Stop Unwanted Emails, Spam is Food!

Spam is FoodStop Unwanted Emails, Spam is Food!

Stop with the unwanted emails, no one is ready them!

I don't read them, Do You?

As a matter of fact, I am far less likely to ever do business with someone who does spam me.

I don't like getting spammed via email, Facebook, Instagram, Text and now that I think about it there's never a good way to get spam!

Do I know how to stop spam?

No, I sure don't but I wish that I did.

For now I just completely ignore the spam and the spammer, if I know the person well I will ask him or her if they sent the spam so that I can ask them that the next time that they want me to look at something just to ask me.  I'm in most cases open to looking at what someone wants to share with me and even moreso when it is a trusted Friend.

Below I'm going to share with you some unsolicited spam that I have received and welcome any and all questions, comments and share your experiences in this area in the area at the bottom of this post.

These will not be in any particular order because who am I to judge whether or not a specific spam from any of the spammers is better/worse, funnier, more ridiculous, outrageous, crazy or spammy than the others.

Spam Emails or Private Messages that I have Personally Received:

* Warning!  Click on links at your own risk, I haven't and won't click on them but who am I to judge.

You may like Spam!

* Last names, e-mails, phone numbers & any other personal information that they shared not included to protect the not so innocent 🙂

* I have bold typed ever other message in the hopes that it is more readable for you.

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All of the above messages were received by me when 1st becoming Associates(Friends) on a Popular Social site for Independent Business Owners that I, even though you will most likely receive some of the spam above just like I did. (spammers usually just copy and paste their spam messages to everyone)

In all fairness, the site does allow advertising but also has a no spam policy where sending unsolicited links are frowned upon and in extreme cases the person becomes suspended.  For the most part the community is a wonderful place to share your websites and/or business opportunities with like minded Friends.  I would also like to mention that I have never and will never Private Message someone with a link or a spammy message unsolicited!

Have you ever been spammed?

Did you ever receive exactly the same spam message as I shared above?

I have, many of the above are so obvious …..  Which one is the most obvious to you?

After reading what I shared above, Do you believe that any of them are spam, borderline spam, obnoxious spam or just plain not spam?

My email is also targeted many times a day with unwanted spam messages.

In closing I have a bit of advice.

Stop Unwanted Emails, Spam is Food!

Stop Unwanted Emails, Spam is Food!

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