Wealthy Affiliate Sued by MOBE

MOBE sued Wealthy Affiliate, are You next?

[yasr_overall_rating] Yes, the day before Christmas in 2015 just 6 months after I joined Wealthy Affiliate, they were taken to court by MOBE. (My Online Business Education – known previously as My Online Business Empire)

The very same MOBE that has recently been shutdown by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) for being a Pyramid, Ponzi Scheme that has scammed many people in their time online sharing what they called an online education platform.

Why didn't I, right then and there cancel my membership at Wealthy Affiliate?

Wonderful that you asked, my answer is that I don't believe even a portion of what I read and/or see on the internet because I am a firm believer that the world wide web is the “Bathroom Walls of the 21st Century” and anyone can and most likely will write anything about others that may or may not even be remotely true.

How about you, do you believe everything that you read and/or see on the internet, consider it all as facts and that if it's on the internet, it must be true because it can't be on the internet if it's untrue?

To be completely honest with you, I don't even believe half of the negative reviews on the internet, even if they are shared by members of Wealthy Affiliate. I am not saying that they are being dishonest, I am merely saying that they, in most cases haven't even either signed up or showed up. You, me nor anyone can say with 100% certainty that something is a scam if they haven't even showed up, let alone signed up.

View the 32 second YouTube video below – Bonjour!


What is MOBE?

As stated above, M.O.B.E. is the acronym for My Online Business Education and was formerly known as My Online Business Empire and before that as My Top Tier Business. MOBE, Ltd is Now In Receivership and Has Been Declared to be Fraudulent By the Federal Trade Commission.

Known for many up sells and high ticket items, the $49 starting cost is dwarfed by the many thousands and thousands that according to past MOBE members was expected in order for them to keep growing their business. (I was never a member of MOBE) Also disclosed by many past members was that MOBE promotes itself as a program where you can have and grown any niche, the only training and education that was taught was geared towards learning how to promote MOBE.

There are many legitimate online opportunities to learn on the internet that are truly geared towards the promotion of any niche and not just the promotion of the “training” platform itself. My #1 Recommendation is here.

Wealthy Affiliate sued by MOBE

Wealthy Affiliate sued by MOBE, why?

MOBE sued Wealthy Affiliate(Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim), claiming that the Co-Owner Kyle Loudon wrote a fake review about their website calling it a scam, scheme, pyramid, ponzi etc….

While I must admit that there are indeed many members at WA who write reviews about sites and/or opportunities and give them the above tags, Kyle is a person who does indeed do his due diligence in reviewing sites impartially and fairly.

What I do find to be completely ridiculous and almost comical is that MOBE also blames the reviews written by others who aren't even a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community and never have been on WA and Kyle as well. The reviews in question were even written before Kyle wrote his and are by far more harsh and pointed. Sites like WarriorForum.com etc….

The Supreme Court of British Columbia not only dismissed the case and charges against Kyle, Carson and Wealthy Affiliate, they also awarded $130,000 to them. (Kyle, Carson and Wealthy Affiliate sent $65,000 of those dollars to the victims of MOBE who were scammed and ripped off) View the Court Order here.

Read Kyle's take on the almost 3 year journey to prevailing against MOBE's accusations by clicking here.

Was Wealthy Affiliate Stagnant during the 3 years?

Not only was WA not stagnant during the 3 years that they were going through the above process, they actually thrived!

The platform, although amazing when I joined in June 2015 is now even more amazing and so amazing that I never intend upon not being a member at Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, it's that Amazing!

Even though I've been earning an income online since 2009 and all the while assisting friends in learning as well by growing and/or starting their own business, I learn something new at the WA platform every day.

In 2017 alone, there were over 250,000 who became members within the community, not all of them decided to stay but many did. As of now, since the year 2005 when WA first launched as a keyword tool site, there have been over 1.5 Million members worldwide …… That's a lot of people and much more join daily, 1,500,000 and growing = not hitting a plateau anytime soon.

Are You next?

Have I or anyone else who is a member at Wealthy Affiliate written a review of your opportunity that is less than flattering?

Are you going to claim that we are defaming you and/or making false claims, writing fake reviews etc…..

Has your opportunity ever been called a scam, scheme, ponzi, pyramid or the ever creating stigma MLM word?

Just to let you know that I'm not against Multi-Level companies and Direct Sales as I am a firm believer that most within the opportunities are wonderful people, it's just the few that make it tough on the rest of us.

I even share opportunities that some have written false/fake reviews about and I will list them below:

My Final Thoughts on WA being sued by MOBE

I knew it was a scam, I am not a millionaire yet

Anyone can be sued by anyone and in today's world, unfortunately there seem to be more and more people who want everything for nothing.

Just like the image above, many people sign up then never show up then put forth far more effort in calling something a scam than they ever did in sharing the opportunity and/or product/service with anyone.

Nothing is more sad for me than to witness a friend who is excited about something only to then not share with a soul and later to complain about the results that they didn't get with the work that they didn't do.

Everything that I share takes time and work, I welcome any and all friends who are truly willing to put forth the effort to utilize what I share and I am always here to assist friends who truly do want to win with their online business.

Thank you friends for reading and also for taking the time to comment at the bottom of this article with your thoughts, questions, feeling etc…..

79 thoughts on “MOBE sued Wealthy Affiliate, are You next?”

  1. Hi Tony, Thanks for the post. I am a also member of wealthy affiliate so i absolutely agree with you. The fact that there are a lot of learning opportunities here is pretty amazing. I like the fact that you stayed and trusted the community. Also, i like the details in your post. It was really engaging.

  2. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I saw those negative review of wealthy affiliate, it was even the main reason I delayed my payment to upgrade the acct, but as soon as I found out it was all false, I instantly upgraded to my premium membership for one year. I love WA!

  3. This is the first time I’m hearing about MOBE suing Wealthy affiliate, I love your approach towards it then. It’s very true that anybody can just wake up one day and post unreasonable things about you or your business online just to defame you or spoil your image. MOBE right from time hasn’t been a good company that was why it was shutdown.

  4. Wow, it’s stories like this that make me admire the people in Wealthy Affiliate even more. 

    I am so impressed that they gave their payout to the victims of MOBE. It is sad but true that these type of scammers are obviously just out for money, and not to help people. The complete opposite of WA. Thank you for sharing this, as I was unaware! 

  5. What an irony of life that move has finally fallen and been shut down while wealthy affiliate is still standing tall and working just fine and growing ever better. To be very honest, move actually never really convinced me and though my friends joined, I never got the. Right conviction about it and I never got he urge to change my position about them till they shut down. This is really great and interesting to read

  6. Wow. So Wealthy Affiliates is subject to lawsuits and such business challenges. I am glad to read about this because it makes me even more comfortable with Wealthy Affiliates. You might not like one or two of the rules, but the support and resolutions show that the platform can stand up to any scrutiny. I was in a shady scheme when I saw a review about it and acted on the recommendation to join WA. I am so glad I did.

  7. Not everything we read in the newspaper is true, and that goes for the internet as well. Newspapers often publish sensational articles to get the attention, but it is not necessarily truthful. 

    This comes as news to me that WA was sued by MOBE, but then it does sound as if MOBE was clutching at straws, probably feeling guilty that the review had revealed their true colors. 

  8. My Online Business Education and was formerly known as My Online Business Empire and earlier as My Top Tier Business. i believe it has been declared fraudulent and insincere. Imagine them suing a company like Wealthy Affiliate which is the epitome of genuine business and commitment. I am a member of WA and i find it is awesome. It has training material which would probably be the best in the industry. Up up WA !


  9. Hello, 

    Thanks for writing this article. I am glad to know that Wealthy Affiliate will fight for what is right. It solidifies its credibility as a great all-in-one  affiliate platform. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for years now and I’ve seen dozens of sites that promises people that they will help them build a profitable affiliate marketing business. I guess some of them are legit but my only complain is its rediculous price tag. I honeslty believe Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best in its industry. 

    You mentioned that WA got sued for writing a review against MOBE. This just to show that this affiliate marketing business that we are doing is not just for fun. It is a serious business and if we are going to write a review against other companies then we must make sure that we did our research and say what is honest and right. 

    John Greg  

  10. Interesting information.  Guess everyone gets muddied by talk from time to time.  I have found that many reviews are a bit harsh, with scam accusations, some situations are just that, a scam.  

    However, I do think that as a professional, that when giving a review on my site, I need to stay within the guidelines of a good review.

    There are so many ways of making money online that some seem to borderline fraud to me but are perfectly legit to others.  The history was interesting.

  11. This is news to me. I never knew that W.A. was sued. I joined W.A October of last year and I’m happy with the results so far. MOBE was also unknown to me. I’m glad that I’m not with a shady company. We all are trying to improve our lives by learning new stuffs. The last thing we need is a company taking our hard earned investment money and in return deliver us garbage that will lead to being unsuccessful. If MOBE was a shady company, then it deserves the death sentence.

  12. Tony,

    I did not know that Wealthy Affiliate was sued. I also have never heard about MOBE. It is not surprising that Wealthy Affiliate won and MOBE is now out of business. Really no surprise there from what you have shared. In my experience, Wealthy Affiliate is a very legitimate and well-established company, around for over 15 years and with over 2M members. I do not see them going anywhere and I intend to continue referring and promoting them and the community.

    Thank you for sharing.


  13. WOW! I never knew that Wealthy Affiliate was sued before, even as a member. This is so interesting to me. Honestly, almost half of the reviews on programs for online income are defamation cases waiting to happen. Nice of MOBE to sue whoever could give them the most money, though. I’m glad WA won. Kyle is a great guy as proven by him donating half of the court award to people who were scammed. I couldn’t be more proud of being a WA member after reading this.

  14. Hi there Tony!

    I do ppreciate your initiative to write this article and brought this issue out of WA community because people outside WA ( especially those who were brainwashed by some other competitors aside from MOBE ) need to read this to realize that WA is NOT a scam but with a KIND HEART AND GENUINE INTENTION TO HELP PEOPLE and this has has been proven by Kyle and Carson in this battle alone as they even donaoutside ted half of the money ( from MOBE for winning the case ) to all the victims.

    Another thing is – people who read your article will be saved from the ligit scammers around the net who wear masks and use tactics to hide their really bad intentions.

    I myself has been saved from these scammers and so thankful because the one that saved me is WA!

    Tony, you are saving lots of people thru this article!

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Be safe always!


  15. Hi there Tony!

    I do ppreciate your initiative to write this article and brought this issue out of WA community because people outside WA ( especially those who were brainwashed by some other competitors aside from MOBE ) need to read this to realize that WA is NOT a scam but with a KIND HEART AND GENUINE INTENTION TO HELP PEOPLE and this has has been proven by Kyle and Carson in this battle alone as they even donated half of the money ( from MOBE for winning the case ) to all the victims.

    Another thing is – people who read your article will be saved from the ligit scammers around the net who wear masks and use tactics to hide their really bad intentions.

    I myself has been saved from these scammers and so thankful because the one that saved me is WA!

    Tony, you are saving lots of people thru this article!

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Be safe always!


  16. Hi Tony Lee,

    Loved your article on MOBE suing Wealthy Affiliate.  I read about that the other day on the WA website that Carson had posted.  What blew me away as I read the post was how long and drawn out it was.  It’s amazing to me how long the court systems works.  Plus the fact that it’s kind of scary that a company like MOBE can make others jump through so many legal hoops.  Talk about a waste of time and money.

    The other part that’s a bit frightening to me is that from a common sense standpoint it seems completely baseless.  But for whatever reason the court system allows a company like MOBE to continue down the path for their “legal right”.  In any case, it’s wonderful to see that WA prevailed.  Thanks for the great article.

    Mat A.  

    • Hi Mat A.,

      yes my friend, I do agree that it is amazing in such a wrong way that the court system works in such a long and drawn out way.  Imagine all of the tax dollars wasted for such a baseless and frivolous reason as a company like MOB suing anyone. let alone Wealthy Affiliate.

      It is indeed wonderful that Wealthy Affiliate prevailed and that justice was finally reached, it has to be such a weight off of the shoulders for Kyle, Carson and WA to have this behind them.  Hopefully this will also set a precedence and serve as notice to anyone else who even thinks about wrongly accusing others, including but not limited to great companies like Wealthy Affiliate.

      You are welcome Mat A. & thank you my friend, you are welcome here anytime.


  17. Hi Tony, thank you for sharing this.  I  have  never heard of MOBE, it was only until  I joined Wealthy Affiliate, that I became aware of it.  This just proves to me how amazing the owners of Wealthy Affiliate are, that Kyle and Carson gave money to the victims of MOBE is truly amazing.  I am so glad to be a part of such a wonderful  community that is Wealthy Affiliate.  I was a complete beginner when I joined in March of this year, and have learned so much, and am still learning.  The community is filled with  people who want others to succeed, it really is a great platform.

    • Thank you Jenny for your great thoughts about the wonderful Wealthy Affiliate community my friend.

      Yes, the fact that Kyle and Carson decided to assist the victims of the MOBE scam to regain at least some of their money that they were swindled out of is such an amazing testament to their true feelings about the internet marketing arena.

      I appreciate you taking the time to read it and comment here as well, you are welcome here anytime.


  18. That’s so unfortunate that the founders of WA had to go through all that hassle and stress the last few year. Luckily, they prevailed! That’s awesome that they gave some of the money they were awarded to some of the victims of MOBE. Thank you for summarizing what has been going on the last few years and the outcome–I’m glad that WA prevailed!

    • Awesome Holly!

      You are welcome and thank you my friend for taking the time to read and comment.


  19. Thanks Tony for sharing this inspiring story. It goes to show that if you do the right thing, fight for what’s right. and don’t give up, anything is truly possible.

    Kyle and Carson are no doubt two of the most resilient individuals I have ever come across. I am looking forward to sharing your article with friends to give them a better perspective on the reviews they read online.

    It is so important to do your due diligence when navigating through the online world.

    Appreciate you taking the time to share this story of true justice.

    – Jay S. 

  20. Hello Tony,

    Thanks for this information and sharing it with us. Since I am relatively new to Wealthy Affiliate; I was not aware of this lawsuit. 

    Glad I did not see it while looking at this opportunity; initially, it might have caused me to change my mind before getting started. This group of people has been the best thing I have seen from the internet by far!

    Lawsuits from these types of business make me sick to my stomach; it’s good to hear that there is still people out there who are willing to stand there ground. 

    Three years is a long time to be tied up in a lawsuit, that speaks to the character of Kyle and Carson for fighting the good fight! They have earned some respect in my eyes.

    I totally agree with your comments at the end of your post; recently finding out for myself, just how much work is involved with building a business online, it’s a lot! And it does take time and energy to do this…

    Thanks for taking the time, it is appreciated!

    Have a great day!


    • Hello Chad,

      I completely understand my friend and there have been friends who didn’t join WA in the past 3 years because of the legal battle being fought because of MOBE’s false allegations.

      Now that the verdict has been rightly brought out, I am looking forward to sharing the Wealthy Affiliate Platform with the most amazing community, training, support and leadership with friends even more.

      Have a great day as well Chad and you are welcome back here anytime my friend,


  21. Hi Tony, thanks for the very engaging topic. Sadly no one is safe from false allegations against them, be that a dishonest review or a lawsuit. But in my own humble view, the genuine article always comes through. Be truthful and have integrity in what you do and you can achieve great things. I also believe WealthyAffiliare is the strongest platform for online success I have come across in years. Thanks, Kenny 

    • Hi Kenny,

      I absolutely love your beliefs my friend, truthfulness, integrity and being genuine comes through and always prevails in the end.

      Thank you Kenny for sharing & caring,


  22. Hi, 

    The Question that you are Asking: Are You Next? 

    Do not find standing with me, Because I am reading your article the question is directed to me. 

    I am Saying that like MOBE anyone who are feeling threatened because he/she have something to hide will turn to a lawsuit to seek cover from the truth.

     Because they know that the wrongdoer is sometimes the one who get the benefit in the court of Law. People like MOBE will seek to use might to beat right by heading to a Lawsuit.

     Of course, just as how some of us would judge an article while it is sealed in a box, just so some of us judge a company without even researching it or signing up into it. 

    If I have an issue with a member of WA, maybe a Lawsuit could be considered. 

    But, with Wealthy Affiliate, NO! WA is a help to the people of the world. Therefore, the founders should be given the fresh Air to continue the development for the benefit of all people. Even if they are wrong with you.

    Are you a member of all the companies that you have Listed? 

    Are you afraid of being sued? Ha ha


    • Hi DorcasW,

      as I stated in the article, yes my friend, I am indeed a member of all of the companies listed there as well as others.

      The question, “Are You Next” is directed towards all of the other companies etc…. who may or may not be thinking of trying to sue anyone or any company.  Sadly, we live in a sue happy time of our existence.

      I also don’t condone anyone judging anyone and/or anything else either and especially without any true facts.

      Thank you DorcasW for reading and sharing my friend.


  23. Hi Tony,

    I’m also extremely skeptical about what anyone posts on the internet. The “Bathroom Walls on the 21st Century” is a great way of putting it. There will always be those filng lawsuits without any real basis in the hopes of getting lucky. This is why we have such a litigious society and also why many people – including me – have become so paranoid about even posting something that might get me sued.

    I’ve been a member of wealthy Affiliate for three years now and can vouch for the fact that they are 100% legitimate as far as my dealings with them. The price to be a premium member is extremely reasonable and I’ve never been hit with an up-sell. The types of activities they’ve been accused of sound ridiculous and I’m glad that this was confirmed by the court decision. 

    • Hi LynnSamuelson,

      thank you my friend for sharing your experience as a member at Wealthy Affiliate for the past 3 years.

      I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment here on this article as well as share your thoughts.


  24. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story on how WA was sued by MOBE in 2015.

    I am happy that instead of being punished WA was rewarded. 

    I know i have made a nice choice when i chose WA as my platform to make online money. 

    From this point, many people are doing reviews on many online companies, it is very important that they must do a deep research before writing any review especially newbies so am I.

    Scams  are everywhere and it is our duties to help people not fall in their tricks but we must be careful in what we do.

    I liked the story

    • You are welcome Julienne,

      WA has endured and prevailed my friend as was the correct outcome in this matter.

      There are indeed scams all around us all and with the internet we are exposed to them daily and much more frequently than in the past but it’s my opinion that who are we to judge, we have our opinions.

      Thank you Julienne for taking the time to read and comment on this story with such a happy ending my friend.


  25. Well I hope I’m not next. I don’t really see how mobe could sue someone for having a bad opinion about them anyway. We do have a thing called freedom of speech. It looks like the claims must have been legitimate if they got shut down by the ftc.

    I think there are some legitimate make money online companies out there. What gets a lot of people is that they just want to get rich quick. Well if you want to get rich quick then play the lottery and good luck with that. An online business takes A LOT of time, dedication, passion, and patience.

    Do you have any tips on how not to get sued?

    • Tips on how not to ever get sued ……. Do nothing, say nothing, stand for nothing and/or be nothing!

      In other words my friend, I don’t have any tips on how to never be sued because anyone who ever does anything, says anything, stands for anything and is anything is fair game for the crazies of the world.

      In my honest opinion, all that we can do is be the best person that we can and always do what we believe to be right no matter the circumstances.

      Thank you Travis for your question and thoughts my friend,


  26. I love this article.  You really hit the nail on the head.  I read about the lawsuit and was stunned that Wealthy Affiliate would be sued.  Disclaimer:  I have recently joined Wealthy Affiliate and find the community to be amazing!  

    Thank you for this article and thank you for your service.

    • Awesome my friend and thank you for sharing your feelings as well as for your compliments.

      Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate Community,


  27. Crazy, I thought that i heard something about this. The FTC shutdown MOBE because it was operating as a ponzi-scheme.

    Thanks for the info Tony, appreciate you looking out and giving us some actual info about the darker side of DM. It’s not always peaches and cream. Great read. I assume the allegations never fell through as Wealthy Affiliates is still up and running.

    • McqueenKoby,

      what is DM my friend?

      Is it Digital Marketing?

      The charges of Defamation that MOBE had brought against WA were indeed dismissed and were found to be untrue so yes, Wealthy Affiliate is indeed still running and even more smoothly than before.

      Thank you for your time and communication,


  28. I never even knew about this case until recently. It’s awesome that Wealthy Affiliate was vindicated in the end. It sucks that there will probably still be some people that will lump WA in a group with something like MOBE and then label them all scams without any research or reference. It’s ironic that we live in the information age and yet misinformation seems to be more prevalent than truth nowadays.

    • True Ryan,

      some people will always blindly label anything as a scam, scheme or illegal no matter what my friend.

      Cynics are even worse than sceptics as sceptics will at least in many cases at least be open minded, cynics will be negative no matter what.

      Thank you for your thoughts Ryan,


  29. Hey Tony!  Thank you for your service!  Great website!  That whole Mobe thing actually scared me a little, to tell you the truth.  I would not have had the thousands and thousands of dollars Wealthy Affiliate had to defend the suit, so something like this could put me out of business.  I may not do any negative reviews and only just promote programs I find worthwhile.  That way I don’t have to worry about some angry company coming after me like that.  Thanks for the update.

    • Hey Babsie,

      I agree with you my friend.

      I also don’t have many millions of dollars to fight a Big Dog in court so if someone does attempt to sue me then I will make sure to win. 🙂

      I also appreciate your compliment of my service and website Babsie, you are welcome here anytime.


  30. Everything I seem to read about Wealthy Affiliate screams solid and a diamond in the mud!  It’s kind of interesting to have  contact with a company to the point of personally finding out that there are NO hidden fees and/ or catches, then to hear of another similar company lashing out at WA throwing law suites. I guess MOBE is familiar with law suites!  Looks like the similarity ends with the industry.

    • Thank you for your thoughts Suzette, 

      I appreciate your time and communication my friend.

      Upsells aren’t a bad thing in my opinion as long as we are getting what we pay for and as you say that they aren’t hidden and/or with catches…..

      Talk with you soon Suzette,


  31. Hi Tony, how are you? I was also surprised when I read the whole story that Kyle published about the lawsuit. It’s incredible but true, nowadays anyone can sue you.

    I loved the image, I was very funny but that is the same reaction that most people have, they try a few days, some maximum a month, and if they do not see results, they already say it is a scam.People must learn to work for something to see the results.Pao.

    • Hi Pao, 

      I am wonderful my friend, any better and there would need to be 2 or 3 more of me.

      Thank you for your love of the image, it’s funny yet not funny at the same time & even sad.

      Working to achieve results is what the answer is, no work = no results!

      Thank you Pao for your thoughts,


  32. Trying to sue someone for simply giving their opinion about your business says a lot about MOBE. I never heard of them before this article, but looks like they definitely got what they deserved. And you’re right, it’s hard to know what to trust on the internet with how easy it is for anyone to put something up as “the truth”. Usually, if you keep digging deep enough the actual truth will be uncovered, exposing the fake content. Thanks for sharing and standing up for WA!

  33. Hi Tony, 

    Interesting, I must admit I’ve never heard of MOBE but good to know WA prevailed and were proven right in the court of law!

    I’m pretty new to WA, you mention how the platform has becomes better over the years, what for you has been the most valuable change made since you joined a few years back?



    • Hi Nathan,

      There are a few other articles here on this site that I have written as well as when you Google “MOBE FTC” and/or “MOBE Federal Trade Commission” without the “Quotations” then you will find more of my posts as well as others written by members of WA as well as others on the internet.

      As far as improvements at WA in the past 3+ years that I’ve been a member, I will share a few.

      Jaaxy Lite becoming a part of the Premium Membership is one thing that has greatly improved.  Although I have been an upgraded Jaaxy Pro member for quite some time, it’s nice to have friends who I refer to WA to have the ability to have Jaaxy Lite right away.

      The entire User Experience has improved as the platform has just a few months ago gotten a complete facelift bringing it to the elite of the 21st Century.

      WA has also added the 100% free over 1,000,000 royalty free images within the site content platform as well as the site content writing platform itself.

      Nathan, I could go on and on about the things that have improved in the past 3+ years that I have been a member at Wealthy Affiliate but I won’t.

      Thank you for the question my friend,


  34. Tony, thank you for sharing your honest opinion about ‘internet news’.  

    Although MOBE are now under due to fraudulence, we should also be aware that there are hidden gems in the internet world, Wealthy Affiliate being one of them. Obviously the court case seemed to be about a big fish bullying a smaller fish until it got itself being swallowed up by a whale.  In other words the FTC.

    Through  your article (and I hope you heavily promote it) people will see the difference between an internet shark and an internet dolphin..Wealthy Affiliate are very much on the side of the masses and the masses are firmly behind them.

    This  is where favour is accrued.

    Tony, more grease to your elbows!

    • Such a great visual that you have provided us with Stella, thank you my friend!

      I love how you have painted the picture for us and how you show Wealthy Affiliate as a dolphin as dolphins are highly intelligent as well as very powerful in their own right.  All the while they are messengers to us all and share their beauty with others.

      With over 1.5 million members worldwide, WA is now a force itself and has grown quite well since launching in 2005 and in 2017 more than 250,000 friends joined Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thank you Stella for your thoughts on this issue that we all have witnessed in the past 3 years.


  35. That was an insight an interestingly different take on the MOBE scandal. I wasn’t doing anything online at the time,after being taken to the cleaners a few times myself from other programs I was taking a break for a bit. I did read about MOBE a few times I believe it was on the warrior forum.It was enough to keep me away from any online ventures until recently when I decided to try again. That was when I decided to finally join Wealthy Affiliate  I knew they had been around for many years 13 to be exact, I really wish now that I had joined when first running accross them…that was 8 yrs ago. I can only imagine where I would be today. 🙂 🙂  It is refreshing to be apart of an ethical honest company!!

    • It’s great that you have now joined Wealthy Affiliate Cathy, welcome my friend!

      We can’t turn back time and who knows, if you had joined WA back 8 years ago things may or may not have turned out better.

      It does never cease to amaze me that I either didn’t see WA and/or didn’t pay attention to the amazing platform sooner than I did 3 years ago based on the fact that I have been earning and assisting friends in earning online since 2007 just 2 years after WA launched.

      Now that we do know what we have, we can be thankful that we do indeed have a legitimate place to learn and earn every day that gets better and better.

      Thank you Cathy for sharing & caring,


  36. What a great way to show support for Wealthy Affiliate and to endorse the sound and true characters of Kyle and Carson!

    The point that got my attention was the reason Kyle and Carson pursued the matter until it was solved.

    Kyle mentions that they also wanted to help those who have been scammed by many companies out there on the internet, especially those who cannot afford to go through the legal process.  So by pursuing this legal battle for a long time, and coming out and winning the battle, they have helped to prove that the truth will prevail and scammers will be found guilty.

    During this legal battle, one of the pertinent factors was that Kyle and Carson protected the data of all members of Wealthy Affiliate and didn’t budge when MOBE requested data information from Wealthy Affiliate.

    From my point of view, Kyle and Carson, have shifted the mindset of many companies in the industry who think they can continue to scam their way to wherever they think they might end up!  In the case of MOBE, shut down.

    Thank you for challenging us to think carefully about everything that is put out there on the internet and to test everything to make sure the truth is known.


    • Sweet Edu!

      thank you my friend for sharing your thoughts on this very important issue and for pointing out that Kyle and Carson did indeed not only protect our data, they also contributed to those who were scammed out of money by MOBE.

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone truly did what was right and didn’t try to deceive each other?

      What a perfect world that would be ….. Of course, this world will never be perfect but we can all still make an effort to do our part in doing the right thing.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment Edu, you are welcome anytime my friend.


  37. LOL I really like your bathroom graffiti analogy about the internet and not to believe everything you read until you really do your research, or trust your own experience. 

    I am glad you didn’t cancel your WA membership on account of MOBE starting some $hit because Wealthy Affiliate is obviously a legit company with lots, and lots of people backing it up. Most people who want to give any credit to MOBE need to consider that they were shut down by the federal trade commission so um, yeah that says alot about them!

    What I learned from this article and what really made me happy to hear is how Kyle and Carson donated a considerable amount of their court winnings to the victims of MOBE who were scammed and ripped off. This is why WA is a successful company because they have integrity, values and morals which is something you also don’t find in the internet. My analogy of the internet is that its a very ghetto “hood” where all kinds of people are on the corner slanging things, you gotta be very mindful what you check out or consider because you don’t really know the source. A common sense thing to do is look at the general consensus , is everyone else buying from this ice cream man? Yeah? well then he might be legit!  and that also goes for WA and the scores of positive reviews that are on the internet only prove the validity of this company, thats all I’m saying

    • Awesome Sophia!

      I appreciate your time and communication my friend as Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle, Carson and the Community are amazing and I realize just how amazing every day.

      What a wonderful, legitimate and caring community where we can all learn and earn while sharing with each other as well.

      You are welcome here at this website anytime Sophia, I absolutely love your mindset my friend.

      Talk with you soon,


  38. We do live in a time when anyone can say just about anything on the internet and get away with it. It does take a lawsuit sometimes to get people to stop hurting your business with unfounded reviews and such. The problem is that when people talk bad about you on the internet what they are saying about you has to actually be false. That was not the case in the case with Wealthy Affiliate. Also it shows a lot of character to not just bend or break under the pressure and financial strain it takes to win a case like this. A lot of businesses would have just removed the comments even though they are true just to not have the financial burden of having to prove that the truth is the truth. It goes to show that Wealthy Affiliate was trying to be a good neighbor to everyone else on the internet. Worth taking a look into! 

    • Absolutely D.W. Mann!

      Taking on the system as well as not backing down did indeed show what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and is a testament to the quality leadership.  One very important factor when joining any opportunity, site, community etc…. You are welcome anytime my friend.

      Talk with you soon D.W. Mann,


  39. The truth will come out in the end, MOBE was one of the first programs I joined, I am glad I am not a man of means otherwise they probably would have cleaned me out. My so called ‘coach’ even suggested I take out a loan for the upsells!! I remember when the court initially went in favour of MOBE, Mr LLoyd was gloating on Facebook and suggested that Wealthy Affiliate may have to pay a substantial amount to them for damages.This is why real honest reviews are required, to help people falling for get rich quick schemes and outright scams.

    • Wow Mihaj!

      Thank you for sharing your experience with MOBE my friend!

      Taking out a loan?

      I wonder if Mr. Lloyd is gloating on Facebook or anywhere else now 🙂 most likely not!

      I appreciate your time and communication Minhaj,


  40. I think it is hilarious that MOBE was suing for Defamation. The fact is, there has to be false claims for defamation to exist is one thing that I have learned in my business law classes. The fact that what being said about MOBE has fact in them should have not let this court case go as long as it did for the last 3 years. The facts were even coming from people who have personally invested their money with them too. I guess that is the perks of living in a sue happy society. Everyone wants a piece of your money especially when you have a large piece of pie like Kyle and Carson have. The fact that they were getting blamed for other peoples reviews whom they weren’t associate with also shows how desperate MOBE was.

    • I agree Jessie, it shows how much the system loves to have the money coming in as well, 3 years?

      They could have and should have concluded this case way sooner than 1 year, let alone 3 years.

      MOBE is indeed facing many challenges and maybe the karma is coming back to them all now.

      I am saddened by the friends who got involved who did and do actually care about each other as I am quite sure that it was the majority.

      It only takes a few bad apples to spoil the whole bunch ….

      Thank you for stopping by to read and comment Jessie,


  41. This is a generosity of Kyle, Carson and Wealthy Affiliate sent $65,000 to the victims of MOBE.  That is shown you that the idea behind the wealthy affiliate were to help the young online entrepreneurial to make money online . They are different from people that promise heaven and earth and offer nothing but with wealthy affiliate patient is the key to success and this is not the quick way of making money online. Thank you for this comprehensive educative information. Keep the good work.

  42. Another amazing post Tony I do agree on every point you talked about especially when some label an opportunity a scam, pyramid scheme, MLM, and all those negative names you hear. One thing that did stand out in your article is the fact you said you don’t believe anything on the internet because it is like the 21st centuries bathroom wall. That commercial I remember seeing and I do agree with it and it is a comical commercial but sad at the same time.

    Now to that question do I believe everything from the positive to the negative reviews online or really anything? To be honest nope I don’t believe anything online, I have always believed in this quote “believe none of what you hear and half of what you see”

    Me personally I am not against any type of opportunity yeah are there opportunities online that are sub-par and probably not worth your time? Yeah of course there is but just because one system isn’t the best doesn’t mean another opportunity in the same type of business model isn’t legit. 

    The thing is with MOBE I never actually got into that I actually got into DA, back in mid 2017 from someone on IG then I got involved but right when I was about to put down the money for Rise ($2,500), they got shut down by the FTC in Feb of 2018 I only lost about a few hundred bucks.

    I just think it is crazy how easy it is for someone to sue you even if the review is actually truth you know? 

    I did my research into MOBE when I heard about it but I never said it was a scam because I never invested in it. I have always believed like you had mentioned you shouldn’t call something a scam from just reviews on the internet because most if not all are crazy biased because they are trying to get you into their program. Or they are trying to do a bait and switch where they label it a scam and switch it up to tell you to sign up for their #1 opportunity.

    I am just happy WA beat MOBE and thrived in the case over the three years they were in the case for it is just sad to know people will do what they can to get you and scare you into getting rid of in their eyes “false Info”.

    Thanks for this and sharing your knowledge with everyone 


    • Awesome Matt!

      I am blown away by your thorough comment and research my friend, you are truly a person who I want with me on the team and no matter what we do!

      Thank you so much for not only taking the time to completely read this article but also share your experience and expertise with us all as well.

      Talk with you soon Matt, you are always welcome here my friend.


  43. It sounds so scary to be sued for telling th truth. Honestly, after a case like this going public, someone should just try it out and realise it’s a scam. Though, I didn’t join MOBE – thankfully – so it might not have been so easy to prove this. They scammed lots of people so I guess they planned this well… 

    Hopefully, most people took their money back.

    • Thank you for sharing Jenny,

      MOBE is still as far as I know, being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission and this article is about them bringing charges against Wealthy Affiliate and losing.

      Kind of ironic, isn’t it?

      MOBE being shut down and now losing their case in trying to sue WA for defamation.

      Anytime being taken to court is involved worries me as you never know what the “Big Brother” government will decide ….. 🙂

      Thank you for your time and communication Jenny,


  44. Excellent article Tony.  

    I, for one am very careful about throwing around the word scam.  

    I think many of us would agree there are many businesses that make claims that are unbelievable but I still stay clear of the word scam unless I can absolutely prove what I am talking about.  

    I may do reviews where I recommend not signing up or buying a product but that is simply a recommendation.  

    I think people may see a lot more of what Kyle and Carson went through.  

    However if you stick to your guns and have strong beliefs in what you are doing then in most cases we should prevail.

    • Thank you Dale,

      yes my friend, I am with you my friend and don’t throw the scam word around either.

      Honesty is always the best policy and standing up for what we believe in wins every time in the end.


  45. I had no idea that Kyle, Carson and Wealthy Affiliate had sent $65,000 to the victims of MOBE.  That is absolutely amazing, and that shows you that they are in it too help others and not just for a quick buck like all those scammers out there.

    If it requires time and effort on your part then it most likely isn’t a scam.  If it claims that you can make soooo much money within such a short amount of time then it most likely is a scam.

    Success means learning then implementing what you learn(work).

    • Absolutely Shy!

      I do so agree my friend, Kyle & Carson along with the Wealthy Affiliate Community are absolutely amazing and walk the walk for all of us.

      Work is how it is accomplished indeed!

      Thank you Shy for stopping by to read and comment with your thoughts,


  46. Hi Tony, how are you? Man, I enjoyed reading that post of Kyle about the court case involving MOBE and be victorious after three years of stress for them.

    As a member of WA and knowing Kyle and Carson as good and honest people, I never doubted that they will lose the case. But you know what? Before I knew WA, I saw MOBE and thought it was a good opportunity to earn money online.

    I joined them, but when they started with their ridiculous upsells, I canceled my subscription and asked for a refund which I never got.

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading this article of yours.
    Take care!

    • Hi Nicolaas,

      I am doing wonderfully my friend and how are you?

      You aren’t the only one who joined MOBE in believing that it was a good opportunity to learn and earn money online as the number is Huge!

      I appreciate you taking the time to read this article and your compliments as well as sharing your experience Nicolaas.

      You are always welcome here my friend, anytime.



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