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Wealth From Home Team Frequently Asked Questions and Answers!

Q: Is my personal information protected with your organization?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Q: What is the Wealth From Home Team?
A: Wealth From Home Team (WFHT) is a global team of like-minded and dedicated Internet Marketers who’re building wealth from home and who believe in helping other people achieve their goals and dreams. WFHT provides a completely free online marketing and downline building system to help our members earn serious extra daily money from multiple streams of income while promoting only one website.

Q: How much does it cost to join the Wealth From Home Team?
A: There is no cost for a membership to our team’s online marketing and wealth building system. Our team’s system has one level of membership – FREE

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2.) You Can Earn Unlimited 100% Instant Daily Cash Commission

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4.) You Can Earn 10 – 14 Income Streams Promoting Only 1 Link

5.) You’re Provided Step-by-Step Training and a System to Follow

6.) You Get Personal Coaching and Mentoring to Ensure Success

7.) Earn Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Residual Income All at Once

8.) All Your Downline Members Also Have a Duplicatable System

9.) You’re On the Ground Floor – We Launched October 1st 2015

10.) You’re Partnering With Positive and Highly Motivated People!

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Tony Lee Hamilton

ReBrandable Traffic
ReBrandable Traffic is the traffic Program that I recommend to any and all Businesses – Click the link above to get started for Free now.

If your business is on the internet, no matter if you are a brick & mortar company, an affiliate marketing blogger, a network marketer, a multi-level marketer, an entrepreneur or just someone who has a website Click here = Real Targeted Traffic to your website is key.


This platform is a state of the art Internet website traffic distribution system. Pulling traffic in from over 31 thousand websites around the world, we re-direct hundreds of thousands of web visitors to our customers websites everyday.

How Does ReBrandable Traffic Work?

ReBrandable Traffic has large contracts with matured traffic networks, and have thousands upon thousands of dedicated ad spaces running on busy websites across the globe. From all these sources, traffic is obtained then redirected from these ads directly to the website of your choice and you even specify the keywords.

What is the Cost?

ReBrandable Traffic is Free to sign up.

Alexa Booster ReBrandable Traffic

What is Guaranteed?

ReBrandable Traffic does their best to provide the best traffic we can to your website. However, They are not responsible for any sales or activity within your website. Their commitment to you is to bring (and continue to bring) the best traffic at the lowest price possible. Your satisfaction of their ability to deliver visitors to your site is guaranteed.

Can I Direct ReBrandable Traffic to my Customer’s Site?

Yes of course! You can use the ReBrandable Traffic System to redirect their traffic to your customers websites. They take it one step further and allow you to rebrand that traffic by having that traffic come from your website. Your customer will see your website as the referral!

I also use ReBrandable Traffic and set up my own website as the traffic source and send the traffic to different pages. The traffic then qualifies as direct traffic in the Google rankings and my website ranks higher for my chosen keywords.

ReBrandable Traffic




Wealthy Affiliate is the website that I recommend for anyone getting started in Affiliate Marketing and want to learn with the best support and training on the internet.  No matter what your passion is Wealthy Affiliate and the Wealthy Affiliate Community can and will help You to be successful.  The catch is that You must be ready & willing to learn.

IBO ToolBox is a great place for any Business to grow and prosper – The community is not quite as interactive as Wealthy Affiliate but for someone with even a small amount of experience IBO ToolBox is very user Friendly.

IBO Exchange is the site that I recommend for anyone who wants to increase their Social Media presence on any or all of these sites – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google, ReverbNation, SoundCloud and even a Traffic Exchange – Most of the Friends on IBO Exchange are also on IBO ToolBox – Real Friends = Social Media Growth.

IBO Affiliate
Earn an income with IBO for Free

IBO Affiliate Sale Network is simply a site where You can refer any of the available IBO sites and earn an income for Free.

The sites above are most most recommended sites – for other sites that I recommend view the banners on the right and/or the other pages and posts here on my website.

Thank You Friends,


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Posted by Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran on Thursday, October 1, 2015

Posted by Tony Lee Hamilton

7 year United States Army Veteran - Providing Social Media & Internet Marketing Solutions for Businesses as well as helping Friends earn an income online with Internet Affiliate Marketing from anywhere in the World.


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  1. HELLO











    1. Than You Steve, I appreciate you taking a look at my website. The sites that I share banners for are all geared towards helping Friends earn an income online with the internet from anywhere in the World. I am proud to say that I have helped many and plan to help many more as well. Thank you Steve, Tony

  2. To me Tony
    your website and posts are brilliant
    maybe the other advice you are getting
    makes sense about the banners,
    I find that you have something good
    and interesting to say
    keep up the good work

  3. Hi Tony Lee. I too like your site on ReBrandable traffic and being able to point the traffic, and show it to come from the main page on your site or your customers.
    You may have a few to many banners like Brian says, I don’t know. Like your content, well laid out. You should do well with this site.
    To Our Great Success………….Frank

  4. Hi Tony
    Great post! I am always interested in how to get traffic for my website.
    However I am a little bit confused, is this buying traffic?
    Please can you explain in more detail exactly what this is about and how it will benefit my website?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Lynne, yes this is buying traffic – You can get signed up for free with 100 free advertising credits to see the results. The Rebrandable Traffic is so that you can specify where the traffic has come from. You can show that it cam directly from your main page – which helps rankings increase for your website. You can also resell the traffic to clients and have the traffic appear to be coming directly from your website. I personally don’t resell the traffic, I use the traffic and also refer the site to Friends who use and love the Targeted ReBranded Traffic to their website. Thank you Lynne for the great question, Tony

  5. Hey, that’s great. To have all this informations on one page is a great help to start business. I want just to say thanks for that. How’s the experience with ReBrandable. Leads traffic to sales? What’s the average rate, sales based on traffic? Do you have any numbers? Thanks again. Have a great day

    1. Hello Alec, the traffic to sales rate is phenomenal because I am able to get targeted traffic with the use of the keywords that I choose. The sales rate for my Friends who I have referred has also been excellent because they choose their own keywords to get targeted traffic to their website. Thank You Alec, Tony

  6. Hi Tony,

    There’s quite a bit of information here for helping the American Veterans, and I applaud you for your noble admiration. Tony, where did you come across the live feed widget?

    I would like to get a hold of one myself. Great copyrighting!

  7. Hi Tony, I liked your website post. I am not familiar with some of the things that you mentioned in your post such as IBO affiliate. I am still working on a few sites, and would like to try this IBO affiliate tho…

  8. great job Tony stay in touch i am interested what you are promoting always looking for ways to increase traffic i get between 500 and 600 good leads a week right now but i don’t have a website right now working on it go wa.
    see you around

  9. hi Tony
    I am trying to understand the rebrandable traffic portion of your post. Are you offering a site to increase visitors on others’ sites? WA is certainly a good place to start for someone who wants a website and is ready to put in the work. I am not familiar with IBO but it seems like it increases your visibility in social medias, which is a huge plus. I am very present on certain sites and it has increased visitors to my site

    1. Hi Emily,

      ReBrandable traffic allows you to show that the traffic cam from any website that you choose. I for instance use ReBrandable Traffic and point the traffic to a post or page and show that the traffic came from my main page. That creates a direct traffic website hit. If a person wanted to resell the traffic from their website and send it to a Friend or client’s website then they would specify that website as the originator. I hope that helps Emily, Tony

  10. Hi Tony,

    Very informative. I’m still very new at all this, but when I’m ready I will look at some of the sites you mentioned. As for right now, I still don’t know what some of this terms mean!


  11. Hi Tony,

    I think your graphics and products are well placed, and appropriate. You did a very good job with the graphics. The content is great. The one thing I would cut down on a little is the banners. You don’t need the Wealthy Affiliate banner in the middle since you have one on the side nor the IBO Exchange ones in the middle as you have those on the side too. Cutting those will help your site attain a more cleaner look. I hope that helps. Anytime you need advice, hit me up. And could take a look at my site too? Thanks.

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