NewULife Somaderm Reviews on Video – Who do You Believe?

NewULife Somaderm Reviews on Video – Who do You Believe? post thumbnail image
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Have you seen the NewULife Somaderm Reviews on video, who do you believe?

Is New U Life really in trouble with the FDC & FTC?

A person on Facebook shared the above YouTube video to this post that I shared on the Somadern HGH Gel New U Life Review Page.

The New U Life “Opportunity”  has been spreading like wildfire lately & even I have taken notice!

Anti Aging is a very hot topic with everyone and especially with Baby Boomers!

There are so many New U Life Review Videos, some positive and some negative.  Who do You believe?  Don't answer that question quite yet, instead watch the videos below to see if You will have the same opinion after.

Is the New U Life and Somaderm HGH ant-aging Gel truly an opportunity to share and earn with a great product or is it just another overinflated placebo product with the Multi-Level Pay structure where everyone makes money except for those who can't and/or won't recruit or refer?

Below I will share, in no particular order, the videos that do indeed rank high in the SERPs while searching Google, Yahoo, Bing etc….. because it is a known fact that the SEO does indeed affect what we all see.  The internet is owned by those who know how to optimize the Search Engine Rankings by optimizing and utilizing targeted keywords and niches.

Don't agree with me?  How did You find this post if it wasn't through a Google, Yahoo or Bing search?  Oh, Yes, Who can forget about Social Media sharing with sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, FlipBoard, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing and of course Google Plus aka G+ etc….

Facebook Live at the New U Life Facebook Page

The Facebook Live Video is from the Founder Alexy Goldstein 

Update:  The video above is no longer available ….. are you surprised, no I am not either!

Here I will also share the comments on the Facebook Live Video Comment Feed:

  • Company has not shipped my product in two months after taking my money. They won't answer my phone calls or respond to emails!! What a shame
  •  I have HMEDS and have lived in pain for 30 years. My leg pains are gone after 4 weeks. No nerve pain. My joint pain is almost gone. I love it
  • I'm 36, mother of two…. This product has changed my life… I can get through my day without a nap!! I won't go back!!
  • the gel should come in a tube. So many issues with the pump. 3 out of my 5 customers had pumps that did not work.
  • This product has changed from what you were first send out. I want the original. What you sale us now isn't good and doesn't work.
  • You mentioned that if you have cancer you shouldn’t take it and ask your doctor? What if someone later finds out they have cancer and they have been on the gel should they quit taking the gel?
  • It’s 3.4 for liquids but since this is a Med they will not take it however don’t chance it!!! Check your bag or put it in a pill bottle
  • I can’t seem to get a grasp on the amount you should use. I know 5 days on 2 days off. WHAT AMOUNT. I'VE HEARD M&M size. Blueberry size and Full Pump which is a lot.
  • I've been on it for 5 weeks. I am 49 years old in good health/shape. I have not seen a change in sleep, weight, hair. 🙁
  • not only is my sleep good …. my alpha-male sex drive is right back in my early 20's …. seriously …. developing need for women
  • Thank you for being involved and being transparent about the issues, and the importance of resolving issues. You are awesome!
  • If you where to from a cancer cell while on HGH would it accelerate the process and or multiply the cancer???
  • Love the product. Need help with marketing and using website to sign up customers. Can a customer convert to distributor?
  •  I have seen a couple young (20-21 year old) women benefit — maybe because of the adrenal and/or hormone support?
  •  It started within a couple of days for me! I started having vivid dreams and deeper sleep! I’m 40 something!????
  • What about a customer upgrading to a distributor? Could you add a button to do so?
  • Let’s smash the record and be the quickest company to get to a billion!!!!
  • Can someone who HAD cancer, but now Cancer FREE for many years, can they use this?
  • My husband cant sleep if he uses it at night
  • What about those with genetic mutations? HGH and IFG1? How it effects greater?
  • It wakes me up at night! I wake up at 2:30 am since starting ugh
  • Hi I am diabetic will this affect my sugar levels????
  • Seeing & feeling great results at 5-1/2 weeks of use! ????
  • Not taking my anxiety meds in the daytime anymore ????????????
  • yes I have arthritis and I’m having amazing results.
  • Will up as a drug..even though it is not prescription… Asking from a Flight attendant..getting drug and Alcohol tested.. Thank you!
  • Can a 15 year old who has stunted growth due to ADHD meds use it?
  • Legs not cramping!! Sleep is wonderful!
  • 10 week plateau and backsliding is this normal????
  • Current cancer treatments? What about former cancer patients who are off treatments for many years?
  • A friend son is 22 and has low testosterone could it help?

There are currently 1,794 comments and the Live happened about 18 hours ago so I won't even attempt to list them all here.  To view them all as well as the “answers” go to the Facebook Live Video Post.  Alexy Goldstein says that there will be a Facebook Live done weekly from here on out.

HGH Gel Review by Mike Healy

Mike Healy has the websites (Redirects to his ClickFunnels Funnel) and Mike does appear to be an active distributor and endorse the Somaderm product as well as the New U Life Business Opportunity.

Here are Mike's most recent post titles at his Who is Mike Healy website:

  • New U Life Compensation Plan
  • New U Life MLM Opportunity-Is New U Life The Next Billion Dollar MLM?
  • Use This Software Program to Predict the Next Big Company in Network Marketing
  • Try This ‘Hack’ to Get People to Actually Open Your Emails
  • Paul Orberson Speech- Think Bigger! This is SO Inspiring

I don't know Mike Healy so I am not going to say anything about him, take a look at his website to learn more.

Official Chris Williams – The Big Close

Chris Williams' Facebook Page is called Chris Williams @OfficialChrisWilliams and his website is & Chris does also appear to be an active distributor for New U Life promoting the Somaderm Human Growth Hormone Gel product.  Coincidentally or not ….. His website also redirects to a ClickFunnels Funnel. 🙂   I don't have anything against ClickFunnels and I absolutely love Russell Brunson, the Founder and Creator of CF.  I don't use Click Funnels, I use the Finish Line Network Online Sales Pro app and it is just a personal preference.

In the above YouTube video Chris talks about his results in the first 30 days – Below I will share with You his thoughts that he placed upon his 120 day YouTube review that he posted just last week.

“120 Day honest review of Newulife HGH Gel Company Somaderm. Quick update. I’m on day 120 and I’m feeling a definite increase in muscle endurance and motivation. Increased libido. Increased weight loss. Hgh is a hormone therapy that takes some time to see the results. Maximum benefits can take anywhere between 3-6 months. Human Growth Hormone is for everyone. Hgh for men and hgh for women. It does not discriminate. You can buy hgh gel straight from my website at ….

You can also create a passive income by joining my team at” <- Website link doesn't work?

Chris should actually edit that post and take out the www because if he just posted then it works!  Should we let him know or should we let his YouTube viewers fend for themselves? Is New U Life a Binary Pay Plan?  Strong Leg/Week Leg Balancing Act?

“Everyone needs this product and I believe bringing Somaderm to the market is going to help millions of people live a higher quality of life.

Follow my journey and Subscribe NOW! Hit the ???? so you know when I post new videos” Continuation from Chris' post above 🙂 Official Website

It's pretty obvious by the title above that the video that I will share below will indeed be another video endorsing the NewULife Opportunity as well as their main product – The Human Growth Hormone Gel called Somaderm.  They have, according to Alexy Goldstein been in business coming up on their 1 year anniversary in a couple of moths.  With their F rating at the BBB aka the Better Business Bureau, will it be soon that the FTC also known as the Federal Trade Commission takes notice?  Only time will tell, so far it doesn't appear to be the case although in the 1st video above, he does talk about how the company has had many other issues and that things are going to get better.  Any company, brick & mortar as well as direct sales, network marketing, franchises etc… do have bumps, bruises and growing pains, so that's not unusual, although people do tend to pull out the MLM, Scam, Scheme, Pyramid Scheme and Illegal cards quickly.

I knew it was a scam, scheme, pyramid, mlm, network marketing mentality of losers.

This silly image says it all 🙂  So many are quick to sign up, not show up then cry that it's the company's fault and woe is me, I was taken advantage of….. In my opinion, either sign up, Get to Work Crushing it 10X and Go All In or don't even sign up! It's crazy when I hear the stats about the failure rate in the Network Marketing Industry and how most fail, the truth is that most people fail at most things.  How many people do You know who start a New Year's Resolution on January 1st and have quit by February, if not sooner?  Enough of that, let's get back to the video, it's down below here and from the Official New U Life YouTube Channel.

Jesse Singh – The Millionaire Drive – Hot MLM Companies

Jesse Singh has and shares the websites (Which is listed below the YouTube Video and redirects to an email capture page) & and as far as I can see, he's not an affiliate, distributor, representative or even a customer.

Jesse promotes The Wealth Network as his #1 recommendation and also points out that Wealthy Affiliate is quick to call and name other companies including the wealth network as scams then recommending Wealthy Affiliate.  While he's not wrong in saying that about WA Members, We don't all use that technique to share the amazing Wealthy Affiliate Community and Affiliate Platform that does indeed teach Friends to create a WordPress blog and monetize it with Affiliate Marketing.  Companies like Amazon, ebay, Clickbank, Commission Junction now known as CJ Affiliate by Conversant, JVZoo, Rakuten and just about any major company in the World as most of them have Affiliate Opportunities.

Click on any of the blue words below to open the popular article in a different tab:

In conclusion – The New U Life Review Videos

As you most likely noticed, the videos above were all positive and the only one that was presented by a non distributor as far as I know was from Jesse Singh.  Does that mean that they're are no negative review videos out on the internet right now or that the New U Life is legit?  No, of course not but I also am not ready to say that it's not a legit opportunity and/or product for the right person.  I am not that right person …. at least not yet.  I do have Friends who share the opportunity, use the product and are loving both so maybe in the future I'll change my mind.  I always say “Never say never, because that's when it will indeed happen”

Do You share the opportunity and/or use the New U Life Somaderm HGH Gel?

Comment below and make sure to leave your Affiliate Link so that if I do indeed change my mind, maybe I will join with You.  I'm not saying that I will & I'm not saying that I won't, I am saying that I have an open mind and never close doors.

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2 thoughts on “NewULife Somaderm Reviews on Video – Who do You Believe?”

  1. So this New-U-life is a new affiliate marketing for business. Especially with Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission, Two of the most important business organization that we known for a long time. And they are both old as before my parent were even born. They must be selling this good to online business, so that they can make a affiliate program and decide to start selling in commission.

    1. Terrablade,

      I do believe that they are indeed selling the Somaderm HGH Gel my Friend and it’s more in the Direct Sale, Network Marketing and MLM arena than Affiliate Marketing my Friend. Yes, the BBB and FTC have both been around for a very long time and are both for Business. I personally don’t like being over regulated but where do we draw the line? Unfortunately, it’s usually by popular opinion and we all know that the majority of people just want to do enough to get by, stay in their comfort zone and cruise through life.

      Thank You my Friend for stopping by to comment, You are welcome back anytime.


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