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MoneyMakingAds is a Scam Copy of OneAdPack MoneyMakingAds Review 1 July 2020

Money Making Ads

Updated and republished on 1 July 2020 – Original post was on 6-21-2020

Have you heard about the new Money Making Ads platform?

It just launched yesterday and I signed up during the pre-launch because a close internet friend of mine shared it with me on the CashJuice website.

At first I was hopeful that it would be a great platform to advertise on as well as earn with & that my friends who joined could also do the same…….. that was before I learned who the owner and creator of the platform is.

Now I know that it is indeed Mark Dosier, yes the same Mark Dosier who in January of this year released OneAdPack which is pretty much exactly like the MoneyMakingAds site.

MoneyMakingAds is just a Scam like OneAdPack was!

Why did the above change my mind?

Because that site had a mess with not paying it's representatives and other shady practices!

Steer clear of this one my Friends even though the information at their site looks tempting, it is indeed “Too Good to Be True” and almost certainly isn't!

_______________Below is what they say_____________________________________________

MoneyMakingAds is an extremely powerful advertising site.In addition to the common advertising services they also provide 100% Passive Revenue Adshares with up to 130% Cashback.

Here is what you get at MMA:

    • Powerful Advertising Platform = MORE SALES!Profit Sharing System = More Money!Great Commission Plan = More Rewards!
    • MoneyMakingAds is a Convenient and Powerful Advertising Platform with a Profit Sharing System and a Lucrative Commission Plan that rewards its members up to 40% in Commissions!

———————————– If you really believe the above, visit their website below ——————–

MoneyMakingAds ~ Click Here

As stated earlier, I truly believe that this site won't last long either as it's creator Mark Dosier is the same person who launched OneAdPack in January 2020.