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Published on 10/29/2016

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Let's connect on Social Media sites – All Positive Friends are welcome

Facebook, Google Plus G+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing, WAYN, 

First of all I am going to share my email as you may need that when connecting on LinkedIn and some of the other sites.

Building and growing our networks with Positive Friends who are respectful is a very important part of building and growing our brand on the internet.

I am Tony Lee Hamilton and I am also known as the Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran, My brand has begun and is becoming even more well known.

Below I will list some of the Social Media Networks that I share with and I welcome all Positive Friends to connect with me at them:

Thank you Friends for connecting with me so that we can help each other to build our brand on the internet

and grow our businesses with Social Media awareness.

Social Media sites are one way that we can grow within a community and as long as we surround ourselves with

Positive, Respectful and Sharing Friends we will thrive.

What is your Favorite Social Media site for sharing?

Have you tried paid ads on any of them?

Did you have any success with the paid ads?

Are you comfortable sharing the opportunity that you promote?

Do your Family & Friends know what you promote?

The above questions are questions that I ask myself when sharing onto Social Media sites.

Thank You Friends for connecting, Sharing & Caring!

Tony Lee Hamilton

Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran

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