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Part Time Work Online for Teens

Have you taken a look at what is available as far as jobs for your teenager?
Why not take a look at Part Time Work Online as an alternative.

I, myself have a son who just turned 17 years old and is a Junior in High School. I would much rather he learns how to earn an income from home online instead of having to deal with the jobs that are out in the public sector.

What exactly is available for a teenager to do as far as a part-time job?

I'll list the jobs that I am aware of below and welcome all to comment at the bottom of this post with any that you are aware of as well:

  • Fast food worker at Mcdonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy's etc…. Burger Flipper
  • Pizza Delivery Boy for Little Caesars, Pizza Hut, Dominoes etc..
  • Farm work for the local farmer, orchard, nursery etc..
  • Ice Cream Shop in the summer dipping cones
  • Babysitting the local children
  • Department or Grocery Store as a bagger, cart collector, stock boy/girl at Walmart, Kroger, Piggly Wiggly etc.

There are many more I am sure but as far as here in Michigan where we live the above list while I'm not condemning anyone who works at those places they aren't where I want my son to work. I would rather him work at something that will challenge his mind and help him to grow and build his online and blogging skills.

Is your teen child/young adult also into playing on his or her X-Box, Play Station, Wii or other devices such as their cell phone, iPhone, tablet iPad etc..?

Does she or he have an Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Has he or she ever thought about writing a blog about what they love and are passionate about?

Even if they do get one of the part-time jobs listed above or something similar, it would be very beneficial for them to learn a skill and develop their mind while growing an actual business online.

Visit to learn more about a great opportunity where they can not only get started for free but also remain a free starter member for as long as he or she needs and/or wants to.  Getting started for free while building their very own free website along with free hosting and training as well is a wonderful way for anybody to learn and earn on the internet.

While this post is about Teens getting Part-Time Work Online, it's also available for anyone from the age of 13 – 99 (Anyone over the age of 30 needs to get their Child's and/or GrandChild's permission in order to be eligible)

Child Boss

Of course I am just teasing about Parents and/or GrandParents needing their Children and/or Grandchildren's permission in order to be eligible to start for free learning how to blog online with their own free website.

Blogging online is also a wonderful Retirement Job for Seniors as well as a work completely from home job for a stay at home Mom or Dad with no travel involved like with a Direct Sales“Home Based Business”  and/or Network Marketing Company where you actually end up driving around and being from home even more than before.  I'm not saying that Direct Sales / Network Marketing or MLM's are bad, I'm just saying that those who truly want a Work from Home Business then this is better.

Your blog can be about anything that you would like to write about, I'll share a few of the most popular niche topics below but it will be nowhere near a complete list as the possibilities are as endless as anyone can imagine.

  • Golf WordPress Blogger
  • Fashion
  • Health & Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Fishing
  • Airsoft
  • Video Games
  • Children
  • Books
  • Music
  • Art
  • History

All of the above can and should be broken down into more specific niches and most if not all of them have several micro niches available that can be profitable while sharing online.

When you get started with your blogging website, you won't be on your own either.  I, Tony Lee HamiltonThe Marketing Veteran will be available whenever you have any question at all.  Not only me but the community of bloggers is so very helpful as well so you'll never have to be overwhelmed and feel lost.  The answers are always just a question away and all questions are welcomed within the community.  The community has been on the internet help friends since 2005 and in 2017 over 200,000 friends got started bringing the total to over 1,300,000 members from all over the world.

There are a few Countries that are usually excluded from being able to sign up for a Free Starter account – View them here to see how I can still help to get signed up with the Free Account! (Update ~ Only 1 Country is exempt)

You can learn more about the Part Time Work Online Opportunity by visiting Facebook and/or Instagram as well as many posts right here on this website.  Over to the left you can scroll down to see the recent post headlines and at the bottom is a “Search Box” where you can type in anything that you would like to search for within the website.  Also at the very top of this site is the “Menu Area” and you can click on the “My Top Recommendations” tab to also learn more or visit to learn more as well.

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I am very well known and transparent on the internet as well, I welcome you to Google me at Tony Lee Hamilton The Marketing Veteran to see that I'm just an ordinary 52 years of age Dad to a just now turned 17 year old son making a living on the internet from home.

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