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Is your LinkedIn profile being viewed – Are You a LinkedIn Big Influencer?

LinkedIn Tony Lee Hamilton


Is your LinkedIn profile being viewed?

Are You a LinkedIn Big Influencer?

Do You want to be?

More importantly is your LinkedIn profile being viewed by those Friends, Business Associates and Potential Clients?

While being viewed is very important, it is even more important that the right persons view your profile and that when they do that your profile is ready.

For your profile to be ready it should provide just enough information to show that you are a professional and an expert in your area of choice.

If you are a Home Inspector then you would want to be viewed and seen by Realtor Professionals who you are already connected on LinkedIn with but also by Realtors who you are not yet connected with.

As we all know referrals are the greatest compliment that anyone can give us as Business Professionals so have your LinkedIn profile in great shape at all times for potential clients that Friends and Referral Partners have referred to you will see that you are in the top of your industry.

Share your Website and Social Media pages as well so that your referrals will be able to view the services that you provide but will also connect with you on a more personal level creating trust and recognition when meeting face to face.

Prior to an appointment and/or meeting face to face with a potential client I like to send an email with my website in the signature block that can be easily visited and I have my Social Media sites there as well as what I am passionate about.

Your website, LinkedIn page and other sites should not only show your professional side but also your personal side so that referrals can connect and identify with you.

Many of you already know that I am Veteran, a Detroit Tigers baseball fan and love to fish, spend time with my Family, Community & Church.

Thank you Friends for commenting below with your thoughts about getting the right profile views to you LinkedIn profile and/or anything else that you believe would be helpful as I strive to learn something new every day.

Thank you Friends for sharing & caring,

Tony Lee Hamilton

LinkedIn Tony Lee Hamilton
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Tony Lee Hamilton

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