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Many people are happily aging but for some people old age is a burden because of aging signs. To make your body refresh even at old age, products like plexaderm was introduced to the market. It is one of the best anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products on the market today. The product is great and no wonder it is widely regarded as the Rapid Wrinkle Remover. It is one of the best skincare products.

The product is designed to renew your skin and make you younger. It will reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging. This product is regarded by satisfied users as the best skin care products on the market. Some users have lots of complaints about the product. After reading this review you would know whether you are going to like it or not.

Plexaderm Reviews

It is simple to use and can dry within the first ten minutes after application. To get the best out of this cream, you apply on clean and dry skin only. Furthermore, you apply just small quantities of the product. Plexaderm can work with other makeup items, but you must allow it to dry completely and after it has dried, you can apply the makeup products after another ten minutes. If you want to facilitate the drying process, you use a blow-dryer, but it has to be on a very low setting. This will dry it faster.

Is it safe? What are the ingredients used to manufacture it?

To determine whether it is safe to use, you must, first of all, understand the types of ingredients that are used to manufacture it. It features ingredients like water sodium silicate magnesium aluminum silicate cellulose GumAcetyl hexapeptides-8Yellow 5 (CI19140Red 40 (CI16035)EthylhexylglycerinPhenoxyethanol

The major ingredients used to make the product are the silicate compounds, which include sodium silicate as well as magnesium aluminum silicate. It simply means that these are silicate materials. When it comes to the manufacture of skin care sodium silicates are often used. The compound is also used in the manufacture of soaps and detergents. It serves a great purpose here, which is to balance the Ph level. This also makes it healthy for the body. Most importantly, sodium silicate has very important industrial uses. It features a corrosion inhibitor.

Another useful ingredient which is the magnesium silicate is also known as purified clay. When there is excess facial oil, this compound will absorb it. Furthermore, it can serve as a thickener in the product.

In addition, there are other ingredients in the product. It includes dyes, thickener as well as cellulose gum. These are also good for the body because they make the skin healthy. The thickener, for instance, is known to form a film around the skin.

Research has shown that phenoxyethanol is available in green tea, however, to create it, you have to resort to the laboratory. This can serve two functions. The first is that it can act as a preservative. The second is that it can serve as anti-bacterial. This means that you can use it to fight bacteria. Furthermore, ethylhexylglycerin can serve as a perfect skin conditioning agent, and this is in addition to acting as a great preservative.

How plexaderm works

If you want to know how that formulation works, then you must pay serious attention to the two major ingredients that are used to manufacture it. There are different ingredients used to produce it, but the key major ones include the magnesium aluminum silicate as well as sodium silicate.

One of the key ingredients which are sodium silicate can serve as an adhesive. It can act as a tape to the skin. The way it works is that it can glide to the skin as a liquid substance or even as a gel. However, when it dries it would turn to a thin film and causes light contraction. It can also pull the skin. Most importantly, when it is applied below the eyes it forms temporary tightening conditioning and it turns the skin to be tauter. Once it completely dries, this product affects the skin by producing a lifting effect.

In the way, magnesium aluminum silicate can work together with its sodium counterpart. It can make the wrinkle to become tight and it would seem as if it is plumped up and so on. From the way this thing works, it is certain that it is designed to make the user look younger. However, you should bear at the back of your mind that this effect is not going to be there permanently. It is can only work for a short time and it would return to what it uses to be.

Side effects

The major complaints people have against this formulation are the side effects. The major problem is that this product can cause skin irritation. Because of that, before you begin to apply it to the body, you can carry out a trial or a patch test to see how it is going to affect your skin.

The major complaint that people have against the product is the white residue which it can form after a brief usage. The residue may not be that harmful, but the appearance can be annoying. This is one of the things that users have against this product.

If you check the manufacturer's website, it is stated clearly that this product does not have any side effects. According to the manufacturers, there is no documented side effects and based on that they assume that it has no side effects. There is a complaint here. This is because some of the ingredients used to make this product could have their side effects. Some of the effects include skin irritation and this is just the mildest that you can get. The side effects can even become sever such that it can cause redness of the skin. There could be instances where the effects can be severe. It contains dyes and this is known for its numerous side effects. It is misleading to assume that this product does not have any side effects.

Another ingredient that is used to make this item include yellow 5. Another name for yellow 5 is Tartrazine. This ingredient could have health challenges such as migraines, asthma, anxiety as well as thyroid cancers and vision problem, itching, depression and spotty skin and other conditions.

Another ingredient which is used in making the product is Red 40. Research has shown that the ingredient could cause health problems like allergies, cancer, learning impairment as well as aggressiveness, hyperactivity and so on. In the same way, phenoxyethanol which is also used in manufacturing this item is linked with such problems like lung irritation as well as skin irritation. This is because it is known to be toxic to the sense organs like the nervous system, liver, as well as the kidney. It is therefore absolutely wrong to say that this product does not have any side effects.

When you want to use the product, you must also stick to the instructions so that you do not make a mistake. Manufacturers warned that it should not touch your eyes. It could be dangerous if you do that. If it touches your eyes, should rinse it immediately to avoid any damage. It is safer to rinse your eyes using warm water.

Apart from these fears. It appears safe to use. However, when you are using it, do not use many creams. This can save you from most of the health challenges that are listed above. If you over apply the cream, it could result in white film in your skin. You can easily wipe that using any damp fabric.

Is it a miracle cream or still a mystery? Anybody can describe this cream in any way because the product is relatively new as it enters the market barely a few years ago. However, it is popular because of the great benefits. Another thing worth noting about the cream is that full information about ingredients used to make it is not available to the public. In any case, it is a nonprescription and topical cream. There is a dangerous health hazard associated with such products. Some people have found other benefits apart from the intended use. For instance, some users claim that they use it to tackle such health challenges like forehead line, crow’s feet, and several other problem areas. Once you apply the correct quantity, you would observe that the effects are going to be there for several hours. You can achieve better health and better look without taking painful surgical procedure and injections.

Plexaderm Customer Reviews

Very little is said about the ingredients and how they address the concern users have about the side effects. Many are trusting on the assertion that this product has the same silicates as those found in those available at shale rock minerals. However, silicates are abundant in different parts of the world and they are known to have different properties. One of the key benefits is that it is can be useful in anti-aging.

The product was registered in February 2016, and it was not until recently that they started using the social media platform for their ads. Because of that, a little is known about their effectiveness. However, some of the available reviews about the product have provided useful insights on some of the benefits.

One of the complaints about the company is that researchers are finding it hard to get sufficient information that can help buyers. It was manufactured by a company known as the True Earth Health Products. The company was relatively unknown when it comes to the manufacturing of high-quality products. In addition, the company was not registered with the Better Business Bureau. To make matters worse, the company has just a single page website and the information therein was not enough for anybody to make any supportive argument.

What value do you derive from the product?

Whenever you are planning to use this kind of product, two things are very important. The first of them is the price or the amount you would spend to buy the product. Another thing to consider is the value. When you are spending your money, it is necessary that you derive full value from the money you spend.

The price of the cream is known. When it comes to the value, one must consider the type and quality of products that are used to manufacture that cream. Here, one’s attention must focus on the type of ingredients that are used to make Plexaderm. Without the full quantification of ingredients, it would be difficult for you to know how best that product is going to work. Information provided about the ingredients is not sufficient. Though the manufacturers claimed that there are no side effects from hundreds of people who have used the product, but the ingredients used to make it are not such that guarantee the no side effects assumption. For now, there is nothing wrong to say that the product cannot provide value for money. Most of the ingredients used to make it are those that are known to delay aging signs in the body.

If you are not sure whether to use the cream or not, then you can approach a dermatologist who can assist you with the necessary information you need about the product and several other related products on the market.


Another thing that matters in this kind of product is the price it is sold in the market. When it comes to price, you observe that it is available in two packages. The first package is the Rapid Wrinkle Remover Kit. This is the original formulation and it uses light and crystal diffusing ingredients. One bottle of the product goes for $79.90 plus $6.95 S&H. You can buy 3 bottles at $159.80 plus $6.95 S&H.

The other package is the Ultimate Makeover Kit. This is where you get the cream of Rapid Wrinkle Remover as well as a bottle containing hyaluronic moisturizing serum. The cost of a kit is $99.97 plus $6.95 S&H and 3 kits can sell for $199.94 plus $6.95 S&H.

Irrespective of any of the packages you select you can enjoy free shipping of the product but that is only when you enroll on Plexaderm Preferred Customer Program.

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If you want to get a permanent solution to wrinkles, under eye circles, as well as bags and other aging signs, you need Plexaderm products. They are safe and easy to use. You would derive full value for your money.

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