Part Time Work Online for Teens

Have you taken a look at what is available as far as jobs for your teenager?
Why not take a look at Part Time Work Online as an alternative.

I, myself have a son who just turned 17 years old and is a Junior in High School. I would much rather he learns how to earn an income from home online instead of having to deal with the jobs that are out in the public sector.

What exactly is available for a teenager to do as far as a part-time job?

I'll list the jobs that I am aware of below and welcome all to comment at the bottom of this post with any that you are aware of as well:

  • Fast food worker at Mcdonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy's etc…. Burger Flipper
  • Pizza Delivery Boy for Little Caesars, Pizza Hut, Dominoes etc..
  • Farm work for the local farmer, orchard, nursery etc..
  • Ice Cream Shop in the summer dipping cones
  • Babysitting the local children
  • Department or Grocery Store as a bagger, cart collector, stock boy/girl at Walmart, Kroger, Piggly Wiggly etc.

There are many more I am sure but as far as here in Michigan where we live the above list while I'm not condemning anyone who works at those places they aren't where I want my son to work. I would rather him work at something that will challenge his mind and help him to grow and build his online and blogging skills.

Is your teen child/young adult also into playing on his or her X-Box, Play Station, Wii or other devices such as their cell phone, iPhone, tablet iPad etc..?

Does she or he have an Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Has he or she ever thought about writing a blog about what they love and are passionate about?

Even if they do get one of the part-time jobs listed above or something similar, it would be very beneficial for them to learn a skill and develop their mind while growing an actual business online.

Visit to learn more about a great opportunity where they can not only get started for free but also remain a free starter member for as long as he or she needs and/or wants to.  Getting started for free while building their very own free website along with free hosting and training as well is a wonderful way for anybody to learn and earn on the internet.

While this post is about Teens getting Part-Time Work Online, it's also available for anyone from the age of 13 – 99 (Anyone over the age of 30 needs to get their Child's and/or GrandChild's permission in order to be eligible)

Child Boss

Of course I am just teasing about Parents and/or GrandParents needing their Children and/or Grandchildren's permission in order to be eligible to start for free learning how to blog online with their own free website.

Blogging online is also a wonderful Retirement Job for Seniors as well as a work completely from home job for a stay at home Mom or Dad with no travel involved like with a Direct Sales“Home Based Business”  and/or Network Marketing Company where you actually end up driving around and being from home even more than before.  I'm not saying that Direct Sales / Network Marketing or MLM's are bad, I'm just saying that those who truly want a Work from Home Business then this is better.

Your blog can be about anything that you would like to write about, I'll share a few of the most popular niche topics below but it will be nowhere near a complete list as the possibilities are as endless as anyone can imagine.

  • Golf WordPress Blogger
  • Fashion
  • Health & Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Fishing
  • Airsoft
  • Video Games
  • Children
  • Books
  • Music
  • Art
  • History

All of the above can and should be broken down into more specific niches and most if not all of them have several micro niches available that can be profitable while sharing online.

When you get started with your blogging website, you won't be on your own either.  I, Tony Lee HamiltonThe Marketing Veteran will be available whenever you have any question at all.  Not only me but the community of bloggers is so very helpful as well so you'll never have to be overwhelmed and feel lost.  The answers are always just a question away and all questions are welcomed within the community.  The community has been on the internet help friends since 2005 and in 2017 over 200,000 friends got started bringing the total to over 1,300,000 members from all over the world.

There are a few Countries that are usually excluded from being able to sign up for a Free Starter account – View them here to see how I can still help to get signed up with the Free Account! (Update ~ Only 1 Country is exempt)

You can learn more about the Part Time Work Online Opportunity by visiting Facebook and/or Instagram as well as many posts right here on this website.  Over to the left you can scroll down to see the recent post headlines and at the bottom is a “Search Box” where you can type in anything that you would like to search for within the website.  Also at the very top of this site is the “Menu Area” and you can click on the “My Top Recommendations” tab to also learn more or visit to learn more as well.

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I am very well known and transparent on the internet as well, I welcome you to Google me at Tony Lee Hamilton The Marketing Veteran to see that I'm just an ordinary 52 years of age Dad to a just now turned 17 year old son making a living on the internet from home.

Thank you Friends for visiting, I welcome all questions and comments,


Tony Lee Hamilton - The Marketing Veteran

102 thoughts on “Part Time Work Online for Teens”

  1. Thank you for this article. I previously wrote an article like this one, the main message is teenagers should be guided to monetize their presence online because in anyway they spent most of their time there. Blogging is an excellent idea that will develop their life and enterpreneual skills. It is something they can start now but continue to enjoy it into their old age,

  2. Hi Tony 

    I always think you need  experience as a teenager  but that experience  is often difficult to get in the real world, especially after COVID  19, where a lot of doors have been  closed. Dipping your toes in the online market is a good way, as you can learn important  transferable skill that you can use in other jobs. I think your suggestion is very good for someone who do not necessary have the skill to get secure. An important gift that any parent can  give their  child is a secure future and you are doing your best.



  3. This is great! The opportunity of working online has been opened to both old and young especially in this season of pandemic. I will share this information with my teens in church, I am sure it will be a great news for them because they ain’t doing anything at home, so this will engage them.

  4. This is an excellent idea for teenagers, most of them have hobbies that they can write about, with a flair and passion that adults have lost the ability to do. Learning to be an entrepreneur at an early age would be a massive advantage. Your son will be learning from the master which means he will be hugely successful in time. I wish him all the best of luck.

  5. It is good that teenagers can also work online, it’ll help them earn some money that could allow them do some things without bothering their parents for money and this is quite nice and I think the part time works you’ve listed here are very good  they are not so hard to get by and it takes no much time too.

  6. A good thing that the teen can also get a good opportunity to be bake to make some money online as well as they too will not be left out of the male money opportunity that is available in affiliate marketing. You have shown us a great deal how one can make money online and I have a nephew who could be willing to do this.

  7. Hello Tony, Thanks a lot for yet another enlightening and captivating article. This is helpful to most teenagers looking to earn a little money for let’s say going out day to day expenses they’d rather take care of themselves or even for those teenagers looking to make money to save or even invest in small business ventures. 

  8. Hello Tony! Thanks a lot for yet another enlightening article. Getting a job online is very helpful especially to teenagers, other than keeping them from spending money on outings, it could also give them extra bucks and some of them can even start investing. In conclusion, working online is something I really approve of. You don’t know what you could do with an extra buck. Thanks for sharing this, I would forward to teenagers on my list.

  9. Good day Tony,

    Thanks for another enlightening article!

    While I agree with you that setting out on a life of online entrepreneurship (which I will come back to) may be a better option for a teenager, I commend and congratulate countries that work hard and consistently to create the type of light job opportunities like helping out in shops and supermarkets. These measures don’t only provide the youngsters with an income, but they protect them against so many traps and landmines if this world, especially when they are on school vacation!

    Learning advanced skills like online entrepreneurship is definitely the way to go at this point in time, because the world is changing so drastically in this new century! Many of the jobs that we took for granted growing up, are disappearing, with some now being taken over by machines such as robots!


  10. Thank you for your information here. This is actually well worth it and it makes a whole lot of sense having something like this here. You know being able to actually focus more on what is worthy and what can rwlaly deliveries making sense. Thank you so much for all you have shared here

  11. Getting a job online us fun and the only thing that is really important is trying to get it in the first place. This is helpful to most teenagers looking to earn an extra buck for let’s say going out to catch a movie or even for those teenagers looking to make money to save or even invest in small business ventures. It would be really good if you get paid 

  12. This is so great to see here. I have cousins who are still in the high school and college and this would definitely be the perfect option for them. I lime the overall of what you have shared here. In all, I would of to get really involved in all of these here. Thumbs up to you and very well worthy to see

  13. This is helpful to most teenagers looking to earn an extra buck for let’s say going out to catch a movie or even for those teenagers looking to make money to save or even invest in small business ventures. Also an added advantage is that teenagers already know how to use the internet and are well equipped with the internet. 

  14. there is a lot of teenagers out there, some of them are unemployed, some are students. Embarking on the online  business community will enable them to earn as they study and even earn money to aid on their schooling and those without jobs can get employed and turn all that excess free time into money. This is a great heads up for teenagers, thank you for that beautiful post.

  15. Teens are now very much into making money online, they are very much into it and it really nice because it’ll give them the edge to make more money when they grown older. It’s good that you posted these part time jobs, it’ll be useful to teens, I’ll share this around.

  16. A part-time job is a great opportunity for whoever wants to make some online money income. Whether you are a student or you have a regular job, online business is something that you can do as a hobby and take advantage of, maybe for a lifetime. Just find the right niche that makes you inspirational for investing and writing and you can do what you love and making real money from it.

  17. I believe that giving our children the skills on how to successfully have and run a online business from home is worth the investement. With what technology can do in this age in which we live will put our kids ahead of the game as they master the art of working online from home is a true gift for them that will pay off in hudge ways for years to come.

  18. Amazing Spencer, that is phenomenal my Friend!

    Your Daughter seems like an exceptionally inventive youngster and will go far with her liveliness workmanship aptitudes and your direction.

    Adolescents and grown-ups too get open to working at inexpensive food puts as well as at different occupations that society regards as worthy and secure when in actuality they are restricting and covering.

    Much obliged to you for making a trip to remark and offer Spencer, returned whenever my Friend.

  19. I am very sure that if these platforms were made available for us when we were younger, it would have been helpful in establishing ourselves and not relying on some others. i have thinking about engaging my kids from their tender age and i have now seen the importance of it. thank you for the tips.

  20. Hi Tony,

    I read your post and liked it very much. I agree with you that we need to put our teens to work, and if they are interested in internet marketing and want to go that route, that’s fine with me. I have two sons and a daughter, and all three worked their way thru college. They appreciate their education more because they paid for it themselves.

    Thanks for a good post!

    Tony Watson

  21. Hey Tony, I have just been thinking what my teen nephew could do for a living and here is your article which came just right  on time. So, there is no excuse now saying there is nothing available for the age of 13 over there. The hardest would be to find out the topic of his interest. You know these teens. Today they think they like one thing, tomorrow they change their minds again. A few topics you mentioned are great. We will start from there. 🙂 

  22. Tony, can you tell me how much it costs to join Wealthy Affiliates?  Also, I was wondering about the training and support regarding building websites.  I tried to build one five years ago and could not get the thing to work correctly.  Will there be support for newbies like me?  Also, can you tell me about affiliate marketing?

  23. Thanks for this lovely post .This is a very helpful post about part-time work for teenagers that they can do online. Many teens love their electronic devices, so if they can be researching and creating blogs, I am sure it is something that most of them would love. 

    I had not really thought that teens would be able to do affiliate marketing, as I assumed they would have to be eighteen years old. So thank you for showing us the options and possibilities for teens.

  24. Hi Tony, I’ve read your article “Part Time Work Online for Teens”.

    This is a very helpful post about part-time work for teenagers that they can do online.

    These days, people are in need of money, even teens.

    Seeing that even the kids will have the opportunity to be able to make money from the internet is good.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Congratulations! Keep going!

  25. This is a very helpful post about part-time work for teenagers that they can do online. Many teens love their electronic devices, so if they can be researching and creating blogs, I am sure it is something that most of them would love. 

    I had not really thought that teens would be able to do affiliate marketing, as I assumed they would have to be eighteen years old. So thank you for showing us the options and possibilities for teens.

  26. Affiliate marketing is a great idea as a means for teenagers to earn money and really appreciate you recommending this through your article. Especially the time we’re in where nearly every teen is invested in their mobile devices it would be beneficial for them to learn ways to earn through these mobile devices and make them useful. 

  27. Hi Tony,

    It is a great post. Thank you for sharing. There are many part-time jobs for teens but I think most of them could not help teens to grow and build their blogging skills. Your recommendation is an excellent training program that teens could learn a lot of knowledge about blogging and making money online. I do believe blogging is a much better part-time job for teens.

    All the best,


  28. Thanks for a great post. It’s not a line of work I’d thought of for my son but it makes so much sense. Blogging is such a huge thing nowadays. It’s definitely a skill that would be worth learning while you’re young. Building something for themselves would be really good experience and might open all sorts of doors in the future. There are so many things to write about too, so they are bound to find something they are interested in.

  29. Thanks Tony – love your headlines. I am on the Wealthy Affiliate program already and completely agree its an amazing platform. I have learnt so much, so thanks so much for sharing how this platform could be used by even teens to live a life of financial freedom away from the usual rat race!

  30. Wow this post made me really think hard about my teenage daughter. She was insisting to work part time as a fast food chain crew but I was hesitant. I am very worried for her health because she might get the covid 19 virus out there. I never thought to offer her this online job. Yes, this a great idea. With the proper coaching she can make her own blog using WA. This an eye-opener for me Tony.

  31. Hello Tony, there are so many niches to blog about. The areas are immense and any niche area can be broken down into further niches. And each one is an immense potential to write about. Only thing is that the topic must interest you. You don’t need to be an expert but eventually you will be. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start this activity.  Thanks for sharing 

  32. As a teenager, nothing is stopping you from making money online and it’ll be very nice to see yourself earn some cash to help your parents. There are lots of opportunities online and even in your environment, you’ve done well by mentioning some, it’ll be nice to know about them.

  33. Awesome insider! While spending some time on the Wealthy Affiliate platform I have seen people from all ages – 16 to 87 – be a part of this great platform and its supportive community. This can be a great start for absolutely anyone who likes the idea of working from home, doing what they like, and being their own boss. Honestly, I wish I knew about this platform when I was a teenager, would’ve been such an uplifting experience to try. 

  34. This is really great dn the first thing I am going after this is to share with my cousins. You know being able to earn a couple of bucks without having to do anything is really great to see and thanks so much for sharing this with us all. I really appreciate all you have shared here. Thank you for sharing this here

  35. Well, it’s always really good to learn something new and seeing that even the kids will have the opportunity to be able to make money from the internet is good. I have a cousin that is a teen and sharing this with her will really help. I am very sure that your son must have been making some good money online as well.

  36. Thank you Tony for this wonderfully informative article. Nowadays things are changing.Education alone is not enough. We need to support our children in whatever ways we could. One of the best thing we could do as parents is identifying our children’s potential and nature them to achieving just that. Kids waste a lot of time doing nothing, and I think this would a great deal for them.

  37. Hey there Tony

    First of all, you almost got me going with the child parental consent joke. I honestly thought about it in all seriousness for a second.

    We don’t have any children yet but we already know that a traditional school won’t be enough to teach our children practical real-world skills and they sure are not going to learn how to make money.

    The skills I am learning and mastering now will be second nature to them. Blogging is a simple skill to learn that requires time and dedication to oneself. The need to physically work even though you are creative or have a decent knowledge of something is over. Our minds and their young and powerful minds are really the only tools we need.

    These part-time jobs you’ve listed here ends up being some kids’ permanent jobs for life and we also wouldn’t want that for our children, again no offence to anyone working there. I worked as a general worker at a supermarket after university so I know what that’s like. So, it’s up to each parent to teach and assure the success of their kids.

    Solomon & Selina

  38. Hello Tony Lee Hamilton, thank you for sharing this informative and resourceful review article . This article is centered on online part time work for teens. Thank you for providing this work ideas.  Teens shouldn’t just sit at home doing nothing especially during this pandemic.  They should learn and earn and not just have fun every time 

  39. This article is really an eyeopener and an answer to a question I had.  My granddaughter is sixteen and is developing a site under my enrollment in Wealthy Affiliate.   I think it is a great opportunity for young people and I plan to get my other grandchildren involved.  The problem is I kept thinking about the annual membership.  Now I know that they can remain free members for as long as they need or want to.     Thank you.

  40. The possibilities are endless. Although fast food joints are high stress work environments, it could still be a good experience for teens. Online work is definitely more accessible for teenagers now and there are many young entrepreneurs. It’s great that your son is also venturing into the online business world 🙂

  41. Thank you for sharing how teens can make money ,I have never thought of it that way but after reading your articles I am discovering that I can teach my little sisters how to make money online and make them join wealthy affiliate as well which will be an advantage to them in the future

  42. Hello there! This is an amazing review you have got here. Your son must be so proud to have you as a dad because he won’t be on the street looking for job at any given time. I’ll relate this post with my daughter, I’m sure she will jump at it when she sees the content of this post.

     Thanks for sharing this with me.

  43. Hi, Tony.
    Thanks for sharing your views on part-time work online for teens. I fully agree with you that wasting time on food joints is really killing their talent. As you have suggested it is better to go online and try new things. two of my Teen daughter are developing their own website on food and multimedia. Hope they will get success. There’s so much to learn and information available on a website is of great use. Thanks, Tony.
    Warm Regards,                                                                                                                    
    Gaurav Gaurs

  44. Hi Tony,

    This post of very thoughtful for young adults who can actually take up a career rather than doing odd jobs at MacDonalds’s or Local Departmental Store. Same is true for people from any age where they can develop a career in blogging from the comfort of their own home. You have shown the way yourself.

    There are so many niches to blog about. The areas are immense and any niche area can be broken down into further niches. And each one is an immense potential to write about. Only thing is that the topic must interest you. You don’t need to be an expert but eventually you will be.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start this activity. Blogging opens the doors for generating online revenue via advertisements, selling your own products online or affiliate marketing. It is the best place to start in the online space and surely it is a good idea for young adults to start working on it.

    Thanks for sharing this article. 

  45. Thank you for sharing this here. Actually I like everything you have shared here and the fact that it can all be centered on the idea of checking something like this out. Having the willingness to work online would actually spell good for anyone at the prospects of making good money while doing very little too. This is really great and thank you

  46. It’s great to see how your son is growing up fast and I feel really happy for your guys. Teenagers these day mostly wants to stay at home and play video games all day and that’s not the right way to go about living. It’s up to we parents to make them see that making money at an early age isn’t a bad thing. However with the really nice part time jobs in this article I think it’s time to talk to my son about it as well. Cheers

  47. I think it is important to instill work ethic into your children from an early age. Not that work should consume their lives, but that they should work hard at what they do. In these ever-changing times, it’s a great idea to get them started making money as early as they can. Like you said, there is nothing wrong with scooping ice cream or working on a farm (both can teach great skills to use later in life) but teaching them to run their own business sets them up for success later! Great post that really has me thinking about my own kids!

  48. It’s always nice to be able to earn a couple of dollars as a teenager,you’ll be able to buy things for yourself without having to bother your parents all the time for the money and online part-time job is the best for teenagers, as it won’t affect school. The offers you mentioned are really simple and easy to do for teens.

  49. I have a teenage grandson who needs a job. He is very active and has a wide range of hobbies and interests. He’s a good kid, just needs a job so he can focus his energy. I will introduce him to Wealthy Affiliate and see if he can make a go of it. He enjoys writing and looking things up, so this might just be the thing he needs.

  50. I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve written Tony. I think that blogging represents such a unique opportunity for young people entering the workforce. 
    And with the rate of technological advancement, online tools such as e-Commerce and blogging are only going to skyrocket.
    If young people can position themselves with these skills, this will surely benefit them for years to come. 

  51. Haha , i also wish I’ve learned about this when I was a still teenager when I have more time. Right now , i’m juggling between my day job and affiliate marketing. I simply don’t have all the time since I’m working as an accountant. Actually thinking of quitting my job but I’m afraid income here won’t be enough. What’s your advice on this?

  52. Blogging online is truly for everyone weather young or old as long as you have a good spirit to be an entrepreneur and you also want to make some really good money as well. It also helps in killing all there is to do about going to your own work place since you will be working remotely. This post might be titled for teens bit I think it is meant for anyone and everyone who wants to make some good money on-line.

  53. I’ve been looking for a post like this to use for inspiring my nephews and nieces and I’m glad I finally found this. These days, people are in need of money, even teens. Unfortunately, most teens spend their leisure time playing mobile games on their phones. Teens like your son are a rare species but I believe we can still find them who will be interested in making money online in their spare time.

  54. Great article as always Tony, i always find your post amazing and interesting, your concept and point are always useful, there are lots of benefit working online as a teenager and there are also disadvantages and as you said you prefer your son to earn at home online than to get a regular job, i think i prefer that too, i will also advice my children to give it a try, i wish i knew all this when i was a teen, i would have made good use of it.. thanks for a great review

  55. Tony,

    Thank you for the tips! I think this could apply to adults as well. You bring up an interesting point at the beginning of your article. You mentioned that you’d rather have your son learn how to make an income at home rather than having a ‘normal’ job like a teenager. I can see a lot of benefit in that. Online jobs require a good amount of time to master. And, if a teenager can tap into that network stream early, then they’ll have good opportunities to use it for the future. I thought that was a profound thought you had. Thank you for your insight!

  56. Hey  Tony,

    Thanks for sharing this great article.

    It’s just awesome how the opportunities out there are endless, and for everyone.

    Everybody, regardless their age, or origins, can have a part time work online. 

    That’s why I really love the fact that you’ve mentioned for “teens”…

    The whole world should be aware of all those online opportunities. Especially Wealthy affiliate


  57. This article title was calling my name! I’m a 19 year old college student who can’t leave to have a regular parttime job due to quarantine rules. Does this mean I’m going to be spending any less on campus or have any decrease in future expenses? No! I need that money.

    For that reason, I started my affiliate marketing journey this summer and have a website as well as a few social medias dedicated to it. I think what you’ve suggested here is fantastic info that a lot of kids could use. Starting an online business when young is truly a fantastic investment.

  58. Another great bravo! for another great article. I love to read your articles because of amazing opportunities it offers. If we had identified these opportunities that you are exposing to us back in our youthful age, financial challenges would have been thing of the past.
    I love part time online jobs because of it flexibility and stress free. thank you once again

  59. Thanks so much for sharing a beautiful, informative article with us. The principal element of this article is part Time Work Online for Teens. It’s really amazing that you covered this subject so well in your post. I have learned a lot from reading your post and gained a lot of knowledge about part-time work. I like part-time work online opportunities of the points mentioned in your article.
    Finally, I would like to say that those who are brand new can read your article, join the platform provided by you now, and earn money at home.

  60. Thanks for sharing this out here. I have a college brother and I know that this would really be quite a lot more helpful for him because he just got into college and getting a means to generate quite some bits of income would really help get through his college days and that is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing this out here. Really helpful to see here.

  61. I wish I had learned all about blogging and affiliate marketing when I was a teenager but the internet wasn’t even up and running then. Youngsters have it tough in many ways but the one big advantage they have over older generation is the ability to make money (possibly full time) online before they even get into their twenties. Having complete financial freedom to work from anywhere and whenever you choose in your teens is a dream. You are young enough to travel extensively, live in any location, learn things about yourself, and have more opportunities to make the world a better place. The younger you start the more years you have left to really enjoy your hard work. Thanks for sharing.

  62. Hi there Tony,

    Good day!

    A really great article to share with my daughter who just belongs to the bracket of teenagers. Your article is a timely reminder for me as a father to introduce and encourage her to start having her own business online not only for the reason of earning a living for her future but it is also an awesome way to direct or divert her to the right direction rather than spending her time on social media, chatting with friends/schoolmates, playing with neighbors or the most parents’ worry, be involved in illegal activities such as using drugs and every other teenage craze out there now.

    Thanks and be safe!


  63. This is a great example of how a teen could make some money whilst at home or even whilst studying at college.  Why worry about a normal job when you can have the freedom of working on something that will make you money whilst you sleep.

    Thanks for sharing this great option for teens, and hopefully they take you up on the offer and learn more about blogging online

  64. Hi Tony, I have a teenage daughter and I think it would be a really good experience for her to start a blog, in fact I shall suggest it to her today as an activity that she can start over the summer. Even if it doesn’t at this stage lead to any financial gain, the experience she would get from putting the website together, coming up with blog posts, and starting to integrate with social media, etc, will be incredibly useful to her in the future. 

    I heard an interview on the radio this morning as I was driving home from dropping my daughter off in school for a one-off Covid19 half-day visit before they break up for the summer holiday (as she’s been home schooling for the last three months), which was all about the revolution in home-working brought about by the pandemic, and they were discussing to what extent people will continue to work from home in the future, or whether they would all be expected to return to their offices. I expect that a lot of people will have developed a taste for home-working during the lockdown, so it would be a great head start for any teenager to get blogging skills under their belt now, before they have to start thinking about earning a living.

    Great post!

  65. Congratulations to you on a good article with links for Teenagers. All over the world, children wish to earn money for pocket expenses. You have suggested good ways to earn money for teenagers. I wish i had read your article earlier as i too have two teenagers at home. You have suggested nice methods for teens and i like the article immensely.

    Great work Tony.


  66. Thank you Lee for this helpful information. I have an 11 year-old, not yet a teenager but loves making videos of herself doing, whatever. I just thank God for the internet today as it provides endless opportunities for people of different ages to earn a living. She also loves a good life and I want to teach her what to do to get it. I plan on introducing her to blogging. Hope she loves it.

  67. I have a teenager daughter that is still living with my wife and I. I’ll introduce her to these options by forwarding this post to her. And She’ll probably see my comment in the comment section too, LOL.

    In this day there are so many opportunities to open our own profitable business. But every opportunity requires hard work.

  68. Cool one here and one thing that really amazes me the most is how helpful this platforms can really be fifteens to be financially independent and capable enough to sponsor themselves to further their education and that to me, is achievements that affiliate marketing can bring. This is good and I look forward to introducing to my kid brothers

  69. I never thought about blogging before. 

    I have a lot of interests and I think I can choose one and just go from there.

    I also wonder that how can I understand the potential of my interest? 

    And can I make a full time income with it? 

    What are your experiences with these?

    • Hello Furkan,

      yes my Friend, you can absolutely earn a full-time income my Friend.

      Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate, you can indeed choose an interest of yours and go from there.

      Contact me anytime my Friend, I am always available when you ask for my assistance.


  70. With my brother currently 17 years of age, he’s looking for a part-time job so he can get some beer money together as well as funds towards a car since he’s currently learning to drive.

    But the thing is, there are so many low paid rubbish jobs out there that will require a lot of hours and elbow grease to earn anything decent to save up and spend.

    I just checked out your part-time work online website, and Wealthy Affiliate seems like the ideal option for earning some money.

    Yeah, WA will take a little time to get the wheels moving, but in the long run, my brother could actually retire in a few years from now building an online business.

    Crazy, right?

    • Absolutely true Neil,

      your Brother can indeed start now and live life on his own terms.

      When we are able to live our lives on our own terms then there’s no need to retire.

      We can travel the world and/or do anything that we want to do while doing what we love and earn an income doing it.

      Thank you Neil for getting started at Wealthy Affiliate and also for sharing the site with your younger Brother my Friend.

      You and He can contact me at anytime and I will be available to assist either of you Neil.

      Talk with you soon,


  71. Hi Tony,

    Great post.

    I have a nephew who is a teenager and he could definitely benefit from the information you have provided. I have forwarded it onto him and his parents.

    I have recommended that they keep coming back to your site for future posts and advice, as will I.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom,

      wonderful my Friend and congratulations on getting started earning online from home.

      Your Nephew and his parents will also see the value in this amazing opportunity to start and grow an income online part-time with the time that he has available and without having to travel outside of his home.

      You are welcome and thank you Tom, contact me anytime my Friend.


  72. Hi Tony! 

    I even have a son of 15 who is interested in learning how to work online. 

    Right now he is in the the process of a self-study on the the the coding of websites and games. 

    He does not quite know where it leads him. 

    But like you, I’m looking forward to your interest. But on the other hand, 

    I would like him to try to be on the job market out of among other people. 

    It can quickly be lonely to work from home. 

    Do you think they have to jump straight online after graduating from school? 

    Or do you like me to go out and meet the world before they go full online? 


    • Hi Steen!

      I believe that there isn’t just one specific answer my Friend and that each case will depend upon the young man or lady.

      Having people skills is very important as well as there are many ways to learn those skills as well and I believe once again that there is no 1 right answer but many different answers depending upon the variables.

      Thank you Steen for stopping by to comment and ask the questions my Friend,


  73. Hey Tony Hamilton, 

    excellent article. You touched on a lot of points that I feel were very valid. For one, teaching your 17 year old to work from home is very wise and smart. 

    With the lack of job security and bosses at companies treating their employees like garbage, it is a very good idea to teach your son to make money and be his own boss. 

    Second, your page is a powerful message and you’re an excellent example that those who teach their children the ways of the future i.e. making money from home are just plain better than everyone else. 

    Good job, your page has a lot to teach kids that age and even a little younger than that. 

    I want to teach my son that as well when he get old enough, it is important that kids have this option so they’ll have a brighter future than what is promised them after high school and college.

    • Wonderful RJ,

      thank you my Friend for the amazing compliments and for letting me know that this article is useful.

      You are welcome back anytime RJ,


  74. Great idea reaching out to all demographics with this. 

    There is no one that doesn’t need a little extra income, if not a total JOB replacement.

    Training your son on the way to search for alternative income methods is one of the things that he will appreciate most as he gets older. 

    Internet marketing and online businesses will be something he can use for the rest of his life.

    • Thank you my Friend, yes I agree that Internet Marketing Online is a wonderful way for Friends from Teens to Seniors can indeed supplement their income and grow it increasingly while working from home and anywhere on the planet.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting,


  75. Hi there, this is a good opportunity proposal I think.

    I have worked as a pizza deliverer several times in several cities.

    It made fun at the time but for sure isn’t what I want in the long run.

    To write a website sounds much more interesting to me as well.

    You say one can write about any topic one is passionate about. Is that real?

    I thought one has to be an expert to provide relevant content, like you, you are an online marketing veteran.

    • Hi Stefan,

      thank you for sharing your experiences with us my Friend.

      A person doesn’t have to be an expert to write about a topic, having the ability and desire to learn while researching is the key.  By being passionate about something and learning more about that something and learning, one does become an expert.

      You are welcome here anytime Stefan,


  76. In this day and time, this is the way that so many people are going and the good part is many are having success in this line of work. 

    It is good to know that this is also made available to teens who want to give a go at this. 

    The benefits are great and sure to beats an offline job or a nine to five. Your post is well detailed and very informative.

    • Absolutely Norman,

      I agree my Friend!

      Getting a headstart in the online world while still a Teen is an amazing way to segway into a full time career while being an Entrepreneur and not falling into the job and 9 – 5 trap of a so called “Secure Job”

      Thank you for stopping by to comment Norman, you are welcome back anytime my Friend,


  77. Hello Tony,

    I really enjoyed reading and browsing your site. What a great idea to have teens learn affiliate marketing! Looking to the future is an awesome way to grow the business. 

    I thank you for the inspiration & information you provide for us all to be able to share and learn from,


    • Hello Timothy,

      Thank you for the wonderful compliments my Friend.

      I love being able to help Friends from all ages Teen to Retirement ages as well.

      You are welcome to take a look at any of the posts here Timothy and share the love my Friend,


  78. I`m with you on teaching our children how to be entrepreneurs especially with the jobs they make available to them! My daughter has a skill in animation art and we just finished creating her own characters and now working on their specialized weaponry! I tell her these skills will allow her to dictate the life she wants to live. I see too many teenagers get comfortable working at these fast food places! Great topic Tony!

    • Awesome Spencer, that’s fantastic my Friend!

      Your Daughter sounds like a very creative young lady and will go far with her animation art skills and your guidance.

      Teenagers and adults as well get comfortable working not only at fast food places but also at other jobs that society deems as acceptable and secure when in fact they are limiting and smothering.

      Thank you for stopping by to comment and share Spencer, come back anytime my Friend.


  79. I’m not a parent yet but I understand what you think and feel when you said you do not want your kid to work in those places. Parents cannot stand the idea that their children are being commanded by bosses to do work they’re not used to.

    With regard to the idea of just letting your son explore blogging, earning a living online, something like that… it is sure that option will enhance the youth’s thinking capacity as well as explore unlimited possibilities. But how do you deal with questions like, “Hey Dad, if I work on the ones you’re recommending, I may not get paid. But with working at McDonalds, there’s a “sure pay”. How do you deal with that one?

    • Hi Gomer,

      that’s a great question my Friend!

      I would say that if a teen has even one Entrepreneurial bone in their body that they can start their business online knowing that the effort that they put in today will come to fruition later.

      Most teens and even adults want the instant gratification so having a regular job as well would be a good thing until they can replace their income with the hourly low rate job.

      teens who have great role models definitely have an advantage here since they have seen the results in real time with their parent.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and for your great question Gomer & I believe that it depends upon the situation my Friend,


  80. Hi Tony

    I have to agree with you that part time work online for teens beats just about anything available. Even if a teenager doesn’t have an entreprenueral spirit, I bet he/she spends a lot of time online.

    I’m thinking if parents could talk them into getting started they may find they like it and really get into having their own business.

    This is a great idea for teens to learn about making money online and keep them busy. Thanks

    • Hi Mike,

      thank you so much my Friend for reading and taking the time to comment on this post with your thoughts.

      Teens are most definitely online via their Android SmartPhones, iPhones, iPads, Tablets etc…. and their time online will be much more productive in creating and building a business than always being on SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook or whatever sites that teenagers are on nowadays.

      You are welcome back anytime Mike,


  81. You never know what type of website you’ll be viewing when you’re surfing the internet. 

    I like the concept of your website, I think it’s very original and what a great idea it was to create a source of information for parents with teens to have them do work online. 

    What makes your site such a great idea is the fact that we live in an time where a lot of our lives are spent online. 

    I wish I had resources like this when my daughter was a teenager, I would have definitely got her involved with working online.

    Thank you for sharing this amazing opportunity with the youth of our world.

    • Wonderful,

      Thank you so much for finding my website and taking the time to read and respond to this post.

      Working online building a business is an absolutely great way to get real world business online experience even if the young person has a “Real Job”.

      Thank you,


  82. You are so right Tony, I wish more young people could see the benefits of Affiliate Marketing, Work from Home or just building websites. I talk to young people all the time about this and they don’t seem to understand.

    The money to be made is unlimited if you just start young and build your business, but to make good money at any job, takes time.

    Not only is the money good, after some time, but having the opportunity to travel and work at the same time is another great benefit that you will not get with a normal job.

    Great information! Wayne

    • Thank you so much Wayne,

      yes young people seem to be more enthusiastic about the immediate rewards even when the immediate rewards are in most cases much less than the rewards that will be realized after building an Affiliate Marketing website.

      I would advice that young people when they have a “Normal Job” that they also put forth the same amount of hours into building a website and monetizing it so that before long they can make an informed decision of whether or not to keep the “Real Job” or continue growing their income with Affiliate Marketing and earning online.

      Talk with you soon Wayne, you are welcome back anytime my Friend.


  83. I just started looking at WA after thinking for years that this had to be scams. However, it’s a not a make free money fast, it seems to be instead a way to channel your interests to make money with effort, networking, publishing and many other aspects. I can see how this would be an interesting side-job opportunity for a teen, or anyone else. However, I wouldn’t tell any teen to drop everything and do only this – there’s so much to learn from working your first “real” jobs – good and bad! It builds character!

    • Wonderful Jeff!

      Great advice my Friend & thank you for sharing with us.

      Building a work ethic is very important for sure and so is learning to network within the real world besides the online world.

      You are welcome anytime Jeff, I will always be here my Friend.


  84. Great post!

    I couldn’t agree more – it’s a topic of discussion I’ve been having with my son as he approaches adolescence. I believe that in this day and age when every business guru is talking about the “gig” economy and how people coming into the marketplace will have at least 3 CAREERS before they hit retirement age, it is critical that people develop an entrepreneurial approach (along with the relevant education and skills) in order to better navigate these new waters we’re all sailing in. It is something which should be taught and encouraged at school, and if it’s not, then our kids will have to learn in the real world. And online marketing provides a formidable opportunity to do so.


    • Hello Norman!

      You are welcome and thank you my Friend for the great compliment.

      It’s awesome that you are taking the initiative to speak with your son about the real world and what it takes to thrive within it.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Entrepreneurship was taught in Schools….. then again maybe we’re to be glad that it’s not.  

      Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts Norman, they arre truly appreciated my Friend and you are welcome back here anytime as well.


  85. Hello there! My brother is looking for a part time job. He applied to several stores but so far he hasn’t got any emails or calls. He’s looking forward into online job as well but he doesn’t know where to start. I read your article about creating a blog and I clicked your link about wealthy affiliate. Do you think that this is great for my brother who is also 17 years old? Does he need any money to invest into it?

    • Hello John,

      Yes my Friend this is a great place for a 17 year old to start.  There is no cost to get started and your Brother can remain a Free Starter Member as long as He needs to be.  Learning is the key, then you take out the L and start Earning and it doesn’t take near as long as most people think.  The key is to find a mentor who is already doing it and learn from that person.

      Thank you John for taking the time to read this post and for your question,



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