Motor Club of America, Legit or Scam?

MCAI have been approached many times throughout the years by Friends, Associates and even by random people on internet sites attempting to get me to look at and join Motor Club of America MCA and to be honest I have never even looked at it until now.

Why didn’t I look at it?

Because it seemed that everyone who approached me to look at it hyped it up so much and shared how it was going to make me rich quick that I blew it off as a scam. Or worse yet, It seems that everyone promoting MCA was posting pictures of themselves holding a stack of cash and claiming that MCA made them rich!

(More photos surfaced at right about tax return time, Coincidence? I think not!)

Is Motor Club of America a Scam or is it Legit?

That is a very good question and together we shall take a look at the evidence but then also it will be up to each of us to decide if it is Legit or a Scam!

As of this posting I am not nor have I ever been involved with MCA Motor Club of America but that doesn’t mean that I am calling is a Scam, It also doesn’t mean that I’m calling it Legit either!


The Lady in the YouTube video above says that the reason that She quit MCA was that Her leaders promoted MCA by flashing cash and were coercing Her to “Fake it til You Make It” and that She didn’t feel right doing that especially with Family and Friends who could see right thru it. I agree with Her, I also believe that if She had a different Leadership Team that She would still be with MCA and earning much more while having fun doing it. Leadership, Training and Support are such a vital part of any business but even moreso with a Home Based Business as the general public has been brainwashed that they are all bad.

Motor Club of America Income Potential


As you can see by this image, MCA is most definitely a Multi-Level Marketing MLM Company, Not saying that is a bad thing but it does open many more questions.  One big question is that I have read that this income potential is based on member purchasing  only and no selling to others is involved.




MCA products and services


There are however different levels offered and in order for a person to become an Independent Representative at MCA you must choose the $19.95 plan with your first payment being $39.90 to cover first and last month’s installments then going forward your monthly cost will be $19.95 which will qualify you to sell the services to others.

Detailed descriptions of what are included in each package are to the right, See the Official Motor Club of America website at

MCA was founded by William W. Green and is now ran by the MCA President David Kircher TVC Marketing Associates Inc. owner Virgil Coffee, TVC is now the Parent Company to MCA.

In 2011 MCA started the 3 levels available as well as the “Affiliate” program allowing members to recruit other members and also to sell the services to earn commissions.  Membership plans at Motor Club of America also boast many discounts at Hotels, Dental, Vision, Car Rental etc.. Full list of discounts are provided on the MCA site.

The cost of $19.95 for the plan in order to become an Affiliate plus all of the benefits listed doesn’t sound half bad at all.  My biggest question is how does a person earn $80 per referral if the referred member only pays $39.90?



MCA So as the picture to the left claims, You can get started for $40 and make thousands!

How many thousands would you like to earn? It also says that you can get paid Friday, the compensation plan says that any referrals up to Saturday will be paid the following Friday.

Where is the additional $40 going to come from to pay the referrer when the referred member only pays $39.90?

I must be missing something here!

Do you see what I don’t see?

There has to be more to it and I’m just not seeing it, An update will most likely follow on this soon!

One question that I also see asked by many Friends who have had Motor Club of America shared with them is how does it stack up against AAA and other Motor Clubs?  I found this comparison chart below and once again I’m not testifying to it’s accuracy, I am simply sharing what I have found.  I am not currently nor have I ever been a member and may never be a member.



Motor Club of America compared to AAA


According to the picture to the left AAA doesn’t hold a candle to what MCA offers,

Is this true?

Anyone who is reading this post bear in mind that I’m not a member yet and am still researching so I welcome you to comment below with any testimonials. (Good or Bad)

Aso any questions that you would like to be answered in future updates or anything else related to Motor Club of America and if you consider it Legit or if you consider MCA a Scam.




Posted by Tony Lee Hamilton

7 year United States Army Veteran - Providing Social Media & Internet Marketing Solutions for Businesses as well as helping Friends earn an income online with Internet Affiliate Marketing from anywhere in the World.


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  1. With so many people flashing money on youtube, consumers immediately think its a scam. I go through many rebuttals to counter negative remarks. Integrity is something I live by and telling the truth and being honest is quite simply. Maybe it’s the Army Veteran in me to do just that. I have the product myself (which I have used numerous times) and I am an associate. I’ve acquired a few sales but continuing to work out my strategy. MCA has a competitive advantage, especially with unlimited plans. Most motor clubs offer limited service calls per year. A sites rank does not justify it as the best. It only shows popularity and high visibility.

  2. I have had MCA for almost 5 years. Haven’t sold a lot but I have had to use it. I still own it and would not be without it. In my opinion it is the Best Motor Club Service Period. A little pricey but very very good.

  3. All I can say is I am a member of MCA I am not getting rich but I do love the service they provide which to me is much better than AAA because I was a member of AAA before I switched to MCA. I am a locksmith by trade and I make more money being an MCA associate then I did as a locksmith. To earn $500-$800 a week is good money it won’t make you rich but it does make life easier. Being an AMC associate is both fun and rewarding. It does take some effort to earn this kind of money,but it is not hard to do either. It can be done and it’s worth the effort.

    1. Awesome Jerry!

      I love that you mention it will take some effort. Far too many “Opportunities” claim that it will make you rich overnight on autopilot and with no effort, All the hard work done for you.

      I also see that AAA can’t compare to what MCA offers and would love to learn more. What extra services to you enjoy the most with MCA that AAA doesn’t have Jerry?

      $500 – $800 a week would be life changing income to many my Friend and I thank you for sharing Jerry.


      1. I like the fact that MCA covers up to $1000.00 on miss use of my credit card. Please review my wep site and let me know what you think of it. I would respect your opinion. Itry to sell the service most of all as if I do not make any money unless I make sales. Signing up other associates is ok but I have no control as to what they do or not do. Most of my money I earn from my own efforts. I trust myself and know what kind of money I can make with this company because I control my own efforts.

        1. Wonderful Jerry, Having $1,000 of coverage for misuse of your credit card sounds like a very nice perk. So you earn more from sales of the services and don’t really sign up too many associates? How long have you been with Motor Club of America my friend? what % does MCA pay for selling the services? I will take a look at your website as well Jerry, thank you for sharing.


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