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The Networking Toolkit that grows with you.
Meet your new digital assistant and contact management tool, specifically engineered for professional networkers, single business owners, and solopreneurs.

All set to begin your 60 day totally free trial?
When you join, you'll reach evaluate the Boosted Strategy cost-free for 60 days, no strings attached. By registering in this onset, you'll have the chance to secure your monthly prices and also be just one of our Creator's Affiliates.

Grow & utilize your individual network.
Network Ninjas is for entrepreneurs who want to seriously grow their service by leveraging their very own network. This powerful group of devices packaged into one software platform can easily aid you take you and also your group to the following degree.

Build your master contact listing
Merge your contacts throughout e-mail, phone, Facebook, and LinkedIn right into one master listing. No more outdated spread sheets. Forget tracking get in touches with from different areas. Everyone you've connected with, now in one listing.

Smarter Outreach & Streamlined Communication

Easy, Automated Subsequent
Never forget to subsequent with a possibility. Set up follow ups in your calendar to maintain you concentrated.

Remain on the ball with Communication Strings
Adhere to the whole lifecycle of discussions throughout text, e-mail, and also social media in one area.

Achieve effectiveness with Text Blitzing
Swiftly send mass messages to huge teams, or targeted messages to smaller teams.

Get the edge you require with Coverage & Insights
Track your listing development, exposures, and also interactions throughout time. Comprehend your company at a further level with the HotList – a list of your most involved calls. You'll ultimately know that's hot.

Hot Listing
Have you ever before questioned who is most interested and also taken part in your message? Which leads are hot? The HotList is precisely that: a listing of contacts who you communicate with regularly, done in one location.

Advisor your group with Team
When your group joins Network Ninjas, you get an inside check out their development. With these shared insights, mentoring can be simplified, and devices of the profession could be traded.

When you welcome your team to use Network Ninjas, you acquire understandings into their progression, projects, objectives, and also success. By obtaining a within check into their jobs, mentoring ends up being simplified as well as tools of the profession could be shared.

Insights right into your team's progress in one area
The Network Ninjas Downline feature is created for leaders to help their group attain their objectives. With simply sufficient of a glimpse into your downline, you can see that on your group is executing finest. Perhaps you'll also provide a little push to those that are battling?

Develop as well as expand with Zoom Video clip
With the PROFESSIONAL STRATEGY, usage Zoom Video talks & webinars to construct a service that spans across the globe, as well as aid your group do the same.

Zoom Video clip
Professionals benefit from video clip conversation and webinars to expand their network. Combination with the effective Zoom platform permits you to establish 1 to 1 meetings, or team meetings with your group, all within our dashboard. Only readily available with the PROFESSIONAL STRATEGY.

Establish 1 to 1 meetings from your phone or desktop

Arrange meetings & include them to your schedule

Assess the Data
When you finish with your team conferences, you can see that was welcomed, that went to, and for how long they remained. With these insights, you can adjust your distribution, design, and also technique to enhance.

Digital Calling Card
Quickly exchange and share your details with others in order to help advertise your company. Sending your brand-new card is as easy as sending a message.

Digital Calling Card
A new option for sharing your company info
Network Ninjas offers you and your business with an imaginative solution to a rather laborious and troublesome concern that every business everywhere needs to address: calling card. Calling card are needed. They communicate your business's info to customers as well as possible customers. Yet they are additionally conveniently shed, discarded, ignored.

These concerns vanish when you make use of Network Ninjas' digital calling card. Our electronic business cards can not be tucked in the rear of a folder, permanently forgotten, or threw in a waste basket. They minimize waste and clutter, as well as connect to clients that your company is present with the most recent technical trends.

Digital business cards: A far better means to network
Our digital business card makes certain that you typically aren't just giving out your information to clients; you're capturing their details.

Envision capturing contact information from everybody who acquires your digital calling card. Your network will broaden quickly. When a customer or possible customer asks for your calling card, you could provide to message them your electronic calling card, which will need that they give you their telephone number or email address, or other form of communication. And easily, you now have a way to call them concerning your service.

Accumulating potential clients' contact details as you disperse your digital calling card enables you the flexibility of constructing a connection with other individuals gradually. You are guaranteed a way to call them in the future, so you will not feel the pressure of shutting a manage them instantly.

Many possible clients just don't react well to high-pressure sales situations, and also Network Ninjas' approach of collecting your network's contact details while disseminating your personal call details reduces the feeling of seriousness in reducing right to the chase as you fulfill new people.

The business card of the future
Network Ninjas' electronic calling card uses your business numerous more choices compared to a conventional, paper calling card does.

With a digital calling card, you could supply customers not only with your company's name as well as contact information; you can also include video clips, details concerning your items, as well as connect to your company's web site. You do not simply hand them your business card; you present them with a small web site of types. The electronic business card transforms the way organisations offer themselves to customers.

The card that grows, evolves, and also adjustments as you do
We know that, as businesses grow as well as develop, key details on their business cards may likewise change. Your business could outgrow its location and move to a bigger workplace. Staff members could be advertised or change position titles. With traditional calling card, these sort of changes need scrapping all the old, outdated cards as well as publishing brand-new ones.

An advantage of the digital business card is it is as easy to modify its information as it is to edit a data processing file. As well as, due to the fact that you have accumulated individuals's get in touch with details as you have actually shared your electronic calling card, you can quickly text or email your updated digital business card to your network.

Make Compensations for referring others
Network Ninjas Affiliate Program consumers can gain a compensation for references to develop a side revenue with no caps! By signing up for Network Ninjas in this early stage, you have the one-of-a-kind chance to be a “Owner's Associate.” This secure your item cost as well as compensation structure.

Payments and Payouts
When you sign up with The Network Ninjas affiliate program, we pay you $5 for every reference as much as 5 degrees deep. Your regular monthly registration is conveniently countered with simply a few references! By ending up being a Founder's Associate, you secure this compensation framework, as well as and your regular monthly registration expense.

Readily available to the First 5000 Users
The Network Ninjas is providing this lucrative payment structure to the very first 5000 users just. When you subscribe, you'll get an individual affiliate link that you can after that share with your network and start referring!


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18 thoughts on “Lock in Your Spot Now!”

  1. Network ninja is completely new to me. 

    Reading through the article sounded interesting and something that will beneficial. 

    All the tips here are actually good and the one I like the most is to build your master contact listing. 

    I have tried something like that before and it went well. 

    Would put others into use and see how things unfold. 


    • Wonderful John,

      You are welcome and thank you my Friend for taking the time to read and comment.

      Talk with you soon John,


  2. Hi Tony,

    The Network Ninjas concept seems to be something that will be useful for Networker. 

    I especially like the digital calling card. I’m eager to see how all this works. 

    I will be keeping my eye out for this opportunity. Its sound like it’s going to be an exciting journey for online business owners.


    • Hi Anthony,

      Yes my Friend, The Network Ninjas is absolutely a game changer not just for Network Marketers but also for Realtors, Sales Professionals and many more Professions that need leads and referrals.

      You are welcome back anytime Anthony, talk with you soon,


  3. I have never heard of Network Ninja before! Am I understanding that it is in pre-launch? When is it supposed to launch? Are you the creator?

    I am definitely keeping this page for future reference! I am just currently overwhelmed with all the other free trial classes/courses I have signed up for!

    It sounds like a great asset to online entrepreneurs.


    • Hi Kayla,

      thank you for stopping by, reading and commenting on this post as well as asking your questions.

      I am not the creator, this app is in beta pre-launch for about 60 days to insure that everything will be ready when launched.

      We are able to invite Friends right now during the pre-launch and it comes with a 60-day free trial up to the launch.

      It will absolutely be an incredible asset for any entrepreneurs.

      Talk with you soon Kayla,


  4. I have not heard of Network Ninja before, but it sounds like a great resource!

    This is an opportunity for a solo entrepreneur to get connected. I like it! What is the cost of joining, so that I can consider it?

    Is this related to the Ninja Outreach email marketing software? 

    I’m needing some email marketing for my website right now!

    • Hi Jordan,

      Network Ninjas is just now launching my Friend and as far as I know it isn’t related to Ninja Outreach.

      It is however a wonderful email marketing tool as well as performing many other functions that are very productive.

      Thank you for stopping by, commenting and for your questions.

      Talk with you soon Jordan,


  5. This is new for me and I thank you for bringing my attention to Network Ninjas. 

    Watching their video I was once again startled by the fact that so many people fail at internet marketing or are not making a lot of money. 

    It goes to show that starting a business, any business is not an easy thing. 

    I take time and effort. 

    I am curious though, why this program limits the number of people to just 5,000. Or is this a marketing trick?

    • Hi Jerry,

      the 5,000 limit is indeed a great question my Friend and I don’t have the answer.

      There is a webinar coming up on Tuesday night and given the chance, I will do my best to get that question in.

      Thank you Jerry for taking the time to read and ask your question my Friend.


  6. Hey there Hamilton,

    I have already locked in my spot in your program and I have to say I have already started seeing good stuff. 

    I really want to grow my network and benefit from it and the features within your program are surely going to take me there.

    I encourage others out there to take advantage of this opportunity while it is still there. 

    Thanks a lot for the opportunity. I really appreciate it.

    • You are welcome Dave & congratulations on taking the initiative to lock in your spot my Friend.

      Talk with you soon,


  7. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for letting me know about this Network Ninja web based software. 

    I had not heard of this MLM product before. 

    It is good that it helps you with things like digital assistant and contact management tool. 

    I do waste a chunk of time every day logging in and out of different applications and different tools. 

    Its great that it comes with a lead contact list as well. 

    I was just wondering which feature do you like best?

    • Hi Glenys,

      thank you for stopping by and reading this article about Network Ninjas my Friend and also for your question.

      This app is still in Pre-Launch and Beta mode so I am currently taking a look, since you have also signed up you are now aware that there is a 60 day Free Trial included.

      The 60 days will be more than enough for you, I and everyone else to be able to see the value in this new app as well as it’s Affiliate Program.

      Talk with you soon Glenys,


  8. Hi Tony,

    Always enjoy seeing and learning about what’s new and available to online entrepreneurs.

    Well done review on this one my friend – have you been running with it long and if so, how well is it working for you?

    Thanks for taking time to share this, it may be something we all need to look at!


    • Hi Dallas,

      thank you for the compliment and for stopping by my Friend.

      This platform is actually right now in Pre-Launch Beta so it’s a great time to lock in your spot.

      There is also the free 60 day trial so plenty of time to put it into action and measure it’s effectiveness.

      Talk with you soon Dallas,


  9. This is totally amazing and looks absolutely fantastic!! So excited about this opportunity!
    This is very impressive!! Nice job Tony!!

    • Thank you so much Jennifer & thank you for introducing me to this awesome new opportunity my Friend!

      I look forward to us taking our online earnings and businesses to all new heights.

      Talk with you soon Jennifer,



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