Millionaire Match, How You can Earn Your 1st Million Dollars Online!

What is your Millionaire Match?

No, I didn't ask, “Who is your Millionaire Match?”

This article isn't about the dating website the Millionaire Matchmaking matchmaker site for finding a millionaire to date for attractive single people looking for soul mates.  The site that launched in 2001 focuses on Doctors, Lawyers, Celebrities, Models, CEOs etc…. and the website claims not to have gold diggers, sugar daddies or other dating scam stuff.  Millionaire Match also has an affiliate program where a commission is earned when the millionaires create a membership.

Now, back to what this article is about as we have spent enough time talking about the site that it's not about.  This article is about finding the Millionaire Match to what you can do in order to become a millionaire.  No, not the “Get Rich Quick” way, this is about learning what truly inspires you and how you can share what inspires you & how that you can help others while you yourself will be able to earn an income online.

There are many scams online, so be careful and know that not everything is for everyone, there are a couple of sites that I do indeed recommend to all friends when getting started earning online.  Take a look at articles that I have written about my Top 2 recommendations by clicking here & here. (Both when clicked upon will open in a new tab so that you won't lose your place here on this post)

Do the Millionaire Math to find Your Millionaire Match

Watch the video above to hear what Multi-Millionaire Grant Cardone says about becoming a Millionaire, listening to his book on audio format “The Millionaire Booklet” on YouTube is what inspired me to write this article and I highly recommend that you also listen to it in it's entirety.  I first found out about Grant Cardone while I was sharing on Instagram & then I listened to his other book on audio titled “The 10X Rule” and I've been hooked on learning from him every since.

Have you heard of Grant Cardone before now?

Well, in case that you haven't, you're in for a wake up call!

Don't listen to his content unless you can handle “In your face truth” because he doesn't pull any punches and speaks his mind.  He's not as potty mouthed as Gary Vee Vaynerchuk but he is straight to the point without any filters, both are amazing entrepreneurs.

Millionaire Booklet

What math formula above is right for you?

Grant Cardone's illustration from within the Millionaire booklet breaks down many ways to be able to earn a million dollars, what way would you choose to earn your first $1,000,000 online?

The above of course shows just a few ways and formulas & there are many other mathematical possibilities as well, for instance, you can sell something for $10 to $100,000 people, $20 to $50,000 people etc…..

The Cardone method works with and for any business, he is mostly known for earning with multiple housing investing and having rental income.  He does although have many multiple sources of income, has and still does assist many businesses in closing deals with his sales methods.  Grant lives and breathes 10X while sharing Cardone University, Cardone Investing, 10X Growth Conferences, Speaking engagements, Power Players, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook etc……

Only you can decide what fits you & in what way that you want to approach earning your 1st million as well as how many units and of what you will sell.

We are all sales people, so stop saying that you're not a salesperson.  It's time for you to be paid for recommending value to others.  I earn while recommending the sites that I mentioned earlier & many of my friends do as well, in the past 3 years I have referred over 3,000 friends to those 2 sites.

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

It's about time freedom and not so much about the money, being a millionaire while creating real wealth that creates time freedom is priceless!

Global MoneyLine ~ Share Your Website and/or Opportunity

What is Global MoneyLine

What is Global moneyLine & why is it my #1 recommendation?

That is a very easy question to answer my friend, it's because it works!

It's a wonderful site for sharing any website and/or opportunity while not having to share your email as the only persons who recieve your email address are the admin and your referrer.

I share there as I am writing this article and have had great results.

You can share your website, your opportunity, your social media pages and/or anything else & be able to increase your referrals, traffic, brand awareness, leads, social media presence and/or income online.

Did I mention that Global MoneyLine also has a very lucrative compound leverage affiliate marketing compensation plan?

Yes it does!

It's free to sign up at MoneyLine with upgrade options that are well worth your time and/or investment when you decide to upgrade, it's by far my #1 ROI (Return of Investment) that I have ever made!

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? Start your MoneyLine at ➡⬅ Leads, Traffic, income, exposure and/or referrals to your website and/or product, service or opportunity! ? I have been a member since 2016 and have referred 2,089 Friends to this site. ✨ There are over 390,000 members & I am the #9 ranked referrer worldwide. ? Sign up for free at the above site and/or visit & @tony_lee_hamilton & tap ? in bio or simply Google me, Tony Lee Hamilton Digital Marketing Veteran Crushing it 10X Wealthy Super Affiliate then look for me on page #1 of Your Results! ? ✨ . #TonyLeeHamilton #DigitalMarketingVeteran #Crushingit10X #WealthySuperAffiliate #WealthyAffiliate

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Wealthy Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing and why do I recommend Wealthy Affiliate?

Affiliate Marketing isn't Multi-Level Marketing, that is one thing that it's not ….. not that there's anything wrong with MLM but this just isn't one of them.  It isn't a “Get Rich Quick” scam, scheme, pyramid or ponzi either so you will definitely have to work and it will indeed take time.  The millionaire math to find your millionaire match will be very relative to your work ethic, focus and effort amongst other variables as well.

Wealthy Affiliate launched in 2005 and now has had over 1.5 million members worldwide, some Countries are exempt from starting out with the free starter membership while most are eligible.  Not only will I be available at WA as your referrer/mentor when you ask for my assistance, there are also many other friends that are more than willing to assist you as well. The free starter membership isn't a trial period & you can stay a free starter member as long as you need and/or want to be.  Of course as with the GML site, WA is absolutely worth upgrading at as well & a great ROI indeed!

Affiliate Marketing for Newbies

Millionaire Math Match = Global MoneyLine + Wealthy Affiliate

As you must be aware of by now, I highly recommend both Global MoneyLine + Wealthy Affiliate = Your Millionaire Math Match & You can indeed earn while sharing what You are inspired by.  Anything, absolutely anything that You love and are inspired by.

Contact me anytime after joining both and/or either of the above sites & I will be available to assist You in earning your 1st million online from anywhere in the world.

Talk with you soon, comment below with any questions and/or thoughts.

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  1. Honestly, I have been interested in this information on the Internet for a long time. I hear so much about people who have managed to make a lot of money online without working much less and much more relaxed than people who work eight hours a day in a state-owned company. But dedication and perseverance are the main factors as well as information, constantly looking for fresh information from the right sources.

  2. Who wants to be a millionaire? Maybe almost everyone! 

    I like the way you broke down the chart. It definitely takes more commissions of smaller amounts to get there. Or you can opt for fewer sales of larger amounts each. That makes sense. I’m looking for a mix at this point. Some smaller, easier to get sales. But then adding on those bigger commission sales to ice the cake.

    I also read through the Global MoneyLine section and plan to add them to my marketing approach. Thanks for all the information!

  3. Seems to be to easy to be true! Very interesting insight on how to make money and information about Global moneyLine. I have never tried it, but having read the article I will definitely have a closer look and put it together with Wealthy Affiliate, they might be a really good pair to expand online business. I really appreciate for sharing this article!

  4. There are so numerous ways to gotten to be a tycoon, so I am pondering why I am not however a tycoon. Portion of it is that I have joined up with programs that are not propelling sufficient, I get it that anything program or specialty you work with, it must be something you like doing or else you’re not reaching to adhere with it. I am a Well off Partner part, but I don’t think I have worked at all the openings that are there. After the audit of Worldwide Cash line and will moreover be joining that conspire. Much appreciated for the proposals.

  5. Grant Cardone’s book be obsessed or be average, has changed my life. Learning about his back ground has inspired me. This does sounds like a dating program lol Thanks for sharing the info. I will check both Wealthy Affiliate and Global Money Line out and hopefully one day I’ll be as successful as you.

  6. It was interesting to know that there is a website called a millionaire match for dating. But anyway that is not what your article is about . I like the way you have asked the question and the formulas presented. I think I have to sit  down and choose a company or product and work out a formula with a timeline of how to make my first million online. I have noted your recommendations and will look into them.  This was a great read

  7. Firstly, I like the math formulas for making a million dollars, it’s just to find the one that fits you and your business. I like your formula even more, global moneyline + wealthy affiliate = your millionaire math match. 

    This was an interesting  article; very detailed and informative as usual. I am learning  a lot from your site. Will be reading more of your pieces. Thanks for sharing  this.

  8. Wow, never heard of this before but it seems like they really do work and it is also possible for me to be able to make such high amounts online with this. Your post is really going to get me places and I am nothing short of happy that you can share something as good as this with me.

  9. Earning millions online isn’t something that you start in  a matter of a year, it takes time to build up a steady passive income like that, you need to work you ass up at the start till your business becomes very mature and ripe that it finds it way to earn you as much as you want, this is a nice article, and  a reminder that, there’s a lot of money online.

  10. Global MoneyLine + Wealthy Affiliate seems to be a great combination as a lot of people are using it. I am only on Wealthy Affiliate but I will join Global Money Line soon to widen my reach and grow my online business so that I Keep earning online in the comfort of my own home.

  11. The image really makes it look easy to make a million dollars. However, as mentioned in the video it is not that simple. Hard work and discipline are absolutely essential for it to work. The video was quite motivating, as the saying goes ” It is the first million that is hard to make.” I really enjoyed this post. The two platforms you suggested seems to work hand in hand.

  12. Tony Lee

    Millionaire Math as a topic under discussion is well taken care of and my judgement is always right because I come from the angle of the unknown to the known. As a result the reviews are always giving a direction to look to and give fully researched thought about the content. There website is always engaging in terms of relevant pictures and supportive video that easily convinces anyone that it is legit. I didn’t know about the possibility of a million in a year, that depends on the mindset of the person and the hours put in the goal through hard work. I do agree that this is not a quick rich process, it entails a lot of dedication. Thank you so much Sir..! 


  13. Thanks, Tony for writing about Millionaire Match. That’s the first time I’ve actually heard a dating site with millionaires. Sounds interesting 🙂 Okay, for the millionaire math, I really like the formula. We can either catch a few big ‘fish’ or many small ‘fish’ to earn 1 million USD per year. I’ve heard about Wealthy Affiliate and Global MoneyLine, so I will check them. Thanks

  14. Hello Hamilton, I feel really happy to be here, and it’s really good to see much of such articles as they can even be of help to us all. It is really a helpful one for people who making up to a million dollars within the year is part of their resolutions for the year but do not really know how to achieve this.

  15. To make a million dollar, it all deals with knowing what you need to do and how to do it and over the time to do it to ensure that you can really get to to the very best. I value all you have shared here. Honestly this is massive to see here. Thank you so much for all that you have shared alongside here. this is A plan to work with

  16. Good day Tony, really enjoyed reading your your amazing article ‘Millionaire Match, How You Can Earn Your 1st Million Dollars Online’. I think it’s particularly helpful to anyone who is interested in online marketing and plans to earn a lot. I like that you explained elucidatorily what you meant by Millionaire Match and mentioned Gary Vaynerchuck and Grant Cardone as examples. 

  17. Hello there!

    That is a very wonderful article you have there. It is really a helpful one for people who making upto a million dollars within the year is part of their resolutions for the year but do not really know how to achieve this. I hope the ten ways to make $1 million dollars suggested in the article really works for whoever tries it out.


  18. Knowing the match you have will help a lot to focus on developing better and becoming the very best out there to be. I really like all hour post here and it is well worthy to see. Thank you souch for shading here with us all. I really aporwcaet your take in here with us all. Thumbs up to you and for sharing here with us

  19. A lot of times I tell people it can be really way to make millions online and it can at the same time be very hard to make that kind of money online, it all depends one your zeal and your willingness to work hard and hard and hard till you get to that point of success. Thanks for sharing

  20. Hi Tony, cheers for your presentation of The Millionaire’s Match. At first sight, I thought it was just another scam but seeing that you are recommending it, I read further and watched the video. Of course, it is possible to achieve the goals when one sets their minds and efforts 100% on the program and tasks. I’m also glad to have seen W.A. and the Global Moneyline platform which I’m planning to join as soon as my website kicks off properly. Thanks again for your educational, super-useful content!

  21. Your visualization to make 1 million Dollars a Year is a great way to motivate a person but I am having a hard time believing that this is possible these days. I have been working hard for over a Year now on WA and have not made a penny yet, why would it be different with your help as you seem to have the same platform. It would be ineteresting to see what you are doing different 

  22. Hello Tony,

    Don’t we as a whole wish to make that sort of cash!

    To turn into a tycoon is something that is by all accounts far off, however when separated like you bring up in your article isn’t unimaginable!

    One of the keys is the thing that you notice about having different wellsprings of pay. What’s more, from what I comprehend, this is the thing that you advance additionally (Crushing it 10X).

    Concerning both your suggestions, I am an individual from them two, and I can affirm that they are both my proposals too!

    The two of them work and the two of them give brings about their own specific manner!

    This was an educational and rousing article as I generally find on your site.

    Much obliged to you for sharing and mindful, my old buddy!

  23. Hi Tony, thank you for sharing this post. It’s my first time reading about Millionaire Match but I really learnt a lot about it from your article ‘Millionaire Match, How You Can Earn Your 1st Million Dollars’. It really sounds like a great commission platform where one can earn substantial amount of money through affiliate marketing. 

  24. You have just said it right. we have to be careful and know that not everything is for everyone. been able to distinguish between what is real and what is fake sometimes may prove hard but i do believe that there are sign. thank you very much for creating this time to give us these tips.

  25. Seriously, Tony, 

    you expect me to believe that? 

    Millionaire Match, How You Can Earn Your 1st Million Dollars Online! And u say that we join one or both and u will help us to earn our first million from anywhere in the world. 

    Great motivation! But hardly possible, even with Wealthy Affiliate and Millionaire Match.

    I wish u are right and it works for me because I have been working hard at Wealthy Affiliate for 4 months now. 

    Lets see what the future holds.



  26. Hello Tony, thank you for your post. It’s my first time that I read about ways to become a millionaire. It’s awesome, and very motive article with no doubts. I always learn something when reading your post. There has plenty ways to learn how to make money online, but the thing is, how to find a legitimate and a good one which suits you, it’s not easy. Wealthy Affiliate is a good platform that I tested so far, and it becomes my community and training platform, and building my own website at the same time. I hope I can read more such amazing posts in future.

  27. The 10 ways to make a million dollars is so effective when you actually understand what it takes and vision it.

    i love reading posts like this because they make you realize that such things aren’t as far-fetched as they seem

    read this post with an open mind and you will take a lot away from it

  28. It’s always important to have a clear and measurable goal.  The Millionaire Math helps you to break that down depending on your business model to see what you need to do to hit the million-dollar mark. Thanks for sharing and will definitely be working hard to reach my goals.  Thanks.

  29. Many people would think that this is not possible, but if you set a goal, you can achieve it. By breaking down the million into small pieces and knowing the Internet has a worldwide audience, this feat is entirely possible. I will go with 10,000 people buying a product worth $100 or more. But if you look at this from the million side, you’ll think that it will be impossible but when you move to the other side and break it down, everything is possible.

  30. For a short while there I was wondering what kind of get rich quick scheme you were promoting. It is a good thing that I continued reading for I have come to understand the maths behind the figures. Now I have to decide on my path to that $1 million dollar a year mark. That is my goal to be accomplished within the next five years.

  31. It’s every entrepreneur’s dream, especially those just starting out, to make big money. Reaching for the stars, a million dollars is what all marketers want. (Hell, I’ll take a much smaller amount; it don’t have to be a lot for me to be happy.) Some things are just hard to phantom in our minds! We go through life each day dealing with the ‘basics.’ Happy with whatever life throws our way. Everyone wanna be financially well off. Regardless if you’re a business person or just an ‘average Joe,’ we all what the big bucks in life, but sometimes it’s just not meant to be.

  32. Identifying what needs to be done and doing it is all that is required to actually acquire the money needed to achieve the very best in this business. To know what to do and doing it to get better at doing it would be the key to unlocking the right success. This is really great to see here and thank you so much for sharing here

  33. You have a very catchy headline I must admit. I was hooked to read until the end to know where are you bringing me. It’s a very interesting read because of the creative way you deliver it. I was not expecting that you will incorporate WA, but lo and behold, it’s there. I hate Math but the computations on how to make a million dollars caught my attention. You are a savvy marketer.

  34. I always laugh whenever I see articles like this, saying you can make millions and thousands in no time, the tiny part is that people don’t know the amount of stress and time you need to invest into such a business before it could be able to bring back that amount. It’s nice to read

  35. Hi Tony.

    There was a lot to take in here. 

    I already knew the value of having links open in a new tab, but researching ‘work from home’ opportunities and online marketing options is a real challenge that people need help with. 

    You can drill down as well as branch out. 

    This system seem to offer a great opportunity for trial and error because progress is easy to monitor. 

    What do you think?


  36. Hello Tony, getting a business online is really simple, but getting a good one is what matters in all aspects and people who are not careful have really fell for the wrong one and it’s sad actually. I really enjoyed the information form the videos and I got to get a business that would work for me. I am still very concerned about millionaire match by the way.

  37. Oh this is good and I have to say that our did a good job to be able to write this information about the millionaire match platform. It seems to work out really good and I too personally should be able to give it a try too. The thing that is very important is that we all should find the best formula that works for us. That’s awesome.

  38. Hi Tony,

    I love this article. I am currently creating more products and recently started my first subscription based product. I am still trying to optimize my pricing strategies, but mainly I am now focusing on increasing traffic and visibility of my products to have more sales daily and eventually increase my monthly income.

    Thanks for sharing the article. It really motivates.. 🙂


  39. Wow! That is a lot of information. Providing links that split the different programs into separate tabs really helps. Researching ‘work from home’ opportunities and online marketing options is a real challenge that people need help with. One can go deeper-and-deeper or broader-and-broader, or even both simultaneously and so offering direction to selected proven programs definitely helps to regain focus after diving into specific details on this program or that. Pointing out that there are multiple ways, options to choose from is an interesting approach, but at the end of the day, you have to pick a starting point and take action, and whatever develops most easily for you will probably be the best route and best program for you. 

  40. I had never heard of Grant Cardone; thank you for sharing info about him and his lessons! It’s funny, reading the “Millionaire Math”, it sounds so… attainable. I’m already with Wealthy Affiliate, and I feel so empowered with the training I’m receiving through their Premium membership; seeing the “Millionaire Math” just has further fanned that flame of hope and possibility! Thank you! I’ll also have to go check out the MoneyLine program, see if it’s something that can help me achieve my goals. 🙂 Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to be my husband’s Millionaire Match! 😉 LOL Thank you for all of the insight, and the inspiration. 🙂 I’m glad I came across your page!

  41. Thank you, Toni, for another great review. I never heard of Grant Cardone’s Millionaire Math. I was captured by the title and of course I would be keen to make my first million myself. 

    Thanks a lot for your genuine recommendations, I have been reading before about your recommendation on Global money line and signed up for the free version but I actually didn’t have time to look into it yet but will do soon. 

    I will check out your suggestion on the video of Grant Cardone, thanks a lot for a another great review.

    Best wishes.


    I will watch 

  42. First off thank you so much for serving our country, that means a lot to me and a nice job on your website, you give great information and a lot of resources for a beginner, watching one of your videos of you and I must say, you obviously take it very seriously, I would keep in mind how many plugins you have because on my laptop it opens slowly but it might just be on my end, and would also reply to your comments people leave on your site, even if it’s just a Thank you.  Again very nice job on your building a nice website.

  43. The How to become a Millionaire list is particularly striking. You offer some great suggestions in this review on how to earn a good income online.  The combination of Global MoneyLine and Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a powerful combination to achieve the sort of money success you describe.  I’m curious, can you share the sort of regular income that you have successfully been able to achieve using these methods?

  44.  This is my first time of hearing of Grant cardone though.But I have seen a great way that though having membership as billionaires we can still make profit and generate income through the matching of the billionaires, though making income as first million dollar online can be earned though different ways the informative article is giving us the 10x ways of earning but you can choose what way is potential to you among those 10x ways. 

  45. This post appears to talk about 3 different ways to make money, one being Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is the best one for those who are not so tech savvy.  Everything you need is in one package, in one place.  I am sure that some people can make money from the other two businesses, but you have to really know what your doing.  You also have to be careful, more sites than not are scams, or if not a scam, very hard to make real money on.

  46. Loved this informative post about how to make money and become a MILLIONAIRE.  (Although I would have also enjoyed an article about how to date a millionaire as referenced in the first paragraph, hahaha)  I have heard A LOT about Grant Cardone in the last couple of days and lo and behold, his name pops up again in your post.  After watching his video I see why he’s so popular, very informative, engaging and to the point.  Your post just has a ton of information that I need to bookmark it and will come back to it repeatedly, because you just get all of my gears spinning with lots and lots of ideas. Am looking forward to discovering more about the Millionaire Math and Grant Cardone.

  47. Hello Tony, Thanks for sharing another informative review. The millionaire booklet. this post is centered on 10 ways to make $1 million dollars in a year online. Too good to believe. i must confess that i am wowed after reading through this post. this is my first time of hearing of Grant cardone though.

  48. Hi, getting to see businesses online that can earn you goo money is a thing of joy and a few will be able to make use of it because they are not scared of going into business. I love to see and affiliate programs coming from an online business and the have brought my interest to millionaire match. Thanks for this information you have shared with us all. Great stuffs indeed

  49. Everything works for everyone differently so far we all have it figured out. The path to the top is diverse but learning what we can do differently that can get us the right to be at the top is what makes this easier. Thank you for sharing this here. Becoming a millionaire is easy so far we all know what to do and the target required from us as individuals 

  50. Hello Tony Lee Hamilton, thank you for sharing this informative review article about the millionaire booklet. this post is centered on 10 ways to make $1 million dollars in a year online. i must confess that i am wowed after reading through this post. this is my first time of hearing of Grant cardone though.

  51. Hi Tony,

    Your Global Money Line employing the Grant Cardone principles is very interesting. It is based on finding your Millionaire Match. And you are expected to accomplish your goal in one calendar year.

    The math appears easy but working your way to becoming a millionaire in twelve consecutive months may not be as simple. It is more of theoretical mathematics.

    You said you have recommended this method to more than 3000 people? How did a majority of them fair? Yes, you can recommend 2000 houses and charging $500.00 each to make the million dollars. Was this possible? And how many people achieved that feat?

    You can see where I’m going with this. I suggest that more emphasis should be laid on the amount of work, sacrifices, determination, and consistency that must go into achieving the goal.

    In conclusion, I think achieving this goal is doable. But one should not jump into it without first understand what it will take to make it happen.

    Good luck


  52. Thank you so much for this amazing article! Ive been on your website for some time and its a really great and informative place! I personally have been using wealthy affiliate to reach the top! Grant cardone has been on my list of people i need to follow for some time now, up there with david sharpe, gary vee, and the rest! 

  53. Hi

     wow what an amazing website you got there There and Just as read your article this is as much as I appreciated your  article 
     when I read your article I learned a lot about it My hope had always been to find love with someone with the same values, both financially and relationship-wise and I think this is what I’m looking for I am going to sharing with my social media community this helpful article and again thanks a lot for sharing that with us.

  54. Thank you so much for this article! I knew about Grant Cardone something like two years ago – I am very sorry, but I still prefer Gary Vee 🙂 . This math is extremely useful. I mean, even if everybody knows how much is 1 million, many times it seems something impossible. Writing down how many products you need to sell or how many deals you need to close keeps things real, and shows us that it is not impossible!

  55. The statements in the 10 ways to make $1 Million a year needs to be modified. My favorite option is 5000 people each buying a $500 product from me. Unless the product has a 100% profit margin, that will not provide me with a profit of $1M. 

    Hence one needs to read between the lines. But I am splitting hairs because Grant was making a point using different scales. 

    The underlying principle is to meet the needs of as many people as possible by providing a product or service they find more valuable than the money they have to part with to get it. 

    Great examples are musicians who make a runaway hit song. It may only cost $1.99 to buy the song, but with the Internet the overhead is so low that virtually all of that $1.99 is profit. Let’s round that to $2. In this case they need 600,000 fans to buy their song. The world is filled with famous music stars past and present who have succeeded many times over in selling 500,000 hits. 

    An interesting fact is before the Internet, an artist needed a company with deep pockets to promote them. And provide advances to produce, manufacture and market vinyl records or most reently CD’s. Today, with streaming technology, an artist has more control over their destiny. They can make higher profit margins. And the only reason why they need a promoter is to finance their concerts and publicity. 

    The underlying principles Grant teaches is demonstrated by the example I have given. Grant, and other who think like him are smart cookies. It all comes down to how well one leverages ones effort.

    All the best Tony.


  56. This formula really puts making that million dollar in a very better perspective because I would know particularly what I want and help me focus directly on it. I don’t think I have had access to a booklet like this before but I don’t mind it at all. I’m really glad to learn this on your website. Oh and thanks for talking about that dating site too. Lol.

  57. Making money online is something I believe is very simple and at the same time can be so taking and hard, it depends on the kind of motivation you have towards your online business and how good you are at it. Making millions online requires a lot of work and it’s for a long time. The site you listed are very exciting and will be of help.

  58. Having access to good and encouraging material as we do so much of the time, we often overlook good sources.  Just as each of the encouraging articles or books that we see affect us differently each time we read them, finding the right one for the spot we are in right now makes getting the project rolling and moving on easier.   With shared sources ofencouragement,  Like Grant Cardone we are better armed regardless of the project we find ourselves in.  Seeing people doing well, sharing how they are doing it, and watching the results is gratifying and make us all more successful.

    Thanks for the share

  59. I really like Grant’s approach to entrepreneurship. I actually started doing something similar when I started my internet marketing journey. I set my goals and then broke down what exactly how much I wanted to earn per month and it made getting their a whole lot easier. It’s all about a shift in mindset that everybody eventually needs to have to start a successful business.

  60. Wow! This is really the basic formula and exactly what is required to get that million dollar. Being able to really know the right approach to getting started and knowing what we need to do and what exactly the daily goal and target is can really make it all a lot more easier to pursue the million dream. I like what you have shared here and it is quite immense. Thanks o much for sharing this out here

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