MOBE Member Federal Trade Commission Shutdown?

June 18th MOBE FTC Shut Down Update 

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Updated June 14th, 2018: MOBE is under investigation by the FTC, you can still remain to review this evaluation listed below …

You are here because you wish to learn if MOBE (My Online Business Empire transformed to My Online Business Education after 2014 …) is in fact an official service.

Well, you concerned the ideal place since in this objective third party MOBE testimonial I am going to disclose everything to you …

I am mosting likely to walk you through the firm, products and also compensation strategy so you could make the best decision to join or not …

Before I dig in, I intend to state take note as well as read this blog post to the end because I am mosting likely to share with you a major flaw that might lead you to failing in this company.

MOBE utilized to mean “My Online Business Empire” but the name has altered to “My Online Business Education” December of 2014.

MOBE is the brain child of an Australian guy called Matt Lloyd that introduced this company in 2011.

Before this firm launch, I only located one MLM he was involved in which was called “LifePath” and didn't actually see anything else on him.

His objective with My Online Business Education was in order to help people develop a business online without experiencing a ton of experimentation.

Well, that's constantly a good idea right?

Overall there are mixed evaluations on Matt Lloyd …

Some state he's great while others claim he's not so wonderful lol.

There are some MOBE review blog posts available from Wealthy Affiliate bloggers calling this a fraud, yet they call every little thing a fraud …

So keep checking out to discover if this is really legit …

Alright, let's take a look at their product line …

My Online Business Empire (MOBE)– The Product Line

MOBE Product Line

Like any excellent network marketing company or a crossbreed MLM and Internet advertising and marketing firm, you require excellent items that really bring value to the marketplace place.

This is their product's on their website:

My Top Tier Business (MTTB)– $49.

” All the items as well as system you need to succeed online. The web's only Done For You Direct sales system that will certainly deposit $1000, $3000 as well as $5000 check out your savings account”.

Licensing Kit– $297.

This is a “7 Day training program that will certainly leave you with the expertise in licensing other people's items so you can generate income without creating anything yourself”.

This can have simply said associate advertising … LOL.

Internal Circle Memberships– $99-$ 299 monthly.

This is where they obtain their “ELITE income earners” and also educate you.

Home Business Summit Event ($ 97 streaming online to $497 VIP Ticket).

Apparently right here you learn the truth concerning traffic and also the missing web link of the formula that separates the web millionaires from the failings.

Now that you understand the items in this MOBE evaluation, allow's take a look at their company opportunity …

MOBE– The Compensation Plan.
Like all MLM's, you get paid commissions when you refer individuals right into business which is called MLM recruiting.

Rather than me aiming to discuss the payment strategy, why not allow My Online Business Education describe it …

Note: This is a BIASED Video and it's for instructional functions only.

Update: June 6th, 2018: Due to current activities of the FTC, their videos are all down and so are their domains …

This compensation strategy is very powerful as a result of the super high ticket items …

Top Tier is possibly the only company design online where you have an opportunity making 6 figures each month …

Just so you understand …

MOBE Review– is it a rip-off?
I would not call this a scam, however they are being investigated by the FTC …

Normally when that occurs, these types of firms never recuperate due to the fact that either they have to totally transform their organisation version or they need to pay a massive negotiation as well as still make modifications …

If this business wasn't recruitment driven, it would certainly have been okay, however that's never the situation …

Other companies in this specific niche include The Super Affiliate Network as well as Pure Leverage.

Likewise just recently there has actually been a brand-new spin on MOBE and also called Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle, however that doesn't matter anymore …

I will make a complete record on their MOBE FTC Shutdown very soon so come back often!

But because of the current problems …

I price this firm the following:.

Anyhow, I wish you appreciated my MOBE evaluation and also if you have any type of inquiries or comments, leave them listed below …

Last month Founder as well as CEO Matt Lloyd commemorated Michael Williams (also known as Mike Williams) and also Michael Giannulis (aka Mike Antoni) gaining over $23 million bucks as MOBE associates.

Lloyd presented both with a Rolex watch and platinum ring each for their accomplishment.

On June 7th, the complying with message was sent to Williams' and also Giannulis' MOBE downline;.

The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has charged 3 individuals as well as 9 organisations with bilking over $125 million from countless consumers. The internet marketing system, called MOBE (My Online Business Education) aka My Own Business Empire, asserted that the business education and learning program would enable individuals to start their own online companies and earn considerable revenue. The offenders claimed to have a tried and tested 21-step system for making significant amounts of loan swiftly as well as quickly from internet marketing, which they guaranteed to supply to those that join their program.

according to the FTC complaint, “many people that acquire right into the program as well as pay for the expensive subscriptions are not able to recoup their costs, and also many experience debilitating losses or installing debts, including some that have actually lost more than $20,000, the FTC declares.”

FTC Shutdown MOBE

The FTC issue protests the adhering to individuals and firms:.

  • MOBE Ltd., likewise operating as MOBE, additionally operating as My Online Business Education, additionally working as My Own Business Empire, a Malaysian restricted liability firm.
  •, Inc., a Delaware firm.
  • Transaction Management USA, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
  •, Inc., a Delaware firm.
  • 9336-0311 Quebec Inc., likewise doing business as Business Education Training, a Canada firm.
  • MOBE Pro Limited, an United Kingdom limited responsibility company.
  • MOBE Inc., a Panama firm.
  • MOBE Online Ltd., a Mauritius restricted responsibility company.
  • Matt Lloyd Pty Ltd., additionally working as Matt Lloyd Publishing, also working as Home Business Builders, an Australia restricted liability firm.
  • Matthew Lloyd McPhee, also referred to as Matt Lloyd, independently and also as a policeman, participant and/or manager of MOBE Ltd.,, Inc.,, Inc., 9336-0311 Quebec Inc., MOBE Pro Limited, MOBE Inc., MOBE Online Ltd., Matt Lloyd Pty Ltd
  • Transaction Management USA, Inc., Susan Zanghi, independently and as a police officer, member and/or manager of MOBE Ltd. as well as MOBE, Inc
  • Russell W. Whitney, Jr., separately and also as a policeman, participant and/or supervisor of MOBE Ltd

I cannot state that I directly knew MOBE up until some calls of mine began publishing regarding it, and exactly how one particular seminar was being shut down. Then, several others started publishing it concerning it, and also I started to check into it. There does show up to have been actual materials and a course that people would certainly buy, I am worried that there apparently are individuals who have actually lost more than $20,000.

For a number of days, there were problems that the MOBE site was down, even messages from the proprietors of MOBE that it was a technological issue. Now, the website reveals a message concerning the claim, from Mark J. Bernet, Receiver.


Comment below with your thoughts, I am nor have I ever been a Member at MOBE.  I also have no judgement and don't assume that just because there is an FTC shutdown that MOBE is a scam, scheme or illegal and/or immoral in any way.

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105 thoughts on “MOBE Member Federal Trade Commission Shutdown?”

  1. Your review has given more information ,They aware me about MOBE 

    The FTC  works day protect people in all communities. If youre thinking  a business coaching or investment  opportunity, before you pay any money , always Remember that no one can guarantee that you will make  money ,,no matter what the promise  of quick and easy money is always a lie , and sign of a scam..

  2. Hello,

    Interesting topic I have learned about MOBE from one of your article, coming across with this topic is just to informative about what MOBE is all about if there are still existing or shutdown. Thank you for explaining some MOBE review blog posts available from Wealthy Affiliate bloggers calling this a fraud, yet they call every little thing a fraud.


  3. I have many friends that were involved with MOBE and ended up losing a lot of money. I liken the owner to a snake oil saleman full of empty promises just to make a buck.The sales pitch was a perfect get rich quick that played on peoples hope. I am glad the FTC got involved and shut them down. I would recommend affiliate marketing and making money online absolutely a lot of legitimate companies out there,people need to dig deep and do the research before jumping in head first.

  4. I  understand that you are not in the position to confirm is its a scam or not but it raise eyebrows to know that it is being investigated. I also I agree that it should be difficult for companies to recover after investigations because their name is already tainted and many people are skeptical. It will be wise not to be associated with MOBE until it is cleared

  5. An interesting blog about MOBE (My Online Business Education). It is informative on the issue that are being looked at by the FTC. I guess there are several methods that are not really in line with the regulations, and the investigation itself could have an impact of the program. I really appreciate for sharing the blog.

  6. Honestly I have never been a member of MOBE but I believe you should be careful, for many agencies and companies on the Internet you can find a variety of information while some claim that something is 100% legal others claim to be scam, I have no opinion on this because I have no experience but I would like to hear other people’s experiences. What I can claim is that for me wealthy affiliate is a great experience.

  7. Hello,

    If MOBE is investigated by the FTC, it means that they found something fishy about this business opportunity. Personally, I don’t know how everything will end. But it should be a sign to people not to run after anything that’s called “business opportunity”. I hope that it will also be an opportunity for MOBE to explain or to expose the entirety of its compensation scheme and why it pushes people to recruit if it’s a legitimate business.



  8. Yea! I read about this few months ago; The FTC also alleges that the defendants offer refund and money-back  guarantees to further mislead people to believe the program is risk-free, but they often refuse to honor refund request, or they provide refunds only after buyers make persistent demands or threaten to complain to the Better Business Bureau or law enforcement agencies.

  9. Thanks for the article (and warning!) Tony. 
    This could have been something I’d have fallen for with their grand promises but after reading your review I won’t be going anywhere near them.

    Sounds like they deserve their investigation by the FTC, especially if people are loosing $20,000!

    I’ll just stick to the products and services you recommend.

  10. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for this review. This seems like a guy who started out with good intentions but basically has a failed business now. Even good intentions aren’t enough to save a company if the people in charge don’t have ethical business practises. The unfortunate loosers however will always be those persons who invest their hard earned money into this business.


    Candy Benn

  11. Thanks for your review of MOBE. I was aware that they have been investigated, however your review has given more information than I have previously read.

    I recommend your readers check out your personal recommendations, particularly Wealthy Affiliate. This is the platform I have been a member of for 4 years and fully endorse everything you have reported about this company. Thanks again Tony and keep up the good work.

  12. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing your report on MOBE. It is incredible that the FTC is examining them, in any event they are experts and we simply need to sit back and watch their decision. MOBE to me of course sounds completely unrealistic. That is to say, (myself and us as a whole) we realize that they did this sketchy “framework” and its very important news. Their upsells are also totally unbelievable, pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I am anticipating the next update on these guys.

  13. Thank you, Tony, yet again you have stepped up to the mark and informed people of news relating to a company that has ended up being investigated by the Federal trade commission. It is essential that news such as this is readily available. Not only because of the people involved to help educate people so they can make better decisions in the future.

  14. Thank you for another post, Tony! I have read this blog post of yours, but forgot to leave my comment here and saying hello! It seems MOBE ripped and scammed a lot of people as I mentioned this from you “many people that acquire right into the program as well as pay for the expensive subscriptions are not able to recoup their costs, and also many experience debilitating losses or installing debts, including some that have actually lost more than $20,000, the FTC declares.”. Fortunately FTC shut it down, otherwise there will have a lot more people will get scammed. I need to stay away from the type how MOBE used, in case if they changed the name in future.

  15. Why is MOBE under investigation by the FTC? Because some have doubts that MOBE (My Online Business Empir) is, in fact, an official service or not… MOBE is the brainchild of an Australian guy called Matt Lloyd that introduced this company in 2011.

    A review is given on products, and also compensation strategy so people and decide to join or not. Everyone must decide for themselves.

  16. Also I think it’s a good idea to check through these companies as lost of them are kind of shady.Here has to be a valuable reason. I am first time listening to the name MOBE and I don’t know more about this program.I hope that more online business or other businesses at all that have some loopholes will also be shout down too.

    Thank you Toni for sharing this valuable information

  17. I wonder why they change their name from MOBE empire to MOBE education, looks like they started with a lot of noise to a much affordable process to ROI. Another red flag that I see is the lack of information of the whereabouts of founder. And then seeing that their scheme is a funnel grading their income and leaving the newbies on their own path, is not good.

    And finally been investigated by FTC, it makes worse to invest on MOBE. But I will like to know what this is all about or what this was all about.

  18. I am still trying to figure out what are the products being sold on this platform. The training, which seems expensive, is available for far less anywhere on the internet. It might not be a scam , but there are a few shady things about it, and when I am looking to start a business it should look almost risk free. These doubts that are mentioned and the possibility of investigation doesn’t;t make it very attractive. Thanks for the review

  19. Thank you Tony for sharing and making this article known to everyone because there are a lot of dishonest and fraudulent organizations out there who are bent to reap people ignorantly. This scam has been going on a long time, and its a good thing that they should be shut down.

  20. I think it’s a good idea to check through these companies as lost of them are kind of shady, I’m not implying that MOBE is a bad company but there are many other companies that are very bad and u think they should be shut down. If the investigation comes out to be that Mobe is guilty of it claims, it should be closed 

  21. Oh well, after reading about them, I don’t think that I should expect anything less though but you did a better job to explore what I need to know about it and it’s really good. I have to say thank you for writing this one about how the  trade commission dealt with this issue.

  22. As you are aware, I am an avid follower of your blog, and thanks once again for sharing this informative article on MOBE. Your article are a chest of knowledge for newbies like me. Thanks for your warning about MOBE – given the FTC investigation, this is a program I will definitely be staying away from.

  23. Amazing article as continuously Tony, your post is continuously well point by point and curiously to examined, i continuously pick up a parcel from it and it is as a rule comprehensive and accommodating, i have never listened of MOBE, but your article has done equity around merely truly clarified much almost it, it is truly awful that the location mustbe closed down, i know numerous will lose their money, i have listened this encounter couple of times, when i invested within the location it closed down, it is truly a feel sorry for, that’swhy i continuously do a well nitty gritty inquire about almost a specific location some time recently contributing to dodge stories like this..Thanks for sharing.

  24. Hello Tony, Thank you for sharing this invaluable information here. If MOBE is being investigated there has to be a valuable reason. It is so difficult to tell whether some of these platforms are worth investing in or not, and it is wonderful that we have the power to do our research on the internet before we make our final choice.

  25. I see there are quite a few complaints about this Mobe online, and when I came across your review it was quite refreshing to read a proper review instead of a complaint.

    It is so difficult to tell whether some of these programs are worth investing in or not, and it is wonderful that we have the power to do our research on the internet before we make our final choice.

    Thanks for the information that you have so thoroughly researched here.

  26. Move being shut down is actually a very good thing considering that most of my friend were actually scmamed by them because they worked and couldn’t get their commisions here. I will share this with them all and see what has happendded to move finally. Thanks so much for all you shared here. Really great

  27. Hello Tony, you have done great with all the information and I am really happy to always get a the information I want when I visit your site and I am pleased. I really wanted to know about their business and I am pleased to we how you’ve made your point clear and I get it. Thank for sharing. 

  28. Thank you for sharing this invaluable information here knowing that mobe has tasted from their own soup is really great.  this platform is so dubious and I really regretted ever having to join them. So, seeing this here justifies me to an extent. Thank you so much and this information is very great to come across

  29. Thank you so much for the information. I heard of MOBE but didn’t have any interest on finding out more about what they had to offer. I do agree with you that many companies begin with great intensions but before realizing that they will not be profitable unless they cut some costs it all begins to fall apart. 

    If MOBE is being investigated there has to be a valuable reason. I will book mark your website. Articles like this are important to read to make us aware of possible scams. I do often investigate a bit more about a new product or platform I am interested in, but not everyone has the time to do so. Next time I read about MOBE I will be already informed. Thank you for the post.

  30. It’s good that you have brought this to our notice, it’ll help is know what and what is happening into the world of online businesses and the world in general. A lot of people fall victims of these bad companies because they don’t have enough enlightenment about them, this article will be of help to them.

  31. I first found out about MOBE when I joined another company that taught how to do online marketing. I found them by accident and the guy had the exotic car, the mansion etc. In retrospect I think they were all rented. Nevertheless, when he recommended MOBE, I was almost inclined to sign up. 

    Glad that I didn’t as it is now suspended pending the court process. I found it mind boggling how a company like that could screw things up Royally. 

    There are so many company’s that start out with the best intentions. Somehow they go astray when profit takes center stage. Unless they have the user’s interest up front instead of their own, they will eventually fall. 

    It is what it is.


  32. Thank goodness the FTC gets involved in stuff like this- I’m glad they protect the consumer and are passionate about it. When I was heavily involved in cryptocurrency the FTC stepped into many MLM companies and shut them down because there were a lot of scams. Thanks for the heads up

  33. Hi Tony,

    Think you for enlightening us with this objective account on the investigation. It does look pretty dodgy in the way they have got people to sign up and pay for upgrades. There are too many of these fraudulent organisations that lure people in to things that are dishonest or not suitable for them.

  34. This is the first occasion when that I have seen data about an organization being explored by the FTC so there must be an authentic purpose behind this and will be intriguing to see the results. What pesters me is the to some degree a lot of cash that the partners all got and would make me tired. is this payout typical for a MLM organization, for example, this?

    What I like about being a piece of the Wealthy Affiliate Community is the fellowship that exists with all the individuals it is fascinating to check whether MOBE is comparable.

    Much obliged to you for sharing this as it causes online business visionaries to remain alert.

  35. Thanks for reporting objectively on this issue. After reading about the FTC investigation, I would conclude that at best, this company uses deceptive marketing practices to convince users to sign up and purchase upgrades. At worst, it seems they may be an outright pyramid scheme. I will be interested in seeing how this investigation turns out, and personally, I hope they get shut down permanently.

  36. I must say that at i would get scared at the sight of MOBE because of the information that had been passed to me about this platform. i suspected it was fraudulent without reading about it and going through enough reviews. it is necessary to carry out our own investigation sometimes.

  37. I am first time listening to the name MOBE (My Online Business Empire) and I don’t know more about this program. After reading your article I think this is a scam because your are writing that MOBE is under investigation in pending Federal Trade Commission. Through your post, I am just learning about MOBE but I could not understand that it is a scam or legit because you have not given final thoughts about MOBE.

  38. Thank you for this information.  You provide such thorough and great reviews that I am no longer afraid of working online or getting involved in something that is a scam or fraudulent.  Although you are not actually laboring this as not be legit, I am glad to read about it.  It is sad that some will label anything they do not understand as a scam.  You, however, get to the bottom line and give us truth and your honest opinion.  Who could ask for more?  Thank you.

  39. You stated that Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle doesn’t matter anymore.  Can you tell me why not?  Also, I am a little confused regarding MOBE.  You said they were under investigation and seem to indicate they faced charges.  Is that the case?  MOBE sounds like it was a scam and the perpetrators got busted. Can you follow up and let us know if they were convicted or did they beat the charges?  Thank you.

  40. Tony, 

    I had not heard of MOBE before reading your article but was glad to get more objective information from you first.  

    Thanks for sharing the details on their pending Federal Trade Commission investigation and how they operate their business.  

    It can be hard figuring out legitimate business resources vs get rich schemes/scams.

  41. Thank you for this information.  You provide such thorough and great reviews that I am no longer afraid of working online or getting involved in something that is a scam or fraudulent.  Although you are not actually laboring this as not be legit, I am glad to read about it.  It is sad that some will label anything they do not understand as a scam.  You, however, get to the bottom line and give us truth and your honest opinion.  Who could ask for more?  Thank you.

  42. hello tony thanks a lot for sharing such an amazing content with us all, i was actually doing some research online when i saw your post and i really must say it has been amazing seeing such post it really has been helpful a lot, i never really knew much about mobe , am just glad that i was able to get the true fact about their works, thanks alot for the info

  43. Thanks Tony for sharing this article. As always you have brought research oriented data that provides an articulate perspective to the platform you are discussing. I personally believe that if MOBE is being investigated by FTC then that at least calls the business into question so it is no longer a question of whether it is a scam or not but rather if signing up under the platform would be profitable or beneficial and your article has answered that question already. 

  44. Very interesting article. I had not heard of MOBE prior to reading your article but it seems with them being investigated by the FTC and their subsequent shutdown that I’m honestly grateful I hadn’t. The prices of their products and services sounded outright outrageous, I’m honestly not surprised more people had substantial losses than were actually making any revenue. Thank you for your unbiased review on them nonetheless.   

  45. Thanks Tony for sharing this update, a lot things are happening in the society that we don’t know about and they are very useful for the online business world. This is the first time I’m reading about MOBE and it’s really interesting to know of its shutdown, I believe the reasons are genuine.

  46. Hi Tony, Thanks for this awesome article. Your post is always well detailed and interesting to read, I always gain a lot from it and it is usually comprehensive and helpful, I have never heard of MOBE, but your article has done justice about it and i like it that you really explained much about it, it is really bad that the site has to be shut down, I know many will lose their money. But that is how things happen in the online world. 

  47. Hello Tony, lots of people will have various idea about this business and how the owner have decided to go about it and I too have made may conclusion as to why and how he did it. I don’t think there is anything wrong if the FTC has decided to shut down this whole thing with the move platform. I hope that more online business or other businesses at all that have some loopholes will also be shout down too

  48. I don’t think there is anything wrong if the FTC has decided to shut down this whole thing with the move platform. I like what they did and I’d like to give them a big kudos. I hope that more online business or other businesses at all that have some loopholes will also be shout down too 

  49. Awesome article as always Tony, your post is always well detailed and interesting to read, i always gain a lot from it and it is usually comprehensive and helpful, i have never heard of MOBE, but your article has done justice about that you really explained much about it, it is really bad that the site has to be shut down, i know many will lose their money, i have heard this experience couple of times, when i invested in the site it shut down, it is really a pity, that is why i always do a well detailed research about a particular site before investing to avoid stories like this..Thanks for sharing.

  50. Wow! Move being shut down was really shocking and at the same time gave me a lot of satisfaction too. I foresaw their crash but most people were taking it as not worthy. However, it is really worth taking into considering for this  the FACT that I also had a lot of friend who had lost money on this scamming platform makes it feel like justice has been served here. Thanks

  51. Hi Tony I think it is always a bit of hit and miss when deciding whether to trust a MLM company or not, since a lot of their affiliates will obviously sing praises about it in order to lure more ‘sheep’ in, while a lot of people who have not been lucky will spread bad publicity about them. But the fact that some people who tried them lost so much money is alarming, and it is perhaps in the best interest of the publish to have this organisation shut down.

  52. I tried to follow the full story of My Online Business Education, but just as another business model I wanted to know about, and another study case of a firm that has to deal with the federal trade commission. So, I said, I do not have an opinion of the company as a marketer. But I would like to better understand what are the precise elements that make a firm punishable because, as you mentioned, then these firms do not recuperate.

  53. wow I love everything about this article and think this site is really going to help allot of people.

    thanks so much for explaining about MOBE. I only hear a fragment about their story, so I had no idea that they are currently being investigated by FTC. There is a lot of mixed review about them, and I agree that even if they aren’t an outright scam, being investigated itself raised question about their credibility. I personally will avoid joining MOBE for now

  54. Very interesting to read new developments on MOBE. Although I don’t know if this is a scam or not I have heard so many conflicting facts about them and when this happens its never a good sign so I prefer to stay clear from such questionable platforms. There is still no program that can come even close to WA so I feel pretty fine with them so far and what they offer.

  55. Hi Tony, thanks so much for explaining about MOBE. I only hear a fragment about their story, so I had no idea that they are currently being investigated by FTC. There is a lot of mixed review about them, and I agree that even if they aren’t an outright scam, being investigated itself raised question about their credibility. I personally will avoid joining MOBE for now

  56. Hi there, I must say, I knew absolutely nothing about MOBE, the FTC shutdown, or any of it!! You did a great job educating us laypeople about what this is. You even broke down what the acronym stood for, which is something not everyone does. Some sites like yours tend to speak over the reader’s head. You did not, and I appreciate that. You have the keen ability to teach people about some pretty sophisticated material, without making them feel ignorant (even if we are to the topic). Simply put, you’re a teacher; not a teller.

  57. Hey Tony Lee I felt so uplifted reading your about page Tony, looks like you’re truly living your best life! Another interesting point you made in your article, is how hard you’ve worked throughout your life, and all the physical works you’ve done. I have so many dreams and goals that motivate me along the way too. Meanwhile, continued success with your Search Engine Operations

  58. Knowledge is key and I am glad to have read the article on My online business education ( my online business empire) I have gained a lot of information and I am happy about the knowledge I have just gained from your article as it is beneficial for me in the future and any other multi level marketing companies I might consider joining in the future

  59. For the concept alone, I don’t have problem with MOBE. I like that kind of business wherein you can make money promoting something digital like online business education. A product like courses is certainly better than products that require shipping and handling with all their costs. The only problem I have with this MOBE thing is, their price. They should have priced their courses lower, maybe half. If only they were able to price their products lower, they probably would not be investigated by the FTC.

  60. I went and looked on the FTC website and saw their report on MOBE. I know you don’t fully state that you believe that they are a scam but I personally believe that if a company is even only under investigation with the FTC it’s automatically a red flag. I would not get myself involved with a company if it is under investigation. I appreciate you trying to avoid being biased and giving your most honest opinion on MOBE but it’s more on a personal level, I don’t like anything has to be under investigation. Also, overall I don’t like MLMs. Thank you for this informative article! 

  61. Hello Tony, Great article. Actually I was waiting for such an article and I am really pleased to have finally seen it. Getting to be under investigation alone by the FTC is bad move for any company and now that’s its shit down we all will be careful when dealing with online business. Affiliate marketing dealers are much and it’s better we move with the legit ones

  62. This review of the My Online Business Empire / Education got me wondering what did they actually do to deserve a shutdown. I don’t think they would be in this situation if they have done everything right. 

    I absolutely laughed on one of your statements in the review Lol “.. yet they call every little thing a fraud” that’s so funny and true 🙂 

    And for those guys,  they got over 23 million dollars as MOBE associates??? Wow!

  63. Hey Tony,

    I read your article on MOBE, or My Online Business Empire, because of the flashy title.  If they are being shut down by the FTC, I would assume they have done a few things that were not quite right.

    At the end of your post, you mention that several individuals have lost more than $20,000 trying out their system.  It seems to me that the reason they got on the FTC’s radar is because of these horrible losses.

    That’s a lot of money for most people, and if I were one of those individuals, my anger towards MOBE would be absolutely Biblical in scale and intensity.

    The FTC is supposed to protect the public, and based on what you have written here, it sounds to me like they are doing their job.

    Glad they’re getting shut down.  The sooner the better!


  64. Hello Tony, this is an update so many people online have been waiting for and I am really pleased to have finally seen it. Getting to be under investigation alone by the FTC is bad move for any company and now that’s its shit down we all will be careful when dealing with online business. Affilate marketing dealers are much and it’s better we move with the legit ones

  65. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for updating us on the news that MOBE has been shut down by the FTC.There are many legitimate sites for learning and earning online with affiliate marketing but this wasn’t one of them. I urge everyone to be very careful with the platforms they join. A lots of people are out there ready to scam and rip you off all you’ve.

  66. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the article.

    Business ventures that don’t have goods and services attached to them, will always remain purely speculative.

    I personally (and I know you share the same sentiment) do not like the type of businesses where we have to recruit other people. I prefer to hustle and succeed or fail on my own!

    I don’t think I know what the end result of the FTC investigation was. Did they finally shut down MOBE?


  67. I’m sure there were a few people who found a little success with using MOBE, but how ethical was it really? It seems like the actual business is recruiting others to start a business to recruit others to start a business? I’m not really sure what the gist is, but you have to pay more and more to get the actual training? 

    Probably not a scam as you can make money, but I wouldn’t want to join and then try to recruit others for this. 

  68. Wow! I actually thank God that I never took the decision to join this MOBE. I was the only one who refrained from the company in my entire family. I just didn’t feel the right feelings towards the company and as such, I decided against joining them. Afterall, my decision turned out to be the best. 

    Reading about it here and the allegations against them on the count of defrauding people is really shocking and I will definitely share with all my family members who are victims too

  69. When there is a platform online that doesn’t have any actual uses or have any actual profit that they are able to give their customers than it is just a waste of time. I see no reason why the federal trade commission shouldn’t take their member’s away and also shut them down. They did the right thing because all they do is sell membership.

  70. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful and insightful article with us. The prime element of this article is about MOBE Member Federal Trade Commission Shutdown. It is truly impressive that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your article, and developed a lot of knowledge about MOBE and it’s meaning. I like MOBE The Product Line of the points mentioned in your article. Although I can’t say exactly why FTC has shut down this platform, I will tell everyone to join this platform after knowing a little bit, because the decision will be up to you.
    I’ve read your article and enjoyed it so I’d like to share it with my friends by sharing it in the Facebook community so that everyone knows about your article and gets to know it.

  71. As with most things online, information about the company and it’s problems is available to make judgements on.  A few short years ago this company was quite strong and present online.  Seems that is how they work- strong and honest to start with, but when the business plans fails to materialize as envisioned, they morph into something else.  Thanks for the update and warning.

    The really sad thing is that with all the bumps and dings people trying to build online have to go through, there grows a lack of trust when a good opportunity comes along.  They all seem to look alike, the good and the bad.  Thanks for the information

  72. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for updating us on the news that MOBE has been shut down by the FTC.

    I’ve found many programs that seem to be legitimate within the MMO niche. However, after doing some digging on MOBE, I can safely assume this is NOT one of them.

    I think that the term ‘scam’ is quite accurate when describing companies such as MOBE.

    Thanks for the insights.

  73. Hi Tony, you might recognize my name and face from another comment/review I left for you previously. I came back to find your FTC article when I ran across this just this morning… Something of an update to the section on making false claims in one’s advertising…
    Maybe something worth adding to the page since it is more current and references, “But do those businesses have proof for their advertising claims, as the FTC requires? And have their products been approved, cleared, or authorized by the FDA?”

  74. Hi Tony

    thank you for sharing the news about MOBE being shut down by the Federal Trade Commission.

    There are many legitimate sites for learning and earning online with affiliate marketing but this wasn’t one of the.

    The FTC has proven that this company was nothing more than a scam and many thousands of people were indeed scammed by them.

    Sites like MOBE give the sites that are truly a valuable and create value for it’s members, thank you for sharing the sites that you do recommend on your home page.

  75. I believe that for people to have raised an alarm concerning something, they must have seen an endangering point in it which prone threat to safety, well the fact that people are liable to condemn even good things isn’t disputed. This is why it’s very advisable that we so our homework on every thing we see online. I think MOBE is to an extent good, it has its own faults too. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  76. Hi Tony thank so much for sharing your experience on MOBE- Online Business Education, this will definitely help all online business to be more careful at any plan they want to join,Once the compensation plan is to high it is better to re-think so that it will not lead them into trouble, I’m glad you made that decision of  not judging them, thanks so much for sharing.

  77. I expected this but I never knew it could come so soon like that. I warmed my former multiple times that they should not invest their money into something like this. Rather, they decided to truly put in their money and when all the issues of complaints and all are already getting into it, I already knew things are not looking fine and I partially expected this. However. They all lost their money and hopefully, they will be able to get the representatives money back. Thanks

  78. Hi Tony,

    This is very informative post about MOBE – My Online Business Education. It was started with a noble objective of helping new entrepreneurs set-up their business without too much experimentation. MOBE has training products for new entrepreneurs besides services for licensing other people’s content.

    The compensation strategy is high ticket due to high ticket items they are selling. However, the FTC lawsuit brings in elements of doubts about this company. 

    As I am not a big fan of MLM companies, this doesn’t count as an opportunity for me surely.

    Thanks for this great post once again.

  79. I just saw the latest update on their case where the founder is to pay $17m to FTC and also release some of the tropical island properties he owns to FTC. I’m happy you put up this informative post. Hopefully people were spared from spending their money once they read your post back in 2018. Thank you for sharing.

  80. Interesting review on the MOBE. Always a concern that the FTC is looking at a company that you are thinking of becoming involved in. I will have to watch their videos and read their testimonials to get a deeper dive into my thoughts on their business practices. Definitely keep us updated!

  81. I was so pleased to see that MOBE was shut down by the FTC, I remember writing a review of MOBE a few years back thinking what an awful program it was and how so many people must have invested so much money into their membership only to be hugely disappointed with the results. 

  82. Hey, Tony! Thanks for another extremely detailed article. I love the care you put into your work. It makes it easier for us as readers, too. 

    In regards to MOBE, I think they got lost in their business and focused too much on expanding their following instead of improving their content. It burnt them badly. Once you lose the point of your business and your mission there, I feel like it all starts to unravel. I feel awful for all those caught up in the whole mess.

  83. Hello Tony!

    Thank you very much for sharing this with me. they deserve what they got because the primary thing MOBE sells is more MOBE memberships. As a result, very few people ( if anybody) achieves the advertised results and many consumers found themselves in an even deeper financial hole which is wrong!

  84. Thanks for sharing on the updates on MOBE. It is great that the FTC is investigating them, at least they are professionals and we just have to wait and see their verdict. MOBE course sounds too good to be true. I mean, we all know that the done it all for you system is be news. Their upsells is outrageous. I am looking forward to your next update. 

  85. This is an old story but one that should be read by every online wanna be. There are scams and great scams and this one topped the bill.

    I was a member of MOBE, payed my $49 (I think it was) and started the course, I was shortly contacted by a mentor  whose job in life was not the support I wanted but to upgrade my level with further payments, money was short and I could not see the return I wanted so stayed the course watching as the top people were making money and going on holidays, a great life.

    If my memory serves me well the top payment was about $20,000 to be in the top tier. 
    This is as close to Pyramid marketing as you can get without being a Pyramid.

    Punters like you and me lost a lot of money along the way although everything appeared legit.

    Lloyde was good, a farm boy that had found the secret and wanted to share it. On the way up  from broke he bought a couple of resorts and a heap of assets on our money and entertained a grand vision of extreme wealth.

    It failed and nearly everyone lost money.

    The first lesson learned is that buying wealth by introducing members into high priced training packages with constant up sells is a road to disaster.

    Secondly the best con men are indeed charismatic and will charm the dollars out of your wallet with ease.

    Always ask the question, where is all the money going, if the answer is the promoters then run as fast as your legs will carry you.

    Peter H

  86. It really is a good thing seeing the full details of how this move issues really started and how the shutting down and whole stuff went down. However, I really appreciate you a lot for what you have shared out here. For a start, this is really Greta to see and to be honest, I like all you have shared here. My friends were victims working for this company and they quite lose big times when all these happened to the company.

  87. This is extremely expensive for a product and training program that is only for seven days. Did not know if a company is investigated by the FTC basically means business is gone and that is the case the name associated is messed up as well. It is good that the FTC prevents the company from scamming other people if that is what they were doing.

  88. The fact that the company has gone through so many name changes and the founder – Matt – or whatever his name is, has also modified his name several times I’m guessing to not get caught on a certain situación and make another sketchy company. For what has been stated in this article, I truly find all of the products being extremely expensive. I mean, over $200 per month? It’s a learning platform where each individual is there to learn how to make money not to lose money.  

  89. After I found your site, I have been reading about this lately (on your site and all over the web). I want to become knowledgeable in this topic. And I discovered that not only MOBE was closed down but that also investigation was opened for sites that also were in this niche. Even ones we consider truly legit, as Solo Build it!

  90. This is the first time that I have seen information about a company being investigated by the FTC so there must be a genuine reason for this and will be interesting to see the outcomes. What does bother me is the somewhat large amounts of money that the associates all received and would make me very weary. is this payout normal for an MLM company such as this?

    What I like about being part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community is the camaraderie that exists with all the members it would be interesting to see if MOBE is similar.

    Thank you for sharing this as it keeps online entrepreneurs on their toes.

  91. Hello. Am so blessed to know about your site today. Working from home has really been the best option for me. As an affiliate marketer, I won’t border about government policy or building a structure because everything is online. Working from home is always the best option because the internet never shuts down.

    Thanks so much. Please how can i register. Need directives. I want to register immediately 

  92. This is the first time that I came across MOBE. The fact that they are under investigation from the Federal Trade Commission, would make me very wary of doing business with them. I know that not every business that is investigated by the FTC is a scam, but there is usually enough complaints against them to warrant the investigation. 

    It is interesting to notice how many different countries they are actually registered in. 

  93. Wow! That’s crazy that they are being investigated by the FTC! I wish it would happen more often as there are numerous scams out there just like MOBE. It would be great if these people who continually try to prey on other people’s money with promises of riches would be put out of business. I don’t think there is anything that bothers me more in the online realm than that! Thanks for writing this post and keeping us updated on the situation!

  94. Hmmm that was a big blow then as I was about to water up with them,but there was delay but a week letter I heard they were shut down…thank God I never  did as I would have been thinking of my money and time that would have been lost…thanks anyway for sharing.

  95. I am one to always look at things from multiple angles before making a concrete decision. In this case, I won’t label them fraud based on an FTC investigation. After all, the FTC is made up of human beings too, and they can be wrong. 

    However, it does appear that MOBE might be a bit more MLM than a true training course, in my opinion. Whether or not it’s a scam, it does not appeal to my sense of a solid business model, but rather a scheme that mandates you bring others in to the network in order for you to make money. I have a problem with that.

    Maybe I should just stay with the affiliate marketing and also product selling models. I think I trust those more.

    Thanks for the detailed review and information– you always seem to dig into these topics quite deeply which I’m sure saves many from potential problems!

  96. First of all I would like to point out that I had never heard of MOBE before reading this article.  As previous commenters have mentioned, being under investigation does not necessarily mean MOBE is guilty, but they do need to make sure they follow any compliance rules made by the Federal Trade Commission or any other government agency that has jurisdiction in these matters.  As a consumer, I would be leery of any company being investigated by a government agency.

    I have had previous experiences with a few MLM’s in the past.  They all seemed to have a “side hustle” selling their own homegrown training materials.  One of these organizations actually left the parent MLM company to sell just their training material.  They were also trying to give financial advise.  Here in Canada you must be properly licensed to give any advise regarding insurance or investments.  To the best of my knowledge none of the people associated with that company had the appropriate credentials. 

    Everyone must do their own due diligence to the best of their ability.  If something seems to good to be true then it probably is.  There are legitimate business opportunities out there, but they require investments of both time and money.



  97. There were many people making very good income pushing MOBE training and products. I could see some similarities to MLM in that each member was pressured to upgrade to a higher membership level.

    Don’t get me wrong. Each level gave you a much higher grade of quality training and one-on-one coaching in addition to higher commission rates. Like many affiliate marketing companies, affiliates only have to drive traffic to the products and MOBE would then lead them through the funnel.

    That’s what was most appealing about the system. Also, MOBE has a wide reach outside of the USA, so although they are cut off from operating here, I’m guessing they are really focusing more outside of the country in an effort to make up the difference, or at least some of it.

    I believe the greatest lesson learned by fellow MOBE associates is NEVER place all your eggs in one basket. It’s easy to get comfortable with one that is working well and sit back and let it roll. 

    But as many can testify, that comes with it own big perils. Create multiple streams of income and you’ll never run out.

    • Awesome Annette!

      Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge of the MOBE training, products and fact that many were making a very good income promoting and also that they are still operating in different countries even today.

      Never placing all of your eggs into one basket is very sound and wonderful advice as well Annette, thank you for that great reminder my Friend!

      Multiple streams of income are indeed the way to go and I do indeed have many sources of Passive and Residual Income.

      Thank you Annette for stopping by to comment, you are very welcome back anytime my Friend!


  98. If these guys are under investigation by the FTC then while that doesn’t necessarily make them an outright scam, it would be wise to avoid signing up until the investigation has been concluded and MOBE has been cleared of any wrongdoing. 

    I think the above commenter is right – maybe these programs start off meaning well and trying to help people, but once the owners see they can make more money ripping people off they get corrupted and people lose money.

    • Yes Jack,

      I do also agree my Friend!

      The FTC is supposedly doing their due diligence and making sure that they make the correct ruling.

      It’s such a shame when good things become bad because of a small percentage of the people and/or companies within the Network Marketing Industry.

      Thank you Jack for taking the time to read and also comment on the MOBE shut down and investigation by the Federal Trade Commission my Friend.

      You are welcome anytime Jack,


  99. Thank you so much for an open and honest take on your understanding of the Mobe Business.I was a few years back nearly a customer of Mobe and i now feel that i dodged a bullet so to speak.

    I sometimes wonder if some of these programs start off with good intentions but are then corrupted by greed or mismanagement.

    I am sure you would agree that it is probably a good idea to stay away from these programs offering almost instant success.


    • You are welcome Wayne,

      it’s my pleasure to share with Friends my Friend.

      MOBE does seem to have taken a great online business education and ruined it by overpricing it in order to pay it’s promoters and an entire upline.

      Business models based almost entirely upon recruiting in order to earn an income have become targets of the FTC also known as the Federal Trade Commission and will almost certainly be shut down.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment Wayne, you are welcome back anytime my Friend.



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