NewULife KetoGen4 Scam Review

New U Life founder Alexy Goldstein announced via a Facebook live that New U Life representatives have indeed sold over 500,000 bottles of the Somaderm HGH gel, did you get yours?

No, I don't and have never used and/or promoted the New U Life “opportunity” and/or used the so called anti aging gel either. As a matter of fact, I have written other posts in past noting the fact that I am not a fan at all, although I do have many friends who are.

In the wake of the news above that seems great for their business, the latest news about former distributor and leader, Dr. Georgia Hargett also known as Dr. Georgia Balsley being sued by NewULife in the amount of $100,000 as the amount they believe that has been affected by the defamation. She has for the past 12 months been contacting members with messages about cancer, deaths, etc.. linked in her opinion to the side effects of Somaderm HGH gel.

Now NewULife has launched a new product & it's in the Keto Ketosis arena, called KetoGen4, YouTube video shared below. Keto diets are the rave these days, do you believe that this new product launch will help or hinder?

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