LinkTree Link Review 2021 Lots of Improvements!

LinkTree Link or LinkTree is a program that allows you to use various links to connect their profile to other sites. Users can utilize LinkTree to make their content, services, brand and/or products more discover able on the internet. The links are easy to manage, and the platform allows users the ability to convert more users into customers. Ultimately, LinkTree makes it easier for anyone to expand their online presence and/or their business.

Let’s find out how this program works and how it can benefit you.

What is LinkTree about?

In the mid-2010s a group of 3 guys was irritated by the number of links they would see on social media. There were lots of hyperlinks emanating from various user’s profiles. Those 3 guys became so annoyed by what they were seeing they deiced to do something about it. They came up with the idea of placing all those aggravating links into one place for users. This way, when somebody clicks one of the links they will be directed to a landing page where the links have been situated.

This process eventually grew, and those three guys coined their newfound service as Linktree. Apparently, social media users found value in their idea and they now have over 8 million users who take advantage of Linktree’s freemium service. The name of the 3 dudes who created Linktree is Nick Humphreys, Alex Zaccaria, and Anthony Zaccaria. They operate their online venture from the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. These two cities are located in Australia.

Keep in mind that Linktree’s followers created the site in less than 6 hours. When it was first released, it was quickly banned by Instagram. However, it quickly caught on with users and Instagram decided to tolerate its use. Still, Instagram bans the site when it deems necessary. Linktree is a legitimate outfit, and it is far from a scam. This is an established online internet service for social media users.

Who is LinkTree for?

LinkTree is mainly targeted at businesses or people that are trying to earn money from a product, service, and/or from some type of content. Linktree isn’t just limited to Instagram though it is often associated with this site.

LinkTree can be used for websites, alternate social media platforms, blogs, retail sites, and much more. So, users don’t need to have an Instagram profile to use Linktree. Still, Linktree’s connection to Instagram is strong. Even though Instagram continues to find ways to ban LinkTree they still remain relevant. Let’s just say that Linktree and Instagram are kind of like “frienemies”.

Linktree Benefits

Linktree provides many benefits besides linking sites, landing pages, and another internet platform in one place. The following benefit is listed below.

  • More Effective Branding

Linktree will allow users to effectively brand their services, products, and content. Users will be able to use their Linktree landing page to direct customers, visitors, and viewers to different platforms to learn more about their business and/or who they are. Since everything is placed onto one page, users can be introduced to different aspects of a business, goods, services, and who is a person is.

  • Improved Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

The CTR is important for people who are trying to sell something. People who are selling something online want consumers to purchase their products. The CTR tools on Linktree will allow viewers to have more choices for clicking through your links and content. This in turn will help to boost your Instagram (or other social media) metrics.

  • Cross-Platform Promotion

With cross-platform promotion, a user will have the ability to cross-promote their social media account by connecting it to other social media pages or web-based portals.

  • Improved Affiliate Sales

Affiliate links are important and Linktree allows users to add at least one affiliate-based link to your landing page and to your other links. In other words, your affiliate links can be linked to your Linktree links.

  • More Targeted Links

Users can target their links which they can use to create specific Instagram (or other social media) campaigns. This can allow them to target different customers and consumers to different products, services, and/or content.

Just keep in mind that Linktree can help any business or individual to improve their overall web presence. It can also help to improve sales and help profile users to get better connected with their audiences.

Here’s another benefit that Linktree provides. The site can help to legitimize a person’s business, social media presence, and personalized content. If a person is trying to make a name for themselves online, they can use the internet to accomplish this feat.

They simply use Linktree to connect all their social media platforms in one place. Then as customers or viewers visit these different sites, they will begin to see different aspects of a business, a person, and/or their personalized content. This is important to understand.

For example, there are some actors who appeared in a couple of movies and then you never see them again. However, the roles they played in these different films, made you noticed them. You find out their name and look them up online. You quickly discover there is very limited information about them.

An unknown actor who is trying to improve their personal brand could use Linktree to expand their personal brand. They can use Linktree to connect potential fans to videos, their personalized website, blogs that feature their acting roles, and to other web portals that would help to promote who they are.

This can also work for businesses that sell specific products and services. Links can be placed by a business to these different online portals to help an enterprise to make sales and to inform the public about the goods they are marketing. Ultimately, Linktree just makes it easier for anyone to make their presence known on the world wide web.

What Improvements have Linktree made in 2021? is a service like any other online business. They want to constantly provide their customers with the best service possible. This is why they make it a point to improve their service and to update it when necessary. Let’s check out some of the improvements that this site has to offer. Linktree features and Linktree upgrades are shown in this section.

By the way, the improvements that Linktree provides might not have necessarily been made in 2021 but they are available.

  • Analytics

Pro Linktree users have a new analytics suite that will allow them to figure out which countries provide them the most viewers, determine who is making the most referrals to their landing page, and it allows them to download their analytics information to a CSV file which is a file with a data list.

  • Link Types

There are many link types that users can employ with Linktree. Each link type will help users to differentiate where their traffic is coming from and where it’s going. There are video links for connecting to YouTube, SMS links for sending messages to users through their smartphones, and email links for campaigns geared toward this type of production. All these link types (and many more) will help users to create the best campaigns for what their business.

  • Users have a copy link button for users mobile experience.
  • Better Linktree management through a split administrator feature. This allows users to have access between their “settings” and “appearance” page for more effective control over their landing page.
  • Instagram users who utilize Linktree has a login flow to access their account from different portals.
  • There is a donations mode.
  • There is a Bush fire Appeal/Crisis mode for Australian users who want to donate to people who have been impacted by wild bush fires. This is primarily for people who live in Australia.
  • A chat for users on their website.
  • Sensitive content warning for users. This feature is perfect for people who want to market adult or racy content.
  • They provide users with themes, icons, emojis, and charts. Emojis can be placed into user links.
  • Icons for Apple Music, TikTok, Amazon, and many more businesses and online platforms.
  • A blog that helps users to get the most out of their service.
  • Loading scrolling links, performance links for active and archived links.
  • Sing up to Linktree through an email address and not just Instagram.
  • Direct traffic to just one link if you choose instead of having them go to all of them.
  • Improved security.
  • Fixed picture and information upgrade issues.
  • Improve speed and general Linktree functions.

These are the primary improvements that Linktree has made since starting the site. They upgrade their platform when needed. Users should always pay attention to when the site releases updates to get the best experience.

How do you sign up with Linktree?

Customers can sign up with Linktree by:

  • Go to the Linktree website and click the sign-up button.
  • Next, you will be asked to describe your business or what you’re trying to do with Linktree.
  • You will need to decide if you want to use the free or pro plans. The free plan costs nothing and the pro plan is just $6 a month. It’s very inexpensive and it provides users with the best features and benefits.
  • Then you can start to add links.

Add links according to the process outlined below:

  • Making an account on your desired landing page.
  • You will then need to add the type of links you want to your profile URL menu.
  • Next, you must generate your platform’s account URL.
  • Finally, paste your URL on your Instagram account bio.

Keep in mind that Linktree will provide you with the type of customization features that you desire and need. Your features and benefits will allow you to do more and experience positive results with your social media presence.

Pros and Cons of Linktree

*The Pros

  • Linktree is simple to use.
  • Linktree is simple to use. You can set up and start using your profile in less than five minutes.
  • Linktree has a dynamic design feature that allows high-quality customization with Instagram accounts.
  • Linktree has a dynamic integration system that works well with everything from emails, Facebook, and Amazon.


  • Hard to target links to specific posts.
  • Sometimes it’s hard for you to target your links for viewers.

Those are the primary pros and cons of the site. You might find more but this is what we have listed.

Linktree and the Instagram Users who Need It

Here’s the thing about Linktree. The average Instagram user might not be compelled to sign up for this service. If an Instagram user is not doing anything other than browsing their favorite star’s profile or looking at hot women online, then they won’t need Linktree.

It’s a known fact that most Instagram users are females. Many of these females are on Instagram to show off their bodies and looks to the guys. If they can somehow manage to generate millions or even hundreds of thousands of followers, they will quickly build up their brand.

There are many internet famous models and public personalities that got their big break from Instagram. This site also has helped many females to generate a business, to marry or date a popular public figure, and to elevate their brand.

Females who use Instagram to build up their personal brand and image will benefit the most from Linktree. The reason being is that they can diversify their links and direct their followers and fans to lots of content, products, and or/services that feature them.

For example, a sexy female Instagram personality can have links to her modeling page, her YouTube videos, her personal website, her product endorsements, her blogs, her other social media profiles, and to her personal content page. Being able to give their fans access to so much content and information about themselves will improve their presence.

That same female on Instagram can also set up Linktree links to direct fans to exclusive content. She can use her Linktree connections to manufacture an ongoing web presence that could potentially live on forever or for many years well into the future.

Linktree not only will help a female to elevate her career it can also benefit businesses. Legitimate businesses that want to reach more customers can use Linktree to help with their marketing efforts. Big established businesses might not be drawn to Linktree because their name carries a lot weight and they are well-known among the masses.

However, up-and-coming startups and small businesses could benefit tremendously from Linktree if they use this service in the right way. This means they could use the service to help build their business and make it grow in a positive direction with this service.

Linktree isn’t going to make anyone instantly famous or well-known. However, the service provides more flexibility with helping people to discover who a person is and what they have to offer. This service should be a part of an Instagram users digital marketing mix if they are trying to sell something online.

Will the service provided by Linktree continue to help social media users in the future?

Yes, Linktree’s services are expected to get better in the future. The company is receiving financing and is working hard to become a legitimate established organization. This has major implications because Linktree is trying to establish itself as a credible company that will be around for a very long time.

Keep in mind that this company has received 10 million in funding. So, you can expect them to work very hard at becoming an established brand. Linktree is no scam, and they are no joke. They will be around for many years into the future and their service is expected to improve as technology improves and changes.

Users now and in the future will probably have their own web-like portals for people to experience who they are and what they have to offer. This is but one area where Linktree could possibly take their service. Instagram clients that utilize Linktree just enjoy the benefits it provides.

Remember, many people never click past the first page of a site. That is also true for a person’s profile. Unless you are showing them something that they really expect to see, you’re not going to get them to start wandering around the internet trying to find different sites, videos, or blogs. So, having all of these links located in one area just makes sense. Female Instagram users who are selling their brand and businesses will benefit tremendously from Linktree. This service just makes great sense for them.

Updated Linktree Information you Need to Know

Currently, Linktree users cannot link into their accounts through Instagram. Once again, Instagram banned them from doing this. However, this might change again, in the future. Don’t forget about the love-hate relationship these two services have with each other.

Various social media sites tend to have issues with LinkTree because they often view the links as spam. Even though the links are valid, social media platforms often have a hard time figuring out what’s real and what’s fake. The best way for users to avoid this issue is to constantly monitor their links and to pay attention to the rules of linking on various social media sites.

You can also have multiple Linktree accounts under one email address. This is beneficial for people who want to run multiple campaigns featuring different products, services, or different types of content about themselves.

Keep in mind that if you need any type of support you can email the company or check out their support center. However, you can’t directly call the company for assistance. This does not mean that they are ripping people off. The company believes it can deal with issues through the use of email.

Don’t forget that Linktree is being backed by legitimate and serious investors. Most companies who provide this type of funding are not going to start ripping people off or scamming them. So, if you are having a hard time getting through to the company through email, don’t fret. They will eventually get back to you at some point.

You should also use the online chat feature. This feature is extremely helpful with dealing with any technical issues such as being overcharged for your subscription or not being able to access all your services. Linktree usually has someone manning their online chat during regular business days.

Finally, Linktree makes it easy for users to connect viewers and customers to what they have to offer. The site’s useful links simply make it easier for people to become known and to market themselves. Linktree is showing no sign of slowing down. With over 8 million users (and growing) this service is expected to help link more social media profile users to the world.

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