Is Wiseling a Scam? 2021 Wiseling Review

Wiseling is another online investment scheme that has recently entered the market. This particular investment platform is just one of many online get-rich-money schemes that are commonly found on the internet. The following Wiseling Review will examine what this Website is about, what it has to offer, and will help you to figure out if Wiseling is a scam. Keep reading this material if are considering investing your money into this online money-making opportunity.

A Brief Overview of Wiseling

Wiseling was founded in October 2011 by Brian Falk, Chelsey Bingham, and Matias Lappo. These three individuals don’t have a lot of personal information online about themselves. However, Matias Lappo is considered the main person behind the company because he is recognized as the CEO. Anyway, the company provides investment opportunities for people.

Investors can risk their finances in 3 different ways. They can invest money, cryptocurrency, or assets. When it comes to assets businesses or individuals can trade their assets and use them to invest. Of course, the company will have to evaluate the value of these assets before they can be used for this purpose. This gives investors more flexibility and range when investing.

Don’t forget that Wiseling is a High-Yield Investment Program or HYIP. A HYIP investment scheme simply means that a person can quickly make a lot of money within a short amount of time. This is what Wiseling promises its clients.

There is another element to Wiseling. The company is also an affiliate or MLM scheme. What this means is that clients can also make money by referring more people to their business. The more people they refer, the more money they will supposedly make. This is especially true for this type of investment scheme.

A Couple of Confusing Things you Need to Know about Wiseling

The company was established way back in 2011. However, some records indicate that it was forged in 2015. Still, it didn’t make it to the market until 2021. This is rather unusual for a highly qualified investment opportunity. Why would they wait so long to make this venture available to the public?

Another thing that is troubling is that many online sources refer to Matias Lappo as a paid actor. Since he is the forefront figure of this organization, there are plenty of people that believe that he is a fake. Some people say that he was hired by scammers who created this site to act like a CEO.

Some videos about Lappo have been removed from video-sharing sites after he uploaded them. This creates a lot of suspicion for this organization. People who believe that a CEO is a fake just don’t put a lot of faith into a company or what it stands for. Unfortunately, this is what is happening to Wiseling.

To make matters worse, there are plenty of online resources that claim that the venture is being operated by crooks. They claim that the site was created by Russian scammers and that these individuals operate from unknown locations while promoting this site.

The company is supposedly headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. When the address and physical location were being checked in Helsinki, nothing turned up for this company. This of course sent a lot of red flags to people who invested (and who wanted to invest) into this organization. Okay, if you want to make an attempt to reach the company on your own, here is their information:

Their address is Itakatu 1-5 3rd & 4th floor, 00930 Helsinki, Finland.

Their phone number is +358 4661 564 77

Their email address is:

You will be lucky if you can reach anyone at the company. However, you should give it a try if you are serious about doing business with this organization.

Also, there is another individual named Elias Mattila who was also supposed to be a founder. However, he isn’t officially mentioned in information about the company. He just sometimes shows up on information about the company. Some people believe that Elias Mattila is another fake person added to the shady team at Wiseling. Apparently, he is there to give the company more credibility.

Wiseling also promises large returns. In some cases, these returns can be as high as 20%. This should send huge red flags to people because legit investment organizations rarely (if ever) provide these types of returns. Even though Wiseling is a HYIP, they’re an unproven investment venture that promises unrealistic returns. For wise investors, this is a scary thing.

Wiseling also has many other issues, but the ones that were mentioned in this section are the biggest concerns of clients and potential investors. Even though this is the case, Wiseling is doing something right, because people are buying into what they are selling.

What exactly does Wiseling sell?

Wiseling sells investment products that come in a variety of levels. We already discussed that these products are sold for money, cryptocurrency, or assets. You will have to invest your money and allow a group of Wiseling investing experts to get you the most money possible.

By the way, the site has a group of professional traders, sociologists, financial analysts, economic experts, political experts, and market analysts. All these individuals work together to help you get the best return for your money. They conduct daily research, observe (and interpret) world events, evaluate new and existing tech opportunities. This is all being done to ensure that you can turn a big profit.

This network of investment experts supposedly is there to help you to succeed. However, no one can seem to figure out who these people are. That doesn’t matter because people have made money with this company. Even though this is the case, people still want to know who is helping them to make a lot of money if they do turn a good profit.

Here is a breakdown of each investment plan for each investing category:

Fiat (Money) Assets Category:

  • Fiat currency – Invest $50 to get a 0.8% to 1.3% daily return for 16 days.
  • Forex market – Invest $3000 to get 1.1% to 1.6% daily returns for 24 days.
  • Stock market – Invest $15,000 to get 1.3% to 1.8% daily for 30 days.
  • Commodity exchanges – Invest $50,000 to get 15% to get 2% daily return for 36 days.
  • Futures market – Invest $150,000 to get 1.8% to 2.4% daily return for 42 days.

Cryptocurrency Category:

The Wiseling Bitcoin Investment Scheme

  • White package – A 100 days’ package, minimum 0.01btc to 5btc (profit 2% daily)
  • Red package – A 100 days’ package, minimum 15btc (profit 2.70% daily)
  • Black package – A 100 days’ package, minimum 15btc (profit 2.70% daily)

Ethereum Investing which is another form of Blockchain

  • White package – A 100 days’ package, minimum 0.5ETH to 200ETH (profit 2% daily).
  • Red package – A 100 days’ package, minimum 200ETH to 700ETH (profit 2.4% daily).
  • Black package – A 100 days’ package, minimum 700ETH (profit 2.7% daily).

Industrial Assets Category:

Medical industry – A 180 days’ package, minimum $500 to $50,000 (Profit $2.70 daily).

IT industry – A 200 days’ package, minimum $50,000 (Profit $3 daily).

*The medical and IT industry assets category is just for those two types of industries. Wiseling focuses exclusively in these 2 areas because they provide the best trade (investment value for ventures).

As you can see, these are some extremely good returns for each category of investment. This is a little too good if you ask a financial expert. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) warns people that if an investment venture sounds too good to be true, then people should probably avoid it.

A Quick Word about HYIP Investment Online Opportunities from the SEC

The SEC warns people that they should never invest in any venture promising high returns. The reason being is that most ventures cannot deliver high returns unless they’re doing something illegal, immoral, or shady. Wiseling kind of falls into this category but they are not necessarily regarded as fraudulent.

Here’s the reason why. Wiseling isn’t registered with the SEC. However, they are registered with the Finland FSA or Fin-FSA. This organization is the Finnish version of the SEC. They oversee investment organizations within Finland. Their job is to make sure that fraudulent investment schemes and companies are not ripping people off.

Matias Lappo has been online telling people that his organization is registered with the Fin-FSA. He states that since they are registered with this organization, they are credible. People who have checked into Lappo’s Fin-FSA registration realized that his claims were true, but they were not accurate. Let me explain.

Wiseling is registered as a legit investment platform but they don’t have a good track record in this department. Also, they seem to only have done enough of the registration process to make themselves be a valid investment group. Still, they operate their organization with some secrecy, and they are not completely transparent about everything they do.

Many of the people who register complaints about this company come from the U.S., South Korea, and Pakistan. Honestly, you would believe that many investors within America would be wise about investing with these types of organizations. However, this is not the case.

Many American investors are being duped by this organization. This doesn’t make sense the U.S. has some of the best investment over site within the nation. Still, many people within the states are being duped by online investment opportunities.

Again, the SEC doesn’t outright claim that Wiseling is a scam. They seriously caution investors not to become too involved within this organization. The claims about the group have been many. They also state that the company seems to be a vague operation with little transparency or accountability. Ultimately, the SEC warns people about get rich companies and online opportunities because they tend to be bogus.

Let’s take a Look at Wiseling’s MLM Scheme

The following levels outline the MLM scheme needed for investing and profiting from the MLM scheme. The more people you refer the more money you can make.

Level 1 – Personal investment starting from $50. This level gives you access to Wiseling referral system (4%);

Level 2 – Structure’s turnover is $2000 (6%)

Level 3 – Structure’s turnover is $15000 (8%)

Level 4 – Structure’s turnover is $60000 (10%)

Level 5 – Structure’s turnover is $300000 (12%)

Level 6 – Structure’s turnover is $2000 (14%)

Level 7 – Structure’s turnover is $1500000 (16%)

Level 8 – Structure’s turnover is $4000000 (18%)

Level 9 – Structure’s turnover is $15000000 (20%)

Level 10 – Structure’s turnover is $30000000 (22%)

Level 11 – Structure’s turnover is $60000000 (24%)

Level 12 – Structure’s turnover is $100000000 (27%)

Many people automatically assume that the MLM aspect of this business makes it a Ponzi scheme. If you don’t know what a Ponzi scheme is then let me explain. A Ponzi scheme works by getting a group of initial investors to risk their money into a venture.

Then, the second group of investors is used to pay the first group. Then a third group of investors is used to pay the second group. This process continues on for as long as the scammers can pull it off. Eventually, the scammers won’t be able to recruit any more people to carry out the scheme. Once the scheme reaches this point, the scammers disappear with people’s money.

This goes back to what was stated earlier. You can make money with a Ponzi, if you’re on the upper level of this pyramid scheme. However, if you’re coming in at the back end, you might as well kiss your money goodbye. No one will be left to pay you anything. Also, the people running the scam will take money from every investor so they can make money as well.

This is what a lot of complaints about Wiseling have been about. A lot of people have been saying they have been investing but they haven’t been able to get a return on their money and they haven’t been able to recoup their initial investment.

Some people claim to have made money with the MLM scheme but they said that they didn’t make a lot. Keep in mind a few lucky people have figured out how to get over on pyramid schemes and they can legitimately make money. They are the exception to the rule. However, most investors and affiliates lose more money than they make. Don’t forget the bitcoin aspect of this investment business. Remember, bitcoin is the latest financial investment scheme that is a hot venture.

Why are so many companies using bitcoin schemes to rip people off?

Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is the newest form of finance in today’s world. People all across the globe are getting more involved with cryptocurrency because it allows them to make purchases, it is very secure, and it is becoming more affordable.

However, bitcoin is now being manipulated by con men and schemers. These individuals realize that the bitcoin market is still developing, and they know they can take advantage of people. Wiseling doesn’t necessarily come off like they are trying to rip people off from their bitcoin. But that doesn’t mean that this doesn’t happen.

If a person doesn’t fully understand bitcoin then it will be easier to rip them off. Bitcoin is money. You will pay money to get it. Some people can mine for it or complete a complex verification process to find it. However, those individuals must have special knowledge to find bitcoin.

The rates of bitcoin will vary by the different types of cryptocurrencies. There are many different types of cryptocurrencies on the market. Some of these currencies are more popular than others. Wiseling tries to focus on a few of the many cryptocurrencies.

The fact that people can be ripped off from their bitcoin is a disturbing reality. It forces many people to constantly learn how this currency works. Taking these steps is very important because it will protect a person from being taking advantage of. Again, Wiseling doesn’t seem like they’re trying to rip people off in this way, but some people have claimed they have. Again, we can’t verify these claims but we should pay attention to them.

The Wiseling Website

The Wiseling Website seems like it has been shut down. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. This is another huge red flag. The company’s site has been shut down. This doesn’t make sense for an organization that supposedly is a legit outfit.

When stuff like this happens, it is hard to validate if an investment organization is legit. You must seriously consider why a so-called legit investment opportunity always seems to have lots of problems. This does not help a company’s reputation or their credibility with investors. There are other portals for Wiseling. But you need to ask why would the company not have a basic legit website?

Hey, if some organization or person has something to hide, these are the types of things that they will do. Still, Wiseling is legit. Again, people have truthfully made money with them. You just have to decide for yourself if you want to invest with an organization that doesn’t have a general website that promotes who they are and what they do.

More Info on Wiseling

Wiseling has allowed some people to profit financially. This is a wise move on their part. If the company is bogus, they simply can’t go around ripping everybody off. This would cause too many people to start complaining. This in turn would raise too many eyebrows and somebody would respond. So, Wiseling has been paying out some money which gives them legitimacy. Still, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are 100% solid.

Don’t forget that the company markets itself as an investment enterprise. This means they have been involved in the investment community. Keep in mind that they are not recognized within that community. Some investing industry members are aware of Wiseling but they are very skeptical of them.

Many investment partners consider Wiseling a sketchy organization. They could be legit but that doesn’t mean they are 100% trustworthy. Remember, most investment organizations are registered with the SEC. They frequently partner with and cooperate with other investment organizations.

Is Wiseling a Scam?

Wiseling is not necessarily a scam but it isn’t the most legitimate investing company on the market. Many people claim that it is a Ponzi scam and an MLM scheme but that doesn’t mean that the company isn’t operating in the best way. Wiseling isn’t always transparent about what they do and how they do things.

Their level of secrecy and deceptive practices tend to make them fraudulent. They are also hard to contact and they seem vague about a lot of things. Their company is not easy to reach even though they have a valid address, phone number, and email account.

The main thing to remember about Wiseling is that you can invest. Just do your homework! Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. If not, this company just might take advantage of you. Wiseling has raised a lot of complaints during its short time on the market. Ultimately, Wiseling is no scam but it might not be the best place for a person to risk their hard-earned money.

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  1. Big SCAM company!! Withdrawal problem from this crypto exchanges have caused me a lot of lost, I lost 7 bitcoin first and lost cryptocurrency worth $54,000 worth again with bitrex, I was thinking ill probably have to sell my two cars to cut the lose, but a friend who got into cryptocurrency earlier than I did referred me to a person who helped me. while I was sure bent that my money was lost, to my almost surprise and shock, I got my money back including all profits.

  2. While investing in bitcoins, be cautious. If your bitcoin gets stolen, then it can be a very frustrating time but instead of getting frustrated, it is important to act fast so that you can get your money back. Unluckily, there are many victims that do not get their money back because it is very hard to track down the people behind it. The thief is either in another country or using fake identities. But in some cases, it is easy to track the person who has stolen your bitcoin. Tracing bitcoin is not hard for the bitcoin forensics or specialists.

  3. Wiseling investment packages sounds like a great deal of business because of its daily profit percentage rates it promises. And especially because it has a portfolio of known owners and a physical address in Finland. But, with most online marketing companies, out there one can hardly tell if they are scam or real because even the fake ones give out a scam alert to make them appear like its real. So, your decision to invest would entirely be based on your convictions and need. And if wiseling business model meets that need. Then you can be sure of putting your money there.


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