TextBot ai Review 2021 Artificial Intelligence Texting

Textbot ai is another automated platform that can probably generate money. This platform utilizes text (SMS) messages with customers and consumers. Business owners are not required to communicate with their clients when they use this system. This technology is often used by major messaging applications for various businesses. The following information will provide a business with more information about Textbot.ai review and how it can benefit their enterprise.

When was TextBot ai created?

Hey, you might not have known this but TextBot AI was created back on Christmas Day in 2019. Since that time the company has been steadily growing within the automated text message business market. The company can be contacted through their phone number at 1-863-733-8805 or through their email address at holzgrace300@gmail.com. In 2021 the company remains active and serves businesses small and large who utilizes their services. It is not clear who created the Textbot ai system.

If someone has created this system on their own, their identity is well hidden or very obscure online. One site claims they are located in Utah. But they somehow list the city (and even the address) as Utah, Utah. That doesn’t make sense. There is no such city as Utah which is located in the state of Utah. Then other sources claim the company was founded in Salt Lake, Utah in 2018 by a self-employed person. This address even has a zip code of 95133. Once again, if this is true; then it does seem kind of fishy. They can also be contacted online at https://textbot.info/ref/williamsnk.

A Quick Overview of the Textbot ai Website

The Textbot ai website is extremely low on information. When you click on the site, it looks simple and it doesn’t tell you much about the organization. It highlights what this system can do for a business and it has a sign-up. There is a small “about me: paragraph (not page) that the company offers. They use the word “shitty” (I kid you not) to try to get clients to purchase their service. This might not have been the best approach to selling their services. They do have contact information that lists Salt Lake, City Utah and their phone number (mentioned above) and a supposedly valid address.

What can Textbot ai do for a business?

The Textbot ai system can answer incoming phone calls, generate solid leads, automatically answer consumer inquiries about your business and they can even be set up to follow leads. This system uses text message services to provide this benefit to business owners. It helps enterprises to increase their bottom line. Text messaging marketing is an effective way to reach customer. The next section will explain why.

Text Messaging Marketing

Text message marketing is powered by a program that send text messages to consumers. An employee (usually a member of a company’s IT team) will typically send these messages to customers. They will enter their phone information into the software program and send it the customer. Companies also gather information from their organization and use it to reach out their customer base.

This is an effective way to let customers know about product and services. This is important for marketing purposes. Companies will be able to craft small messages through the software that can inform their clients about deals, discounts, special products or services, or even company events.

Text message marketing is not going to disappear. Keep in mind that most people get on the internet through their textphone. Sending email are important but text message marketing has now become a top way for businesses to reach consumers and customers in the modern era.

A Detailed Explanation of TextBot ai

Textbot ai also known as AVA which is an automated voice answering service. This virtual assistant is designed to answer calls when consumers can’t get a hold of business representative during normal hours. The AVA AI program is also useful for assisting customers when they need general information about a business. They can also help customers when the lines are busy or during after hour times.

Textbot ai can be used for texts as well as calls. As a matter of fact, this service is an SMS or text messaging service. The Textbot system can be set up to provide information about leads, to explain product or service information, or to help a customer to answer any potential issues with customers.

This system can be set up to automatically accept incoming calls. This will be beneficial for providing instant information to anyone calling an enterprise. They will not have to be left in the dark about services, products, the brand, or how an enterprise can help a business to succeed.

TextBot ai can also be used for marketing and advertising and helping customers to figure out what their business can do for them. The system works 24/7 so that a business will always have some type of messaging or phone service with their clients.

The Importance of Texting and Automated Messaging Services for Businesses

Any business that wants to constantly keep in touch with consumers must have a website. This is a non-negotiable business feature to have in the modern era. However, many businesses must also have phone messaging services that will help them to reach out to consumers. These services will provide a business with after hour service or with extra services for customers that call-in. A business that doesn’t have this feature will end up hurting their ability to remain relevant.

Keep in mind that a business not only needs a website; they also need phone messaging services. They have to create an environment where consumers are able to find out the information they need about their organization when they need it. Websites are important but messaging services will show that an organization is valid. However, a business that uses these services must make sure they eventually contact inquiring clients.

Textbot ai Main Workers and Employees Marketing and Advertising

Textbot ai has important people filling their ranks. Again, these names might be questionable but they are listed by some sources for Textbot ai. Marketing and advertising is headed by Tray Robinson, Delnisa Edwards, Entrepreneur & Online Marketer Marie Decisto, and Textbot AI Reseller Mari Car who is in charge of the organization department. Again, these employees might not even work at the company anymore. However, they are mentioned as employees of the company. The Textbot Ai sight can be vague about who is actually running the organization.

Features of Textbot ai

The following features listed below are a part of the Textbot ai company.

  • Textbot can be set up with an automated chat sequence that can be used to promote products and services. It can also be designed to get people to join the Textbot ai business.
  • Textbot ai has a $100 website that is a landing page for visitors. This site is designed to bring in traffic from text, phone, or web traffic. Once a textbot ai account holder sets up the site with their affiliate link, clients will be able to see the product, services, and things the site has to offer. The 100 ai is an affiliate program set up by Textbot and it provides affiliates a $100 dollars for every sale that is made with this link. So, Textbot ai has an affiliate program for account holders. By the way you can offer this program through Google Pay, Cash App, Venmo, Bitcoin, Stripe, Zelle, and PayPal.
  • You will also have reseller tools at your disposal.
  • The system will also be able to generate you leads.

The Pros of Textbot ai

The Textbot ai System offers different advantages for users. First, an account holder can build a contact database for communication through the system text messaging service. This means that text messages can be saved and used in the future. The text messages have higher open rates than the emails. This simply means that an email campaign won’t be as effective at reaching customers than text messages.

Textbot ai provides an alternative than sales funnels which most business insiders don’t consider to be as effective. Textbot can be customized to promote just about any business on the market. Again, the affiliate program offers a bountiful $100 commission. Also, Textbot ai can work 24/7 and this will help smaller to midsize businesses to always have someone answering the phones, even when there are few employees to perform customer service work.

What are the cons of Textbot ai?

Every system or platform has a negative side and Textbot ai is no different. Since this an honest review, we’ll have to take a look at all sides of this program. The opt-in rate is lower with Textbot ai. While more people are responsive to answer or viewing text messages, they are not going to quickly make a purchase for a product or sign up for a service.

The reason for this type of response is that most text messages don’t provide enough information for people to make an informed purchase. This is especially true if they don’t know about an enterprise or the product/services they’re offering. Another problem with Textbot ai is that a lot of people don’t like to use Text bots or they feel like they are untrustworthy. Remember, many people like to talk to regular people. Text bots or chat bots are not what many consumers want to deal with.

Any business using Textbot ai will have to take payments directly for their organization. This also means that they will have to deal with any refunds, chargebacks, or return issues. This can be nuisance for small businesses who provide a bad service or product. Also, customers might send in a bunch of returns all at once and a small or medium-sized business might not be able to handle this situation. Also, Textbot forgoes the email building process which is still an important part of reaching clients.

How do businesses view Textbot Ai?

Many businesses realize they need a texting service to help market their products and/or services. This is important to reaching out to customers and to building up an organization’s brand. When a business wants to effectively market their organization, they will not forego this process. Text messaging marketing provides organizations the marketing tools they need to get ahead. This system will reach out to customers, help them to improve their marketing strategy, and position them to receive a greater share of profits. Businesses need this system to remain viable and competitive.

How do people view Textbot Ai?

We mentioned that many people are leery of Textbot ai. They simply don’t like to deal with text messages or deal with an automated phone voice directing them through steps. Still, some people do like this type of service. Sometimes, it helps them to make purchases on things that they want and need without hassle or problem. Textbot ai is not for all businesses but most can and will benefit from this system.

What do reviewers think about this system?

Textbot ai comes across as a neutral site by reviewers. I did a simple eye test where I looked over the different website listings for Textbot ai scam. What I discovered is that many sites did not have a lot of good or bad things to say about the system. Some stated that the system was legit and other said it was not so good.

Some reviews claimed that it was a pyramid scheme or a MLM company that relied on people recruiting others for this business. Reviewers that stated this point of view claimed that this is how Textbot ai really makes their money. They honestly believe that the text messaging part of the system is simply a ploy for being a MLM scheme.

They also bring up the point, why would a business need to recruit people for an automated text messaging company just to increase their profit? That doesn’t make sense for a business to engage within this type of behavior if Textbot ai offers good and effective text messaging services. This might be a valid point.

Doubters also don’t like the limited contact that businesses have with the organization. They claim that the company isn’t always prompt to help out with issues or that company doesn’t respond to the issues at all. Even if they call the number listed on the site, they claim to have a hard time getting through.

Other complaints include the text messages not being effective enough for reaching customers or getting customers to purchase. This might be the client’s fault and not the company. They also believe that the system might not be as effective as they were led to believe.

What do reviewers say about Textbot ai if they like it?

Reviewers that talk about Textbot ai are generally individuals and not businesses or companies. We’ll provide more information about this point momentarily. The individuals that do use Textbot ai says the program is great for their business. It does everything that it says. However, they often focus on the referral process.

It seems like this is the main way that they try to get people hooked into this program. They don’t focus on how this platform helped their business to grow. They just keep their focus on trying to get people to sign up for Textbot ai. Again, if this platform was designed for companies why focus on individuals?

This brings up the next point. There are not a lot of businesses talking about Textbot ai. A lot of reviews don’t include legitimate businesses stating that this company is something of value or worth. Truthfully, I haven’t been able to find one company that promotes Textbot ai in this way. This brings up the next point. This company might not be suited for this type of business.

Is Textbot ai a Scam?

Textbot ai reviews would lead you to believe that the Textbot ai is legit platform but it might not be everything that it advertises. The hardest part to accept about this system is that it doesn’t offer a lot of business reviews about its usefulness. Most people that comment on it are individuals who are trying to get other people to sign up for this service.

What this means is that Textbot ai is a legit platform. However, it might be aimed at signing people up as opposed to helping a business with its marketing strategies. The bottom line is that a business will have to seriously evaluate how important or useful this service is for their organization.

Remember, a business has to offer something in order to take people’s money. Textbot ai states their services are for enterprises to improve their marketing services. Again, they do not have any legitimate companies representing them in reviews. That is not there. That is a huge red flag. No one is saying the company doesn’t work, it just might not be everything that a business would expect.

Also, if Textbot ai knows that most of their clients are individuals it would seem as if they would try to get more businesses to sign up. This is not the case. They seem okay with having a bunch of individual people giving them reviews. This is something that the company might want to avoid if they were really trying to market to business. There isn’t any negative business rating reviews on the organization that is readily available on the net. Also, they haven’t appeared in the news for being a fraudulent company.


The Final Verdict about Textbot ai

Textbot ai is not a scam. That can be conclusively stated. However, it is kind of misleading. The company does provide businesses with SMS services, but they might not be everything they are looking for. Also, this company relies more on individual testimonies instead of real legit organizations to validate their business.

This might pose a problem for businesses who want to try out their services but are hesitant. Individual reviewers cannot possibly convince a company of Textbot ai’s text messaging services if they are the only ones giving the reviews. The company seems to lack credibility in this area.

This site is probably best suited for individuals who want to make money through referrals. Honestly, you get the impression that this company is really trying to promote this aspect of their business. This is important because individuals can make money off this program if they choose to sign up for this purpose.

Textbot ai will deliver SMS services but it is not used by many businesses. The company probably figured out that their referral program is best suited for individual affiliates and not business entities. So, while they offer their SMS text messaging services for businesses, they simply want to focus on people who make referrals to growing their business. Ultimately, this is the primary service that Textbot ai provides to its account holders.

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