NutriCellix DNA Weight Loss

NutriCellix invite phase Is it a Scam or Legit? My NutriCellix Review

What is NutriCellix? Is it an innovative DNA Weight Loss Breakthrough?

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Update 9 January ~ 2020 New Year's Day launch, is the NutriCellix DNA Weight Management System legit?

Update 15 December ~ NutriCellix Products Pricing & Compensation Plan

Brand new YouTube video above uploaded by Bo Short on 3 December 2019

NutriCellix is currently in the invite phase, have you received your invitation yet?

A very good friend of mine approached me via Facebook Messenger Chat to ask me if I was willing to take a look at a new opportunity that is in pre-launch. I am always open to taking a look so I did and at first glance it looked very enticing indeed.

Because I have been in the online make money online from home industry since 2009 I have learned not to jump right in. I also don't believe in taking forever to make a decision so as soon as I returned home from a Family get together, I started my research.

Continue reading below and you will see my NutriCellix Review and whether I believe that it's legitimate or a scam or even somewhere in between and not worth joining and/or promoting.

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What is NutriCellix?Bo & Roni Short

I started my research by Googling NutriCellix and found that their website is and that it is a secure website with the https:// prefix so they did pass my 1st test. I believe that a secure website is very important and a site without the secure SSL Certificate is an automatic red flag.

The next step that I take is to find out if the company is transparent showing who the leaders are and where the business is located. I was able to find out that Robert “Bo” Short is Co-Founder and CEO, (Chief Executive Officer) his wife Roni Short is Co-Founder and President & Coy Barefoot is the CCO. (Chief Communications Officer)

According to there are 3 key people who own NutriCellix Inc. and they are Terry Lacore, Jenifer L. Grace and Robert Short. It also shows that they filed their Domestic for Profit Corporation in the Secretary of State in Texas on the 19th day of August 2019 with a 803397238 state identification number. The business address is listed at the bottom of their website as being in Rockwall, Texas in Suites 101 – 170 at 2931 Ridge Road.

Now, after seeing who is behind the company, I like to look at what they have been involved in during their past. It's not that I don't feel that someone can make mistakes then learn and grow from them, I simply want to know.

Let's take a look at them 1 by 1 below:

YouTube Video above, July 2017 NutriCellix?

  • Robert “Bo” Short – 30 year direct selling industry veteran & 7 figure earner, known as “America's Premier Thought Leader” Keynote speaker to over 1 million people in 34 different countries, he has appeared on Dateline NBC as an industry expert. Featured in many publications including Home Business Connections magazine, Success from Home magazine, Your Business at Home magazine, Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Book & also quoted in many other articles. That's the good part about Bo, now for the not so good ……. Do you remember Neora previously known as Nerium? Well, did you know that they got shut-down and sued by the FTC? (Federal Trade Commission) Operating an illegal pyramid scheme and deceptively promoting Nerium EHT supplements claiming that it cures Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's and brain conditions caused by concussions, trauma etc…were the charges Read about it here.
  • Roni Short – Wife to Bo Short, they married almost exactly 3 years ago on November 18th ~ She is a former School Teacher (22 years) and Soccer Coach and currently a successful author of Children's books. Her most recent book is titled “The Grouchy Goose and the Mallard” and she is currently writing her next book that will be “The Perfect Gift”. Her experience as a Teacher, Coach & Direct Sales Representative will be very valuable to NutriCillix Ambassadors sharing what it takes to have the right mindset and personal and professional values.
  • Coy Barefoot – News Talk Program called “Inside Charlottesville with Coy Barefoot” that is based in Charlottesville, Virginia and tackles many topics including but not limited to politics, science, culture and the arts, history and current affairs. Coy is a veteran journalist, speaker, best-selling author, historian and taught history at the University of Virginia. Just last month Barefoot resigned from his position as the executive director of the Charlottesville Albemarle Historical Society, complete story.
  • Terry Lacore – President of Lacore Enterprises, specializing in helping startups to success in business operating as a Global Consulting Company. Founder of bhip Global, an MLM that distributes health & wellness products, their social media pages are almost dormant. (They have a YouTube channel with no videos uploaded, an Instagram with no activity for the past 2 years and their Facebook page's last post was for Thanksgiving last year) Owner of the mobile app company, Vionic also as CEO for more than a few other Multi-Level Marketing Companies, he has helped to create more than a Billion dollars in accumulative sales in his lifetime. He is indeed a legend in the direct selling network marketing industry in over 30 countries with over 900,000 distributors worldwide. Major investor in the Rippln that got shut down in 2014? Rippln Securities Fraud
  • Jenifer L. Grace – Speaking of Rippln, view the image to see the screenshot of the statement that Jenifer wrote in defense of her client Brian Underwood and the fact that he wasn't being investigated or sued by the SEC. (Securities and Exchange Commission) (You can also click upon the image to open a new tab & read the entire article at Southern Methodist School of Law & University of Nevada Reno Graduate originally from Indiana now residing in Texas and is very active in the School community. it appears to me that Jenifer may be listed only because she is the Counsel/Attorney for NutriCellix and Bo & Roni Short like she was for Rippln and Brian Underwood.

Click image above to open new tab with full story By John E. Villafranco & Khouryanna DiPrima on January 6, 2020

Overall based upon the past history of the above “Leaders” of NutriCellix, especially the involvement with Neora also known as Nerium and Rippln, I have to say it's a strike against them. I'm not saying that they're bad people, just that they have failed in the Health & Wellness industry and MLM repeatedly. I do like the fact that they are based in the United States in Texas but even that is questionable as when I did a Google Map lookup of the address it showed a strip mall type of area. Definitely not the type of place that one would expect to find a reputable health and wellness business.

What products does NutriCellix offer?NutriCellix Products

We already talked about the fact that NutriCellix is in the Health &Wellness; industry, now we'll talk about the variety of products that they offer. Before we do, it should be mentioned that they also have a system where the customer sends in a swab sample. The DNA that is examined by a CLIA & HIPPA certified lab taking a look at the specific genes called single nucleotide polymorphisms SNP also known as snips. Because all of us have distinct and different snips, when the formula is created, it is formulated exactly for each individual. (How can this be cost effective, costs are not shown on their website yet) There are many acronyms for chromosomes on the Science page of their website including AGRP, APOA2, CYPI1A2, DRD2 ANKK1, FTO, LEPR, MC4R, MTHFR, NMB, SH2B1, TUB, UCP1 & UCP3.

All products are said to be Non GMO, Gluten Free & Soy Free and customized to be your personalized weight management system based upon your unique DNA.

  • Core – Comes in both the am & pm formulas with nutrients based upon the results of your DNA swab test and your body’s own circadian rhythms. Core is said to be needed to get your body ready for Prime and the other DNA supplements, each formula comes in 90 tablets.
  • Prime – Also comes in both the am & pm formulas but each bottle contains 180 tablets with separate male and female variations. Both include plant-based proteins, fiber, botanicals and phytonutrients, natural probiotics, prebiotics, amino acids, essential fatty acids and enzymes.
  • Prevail – Designed to be used once you reach your target weight and want to maintain, it also comes in the am and pm formulas with 90 tablets per bottle. Long term maintenance of your weight and health is the goal for this product.
  • Fit – Mid-day meal replacement shake coming in the chocolate and vanilla flavors providing nutrients, vitamins & minerals aid to aid in healing intestines and microbiome. Additionally the Fit formula is touted as being able to improve skin elasticity, nail strength, radiant hair, control blood sugar, insulin levels and overall well-being.
  • Surge – Energy sticks for pre-workout and post-workout, includes Adenosine Triphosphate for energy, fat burning and strength. It is also aid to include AC-11 that assists your body in repairing its own DNA and cells, helps in the reduction of inflammation, improves the production of collagen, and boosting the immune system.

NutriCellix Back Office YouTube Invite System

How to become a NutriCellix Ambassador.

At the main website there isn't any mention of a monetary compensation plan, what I found is called the customer rewards program. It is mentioned that with the customer rewards program that points are accumulated by referring others and through customer purchases. Available as rewards by using your points are NutriCellix products, branded clothing, cruise vacations, weekend getaways, travel incentives and other rewards. The program is called Shop&Share; and you can become what is called a NutriCellix Ambassador in order to take their weight management system to the market-place of like-minded people. There are no packages required to purchase in order to become an Ambassador with the ability to share and earn with others but there is a $59 one time cost. For the fifty-nine dollars you will receive your own personal sub domain including the invite referral link, tools to manage customers, communication tools & technology to track results.

NutriCellix Launch 1-1-2020

When will NutriCellix officially launch?

As of today, 24 November NutriCellix is in invite only pre-launch mode and the official launch is scheduled for new Year's day, yes 1-1-2020 January 1st in 2020 just in time for all of the resolutions of so many who will attempt to lose weight. Many MLM Direct Sales companies launch at the beginning of a new year, just like the gyms, they know that it's the most opportune time to take advantage of people looking for a lose weight quick and/or get-rich-quick thing. There is no mention yet as to when the products will be available or when the rewards will be paid unless that is within the back office area.

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111 thoughts on “NutriCellix invite phase Is it a Scam or Legit? My NutriCellix Review”

  1. Another good one fromyou Tony, thanks for posting this review. There are so many products out there in this space it is overwhelming.I can’t really trust them being as good as I would a program I promote to be and also shown by the past failure in MLM and the health niche by the owners I wouldn’t want to be a part of this one either. Maybe over time, trust can be built.

  2. Respected Tony,

    This product NutriCellix came into prominence as it is said to be a great weight loss supplement. NutriCellix is in the Health &Wellness; industry. The company by itself works on the MLM model. All products are advertised to be Non GMO, Gluten Free & Soy Free and the plan is customized to be your personalized weight management system based upon your unique DNA.

    Overall this is one of your most honest and best reviews. I thank u for doing some great research on NutriCellix.


  3. I really appreciate your approach, most of the time when we found a new opportunity, we just jumped in without making any further researches, but you did take time to do all your researches and thus making sure it’s totally legit and worth investing time or money in it.

  4. In my opinion, the NutriCellix DNA weight loss product sounds a bit fishy. How can the company, NutriCellix, produce an individualized product by using people’s DNA and yet be a profitable business?

    I find there are here also privacy issues. By providing a swab from which NutriCellix will get my DNA, I wonder what are they going to do with my DNA information afterward. Are they going to sell this information to a third party for-profits like, for instance, Ancestry DNA to fill up their databases or even to the government as part of the National DNA database? I am just saying, I might sound a bit paranoid, but you never know…

  5. I’m the kind of person that believes in the saying “once beaten, twice shy”, so a group that has been involved in a pyramid scheme before, i don’t think I can be sure to be a part of whatever opportunity they present cos there’s tendency that it’s gonna be like the past. Well, this review is detailed enough, most of these offers appears to be good but they’re not, I don’t recommend Nutricellix.

  6. Thanks Tony for looking further into the people behind this “new opportunity”. It can certainly be hard to discern how legitimate these types of busineeses are. They certainly have “nice” branding. 

    It does seem a little strange that they have previously been involved in illegal pyramid schemes, and of course although people can change and learn, your reputation does follow you, and there have unfortunately been a number of individuals who prove that all they do is the same things again. 

    I’ll be on the search for updates or anything else I can find out.

  7. Your research on different products are always very helpful to read. That said I have heard about Nutricellix. Probably seen an ad or two online somewhere. After reading your review about Nutricellix I do not believe in a product like this. Why? Because to make a product to fit someones DNA must be a very costly process if they are going to make individual products to everyone. So why else should you send your DNA swab? A hidden agenda? Another project not mentioned? And the male and Female variations seems quite suspicious to me as well. This must be a very time consuming project. So the customer rewards program is probably a part of the compensation plan. The good thing is that you do not have to order any packages. The shop and share feature is one time investment which is also good. Is it a legit or a scam.I think it is too early to say,  I am skeptic. 

  8. You have done great research, by reading your reviews I can see that there we must do a lot of research before putting our money into anything. I do not think I would put my money into NutriCellix either because I think they have gone way too far with losing fat. Eating the right food should itself be enough to reduce fat. 

  9. I am not convinced by this at all. I think you do your research exceptionally well and your company investigation is to be admired. I am from the school of exercise more, eat less and lose weight and anything that is not completely healthy in my mind I stay away from. Having said that I know that many of these products are exceptionally valued by some. 

    Your review appears factual, insightful and balanced so thanks.

  10. Hey Tony, thanks for your insightful review.
    I’m skeptical when I read the sales pitch of innovative DNA weight loss breakthrough.  There are so many weight loss systems already out there that actually work.  Intermittent fasting as well as metabolic control programs.
    The history and situation with Nerium and FTC being involved is just too shady for me.
    Pass on everything.

  11. This is a very comprehensive review Tony.  But I have to say, a reputation (both good and bad) will follow any entrepreneur.  Even if they start a fresh new business.  If you have a mediocre product, but your previous reputation is impeccable, you’ve got a better chance in being successful than an entrepreneur with an excellent product, but a horrible reputation. Now, I’m not saying it’s not possible to change our ethics and improve.  But when too many people have been affected badly they will not forget. This cannot be fixed by just starting a new business venture.

  12. NutriCellix from what you have research of this company to me it seems that at the end of the day, they were just trying to benefit their pocket. They were not trying to help people with all this disease as parkinson, and brain condition. All I see from this company is red flags everywhere and would never invest a dime in this company. 

    Thank you Tony for taking your time to do an excellent review from NutriCellix and letting us know who this company really is.

  13. Hey, Thanks for this great review.

    I was more interested on their Ambassador program, but after reading your review… not anymore.

    By the way, in your review you mentioned that there aren’t packages required to purchase in order to become an ambassador… But there’s still a $59 one time cost !

    So basically it’s not free to become an ambassador, since you still have to pay to get the tools…

    That said, I’m not interested by their program… Anyway I don’t like MLM.

  14. Hi Tony Lee

    Red flags were just flashing everywhere as I was reading through your post. Some of the NutriCellix owners sound scammy to me. Bo’s company offered supplements claiming to cure serious ailments such as Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s and brain condition and so on. Such bold medical statements with no scientific study or proof to back them up.

    Getting rewarded for shopping and referring others to buy the products you’re using is great. It sounds perfect but when you as a customer becomes the company’s product, then you should run for the hills.

    As you said, people make mistakes, we all do but too many mistakes form a pattern. It’s been a few months since the company has started and I wonder how it is performing. Have you been keeping an eye on it?

    Have there been any other posts about this company since this one was the first one? I ask myself which people are benefiting from this at whose expense.

    Solomon & Selina

  15. Just like I stated before, I would agree with you that nutricelix should not be pointed out as a scam. Yet because there are still a lot more to be done and if they can really pull through, I see a great business opportunity here. This is really a great thing to see and thank for you in depth analysis and insights into this. The invite phase is just another step.into the right direction for them. 

  16. Wow! Some great information on NutriCellix! I enjoyed the in depth review of by checking the owners of the company, security of the web site, and the company’s previous adventures. Based on your review it seems as though it is more of a scam than a sound business opportunity because there were so many holes that needed to be filled with product launch.

    Thanks for the in depth review and keep crushing it!

  17. Hello,
    You really put lots of effort into reviewing this product NutriCellix. Like you it is especially important to make the website is secure, and you did that first thing in this review. There are many programs that claim DNA information and this company attached the phrase to gain marketing recognition even if the company may be a scam. I will be checking into this product and service more after bringing it to my attention.

  18. Well it seemed like things were going well with this review until you started talking about their previous ventures. I read a review on your site for those and that doesn’t give me a whole lot of confidence in what they are going to be selling. It also isn’t of great comfort to know that they have already been shut down by the FTC  in their prior businesses and have failed as an MLM before. I think I’ll be skipping this one. Thanks for the review!

  19. Hi

    Thanks for this amazing review of Nutricellix.

    Weight loss is a highly sought after niche with too many companies boasting of their weight loss products and claim to give 100% results. So thanks for saving the time of many of those who are considering Nutriclellix in order to lose weight.

    To be honest I can’t digest the fact that how come they can use someone’s DNA and create a weight loss program for them. I think they are trying to play God by claiming this.

    From your review, I can see there are too many red signals!

  20. Thanks for posting. Coincidentally, I read about NutriCellix today. If you have weight problems, you need to change your diet and exercise. That’s just my opinion. In other words, I prefer to spend my time for other purposes, not with an MLM who I understand had problems. Thanks anyway for the warning.

  21. Wow, you certainly have done your research as far as Nutricellix goes. You have a detailed list of both the people that are involved in the company and also the products.

    Based on the history of the people who run things, yes it is definitely a strike against them, but I applaud them for picking up pieces and trying again. As for the products, I couldn’t find enough reviews on the to see if they actually worked or the side effects if any. As the company is still in prelaunch, I think I will keep an eye out, but not venture to either buy anything or join in at the moment.

  22. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for writing this review about NutriCellix.  This is a real eye opener for me.

    You were very thorough in looking at the history of the founders, and what they have done in the past with MLM systems.

    Personally, I think I would rather invest my time, energy, and money somewhere else.  The fact of the matter is, I don’t believe that we can take a persons’ DNA and use it to create a laser focused weight loss program for them.

    I just don’t think our understanding of DNA coding is actually that advanced yet.  Cool idea, but I simply don’t believe they can make it work.

    Thanks for warning us about the potential pitfalls of this program.  I’m going to take a pass.


  23. Nope, I have not received an invite for NutriCellix and I don’t need one because I don’t want to join. I agree with what you said about people being able to grow and change from their past but I also do believe that when someone does something dishonest online chances are good that they will continue in that same way. The fact that Robert “Bo” Short was involved with a company that was investigated and shut down by the FTC is a huge warning sign for me to stay far away. 

  24. There are so many products out there in this space it is overwhelming.  I have found that nobody needs them because with the same determination they can just reduce their intake food and drink just water and lose weight.  I have seen it first hand.  If you workout with that do any degree, your body will become more tone during the process. 

    However, this may be attractive to some folks to generate income as long as they are passionate about it. 

  25. I feel the same about this site, I can’t really trust them being as good as I would a program I promote to be and also shown by the past failure in MLM and the health niche by the owners I wouldn’t want to be a part of this one either. If it were time tested I would have been more than happy to trust them but thanks to your review it was quite convincing not to be to rush.

  26. I feel the same about this site, I can’t really trust them being as good as I would a program I promote to be and also shown by the past failure in MLM and the health niche by the owners I wouldn’t want to be a part of this one either. If it were time tested I would have been more than happy to trust them but thanks to your review it was quite convincing not to be to rush.

  27. Thank you for this plethora of information! I’m always skeptical of anything making claims with DNA. First of all, I’m curious about whether or not they can actually deliver what they promise and second, I wonder if they’re a secure company or if they intend to sell or distribute DNA information later on. 

    I must say that I appreciate their one-time-only fee for ambassadors. I see that you’ve written about them only launching in January this year. I’m yet to check if they actually launched and how they’re doing, but I’ll be sure to search that right away! Thanks for the heads up!

  28. Thank you for creating such a detailed review and doing such in-depth research for it. Although you don’t consider the company a scam, exactly, from the information you have provided, I would certainly hesitate to jump in at this phase. $59 is not a life savings, but it’s too much to throw into a program with the potential for failure that this one has, in my opinion.

    I’m thinking that it might be wise for me to wait a bit longer and see how things settle before even asking for more information from them. I do hope you will provide updates over time on the program.

    Again, thank you for such a complete review.

  29. Thanks for another awesome review I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me….I have always wanted to try out the NutriCellix program but I need a lot more information about them from people like you who have an insight about their dealing and I think with this info I am good to go.

  30. This company does seem very odd on so many different levels so I am so pleased that you have written this article so that other people can be aware and at least do their own research.

    I just cannot understand how this business could work by taking peoples DNA and making up unique formulas for each one. Far too tricky, time consuming and difficult to do purely on a cost basis unless their packages are extremely expensive. I think that this company is not expecting people to do their DNA tests but probably just to push the off the shelf products.

    I did a google search myself to find out more and the only review is from yourself as you mentioned so other than the information on the company directly there are no other pieces of information. At an initial look it really does look like a bonafide and very professional corporation

    I am so pleased that you have done such intensive research to share with others just in case anyone was looking to purchase.

    Thank you 

  31. Hi Tony

    its a thoroughly researched have gone down deep about the owners and co owner’s.

    i have never tried weight loss program or nor I have tried any pills.

    only opportunity I see here is MLM but frankly speaking I was in network marketing for almost 6 months I lost lot’s of money attending their seminars and buying products in the end I landed earning not even a single penny.

    According to your post nutricellix is in invation phase I will not join or recommend to any of my friend or colleague to join this program.

    i will wait for its more reviews and feedback.There is hardly any MLM known to me where dowliners have made money. only the upliners make money.

    Swab test is a big question mark? Because we don’t know exactly about the reports genuineness.

    Tony I need to say that you have put lots of hardwork and your valuable time in getting this unbiased and transparent post.

    i will really wait for your next article and also share this artic to my friends and colleagues.


  32. Another very informative article.  About 10 years I got into an MLM called the Berry Tree and believe it or not for 12 months straight I made money.

    Well then I ran out of friends, family and people around me.  I tend to stay with affiliate marketing these days.

    In saying that I really appreciate you taking the time to write and share all these articles

    Thank you

  33. Thanks for your review. I find MLM at times less trusting but I suppose it depends how far up the ladder you to start earning. I think being at the top could be quite a lucrative option to earning big. I think this day and age weight loss pills are common so not sure if NutriCellix is the best idea to climb on board as a sales rep or Affiliate marketer. All in however a great review looks like a lot of work has gone into that.

  34. Hey Tony, Paul again, an interesting article about if NutriCellix invites phase Is it a Scam or Legit, wow. What a mind-blower? 

    I wonder how he has been able to continue to keep getting out of all these suites and continue keeping his name from not being destroyed across the web?

    Great insight man!

  35. Hi, Tony,

    I have been with two MLM companies spanning over Two and half years. The weight loss factor is always a good sell for the product owners and the Reps. However, it is always a constant sell for reps as people if they lose weight discontinue with the products after that. So it is short-lived for recurring members.

    I never earned a dime with any of the MLM companies that I was with. I ended up out of pocket. I was just another product buyer.
    To be honest. I would want to know what they are going to do with my DNA. I certainly would not pay $100 for people to faff around with my DNA. I have heard some terrible things about what they do with it. I can’t see how that would help aid my weight loss. After all most of these weight loss pills or diets come with eating less or the bare minimum anyways. Eating less, of course, one will lose weight. That is a no brainer.

    So this is one program I wouldn’t join. To be honest I ended up out of pocket with both MLM’s so I am not willing to try this MLM.
    Thank you for this clear and concise article. I very much appreciated reading this review. Oh, and by the way, the two MLM’s that I was with were legit MLM’s but the money-making promises they made were so false. It is virtually impossible to get ahead now in MLM as the sponsors don’t really teach you how to market oneself online properly. Most end up as just product buyers in the end.

    MLM do teach you how to badger friends and family though.

    Thank you so much for a great read and for watching the videos too.

    Deborah 🙂

    • Hi Deborah,

      thank you for viewing and commenting my friend.

      I absolutely appreciate your thoroughness & expertise in this area, I have been in MLM opportunities as well.

      I tend to share Affiliate Marketing and companies that I and others can truly earn from 100% online.

      Talk with you soon Deborah, you are welcome anytime.


  36. I never like to join any new company.   

    Especially when you said the owner was investigated.

    No way of knowing how good the product is either.

    Time to stay away in my opinion.      

    I like when a company will let you join free so you can look around first, any suggestions?  



  37. Hello;
    I do not really have experience with MLM companies but when I observe and analyze all the flurry surrounding the marketing of these products by those who are already there. 

    I tell myself that it is not correct and that there is there food for thought before embarking on a trap.

    I thank you moreover for your research and analyzes on the subject that helps me enormously in the direction of my choices.

  38. I see many good points here; the owners are real, registered, and their website is an https. You can see who is behind the company and they filed for a domestic for profit corp. Their compensation plan also looks nice, it being rewards, cruises, and so on. While I would not go for it I can imagine that this is an opportune rewards program for others, depending on what you’re looking for.

    The not so good or more dubious points are the pills. If they are based on an individual’s DNA they must use scientists in their company. How do we know that’s the case? And are these pills to be combined with a special diet? If they are not, then they sound like “magical” weight loss pills to me, which doesn’t really exist … 

  39. It is always good to see that others are trying to become healthier and more health-conscious. There are many companies that are claiming to be able to do the same thing as NutriCellix, and I am curious to find out more about this company as it begins and grows. You have committed a lot of effort and provided a lot of information, and I appreciate that as a consumer. The claims of these products are exciting and I will be keeping a close eye on them and perhaps get to try them soon. I will be looking for them after the new year.  

  40. Hello,

    Nutricellix product or Supplement might be much confusing in its outlet form of business because the CEO or product producers are not straightforward in their business conduct. 

    As well as they might have a history of misrepresentation of business.

     Their business model might depict that of a scam and many unethical behaviors might be identified within their circle, As well as ethical behaviors. 

    Whatever their business be, a scam or legit. 

    The fact that they are in the public eye, they are going to be making money!!! 

    It all depends on who understand the difference with a legit business versus a Scam


  41. This is a timely article and review for me on the NutriCellix program, as I was also approached by someone asking me to join and be a part of the launch. I am also one that likes to look before I leap, as there are so many scams out there and programs and products that do not perform up to claims or expectations.

    Especially if the company is an MLM, for me the red flags start popping up. I am not a fan of MLMs because they generally are hard to earn much income from and often cost you a lot instead. As the program is not yet launched it is hard to say if it will be worth investing any time or money into, or even if it is an MLM, but it sounds close to one. So I also will sit this out until more information is available. 

    The products do not seem that much different than many others on the market, although the swab angle to have the products specifically formulated for the customers is new. I agree with you that this is going to be really hard to pull off and I suspect that they will put results into a category and all in that category will get the same product formulated for that group (hard to tell I know)…Thanks for the work putting this together, you have saved me some time today.

  42. I haven’t heard of NutriCellix before and I have been so busy lately (because of the holiday season) that I do not even have a chance to go on social media. 

    I have to say the NutriCellix is mart to be launching their weight loss product at this time of the year since a lot of people New Year’s resolution will be to lose weight, ha! (me too!) 

    Thank you so much for your detective work. 

    I feel that if I were a customer for this program I will not join them or buy the product. 

    The fact that they want my DNA is a bit of a put off for me. 

    I rather be disciplining myself and workout more. 

  43. Hello Tony Lee!

    Well, this is about a program that has not started yet, so for now we cannot be very sure whether the intentions of its authors (makers) are honest or not. We are still in an early phase.

    But the fact that there is just one YouTube video available on this matter, only a few weeks till New Year, may be a worrying sign, besides the MLM-related expertise of its creators and the squalid Nerium affair.

    You are right not to rush with joining them anyway. One more thing left to do: wait until they open and see the truth. 

    Maybe you will update the review with the deserved conclusions the next year!

    Best regards,


  44. I think that you can’t be careful enough when it comes to legit and scam, especially when it involves products for health and the like. 

    Personally I would never feel comfortable promoting health and diet products unless I knew for certain that they were solid good products! 

    With so many scams around nowadays, you need to be careful!

  45. There doesn’t seem to be enough information to declare NutriCellix as a scam at this time, however the founders based on the past information that you have provided seem like some pretty shady characters. 

    Furthermore, it seems their backgrounds are in a lot of areas that have nothing to do with weight loss which automatically makes me question the products that they will be selling.

  46. Hi, 

    I agree with your review nevertheless, I see good opportunity to check what opportunities they bring as business to promote and the quality of their products.

    I would wait until they launch even as an unexploited market, I won’t rely on products that I don’t trust for it can damage my image as a promoter. 

    Thanks for presenting this, I’ll be sure to check it out!

    I wish you success!


  47. Your mentioning of Terry Lacore has reminded me of my days with bHIP Global. Back then, I got sucked up by the hype bHIP has pushed out there on the Internet and dreamed of becoming rich with their product launch which was a herbal energy drink. 

    But it turned out just hyped and I discovered we are actually required to spend at least a thousand dollars every month in either personal sales or auto-ship orders. It was just too much so I bolted out and quit.

    With this new MLM business which involves Terry Lacore, have you figured out how much money is required for their marketers to either push out or spend with their own purses every month just to be qualified for team commissions?

  48. It is good to note that NutriCellix is in the invite stage since I have not heard about it before but I think they need to advertise more if they want to grow first and reach more people worldwide. 

    It is hard to say if it is legit or a scam, it would take an expert in the health and fitness profession to pick out any dangers in their model.

    From a business perspective, it is hard to judge the directors as we all know people fail here and there in different business but the goal is to keep pushing till you succeed. 

    Well, I am not joining the program for now but for anyone will join it is good to have good experience in the health and wellness sector so as to grow your network. 

    Looking forward to seeing more reviews on this site or even a follow up on these maybe one year from now to know if I made a good judgement not to join.

  49. Hi dude, 

    Thanks for giving the reviews about “NutriCellix” because this topic is viral among people. 

    Even my WhatsApp friend recommended me to join this NutriCellix and I see your reviews about the websites, it gives clear information about the overall site and then only I realized the truth of the home NutriCellix.

    And thanks for giving the valuable information about the websites.and keep doing more articles for people use. 

    Your friend, Yoge

  50. Hey thank you for the awesome post!  

    I have received an invitation to check out NutriCellix, but I have not responded yet either.  

    I’m very curious about it, but I, like you, am a little cautious.  

    I believe that in time, we will see more on the topic, and the data on it will tell us how effective they are, and if they are going to be a legit company, or another scam.

  51. Hi Tony,

    It’s just one of those decisions to be made whether to jump in now while it’s new and if it takes off, or wait and see how it goes and I either be glad you did or glad you didn’t. I suppose I’m a little conservative with my money so I’ll be taking a step back and see if it takes off. It’s a matter of let’s see what happens for me,

    Thanks for the opportunity though mate


  52. Thank you for this informative review.

    I had not heard of NutriCellix until now.

    A red flag for me is how young the company is.  4 months is a bit short

    All in all, I’m not comfortable with the founding team.   I’m especially disturbed by Robert’s who FTC debacle.

    Frankly, I’d expect a company to start selling immediately and not wait until the first of the year to start.

    This is not an opportunity for me.

    Thanks again,


  53. Hi Tony, 

    thank you for your review of Nutricellix and their founder. 

    I have never heard of it before, It looks like Bo Short and the people working with him have a good amount of experience.  

    Me personally ,I am not a fan of MLM, but sometimes those companies offer good products. 

    Hopefully Nutricellix will help many people who want to lose weight. 

  54. Hello, 

    thank you for this very informative review of NutriCellix. 

    Recently, my wife and I were invited to this company and want something because we want to keep fit. 

    We both realize we should lose weight and control the diet. You know, the related products always seen at Amazon or eBay are confusing and look untrustable. 

    When I went to NutriCellix, the information on the official site confuses me.

    Luckily I landed on your site, I can see you spend a ton of time to review this company. 

    It impresses me a lot, what you write is in-depth. It saves me a lot of time. You review the important problem with this company so I don’t need to research it again.

    After reading your post, I think I don’t need to spend more time in this company and I will find another way to lose weight safely. 

    Thank you so much. I believe your post has already helped many people to save their money. 

    Please keep sharing with us.

  55. Hello there and Thank you for your post it has been of great help to me. 

    I have been searching for affiliate products my online business for a while now, My niche is on sports. 

    Even when NutriCellix has strong management team, which is an important criteria. the team seem to be unreliable from peoples review. I think I should put a pause it for the now. 

    Thanks alot for sharing it with us.

  56. At first, the folks behind Nutricellix seemed to have some impressive resumes. I appreciate you taking the time to summarize that in your review, as it is important to me to understand who is behind a program. That’s just as important as the program itself, in my opinion. As I kept reading, it became clear that those resumes weren’t as sparkly as they initially appeared. Personally, I would steer way clear of these products and this program. I’ve always been (and continue to be) a skeptic of these weight loss management schemes, as I believe that healthy changes to your diet and exercise habits are always going to be the best way to better manage your weight. 

  57. I’m impressed with how you did the background check for the management behind the NutriCellix company. One thing I would like to add probably to check FDA approval as well. I’m not sure how it works but my understanding this usually happen after they are marketed the products not before that.

  58. I side with you on not joining as of yet. It’s like an incomplete thought, to me anyway. I personally like for a company to have been around for at least a year or two. I like stability. And the lack of a compensation plan does not sit well with me at all. Hopefully, they are working a good one. Plus, the fact that they have not been successful at all in their endeavors.

     I get trying until you succeed, but you have a be an honest person and have a good business model, not to mention you have to have a good foundation and a good team to pull it off. And the fact that Bo disabled, what looks like, a promotional video 10 days after he posted it does not look good at all. Alas, this is just my opinion.

  59. Thank you for all of the research and information you have provided in this article. As a health coach and personal fitness trainer, I’m always on the lookout for new weigh loss and health products, so that I can answer any questions my clients may have. You have provided me with a lot of useful information here I basically made my job easier! Can’t wait to read some of your other reviews.

  60. A thorough review of a yet not widely known company with what appears to be a network marketing business model. It’s a pity the founders’ credibility is in question for promising products in the weight loss industry. Thanks for creating awareness of the products and the company. The slick products in the images look appealing. The chromosome structure in the last letter (X) of the brand name NutriCellix is well thought out as a self-explanatory part of the logo.  

  61. Thank you for your post. I started my online business for a while now and am actively looking for affiliate products to promote. My niche is on health/fitness. You suggested program, NutriCellix, is in my promotion target.

    I agree with you that NutriCellix has strong management team, which is also my selection criteria. As described in your article, the team had some bad practices in their previous marketing activities. But, the current products look promising and it is in the early phase of the business, which could provide potential profit business opportunity.

    I am going to put this company in my screening radar. It is kind of you spending time investigate new company and share it with us.

  62. Hello Tony, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I currently have a website related to weight loss so I think being an ambassador of NutriCellix is a good option. I am glad it is legit because I am tired of those scams and false promises, I will definitely give it a try.

  63. Hello there thanks for this awesome article as it’s very interesting and informative.

    I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me, I knew this company when it was Nerium but after some time I heard the name was changed and they laid out some workers because my cousin used to work there but I would like to ask have things changed since the name was changed?

  64. Hello Tony. Thank you for sharing your review of NutriCellix invite phase based on your research and opinion. I am impressed by your research and your review of this new company to launch next year. You’ve made it clear that some of the founders have failed in the health and wellness niche. Let’s just hope they don’t Fail this time. Just like you, I won’t join right now as I am not sure if it is legit or a scam.

    My kind regard!

  65. Firstly, I like how you’ve trained yourself when it comes to considering products and offers to invest in. The mistake many people make and that leads them to being prey of a scam is impatience and the lack of research ethics, finding out about what you are about to dedicate your time and money into is essential in order to be on the safe side. It’s good to know about NutriCellix, your review has simplified it all, now i understand what it is about.

  66. You see, the level of reception that this platform has received is enough for anyone to quiet frankly just take it that it could be such a worthy platform but seeing the details you have explained here and the level of your research as evident in this article, I can only say this is awesome. Thanks for your article and this good work. Let it keep on going well! I will surely try to link the post out to a whole lot of more people to whom I know might be ready to take up the possibilities of getting involved with  nutriCellix

  67. NutriCellix leadership I have to agree is a strike against them and causes me to proceed cautiously here. I never like to see the word pyramid scheme, and to be honest I am not a fan of MLMs. To see that NutriCellix has been involved with these types of things has me turning a shoulder. With NutriCellix I see that it does indeed appear to be an MLM. Not only that, it hasn’t even started business yet. The risks and apparent upsells are far too risky with this product and thanks to your post I can now steer clear. Thanks for the very valuable intel!

  68. Hello Tony Lee Hamilton,

    I appreciate your work. You are doing very nice reviews on each topic you choose. It my pleasure I visited your site. Your review is very useful me to take a good decision before buying such product. I recommended if anyone want to buy product must check their review first. My top recommendation is Wealthy affiliate.

    Thank you


  69. I think to test the validity of a product, thorough research is required. You’ve proven to have done your homework well. You took the role of an investigative journalist and took us through your whole thinking and elimination process. You came to your final verdict based upon sound facts and measurable. Good comprehensive content. Only time will tell, which is always the greatest validation of truth.  

  70. Hi Tony,

    Your review contains misinformation.

    Neora has not been shut down and continues to make profit selling patented one of a kind products.

    They were sued by the FTC and turned around and immediately countersued because the allegations are all false.

    The fact your review contains these statements without you FL vetting them makes me doubt the legitimacy of your review of NutriCellix.

    • Hi Monique,

      thank you for sharing your thoughts my friend.

      Are you saying that the case is now closed and that the investigation into Neora is over?

      The FTC information that I looked at is from the FTC official website on 1 November 2019 just over 1 month ago, also this article on 5 November also from the Federal Trade Commission Government website.

      Do you have any other updates in writing Monique?

      Please share them with us my friend, I am always open to looking at facts.

      Thank you Monique for sharing & caring, you are welcome here anytime my friend.


      • The investigation is still ongoing but so is Neora’s countersuit.

        The company continues to operate.

        I have been a Brand Partner with the company for 5 years and have many customers who order the products every month.

        We continue to make money, release new products and sell to long-time and new customers.

        The company will be exonerated.

        We truly are a product based company.

        I’ve met Bo Short personally on several occasions and he is a kind, genuine man of integrity.

        I was very sad when he left Neora to start his own company and I’m sure NutriCellix will be quite the success.

        Any one who is lucky enough to get to know Bo and work with him are truly blessed.

        Thanks for listening.


        • Thank you for sharing Monique, it’s wonderful that you have been with Neora for 5 years and are a leader.

          You were a member when they were called Nerium, has the company changed much since the recent name change?

          Would you say that Neora is in fact starting a New Era in the Health & Wellness Industry along with the Beauty products?

          If any of our viewers would like to join Neora, would they be welcome to contact you to have you as their sponsor?

          I have no doubt that Bo Short is a man of integrity, I have watched and listened to many of his YouTube videos recently.

          You are welcome Monique and thank you,


          • Yes, I originally joined when the company was Nerium.

            The name was based on the patented ingredient in our original product.

            As the company grew and launched more products we outgrew the name and it only made since with 15 products to no longer go by the name of one ingredient in one product.

            Hence the name change to Neora. Each product is unique to the market in some way and every single one has done what they claimed they would do!

            To be honest, when I have heard the claims of some of the products when they were about to be launched I was skeptical but they have indeed lived up to the hype.

            I love and use each of the products each day.

            If anyone has questions they are welcome to contact me.

            If they wanted to be a brand partner I would first refer them back to whoever they first heard about the company from.

            If that person was not actively sponsoring new Brand Partners I would be happy to speak with them.

          • Awesome Monique,

            I was thinking about the many viewers who will land on this page via a Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engine search while looking for information about NutriCellix.

            Potential Ambassadors and/or Customers for NutriCellix may instead decide to choose a more established company and products like Neora, then they would be able to contact you.

            I appreciate your ethics and morals in directing the person to the friend who first told them about the opportunity and products.

            Monique, did you find this review of NutriCellix via a search engine while looking for a review or by some other way?

            Thank you my friend,


          • Thank you again for listening and being an unbiased reviewer. I did indeed find this review via a Google search looking for information on NutriCellix because I have also received an invitation to be an ambassador.

        • Wonderful Monique,

          thank you for sharing as I have read the article and also made it clickable in your comment so that others can read it as well.

          I will be sharing a review of Neora very soon my friend, most likely before this weekend and if not, on Monday.

          I will make sure to share their countersuit along with the FTC lawsuit and investigation article.

          Feel free to also email me anytime at with any other pertinent information.

          Thank you Monique, talk with you soon my friend.


  71. Hello Tony, you see, I also got an invitation from the NutriCellix programme but I didn’t know that there are some other stories to it. It is a very good thing that you can give some valid information about it here. You have done some research I suppose. I guess now I understand how the products are supposed to work and I can very well say that I dont want to be a part of it. Sadly, it has received quite a reception from many people. This is a very good post. Keep up the good work.

  72. One of the advantages of having experience of online business like you is that we can check a product based on our knowledge before buying it online. Like a protected site can be trusted since the makers will only create a safe site if they are offering something that is of value to people.

    I love the honesty with which you have written this review, I am someone who is looking for weight loss products right now but like you, I will take my time to research this product for a while before jumping in. However, from your post, I can see that their ambassador plan and overall strategical products for weight loss are quite appealing. I have heard of body’s circadian rhythm before in an Ayurveda based product and I know it works but for being sure about NutriCellix I need to hear more from the users of their products.

  73. Hello Tony.
    I really appreciate how perfect your review is. You started out by talking about the owners of our company. The truth is that this is the first time I have heard of this company myself and I find it very interesting that this company deals with DNA. For me, I think that people who want to lose weight should try instead to give this natural supplement because it can cause side effects in the long run. I never thought I’d join NutriCellix anytime as a customer or ambassador.! Thank You

  74. The products do sound interesting, but I don’t know about sending my DNA in to them.  

    It just seems a little invasive, if it was done through my doctor or something I would be a lot more likely to go through with it.  

    I like how you went through the principals of the company – which I’m certainly unsure how I feel about with the pedigree they carry.

    While everything sounds pretty good, I think I’d have to give it a pass.  

    I’m not sure how I feel about a “Customer Reward” model, it seems like it’s in between MLM and Wholesale Club shopping.  

    I think I would me more interested if they had something a little more concrete in place and I wouldn’t jump on it without better information either.

    • DNA tests are very common now-a-days and are not invasive. You swab your cheek and mail it in to the lab (the exact same thing that your physician would do).

      I did this for a DNA profile on 23 and me and to join the bone marrow donor registry. Very simple.

      • Thank you for sharing Bri, when the swab is done and the DNA profile is obtained how does Nutricellix produce the specific formula for each individual person in an affordable way?

  75. Hello,

    Thanks for your review, I appreciate it. 

    Recently, I came across NutriCellix & your article really helps me to make right decision before purchase it. 

    I like the Health & Wellness industry, but the information you shared on the background, history of the people behind it is very helpful. 

    But.,how do we know the products are legit that they are qualified to run a lab? 

    I searched all Google and YouTube and didn’t found any videos nor reviews about NutriCellix.

    • There are no reviews online yet because it hasn’t launched yet. Keep an eye out for them, I’m sure they will be here before you know it. It’s not available for purchase yet.

      • Hi Bri,

        Does anyone who wants to become an Ambassador pay the startup cost now prior to the availability of the products and the launch?

        When are the first affiliate commissions scheduled to be paid out?

        Thank you for sharing your experience as a representative for NutriCellix Bri,


  76. Tony, 

    Excellent review of Nutricellix.  You showed your professionalism by presenting the well-researched facts. The embedded video caused great concern about the company and the rest of the article gave hope and doubts.  Your ‘Final Thoughts’ were very fair based on your research.  

    I joined an affiliate marketing group (without researching it – bye-bye $100). I learned my lesson.  The next one I joined I researched first.  It was not a scam and I quickly became a Premium member.  

    I will be bookmarking your site since it is evident that you research BEFORE you present your opinion.

    I too, will wait and see regarding Nutricellix.  

    Blessings, Leo

  77. Hi Tony,
    Thanks for sharing this article.In this article you give me interesting information.You explain to us about the owners of the company. I’ve been searching for a weight loss product in a long time . After reading your review I feel comfortable  about  NutriCellix . I think NutriCellix is perfect and helpful for me.

  78. I think you’re right in stating you’re the first person to review NutriCellix so forgive me for not having heard of it. I have, however heard of Neora, Mr Short’s previous venture, and that it was shut down, and that makes me very wary of this new offering. It does seem as if they have learned some lessons from their failures in the past but I think you’re right to advise caution, and thank you for putting this information out into the public domain.

  79. Hi, Tony.
    Thanks for sharing the unbiased review of the Nutri Cellix Invite Phase. The introduction profile of the founders of this company seems very impressive and so are the products. Personalized swab based products would be costing heavens as per my opinion and this would lead to high ticket business. I agree with the points mentioned in the review and would suggest that if the company can introduce low-cost samples to be used by the Ambassadors so they have the confidence to promote it, would be great.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  80. This company, appears to be promoting, new weight loss and health products,in a popular segment, of the market,but there seems, to be a few questions, about the bona fides, of the CEO,Robert Short.

    Also the leaders,have been previously involved, in failed companies,Nerium and Rippin,which would shake my confidence, in this latest venture,

    Their claim, that they will tailor their products, to individual peoples DNA,is a good sales gimmick,but does not seem economically feasible,for a company that wants to make a profit.

    I also do not think that I will want to join Nutricellix as a customer or as an Ambassador,at any time. 

  81. Interesting information there. I never heard of NutriCellix before, either. I would love to believe a real weight loss pill or cream or shampoo or whatever would come along at an affordable price, but I have fallen for too many scams. I want to know a lot more about the ingredients: where are they from, who found out about it, how do others ingest it, what is the actual source. It is comforting to know that the website seems legitimate and the owners are transparently available. Like you, there is quite a bit more information I need before making a firm decision. Thank you for sharing this!

  82. Hi Tony,

    I recently came across NutriCellix and as you mentioned  & I too like to do my homework before making my purchase decision. 

    Your thorough and informative review is a greater help and saved my time.

    The information you shared on the background and history of the people behind NutriCellix is very helpful. 

    I am not impressed with them!

    There are 1000’s of companies and products on Health & Wellness industry everyone claiming that their product is great. 

    Reviews like this are going to save people trouble, time, money, effort and work.

    I am likely to follow your footprints and NutriCellix is a NO-NO for me.

  83. Hi Tony,

    I recently came across NutriCellix and as you mentioned  & I too like to do my homework before making my purchase decision. 

    Your thorough and informative review is a greater help and saved my time.

    The information you shared on the background and history of the people behind NutriCellix is very helpful. 

    I am not impressed with them!

    There are 1000’s of companies and products on Health & Wellness industry everyone claiming that their product is great. 

    Reviews like this are going to save people trouble, time, money, effort and work.

    I am likely to follow your footprints and NutriCellix is a NO-NO for me.

  84. Hi Tony,

    I’m quite intrigued by the idea of the product being formulated ‘exactly for each individual’ through analysis of a swab sample. It seems like quite an extreme, and certainly costly measure. It would seem that each person’s product would be hand made specifically for them which I don’t believe to be the case.

    I really feel that this product will be yet another ‘magic’ weightloss tool which really doesn’t work in the long run.

    Thanks for an extremely informative and unique review; you are right that there is very little information about it on the web.


  85. Oh, fantastic review on the NutriCellix. You started by telling us about the owners of the company. The truth is that this is the first time that I a hearing about the company itself and I find it very fascinating that this company deals with the DNA. You might be very correct about this whole company. For me, I think that people who want to lose weight should give the natural remedies a try instead of giving supplements like this because, at the long run, they might have side effects. Nicely done here.

  86. I appreciate how thorough you are in your review. I’m a little skeptical too, based on their history. Also, how do we know the products are legit and that they are qualified to run a lab? What if everyone just gets the same product, regardless of their DNA? I think your instincts are probably correct. I will definitely steer clear of this opportunity, for now. Thanks for the review, Tony.

  87. Weight loss is on many people’s minds these days and many who want to lose unwanted weight are, in some cases, desperate enough to try just about anything.

    I have to agree with you… this product is in its early stages and, yeah, it’s interesting that they are launching it when they are.   It strikes me as taking advantage of someone’s emotions, kind of like the HOOK in a, (for want of a better word), scammers/salesman pitch.  

    I guess the part that really caused my eyebrows to rise was the claim that it would be “customized to be your personalized weight management system based upon your unique DNA”.

    I’m no expert and perhaps I shouldn’t even go there but, you are unique, I am unique, every human is unique.  This suggests to me that our DNA would be, although similar, it would still be unique.

    I wouldn’t expect you to know the answer to this question but, if they claim to be able to customize this to my unique DNA, I would think that could get somewhat costly… don’t you think?

    I don’t know.  Like you, I think I will sit back and observe for a while and see where this goes.  It might be the right stuff for some.  I guess we’ll see.


  88. Hi Tony! 

    Yeah, I have noted that the lose weight industry and the fitness industry greatly rely on the January 1st date to launch their products. 

    I like the Health & Wellness industry and have worked in it before. 

    After reading your review I don’t feel comfortable about joining NutriCellix. 

    Thanks for researching NutriCellix & for sharing this review,


  89. Hey Tony! 

    Thanks for writing this review. I agree with you because I have done the same thing, I searched all Google and YouTube and didn’t found any videos nor reviews about NutriCellix. 

    I have joined MLMs in the past and I’m OK with them, but I will not join this one this time. 

    I’ll check your other recommendations.

  90. This is a very interesting article.  

    I have not heard about the upcoming launch of Nutricellix, but I am always interested in a health product that can be added to my internet business.  

    Your article identified the people who are the founders of this program openly and honestly.  

    I appreciated the fact that you do not judge but rather express skepticism.  

    Your review of the program itself showed that not a lot is actually know about the compensation plan which is concerning.  

    As well, although a very general description of the product is available, details on the product, its ingredients, the package that will be presented and the actual science involved are very sketchy as you point out.  

    Your article to me was kind of an alert informing me that this product is coming, but warning be to look closely.  

    Thanks for the article.

  91. Thanks for the review, I certainly will be more careful in any forms of pills that will be intake. From company backgrounds to products and ingredients all are important. I believe aside from taking pills, exercise is equally important when losing weight. Do you have any recommendations for more natural supplements?   

  92. Hi, thanks for the information, I have certainly never heard of this company and their products. But I tend to be very careful when it comes to any pills form to be intake into our body. The best is to not taking any of them when there are any complaints, false claims and anything like that. Thanks for the article.

  93. Good review and a thorough explanation, Tony! 

    I’ve never heard of NutriCellix, but the product has my interest. 

    Robin’s post above, though, seems to contradict some of your information. 

    You said they are a relatively new company, so I imagine it’s difficult to find information. 

    I like that you provide information on the FTC. 

    Looking forward to hearing more from you about them, since it seems like you have a thorough process.

  94. Hello Tony, 

    I know how competitive the health and wellness niche is young by the fact that its among of the best selling niche in the market. 

    From the start of this review, I was eager to see some really positive outcome based on the some of the names and records they have in business. 

    Although this being an MLM scheme with some individuals who have failed in other business as partners, that would give me a push back on doing business with them. 

    Hopefully if they come out good in business, I would love to see your review on it as well. 


  95. Joining NutriCellix sounds like a very intriguing opportunity,  but I am like you, I do not like just jumping in these online money making schemes. I have seen too many scams, and unfortunately I don’t think there’s enough info about this company to know whether or not it’s a scam or not. Thank you for the review, I will be keeping an eye out after the new year to see how it pans out.

  96. your information is false about Nerium / neora. We were NEVER SHUT DOWN, we are not a pyramid scheme and we have data to prove it. Bo is an amazing man and I wish him nothing but the best

    • Thank you Robin for reading and sharing your thoughts my friend, is Neora and/or Nerium still in business?

      Bo does indeed seem like an amazing man based upon the videos and information on YouTube and his website that I watched and read.



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