iWriter versus HireWriters Review

iWiter vs. HireWriters

Review of iWriter versus HireWriters

Are you contemplating on doing blog site writing?
Wish to earn money by your composing abilities, or searching for finest article composing sites for your very own functions?
There are a wide variety of writing platforms on the web these days, and all of them offer the same basic service: hiring someone to write whatever you need them to write. As simple as it sounds. Of course, the internet has made this type of services a lot easier to get, and a lot better if you search carefully. So our interest in this review is to talk about one of the most well-known writing services webpages out there:
iWriter.com comparing some of its crucial components with HireWriters.com, another fast growing platform.
Let's begin the journey!
Today I am going to talk about with you 2 popular article composing services sites.
Those are iWriter and HireWriters, Both platforms for freelance writing. Both websites accommodate those planning to get composing tasks provided for their own sites, and writers who are looking for a location to utilize their abilities to make money.
Talking about the platform itself, iWriter is a very popular one, and it has almost 900,000 writers available. The amount of jobs posted a month can reach 100,000, and the articles written as of today (December, 2017) is higher than 6.5 million. This numbers make a compelling argument that the platform and its writers deliver the job in the way they should, and that costumers all around the globe are seeking for the services of the writers day after day –and that can only happen if the service delivered comes with great quality.

One important thing about iWriter is that its system accepts writers to join the community wherever they are, meaning they could be writing from any country in the world and still get access to being a writer for the platform. This is important because other platforms, like HireWriters.com does not allow people outside of Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. They say that this is a way to assure your articles have a decent level of English as they will be written by native speakers, but we all know this is not true. There are many people living in the aforementioned countries who are not native English speakers, and there are also many native speakers living outside those countries. So, that policy clearly restricts both foreigners with excellent English skills and native English speakers living outside English speaking countries. So bear in mind that an IP address does not determine the English proficiency the writers you’ll hire will have.
Speaking of, another reason why that policy doesn’t make much sense is the fact that on both platforms you can reject a badly written article, whether it is because of poor English skills, or overall writing skills. One difference on this subject is that iWriter offers you the chance to speak directly to your writer and tell them what adjustments should be done to the article, until you’re satisfied with the final result. On hirewriters.com you can take the article you’ve just rejected and put it “out on the market” again, meaning you’ll find another writer to fix the mess the first one made. But this brings the issue that you could bump into another bad writer and then have to do the same process again. Keep in mind that on iWriter you can also “un-hire” a writer if they do a bad job their first time.
Negative experiences as a customer of any online writing services include the aforementioned lack of writing and language skills, as well as deadlines not being observed by the writers. Both platforms classify their writers on different categories, which can give you a lead on how well they perform.
This is pretty useful as a client, as you can direct your job offer to just one of the levels of expertise and make sure from start that you won’t have to deal with base-level issues –which usually make you lose time. The one difference here is that on iWriter you need up to 30 articles with a good review to access the next level, while on hirewriters.com you can get pass the first level with 3 favorably reviewed articles, and then move to Skilled with twelve articles that get a good score. Keeping it short: the escalating process is harder on iWriter, which really assures you that if you hire a writer from the higher ranks, you’re going to have a well done job and delivered on time, also.

Composing tasks on iWriter and HireWriters consist of services for article writing, re-writing articles, ghostwriting, ebooks, copywriting, and item description or evaluation writing. Both are broad services where a customer can discover any type of author at any level, and to register as an author there are no particular requirements aside from having best English.
When it comes to the concern of iWriter vs HireWriters, which one is more financially rewarding and effective?
There are advantages and disadvantages to both sites, both for customers and writers, and this evaluation will supply an extensive overview of assist you choose which one is the very best.
Freelance writers looking for work can utilize iWriter or HireWriters as quick and simple methods to make some additional money. There are huge distinctions in these sites in terms of exactly what writers can acquire from signing up to them. When positioning the Iwriter vs Hirewriter argument, it is necessary for writers to think about just how much they can make, what type of composing subjects are offered, how effective composing for the customers will be, along with how the author ranking system works.
The quantity of income you have the ability to make on both iWriter and HireWriters depends upon aspects such as your general ranking, length of the article and the number of articles you have the ability to compose within a the time you have.
There are 4 levels of experience on this iWriter, you will begin without any scores and have a basic ranking. You have the alternative to advance to premium, elite, and elite plus scores if customers are pleased with your writing and you send work on time.
For iWriter.com the Levels are:
·  Standard
·  Premium
·  Elite
·  Elite Plus

There is a comparable system in operation on HireWriters, where you begin as a novice, then move onto being the next levels which are general, skilled and expert. The quantity you have the ability to make on each website depends on these rankings which can alter in relation to how well you compose, whether customers are pleased with your work or decline it, and whether you send deal with time or not.
Whereas HireWriters.com goes with:
·  Beginner
·  General
·  Skilled
·  Expert

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HireWriters makes it easier to advance your ranking rapidly, as there are constantly numerous listings for tasks for novices– enabling you to obtain begun much faster. Iwriter is a bit more difficult, as possibly the customers require a greater quality of work, for that reason there are frequently couple of articles readily available to basic writers, implying you need to keep an eager eye on listings to discover articles which are readily available to you.
iWriter articles begin at $1.25 per article. Hirewriter articles begin at around the very same cost, and you would be anticipating to compose 150-300 words for an article that pays this much. One advanced to elite or elite plus level on iWriter it is possible to make over $100 for an article over 2000 words. These sort of payments are seldom offered on Hirewriters, and in between $20-$ 30 is generally the greatest variety for expert level writing. Iwriter likewise provides customers the opportunity to tip writers, indicating there is the opportunity you can make a little additional for your work if you've done a fantastic task. When it pertains to loan and the iWriter vs HireWriters concern, Iwriter is the much better choice if you're trying to find larger payments as soon as you've reached a high skill level, however Hirewriter is simpler for novices to obtain begun generating income quick, and there is a larger variety of tasks offered for you to select from. In addition, articles on HireWriters are seldom targeted to greater skill levels, indicating as an author you have access to composing jobs of all lengths and sizes.
If you're asking yourself the concern iWriter vs HireWriters as a customer, then there are numerous elements of both sites you must think about. As a customer on both sites, you have the ability to select the skill series of writers enabled to send an article for factor to consider. Iwriter makes it harder for writers to advance their level, indicating you can be more specific that the author has more experience– although this does not always indicate their writing will be of much better quality. On HireWriters, you are needed to have a 4.6 score for 12 articles to reach the next level, in contrast to Iwriter which needs 30 articles at a 4 start score. As you can see it is simpler for writers to climb up the ladder on HireWriters than it is on iWriter.
The thing with ranks it’s that they also define the price for the work you want to get done. Obviously the price is also defined by the length (in word-count) and the type of work you need (this will be discussed later). For example, a basic level 500-word original article costs $ 3 on iWriter, whereas on hirewriters.com is at $ 3.45; to contrast this, we have an example with the higher ranks: on the highest rank of each platform, a 500-word original articles costs $35 on iWriter and $ 13.40 on hirewriters.com.
This last example lets you take a glance at the quality the platforms think their most qualified writers have. iWriter clearly assures that a writer from their highest rank can do a job worth $ 35, and this is given by all the articles and good reviews they need to get there; whereas on hirewriters.com the price gives you a sense of cheapness rather than quality.
Let’s talk about the kind of works you might need to get done by online writers.
iWriter offers the following options:
·  Articles (original ones)
·  Article-rewrites
·  Blog posts (mainly WordPress)
·  Press releases
·  eBooks
·  Kindle books
HireWriters.com offers the following services:
·  New articles
·  Rewrite articles
·  Facebook fanpage posts
·  Poetry
·  eBooks
Some of these can make you think the aim of each platform is different, as iWriter seems to have a more serious profile, whereas hirewriters.com is a more laid-back platform which you can contact in case you need a facebook post…or poetry. To mention some of the prices, an eBook of more than 50,000 words written by the highest ranked writers on iWriter goes up to almost $ 3,500 and on hirewriters.com it would be $ 2,500 approximately.
The other distinction is just how much you are anticipated to pay writers as a customer. On Hirewriters, the limit for this is extremely low, and customers typically ask for 1000+ word articles for less than $5 at expert level. Iwriters' article prices for elite level writers is $18.50 for 1000 words, and for the next level up– elite plus– customers are anticipated to pay over $50. If you're looking for greater quality work and desire to pay your writers relatively, Iwriter is the finest alternative for you. If you desire work quickly and aren't prepared to pay properly however can give up quality a little bit, then HireWriters is the much better choice as you can pay less and reach a larger swimming pool of writers.
Both sites permit you to filter out author levels and offer unique guidelines to make sure that the material you get is precisely what you're trying to find. On both websites you have the alternatives to turn down articles or request for the author to modify specific elements of them. Iwriter vs HireWriters in regards to quality is quite even ground. Both sites provide you the liberty to choose the articles and writers that you like, nevertheless in stating this the general outlook is favorable from both sites. As those who register are individuals who wish to utilize their composing to acquire experience and generate income, it is most likely than not that they want to hang out to produce quality work. A fantastic point about Iwriter is that customers can quickly include their preferred writers to a “favourites list”, indicating you can tip writers and send tasks to them straight, without needing to await and browse through many submissions on the exact same subject.
Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
Connect advantages is another concern to think about when asking the iWriter vs HireWriters concern. HireWriters has a fantastic affiliates program, where you make $5 for each customer you refer that makes a deposit, along with 50 percent of the future net revenues produced by the customer. iWriter provides a comparable affiliate program, where you can make 50% commissions for each recommendation that users iWriter to purchase material. HireWriters use is somewhat much better, in that you get $5 at first and then the commission.
When asking yourself, as an author or a customer, the concern iWriter vs HireWriters, it is essential to think about that each website, although comparable, has its advantages and disadvantages. Hirewriters is the very best alternative for those looking for to begin operating in this kind of function, as there is a larger probability of discovering tasks at a newbie level than on HireWriters. Both websites enable customers to discover quality writers for a low-cost rate, and offer the alternative to target their tasks to specific skill levels. As a major author, it is much easier to discover composing tasks that deserve your time on Iwriter, as the pay variety is much larger. Both sites are basic for both customers and writers to utilize, and supply a credible platform from which to establish composing abilities or discover quality material rapidly.
One distinctive feature of iWriter is the fact that the platform has its own blog within their website. This blog allows you to read entries about the services the platform offers, and new developments, so they keep you informed of the possibilities.
Overall, the options iWriter gives you as a client –as well as writer- are worth the additional costs as well as the additional time and effort required to level up. The demand of jobs, the amount of works already done, the quality you can get from the writers if you’re willing to pay a little bit more, the possibility to chat with the writers about the work they’re doing, the option of paying a job only when you’re satisfied with it, and even the fact you can work for them whatever country you are in, all gives iWriter the necessary assets to take it into consideration as a compelling option for your next written work.
I give a slight edge to iWriter.com for quality while I give the benefit to HireWriters.com for affordability and also the edge to their Affiliate Program – Click here to join iWriters.com for Free & Click here to join HireWriters.com for Free and see if You see what I saw when reviewing iWriter.com & HireWriters.com versus each other head to head!
My advice is to utilize both iWriter.com as well as HireWriters.com and find a writer that you love, then go with Him or Her for future writings.  With both iWriter.com and HireWriters.com I highly suggest that anyone wanting to monetize their blogging website to take a look at where I learned all that I know about Website Content, Keywords, Curation, Search Engine Optimization and Monetizing my sites.

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  • 12/14/2017 at 3:49 am

    Hi Tony

    Thank you for the useful article. I started to looking for article-writing services to save my time for other online activities and was wondering what to start with. So now I have two platforms to check on – currently (before joining) it seems to me that iWriter could be more suitable for me. I understood that you have used both of the platforms – which one do you prefer? You have also mentioned that it is important to give clear instructions on how to write the article – do you have an article on this topic? This is the thing that confuses me.

    • 12/14/2017 at 3:54 am

      Hi Arta,

      thank you for the questions my Friend.

      I don’t really have a preference as both have been very useful for me and I still utilize each of them at about the same rate.

      As far as an article on giving clear instructions to write the article, it’s not possible because your idea of what you want your article to convey, be about and the tone of your article is up to your own preference and can be different for every article.

      Thank you Arta for stopping by to comment and you are welcome back anytime my Friend.


  • 12/14/2017 at 3:26 am

    A very informative article with very helpful videos. I have never tried outsourcing writing but at the prices quoted, I am definitely going to give it a whirl.

    One question though, how does it affect your site with so many different writing styles?

    Thank you for a most interesting article.

    • 12/14/2017 at 3:40 am

      Hi Bryan,

      thank you for the question my Friend.

      It’s actually great for a site to have different writing styles and sites rank higher.

      Let me know how the iWriter and/or Hirewriters platform(s) work out for you Bryan,


  • 12/13/2017 at 8:45 pm

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the article.

    As a fellow blog owner, I also sometimes outsource article writing jobs.

    One gets into the habit of using the sites that you’re used to and sometimes we tend to forget that there are other options out there.

    I haven’t tried HireWriters yet, but definitely will, seeing as you pointed out, they only accept writers from native English speaking countries (although I guess that’s also relative nowadays).


    • 12/14/2017 at 3:42 am

      Hi Joe,

      thank you for viewing and responding my Friend.

      Let me know how you like your first run with HireWriters Joe, I’m interested in hearing other Friends’ thoughts.

      You are welcome back here anytime Bryan,


  • 12/12/2017 at 10:43 pm

    Thanks for the information I had actually forgotten about IWriter I used it in the past and had a pretty good experience. I did find the more you pay =, the better quality article you receive. I had not heard of Hirewriter so I will include them also in my arsenal.

    • 12/13/2017 at 12:39 pm

      Wonderful my Friend,

      You are welcome and thank you for stopping by to view and comment.

      You are welcome back anytime,


  • 12/11/2017 at 9:18 am

    What a Great Article!

    And exactly what I was looking for….

    I though the only places to find writers was on Fiverr or Upword, but this options are much better.

    I already register on both platforms to check them out.

    I have one question though… Let’s Say I found an amazing writer and want to continue ordering from them…

    Is this possible? Maybe hire them as a Virtual Assistant?

    Thank you and I hope you have a fantastic day.

    • 12/11/2017 at 3:57 pm

      Hi Kevin,

      Yes you can absolutely request the same writer that you like.

      As far as hiring full time as a Virtual Assistant, that would be between you and the writer my Friend.

      Welcome to the iWiter and HireWriter platforms Kevin, talk with you soon.


  • 12/10/2017 at 12:36 pm

    The way that i look at the choice of hiring and writing the work your self is that doing it myself , being my particular niche is that i know exactly what i want to write .If you hire someone who is has very little knowledge of your particular subject know what to write for you. I have written all my own posts and i am quite proud of them.

    • 12/10/2017 at 1:43 pm


      because you are a great writer and know your Niche you could be a writer for the iWriter and/or HireWriters networks my Friend.

      Also Andrew, there are writers at both of the platforms who are experts in specific areas as well so many of them may know a thing or 2 about whatever Niche that we are in.  Also when hiring a writer, we are able to give them very specific instructions as to how, what, why and even the tone that we would like our article written in.

      Thank you Andrew for stopping by to comment, you are welcome back anytime my Friend.


  • 12/09/2017 at 12:18 pm

    This article is a very timely post for me, Tony. Thanks for the *very* informative read…as I have been looking for a service like what both of these offer. However, the search hasn’t resulted in much as either a) prices were too high -or- b) the sample of work I received from writers was sub-par at best.

    I’m going to give both of these a shot as you suggested. It can’t hurt to use both to find someone great to partner up with!

    • 12/09/2017 at 5:09 pm

      Wonderful Jason,

      You are welcome my Friend and I am glad that I could be of help in a timely manner.

      I have utilized both iWriter and HireWriters and have had success with each of them.

      To be honest with you, I utilized the beginner mode for both of them and had good results and that is why I have recommended both of them.

      Thank you for stopping by to comment Jason, come back anytime my Friend.


  • 12/08/2017 at 7:46 pm

    Exploring the world of outsourcing for content is indeed a viable option to expand and move my online business forward.

    The question I have, though, is how would you know, being the customer, the skills, abilities and knowledge of your prospective writer? Such as, for example, knowledge about SEO, keyword density and targetting, etc. Do either iWriter or HireWriter show any these or do you just blindly pick and choose the writer you want to hire?

    • 12/08/2017 at 7:50 pm

      Great question Mark,

      each writer has a bio along with what they specialize in and you are also able to request rewrites and even fire a writer that doesn’t produce quality work.

      Thank you Mark for stopping by, come back anytime my Friend.


  • 12/08/2017 at 1:27 pm

    Hey Tony, I liked the way you presented your review. It’s conscience and complete. I also learnt a few things like copscape. Although I’m not ready yet to out source since I’m just starting out, it’s worth noting differences between the two. Keep the good work buddy! Will look forwad for more.

    • 12/08/2017 at 4:15 pm

      Thank you Jon,

      I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read this review and comment prior to your being ready to outsource.

      You are welcome back anytime my Friend.

      Talk with you soon Jon,


  • 12/07/2017 at 5:21 pm

    Hi Tony,

    Great review. It’s well writing and very complete. I have been thinking of looking into this type of service. Both on the customer side and the writer side. Your article is a big help.

    I do have two question. Maybe you can answer it. Is there any guarantee that the articles are unique? Also, who ends up with the copyright, the writer or the customer?

    Thanks, again.


    • 12/07/2017 at 5:29 pm

      Hi Frank,

      the articles must go thru Copyscape  prior to the writer submitting the article for your approval.

      The copyrights are all with the person who purchases the article and not with the writer as the article and rights are sold to the purchaser.

      Frank, let me know if these answer your questions my Friend.


  • 12/07/2017 at 3:22 am

    Hi there Tony,

    I managed to go through the whole article and watched both videos, and it was well worth it. I have yet to test the waters, but I think I will go with iWriter.

    The videos were very useful. I didn’t know about Copyscape, and it addresses many of my concerns.

    I have a few questions:

    How is expertise determined? Is it just what they claim to have or are they rated on that expertise? I guess my point is that you might be a premium writer in one subject, but it doesn’t mean you can master another so quickly.

    Are there any licensing requirements for the content? Do you put your name on it on your blog? Can the author advertise it as his to showcase his work?

    • 12/07/2017 at 5:33 pm

      Hi there Zaid,

      the expertise is determined by the amount of articles written along with the ratings that the purchaser rates the writer with.

      You are able to submit the subject and the writers are listed according to their strengths and what topics that they thrive in.

      You, as the purchaser have all rights to the blog and can even place your name on them.  The rights to the article are sold to you by the writer along with the writing service.

      iWriter is an excellent choice as they are a little more costly but the amount of experience that it takes to level up is more so I believe that you get what you pay for.

      Thank you for stopping by Zaid, let me know if these answers address your questions my Friend.


  • 12/06/2017 at 12:29 pm

    Hello Tony:

    Wow, the timing on finding your website is perfect for me. I am relatively new to the Affiliate Marketing business and was contemplating the writing issue. I was not interested in offering my services as a writer, but the possibility of hiring an outside source to do it for me. The response I received from fellow marketers was mainly horror stories and failure. There were a few recommendations, but I left with the thought that I would continue creating my own content. Your website gave me more information and I will be taking a second look at the prospect of outsourcing some writing and see if I can create some balance and free up some time. Thanks so much and God bless.


    • 12/06/2017 at 2:17 pm

      Hello Mike,

      You are welcome my Friend as it’s my pleasure to share with Friends.

      I, so far have had great experiences with both iWriter and with HireWriters Mike and do highly recommend anyone who needs to free up some time for other tasks to take a look at both.

      Thank you Mike for stopping by to read and comment, stop back by anytime.


  • 12/05/2017 at 2:21 pm

    Thanks for this comparison.

    I’ve been writing for a while and have contemplated both offering my writing services and also hiring a writer to help populate my blog.

    The only thing that has put me off offering my writing services is the payout. It just doesn’t seem to be worth your time. But on the other hand, it sounds reasonable to hire a writer at that price. I think I just need to get out there and try them. I’ve been too afraid to try in case I get a bad one – any advice when picking writers?

    • 12/05/2017 at 2:30 pm

      Thank you for the questions,

      You actually don’t even need to pick the write as they will answer your request for an article.

      My suggestion is to sign up to both of them for Free and have a very similar article written by each of the services at the beginner level.  Even tho they may be beginner level writers you are able to find some very good writers this way and then you can request the writer that you love.

      Both articles I would go with the 1,000 word range – Here are 2 articles that I had written recently 1 & 2  1

      Thank you for stopping by my Friend & I hope that this post as well as comment helps your to recieve quality articles written to your site as well.



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