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Below I will share some Internal links to some of my posts here on my website that will help to increase  website traffic, referrals and revenue for you as well!

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Global MoneyLine




Global MoneyLine 

A fairly new site that I got started with about 5 weeks ago and absolutely love – It allows us to build a list and to communicate within the MoneyLine platform without sharing any personal information unless we would like to (The Admin does receive your email but only for registration purposes, I have never been spammed by them)







IBOsocial / IBOtoolbox

Wonderful advertising community platform that I have been involved with since 18 June 2015 and an Amazing place for us all to share any website.  There are also very helpful tools, training and many helpful Friends there. Immediately after you register for Free you will receive many “Associate Requests”  They are just like connection requests at LinkedIn, Follows at Twitter or Friend requests at Facebook. ( My Official Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran Facebook Page)

Once you complete your profile page at IBO you will be awarded 500 advertising credits that you can use to create banner and/or text ads to promote your website(s) and/or opportunities.  Every page at IBO has a “Section Assistance” area near the bottom right as well as the “Market with Kris” videos to help with most questions.

One other thing is that when filling out your profile there is no need to place your phone number – You can view my Profile at to see what I share there – Also update your email settings so that you won't be bombarded with emails as well.


Wealthy Affiliate 

#1 Ranked Online Affiliate Business Community in the World!  WA has helped over 500,000 Friends learn and earn with Affiliate Marketing since 2005 and is even better today.

I have been with WA since 18 June 2015 and even though I have been earning an income online since 2009 I credit WA and the amazing WA Community with why my business has taken a whole new level.

When you register for Free, about 30 minutes later you will receive an automated message from me upon your profile page.  Then about 30 minutes after that you will receive a message from Kyle and/or Carson (The Creators/Founders of WA who are very active within the community)

Completing your profile on WA is the key to actually learning how awesome the community is because once you complete your profile you will start to see Friends at WA “Following” you.

Similar to what I mentioned above “Following” isn't a bad thing. 🙂

You can view my Profile at to see what I share there.

Also update your email settings so that you won't be bombarded with emails as well.
Cash Downline Builder




Cash Downline Builder

A downline building system where you can add up to 5 of your own sites that you would like to promote

(I added WA, IBO, GML, SMTE & Jaaxy)

There are also over 25 other sites built in that you can build downlines with if you choose to, I am not a member of all of them so You don't have to be either.

If you are already a member at any of the 25+ sites then you simply plug in your referral ID name or number.

When you share your Cash Downline Builder link and a Friend joins they then have the option to join the 5 that you recommend along with the other 25 if they desire to.

Many of the sites within the system have been around for many years and are tried, tested and proven to help increase website traffic, referrals and revenue!

Although it is not required to join all of the sites and also not required to upgrade at many of the sites, Imagine when you have a referral Friend join Cash Downline Builder and then He/She starts joining and upgrading at the sites!

Your Paypal account will light up and grow exponentially, I know this to be true as I receive many emails from Paypal that say “You've got Money!” and it never gets old getting those emails as well as helping Friends receive them as well!

Thank you Friends for taking the time to learn about how I increase website traffic, referrals and revenue online and from anywhere in the World.

Tony Lee Hamilton – Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran