Somaderm NewULife HGH Gel, What is it and why should I care?

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Is New U Life really in trouble with the FDA & FTC?  What is Somaderm NewULife HGH Gel, should I be a customer and/or representative?  I am not, are you?

A person on Facebook shared the above YouTube video to this post that I shared on the Somadern HGH Gel New U Life Review Page.

I am not a customer, don't use the Somaderm HGH gel & I'm also not a representative nor do I promote and/or endorse the New U Life “Opportunity” either.

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Have You heard about the Anti-Aging Transdermal OTC Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone Gel?

It's an FDC registered product by New U Life, the Somaderm New U Life HGH Gel is the only Transdermal FDA approved HGH product available without a prescription.

I'm not promoting it, Should I be?

Below is simply my New U Life Review 1st impression, feel free to comment below with your thoughts!

The Human Growth Hormone Somatropin synthetically produced is the molecular breakdown of what is in Somaderm and it assists in the following areas:

Month #1

  • Increased Stamina*
  • Increased Energy*
  • Improved Sleep*
  • Vivid Dreams*

Month #2

  • Improved Muscle Definition*
  • Increased LIBIDO*
  • Healthier Skin*
  • Increased Strength*
  • Weight Loss*
  • Improved Vision*

Month #3

  • Benefits from Month #1 & #2 are Heightened*
  • Enhanced Focus*
  • Hair Growth*
  • Enhanced Muscle Mass*
  • PMS Symptoms Reduced*
  • Greater Flexibility*
  • Healthier Nails*
  • Improved Joint Mobility*
  • Increase in Sexual Desire*
  • Alleviation in some menopausal symptoms*

Month #4

  • Benefits from months 1,2 & 3 are not only heightened, but also more consistent*
  • Please understand that although results seem to vanish, your bidy may utilize the HGH hormone for tissue repair.  Tests indicate that the benefits resume with continued use*

Month #5

  • Significant Weight Loss*
  • Greater Improvements in Skin Texture & Appearance*
  • Skin has Greater Elasticity*
  • Reduction of the Appearance of Wrinkles*
  • Hair Becomes even Healthier & Thicker*

Month #6

    • Benefits from Previous Months are Heightened even more*
    • Cellulite Greatly Diminishes*
    • Improved Immune System*
    • Pain & General Soreness Diminishes*
    • Wounds Heal Quicker*
    • Greater Metabolic Output*
    • Grayed Hair Begins to Return to Natural Color*
    • Reduction in LDL Cholesterol*
    • Blood Pressure Normalizes*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

New U Life HGH Gel Somaderm


Learn more about Somaderm at their Official Product Website where you can view the active as well as inactive ingredients, expected benefits and how to best use the gel along with other information as well.

What exactly is HGH?
Human Growth Hormone( HGH) is a single-chain peptide hormone generated from the pituitary gland, the master gland in the body. This is the hormonal agent that helps you grow throughout youth, hence words” development”. Around the age of 20 HGH is at it's top, and afterwards drops around the age of 25. This is when the dreadful aging procedure starts, as this hormonal agent slowly declines for the rest of your life. Yet do not stress, growing isn't the only thing HGH is good for. Lots of experts state that raising growth hormonal agent when you are older could bring back your degrees to when you remained in your 20's. Lots of people experience these anti-aging benefits in as little as two weeks.

The benefits detailed above are based on professional researches where individuals development hormone levels were brought to a healthy and balanced level under the treatment and instructions of a certified doctor.

HGH stands for HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE as well as it's generated by our pituitary gland. This is the magic hormonal agent that assists us expand throughout our childhood years and also adolescence. Our HGH degrees have the tendency to come to a head at regarding age 20 then drop considerably at about age 25. That's when we begin to AGE! As well as, it's so sad … the degrees NEVER boost after the age of 25 (smell, smell) … they just continue to reduce. That's where HGH is available in … by boosting HGH degrees in your system, you could go back to the HGH levels of days gone by … with lots of anti-aging benefits that will certainly leave you looking and feeling SIMPLY MARVELOUS DARLING!

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The New U Life Compensation Plan

The New U Life settlement strategy compensates affiliates for offering products to retail customers and recruiting new associates.

NewULife Affiliate Ranks

There are seven affiliate rankings within the New U Life settlement strategy.

Along with their respective qualification standards, they are as complies with:.

  • Partner– subscribe as well as produce 140 PV over a rolling five-week period.
  • Promoter– maintain 140 PV over a five-week moving period and also recruit and maintain at the very least 2 Associates (one on either side of the binary team).
  • Coordinator– preserve 140 PV over a five-week rolling period, recruit as well as keep at the very least 4 Associates (2 on both sides of the binary group) as well as create 5000 GV in your weak binary side (five weeks).
  • Coach– keep 140 PV over a five-week moving period, hire as well as preserve a minimum of 6 Associates (three on both sides of the binary team) and produce 10,000 GV in your weaker binary side (5 weeks).
  • Life Coach– keep 140 PV over a five-week rolling period, maintain a minimum of six Associates (3 on both sides of the binary team) and generate 20,000 GV in your weaker binary side (five weeks).
  • Ambassador– keep 140 PV over a five-week moving duration, hire and preserve a minimum of 8 Associates as well as generate 50,000 GV in your weaker binary side (five weeks).
  • Diamond Ambassador– preserve 140 PV over a five-week rolling period, recruit and keep at the very least ten Associates and also create 100,000 GV in your weak binary side (five weeks).

Retail Commissions

New U Life pay retail compensations on the sale of items to retail customers (non-affiliates).

  • one retail order of HGH gel pays a $45 payment
  • a HGH gel retail autoship order pays a $25 payment
  • a retail industrial client order (40 gel order) pays a $520 payment

Recruitment Commissions

New U Life associates are paid to hire brand-new affiliates.

Just how much of a recruitment compensation is paid is determined by just how much a recently recruited associate invests when they subscribe:.

  • recruit a conventional affiliate ($ 199) and make money $20
  • hire a Pro Pack affiliate ($ 499) and earn money $60
  • hire an Executive Pack associate ($ 899) and also get paid $120

A recurring recruitment commission one each recruited affiliate is paid to Coach and greater rated associates.

Recurring recruitment commission rates are as complies with:.

  • brand-new common affiliate = $20
  • brand-new Pro Pack affiliate = $60
  • new Executive Pack affiliate = $120

These payments are paid out as a coded benefit determined by rank.

When a new NewULife affiliate is hired, the system pays the a recurring employment compensation to the recruiting associate as adheres to:

  • Instructors are paid 20%
  • Life Coaches are paid 30%
  • Ambassadors are paid 30%
  • Diamond Ambassadors are paid 20%

The system then looks the upline to pay the remaining recurring compensation.

E.g. if a Coach ranked associate hired a brand-new associate, they ‘d be paid 20% of the recurring employment payment rate with 80% continuing to be.

If this was a common associate recruitment, the Coach would certainly be paid 20% of $20 ($ 2), with $18 continuing to be.

The system would certainly after that continuously search for a Life Coach or higher placed associate to pay the remaining $18 to.

If an Ambassador ranked affiliate was the next located, they ‘d be paid 60% (they obtain the Life Coach Coded Bonus).

The first upline Diamond Ambassador then would certainly be paid the continuing to be 20%.

A Coded Bonus does attempt to pay sequentially on rank, however if the next certifying affiliate is of a seniority, they gather the bonus offer portions designated to lower rankings.

This implies that when a Diamond Ambassador recruits a brand-new associate, they get 100% of the recurring recruitment compensation price.

Reduced rated associates receive their ranking percent plus that of rankings below them. The rest is skipped according to the coded incentive description above.

Recurring Commissions

NewULife pay recurring payments by means of a binary payment structure.

A binary compensation framework positions an affiliate on top of a binary team, divided into 2 sides (left as well as right):.

The very first degree of the binary team houses 2 placements. The second degree of the binary team is created by splitting these initial 2 placements right into another 2 settings each (4 placements).

Subsequent degrees of the binary team are produced as called for, with each new degree housing twice as lots of placements as the previous level.

Positions in the binary team are loaded through straight as well as indirect recruitment of associates. Note there is no limit to exactly how deep a binary team can grow.

Sales volume is generated across the binary group using retail sales as well as associate orders.

At the end of weekly New U Life tally up generated sales quantity.

Residual payments are paid using a 600/400 PV proportion. That is 600 PV on one side of the binary group is matched with 400 PV beyond.

Each suit is described as a “cycle”, with a cycle generating a payment based upon ranking:

  • Promoter and Coordinator affiliates gain $40 per cycle
  • Train and also higher rated affiliates make $60 per cycle
  • Keep in mind that all NewULife associates are capped at 417 cycles a week.

To qualify for recurring payments a New U Life affiliate must produce 140 PV over a moving five-week duration (280 PV for Coach and greater placed associates) and.
recruit a minimum of 2 associates that each generate 140 PV or more over a rolling five-week duration.
Matching Bonus.  New U Life pays a Matching Bonus through a unilevel payment framework

A unilevel payment framework places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel group, with every personally recruited affiliate placed straight under them (degree 1):.

If any level 1 associates hire new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the initial associate's unilevel team.

If any type of level 2 associates hire new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so forth and so forth down a theoretical limitless number of degrees.

Utilizing this uni-level settlement framework, New U Life pay a Matching Bonus on residual binary compensations on up to seven degrees of employment.

  • Coordinator rated associates earn a 10% match on degree 1 (personally hired affiliates).
  • Coach ranked associates each a 15% match on level 1 and 10% on level 2.
  • Life Coach rated affiliates make a 15% match on degree 1, 10% on degree 2 and 5% on level 3.
  • Ambassador placed affiliates make a 15% suit on degree 1, 10% match on degree 2 and also 5% on levels 3 as well as 4.
  • Ruby Ambassador placed affiliates gain a 15% match on degree 1, 10% match on level 2 as well as 5% match on degrees 3 to 7

Coach placed New U Life affiliates obtain a $700 a month Car Bonus.

Ambassador and also greater rated affiliates obtain $1500 a month.

Joining New U Life

Fundamental New U Life affiliate membership is $199. This options features one container of HGH gel.

New U Life affiliates could also decide to register with a Pro Pack for $499 (6 containers) or an Executive Pack for $899 (8 containers).


There's no question New U Life's “anticipated benefits” checklist for what is basically a gel application item goes over.

Possibly much less so however when you dig much deeper.

For starters while NewULife's HGH gel is registered with the FDA, the regulatory authorities hasn't already checked the product.

That means the “predicted benefits” are based upon … well New U Life do not truly claim.

The energetic ingredient in the HGH gel is somatropin.

According to WebMD, somatropin is utilized to treat.

growth failing, growth hormone shortage, digestive disorder (short bowel disorder) or HIV-related weight management or losing.

Somatropin is also made use of to increase elevation in youngsters with particular congenital diseases (such as Noonan disorder, Turner's disorder).

This is for the injection variety mind. I didn't discover anything on a gel application beyond NewULife's advertising material.

In spite of listing a wide variety of stunning “expected advantages”, NewULife attempt to cover themselves with the standard FDA please note:

These declarations have actually not been examined by the Food as well as Drug Administration.

These items are not meant to detect, deal with, heal, or protect against any kind of disease.

Interested regarding the distinction between something being FDA signed up and also accepted, I went searching on the FDA site.

That cause the exploration that a person of Alex Goldstein's other firms, Strike First Nutrition additionally has a HGH gel signed up with the FDA (click to increase the size of):.

As you could see both items seem the same, with the exception that Strike First Nutrition's HGH gel has actually been marketed from October 2nd, 2015.

Alexa currently rate the Strike First Nutrition internet site at 6.3 million, which for an e-commerce website is dead.

Exactly how is it that this marvel HGH gel with purportedly considerable medical advantages hasn't already caught on in 2 as well as a half years?

Strike First Nutrition currently note the HGH gel as being “unavailable”. More research study nevertheless recommends it retailed for $149.99, $20 less expensive than New U Life.

Why the $20 markup? No concept.

Oh and also about the boilerplate FDA disclaimer, here's an added “anticipated benefit” of the HGH gel you will not locate on the New U Life website;.

Medically speaking, the flu is identified as a transmittable condition.

Considering we're speaking about a retail invest of $180 for a 100 ml container of HGH gel, I have some serious reservations about the retail feasibility of the product.

Which's rather vital when you consider New U Life currently has no alternative products to fall back on.

And that leads us into NewULife's payment plan.

The initial red-flag are the straight and also recurring employment commissions paid out. This should not be happening in any kind of business.

At the very least not without a “no item” affiliate membership alternative, wherein associates can choose to buy items if they want.

The following warning connections straight into the retail stability of New U Life's HGH gel.

Below's two MLM payment certification interpretations taken straight from the New U Life compensation plan documents:.

Energetic- This means that you have to preserve at the very least 140 PV within a 5-week moving duration.

Being on autoship for a minimum of 140 PV is the best method to keep an active standing.

Certified– This indicates you need to preserve an active status as well as a minimum of two energetic personally funded Distributors, one on each leg.

To gain MLM payments in New U Life, all associates have to be energetic. As above, the most effective way to get approved for MLM compensations is via monthly autoship.

I'm sorry, shouldn't the best method to qualify for payments in an MLM company be through the sale of product or services to retail consumers?

Residual binary commissions need “Qualified” requirements to be satisfied, which is recruit 2 active associates.

It follows that the best means to be certified is sign up for autoship on your own as well as recruit 2 various other associates that do the very same.

At no factor are retail sales encouraged and even essential. Not if you intend to attain the best method to get Active as well as Qualified.

The mix of a product with suspicious retail viability and a concentrate on associate autoship recruitment, offers itself to an MLM firm running as a pyramid system.

Substantial retail sales quantity is required to cancel affiliate autoship orders, and in NewULife I'm just not seeing it.

For all the purported “expected benefits” of HGH gel, I believe just what it comes down to is if Alex Goldstein wasn't able to market it effectively via Strike First Nutrition, why would certainly New U Life associates get on any much better?

I must admit that as an aging 52 year old man, I was at first intrigued by the HGH Somaderm Gel and also the opportunity to promote the product as a representative.

I, myself after doing my due diligence will not be joining Alex Goldstein's remake of Strike First and will stay away from Somaderm New U Life HGH Gel, Now that I know “What is it and why should I care”!

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How about You?

Are You a Representative or were you a Representative of Strike First Nutrition?

Update: 3 months later – 3 October 2018 – View it here -> New U Life Review revisited, Am I in now? Am I a customer?  

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231 thoughts on “Somaderm NewULife HGH Gel, What is it and why should I care?”

  1. Thanks for this review. I was not sure about the New U Life originally but thanks to this article I am sure now I will stay away from it.
    On top of that, I will inform also a friend of mine who wanted to join this company. 

    He thought that recruiting was fun but he did not realize how it works in real life. 

    Thanks again for your work.

  2. The human growth hormone sounds absolutely wonderful if you can believe all you have read about it. If it did do all or even some of the things listed I would be willing to buy it on a regular basis. As far as running it as a business is concerned,  that would be a no because The payment structure seems to be very complicated to me  and I don’t like that you have to get new members. 

  3. Hi Tony,

    I do reserve judgement until such time as the FDA reviews this product and backs these statements. It is something I’d hesitate to use because it alters my body’s natural responses and that for me is enough for me to make a double take and ask for proof to these claims and further wait a few years to see the side effects of this product may have on it’s users.


    Candy Benn

  4. Based on previous posts I’ve read about Somaderm products, I probably won’t use them. Your review of this type of product is very informative. I like the opinions of neutral people who are neither users nor paid to promote products. This is very objective what we have read. Thank you for this important information

  5. Thank you

    Yet again I find reading these article so annoying but pleased that you are bringing this information to the forefront so that hopefully we as individuals can come to our own conclusions based on your incredible facts. 

    Initially you think that whilst the joining fee for a member is expensive the commissions appear to be very good and you could say relatively easy to get your money back. However, in my opinion this product is awful and I really do not know how they are getting away from promoting it let alone sell it. I wish people stopped looking for quick fixes and instead eat well, drink water, sleep and exercise. This product is expensive so I do not think that people would want to buy and therefore the business aspect falls down. 

    No, not for me so I will not be selling this product.

    Great article and really appreciate you letting us know about this business

    Thanks again

  6. People today without thinking buy everyday products for which they are not sure who makes them, how they are made, what is used in production, and where the ingredients come from. These products may contain some untested substances that can cause disease, and in this type of product such as HGH gel, there may be a hormonal component that in my opinion should not be used without the supervision of a doctor and his approval.

  7. Very very interesting information about this product and its company that sells it. I can see that this page would be very helpful to someone looking to get into selling for this business and also some who may be interested in using the product. It is a very informative page and I enjoyed reading through it

  8. The compensation plans are very very confusing. MLM is very new to me and it seems like you need to do a lot of research before getting into one. You need someone like a coach, they do provide it for this Gel Company. I feel like this product is one of those things that feel like it is too good to be true, if it works and had no side effects, then it is awesome.

  9. Somaderm HGH gel looks like a great opportunity for affiliate marketer. I like the clear information about the product and also the detailed commission. I don’t think I have the suitable niche, but I will refer this to my friend who has the specific niche that are suitable for this product. Thanks for the the opportunity.

  10. This article tackles about Somaderm Gel attributes and benefits to our body. He does not promote it but he enlisted properly its benefits such as can promote sleep, helps vitality and the like.

    Still, how he expalin it properly is nice and I wish I could try it. He also give some link so that we can see the ingredients behind.

  11. Magnificent post, Tony! As someone who is into derm, I really like applying anti aging creams and gels. The HGH somaderm gel sounds really promising for me. I am really itching to buy that product of them. As for the business sideand thing about having a compensation plan for affiliates? I really like that move. It inspires more people to join them and expand the business. I hope someday I can join them.

  12. I have been in the fitness field for a long time, so I have come across certain types of HGH. Although I know there are many benefits, I also know the side effects can be horrific. However, I have never come across the gel. The breakdown of results you have provided have left me with a lot to think about regarding HGH. Your article has provided me with in-depth information about this gel. It is something that I will be looking into further. Thank you.

  13. I am just concerned that individuals with serious medical conditions can be tempted to pick these kind of products as a replacement of a credible medical analysis and treatment.What they claim to provide is what , most people need  – weight loss and others.I just laughed at the claim that it gives vivid dreams,Find that very interesting , would love to interview the users,

  14. Sometimes it can be difficult to know a fraudulent company just by looking at it if we don’t do a diligent research about it. Whenever I see a product bragging about a lot of things, this will make me raise an eyebrow. And as far as I’m concerned, this has a lot of red flags I know of. I’ll better stay away from such. I’m so glad you got this word out. It will save people money and time.

  15. From what I have read on this product, my  personal opinion is that it should not be used. I will not encourage others to use it in spite of the claims of the manufacturers. Most people fear ageing even though it is an unavoidable part of life. As long as you live you will age. Synthesizing and using the HGH to retard the ageing process and at the same provide more energy and healing opportunities for the persons using them my sound good and be desirable but I see it as a violation of that which is natural and God designed.

  16. Thanks for your very thorough review of this company and what it potentially has to offer. Despite what the amazing claims are, I am sceptical and prefer to believe in the simple philosophy of good diet and exercise being the best way to look after our health and slow down aging.

    I think you also have to really believe in these products to promote them effectively. I prefer to make money online with affiliate marketing.

  17. This is a good product for ages and it is reflected in the good way that one is able to enjoy using it. I can’t explain to you just how much I have been able to enjoy it and how it has benefitted me personally. I like everything about the product and I might be buying it for my family pretty soon too.

  18. You said, “I, myself after doing my due diligence will not be joining Alex Goldstein’s remake of Strike First and will stay away from Somaderm New U Life HGH Gel” and anyone with common sense would listen to your advice as you have years of experience online and you have reviewed a lot of these products. Thank you Tony for the informative review and recommendation.

  19. It’s nice to get across this, it is very important for us as humans to know how to look after out health and get to know the things to do to keep us healthy. It is good to read reviews like this, this will help us know the products that are good for our consumption and safe for our health.

  20. Its nice perusing your article

    On an individual note, I fail to comprehend the logic behind the use of HGH. Except if, and until you are competing in professional competitions, avoid HGH or any item similar. Thanks Tony for sharing this informative article. Its not beneficial to me alone but to all those who come across this article.

  21. New u Life HGH gel sounds like an great item, and amusing that we don’t see other items like that in sedate stores in the event that it can do all that it claims to do. But you bring up a part of great focuses to consider when considering almost advancing a company. The truth that they have no other items could be a colossal ruddy hail. I moreover looked at your other post on the stars and cons of taking HGH and the cons are lovely significant. As much as we are all searching for the enchantment pill or salve to ease the wrinkles and recoil out midsection lines, when something appears as well great to be genuine, it 99% of the time is – and you ought to run truly distant absent from it.

  22. Hello there Tony, I really enjoyed reading and learning a lot from your article ‘Somaderm NewULife HGH Gel, What is it and why should I care’. NewULife High Gel has an impressive list of benefit claims over the first number of months. I am interested in looking into this further to see that list expanded on. Thank you for sharing this article. 

  23. Somaderm doesn’t really appears to me as a very supplicable and very great one at first when I was told about it but having made my searches and all, I could see that they actually offer something very worthwhile and this is really great on the overall. Thank you so much for sharing all these information with us all in the long run. Thumbs up

  24. Hello Tony, I pay attention to what I use on my skin because ei don’t like it’s getting rough for any reason and that is why I am here to see. There are lots soft products online and it’s a very great concern for those who are using them to know whether these products are good for their health or not.

  25. NewULife High Gel has an impressive list of benefit claims over the first number of months.  I am interested in looking into this further to see that list expanded on.  Human Growth Hormone is a pretty highly regulated therapy for a number of very serious deficiencies in the human body.  Despite the disclaimer after that long list of benefits, I personally would be careful to check on medical thoughts on this product.  Your article outlines an impressive product and honestly shares your own feelings.  It has stimulated me to look further.

  26. I value all you have shared here and definitely would be well worthy in a long tern basis.  New U life gel is well worth it and definitely should be given the time and mangement that it deserves too. I value this list so wells nd this is really very good to see here. Thank you so much for sharing here

  27. Hello there!
    That is really an amazing article you have there. It is really awesome to get to know about the Somaderm NewULife HGH Gel through this wonderful review. After reading through the review, I think the result the product gives is actually what i need so i will do well to patronize them and also refer friends to the product.

  28. This is something that would appeal to me at first too. But I have been in these type of organizations before where you have to stay on auto-ship in order to qualify and for me personally it hasn’t worked to my benefit. I feel like someone higher up is just making money off me. In this case the research you presented makes the company sound fishy to say the least, it seems complicated with low commissions.

  29. The acclaimed results look really impressive, if Somaderm New U Life works as described, then it’s a wonder. I have no experience with any hormone-based products at all so I honestly don’t know what to think about it. 
    I’m also 52 and I’m interested in everything that can improve health, skin, hair, everything anti-aging, you name it. I’ve tried various supplements and many of them worked. Been a big supporter of supplements. However, I wouldn’t get involved in this venture. Thank you for the honest review.

  30. There are lots soft products online and it’s a very great concern for those who are using them to know whether these products are good for their health or not. I always advice the consent of a medical practitioner whenever you want to purchase a product that you want to use to benefit your health.

  31. I am not sure I would be promoting this one at all except maybe as a bad review. A few reasons for this first the human growth hormone component itself. While this is a topical I would still be leary as hgh itself is illegal when ingested. Second and foremost also is the compensation plan reads like a typical mlm pyramid scheme. Thanks for an honest review.

  32. I don’t know about this product Tony- to be honest I’m sure it actually works! BUT I worry about taking HGH because that is growth hormone. Some of the biggest bodybuilders did that but honestly, it’s dangerous stuff- I’m sure there is a market for it. but it just seems like hardcore business.

  33. I’ve never run over this item, and as I was perusing your top to bottom article, was trusting you’ll state that it has been endorsed by the FDA based on their broad testing and examination.

    Presently, there are cases and there are claims!

    It appears as though the main thing this item doesn’t fix/help with is your feline’s hypertension – all that else is secured. Genuinely… Who will accept that rundown of assumed advantages? What’s more, at such siphoned up cost as well.

    At that point perusing further, it unfolds this is a MLM organization, along these lines, as it regularly occurs, they don’t generally stress a lot over the deals as long as new individuals are participate, and paying for the benefit. There is such a great amount of amiss with that…

    I don’t figure you should pay any cash so as to join a MLM organization. This, I found the greatest mood killer when I looked for different ways (or one, important and beneficial approach) to acquire cash on the web.

    Just, as a side note, I do trust somebody concocts an enemy of maturing and-everything-else recipe in a gel. 

  34. Thank you for another expository on Somaderm. Lots of experts state that raising growth hormonal agent when you are
    older could bring back your degrees to when you remained in your 20’s. i do not know how correct they are but then the positive reviews are enough to justify these statements. thank you for this post.

  35. It’s unbelievable the number of “snake oil” products available in the market. If people put half of all this effort to cheat or trick people into really helping others with simpler products that actually work, even if they are not miraculous, we would be in a much better place – probably better fit to face this pandemic, for example.

    Just the name of it: Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone Gel. Well, I made my judgement right there and then. I just read the remaining of the article giving the benefit of doubt, as one can always be wrong, and sometimes I see myself being a bit too skeptical… Well, the MLM turned-pyramid scheme was just the cherry on top of the cake.

    Thank you Tony for yet another article showing (even if not judging at all 😉 ) what these products and respective marketing traps are all about.

    Best regards and keep up with your good blog,


  36. This HGH gel sounds like a scientific and medical breakthrough and would certainly be a great product fro one to buy but for the many drawbacks which are side effects. Thank you honestly and  clearly lining out a there is to know about the gel including the dangers of using it which I believe far outweigh it’s many benefits. Thank you so much for sharing 

  37. Crikey this sounds too good to be true. Anti-aging, more stamina! I wish it were possible to turn back time and be 21 again. I am so sceptical about products like this. As it would seem are the FDA and FTC, but with good reason I am sure. One to stay away from I think. 

  38. Thank you for bringing this rather blatant scam to our attention, of which you can be sure I definitely won’t even delve into.  it’s amazing how these people just continue day after day believing that there are people out there who will take them up on their offers.  Sadly there are some who don’t do their due diligence, but others don’t use their common sense when their intuitive thoughts throw red warning flags at them, they still choose to ignore them.  Very sad indeed!

  39. We all want to look young, especially among us females. A lot of my friends swear by this HGH Gel. It is way too expensive for me and there is just so much hype around it that I think it is insane.

    It is all about your regimen on how do you take care of your skin and also genetics have a lot to do with it. For the price that I have to pay for that gel and I do not know the result if it is going to work for me or not? I rather pay for a botox and see the result. Not like I need it now though. 

    Not for me. 

  40. I never heard about Somaderm NewULife HGH gel before. It’s more intriguing to read about it. How it works, what are the benefits, and how people can earn on it? They got attractive packages to do online business but matters are how effective the product and the background of the company.
    When you do product review I make sure the good point and how you recommend the products. I believe and trust your expertise in online business. Now that I know what it is and got trouble, same as you why should I care to promote it and join in MLM? As you mention there are better ways to earn passive income.

  41. Your review here about somaderm is really great to see and I actually value all you have shared here. Honestly, this is really great on the overall. Well, I would say that if all is well meant and if proper use it employed, this can really help to achieve the goal of weight loss and getting to achieve the fitness that has always being the dream and to achieve the dream body shape. Thanks

  42. I have not heard of Somaderm New U-High Life Gel. 

    Since you are not using it and do not recommend it why should I? You are the expert. More importantly if the company New U Life is in trouble with the FTC and FDA, that is all the more reason not to get involved with their MLM program. 

    As you mentioned, there are better ways to make money such as in Affiliate Marketing. And that is what I am doing and very happy doing it. 

    All the best Tony.



  43. Somaderm is everything else that I have been looking for online especially with their new u life challenge though I actually get to know them through my mom and it has worked excellently for her so I am also considering giving a chance to it whether I might be able to benefit like she has benefitted from it. Thanks you

  44. Hello Tony, online businesses are growing up real fast and there are some that are new to the business hut have really good potential and I love to see such businesses grow. The somaderm product is really good and I have heard a few people talk about how effective it have been to them. With consistency of, I am sure they will go a long way in business. 

  45. Well, I guess I see reasons why I should care now with this post that you have putt put together here and I should really try this one on the new u life hgh gel and now I see reasons why I should care as well. It’s all really good and I like how you have out all this together too. Thank you so much for sharing.

  46. It Should be the concern for every customer what the product he or she is about to buy I’d about and the people thinks of it, I mean it is very important for us to check reviews before we go into our purchasing products like Somaderm gel, it’s case with the FDA and FTC is still unsettled.

  47. Your last lines are great! And I can tell you: good choice! I’ve already told you I’ve read some of your articles related to the argument and the opinion is always the same: knowing this product through your reviews helps to make an informed choice, and this should always be the main goal of a review! So, thank you again for your work! It is always a pleasure to read your articles!

  48. Tony, this in-depth information about Somaderm High Gel New U Life is an interesting topic to expose. Even though a company have with FDA all the ingredients well registered, it does mean that the product might be ok to FDA rules, which this is the case of this product. 

    Secondly, if a company as New U life has claimed that its product has been register with FDA, which that is not the case, it is not good. Worse if FDA has passed the ball to Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  So, it is better to stay away with this company and this specific product,no matter  there are good testimonials about the product. 

    So, thanks for the valuable information, it will help get rid of red flags, especially to representatives and promoters.

  49. Human growth hormone can be of benefit for many people, sadly it has been given a lot of bad press in recent years. It is good to see Tony is promoting this which has FDA Approval. You can now have the benefits of  Human growth hormone. Research this product and try the product you may find it is just the supplement you need.

  50. Thank you for the informative review of Somaderm gel and NewULife. You have given an in depth description of the gel, and also the compensation plan that is offered by them. The multi level marketing business model makes it very difficult to earn enough money without recruiting and building a team. This is indeed also the case with NewULife. 

    I am very wary of any products that contain human growth hormones, so will be avoiding this gel. 

  51. Hello Tony, I have been a fan of this line of business in a long time but I still would make my search to see which one is legit and one can make money from it that’s why I am having to read this review. The somerdem producers have done a grey job and getting to see something that works well is very important in business and it can help you grow so fast.

  52. Need to improve my overall health and this sounds like a good place to start.  This product looks like it has a lot of good health benefits for anyone who wants to try it. I will be given this product a try and sharing the review with my social media followers.

  53. Hi Tony,

    This is an awesome digging and due diligence on the growth hormone Somaderm Gel. 
    I am wondering It is FDA registered but non approved by FDA. Can one market this product under this condition? It was attempted by Goldstein but Alexa does not show up the site.

    This looks like not a product to after. Thanks for digging thoroughly and finding the truth. It is a “no” for me.

  54. Somaderm new u life is definitely one to look out for and the fact that they offer so much better products quality is great to see here. I actually like any platform or companies that really based their business on quality products and can really help us as individuals to get started is great to here. Thanks you for sharing.

  55. Hello Tony, Thank you for sharing yet another review. I never got to know what it’s really about until I read this article.i am glad that this post shed more lights.honestly I feel that they’re not scam. But I would love to do some more research on the product before I conclude. Thank you, God bless you

  56. I could barely contain my excitement as I began to read the benefits of this product.  Your review is outstanding as it lists each month’s experiences and expectations.  However, I knew I had to keep reading to get the whole picture.  As becoming a marketer of the product, I am not interested.  Thank you so much this thorough review of HGH as a product and as an income opportunity.   It appears to be a remarkable product however; the side effects are unbelievable.  It seems like the very things we are trying to fix are now broke again especially if it causes cholesterol to plummet.

  57. When I read all the different health benefits this product brag about I thought this product must be a miraclle cure! Not! All my red flags came up. If there were such a product, who would not have it? And a growth hormon? No way! Everyone with two greys communicating knows you do not mess with hormons.I agree that this compensation is nott good regarding the autoship. I would stay away from any system that have autoship to be eligible for payouts.This product sounds very suspicious and even dangerous using to me.

  58. This is an Excellent review of a fraudulent company. I appreciate the depth you went into to explain the gel and what its supposed ingredient does, how the compensation plan is laid out but I especially like the end. Red flag warnings everywhere with this company i know first hand as I was both using the Gel and was a distributer for a whopping 2 months before my up-line and some other higher ups started to unravel the health issues reported by those who had used the gel for a length of time. Thankful I was only a sucker for two months, I will say whatever is actually in that bottle, did everything it said it was going to and I loved it. Once I realized it was a short lived effect that would ultimately result in poor health I immediately discarded the bottle and told everyone I knew to stop using it. Your review is going to tell people this company is not what it claims to be and the gel is not what they say it is. 

    I’m happy I read this, thank you for getting the word out on this scam, I know many people are trying to shut them down and I hope they will be successful. 

  59. Wow, that catches the eye. Thanks for providing this. I have not heard of this before.  Will definitely review it. Coming from you, i am definitely going to check these options out and even share it to people who would love them. Thanks for sharing this with us. Really informative

  60. There is not buts when you don’t acknowledge your faults. There is none.Even when I was working too and I was he’ll damn busy, I still found out time to still speak to you even if it’s over the phone and when you complained, I apologized because I know I’m meant to give you time and at least talk to you. This gel seems to be able to do so much and they have a lot of claims. I think should care

  61. Thank you so much for sharing us an interesting and excellent article. The principal content of this article is  Somaderm NewULife HGH Gel. It is truly admirable that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about HGH Gel. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like NewULife Affiliate Ranks. You have presented the benefits of New You Life so well that I would like to ask everyone to join this platform as soon as possible.
    Finally, I enjoyed reading your article and I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you give me permission.

  62. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for this thoroughly researched review – Somaderm NewULife HGH Gel, What is it and why should I care?

    I have never heard about this wellness product and even though it promises to offer great benefits and is available without a prescription, I am quite skeptical to use it as it’s not yet approved by the authorities.

    So I would like to wait and try it later.


  63. Great job, Tony another great review of a well-being product – Somaderm NewULife HGH gel. Honestly, l have never heard of this product although it claims that this  HGH gel got a lot of benefits for end-user. I would not use it or recommend to anyone since this product is yet to be approved by the relevant authority.

    Further, their compensation scheme is very complicated, and one thing l don’t like MLM scheme you must maintain a certain PV to benefit for the overriding commission of your downline. That means you have to spend money to earn money.

    For the time being,  l would stay on the sidelines to see how is the progress of Somaderm before taking any action.

    Thank you for alerting us on this product.


  64. Thank you for the info. I’ve been on the product for 7 months now and it will be 8 months starting in August. The only effect I have noticed is the deeper sleep. I have had none of the other effects from the Gel. I dose 2x a day morning and night for 5 days and not on the weekends. I use primarily my wrist and forearms and occasionally the back of my knees and armpits. I was getting discouraged and was going to try for a full year before deciding to continue. 

    Anyway, I just wanted to try the product. I’m not interested in their compensation plan. I hate to make money only by recruiting people. And this doesn’t work anymore. People now know that those MLM stuffs are just shit.


  65. What an interesting read, well firstly I’m not an affiliate marketer promoting this product nor am I a customer who has bought this product but I will say it is something that if I had seen it before reading this I would have been tempted to do both because it sounds like the perfect product.

    however to be claiming all these things without actually having the FDA approval and deceiving customers like that is just criminal.

    Great to know!

  66. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here on Somaderm NewULife HGH Gel. I personally would love to try their products as I’ve been seeing recommendations and customers reviews of their products but certainly won’t wanna be a business partner with them. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  67. NewULife products are not something I’ll recommend for business purpose, though some of their products are made to benefit humans a lot just like this Somaderm, but that is if it has been confirmed to be safe and benefiting for use. I think considering to invest in NewULife will be not so benefiting as it’s not clearly mapped to benefit a lot of people.

  68. Finally getting enough information about this somaderm new U and how it really operates and what constitute it. Personally, I feel that this is really a great post to be seen here andi rwlaly appreciate all you have shared here. This somadem is not exactly that good in terms of the business part but the products are really top notched and have also received very good rating s which makes them quite worthy. Thanks

  69. Generally speaking, to me, this sounds like some rather random Superdrug that’s too good to be true. I mean, the promised benefits list seems a bit excessive. It’s almost like it’s a one solution fits all problems. I mean, I’ve seen some pretty capable herbs doing some pretty amazing stuff and even changed lives, but this goes beyond anything I’ve seen. With that in mind though, hate to admit it… Based on its core idea of providing HGH, it kind of might live up to it.

    But why it must be a pyramid scheme – that I don’t understand. Why not a simple, legitimate business? Plus, that monthly autoship sounds bad. Not sure I would want to sign up for that.

    Yeah, I think I’ll pass on this one, too.

  70. Haha Tony I always love the humor you punch into these reviews. I must say that the way Somaderm breaks down the benefits month by month on these products is incredibly intriguing. While some seem totally plausible, others have me stumped. I was under the impression that you can’t “improve vision” per-say. I might be wrong on that, but it’s just what I learned. I’m skeptical on reversing graying hair as well, but I think those are the only two majorly questionable claims for me. In addition to all of the other red flags you’ve addressed, I just don’t think I can support a product or business that makes so many claims…

  71. Once again as I mentioned on your post about the Keta product, I wouldn’t buy or promote anything like this for myself, don’t believe in them personally and the way they are marketed to us is going to far, utilising information overload to bombard us into buying.  Most of which is most likely false claims.  I’m just not sure with this stuff.

    This article lists such longterm claims all of which suppose to come in just a gel – c’mon!  Hard to believe.  Even the woman in the video from ‘No Wrinkles Here’ talks of the testimonials rolling in while promoting her own site below and goes into great detail about “Gillian” applying a “handful a day” and now she’s “hopping out of bed” after years of discomfort and back surgery.  This alone shoots a red flag to me, as no proofs of testimonials were ever shown in the video and I wouldn’t trust them if they were.

    Time machines and fountain of youths don’t exist but it’s something people would love to have and there is the sales pitch.  If someone or affiliate of the product can sell HRH gel and make money from it no matter how they spin it then they’ve accomplished what they need to do even if it doesn’t work or is bad for you.

  72. Somaderm NewULife HGH Gel is part of an MLM that has been successful recently. The New U Life settlement strategy compensates affiliates for offering products to retail customers and recruiting new associates.  It’s products have been well received and popular too. 

    Thanks for a good review. However i think NewU hasn’t been approved by the FDA yet. 


  73. I was trying to find out more about Somaderm and found my way back to your post again. Reading all the controversy around human growth hormone, I am having second thoughts about trying the product. I think this uncertainty will also make it more difficult for distributors to sell, so I tend to agree with you that selling various products online, instead of only one will work better for me.

    Putting your eggs in one basket in these times is not really ideal.

  74. This is a pyramid scheme if I’ve ever heard one! I am familiar with HGH and the claims made regarding its use. Supposedly, it is given to certain celebrities to promote longevity, i.e. Betty White. I always wondered why it was not made available to the public at large. To see it being promoted in this scheme definitely makes me doubt its effectiveness.

  75. Let’s be honest here. If this product did what it claims it can do, everyone would have heard about it by now. The more I read about this product and the marketing plan involved, it really began to sound like a pyramid scheme. There are many companies that make wild claims about their products just to get people to buy on emotion. If a product sounds to good to be true it probably is. Until this product is shouted from every rooftop, I would save my money.

  76. Hi Tony,

    It is a very comprehensive review of NewULife Somaderm Gel. Your posts are an honest review and filled with whatever one needs to know about the program. You are helping people achieve freedom and dedicating yourself in collecting information on the subject and bringing it up in a very comprehensive way.

    All the information is provided to the reader to make a decision. For me, I would not go ahead with it as some of the aspects like the payout methodology is not well received. The recurring employment commissions being paid out is a definite red flag here.

    Thanks and bringing this up once again.

  77. Well! I believe with the wealth of the inflation you have just shared here, I wouldn’t want to cancel out the opportunity to focus more on the ways to make the best out of this here. This somaderm new u life gel is really good to be honest and knowing more about it to add to what I know about them before is a good thing. Thanks

  78. Hi Tony

    Thanks for a clear and thorough explanation of what looks to be a doomed enterprise. All those commission levels and percentages, I wasn’t trying to do the math but at some point, it sounded like they would be paying out more in commissions than they would be taking in sales. And then as you say the focus is not on retail sales but on signing up representatives for their membership fees. This is looking very much like a pyramid. Thanks and best regards, Andy

  79. Honestly I would be very hesitant messing around with any so called health product that makes use of the human growth hormone. I feel people are messing around with things that they should not be. I just feel that it is not natural and it makes me very uncomfortable. The statements and products made by New U Life have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.

  80. Tony, thank you very much for writing an extensive review about Somadern and also HGH. I’ve been researching about this topic lately to help my friend’s research. I can understand why you don’t recommend to join it and I personally don’t like the MLM aspect of them/ Regardless, this is a very informative article and I’m sure my friend will be happy to read your article here.

  81. There seem to be a lot of red flags concerning this platform. I’m glad I came to your site because I wouldn’t had noticed them. Now that I have read your post, they seem pretty obvious to me. But I won’t kid myself saying I would not had feel for this site.

    i feel I have learnt a couple of things today.

  82. I’m not surprised that products like that exist but Somaderm NewULife HGH Gel seem to be in the line of sight of FDA, and I know they don’t joke. When they are that focused on a case most of the time they end up putting an end at it. That much claim is pretty unbelievable from a single product but if it works, it might help some people. Just to say, I noticed that thinks like that don’t last long. Can we have not only the FDA approve our products but promote them as well?

  83. I’m big on health and natural products that enhances  my health.  I’m sorry to say that there’s a but – I think any form HGH (Human growth hormone) is wrong.  I’ve read all the benefits that it can promote, but how about the damage that it could also cause?  If it hasn’t been approved,  it might be for a good reason!  Your review is very thorough and told me things I didn’t know.  Thank you.

  84. I think it is rather sad that our HGH level reduces at such a young age. Getting old is not supposed to start at the age of 25 so why the reduction. Anyway, it is nice to know that this product can help bring back its level to that of a growing child. I have never made use of this product and would love to give it a try.

    I do wonder though if they ship worldwide or if they sell the product only in specific regions. I would have to find out. I learned quite a lot from this post that I actually did not know of before.

    I was actually wondering if it had side effects and how bad they are. I would have to check out the post you wrote on it because that is very important if anyone is to make use of this product.

  85. Thank you for the extensive research and detailed review of this product. While I am not considering HGH products for myself or my family, I have had friends ask me my thoughts and I don’t always have good answers for them. The information in your post will provide me with the resource I need to share with them.

    I also trust that you will update the post if more information becomes available. I’ll explain to friends that they should join your site for updates, should they happen.

    Again, thanks for sharing.

  86. Although I think this might be already out dated due to the time I am reading it but I would still check and make sure it really no available…if not I would try it out as your article really made it very easy to understand and the video made reading more understandable…thanks for sharing this article I hope it helps others.

  87. Your site is very informative, I was looking at the hire a writer section.
    I learn a few thing from it. I don’t know, I feel like the site is a bit too crowded for me sometime confusing. Perhaps, it’s me being inexperience with online content.

  88. Tony, Hello! 

    I am glad to join the discussion on your topic. 

    With great attention studied your magnificent and informative review of Somaderm New U Life HGH Gel. 

    Then I began an independent search as it should be. 

    To form an opinion on the effect of this drug. 

    I set myself the following chain of questions. 

    1. What are the side effects of HGH gel? 

    2. What are the side effects of Somaderm gel? 

    3.HGH illegal ? 

    4. What are the negative effects of growth hormone? 

    And so on. 

    Anyone can still refer to the selection of articles on growth hormones in the New York Times of August 20, 2006. 

    All this is alarming. 

    In my opinion, everyone should follow the laws of Nature. 

    Thank you for your expert work. 


    • Hello Mark,

      I truly appreciate your taking the time to not only read this article but also in reviewing other sites on this topic as well.

      I agree that natural is the way to go and that we should take the time and effort to become healthier.

      Talk with you soon Mark,


  89. This is a very complex issue. 

    The guy in the first video made a claim and I was interested to see what YouTube comments had to say, so I went over to Youtube where I saw people defending the new u life program. 

    So, I thought that this guy had a hidden agenda on why he is claiming that the new u life hgh gel appears to be FDA approved while it is not. 

    But after going through your analysis, I understood that some products and services need to be examined on a deeper level before we can draw conclusions. 

    So, new u life was using the FDA approved label as a cover-up. 

    On the other hand, people are reporting feeling better after using the gel. 

    It’s a little bit confusing, to be honest.

    • Yes JohnB,

      I agree my friend that it is a very complex and confusing issue.

      Take a look at some of the other many articles here on this website by searching Somaderm New U Life.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this article as well as taking a look at the others.

      Talk with you soon JohnB,


  90. It’s amazing that someone would go to great lengths to promote a product reeling the naive consumer into a trap of belief that this is the product they’ve been looking for that is going to bring relief for their condition.

    I’m not sure how they sleep at night!

    Personally, these prices are abnormally high and I don’t know how anyone can afford this on an ongoing basis, which would have to happen if commissions are to be earned by the upline.

    I tend to agree with you, it’s a huge hype and I would also steer clear of this product.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


  91. Nowadays there are too many types of products that are proclaimed to be healthy and many people are easily attracted to it as people are getting more health conscious these days. 

    However, it is so dangerous to consume supplement or anything without the prescription of doctors and seeking for the opinions of the experts.

    Thanks so much for giving such an honest and thorough review which may save thousands of people from consuming the wrong thing!

  92. I have never tried Multi-level marketing. I

    ts weird, lately I’ve been feeling more and more corrupted about marketing techniques and since getting into affiliate marketing. 

    I don’t feel like I can trust the internet now where I used to always come for purchasing advice. 

    It’s nice to see someone refuse something and spend the time explaining to others why it’s a bad idea,

  93. Wow, 

    thank you for sharing this information about Somaderm New U Life HGH Gel.

    I had no idea that such a scam reached so many people.

    I myself am lucky enough to of ran into a similar post exposing some programs which are basically just scams.

    I myself like your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate and appreciate your take on the online business perspective.

    Although I am new to Wealthy Affiliate I can see why it would be the program you recommend, I’m sure many are thankful towards you because of it.

  94. There are so many Multi Level Marketing MlM  on the internet.,  

    I have joined some of them, I loss consequently much in MLM because none of them is legitimate. 

    I  much praise your to your liking review and honest feedback.  

    It’s just that there are for that defense many products out there and its hard to distinguish and some are very fake but owners can’t tell.  

    Thank you for this educative review

  95. Good Morning Tony,

    Thank you for this long review on Somaderm New U Life HGH Gel.

    I have been with various MLM companies in my life, some good ones and also bad ones. I am still with Forever Living Products as their products have Aloe Vera as the main ingredient and I love natural things.

    I go to an anti-aging doctor who has put me back on track balancing my hormones with bioidentical ones. An anti-aging doctor will not prescribe synthetic stuff as that does not agree with our body chemistry.

    I read that The Human Growth Hormone Somatropin is synthetically produced and there I have my first doubt. Humans have tried to better nature with multiple medicines which cause side effects and are never as good as natural ones. 

    The FDA has not approved it yet. To me, that has no value one way or the other. Over the years the FDA has approved things which have been harmful to people. The FDA is buddies with Big Pharma at the cost of our health.

    Taking all this into account I will not join these people. Nature provides so many foods and eating them we will maintain great health.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Thank you so much Taetske for taking the time to read this article and also for sharing your experiences my friend.

      You are welcome back here anytime Taetske, talk with you soon.


  96. Hi Tone Lee, 

    I have read your whole article and found that this is great review about New U Life Somaderm HGH Gel. 

    I have not well known about that product. 

    But I am really curious about the Anti-Aging Transdermal OTC Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone Gel. 

    Is it natural and no side effect and really heals the aging factor of human life? 

    I want to know more about it. 

    Thanks for sharing this information with us.

    • Hello my friend,

      you may want to reread the whole article as you have obviously missed much of the information.

      Your questions are answered in the New U Life Somaderm article, take the time to learn my friend.


  97. Thanks for a super thorough review Tony. Initially the product sounds too good to be true and without FDA approval may well turn out to be. 

    But that aside this is a MLM yes? 

    You get paid to recruit new members under you? 

    There were so many levels and different associates and partners I couldn’t quite follow just how I was going to make any money! 

    And do you have to coach people or that’s another sideline to enable affiliates to make money? 

    To be perfectly honest it looked so complicated that you’d never be able to work out what you are supposed to be getting a commission on to be able to keep track of your income.

    Thanks for the review. 

    I will be steering clear of this one. 

    • You are welcome Heidi, it’s my pleasure to share this review of what I don’t recommend my friend.

      Thank you for your time and comment as well,


  98. Great post you have here, many thanks for sharing your insights, I find the article very helpful. 

    I honestly had not heard of Somaderm New U Life HGH Gel before but now I know a lot about it thanks to you. 

    Typically, when I read posts, I like finding out what the authors Number one recommendations are.

    I am just glad that you have highlighted Global Moneyline as you recommendation. 

    I am going through your post about this as well and hopefully I will have something to help me make money online.

    I will revert back to you with feedback or questions if any.

    Best regards

  99. Ugh … another MLM that makes me want to turn and run! Not FDA tested, over the top claims just based on, well, just because the company decides to say it …. 

    And the overly complicated compensation plan – no thanks. Tony, I’m glad that you have the integrity to NOT promote this, as you quite easily could. 

    Like you, I can only promote things that I believe in. 

    Thanks for the honest review, it is refreshing to see honest and authentic reviews that help people to make better decisions. 

    All the best.

    • Thank you Melissa for your comments on this New U Life review my friend, all the best to you as well.

  100. Tony Lee, 

    I really love all your articles and from every one of them I learn a lot of new things and important things that I need to know about Digital Marketing. 

    The quote in this article just got into me. 

    Such an inspirational quotes and just like I always do I have learned a lot from this article too.

    Thank you Tony keep giving us these great articles.

    • Thank you Sujander for taking the time to read and comment my friend, I appreciate the compliments.


  101. Hi Tony! I greatly appreciate the content on this post because it is as if you were thinking out loud. Given your expertise in affiliate marketing, your deductions teach us a lot. Not only concerning the Somaderm New U Life HGH Gel opportunity, but also concerning many other products that are promoted in a similar way.

    As I was reading, I started to see the red flags go up. And I totally agree with your conclusion. Neither will I promote the product as a representative.

    • Hi Henry,

      thank you very much my friend for taking the time to read and comment on this review of Somaderm HGH gel and the New U Life “Opportunity.

      I appreciate your time and communication and you are welcome back anytime,


  102. This sounded promising and scammy at the same time. I learned about HGH during high school and I know what happens when you get too much. I think I will follow your example and avoid the affiliate programme as well.

    I think that anything that claims to work this well, will definitely have side effects. I know that taking artificial testosterone can cause your body to naturally make less, so when you stop the artificial version your body is wrecked. That is also what my teacher warned about HGH. Messing with your bodies natural balance without professional medical guidance seems to be a bad idea, but maybe thats just me!

    Thanks for the interesting read!

    • You are welcome Renton and thank you my friend for sharing your experience and views in HGH and it messing with our bodies natural balance.

  103. I have been to so many Multi Level Marketing MlM in the p.s., I have no attainment once any of them, I loss consequently much in MLM which is thus insane from my side taking feign from their juicy promised. I as a consequences much praise your to your liking review and honest feedback.  Its just that there are for that defense many products out there and its hard to distinguish which in fact acquit yourself-deed-court case, even even though I have learnt my lesson. Thank you for this educative review

    • Thank you my friend, I see that MLMs are not just in the United States but also all over the world.

      You are welcome Adebayo,


  104. Hi Tony. Thank you for your extremely, thorough and honest article on ‘Somaderm New U Life’. When I was reading your blog and trying to understand all the complicated steps and levels one has to endure if they were to become a member, I let out a loud sigh. I have been down that road once to often. I’m so sick of MLM companies. The products are always way over priced , rarely do they meet FDA requirements and they are always lots of hard work. I can remember my last foray into this industry. I sat at the computer from 3:00am till 7:00am every morning, then went to work, then back on the computer trying to drum up business. I got lots of hate emails and called terrible names when placing adverts on various facebook groups around the world. I made no money but got very stressed. This current business you are discussing sounds like more of the same. Thank you for strearing people away from it.  Jim