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Massive Organic Traffic to Your Website!

Would You like Massive Organic Traffic to Your Website?

Silly question right?

Google is by far the #1 Search Engine on the internet with about a 66% share in all searched worldwide, that leaves 33% for other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Duck Duck Go, Dogpile and so many more.

Wouldn't it be great when your post on your website starts receiving massive traffic from Google?

Sounds difficult and expensive doesn't it?

It's neither difficult nor expensive, simply send me your request at the bottom of this post including your URL to the post and/or posts that you would like to have massive organic traffic from Google searches.  Also send 1 Keyword per post that you would like targeted, long tailed keywords of 3 or more words work best.

Unless you specify different target Countries, I will be targeting The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom and Australia.  Targeting less Countries will of course bring less results and targeting more will bring more results.  In my experience, targeting those 4 Countries bring the absolute best Google Search Results.

You are of course not guaranteed to be on Page #1 at Google for your Keyword, You will however gain much ground on your SEO results.  It won't happen overnight as it is from real Organic Search methods and does take time.

Will You achieve Page #1 at Google Status?

Yes, that is an absolute possibility over time and depending upon your other posts and the quality of your content shared.

Traffic to your post and also other posts will start within 24 hours of you messaging me with the above information.

For example – with a Targeted Keyword of MOBE Federal Trade Commission.

Google – MOBE Federal Trade Commission – When You see the above link on Page #1 after the ads, Youtube videos etc… you'll see the massive results that I can provide. Click on the post to see the content of the post as well, it's really nothing special 🙂

MOBE FTC Shuts down

Screenshot above shows Google Analytics Stats provided by the Free SUMO Plugin for WordPress Websites.


Do I provide this service for Free?

No, I don't as it does take work on my part.

What exactly is the cost involved and the details?

I'm glad that you asked!

In order to cover my time and to keep the service affordable for Friends, I offer the service explained above to anyone who is a member of any and/or all of My Top 4 Recommendations a huge discount!

Normally the Massive Organic Google Search Traffic costs are as followed:

  • 1 post = $50
  • 2 posts = $90
  • 3 posts = $120
  • 4 posts = $140




The above costs are per month with no contract and you can cancel anytime as well as upgrade anytime.

When You are a member at One of My Top 4 Recommendations you'll be eligible for the 1 post discount, 2 of the Top 4, the 2 post discount, 3 and 4 etc….. for 5 or more posts contact me and we'll work out a plan that works for each of us.

Below are the discounts available per the above statement:

  • 1 post = $20
  • 2 posts = $35
  • 3 posts = $45
  • 4 posts = $52

The above costs are per month with no contract and you can cancel anytime as well as upgrade anytime.

The payments need to be via Paypal and when you contact me with the form below sharing the information about your post URL as well as your targeted Keyword then I will send you the Paypal invoice.

Talk with you soon my Friends, I look forward to assisting you in gaining Massive Organic Traffic to your website via the Google Search Engine searches.

P.S. Of course when your post receives visits to your targeted post, your entire website and all other posts have the opportunity to grow as well!


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