Tina Turner died today, Simply the Best!

Tina Turner, the globally acclaimed vocal virtuoso often referred to as the “Queen of Rock ‘n' Roll,” has passed away at the age of 83​. Her departure from this world occurred peacefully after a protracted illness in her home in Küsnacht near Zurich, Switzerland. Remembered for her forceful voice, stirring performances, and the trials she overcame, Turner's legacy will continue to inspire generations to come.

Born as Anna Mae Bullock on November 26, 1939, in the quiet rural community of Nutbush, Tennessee, Tina Turner's journey to stardom was far from straightforward​. She was brought up in a farming community, enduring a tough upbringing that was further complicated when her mother left the family when she was just 11 years old​. As a teenager, she relocated to St. Louis to reconnect with her mother, marking the start of a new chapter in her life that would lead her to the limelight​.

Her initial foray into the music industry started in the 1950s when the future music titan was discovered by band leader Ike Turner at the tender age of 17, during a club show in St. Louis in 1957​. This led to the creation of the Ike and Tina Turner Revue, a musical partnership that saw Turner employing her potent voice and meticulously rehearsed dance routines as the lead vocalist​. This period saw her collaborate with rock luminaries such as The Who and Phil Spector, and even feature on the cover of the second issue of Rolling Stone magazine in 1967​.

However, this professional relationship was marred by personal strife. Tina endured physical abuse at the hands of Ike Turner during their marital and musical partnership in the 1960s and 1970s​. It wasn't until a decade later that Turner was able to liberate herself from this destructive marriage, transitioning into a new phase of her career and life​.

Embracing her solo career in the 1980s, Turner evolved into an MTV phenomenon, winning six of her eight Grammy Awards during this period. She was a trailblazer of the decade's musical landscape, with her penchant for experimentation and powerful ballads resonating with fans of electronically-produced sounds​. Tina became an international sensation, an “elegant powerhouse,” as singer Janet Jackson described her, and was recognized as one of the top 100 artists of all time by Rolling Stone​.


1. Albums – Tina has released a total of 10 studio albums as a solo artist. Some of her most successful and popular albums include:

  • “Private Dancer” (1984): This album marked a major comeback for Turner. It includes hits such as “What's Love Got To Do With It,” “Better Be Good To Me,” “Private Dancer,” and “Let's Stay Together.”
  • “Break Every Rule” (1986): This album includes the songs “Typical Male,” “Two People,” and “What You Get Is What You See.”
  • “Foreign Affair” (1989): This album includes the iconic song “The Best.”

2. Singles – Tina has had numerous hit singles over her career. Here are a few notable ones:

  • “River Deep – Mountain High” (1966): This song was a collaboration with her ex-husband, Ike Turner.
  • “Proud Mary” (1971): A cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival song, it became one of her signature songs.
  • “What's Love Got To Do With It” (1984): This is arguably Tina's most famous song, it won three Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year.


  1. “Tommy” (1975): In this rock musical, Turner played The Acid Queen.
  2. “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” (1985): Tina played Aunty Entity, the ruler of Bartertown.

Biographical and Documentaries:

  1. “What's Love Got to Do with It” (1993): A biographical film about Tina's life, from her humble beginnings in Nutbush, Tennessee, through her tumultuous relationship with Ike Turner, and her eventual resurgence as a solo artist.
  2. “Tina” (2021): This is a documentary that reflects on the life and career of Tina Turner.


  1. “Tina: The Tina Turner Musical” (2018): This is a jukebox musical featuring many of Tina's most popular songs. It follows her life from her youth in Nutbush, Tennessee, through her abusive marriage to Ike Turner, and her transformation into a rock ‘n roll icon.

This is just a selection of Tina Turner's work. She has had a long and illustrious career with numerous other albums, singles, and performances to her credit.

Beyond her music career, Turner also ventured into acting. In 1985, she appeared in the third installment of the Mad Max franchise, “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome,” further solidifying her reputation as a survivor​.

Final thoughts about Tina Turner's Life & Legacy

Turner's impact reaches far beyond her melodic contributions. She was a pioneer, shattering obstacles for women, notably black women, in the realm of music. Her fortitude, resolve, and natural ability established a benchmark, demonstrating that neither gender nor race should ever pose as impediments to achievement. She served as a muse to countless individuals, and her enduring legacy will persist in motivating aspiring artists and visionaries of the future.

Tina Turner's existence stood as a vivid illustration of the potency of perseverance, the allure of transformation, and the boundless capacity of human potential. She was not merely a vocalist; she was a survivor, a groundbreaker, and a beacon of tenacity. Her lasting impact is a reminder that irrespective of our origins or the hurdles we encounter, we possess the ability to mold our own fates.

In honoring Tina Turner, we pay tribute not solely to her musical brilliance, but also to the unyielding spirit she personified. Her life, her harmonies, and her enduring influence serve as a potent affirmation of the vigor of the human spirit, the metamorphic power of persistence, and the lasting effect of a life lived with bravery and determination.

Tina Turner's Legacy is one defined by endurance, metamorphosis, and prodigious talent. Her departure creates a chasm in the landscape of music, yet her unconquerable spirit and the harmonic heritage she bequeaths will persist in enlightening and captivating future generations.

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