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29 September 2015

Today’s Featured Friend’s Profile of the Day is Roger – Juicing 4 Us

The Profile write up below is an exact copy and paste from Roger’s Profile page.

Hello, my name is Roger and although my photo on the right makes me look a lot younger, I was born in Great Britain in 1937 (Hence the username ‘rog37’)

I lived in London throughout WW2 as a child and can vividly remember the daily and overnight bombings which left devastation all around us next day.

I have worked online for over 15 years and have found that I have personally succeeded purely by helping others to succeed. I believe that anyone can succeed online providing that they have the desire to learn and take action on what they are taught.

I believe strongly in positive motivation and am fortunate enough to have seen Anthony Robbins on stage for over 12 hours. That experience changed my thought processes immediately and has given me a choice of whether I should allow negative thoughts & actions to effect me or not. And I choose NOT!

I try so hard to have a friendly, sunny, smiley attitude and am always joking! After all, I am now at an age when when I can report to all you youngsters out there that life itself is a much happier place if you can smile at everything you see around you, after all what can be better than getting a smile from a baby. Puts a smile on my face every-time ….. NO, it’s a great big grin!

My wife, Ruth and I began juicing a year or two ago and found terrific health benefits by getting our recommended ‘5 a Day’ simply by juicing our fruit and vegetables. We have both found that we have got so many great results from juicing that I decided to make a website here about how it has personally effected us. We can only recommend juicing as being one of the best things we have ever done and can thoroughly recommend it to everyone!

(I think it only sensible to add, that if you have any health issues whatsoever, it would be wise to speak with your doctor first before embarking on any juicing program).


Roger is today’s Featured Profile of the day for today.

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