NutriCellix invite phase Is it a Scam or Legit? My NutriCellix Review

What is NutriCellix? Is it an innovative DNA Weight Loss Breakthrough?

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Update 9 January ~ 2020 New Year's Day launch, is the NutriCellix DNA Weight Management System legit?

Update 15 December ~ NutriCellix Products Pricing & Compensation Plan

Brand new YouTube video above uploaded by Bo Short on 3 December 2019

NutriCellix is currently in the invite phase, have you received your invitation yet?

A very good friend of mine approached me via Facebook Messenger Chat to ask me if I was willing to take a look at a new opportunity that is in pre-launch. I am always open to taking a look so I did and at first glance it looked very enticing indeed.

Because I have been in the online make money online from home industry since 2009 I have learned not to jump right in. I also don't believe in taking forever to make a decision so as soon as I returned home from a Family get together, I started my research.

Continue reading below and you will see my NutriCellix Review and whether I believe that it's legitimate or a scam or even somewhere in between and not worth joining and/or promoting.

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What is NutriCellix?Bo & Roni Short

I started my research by Googling NutriCellix and found that their website is and that it is a secure website with the https:// prefix so they did pass my 1st test. I believe that a secure website is very important and a site without the secure SSL Certificate is an automatic red flag.

The next step that I take is to find out if the company is transparent showing who the leaders are and where the business is located. I was able to find out that Robert “Bo” Short is Co-Founder and CEO, (Chief Executive Officer) his wife Roni Short is Co-Founder and President & Coy Barefoot is the CCO. (Chief Communications Officer)

According to there are 3 key people who own NutriCellix Inc. and they are Terry Lacore, Jenifer L. Grace and Robert Short. It also shows that they filed their Domestic for Profit Corporation in the Secretary of State in Texas on the 19th day of August 2019 with a 803397238 state identification number. The business address is listed at the bottom of their website as being in Rockwall, Texas in Suites 101 – 170 at 2931 Ridge Road.

Now, after seeing who is behind the company, I like to look at what they have been involved in during their past. It's not that I don't feel that someone can make mistakes then learn and grow from them, I simply want to know.

Let's take a look at them 1 by 1 below:

YouTube Video above, July 2017 NutriCellix?

  • Robert “Bo” Short – 30 year direct selling industry veteran & 7 figure earner, known as “America's Premier Thought Leader” Keynote speaker to over 1 million people in 34 different countries, he has appeared on Dateline NBC as an industry expert. Featured in many publications including Home Business Connections magazine, Success from Home magazine, Your Business at Home magazine, Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Book & also quoted in many other articles. That's the good part about Bo, now for the not so good ……. Do you remember Neora previously known as Nerium? Well, did you know that they got shut-down and sued by the FTC? (Federal Trade Commission) Operating an illegal pyramid scheme and deceptively promoting Nerium EHT supplements claiming that it cures Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's and brain conditions caused by concussions, trauma etc…were the charges Read about it here.
  • Roni Short – Wife to Bo Short, they married almost exactly 3 years ago on November 18th ~ She is a former School Teacher (22 years) and Soccer Coach and currently a successful author of Children's books. Her most recent book is titled “The Grouchy Goose and the Mallard” and she is currently writing her next book that will be “The Perfect Gift”. Her experience as a Teacher, Coach & Direct Sales Representative will be very valuable to NutriCillix Ambassadors sharing what it takes to have the right mindset and personal and professional values.
  • Coy Barefoot – News Talk Program called “Inside Charlottesville with Coy Barefoot” that is based in Charlottesville, Virginia and tackles many topics including but not limited to politics, science, culture and the arts, history and current affairs. Coy is a veteran journalist, speaker, best-selling author, historian and taught history at the University of Virginia. Just last month Barefoot resigned from his position as the executive director of the Charlottesville Albemarle Historical Society, complete story.
  • Terry Lacore – President of Lacore Enterprises, specializing in helping startups to success in business operating as a Global Consulting Company. Founder of bhip Global, an MLM that distributes health & wellness products, their social media pages are almost dormant. (They have a YouTube channel with no videos uploaded, an Instagram with no activity for the past 2 years and their Facebook page's last post was for Thanksgiving last year) Owner of the mobile app company, Vionic also as CEO for more than a few other Multi-Level Marketing Companies, he has helped to create more than a Billion dollars in accumulative sales in his lifetime. He is indeed a legend in the direct selling network marketing industry in over 30 countries with over 900,000 distributors worldwide. Major investor in the Rippln that got shut down in 2014? Rippln Securities Fraud
  • Jenifer L. Grace – Speaking of Rippln, view the image to see the screenshot of the statement that Jenifer wrote in defense of her client Brian Underwood and the fact that he wasn't being investigated or sued by the SEC. (Securities and Exchange Commission) (You can also click upon the image to open a new tab & read the entire article at Southern Methodist School of Law & University of Nevada Reno Graduate originally from Indiana now residing in Texas and is very active in the School community. it appears to me that Jenifer may be listed only because she is the Counsel/Attorney for NutriCellix and Bo & Roni Short like she was for Rippln and Brian Underwood.

Click image above to open new tab with full story By John E. Villafranco & Khouryanna DiPrima on January 6, 2020

Overall based upon the past history of the above “Leaders” of NutriCellix, especially the involvement with Neora also known as Nerium and Rippln, I have to say it's a strike against them. I'm not saying that they're bad people, just that they have failed in the Health & Wellness industry and MLM repeatedly. I do like the fact that they are based in the United States in Texas but even that is questionable as when I did a Google Map lookup of the address it showed a strip mall type of area. Definitely not the type of place that one would expect to find a reputable health and wellness business.

What products does NutriCellix offer?

We already talked about the fact that NutriCellix is in the Health & Wellness; industry, now we'll talk about the variety of products that they offer. Before we do, it should be mentioned that they also have a system where the customer sends in a swab sample. The DNA that is examined by a CLIA & HIPPA certified lab taking a look at the specific genes called single nucleotide polymorphisms SNP also known as snips. Because all of us have distinct and different snips, when the formula is created, it is formulated exactly for each individual. (How can this be cost effective, costs are not shown on their website yet) There are many acronyms for chromosomes on the Science page of their website including AGRP, APOA2, CYPI1A2, DRD2 ANKK1, FTO, LEPR, MC4R, MTHFR, NMB, SH2B1, TUB, UCP1 & UCP3.

All products are said to be Non GMO, Gluten Free & Soy Free and customized to be your personalized weight management system based upon your unique DNA.

  • Core – Comes in both the am & pm formulas with nutrients based upon the results of your DNA swab test and your body’s own circadian rhythms. Core is said to be needed to get your body ready for Prime and the other DNA supplements, each formula comes in 90 tablets.
  • Prime – Also comes in both the am & pm formulas but each bottle contains 180 tablets with separate male and female variations. Both include plant-based proteins, fiber, botanicals and phytonutrients, natural probiotics, prebiotics, amino acids, essential fatty acids and enzymes.
  • Prevail – Designed to be used once you reach your target weight and want to maintain, it also comes in the am and pm formulas with 90 tablets per bottle. Long term maintenance of your weight and health is the goal for this product.
  • Fit – Mid-day meal replacement shake coming in the chocolate and vanilla flavors providing nutrients, vitamins & minerals aid to aid in healing intestines and microbiome. Additionally the Fit formula is touted as being able to improve skin elasticity, nail strength, radiant hair, control blood sugar, insulin levels and overall well-being.
  • Surge – Energy sticks for pre-workout and post-workout, includes Adenosine Triphosphate for energy, fat burning and strength. It is also aid to include AC-11 that assists your body in repairing its own DNA and cells, helps in the reduction of inflammation, improves the production of collagen, and boosting the immune system.

NutriCellix Back Office YouTube Invite System

How to become a NutriCellix Ambassador.

At the main website there isn't any mention of a monetary compensation plan, what I found is called the customer rewards program. It is mentioned that with the customer rewards program that points are accumulated by referring others and through customer purchases. Available as rewards by using your points are NutriCellix products, branded clothing, cruise vacations, weekend getaways, travel incentives and other rewards. The program is called Shop&Share; and you can become what is called a NutriCellix Ambassador in order to take their weight management system to the market-place of like-minded people. There are no packages required to purchase in order to become an Ambassador with the ability to share and earn with others but there is a $59 one time cost. For the fifty-nine dollars you will receive your own personal sub domain including the invite referral link, tools to manage customers, communication tools & technology to track results.

NutriCellix Launch 1-1-2020

When will NutriCellix officially launch?

As of today, 24 November NutriCellix is in invite only pre-launch mode and the official launch is scheduled for new Year's day, yes 1-1-2020 January 1st in 2020 just in time for all of the resolutions of so many who will attempt to lose weight. Many MLM Direct Sales companies launch at the beginning of a new year, just like the gyms, they know that it's the most opportune time to take advantage of people looking for a lose weight quick and/or get-rich-quick thing. There is no mention yet as to when the products will be available or when the rewards will be paid unless that is within the back office area.

  • Final ThoughtsNutriCellix DNA Weight Management System

    Although I am not saying that NutriCellix is a scam, I will not be joining at this time. As far as I am aware, this is the very 1st article ever written about the company and it's products because besides the corporate websites I didn't find any other information. I searched Google and YouTube and I only found the YouTube video that I shared above, I am sure that there will be many more to come so visit this site, as I intend to keep you updated.

    Update 15 December ~ NutriCellix Products Pricing & Compensation Plan

    Are you already an Ambassador for NutriCellix?

    Can you answer this question, NutriCellix is in invite phase, Is it a Scam or Legit?

    Do you agree with my NutriCellix Review?

    What would you like to add?

    Are there any other MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing Companies in the weight loss, health & wellness industry launching soon?

    What do you recommend?

    NutriCellix invite phase Is it a Scam or Legit? My NutriCellix Review, comment below to let us all know so that we may be more educated and updated.

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