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Because I'm not only a member at Wealthy Affiliate but also an Ambassador of the platform that has become known as the bloggers who call just about everything a scam then recommend Wealthy Affiliate as an alternative, you're probably expecting the same in this post.

Am I right?

The title of this article is indeed Finish Line Network Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador 2018 Review, I will go ahead and tell You right up front that, Yes I am an Ambassador at WA and also, Yes I am reviewing the Finish Line Network Opportunity.

I have been a member at the Wealthy Affiliate Community since June 2015 and while I do love most everything about, the one thing that I don't love is the fact that many of the Friends who promote the Wealthy Affiliate Opportunity, do indeed label almost all other online income work from home opportunities as scams, schemes, pyramids etc……

Wealthy Affiliate Scam Simplest Business Model for Newbies Affiliate Marketing

That being said, I do absolutely believe that Affiliate Marketing is the World's simplest Business model for newbies and that, indeed Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 Affiliate Business Learning Community on the Planet. View my most recent post about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking on the image above. (It will open the other article in a new window so You won't lose your place here on this post) You can also view my About Tony Hamilton Wealthy Affiliate Profile page to learn more About Me as well as more about WA.

OK, enough about WA, starting below we'll talk more about the Finish Line Network aka “The Launch of the Titans”

The Launch of the Titans!

What about the “Clash of the Titans” is that what I meant to say?

No, not the movie!

We could indeed say that “The Launch of the Titans” is also “The Clash of the Titans” 🙂

Although with all the controversy and uproar around the Pre-Launch of the Finish Line Network and so many Heavy Hitters simply labeling it a “Reboot of Traffic Authority” or that they are “Uncovering the Scam” and remember at the start of this article that I mentioned, Wealthy Affiliate members promoting WA while calling other opportunities scams, well here is a post already from a WA member and I'm sure that there are many more to follow as well! Anytime an Opportunity is blowing up the Internet the way that Finish Line Network already is, the “scam busters” will jump on board and write what they call a review without any real knowledge at all. Even Wealthy Affiliate has been labeled a scam by commenters at and aka Solo Blog it.

Affiliate Marketing Launch of the Titans

With the recent shutdown of MOBE by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and also the issues that and other sites have been facing, there's no reason to believe that Finish Line Network won't be under scrutiny by the cynics, haters and critics. (They have to feel like they are good at something)

Enough negativity, bottom line is, Yes I recommend Wealthy Affiliate and Yes I recommend Finsh Line Network as well as Global MoneyLine and some other sites that I have been able to assist Friends in earning online with and trust. View and click on the “My Top Recommendations” tab in the Main Menu here at to see what else I do share!

Who are these so called “Titans” ?

Greg Chambers Doug Wellens Chad Stalvey

Joel & Kitty Kellman Zoom OSP Bootcamp

The FinishLine Network Opportunity as mentioned above has been called “The Launch of the Titans”!

So exactly who are these so called Titans?

Michael Mansell Wedding in 2012

Finish Line Network Products & the Profit Maximizer!

Finish Line Network 4 Product Lines

Everyone starts as a rising star and the cost of $20 per month, the split at that time for sales of 50/50 with their qualified upline. Also 20% of all sales goes into the Bonus Pool.

There are 2 types of commission, the first type being the direct commission and those commissions will be paid out weekly. To advance from Rising Star to 1 Star you'll need to sell 6 Silver Packages, 2 Star 6 Gold Packages, 3 Star 6 Digital Products & 4 Star when You sell 6 Event Tickets.

From the 7th sale and beyond, your split goes from 50/50 to 80/20 in your favor.

You must achieve your Star Promotions in order, going from Rising Star to 1 Star, 2 Star, 3 Star then 4 Star.

Bonus Pool Commissions are paid monthly, Your Bonus Pool fills up in 3 ways, from your sales, from your team's sales and from all sales.


    • Silver – Fully Loaded Lead Management Platform and Sales Conversion App that allows You to run Your entire Business from your cell phone – Priced at $47 per month and pays a total of $25 is paid in commissions with $5 going into the Bonus Pool
    • Gold – Available in either Monthly or 3 Year subscription, included in both is a monthly Virtual Live Event aka VLE is hosted by top strategic speakers and influencers in the Internet marketing industry. A Bonus Vault of Digital Marketing Training Modals in the areas of Internet and Affiliate Marketing. The cost is $130 per month with $65 in commissions being paid out with $13 going into the Bonus Pool and the other $52 paid out to the seller and his/her sponsor in either the 50/50 split or the 80/20 split. Gold 3 Year subscription is just $2,997 which is a savings of $1,685 off from the monthly subscription rate. For the 3-Year Gold Commissions, $250 goes directly to the Bonus Pool and $1,000 is split between the Affiliate and his/her qualified upline member. To be a qualified Gold recipient for commissions You need to either be an active Gold subscriber or have sold 6 Gold Packages.
    • epod – Email Profits on Demand – An active hands on digital course utilizing S.E.M.M. = Send Emails – Make Money! Priced at $1,997 it pays out $1,000 in commissions with $200 going into the Bonus Pool and the other $800 being split between the 2 active affiliates.
    • High Ticket Live Events – Digital Domination – The cost for the “Digital Domination” is $997 and pays $320 to be split and $80 to the Bonus Pool.

Bonus Pool Commissions – Advancing in rank has more benefits:

  • Rising Stars earn = 60% of every share that You earned in the Bonus Pool
  • 1 Stars earn = 70% of every share that You earned in the Bonus Pool
  • 2 Stars earn = 80% of every share that You earned in the Bonus Pool
  • 3 Stars earn = 90% of every share that You earned in the Bonus Pool
  • 4 Stars earn = 60% of every share that You earned in the Bonus Pool

There is also an exclusive 4 Stars only Bonus Pool with 50% of unqualified shares go into the 4 Star exclusive Bonus Pool.

What else I absolutely love about Finish Line Network

Besides the above compensation plan and leadership, I also love the Finish Line Network Back Office and how wonderfully duplicatable that growing and earning will be for my Friends who aren't as advanced and/or knowledgeable in Internet Affiliate Marketing. The Back Office and also the App are set up like a Marketer for Dummies book (I'm not saying that I or any of you are Dummies 🙂 I'm just saying that it's so step by step simple.

The Back Office has:

    • Back Office Tour Video
    • Facebook Training Video as well as Pre-Written Facebook posts that can easily be copy and pasted into a Facebook group for sharing.
    • E-Mail Training Video with Pre-Writtn emails as well
    • Blog Banners for your use on your website blog as a widget and/or part of the content or both.
    • Contacting Leaders tab with a video as well as a Pre-Written email swipe
    • Introduction tab with the Company Launch Plan Video, the Compensation Plan Video as well as the Marketing Plan Video.
    • The Invitations tab that has your 3 affiliate referral links – You also have the ability to add the / after the link and add any letters and/or numbers after for tracking purposes – For example … when the /10K at the end will track only those unique clicks and conversions. The link stats chart is unlimited and shows the hits, joined and percentage that joined via each link.
    • Leader Board tab – Show s the leaders in points for that day – Success leaves clues – Strive to emulate what those who are where You want to be are doing and have done to get where they are.

Affiliate Marketing Launch of the Titans

In conclusion:

I would love to thank you for stopping by to read this quick post about what Finish Line is and why I absolutely highly recommend it to everyone that I know who wants to learn, earn and share their Opportunity and/or Opportunities with Friends.

Below this post is a contact form where You can privately ask me anything and further down is the comment area, I welcome any and all questions, comments and/or information.

Thank You Friends for reading and commenting as well as connected,


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Crushing it 10X Digital marketing Veteran Launch of the Titans

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