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Somaderm NewULife HGH Gel, What is it and why should I care?

New U Life HGH Gel Somaderm
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Is New U Life really in trouble with the FDA & FTC?  What is Somaderm NewULife HGH Gel, should I be a customer and/or representative?  I am not, are you?

A person on Facebook shared the above YouTube video to this post that I shared on the Somadern HGH Gel New U Life Review Page.

I am not a customer, don't use the Somaderm HGH gel & I'm also not a representative nor do I promote and/or endorse the New U Life “Opportunity” either.

Recent New U Life Somaderm HGH Gel Reviews:

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Have You heard about the Anti-Aging Transdermal OTC Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone Gel?

It's an FDC registered product by New U Life, the Somaderm New U Life HGH Gel is the only Transdermal FDA approved HGH product available without a prescription.

I'm not promoting it, Should I be?

Below is simply my New U Life Review 1st impression, feel free to comment below with your thoughts!

The Human Growth Hormone Somatropin synthetically produced is the molecular breakdown of what is in Somaderm and it assists in the following areas:

Month #1

  • Increased Stamina*
  • Increased Energy*
  • Improved Sleep*
  • Vivid Dreams*

Month #2

  • Improved Muscle Definition*
  • Increased LIBIDO*
  • Healthier Skin*
  • Increased Strength*
  • Weight Loss*
  • Improved Vision*

Month #3

  • Benefits from Month #1 & #2 are Heightened*
  • Enhanced Focus*
  • Hair Growth*
  • Enhanced Muscle Mass*
  • PMS Symptoms Reduced*
  • Greater Flexibility*
  • Healthier Nails*
  • Improved Joint Mobility*
  • Increase in Sexual Desire*
  • Alleviation in some menopausal symptoms*

Month #4

  • Benefits from months 1,2 & 3 are not only heightened, but also more consistent*
  • Please understand that although results seem to vanish, your bidy may utilize the HGH hormone for tissue repair.  Tests indicate that the benefits resume with continued use*

Month #5

  • Significant Weight Loss*
  • Greater Improvements in Skin Texture & Appearance*
  • Skin has Greater Elasticity*
  • Reduction of the Appearance of Wrinkles*
  • Hair Becomes even Healthier & Thicker*

Month #6

    • Benefits from Previous Months are Heightened even more*
    • Cellulite Greatly Diminishes*
    • Improved Immune System*
    • Pain & General Soreness Diminishes*
    • Wounds Heal Quicker*
    • Greater Metabolic Output*
    • Grayed Hair Begins to Return to Natural Color*
    • Reduction in LDL Cholesterol*
    • Blood Pressure Normalizes*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

New U Life HGH Gel Somaderm


Learn more about Somaderm at their Official Product Website where you can view the active as well as inactive ingredients, expected benefits and how to best use the gel along with other information as well.

What exactly is HGH?
Human Growth Hormone( HGH) is a single-chain peptide hormone generated from the pituitary gland, the master gland in the body. This is the hormonal agent that helps you grow throughout youth, hence words” development”. Around the age of 20 HGH is at it's top, and afterwards drops around the age of 25. This is when the dreadful aging procedure starts, as this hormonal agent slowly declines for the rest of your life. Yet do not stress, growing isn't the only thing HGH is good for. Lots of experts state that raising growth hormonal agent when you are older could bring back your degrees to when you remained in your 20's. Lots of people experience these anti-aging benefits in as little as two weeks.

The benefits detailed above are based on professional researches where individuals development hormone levels were brought to a healthy and balanced level under the treatment and instructions of a certified doctor.

HGH stands for HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE as well as it's generated by our pituitary gland. This is the magic hormonal agent that assists us expand throughout our childhood years and also adolescence. Our HGH degrees have the tendency to come to a head at regarding age 20 then drop considerably at about age 25. That's when we begin to AGE! As well as, it's so sad … the degrees NEVER boost after the age of 25 (smell, smell) … they just continue to reduce. That's where HGH is available in … by boosting HGH degrees in your system, you could go back to the HGH levels of days gone by … with lots of anti-aging benefits that will certainly leave you looking and feeling SIMPLY MARVELOUS DARLING!

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The New U Life Compensation Plan

The New U Life settlement strategy compensates affiliates for offering products to retail customers and recruiting new associates.

NewULife Affiliate Ranks

There are seven affiliate rankings within the New U Life settlement strategy.

Along with their respective qualification standards, they are as complies with:.

  • Partner– subscribe as well as produce 140 PV over a rolling five-week period.
  • Promoter– maintain 140 PV over a five-week moving period and also recruit and maintain at the very least 2 Associates (one on either side of the binary team).
  • Coordinator– preserve 140 PV over a five-week rolling period, recruit as well as keep at the very least 4 Associates (2 on both sides of the binary group) as well as create 5000 GV in your weak binary side (five weeks).
  • Coach– keep 140 PV over a five-week moving period, hire as well as preserve a minimum of 6 Associates (three on both sides of the binary team) and produce 10,000 GV in your weaker binary side (5 weeks).
  • Life Coach– keep 140 PV over a five-week rolling period, maintain a minimum of six Associates (3 on both sides of the binary team) and generate 20,000 GV in your weaker binary side (five weeks).
  • Ambassador– keep 140 PV over a five-week moving duration, hire and preserve a minimum of 8 Associates as well as generate 50,000 GV in your weaker binary side (five weeks).
  • Diamond Ambassador– preserve 140 PV over a five-week rolling period, recruit and keep at the very least ten Associates and also create 100,000 GV in your weak binary side (five weeks).

Retail Commissions

New U Life pay retail compensations on the sale of items to retail customers (non-affiliates).

  • one retail order of HGH gel pays a $45 payment
  • a HGH gel retail autoship order pays a $25 payment
  • a retail industrial client order (40 gel order) pays a $520 payment

Recruitment Commissions

New U Life associates are paid to hire brand-new affiliates.

Just how much of a recruitment compensation is paid is determined by just how much a recently recruited associate invests when they subscribe:.

  • recruit a conventional affiliate ($ 199) and make money $20
  • hire a Pro Pack affiliate ($ 499) and earn money $60
  • hire an Executive Pack associate ($ 899) and also get paid $120

A recurring recruitment commission one each recruited affiliate is paid to Coach and greater rated associates.

Recurring recruitment commission rates are as complies with:.

  • brand-new common affiliate = $20
  • brand-new Pro Pack affiliate = $60
  • new Executive Pack affiliate = $120

These payments are paid out as a coded benefit determined by rank.

When a new NewULife affiliate is hired, the system pays the a recurring employment compensation to the recruiting associate as adheres to:

  • Instructors are paid 20%
  • Life Coaches are paid 30%
  • Ambassadors are paid 30%
  • Diamond Ambassadors are paid 20%

The system then looks the upline to pay the remaining recurring compensation.

E.g. if a Coach ranked associate hired a brand-new associate, they ‘d be paid 20% of the recurring employment payment rate with 80% continuing to be.

If this was a common associate recruitment, the Coach would certainly be paid 20% of $20 ($ 2), with $18 continuing to be.

The system would certainly after that continuously search for a Life Coach or higher placed associate to pay the remaining $18 to.

If an Ambassador ranked affiliate was the next located, they ‘d be paid 60% (they obtain the Life Coach Coded Bonus).

The first upline Diamond Ambassador then would certainly be paid the continuing to be 20%.

A Coded Bonus does attempt to pay sequentially on rank, however if the next certifying affiliate is of a seniority, they gather the bonus offer portions designated to lower rankings.

This implies that when a Diamond Ambassador recruits a brand-new associate, they get 100% of the recurring recruitment compensation price.

Reduced rated associates receive their ranking percent plus that of rankings below them. The rest is skipped according to the coded incentive description above.

Recurring Commissions

NewULife pay recurring payments by means of a binary payment structure.

A binary compensation framework positions an affiliate on top of a binary team, divided into 2 sides (left as well as right):.

The very first degree of the binary team houses 2 placements. The second degree of the binary team is created by splitting these initial 2 placements right into another 2 settings each (4 placements).

Subsequent degrees of the binary team are produced as called for, with each new degree housing twice as lots of placements as the previous level.

Positions in the binary team are loaded through straight as well as indirect recruitment of associates. Note there is no limit to exactly how deep a binary team can grow.

Sales volume is generated across the binary group using retail sales as well as associate orders.

At the end of weekly New U Life tally up generated sales quantity.

Residual payments are paid using a 600/400 PV proportion. That is 600 PV on one side of the binary group is matched with 400 PV beyond.

Each suit is described as a “cycle”, with a cycle generating a payment based upon ranking:

  • Promoter and Coordinator affiliates gain $40 per cycle
  • Train and also higher rated affiliates make $60 per cycle
  • Keep in mind that all NewULife associates are capped at 417 cycles a week.

To qualify for recurring payments a New U Life affiliate must produce 140 PV over a moving five-week duration (280 PV for Coach and greater placed associates) and.
recruit a minimum of 2 associates that each generate 140 PV or more over a rolling five-week duration.
Matching Bonus.  New U Life pays a Matching Bonus through a unilevel payment framework

A unilevel payment framework places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel group, with every personally recruited affiliate placed straight under them (degree 1):.

If any level 1 associates hire new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the initial associate's unilevel team.

If any type of level 2 associates hire new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so forth and so forth down a theoretical limitless number of degrees.

Utilizing this uni-level settlement framework, New U Life pay a Matching Bonus on residual binary compensations on up to seven degrees of employment.

  • Coordinator rated associates earn a 10% match on degree 1 (personally hired affiliates).
  • Coach ranked associates each a 15% match on level 1 and 10% on level 2.
  • Life Coach rated affiliates make a 15% match on degree 1, 10% on degree 2 and 5% on level 3.
  • Ambassador placed affiliates make a 15% suit on degree 1, 10% match on degree 2 and also 5% on levels 3 as well as 4.
  • Ruby Ambassador placed affiliates gain a 15% match on degree 1, 10% match on level 2 as well as 5% match on degrees 3 to 7

Coach placed New U Life affiliates obtain a $700 a month Car Bonus.

Ambassador and also greater rated affiliates obtain $1500 a month.

Joining New U Life

Fundamental New U Life affiliate membership is $199. This options features one container of HGH gel.

New U Life affiliates could also decide to register with a Pro Pack for $499 (6 containers) or an Executive Pack for $899 (8 containers).


There's no question New U Life's “anticipated benefits” checklist for what is basically a gel application item goes over.

Possibly much less so however when you dig much deeper.

For starters while NewULife's HGH gel is registered with the FDA, the regulatory authorities hasn't already checked the product.

That means the “predicted benefits” are based upon … well New U Life do not truly claim.

The energetic ingredient in the HGH gel is somatropin.

According to WebMD, somatropin is utilized to treat.

growth failing, growth hormone shortage, digestive disorder (short bowel disorder) or HIV-related weight management or losing.

Somatropin is also made use of to increase elevation in youngsters with particular congenital diseases (such as Noonan disorder, Turner's disorder).

This is for the injection variety mind. I didn't discover anything on a gel application beyond NewULife's advertising material.

In spite of listing a wide variety of stunning “expected advantages”, NewULife attempt to cover themselves with the standard FDA please note:

These declarations have actually not been examined by the Food as well as Drug Administration.

These items are not meant to detect, deal with, heal, or protect against any kind of disease.

Interested regarding the distinction between something being FDA signed up and also accepted, I went searching on the FDA site.

That cause the exploration that a person of Alex Goldstein's other firms, Strike First Nutrition additionally has a HGH gel signed up with the FDA (click to increase the size of):.

As you could see both items seem the same, with the exception that Strike First Nutrition's HGH gel has actually been marketed from October 2nd, 2015.

Alexa currently rate the Strike First Nutrition internet site at 6.3 million, which for an e-commerce website is dead.

Exactly how is it that this marvel HGH gel with purportedly considerable medical advantages hasn't already caught on in 2 as well as a half years?

Strike First Nutrition currently note the HGH gel as being “unavailable”. More research study nevertheless recommends it retailed for $149.99, $20 less expensive than New U Life.

Why the $20 markup? No concept.

Oh and also about the boilerplate FDA disclaimer, here's an added “anticipated benefit” of the HGH gel you will not locate on the New U Life website;.

Medically speaking, the flu is identified as a transmittable condition.

Considering we're speaking about a retail invest of $180 for a 100 ml container of HGH gel, I have some serious reservations about the retail feasibility of the product.

Which's rather vital when you consider New U Life currently has no alternative products to fall back on.

And that leads us into NewULife's payment plan.

The initial red-flag are the straight and also recurring employment commissions paid out. This should not be happening in any kind of business.

At the very least not without a “no item” affiliate membership alternative, wherein associates can choose to buy items if they want.

The following warning connections straight into the retail stability of New U Life's HGH gel.

Below's two MLM payment certification interpretations taken straight from the New U Life compensation plan documents:.

Energetic- This means that you have to preserve at the very least 140 PV within a 5-week moving duration.

Being on autoship for a minimum of 140 PV is the best method to keep an active standing.

Certified– This indicates you need to preserve an active status as well as a minimum of two energetic personally funded Distributors, one on each leg.

To gain MLM payments in New U Life, all associates have to be energetic. As above, the most effective way to get approved for MLM compensations is via monthly autoship.

I'm sorry, shouldn't the best method to qualify for payments in an MLM company be through the sale of product or services to retail consumers?

Residual binary commissions need “Qualified” requirements to be satisfied, which is recruit 2 active associates.

It follows that the best means to be certified is sign up for autoship on your own as well as recruit 2 various other associates that do the very same.

At no factor are retail sales encouraged and even essential. Not if you intend to attain the best method to get Active as well as Qualified.

The mix of a product with suspicious retail viability and a concentrate on associate autoship recruitment, offers itself to an MLM firm running as a pyramid system.

Substantial retail sales quantity is required to cancel affiliate autoship orders, and in NewULife I'm just not seeing it.

For all the purported “expected benefits” of HGH gel, I believe just what it comes down to is if Alex Goldstein wasn't able to market it effectively via Strike First Nutrition, why would certainly New U Life associates get on any much better?

I must admit that as an aging 52 year old man, I was at first intrigued by the HGH Somaderm Gel and also the opportunity to promote the product as a representative.

I, myself after doing my due diligence will not be joining Alex Goldstein's remake of Strike First and will stay away from Somaderm New U Life HGH Gel, Now that I know “What is it and why should I care”!

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How about You?

Are You a Representative or were you a Representative of Strike First Nutrition?

Update: 3 months later – 3 October 2018 – View it here -> New U Life Review revisited, Am I in now? Am I a customer?  

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