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Click on the banner above or below & see how Planet Traffic can help your internet business!

You might have heard about and the services that the website offers.
Many people who have used the site have expressed different opinions about it.
If you are planning to use planet-traffic,you should first understand some important information about it.
This will help you know what you will get and if the website will meet your expectations.
We are going to provide you with a honest and trustworthy review about
We shall look at various sections such as website traffic,referrals, signups, email advertising, PTC advertising,search engine optimization(SEO) and traffic exchanges.


You may be having a good program but with very few signups.

This can be discouraging.

However, you don’t need to worry about that.

We shall help you have many signups.

This will improve the success of your favourite program.

Remember that the program should be free to join.

The most impressive thing about website is that they offer international signups.

This is guaranteed.

For this reason, people from different parts of the world will have access to your program.

This will improve your profits to a substantial level.

You definitely want to use traffic-planet services.

The price is also affordable.

It however varies depending on the number of signups you want.

The more the number of signups,the more you will pay.

They will also ensure that you have the specified signups within one month period.

There are no unnecessary delays.

This makes an excellent choice.

On top of that,if you have a facebook page for your program and you would like to have many likes, will send people to your facebook page so that they can like it.

Some of them will end up signing up with your program.


Email Advertising

Email advertising is one of the best ways of reaching your target audience.

It is mainly used by business owners to market their products to customers and encourage purchase.

However, some people fail to achieve their goal either because they do not know the best way of using this strategy or they are too busy to write email messages to potential customers.

This is why you need

They have many years of experience in doing email advertising.

They know how to write attractive email content that will effectively promote your brand.

Readers will be encouraged to find out more about your product or service.

At the end of it,they buy your product or service.

Apart from creating compelling email ads, also sends thousands of email readers to your website.

They have email addresses of millions of people from different parts of the world.

They will direct them to your site.In fact, they guarantee that 15% of their email readers will visit your website.

You can be sure that you will have an impressive 15% clickrate within a period of 30 days.

One thing that really discourages business owners from using email marketing service is that email message is sometimes sent as spam.

This is not the case with

They know how to develop an email in a manner that it does not look like one with spam content.

It will therefore be received in the usual inbox section of recipients rather than spam.

You definitely want to use email advertising services of

The price for email advertising services varies depending on the number of people you want the email to reach.

The higher the number,the more you will pay.

The price includes full html ad.


PTC Advertising And Other Advertising Options advertising helps to promote your product to a large number of people including potential customers.

It involves the use of banners and other options.

Your banner which contains vital information about your product or service is placed on partner sites of

Many people will read and become attracted to your product or service.

Banners are good at making your brand gain favourable publicity.

The number of clicks on your site will increase.

You will receive links which will help you know clickrate and other important information regarding the performance of PTC advertising on your brand.

You should make sure that the size of your banner image is not too small or too big.

A small image may not be easily noticed by site visitor.

A big image will consume much space and therefore won’t be placed.

The recommended size of banner image should 468×60.

Why use PTC advertising?

Well, It is very effective and time saving.

You don’t have to keep yourself busy trying to promote your product or service.

You just sit down and everything will be done for you.

Partner sites where planet-traffic place customer banners have paid to click areas.

This is very important because it will help to promote your products to as many people as possible.

Paid to click areas are visited by many people who are looking for a way of earning extra income.

You can be sure that some of them will end up becoming your customers if they read about your business.

Today there are many companies that provide paid to click ad services. will connect your business to reputable companies that are known to provide the best service.

Anyone who has interest in promoting his/her business to international audience will surely want to use PTC advertising.

One thing you will like about paid to click advertising is that you will begin to have many customers without involving much effort.

They will simply come to you.

All you need to do is to pay some money and the work will be done for.

This will also give you time to concentrate on other important activities.

If you are a busy person or have many online businesses, go for PTC advertising.

It is the best fit for you.

Besides,it is cheap and delivers excellent results.

The site offers different packages for this service.

You are encouraged to try out any of their packages.

If you are impressed,you can go ahead and buy bigger packages which cost more money.

You can buy advertising on this remarkable site through their shopping cart system which is usually found at the bottom of site’s page.

They provide different payment options which include paypal,okpay,paytoo,payza and more.

This gives you many options to choose from.



The site also provides referral links to client websites.

They have many people using their service.

This gives you an opportunity to access these people who could be potential customers.

With referral links, people will be able to access your website and know the kind of products or services that you offer.

It is an excellent way of promoting your business.

The most impressive thing about referrals offered by is that links are directed to your target audience.

They try as much as possible to provide links which connect people to the type of goods and services they are looking for.

This increases chances of getting many customers.

Referral packages are available.

You can choose one that best suits your business.

If you have a bigger business, you may go for bigger package which costs some considerable amount of money.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, abbreviated as SEO is a very important concept in today’s online business.

It helps to improve your site ranking.

Any business website with low site ranking is bound to be visited by few customers.

Millions of people visit the internet, searching for companies that provide goods and services.

You should take advantage of this opportunity to arrest as many customers as you can.

However, not everybody know how to maximize on SEO.

This is why you need

The website will provide you outstanding SEO services which will improve visibility of your website.

It will be returned in the top ranks.

In this way,customers will easily know the kind of products you offer.

If they become interested, they will make purchase.

Sales will therefore improve.Increase in sales means more profit.The overall effect is business success.

The best keywords are researched.

They should be relevant,catchy, brief and attractive.

They should be words which many people use when searching for certain products or services.

Keywords should be used in different sections such as titles,intro and description.

For better results, keywords are used more frequently.

The higher the frequency, the higher the site ranking.


Here Are Other Features About


Easy To Use

This amazing website has a friendly user interface which makes it easy to use.

That is why they are able to do PTC advertising,email marketing, SEO and other activities with much ease.

There are no complications.

Besides, its features are simple and ease to learn.


Well Designed

A poorly designed website is a put off.

It discourages visitors at first sight, has eliminated this weakness by making sure that the website is well designed.

This gives it a professional outlook.

Many people trust the website and rely on it to promote their businesses.

The design is also attractive, his encourages many people to spend more time on the site.


Many Users boasts of many readers from different parts of the world including USA which has many people that buy products online.

This is a big advantage to your business.

They will promote your brand to this people.

Some of them will eventually become your customers.

This will contribute towards your business success.


Different Packages

This is a very good feature.

Different packages vary in price.

For example in email advertising, if you want email messages to reach many people,you will have to pay more money than if it was to reach a few customers.

These varying packages make planet-traffic suitable for all types of business.

For example,small, medium and big.

If your business is big and you want to reach many customers from all parts of the world including USA, you are advised to purchase bigger packages.


International Language

The site mainly uses English language which is spoken by many people from different parts of the world.

This eliminates the problem of language barrier.

English is also the main language used in business communication in the world.

This makes the best site for promoting your business.

Jargons and other complicated words are not used.

This is why it is easy to understand site content.


Many Buying Options

It is very discouraging to find a service that can help you promote your product or service and yet you have no way of paying for the service due to lack of or limited payment options.

This is why provides clients who would like to use their advertising service many options to purchase the service.

Payment options include paypal, okpay,payza, neteller and more.

This allows you to use a method that is convenient for you.


Guaranteed Service

Nobody wants to pay for services and fail to get the expected results.

This can make you regret as you consider your money wasted.

With, services are guaranteed.

If you are told that for a certain amount of cash you will be guaranteed a certain number of signups, that is exactly what will happen.

This allows you to make payment with confidence that you will surely get the value of your money.

They have put in place measures to ensure that they fulfil what they promise their clients.


Specified Time Frame offer their service within a specified time-frame.

If for example you choose a package which promises you guaranteed 10,000 site visitors within a period of 30 days, be sure that you will get that number in one month as specified by the site.
This is important because it quickens the progress of your business.
Time is money.
If wasted,it will have a negative impact on your business.


Customer Reviews

We looked at different customer reviews and realized that most people who have used are satisfied.

This is why the site has many positive reviews.

Reviews indicate that customers who have used have increased the visibility of their site ranking.

Reviews also show that customer’s business have improved.

Thanks to

This is evidenced by increase in the number of sales.

Reviews prove that many customers are impressed by the many different packages offered by


Final Verdict

In conclusion,the above is all that you need to know about

It is the best website for promoting your business.

It offers services such as search engine optimization, email advertising, PTC advertising and more.

The ranking of your site will be improved and high traffic will be directed to your website.

You are encouraged to purchase their service if you want to improve your business.

You will thank yourself later.

Thank you for view the Planet Traffic Review and we welcome your comments below!

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  1. Traffic on the site is extremely important because it decides whether a site will be popular. We all strive for the traffic to be as good as possible and in that way to reach the target group. The site cannot be popular if there is no good traffic, even if it is very good. Given this, this is a very good thing for anyone who wants to drive traffic to their site.

  2. All these things refer to how the website works and the process to getting targeted traffic,which is what everyone wants.
    The whole purpose of using a website like planet-traffic is to increase your site’s traffic.
    Without targeted traffic,your online business will never succeed no matter how good your website is.This is why you need to get as much targeted traffic as possible in order to be successful online.

  3. I like what Planet Traffic has to offer!

    I am always looking for how to optimize my business for SEO purposes. Because I am a big fan of free traffic. When your SEO game is perfect, your website will rank on the first page of Google or Bing. And people will get your content directly from there.

    So, I am glad that Planet Traffic can help achieve that while helping you improve your traffic until you reach that ultimate goal. Then PPC will only help you grow your business.


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    This topic is a good training. Planet traffic is new to me, hearing it from your article is awesome, and how it can help my business, making me to understand the importance of using planet traffic for me business is very vital. The features of using planet traffic is elaborate.

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  26. Your review on Planet-Traffic is great and well thought out. 

    The placing of the banner at the top and bottom, where readers can enter, and read additional information on how this programs ability to help them in their Internet business if a fantastic idea.

    I like how you discuss the topics in your paragraph but as a personal preference, I would have liked to have seen them in bullet point with links to the location on your page. Some readers like to jump to certain sections to read. This is a personal preference of mine, however, I have not noticed reviews may not allow one to use bullet points or links.

    Your site review discusses the program and I found it very easy to understand. It is a very positive review of your product. I  liked how you pointed out that the package is based on different prices and clicking into the site with the use of your banner leads me to the site where I can find such information and make an informed decision about the level of package suitable for my needs.

    I thought it interesting that they focus on the importance of a well-designed website and how it can be rejected if the site is not well designed. I wonder how they do this.

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  29. Hi there, very interesting and intriguing post, your writing has a special and gentle style 🙂

    I checked their site and it looks promising, I will try to make a purchase for the leads and check how they are
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  30. I reviewed your post and here are my suggestions:

    Reduce the self-promotion of the same URL; it is listed too many times

    Add bullets/boldface font to make it more interesting, as it will increase reader engagement

    Explain what PTC is; I assume it is the website you are promoting 

    Make the post a bit more conversational to improve the flow

    Add images and line separations

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  33. I’ve had bad experiences with paid traffic in the past. Seems like all I got was a bunch of junk bot hits or something to my pages. I bought 10,000 clicks and didn’t make a single sale. To say I was desperately disappointed would be an understatement! I will check Traffic Planet out though, at least read more about them before forming an opinion.

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  40. Hi Tony,

    Now, this Planet Traffic has me baffled. So I have this number of people signing up and liking my page but does that translate to valuable traffic. Are any of these persons seriously interested in my product? Are they likely to buy? Or is this a case of numbers that amount to a waste of my hard-earned cash?

    In doubt.

    Candy Benn

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    Thanks for your tip on banner size. 

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  44. Hello Tony

    Planet Traffic Review is well discussed in the article and I appreciate the content. Even if it was not known to me, every information that is needed in a review is covered. A person who have gone through this review will agree with the final verdict made. On another note, the owner of any given website need to know the target traffic for the page to be rated high in almost all the search engines. I can recommend this product to a friend because of the all in one services provided within a reasonable budget.

    Thank you


  45. I have never heard of Planet Traffic before, but it sounds like a great program.  Getting traffic to your website is one of the hardest parts of digital marketing.  And the fact that it can help get likes for your Facebook page is a huge added bonus!

    Email marketing is one of the factors that discouraged me from continuing my career in digital marketing.  I like that Planet Traffic has millions of email addresses that they can direct my way while avoiding spam folders.  That’s pretty impressive!  I’ll definitely have to look into this!

  46. Hmmm, Honestly this is my first time of coming accross such an outstanding and informative website. I have come to understand how reach and informative this site is in connecting business to reputable companies. It also assist in referral link to clients website.There is just so much that the website has to offer.

  47. Hi, Tony. Thanks for writing the Planet Traffic review. I’ve stumbled upon their website a while ago and became curious about what they offer. I’m glad that there are so many positive reviews about them. I think I will try them to grow my website traffic since it doesn’t look like a scam business. Thanks for giving a recommendation 🙂

  48. Your article really interested me a lot. Thank you for sharing this. Planet traffic sure seems awesome and I think I need some more platforms that will push my sites out to the world. Global moneyline seemed like a good choice but this one seems better. Any insight on the conversion rates? It sure seems worth it, I don’t know if there is anything that gives you this kind of wide renown. It’s pretty awesome. 

  49. I am very intrigued by Planet Traffic. I am a newbie and hadn’t heard of it. It sounds like a necessary part of a successful online, affiliate marketing business. I have read several of your posts. Between the quality content I have learned from in your articles, and, your well deserved handle as the “Digital Marketing Veteran”, your recommendations have credibility with me.

    QUESTION: As a newbie with only 20 posts so far, does it make sense for me to engage Planet Traffic yet, or, should I further build my content to 50 or 100 posts?

    Thanks in advance for your answer to my question, Tony!

  50. Thank you for all you have shared here. Honestly speaking, what you have provided here is massive and to be quite frank, planet traffic can be the best that would allow us all to make it to the very best. But getting traffic through paid means night actually hamper it as most of them may not generate the needed leads. 

  51. I completely agree that a badly designed website is a put-off. It’s great to know sites like planet traffic exist. The most important part for me is always ease of use. Planet-traffic does seem to have everything you need in one easy package! But I disagree with planet traffics assumption that more keyword mentions will lead to better site rankings, I’m pretty sure Google will blacklist you for spamming keywords.

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  54. Hey Tony
    Thank you for this insights. Until I read your article I didnt know anything about Planet Traffic Review . It really looks like a great opportunity to grow your online business . Online business is  about traffic and if I get a reliable platform that can help me to generate the traffic I need to my website and social media site, I will sure utilize its services.

  55. It’s very hard to find good programs out here to market and at the same time be successful. Many provide all the services the beginning entrepreneur need. Many don’t succeed because they don’t utilize and take advantage of all that’s in their possession. I think many marketers fail when they try doing too many things at one time. It’s great when an entrepreneur can weed out all the scams. Then relax and work the program they enjoy. Bad programs been around for years. Much money spent by beginners. But unless they get into the right program, then all is lost. 

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  57. Considering the fact that I am just getting started with all of these, I can only say that you have shared it all here and very well worthy to see here.  This planet traffic seem to be like about everything else that could be good to generate worthy traffic here too. Thumbs up to you for sharing 

  58. This is a very good article, I like how you’ve put together the information and it made it very interesting and useful for those who are willing to take the offer. I’ll check through the article careful and see what I can make out of it, I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m ready with it

  59. Hi Tony, thanks for your interesting and detailed review, I have checked Planet Traffic, but I have to say I was at first put off by its design, which looks very dated. However, that should not mean that the services don’t work, of course. So, going through the website I noticed there are items for sale, such as “250 Guaranteed International Signups” for $54, etc. How does it work? If I pay them, how will they convince those potential subscribers to join my program? And what sort of program should I be offering? My own program or other people’s programs as well? (Which I already promote as an affiliate). I’m still a newbie so obviously I have many questions and would appreciate your answer. Cheers, your advice is always much appreciated.

  60. Hi Tony , Thanks for this suggestion but I honestly don’t see it’s uniqueness among other Traffic Websites. The interface is so all over the place , I don’t think this will be convenient to newbies. I have read your other reviews in other traffic sites and those sites are way better in my opinion. By the way , I’m only commenting on the aesthetics but it’s still very important. I’ll still test this site anyway, maybe I don’t have to judge this book by its cover. hmmm. 

  61. Hmmm, I’m having doubts about this service (sorry) because as mentioned, they know how to do “attractive email content that will effectively promote your brand” but their website itself is not attractive at all. Seems attractive for spammers, methinks. The name too, it’s misleading you wouldn’t even have an idea what they really offer. I also wonder if their SEO service is better than Yoast Premium, or Jaaxy for keywords? I hope they can offer a free trial so I could signup first to make sure I get the right value for my money. Thank you for yet another helpful post about internet marketing. So many options out there! And so many services also that I wouldn’t even dare to be a member of. Thank you so much.

  62. This post is awesome. I don’t know a lot about email advertising. This post is very informative and has good material. I think I want to sign up for this Planet Traffic too. Really need to have more traffic on my site and this can be very helpful! Thanks a lot!

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  64. Nice review on this platform Tony. But i would strongly suggest that you include the prices asked as this is a major element when people are looking into such reviews. You mention that different packages are available but I would like to know a bit more specifics about the actual cost. Good read anyway. Thanks!

  65. Hello there!

    That review is simply interesting. The fact that the websites is willing to help me get many sign-ups interests me more because that can be quite stressful to do independently. It is a very unique platform and is worth a trial.Thanks for that guiding review, I surely need such website to improve my internet business.

    Thanks once again.

  66. Can you tell me how much it costs to join planet traffic?  Also, it said you need to have a free service.  Do these people that sign up still maintain a good conversion rate?  I have heard of people using sites like this and then getting their accounts suspended as companies can tell when you are buying traffic.  Does planet traffic have a system in place to prevent getting your account suspended?  Thanks for your time.  Also, do they offer commenting on websites?

  67. I am new going on  almost 2 years with affiliate marketing and I am always looking for new marketing method I can use.Finding marketing programs that can be used effectively for niches online businesses and online marketing strategies is hard to come by for free, I’d like to provide some clarity on anything if possible god knows I’m looking for the same.

  68. This is my first time learning of planet traffic so reading your article was a really educating experience. I agree that email advertising is really one of the best ways of reaching your intended audience so reading about Planet traffic really got me excited. I think it’s a great site with many benefits at an affordable price for signing up. 

  69. I am a newbie in online business and doing affiliate marketing. I should find ways to have traffic on my website and how I can improve it. As you are a Digital Marketing Veteran, I should listen and see the products you are recommending. I will keep this to my note for my future reference. I love how Planet Traffic the email advertising and SEO services it offers. Thank you for sharing this post. I am still looking forward to reading more of your recommendation and apply to my online business.

  70. Totally this is my first time to hear about this. I only take a few recommendations from a few trusted marketers and that includes you Tony. Its true that some people fail to achieve their goal either because they do not know the best way of using this strategy or they are too busy to write email messages to potential customers.I am also one of these people, and am happy for you to have introduced planet-traffic .15% click rate within a period of 30 days is indeed impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  71. I am new to affiliate marketing and I am always looking for new marketing methods I can use. The thing I find difficult is finding marketing programs that can be used effectively for niches other than online businesses and online marketing for mlm this usable for affiliate marketing for other niche.

  72. So not worth it for me and I will say that I cannot get into this for myself or for anyone out there. This is like a very Easter of time that can really not get anyone restarted with getting the right needed traffic especially as a beginner where we need a more centralised people to build the website on. So, I value all you have shared here but I do not think this is for ke yet. Thanks

  73. Planet- Traffic-Review, is quite a prosperous package; This the first time I have come across anything like this; I never heard of it before.
    However, the specific services that the program covers are attractive. I prefer their email content ads and their Signups.

    The Signup services ads are quite compelling, too, with its international outreach. After all, you never know which part of the world will love a particular program better than others. And it is a free sign up, which you only pay based on the number of sign up received for the specified period;
    As for the email content ads, it seems that the program is the best emailing marketing program that any business that uses email services.
    However, being informed of all the pros and cons of email marketing and the spam problems that is as if it is synonymous spam. If they can beat that odd, which I’m moderately sure they can, that makes their email ads a must-read which generates customers too.

    Thanks for sharing these invaluable reviews.

  74. Hi Tony. Is Planet Traffic sending TARGETED traffic to my website, or just any people on their list? Also, is this indeed helping SEO rankings? I also believe traffic is a main criteria to be successful with any online business, but somehow I prefer to grow more naturally, e.g. creating quality content and my own email list.

  75. Thank You for your recommendation and review on planet traffic looks very appealing and helpful in making sure that you have a professional email set up sounds like a good company to promote my business that can also help me with their referrals with upping my seo great review Tony Lee..

  76. Thanks for sharing the website and I’ve bookmarked it

    However for the “referrals” and “SEO” mentioned in your article I actually didn’t find the page in the website

    Regarding the promotion on like google, I have concerns that google will have certain tracking mechanism to verify such as the IP ect…to see if the traffic/volume are true or not, if not there will be negative impact of your own website

    Feedback of above will be appreciated

  77. Planet traffic seems to tick a lot of boxes from guaranteeing traffic to a world wide presence. I suppose the only question I have in my head is the quality of those leads? 

    Every business needs leads and this seems to generate them if you have a service or product based business. You are certainly a big advocate of it and the description is very clear. Thanks for sharing Tony.

  78. Hello Tony, planet traffic is really nice but I feel I am looking for help in this aspect. It seems that planet traffic provides solutions for email marketing. My email list is very small. They have email address of millions of people. They help to write attractive email content and send emails to your websites. I think they solve my email marketing issues.

  79. When it comes to online marketing and online business generally, getting traffic to your website is a very crucial thing as it helps your business get known to a very large number of people. I think planet traffic is a good idea and it can be of help to online business owners in gaining traffic.

  80. For a beginner, this is coming huge to me. Though I never truly know how the traffic and leads and all about email marketing and all really works before but seeing that this planet traffic actually offers a lot more that cut across everything already simplifies the process and the fact that it is beginner friendly too makes it an icing on the sugar cake. Thanks

  81. Two big deals when it comes on online businesses is the issue of email marketing and also driving traffic to your website and gladly this platform is here to change everything. With this, I am sure to be able to deal with many online business issues like  I mentioned up here. This is good stuff. Thanks

  82. As always, I didn’t know the product! And as always, thank you for letting me know something new! I had a look at their website through your banner and I must say that planet traffic looks very inexpensive for what it offers – normally I would have thought of another website that promises false traffic or low quality traffic. But if you say that it is not a scam I feel more secure!

  83. Just wanted to come down here and let you know that I bookmarked this page. I appreciate all your info and the detail you put in it. Exposing and informing all types of programs out there, this one being on that list! I truly find a lot of value on your site and I appreciate the details.

  84. At this stage in my online journey I would say traffic of course is a big headache. But the biggest headache I have found is learning email marketing. If planet – traffic could take away the learning curve and make email marketing easier on me than I am all in. I will look at this more on your recommendation.

  85. It is not easy to run a business on the Internet, especially to build a personal website and personal brand. It takes a lot of time. It is not easy to collect accurate customer emails. I am looking for such a product. You save me A lot of research time, and also mentioned that there will be no redundant annoying ads, I think this should be a good tool!

  86. I would love some help with email marketing, for sure. I’ve just started to learn that craft and let me just say, there’s a ton to wrap one’s head around. Other than that, I definitely agree that SEO these days is massively important. And, indeed, millions, even I think hundreds of millions of people use the internet as their go-to place for goods and services. That being said, the way I see it, visibility is everything. Not sure though if I agree with that last statement there. I don’t think higher keyword frequency guarantees better results. It’s easy to overdo. Plus, I feel the main keyword is just a small part of it all. Cheers.

  87. It’s always good to read about good forms of advertising one can use from trusted sources such as yourself. As internet marketers, one can never have too much advertising, but a lot of the sites don’t deliver the results that they promise.

    I like that Planet Traffic has options for different types of advertising, as I like PPC advertising, but I find banners don’t work as well for me. It also looks like it is easy to navigate, which will work well if you want to get referrals underneath you within this platform.

    Thanks for this informative review.

  88. hello dear, thanks for sharing such an amazing content with us all i was actually doing some research online when i saw your post, i must say your review on Planet Traffic really has been helpful, i saw some review on these program but i wasn’t sure of how true it was, but after going through your review, i am glad i came across your site, thanks alot

  89. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I carry out my email marketing for a while now, since I know that money is in the list. However, outcome of my email campaign is not satisfactory.

    I am looking for help in this aspect. It seems that planet traffic provides solutions for email marketing. My email list is very small. They have email address of millions of people. They help to write attractive email content and send emails to your websites. I think they solve my email marketing issues. I will try to use this service. It is nice that we could start from small investment and depend upon the outcome, we could increase our investment gradually.

  90. Planet Traffic is an entirely new concept to me.  Thank you for highlighting the benefits of this with regard to e-mail marketing. You make a compelling case to look at using this service.  Thank you for highlighting this way to promote my online business.  Do you recommend any other email marketing services?

  91. Thank you for sharing about planet traffic, but I have a question what guarantee do I have that the traffic I purchase are real humans?Also how do I convert this bought traffic into real sales is it possible? However your article is  well explained and understandable 

    I am looking forward to your reply and I hope to also use the amazing platform soon

  92. Hi Tony,

    You have provided loads of information and answered all possible questions. This is an in-depth and detailed review (as always).

    Getting traffic to our website is the top priority, as we all know traffic is the lifeblood of our online business. Details you provided under the topic feature about Planet-traffic helped in my decision making. I am very much interested in improving my site ranking and to increase my organic traffic.

    I want to take advantage of your years of online experience and interested in giving Planet Traffic a try.

  93. Thanks for your review of the Planet Traffic offering. It was pretty comprehensive. I haven’t gotten into email advertising yet because I’m still trying to figure out how to use it effectively with a sports blog. So at some point, this may become a viable option for me as I continue expanding my business. Thanks again for the information. 

  94. Hello Tony, thank you for sharing information about planet traffic. When it comes to e-mail marketing, I am wondering, where do  they get the “thousands of e-mail addresses” from? Are these really people and how can I ensure that they will fit my target group? I am finding it difficult to understand how “directed” traffic will turn into realy sales. I suppose there is some sort of targeting tool behind it and would be interested to learn more.

  95. Planet traffic looks promising, but I have a question.

    How can the we be sure that emails will not be considered spam? And real people are really reading and being directed to your website? 

    Where can I find other reviews of clients or subscribers who see real results? 

    I’m interested and baffled as well on how they can assure to get those numbers of subscribers.


  96. Hello Tony.  Thank you for your review.  I’ve been staying away from email marketing for the exact reasons that you stated.   Planet-Traffic does seem to be something that I could consider. My websites could use the help and I feel that your post has pointed me in a good direction.  

  97. Hi Tony

    I feel what is being advertised is very different to my WA training.  Where does this traffic come from?

    How do I know these are real emails coming from real people?  Whilst I want more people to visit my site, if I am ‘buying’ people and ‘clicks’ how will this convert to business.

    Maybe my business is too small, but I find it difficult to understand how I would find my perfect avatar by signing up to Planet Traffic.

    I know we need emailing lists but I want it to have true value, how does Planet Traffic guarantee this?

    Look forward to learning more

  98. Thank you for your review on Planet Traffic. I love the fact that it also boosts the likes on your Facebook business page as well. I love the email marketing features as well, as we all know, email marketing is the best tool to reach your target audience for free. I will definitely check it out. 

  99. Hello Tony, It seems like a multi tool…I just know a little about before now but I think with this awesome article make it so plain I would be able to get a hang of it I no time…I have tried a lot like this product in recent times and I must say the were all wack….but at your word I would do do for this one…Thanks a lot for sharing.

  100. Hello Tony Lee Hamilton, thank you so much for sharing this informative and resourceful review article. This article is centered on planet traffic review.  This is my first time of hearing about this.  I am a newbie, this post has helped in enlightening in a big way. I would be sure to share this post across various platforms 

  101. Tony, Tony, thanks for introducing me to Planet Traffic. By the introduction on your website I am reviewing the different offers that Planet Traffic provides. I had your website for a while in my Site Comments but did not check it out until now. I have some similar service called TrafficG but it does not work that well. I am seriously considering this website for traffic opportunities. Thanks a lot. Continued success!

  102. Tony, Planet- Traffic-Review, is quite a  very rich package. I never heard of it before. But by reading about the specific services that the program covers are intriguing. I love their email content ads and their Signups. The Sign-up services ads are quite compelling too, with its international outreach. After all, you never know which part of the world will love a particular program better than others. And it is a free sign up, which you only pay based on the number of sign up received for the specified period. 

    And for the email content ads, it seems that the planet traffic program is the best emailing marketing program that any business that uses email services can rely upon. At least for the fact that they know all the pros and cons of email marketing and the spam problems that is as if it is synonymous with spam. If they can beat that odd, which I’m pretty sure they can, that makes their email ads a must-read which generates customers too. This is the best marketing resource program I have known, and with that now, I have the information I need for my ads campaigns.

    As always, thanks for sharing these valuable reviews.


  103. Tony, do you think that the Planet Traffic Signups can help with the Wealthy Affiliate business? I recently started my new website and would like to have more traffic there. As far as I understood from your review, this company Planet Traffic offers help with bringing people to you, correct? 

  104. Thank you for sharing this article about the Planet Traffic platform.  Although I appreciate your review, I will pass on this site as it’s not something that I would feel comfortable with.  My focus is more on organic traffic as well as affiliate marketing according to the training that I am now involved with.

  105. Planet Traffic is a service I have never heard of before but I came across this review when I was looking for a way to increase the traffic and signups for my website. The first thing that caught my eye was the guarantee of of a certain number whatever it is you’re looking for, which brings me to the second thing: I can get signups, visitors, clicks, emails, whatever it is I need for my business to succeed.  That’s impressive, especially considering that there are many offers that run below $20, which makes it easy to afford.  I did a check on their reviews, which look good, so I’m gonna do it!

  106. This is a very bulky review and I thank you for your concerns by giving an overview as to what constitutes this pqlnt traffic. Though I am a newbie, knowing the screts of affiliate marketing is the fa t that traffic is the best and when we are able to have the right engagements on the websites, then we start getting the right recognition.however, your review about this planet traffic is not too encouraging to me though. So, I will just stay back a bit

  107. This is just the post I’ve been looking for!! I’ve been having issues converting my traffic into sign ups and deposits as well as setting email adverts but this might be the solution! I’m gonna give it a try and let you know if it worked for me. I really hope it does as these have been very big concerns for me!

  108. Hi Tony,

    Thanks very much for this particular article! It has given me practical advice that I need a lot at this stage, when my website is completely set up and performing consistently well; I need to take it to a higher level.

    You have given quite a detailed positive review of Planet-Traffic – would you say you still feel the same now in 2020, which is three years later? Any cons / negatives that have since cropped up?

    Under Sign-ups, this sentence confuses me: “Remember that the program should be free to join.” Does this refer to my service / website?


  109. Ho Tony, You have given Planet Traffic a very positive review. You also note that many of its subscribers have given it a positive testimony. I wonder though as the very nature of email promotion, very readily becomes spamming people. I also thought that there are already a number of other services like this all competing for similar clients. Having said that I would be curious to see the cost of their plans. It does seem likely though that since it says that many of the email addresses it provides are described as international, it is likely that they will be from countries with economies in transition and may not be viable clients for your products and services. A very interesting review though and thanks for that. Best regards,Andy

  110. Your post said a lot of good things about Planet Traffic. It was like the best thing since sliced bread. From your description for good reason. It seems that it can do a lot to promote ones business in so many different ways.

    When I clicked the banner, the page it took me to was very confusing. It was overloaded with information. After clicking Start Now, the scene got calmer. And the instructions were specific. 

    You mentioned somewhere that it was free to join. I saw that there were fees to join. Am I missing something or misinterpreting something? 

    I may actually check this out as the features and benefits look very promising.



  111. Having the right amount of traffic on your site gives room for so much possibilities and the ability to grow your site asls was an affiliate marketer would be very easy and that is what we all want at the end of the day.  Planet traffic is completely new to me and it would be very cool getting to make use of the service knowing how good they can be. How strong is the email marketing part, since it can be directed to spam?

  112. I must say this product looks like a multi tool…I just know a little about before now but I think with this awesome article make it so plain I would be able to get a hand of it I no time…I have tried a lot like this product in recent times and I must say the were all wack….but at your word I would do do for this one…Thanks a lot for sharing.

  113. Thanks a lot for sharing this interesting and resourceful information about planet traffic. Traffic as it’s known is a very important part of online businesses which means that you need to make your website known to people,visitors who will access it and patronize what you have on it. I like the fact that your can trust the product without all confidence.

  114. Like your many other posts – Planet Traffic is completely new to me. They name suggests a surge service of internet traffic. And this is very interesting for me as a blog marketer.

    It looks like a great service to drive traffic to my site. The E-mail campaign is the one catching my attention though. A 15% CTR is great news and sure to generate good subscriber base and thereby revenue.

    That is a collection of services you essentially need to generate lead and target customers. A definite answer to any new blogger or content marketer.

    The spending slots for all kinds of businesses makes it attractive for everyone.

    I guess it is a must-have for all digital marketers.

  115. After reading your article om Planet Traffic I was not aware of such a site. Albeit I am new to this eCommerce thing your article did point out some information that I know I would not have found on my own so thanks.

    I plan to visit that site for myself and if I have any questions will direct them to you.

  116. You have certainly provided another interesting review sir. I had not previously heard of planet traffic but after reading through your article, I am mediately visited their website. I will be honest, their website leaves a lot to be desired. Your review provided a set of expectations over and above what my initial landing impression on their site gave. I would be very interested to hear from any of your readers who give their services a try.

  117. For everyone who owns a website, I think we would all agree that one of the most important things to us is getting traffic to our website and seeing that planet traffic offers a very unique way of filtering out SEO and also getting traffic which can result in sales is a very wonderful thing and it’s Worth the try really. I think planet traffic will be my number one stop for getting traffic and I’ll also like to use it because the price isn’t so expensive.

  118. This blogpost is really educational. I am presently looking to find a better way to send traffic to my website by creating my email list and your review is a good one. I will go through their website and perform further investigations. If they deliver on their deliverables and promises then this is one of the best ways to go about building traffic for me

  119. This is great information. I have been thinking a lot about ways to make my site more visible to many. This will really help me take things to a higher level. In one of the comments on the site, the writer states that he would like to see more about pricing however, when I clicked on the Planet Traffic link there were several pricing options. I like the review and your explanation of how the services work. Thank you. I will be visiting this site again and soon as I am preparing for advertising.

  120. Thank you for sharing a lovely, informative article with us. The chief item of this article is Planet Traffic Review. It is truly amazing that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your post and gained a lot of knowledge about Planet Traffic. I like Email Advertising of the points in your article.I have been able to deliver my product to the desired customer through email advertising only through Planet Traffic.

    I have read and enjoyed your article. So I would like to share your article with my friends by sharing it in the Facebook group so that everyone can know about your article and gain knowledge about it.

  121. I have definitely bookmarked this and the fact that it is very legit makes it one of the priorities on my list of paid platforms to generate leads. Well, since I am just starting out, all I want are legit platforms that can actually help me out rather than having to wait for unworthy platforms and all. Thanks so much for sharing this out here with us all

  122. I have been searching for the best way to make my email list and your review is a huge help. Planet Traffic sound like a good option. 

    Tony, if you were to suggest the very best out of all List Builders, which one would u say works best ?

    Thanks for this good information.



  123. This is an interesting review I did not know about Planet-Traffic and I will make a note of them I believe that I might need them in the near future. It would have been nice to see their different pricing packages.

    A lot of information explaining Planet-Traffic in detail  and what benefits they have in store for my business. I like that they would take a lot of my work out of my hands to free me up a bit.

    Thank you for this well compiled review

  124. Hey Tony – This is a great review. I like this product but I am not quite ready for this service. But I will certainly book mark this post for the future. I plan to need this service pretty soon. It seems to cover all needed bases for promoting internet businesses. Thanks for this opportunity!

  125. Another great review Tony Lee Hamilton! Planet Traffic seems like the ultimate deal to increase traffic to one’s website. As well as create emails, ads, and improve SEO. It’s like an all in one program – love it. I will check it our further, but your review totally sells it. Do you recommend newbies like myself start off with it now or wait until you have a certain number of blog posts or affiliate links to promote? Would love to hear your feedback. 

  126. Great article Tony! This is an absolutely amazing service. I checked the prices of this website and it’s super cheap. If they deliver what they are saying even with a buffer of 10 % or even 20% then also its totally worth it.

    In my opinion, this service is worth trying and if they deliver then it will be a huge resource to expand one’s business.

    Thanks for sharing and keep sharing!


  127. This article is really in-depth and has come at the right time as I am presently looking to find a better way to send traffic to my website and believe that I need to email out to people. When I first started investigating I found that there are so many businesses out there that make it so confusing to work out which one will be the best to use. Your recommendation is a really good one and I have already started to have a look further into their website.

    I like the fact that there are many different packages and lots of ways to pay. I think that if nothing else it is worth a try and relatively risk free.

    Thank you so much

  128. So Planet Traffic offers many different ways to advertise your business as well as build up your website by improving your SEO. It certainly sounds interesting – my only concern clicking through to check out their website, it looks so spammy and low quality. I would not trust my website or my business with a company that claims to help me get customers and conversions when my first impression is so bad. 

  129. After reading your article, I think I might like Planet Traffic. I find their variety incredibly appealing as I’m not fully certain yet what I need. If I could get it all in the same place, even better! I also think that their low prices are great, especially for beginners like me who are getting started in online businesses to make money and can’t necessarily afford to dish out hundreds on marketing. Thanks for another great review, Tony!

  130. I have never heard of planet traffic before and it sounds very interesting if you want to promote your business by getting more people to recognize it. It can help you with email your business by sending out custom proven emails that are spam free thereby saving you money. I do not think this is a scam because too many people are reporting good results. If you want to get more people to your offer I would seriously consider looking into this program.

  131. This is the first time that I have come across Planet Traffic and they do seem to be a legitimate platform. Planet Traffic certainly appears to have many great features and also many happy customers. I have bookmarked the page so that I can come back to it again and explore the different packages that are on offer. It would be beneficial to get more visitors to my website.

  132. Interesting to see here and I must say this that I found this post a lot more interesting actually.  This planet traffic here really seems a lot more like something I can make use of myself. I like the fact that they offer quite a lot more and that is really interesting to see. Thumbs up to you

  133. Hi, Tony.
    Thanks for sharing your review on Planet Traffic website. As a newbie, I could sense that it has all the important features that are required for the success of an online business. The only hurdle seems to be the budget. I liked email marketing portfolio and it seems very promising. I will surely come back to Planet Traffic in coming days.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  134. Thanks for the Planet-Traffic presentation. It is a very interesting offer. I marked the post to return to it when I have a budget for something like that. I don’t have income yet and I would like to ask you if they don’t have a free version for beginners? Or maybe you know something else in this regard?

  135. It looks like a multi-tool program to help you get your business started and that’s one thing that caught my attention because nowadays it can be hard having organic traffic everyday and even then you won’t always earn any commissions for what you worked for. One thing I’m skeptical about is, please inform me whether or not this is fake, do they use bots in any type of way (visits, email, social media)?

  136. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. Though this is actually my first time hearing about this platform but for me, it won’t be a bad idea because the features are exactly what I have been searching the internet for especially the fact that it will give a massive sign up.

    Thank you!

  137. Tracking our results with Planet Traffic seems easy and convenient. I read somewhere that they have been executing their part of the deal and that give us trust in them. There are many features included in this platform, but in my book the most useful one is it has a referral system in place.

  138. Hi Tony,this is a lot of great information for anyone looking for a “one stop shop” for advertising on the internet.
    I shall look at your guranteed sign-ups and check my results as you say its been good to you in Moneyline.
    I will also test drive their Banner ads.
    All in all Planet Traffic sounds like a very good place for whatever you’re advertising.
    Thanks for the info.

    • Hi Denzil,

      Awesome my Friend!

      So far Planet Traffic has held their end of the bargain and I am still tracking the results my Friend.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Talk with you soon Denzil.


  139. Tony, Thanks for the info. I have had my site online for 3 years now. I think it’s a great site but getting visitors and ranking is very tedious and time-consuming. I am going to give this a try. I will let you know how much my site has improved when this is all said and done. Thanks again. Kitty Clark.

  140. Great information, Tony. I am still working GML and appreciate your recommendations.

    I just placed my order and looking forward to a positive response.


  141. Hey Tony, great writeup!

    I had not heard of Planet Traffic before reading this. Seems like they offer a lot of different services – which would you say is the best for somebody starting out on a low budget?

    I do email marketing, and agree with you that my emails ending up in the Spam folder is a concern for me. I can see how Planet Traffic could help out here.

    I also like the sound of guaranteed signups, as I am struggling to get referrals for WA at the moment. Have you used this service yet, and how has it worked out? I wonder what the conversion rate for these signups would be?

    Thanks again Tony for some great advice here, can’t wait to see how it can help grow my business.


    • Hi Dave,

      I haven’t yet used Planet Traffic’s guaranteed sign ups with WA yet but I have used them with MoneyLine and have had fantastic results and a great return on investment my Friend.

      Email marketing not ending u in the spam folders is huge and a great service as well.

      You are welcome and thank you Dave for your comments and questions, you are welcome back anytime my Friend.



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