Lead Capture Page – Do You?

Is it just me or does anyone else not like to fill in a lead capture page that doesn't explain at all what we are getting?

I, for the most part, will not fill out a “Lead Capture” page that simply says something like “Fill in the form below with your best e-mail and name” because I already receive more than enough emails as it is.

I like to have at least a general idea of what I am to expect from the sender of the emails for the lead capture page that I am being asked to fill out.

Instead of utilizing the “Lead Capture Page” in order to share with Friends, I utilize this site and all communications are within the platform.  (Email addresses are shared but only with Admin and your referrer)  I have found that this type of communication within the platform is much more conducive to establishing a rapport and building trust with each other.

To me, the basic Lead Capture pages are a thing of the past and are as outdated at MySpace or Sega Dreamcast.


The picture above is of me on the site that I utilize to share my website TonyLeeHamilton.com along with the other sites that I promote within my website.

Do You have a website and/or opportunity to promote and are sick and tired of the email lead capture page game?

Are you like me and would rather communicate within a platform and grow trust with each other rather than send or receive out email blasts?

There is a better way and you can also utilize the better way, Read about the better way on my website by viewing this post!

Thank you Friends for also sharing your thoughts below about your lead capture page or your feelings about lead capture pages!


Tony Lee Hamilton
Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran



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