaderm: Can Human Growth Hormone Help You Lose Weight and Be Young Forever?” – By Abby Langer, a Registered Dietitian who received an email that she describes a “weird and cryptic” addressing her by name and asking if she had tried the gel. She had no idea what type of gel that the person was asking about so Abby asked for more details. The e-mail then went on and on about how great it was for anti-aging, joint pain and on and on & that many health professionals are using it. Abby decided to look deeper into it and complete her own review based on her research as an industry expert. Her logo and slogan are “Don't mess with Science” and she isn't a fan of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) nor Homeopathic Medicine.

The 3 active ingredients in the gel are:

  • Somatropin (human growth hormone)
  • Glandula Suprarenalis Suis (pig adrenal gland)
  • Thyroidinum (cow thyroid hormone)

Also that in order to be able to purchase the Somatropin HGH without a prescription it would have to be diluted 30x rendering it basically just H2O, yes just water. She also wonders how many of the promoters, distributors and/or customers are vegan and don't realize that cow and pig are included. She also does not recommend the gel and even states that persons without GH deficiency that the gel may cause joint inflammation & pain, worsening of diabetes and possibly increasing the risk of cancer.

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New U Life Reviews that I have shared

Who is Alexy Goldstein?Alexy Goldstein New U Life Somaderm Gel Founder

Alex “Alexy” Goldstein started his journey in the natural food, vitamin and supplement industry immediately out of high School taking over for his Father & Mother who left the family business to him. He at the same time also attended Fresno State University where he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Business, store owner by day and college student at night. Soon after graduation he decided to start producing his own products and become a Certified Homeopath and Herbalist.

Companies in addition to New U life:

  • Strike First Nutrition™ – Based in San Francisco specialing in proteins, strength & recovery products, hormones, activators, nootropics & sleep aids.
  • Liviotics™ – probiotics & meals utilized to treat people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), diverticulitis, gastritis, dysbiosis, Crohn’s disease and many other gastrointestinal issues and autoimmune disorders.
  • Earthly Benefits™ – Herbs and all natural cosmetics
  • XYGENYX™ – A licensing company for FDA registered products including Somaderm Human Growth Hormone Gel, KetoGen5 the new Keto offering and most likely others.

Peter Hoogenhoff & Jodi Hoogenhoff that new gelThe information and the picture of Alex Goldstein above were found on the website of Peter and Jodi Hoogenhoff, Ambassadors for New U Life ~ and are their websites.

If I were to join, I would most certainly choose to join their team, I am not and don't recommend that you do either but if you do choose to then I recommend joining these leaders. Both of their biographies on their about us page say that they are Network Marketing, Direct Sales & Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) veterans. They are involved in the fitness and fashion industries mainly but not exclusively in the European Market. Something that did really put me off was that their Social Media Profiles that they list on their bios are either not active or have very little activity. That fact does in my opinion create a red flag as it's important to know who you are joining, do you agree? Their contact us page does have both of their phone numbers and their company email addresses, there is also a schedule a meeting tab where you can set up a meeting in person, a phone call, Zoom or Skype call.

The New U Life Coaching Bonus ~ Referrals

The above YouTube video above explains how as an independent distributor, you can become qualified to be a coach and earn some significant bonuses for recruiting a well as having product sales volume. New U life is a binary compensation plan system & you must month after month keep qualifying your business. To qualify your business and be eligible for the coaching bonus you need at least 3 personal referrals on your right leg and 3 personal referrals on your left leg, with at least 10,000 volume points on your weaker leg. It is a weekly bonus and is paid out based upon the sales of all who you have personally sponsored and it's a % starting at 20% for a coach. There are also more levels to advance to and you are paid a higher percentage accordingly, the other ranks are Life Coach, Ambassador & Diamond Ambassador. The percentage for Life Coach is 30% for Ambassador it's also 30% then for Diamond Ambassadors back to 20% again. The catch besides the compensation plan being very hard to understand, it's also as most Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) are, stacked for those who can recruit. In the event that someone in your team sells a package and let's say that you're a Life Coach but there's no one between you and the purchaser who qualify as a coach, you not only get the 30% bonus as a Life Coach, you also get the other 20% as their coach. The same works for every level ….. sounds unsustainable doesn't it? Do you know that the average Network Marketer only ever personally sponsors 2 people? Yes, that's right and then they either go away or continue to struggle along barely earning any income if any at all. Worse yet, they continue to purchase the way overpriced products in order to remain an active distributor. Does that sound all too familiar? Unless you are a Professional Network Marketing Recruiting & Sponsoring Machine, I would stay away from New U Life.

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Final Words

Are you a representative and/or customer for new U Life Somaderm HGH Gel? Do you agree with the above review, can you change my mind? I am open-minded but as of right now, I am still not convinced that the Somaderm Human Growth Hormone is anything more than just a watered down bottle of pig & cow oils. I'm not saying that I or anyone else couldn't make some serious money promoting the “opportunity” and “products”, I am simply saying that it's not for me. Besides the fact that I'm not into nutrition, I also couldn't promote something that I had no belief in it working. As stated above, if you're not an amazing recruiter/referrer/sponsor then I wouldn't even consider this as an opportunity.

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Is Somaderm gel a scam? Do the New U Life Reviews above tell all? What would you like to add, share your comments, thoughts, questions etc….. in the area at the bottom of this page.

92 thoughts on “Is Somaderm gel a scam? New U Life Reviews tell all!”

  1. Hi, Tony.
    I always believe that before taking up any new project or indulge in a new product one must do proper research. So while considering the fact many of my friends are using Somaderm gel, I thought of doing some research I was surprised to know that this gel contains pig adrenal gland and thyroid hormone of a cow. Being a complete vegan, it was a complete negative revelation. Thanks, I have gone through your article and Research properly before entering into the venture.
    Warm Regards,                                                                                                                        
    Gaurav Gaurs

  2. Hello.

    Thank you for updating us with yet another review. This one is tricky. It so hard to come to believe how real a product can be not until you have met a real user for real feed back. Many have tried the NewULife product but not many applauding reviews you would expect of a great product. Your article would be a great gold for their improvement as well.

    Best regards,


  3. Another great article Tony, you always keep such an open mind when reviewing these products, and that helps us readers so much as we get a really honest insight into which products are legit and which ones to steer clear of, and I think after this I will be steering clear of the somaderm gel.

    Can’t wait for your next one.


  4. Thanks for sharing this review about NewULife product, many people have ventured into this company and there’s been a mixed feedback from them. I think there products shouldn’t be trusted with all heart, it sounds good what they do but it is always advisable that you consult a medical practitioner before using it.

  5. Thanks for always keeping an open mind Tony, and providing as many details as you can.

    In the last decade I have started to wonder about legitimate businesses that are questionable… ie they come close to ripping people off in some way, but may not be outright scams. One of the bigger issues, is that it takes a long time to investigate thoroughly. For some businesses, it takes as long to investigate them as it would to start out.

    That is why I am starting to question businesses that require a joining fee… it doesn’t give the new member a real option to check out what it involved. There is always more to find out later.

    On top of that, I have to question Growth hormone being used from a scientific perspective, and that in itself is quite involved and time consuming.

  6. Well, I have no clue if this company is trustworthy or not, but I agree that medicines like that should never be taken without a prescription.

    I use thyroid hormones from pigs, those a doctor prescribed to me, but you can’t just take those without any guidance whatsoever. The doctor can track your blood-work to see how your body and thyroid is doing. The same goes for other hormones. I would not trust a company myself that just sells these products without any further guidance. Especially when you say that their social media is dead, sounds fishy to me, so thanks for the warning!

  7. Somaderm is definitely not a scam because they offer quite a lot of very good products and that does not make them to be a scam. I actually appreciate the fact that this new U life is a very good products line and they offer the very best. Though their business model is mlm but that doesn’t mean they are a scam. Though I don’t want to join them but my friends are actually involved with them

  8. Hi Tony, 

    All of the reviews you chose were negative if I’m not mistaken, which is understandable because most people despise MLM representatives and their wares. I was involved with Amway at one time.

    With MLMs, it isn’t too difficult to start building a downline – if you don’t mind risking friendship along the way. The difficult thing is to get any of your downline to actually do anything other than drop out after a month or so.



  9. Hi, Thanks for the detailed and informative review you have given unto us. One thing I have noticed as far as MLM business is concern is that they have a lot of complaints yet no one  cannot dispute how potent most of their products are.
    From my experience in MLM, It’s the most annoying business ever, no matter how effective you work, your success is not in your own hands but rather depends on how much your team members work.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and research article. The main subject of this article is  Somaderm gel Reviews. It is truly commendable that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about New U Life. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Top 5 New U Life Reviews.In my opinion, every product of this company is a very effective Somaderm gel in its continuity.Because I have benefited from using this gel for a long time. So I would say anyone can try New U Life Product because it is a legitimate company.
    Finally, I enjoyed reading your article and I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you give me permission.

  11. My first thought: yikes! So many complains in one year! Their product must be legit, though, to have such an intense following. I can believe in the gel, BUT can I believe in the business…? I’m not sure. There just seems to be too much heavy stepping and mismanagement for me to want to get involved. I don’t think I would feel secure there. Thanks for the informative review!

  12. The fact is that no matter how good or bad a product is there must always be people that would be against it. That is just life for you. In a way it is good as it helps to checkmate these companies to make sure they are doing the right thing but on the other hand it can lead to creating a name for the company or brand. I have also not made use of this product but I have also come across those that say it is good and therefore legit but I have also come across those that consider it a pyramid scheme and a scam. You just have to do more research on it and decide if it is for you or not.

  13. As you state in your article this is a typical MLM business with all that entails. From this point of view I wouldn’t go near the company at all. But if I did, I would also do what you recommend and join the the lead team. 

    Regarding the product I am not impressed. Dealing with hormones and claiming health benefits like they do makes my alarm bells go off. Without any formal approvals and scientific research of the claims, this product will be a product that is a risk to my health. Further, when the amount of ingredients is so minimal as described in the review, this is a product comparable to “snake oil”. I would stay away from it.

  14. Hi Tony,

    thanks for going through all the details we need to know about this company and their business opportunity.  From what you have said, it doesn’t look like a great opportunity for anyone.  Especially when there is nothing to back up their claims and an inactive social account shows they are not that interested in helping you.

    I find that most MLM’s are making money, but only because they are getting their distributors to buy regularly and not because the distributors are finding any success…

    Anyways, thanks again

  15. Hey there,

    Thanks for this thorough review about new U life Somaderm.

    Actually I’ve heard so many things about this program, so many things like “you can make money promoting them” etc.

    But now that I’m seeing your review, I realize that they’re not worth my money…

    And anyway I don’t like MLM neither, that’s not my thing. I just don’t like the concept of always recruiting people in order to make money ! This doesn’t sound right,

    And the problem is that most companies today adopt this system… Sad reality

    Thanks again for the review


  16. Hey Tony

    Somadem New U Life GHG Gel sounds offputting, I hope you don’t mind me saying. It truly is as you put it a watered-down bottle of pig & cow oils. How can this address any ailment and with what can that help with exactly? These are the questions I am asking myself as I read through the article.

    Yes, I agree that it’s important to know who you are joining which is another concern. Overall, over 90 complaints in a year, none vegan-friendly ingredients, sketchy recruiting tactics, I would be very shy to join and or purchase from them. But, people are different so this might be someone else’s cup of tea if they have those recruiting skills which a lot of people like myself don’t have.

    I think we would surely head your warming and stay away from this.

    Solomon & Selina

  17. It looks like this company is doing very well, having a high amount of sales. I am not so sure about the claims of this product and the “cult like” following as is mentioned in the first article. I would not buy this, since it contains elements from cows and pigs, so joining this MLM or getting their product is out of the question for me. I also wonder how many of their customers are vegan and acively promote and use this gel … It’s important to always check the ingredients.

    As you stated in your article, an inactive social media profile is also suspicious for a company or a company coach, so I would not be convinced to join because of that either. And if the compensation plan is hard to understand, then it’s not for me. I need to know what I get when I sigh up for something. In general I’m not a fan of MLMs anyway. I prefer to use affiliate marketing.

  18. Like I said, on the business side, I would never do great with a platform such as this somadem where I have to refer and do referral every time just to qualify my business. Personally, I don’t think I have anyone on my business list who is interested in doing something like this and that is the more reason I feel it is better to just take my time and focus more on things more worthwhile for me. Thanks though

  19. Another great review Tony! I agree with you that the leaders behind the product are great but it is not a sustainable product. It is definitely an MLM that does not look like it will prove to have any longevity to it. The health market is already hard to crack into so you have to be upfront, legit, a great business plan and have your ducks in a row to be successful. 

    I wouldn’t sell or purchase the products based off your in depth review.

  20. Another great piece from you Tony but i don’t no this type of gel there a telling very good.but ni used it. I want to research them. Know one tell me how ist. And how to used. What time? What meser applying. I don’t no this and i can’t trust this.

  21. Another great piece from you Tony but i don’t no this type of gel there a telling very good.but ni used it. I want to research them. Know one tell me how ist. And how to used. What time? What meser applying. I don’t no this and i can’t trust this

  22. There are so many products online that tag themselves as related to good health benefits. Honestly, until today, I have not heard of this G and it is important to find out all the information you can before using the product. I have extremely sensitive skin, would not know this Gel is fit for people with sensitive skin.

  23. Hi, I’m impressed with their rating in BBB. That’s really difficult. I have also heard these guys before, Peter and Jodi Hoogenhoff. They seem to be doing really well.

    But I have arrived to the conclusion this platform is not for me. I also agree with you that it sounds a bit unsustainable.

  24. Well this company certainly sounds sketchy! I know that there is a huge market for anti-aging creams and serums, but this sounds more than a little strange. How pig adrenal gland and cow thyroid hormone can help with preventing aging is beyond me. To me, age is a part of life and we spend so much time trying to fight against it. As far as the earnings opportunity, you know from my previous comments that I am not big on MLM’s. Thanks for the review!

  25. Another great piece from you Tony! Somaderm is just one big red flag for me. In addition to being an affiliate marketer I am also a health worker and I say like reddit What the F is that gel? Claiming health benefits is a very serious thing and if this really was a fountain of youth and a miracle gel it would be quite revolutionary. Another aspect of it is the MLM recruiting that seems to be more important than the product itself. The product does not seem to be the focus here at all. So basically they are selling water according to Abby Langer. Lol! So in principle you could be selling anything because it is the recruitment that really is the thing here. And the pharaos on the top of the pyramids are the ones that benefits.

  26. I have come across New U Life before and I do not like the sound of them at all. I would not trust anything that claims to be a miracle gel for healing, but it is made from hormones. It is sad how many unsuspecting people would fall for that, and also shocking how scammers continuously take advantage of people and situations. They would be better off using their energy on positive stuff.

  27. Honestly I don’t trust New U Life at all and following from that I don’t trust their products including Somaderm. I don’t trust something that says it is made from hormones and then states it is a miracle gel for healing. Lots of tall promises and concerning statements are coming out from these people. 

  28. Somaderm Gel in all likelihood seems to be a MLM scheme focused on recruiting and making. I myself am no supporter of MLM schemes – legit or not and therefore the first thoughts coming to mind is – This is not for me.

    Thanks for sharing a very honest feedback and make the choice clear to anybody coming across Somaderm Gel or the like. Choice is still open to follow it but at your own risk and if it suits your personal choice.

  29. To be honest with you this sounds like another MLM that wants you to promote their product while spending your hard-earned money along with your time invested to so call help people while at the seem time making money. I have heard enough about these programs and have actually been a part of a few over the years to stay clear of them which promises you the world and nothing more when in the end all you are left with is just empty promises.

  30. hey,

    It is shocking to see the amount of scams people come up with to take advantage of people.  If more of them learned that they can make more money by helping people vs cheating them out of their money, we would see better products.   The only reason this product may have worked for someone was not due to the gel itself, but the belief that it did.



  31. It is shocking to see the amount of scams people come up with to take advantage of people.  If more of them learned that they can make more money by helping people vs cheating them out of their money, we would see better products.   The only reason this product may have worked for someone was not due to the gel itself, but the belief that it did. 

  32. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article i know it would help a lot of persons as it has helped me, although i would not get it yet i would still look for more reviews on this product and see hows it goes from here as i have encountered too many product fails…thanks once more you are really doing a great job.

  33. Thank you for your updated review on New U Life. I heard a lot of this HGH gel and I was swayed by it a bit. I mean I am a woman after all and it has a follower like a cult! I agree with you though maybe it is as effective as it claims. That is one thing that I hate about cosmetic products, you just don’t know what you get and the same goes for supplements. 

    I think that using the somaderm HGH alone will not prevent me from aging though. It has to be with the right diet and exercise as well. I think I am going to say no to my friend who sells it. 

  34. First of all, thank you for such a detailed review of Somaderm Gel New U Life. I obviously have not heard of it before and I can see it is an MLM network program. On the surface, it looks and sounds like a great program. But after reading your detailed review, I wouldn’t recommend it either.

    I can see from your comment section that people already have their own not very good reviews based on their experience with the product. 

    I am glad I stumbled upon this review as it has helped me know more about the product before making an informed decision.

  35. I have been using Somaderm for almost a month now. I have lost inches, BUT, I have been beginning to notice that my fingernails are peeling off in layers, charley horses from hell, and a friend of mine that has been using it has started to bruise extremely easy.
    I am stopping this as I am in my early 50’s and I need all my vitamins I get. haha. And it isn’t cheap either as someone stated earlier. Please do your research if you even have half a gumption to try this. I wish I had.

    • Thank you so much Susan for sharing your experience and warning about this product my friend.

      You are welcome back here to anytime,


  36. These products are likely not sold in my country as I haven’t heard of them before. One thing is that, a lot of people often can’t differentiate between MLM and pyramid schemes so, MLM programmes tend to be taken at face value more often than not.

    But putting all the information together, I won’t say outrightly that Somaderm is a scam. Thanks.

  37. Hi Tony

    If a product is over hyped, as this product clearly is, then you know for certain that the product has little scientific basis. They are trying to sell the idea more than the product, which is always dangerous to do. Trying to connect this to a MLM schemes is a new low, making more money for the owners than the poor lot below. It seems like they are playing a game of Chinese whispers, trying to make something better than it really is.

    I have  seen so many crazy health claims made by the alternative health industries, most not back up with double blind studies. It is so easy to do and yet people suffering are so desperate. They have no shame.



    • Hi Antonio,

      you are welcome and thank you so much my friend as I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.


  38. It is funny that you brought up about the pig’s gland in the ingredients for the gel. Many vegan people that I know are not aware of it if they have just become a vegan. Not only for beauty products that they use animal glands, it goes for the alcoholic drinks as well. 

    Their binary structure is similar to the program that I was involved called NPUSA. It is hard to work for a company that has binary structure and also has a product that is not that good. I am with you on there are many good networking companies with good products out there. But from my personal experience, if the product and the pay aren’t good, I should not get involved. 

    • Awesome Nuttanee!

      thank you for your detailed comment about the network marketing industry and what constitutes a legitimate company with good products.


  39. Thanks Tony very informative and thorough review. I have heard of Somaderm and never realized it was basically a marketing ploy. I highly believe in holistic approaches to some disease and prevention, but as with anything not approved by the FDA, we as consumers need to do our due diligence before spending our hard earned cash on a dud, or even harming our bodies.If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. It is sites like yours that can make investigating these products and finding out the truth a bit less time consuming and stressful. You laid it all out there and I am glad you provided links to the other reviews. I am looking forward to reading more from you and will share this with marketers and consumers alike. I am into anti aging and nutrition so I am happy to have found your website. Will check back often!

    • Wonderful Kay, you are welcome and thank you my friend.  I appreciate your interest in anti-aging and nutrition a well a your expert opinion in this review and why it’s not a legitimate product.

  40. Wow,

    Thank you for this review.

    Pig and Cow?  Really?  I don’t even know what to say.

    I’m so weary of all these youthful products and their claims these days.  It’s always a red flag for me if a company has to remove a claim for legal reasons.

    The whole dilution thing is good to know too.  It has to be diluted to the point that it’s practically useless.

    Thanks for saving me from making a big mistake and throwing my money away.


  41. I have never heard of Somaderm Gel, but after reading your review, I’m very skeptical about it. And not only because of your detailed review, but also because of the ingredients in this so-called “miracle” product. Pig and cow oils and human growth hormone …? I do not see how that can cure and heal or make someone look younger or whatever it is supposed to achieve … And as you said, many people who are vegan probably do not even know what is in it – although most vegans always check ingredients before they buy or promote something, I do too, but well, you never know … 

    It sounds to me like something that is attributed many benefits when in fact it doesn’t have any. And – like many companies now do – you can’t just buy the product, you have to recruit … well, you don’t have to, but that’s how you make money, right? No, this is definitely not for me. I can understand why they already received so many complaints. 

    • Thank you Christine for your thorough comment after reading my review of the Somaderm HGH Gel New U Life product and opportunity.

  42. Let me chip in and share my experience about MLMs so people evaluating this Somaderm company will be warned of the possible money-drain waiting for them inside the program.

    When you join such company, you won’t notice you’re being fried in your own fats or own oil. You’re spending money each month just to qualify for the bonuses and guess where the bigger money goes? Up to the company!

    The owners have the chance to earn 50% or even higher than that while the remaining 50% is divided among the leaders and downline distributors. No wonder why a lot of people find themselves later that they’re more broke than they were before joining the program.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience within the MLM industry Gomer, you are welcome here at this site anytime.


  43. As humans we love instant results. In cures, weight loss, making money etc. We are so desperate to believe. Hence when we see “proof” that others have experienced what we want, our reaction is to accept what we are told as the truth. It makes it easy to subscribe and follow the plan.

    I read the reviews and became very skeptical about this Somaderm Gel. When a product or a MLM business is hyped up so much, it’s like religion! I have learned through the school of hard knocks that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. 

    You have done a fair job in reviewing this company and the Somaderm gel. Thanks for sharing. 


    • You are welcome Edwin & thank you for sharing your well thought out response my friend.

      You have shared very truthful information and I appreciate your experience in the industry, humans are indeed a want it now species and we’re becoming even more impatient & expect immediate results.


  44. Hi Tony,

    I love natural and organic products as they are chemical free and vegan. 

    This article truly reveals why Network Marketing is not as popular as it should be. 

    There are some companies that solely focus on recruitment rather than products.

    I read about the 3 active ingredients of somaderm gel from your post and that is an eye opener. 

    I don’t like to put anything on my body that is not natural and also can’t suggest people, I understand how unhealthy this is.

    Thank you for sharing the pros and cons of the gel and also for giving detail on how so many people have issues using it.

    Such posts are really necessary for the awareness and they need maximum reach so people get aware of these things.

    • Hi Neha,

      thank you for sharing that you love natural and organic products as they are chemical free and vegan.

      You are welcome here anytime my friend,


  45. A lot of people will definitely be over the moon hearing what this product does, without making a proper research on the product. 

    It’s a great feeling to finally get an honest review on somaderm gel. 

    I was actually thinking it was going to be worth the try, but it appears not since it has lots of red flags. 

    I’m glad I did my findings before making a move.

    • True SeunJeremiah,

      many have indeed been led to believe that the product is some kind of miracle that will stop and even reverse the aging process.

      I am also glad that you found this review and it was able to assist you in your research of the product, what it does and doesn’t do.

      Thank you my friend,


  46. I think I have read something about this product before. 

    The recommendation I got was not to move near this product. 

    Come to think of it how can a drug company register with FDA and not FDA approved? 

    This means something is fishy in their reputation aspect. 

    I love any review that open ones eye into something that can’t do us any good. 

    It will guide not to move near the product. 

    Thanks for this clarification about somaderm.

  47. New U Life is another poorly thrown together Multi-Level Marketing program and the HGH or Human Growth Hormone gels are largely ineffective which leads to 97 BBB complaints in a year and a half. 

    For every complaint filed and unresolved there are 20-30 others who didn’t file a complaint and just told their friends and family to stay away. 

    This is likely not a scam but it is buyer beware and the longevity of the business opportunity is uncertain.

  48. Hi Tony

    Great review and thanks for pointing out everything about Somaderm Gel – I love Natural Products and this product doesn’t give me a safe feeling.

    With so many MLM companies claiming to have the best products it is refreshing to read this review as it gives me clarity when thinking about purchasing and this is one I am not going near.

    • Hi Vicki,

      you are welcome and thank you my friend.

      I am happy to hear that you will also steer clear of this product and opportunity & I sincerely hope that other friends do as well.

  49. Excellent  article on Somaderm Gel,this product which you explained,the prons and cons,really the any program that has bad review from the people needs to be well researched of before joining such,I actually love your saying;(I believe that there are many that are legit and get a bad rap for the scams, schemes, ponzi schemes and pyramids that aren’t legitimate)Thank you for exposing everything about this particular program,it helps someone to make a decision,your post is a real guide,thank you for sharing this helpful review.

    • You are welcome Abayomi and thank you my friend for reading and commenting on this review of the New U Life opportunity and the Somaderm HGH Human Growth Hormone Gel.

  50. This is just amazing, we don’t see articles like this every time because only few authors can take the time and stress to do what you’ve done. 

    This article has Opened my eyes to the reality about this product, I went through some testimonials and I must say the were enticing but there was still something my mind held on to that made me raised my red flag.

    its the formula, I believe Somaderm is a no go area product and even for marketers like me.

    We should be honest with our dealings, we shouldn’t promote products we are not so sure of. 

    Thanks for sharing this educative and interesting article, its nice.

    • You are welcome Jones & thank you my friend, I do appreciate the wonderful compliments.

      Honesty, especially in our industry i very important and how we deal with friends as well.

  51. This is an in-depth review of the product as I never knew of something like this before. Sometimes, I am actually scared off using products like these due to having any side-effects that would affect me later. But the way you have nailed it down, it’s amazing and to be honest, your review has helped me go forward to possibly make a purchase soon. Cheers!

    • If you do indeed purchase the gel and/or become an independent distributor LK, keep in mind that I have not recommended them and that you’ll need to contact someone who does.

      Take care my friend and also take the time to read more of the reviews before moving forward please.

      Cheers LK,


  52. Thanks Tony, a really good analysis. 

    I have looked at quite a few of these plans and I am not a fan of people being rewarded for recruiting others to sell product (unless it is an employee situation). 

    It breeds mistrust and it’s not something I am comfortable with.

    It may not be a scam, but as you said if the product has been diluted 30 times, then it’s closer to water than it once was. 

    Same goes with lemon infused water. It is not lemon, just scented water. 

    So I am not convinced there is anything beneficial in the product & like you I will keep an open mind and would be happy to be proven wrong.

    • You are welcome Peter and thank you my friend, I love your comparison with th lemon water and it’s spot on.

      I, myself do prefer Affiliate Marketing over Network Marketing as in most MLM situations the product and/or service gets marked up in order to sweeten the compensation plan to attract the heavy hitters.

      Also always open-minded and ready to learn, you are welcome & thank you Peter.


  53. Hi Tony,

    There are many red flags with Somaderm gel and I was shocked when I read about the number of complaints. I do agree that there will be negative comments about everything online. However, 97 complaints is a big red flag for me.

    With most of the MLM companies, they focus more on recruiting than selling, and the big money is when you build your team. Nowadays we cannot base our purchase decision based on the claims made by the product creators. Information you shared that Somaderm agreed to modify their health claims was very helpful.

    I have tried some MLM’s in the past and things are not great. Based on my experience compared to the MLM business model, Affiliate Marketing is the best business model. Also, the MLM business model has a low success rate.

    • Hi Paul,

      yes I agree my friend that the MLM business model has a low success rate.  I also feel however that every business model has a low success rate because of so many factors including the main reason …… People quit on themselves and many times without ever showing up, a big percentage sign up then disappear.

      Thank you my friend for stopping by  to read and comment, you are welcome here anytime Paul.


  54. I like how you have come out to say that you would not join this company because of many reasons. For me, I am not into MLM. I don’t like the company and I don’t think that I can join in because I have seen people who have joined and couldn’t make good money off it. The health and fitness niche is already saturated and so why would I want to squeeze myself in. Doesn’t make sense to me at all. Thank you for informing us and I guess the founders should make use of their social medias more. Maybe we’ll be convinced a little bit.

    • You are welcome John and thank you!

      The health and wellness industry is actually in spite of the huge amount of people promoting their sites, very prosperous and not saturated in my opinion.

      The company distributors aren’t very active on social media for fear of being exposed as I see it, definitely a bad sign.

  55. That is a whole lot of complaint for just one product in one year but it can also depend on the number of people that made use of the product in that particular year. I mean, if the number of users for that particular product that year was very high then the number of complaints might be reasonable because you can never please everyone but if its number of users were not high then that is a really worrying factor considering the number of people that had an issue with Somaderm Gel.

    • Absolutely true Jay and we also must remember that not everyone will file a formal complaint either.  With the gel supposedly being an anti-aging fountain of youth miracle cream, many of the customers are most likely over the age of 50 and not as well versed on using the internet to place a claim.

  56. While I have never heard of Somaderm or New U Life, I’m glad I found this article!  I’m just a newbie when it comes to affiliate programs, but I’ve learned that I don’t want to put my trust into a company that I don’t fully stand behind.  I would have a difficult time supporting this program.  I’m not a believer in putting products laden with chemicals in or on my body.  I wouldn’t use the product, therefore, I wouldn’t feel right promoting it.  Thank you for your well-researched review.  I appreciate it!  Cheers!

    • You are welcome and thank you my friend for taking the time to read and comment, I also don’t like putting chemicals in or on my body.


  57. Wow Tony, you have certainly done your homework here. I was doing research on what the gel was made of as one of my friends recommend I try it. I think she is a distributor. I have to think twice now after reading this as cow and pig oils or hormones watered down don’t sound like a miracle cure to me. Thanks for the useful links provided  I am going to forward this on to my friend  

    Even doing any sort of network marketing is a lot more hard work than people make it out to be. My friend however loves it as she is a natural born saleswoman. Do you have any suggestions for a network marketing opportunity that sells highly sought after products that aren’t overpriced?

    • Hi Michel,

      yes my friend do share this article as well as the others with your friend who is a distributor as she may not be aware of the facts.

      Since she is as you say, a natural born saleswoman, I would recommend that she thoroughly research the product and/or service that she would be interested in promoting by doing a Google, Yahoo, Bing or another search engine search.

      The Somaderm in my honest opinion could do more harm than help & I couldn’t promote it in good faith.

      Thank you Michel, you are welcome my friend.


  58. What an interesting review; I really enjoyed reading through it. Thank you for doing such a thorough job researching!

    When first reading the claims of those becoming pain free with Somaderm Gel, I have to admit I was intrigued. Until reading your article however, I had no idea what the formula included. I now think the product is not only unsafe as a whole but I am doubtful of the claims of pain relief being legit.

    I personally have no problem with the MLM marketing structure itself but I feel most companies who employ it do it in a way that does not benefit the majority of their sales representatives. Most times the top 1% are the only reps who are making any money while much of their income is coming from other reps who are simply purchasing the product to continue their eligibility. 

    I am grateful you shared this information. I might otherwise have found out the hard way! Thanks so much!

    • You are welcome Shan and thank you so much for your well thought out comment my friend.

      I feel that many of the representatives who promote the gel are having the placebo effect and are blinded by their desire to wealth.

      I don’t often call a site or program a scam but yes, in this instance I do indeed feel that friends need to be warned and not learn the hard way.

      Thank you Shan, you are welcome here anytie my friend.


  59. Hey Tony, 

    This is a great post about somaderm & New U Life! In this world full of affiliate programs, it’s better we need to know more about the dark sides of each one then decide to jump into. The somaderm seems something harmful to our body, and it might cause joint inflammation & pain. I think this went too far to accept, and for me, I only want to promote something helps people and provide them value, so I might skip this and choose another program. Thanks for this article before I become one of their distributors, and I would also share this informative post with someone needed! 

    • Hey Matt,

      thank you my friend for the compliment and also for sharing & caring so that we can assist friends in avoiding these types of scammy sites.  I sincerely believe that they won’t be around to see the end of 2020 if not sooner.

      You are welcome back here anytime Matt,


  60. Thank you very much for this nice review, You have given an in depth review of what the Somaderm Human Growth Hormone and your review clearly shows is also a No No for me, I have never been a nutrition expert or well versed with that niche so I can’t market what I have no knowledge of. Anyone else can give a try thou. 

    • You are welcome Charles my friend, I do feel that those who are health and wellness experts wouldn’t approve or promote these products or the so called opportunity either.

      Thank you,


  61. Thank you for doing so much research on this company and publishing it on your site. I too dislike MLM because it’s so often just a pyramid scheme with products and, given all the complaints about this company, that definitely seems to be the case here. Really important that people can find this out before signing up. You’re providing a really valuable service, thank you.

    • You are welcome my friend and thank you for taking the time to read and comment.  I don’t believe that all MLM companies are pyramid schemes but this is certainly one that I do.

  62. Hello there, thank you for taking your time to out to write this wonderful post. 

    There are lots of people who do not know the truth about this product and would just opt in to buying it. 

    There could be side effects form using such product which you don’t know and that’s why we need to make lots of research before using such things. 

    I’ll inform others about this post so they can benefit from it. 

    Best  regards

    • Hello there Chloe,

      yes my friend the products that we put into our bodies should be researched even more than the others.

      You are welcome and thank you for sharing & caring,


  63. Well, I also share the same view with you concerning  somaderm gel from newUlife. To be very honest, I was optimistic about the opportunity presented by them until I read this review and I was so sure that this is just another hyped mlm business. How on earth would you have 97complaints in a year, its not just done. Besides, I see no reason why I should promote an MLM product which at first has difficulty with being accepted by people and also, somewhat costly to which I may not meet my target to be able to win any commission. I guess this is just not for me. Thanks Tony

    • You are welcome Mattias & it’s my pleasure to share with friends the reviews that I have researched, thank you my friend!


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