Top 10 Instagram Influencers for Entrepreneurs to Follow

Are You an aspiring Entrepreneur?

Have an Instagram account?

Building your brand on Instagram as an entrepreneur isn't an overnight success story, it indeed takes lots of work and effort. As is the case with anything in life, take a look at those who are doing what you would like to do and go from there. Success absolutely does leave clues.

Because of the above fact, I will be sharing with you, what is in my opinion, the Top 10 lit of Instagram Influencers for Entrepreneurs to Follow. Plus a bonus, my Instagram account & an invitation to be awarded with a free shoutout from my Tony Lee Hamilton ~ Digital Marketing Veteran Instagram Page @Tony_Lee_Hamilton #TonyLeeHamilton #DigitalMarketingVeteran #Crushingit10X #WealthySuperAffiliate #BuinessOpportunityHashtags

Make sure to follow all of us in order to be able to emulate and also grow you own brand by incorporating what you learn as well as incorporating your own nuances and style. The names aren't listed in any particular order, just as I share them, all as you will notice, have their own different methods and stories.

Grant Cardone Instagram

Grant Cardone

Louisiana native, best known for founding the 10X Movement after writing the most recent and popular of his 21 best-selling books, The 10X Rule. Grant is a twin, his Father passed away early in his childhood, he was into drugs, alcohol and a very destructive life in his younger years. He has been labeled as ADHD, compulsive, obsessive, overbearing, pushy etc….. 10X is the way that he approaches all things in hiss life. Success is not only his mission, it's also his duty & responsibility. Not only popular on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other Social Media sites, he is also the creator of Cardone University, CEO of Cardone Capital. Based now in Miami Florida after leaving California because of the enormous taxes and cost of living, he also assists businesses in being able to close more business with their clients.

Oh yes …….. He also owns his own private jet!

Gary Vaynerchuk “Gary Vee”Gary Vee Vaynerchuk Instagram

Born in Belarus of the former Soviet Union, his family migrated to the United States and his Father owned a liquor store. Gary was forced to work there when he was a teen, even though he was already and entrepreneur and earning thousands by selling baseball cards on the weekends. Although he was a very bad student, he did attend college then afterwards went to work at the family business full time. He had the foresight to utilize google ads back when they first came out in order to grow the business to many millions with a very limited advertising budget. The Wine Library which he also grew on YouTube way ahead of the learning curve of most businesses.

Now Gary owns and is the CEO of Vayner Media & Vayner Sports as well as an investor in Facebook, Snap, Venmo and Uber. Most recently he has launched Empathy Wines and One37pm, wine must be in his blood.

Gary is also known for being around rappers, sports stars and celebrities, focusing on youth and believes that no one should fake it til they make it. Flipping stuff, rummage sales, Craig's List, Facebook Marketplace and working your face off are high on his sharing agenda, also empathy and being positive . Gary has also written books, most notably, Crush it as well as the sequel Crushing it.

As You may or may not be aware, my site Crushing it 10X was inspired by both Gary Vee + Grant Cardone

Tony Robbins Tony Robbins Instagram

Probably the most known person that I shall be sharing in this Top 10 list as he's been around for a few decades now. Although his Instagram following isn't as huge as the previous influencer's and he's not near as active, Tony still is a very important person for all of u Entrepreneurs to follow and learn from.

Tony is also a philanthropist with a goal of planting 100 Million trees and will match all donations up to $300,000 in the month of April, for the Earth Month Challenge.

Jim Rohn is credited with being his mentor early in his career and although he is a very positive person, he doesn't believe in the “Positive Thinking” motivation stuff. He shares that you must change your state of mind and take action instead of saying “There are no weeds, there are no weeds” etc……. You see and grow what you focus on. Weekend Seminars including fire walking are an integral part of his popularity along with his working with many famous politicians, movie stars, sports professionals and more. You focus on an area of your life and make it bright, you will see the bright side of your life & the opposite is true as well.

Eric Worre Eric Worre Network Marketing Pro Academy

Founder of Network Marketing Pro, Eric Worre is a lifetime Network Marketer who as far as I am aware, isn't a part of a Multi-Level Direct Marketing Company. He shares his vast knowledge and experience with Network Marketing Professionals from all and any business and has created lots of training videos, both free and paid. he also wrote the book, Go Pro, The steps to becoming a Network Marketing Professional.

Currently he is offering a $1 trial for becoming a member at Network Marketing Pro and the Go Pro Academy that may or may not be in your best interest to try out. I do recommend it to friends who are indeed involved with Network Marketing & especially with in person networking as his content is geared in that way. (I, myself am more of an Internet Marketer, hence my brand, The Digital Marketing Veteran)

Eric Thomas Eric Thomas Hip Hop Preacher

Also known as The Hip Hop Preacher & he gained huge fame and fortune while being video taped in a classroom talking to students. “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, you'll become successful” The guru had just held the student underwater in order to make his point, it was very visually powerful in our minds.

Eric, from Detroit Michigan, was at one time homeless and for 2 years before turning things around. Since then, he has become one of the most sought after speakers of the 21st century and he also now has a Master's Degree & PHD from Michigan State University.

ET has an S2S podcast, is a motivational speaker and mentor to business minded youth, born in Chicago but raised in Michigan.

Bob Proctor Bob Proctor Gallagher Institute

Known as the leading expert in The Law of Attraction & more so after the book and movie, The Secret. The Proctor Gallagher Institute also features Business Partner Sandy Gallagher who was a Finance Attorney prior to joining Bob after she attended a seminar.

Bob has studied the Law of Attraction as well as the other Laws for over 5 decades and continues to share his expertise worldwide. He also claims to have carried around with him and reading daily, the same copy of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill for over 50 years.

As seen here on his Instagram bio, Bob utilizes the LinkTree link in bio link for sharing multiple website links within. I also use LinkTree and You can view mine at

You can also share the Proctor Gallagher Institute with their Affiliate Program at Clickbank like I do and earn an income sharing their seminars, products, services etc….

Russell Brunson Russell Brunson ClickFunnels

Best known for being the creator of ClickFunnels, the anti-website product that has helped millions of entrepreneurs earn millions of dollars with millions of sales. He has also written some books, highly favoring the word “Secret” hence the titles of his books always have that word in the titles.

Dot Com Secrets, Expert Secrets and most recently Network Marketing Secrets are a few of his books. He is also a Mormon, was a collegiate wrestler at Boise State and is also a resident of Idaho, Husband and Father.

Full of energy, dynamic personality and very knowledgeable business person, having earned his first million dollars while in college and still living in the basement.

Even if you don't utilize the ClickFunnels system, Russell is definitely an entrepreneur to follow for learning and earning on the internet and no matter what type of business you are sharing.

Ed Mylett Ed Mylett Maxout

Top 50 wealthiest persons under the age of 50, best-selling author and fitness addict as well as global speaker. Ed is also the Co-Founder of the Arete Syndicate & Maxout Podcast and as you can see in his Instagram bio is also the LinkTree link.

Hustlers aren't afraid to take chances, they take risks, fail hard and often, care about others and these are just a few of Ed's thoughts and ideas that separate him from others.

He truly cares about the success of others and knows that the secret to achieving long term growth in business is the ability to stay in front and at the top of mind with customers.

Ed is a lifelong entrepreneur and has always been in business as well as assisting others in their en devours as well.

Lewis Howes Lewis Howes School of Greatness Instagram

Former Professional Football Player & 2 sport All-American as well as current member of the USA Men's National Handball team. New York Times Best Selling Author School of Greatness, Mask of Masculinity, Lewis is truly an inspiration and real life person who is larger than life at the same time.

His podcast in the Top 100 in the world & his book School of Greatness has now been downloaded over 40 million times since 2013.

He has also shared that he was sexually abused as a young boy at the age of 5 by a man that he didn't know, sharing his story has helped many who were also victims in order to continue on and get passed the terrible circumstances that they never asked for.

After getting injured, losing his career as an arena football player, he sulked on hi sister's couch for a couple of years. All of that would have crushed most people, Lewis, however overcame those obstacles and has achieved great things as well as assisting others in achieving great feats in their vision to their dreams.

Mel Robbins Mel Robbins Show

I bet that you were wondering something like, where are the woman, is this an all Men's' club?

Well, without even realizing that the previous 9 were indeed all men and there weren't any woman listed and shared. Not on purpose but I also noticed just now so here she is, Mel Robbins (No relation to Tony as far as I know)

She is a former legal analyst for CNN and widely known for covering the George Zimmerman trial for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida in 2013 .

More recently she attracted attention for sharing her 5 second rule on the TedX Talks show and also for the book with the same title. She also wrote the books, Stop saying that you're fine as well as Stop Screwing Yourself Over.

Mel (Melanie) also has a show about real people, real stories and real change called The Mel Robbins Show & premiered in September. Link in her bio on Instagram for tickets and/or to become a guest as well.

Tony Lee Hamilton Tony Lee Hamilton Digital Marketing Veteran Crushing it 10X Wealthy Super Affiliate

Yes, this is me 🙂

As promised at the start of this article, I am also sharing my own Instagram profile picture. (Click on it to go to my Instagram Page in a new tab) Also in order to receive a free Instagram shoutout from me, Visit and sign up for free & complete your profile page at the site. In the event that you're already a member, (There are over 1.5 million members since 2005) don't worry, you can also qualify for a free shoutout as well. Simply visit the LinkTree link in my Instagram bio pictured at the bottom over to the right and then scroll down to the bottom and join one of those awesome programs that I recommend.

Friends, I hope that you enjoyed the Top 10 list of Instagram Influencers that all Entrepreneur should follow and learn from. Who do you feel should be on this list that I have omitted? Many are of course qualified so comment below with your thoughts as well as any and/or all questions.

Talk with you soon,


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  1. Influencers can really drive traffic to ones product and even make better conversions, ifluencers tend to charge an arm and a leg. One thing I take note from the individuals on your list is that all of you’ve got energetic identities! Pleasant to bumble upon these individuals, as they are completely awesome sources of motivation for online business people. Nice list Tony. These influencers are promosing to bring conversions.

  2. Hi there Tony and thank you for a great post. I do not have an Instagram account yet, but my son is helping me with it, so this is great that I ran across your website, about influencers to follow. Really a huge help to me, thanks again. Grant Cardone owns his own jet, I want one of those. I have heard of Tony Robbins and I have always been fascinated by him. I have also heard of Russell Bronson and I do follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Great post and thanks for the names of those I didn’t know.

  3. A very impressive list of entrepreneurs!  

    I’m glad to say that I know 5 of them and did the 100 Day Challenge that Russell Brunson holds.  It was an eye-opener to say the least.  I got the book 30 Day Challenge and am all set to buy Dotcom Secrets and also Expert Secrets.  His books are very valuable and I learned how to draft up skeleton funnels as he does.  Very good marketing skills he is…

    I have also listened to Grant Cardone and understand that though he does seem to be domineering, he has a good heart and means well.   Jim Rohn – I have one of his mini books. and also I have Eric Worre’s book Go Pro which I read in one sitting after buying it.  I have since read it twice.

    I think it’s important that business people read books to further education in their chosen field.  Leadership and communication skills are very important – offline and online.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I can say that you have a decent rundown of individuals to look up to. I am utilizing Instagram for business, that is the reason I need list of effective and successful individuals to follow. I know without a doubt that I will gain so much from them as I have from your article. There’s such a long way to go in this industry, yet realizing the individuals who have the accepted procedures and following them can give us a head start and make way with respect to where we truly need to see ourselves later on.

  5. Hello Tony, thanks for sharing your tips to us. It’s worth to try the top 10 list on Instagram as provided to us. I have Instagram account and I think I will try it anyway. For growing up the ideal of affiliate marketing and online marketing. Also, you will learn a lot from them, so I don’t see any reasons why I don’t follow them.

  6. It’s always good to have a number of people who you can follow to put you through with things in the online space and many people now use Instagram do why not get one of those Instagram influencers and make them my lead while I just follow. These influencers are great people and I understand why you can ask me to follow them.

  7. This is a fantastic top ten list of who’ Who in the entrepreneurial world. You have a few of my all time favorites. Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Eric Worre and Gary Vee. I have been following all of them on Facebook for years. I have learned so much from them all. I must confess I’ve never really thought about following them on Instagram. I will make it a priority to do so and of course you as well Tony.

  8. It is always advisable that you model after people that are doing good for themselves, you  can always learn from them and you can always reach them for advice that are very helpful in your business. These 10 Instagram influencers for entrepreneurs to follow is a good idea, it’ll be of help to newbies.

  9. Thank you for this awesome top 10 Instagram influencers for entrepreneurs post. I have followed all the influencers you have mentioned. I have only heard about Tony Robbins so having this list is very valuable for me. I especially like the quote from Eric Thomas, “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe.” This sinks into me. It suggests to me that we must be very hungry in order to succeed. 

    In my circles, Peng Joon is also quite popular so I’m not sure if he would qualify in your list. 

  10. Thanks for sharing this useful list, Tony. I’ve been following Tony Robbins to get some business and motivational inspiration, so adding other entrepreneurs influencers (including yourself) will give a greater benefit in my journey as an online entrepreneur. Anyone from this list is your favorite? Thanks again for the list

  11. Thanks for offering an invitation to be awarded with a free shoutout from your Tony Lee Hamilton – Digital Marketing Veteran Instagram Page. One major aspect I have learnt from some of the top 10 Instagram influencer you have listed is that they at one time or the other in their lives had one major challenge but never gave up but kept on pushing to where there are today.

  12. What a great list of instagram accounts. I was surprised I am actually already following a few of them. Gary Vee is awesome. Tony Robbins without question and Bob Proctor. He and Tony were actually the ones that motivate me the most. Yes also Tony Hamilton LOL been following you for over a year now and you continue to crush it 10x. Which you are the one that turned me onto Gary Vee reading one of his books now. Great list and I will be sure to follow the others.

  13. Tony, 

    I may be venturing in to the social networking even though I have been avoiding it. I think I could find success with out it but so many things are pointing me in that direction. I understand the mindset behind it all and I think you are a blessing with providing this information.

    This information will give me a great kick off and in the event things go my way, maybe I could actually meet some of these well renowned people.

    Thanks for the boost!

  14. Like any other social media platform, Instagram is a great place where you can get your name and your business out there in the front of people that would be interested in what you have to offer. This list here is like the very best that anyone can ask for here. They cover it all and can really make the whole difference. Thank you for sharing this article. 

  15. Knowing who to follow and where to IG to get the right information and get the right amount of treatment and all is relaky good to see here. I like the fact that you have simplified it all here. Thank you so much for sharing here and i would like to make the very best use of this information here

  16. Like any other social platform, Instagram is a good social platform where you can get your name, your business out there in the front of persons that would be interested in what you have to offer. There are so many persons, there are millions of people who use this platform. These persons have made a name and I believe because of their success will also motivate others. 

  17. Wow, that’s such a top-notch list of achievers. Bob Proctor, Ed Mylett, Eric Thomas, Eric Worre, Gary Vaynerchuk, Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, Instagram, Lewis Howes, Mel Robbins, Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins. I mean, each one has his own empire and is such a great Instagram influencer. I’m surprised that Paris Hilton and the girl’s gang didn’t make it to this list. 

    This is a good article Tony, because we have to follow the greats to learn a thing or two about them. Follow what works! that’s the mantra. 

    Thank u.


  18. Being an influencer is really good and being one that can help your business grow is all that matters and we all want to be grown with tiger guidance actually. I have so much to believe here and I would take a look at the influencers and try to get there as well and be good too myself. Cheers 

  19. The list here is like the very best that anyone can ask for here. They cover it all here and can really make the whole difdeenec for us. I value all you shared here and definitely a whole lot more into this than expected. Thumbs up to you and I really appreciate all that you shared here. Thank you

  20. It’s good to know about these influencers and how that can help you develop and grow your business, if you follow the model of some of these people, you’re Liable to better tour own life and learn a lot of things from them. Thanks for making this list of influencers, it’ll be a good help to me

  21. Ha great article as usual Tony. This is quite useful since I was looking for some inspiration to see what more I could post about. I will definitely be looking to follow some of these influencers, if not for anything else, to keep updated with the latest trends in the digital marketing space. Thanks for sharing!

  22. This article is incredible, in certainty it’s so acceptable I have bookmarked it for additional reference use. This article furnished me with a beginning stage into business enterprise as well as into promoting. I am eager to take the time and do my very own portion research on these individuals and discover why they are experts of their field.

    Would i be able to ask you inquiry? For somebody like me who doesn’t have a clue where in the first place this point, what books or assets would you suggest for me?

    Much obliged to you agaIn, for composing this.

  23. Hey Tony! Great article I found the information really interesting. In fact I didn’t know some of those people were in the Top 10. Some like Tony Robbins weren’t surprising- but others like Vaynerchuk seem to be similar to startup affiliate types who hit it big with something solid and then rode the rest of their ideas to the top! Inspirational- thanks!

  24. i just recently discovered that Gary Vaynerchuk was from belarus and when i read about his impact and his worth, i was amazed. he is a source of inspiration to others like me and i wan to put as much work into what i do so i can become better. thank you very much for this list. now there are more people to learn from.

  25. Very informative article here.

    I especially loved reading a little on their backstories. Really inspired me to keep my goals in view.

    I’ve known about Ed Mylett and Mel Robbins before hand so its good to see other sources of inspiration.

    I remember seeing Ed in a video with Billy Gene and am surprised he’s not on the list. In the video, Ed was just full o praise for Billy. Is there a reason Billy Gene is not on this list? Or is he not an influencer?

  26. This is a great list of Instagram influencers and the detail of how and when they became successful.  Reading these stories is a reminder that anyone can be successful if they really want to and put their minds to doing so.  Nothing impresses me more than to read about people like Lewis Howes who were down and out but decided that enough is enough.  I am very much interested in promoting on Instagram and posting daily.  Thanks for sharing these influencers for entrepreneurs to follow.

  27. Good day Tony, reading this article and learning so much about these amazing people from reading their stories has truly been a blessing. I think Instagram is a great platform for entrepreneurs to make their mark and find willing customers but an added bonus is also following these people and learning a lot from them on their Instagram pages 

  28. Hi Tony.  I am an instagram ignoramus.  Can you tell me what a shout out is?  I also wanted to talk to you about Russell Brunson.  I read an article that stated some of his affiliates created a slick software that allowed them to sign up affiliates then steal their commissions as well.  Have you heard anything about that?  It seems if that is the case that Russell’s credibility may be damaged.

  29. This is a great list, the only one I know is Tony Robbins. But you have now opened my eyes to others who are out there as well. I wouldn’t mind having a private jet of my own, but right now that’s a long haul.

    Thanks for sharing your details, it seems like you have quite the following as well. I am trying to build my Instagram account as well, any suggestion would be great. 

  30. This is a great list of the very best and topmost influencers that can help any entrepreneur to get to the peak of affiliate marketing or the peak of building their business if they are well followed there are a lot of benefit to following them and getting the right knowledge from them. Thanks so much for sharing this out here. It can only get better in the meantime. Thanks

  31. That’s quite a list! 

    And yes, some I know of, others not so much. But I might have to spend a bit of time going over the information. In fact, it might propel me into the world of Instagram.

    I am on Instagram, but don’t really use it yet. I know I’m a bit behind, but there are only so many hours in a day. Your list might be just the incentive I need!

    Thanks for sharing and helping motivate!

  32. Hi!

    I know some of those influencers, but not all of them, and I have not seen their profiles on Instagram yet, but I will look for them. It is amazing what they have achieved, and their stories are inspiring. I am on Instagram, but I have not been consistent with it. I am more often on Twitter, but I do want to make posting on Instagram a daily habit to promote my websites and my books. There are still a few things I have to learn about Instagram. 

  33. Many of these influencers have great advice to share. Gary being someone I’ve followed for a long time, absolutely love his content and what he’s about. However, sometimes people spend too much time following the “gurus” out there without taking any action of their own which a lot of these content creators preach day in, day out. Thanks for sharing your favorite Instagram entrepreneurs with us man!

  34. Hi Tony, thank you for your amazing article about the top 10 Instagram Influencers to follow.

    I like your Top 10 and I have heard of all of them other than 2.I think it is good to follow those successful influencers so that we can keep ourselves motivated and keep striking to our goals.

    The importance of following people like this is priceless.

  35. Hi Tony,

    Another good article this time about Instagram which I do not use as much as I really should. I like your Top 10 and I have heard of all of them other than 2. I did follow you on Instagram and really enjoyed some of your photos and information which has giving me some ideas of my own to start doing so thank you .

    As you have a lack of women on your top 10 (only 1) I thought i would add Michelle Obama as she is a really good and successful entrepreneur in her own right.

    Thank you 


  36. Thank you for sharing this list of inspirational people Tony! 

    Even if you aren’t necessarily an Instagram influencer, you may not even have a very big social media presence, I still think it is a very wise decision to have successful people to look up to and follow either through social media channels or via a mailing list. 

    I hadn’t heard of most of these amazing people before reading your article, only a few names sounded even remotely familiar but I will take your advice and follow all of them. Each of them are part of a different niche and are so unique that they all bring something different to the entrepreneur table. 

    Seeing what has helped make others successful is a great way to find new ideas to expand your own success.

  37. Your top ten entrepreneurs are from a wide range of experiences and skills  I have come across most of the people  on the list and  some such as  Anthony Robbins has been a hero of mine. I used some of his principles when working on my PhD. Russell Brunson, has an amazing story to tell, however I saw a side to the way he worked that didn’t appeal to me. Study these people and it can only do some good for you.

  38. Hello Tony, I am not an influencer on Instagram and I too would love to be an influencer someday as it will be very helpful to me and my business. I have been really slow with Instagram and so on don’t know these people mentioned her aside from you and I am willing to go on my page now and follow everyone you have mentioned here. Social media is really good for business lately.

  39. There’s this saying that if you follow the footstep of a good man, it’s very possible for him to influence your actions, if you make friends with successful men, they influence your lifestyle. It’s good to follow these influencers as they impact good model on entrepreneurs online and even get to interact with some.

  40. These are the very top of the affiliate marketing world and seek these influencers being readily available to give information on their social media pages is just great to know. I will follow the remaining that I have not been following before and they all can help serve as the motivation to ensure success for me. Thanks

  41. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for sharing this list of instagram influencers. I just started my instagram account and we looking for people and influencers to follow so I really appreciate the value and time it must of took for you to do all the research to put this list together. It sure saved me a lot of time, plus I really did not know how to weed them all out. I will be following Gary Vaynerchuk and the others.

    Thanks again


  42. Awesome presentation of amazing entrepreneurs. So many familiar faces and so many new ones as well. I’m really looking forwards looking up their Instagram accounts and learn more about their work and achievements. Though, I have to say I am a little disappointed in the lack of women entrepreneurs in this list but I’m looking forwards coming across some of them if they have public accounts. 

  43. Good to see you give details of some of the big guns in the entrepreneurship business that one should follow. The importance of following people like this is priceless and one of them which I love very much is mentorship. I will be able to learn and gain so much knowledge about everything there is that they have to offer.

  44. Hi Tony,

    thank you for sharing this list of Instagram Influencers for entrepreneurs. I’ve already been following Russell Brunson and Gary Vaynerchuk. Currently, I am reading Expert Secrets from Russell Brunson and I enjoy it so far.

    I think it’s always good to follow influencers within your niche, because you can learn so much from them and apply similar strategies to become successful.



  45. Hey Tony totally appreciates this post. Some of the names like Russel Brunson, Tony Robins, Tony Hamilton mentioned in your post did recognize and some of them I’ve never heard of them until after reading your post. You clearly has given me a hold new list of influencers to follow and learn of their success on Instagram. Thanks for sharing this post

  46. Hi Tony how are you? Great article as usual. This is a great list. I  am only familiar with two person from though and the others…..i have written down their names and will be certainly will check them out to learn more from  these successful persons . Thanks for sharing. Will you be sharing more articles similar to this one in the near future ?

  47. Hi Tony , how are you? From your top ten list i am only familiar with two of these entrepreneurs and the others are new to me. I have written down their names and will definitely check out these masters because i certainly want to learn more, grow and emulate these successful persons.

  48. Hi Tony, great list you’ve got here! It’s always good to follow some people that have made it to succes. I especially love Gary Vee, he’s the best! He’s so clear in his advice and no BS! The other people here I didn’t know about just yet, so I think I’ll have to check them out a bit to see if there’s someone great to follow ;).

  49. Hi! Tony, I have an IG account, but it doesn’t work. After reading your share, these people are indeed very influential. It seems that I should start publishing certain products in order to bring some traffic to my online store. I hope you can come and give me some good suggestions

  50. Thanks for this post. I was keen to see if there was anyone I’m not following that I should be. Actually, I think we can spend a lot of time following others that would be better spent working on ourselves and our own businesses. Particularly with these high profile influencers who you can’t buddy with. Great to see the list and thanks for sharing. 

  51. Hey Tony Lee

    Actually people need a lot of motivation in today’s world. It is because people tend to get demotivated very easily due to the circumstances around them. The world seems unfair and mean. So it is very easy to give up in life and end up nowhere. A decade from now, I should be among the top 20 gentlemen and for a fact in Africa

    Absolutely love this review. 

  52. Thanks for sharing all these influencers. I think it is good to follow those successful influencers so that we can keep ourselves motivated and keep striking to our goals. I love Grant Cardone, I read all his books the 10x and the be obsessive or be average are by far my favorite. His journey to overcome addiction is so inspiring to me. Tony Robbins has changed my life as well. Awaken the giant within is my most favorite, his podcasts are amazing as well. Mel Robbins the 5 second rule is my favorite book as well. I am glad that I follow most of the influencers here! I will make sure to follow you as well Tony! 

  53. I guess I am confused by the whole MLM verdict; Which to me makes it sound like the person who invests is not investing in the opportunity;
    However, is only there to make money for the company; with other loans, where you receive an amount, and you pay back plus interest; how they make it work, especially in these bitcoin arena times.
    I for one, will not be investing; I have been looking into the possibility of using the Kuvera platform; An excellent and detailed piece of research describing what it is. I notice that you are not involved with them, which gives considerably more credence to your review. The line that stands out in your consideration as a red flag, ‘permitting any person to get rich quick’; trading, forex trading, as well as cryptocurrency trading. I think that has made me aware; for people to proceed with considerable caution. 

    Thanks again for sharing!

    Hey, Tony

    Good luck!

  54. Actually people need a lot of motivation in today’s world. It is because people tend to get demotivated very easily due to the circumstances around them. The world seems unfair and mean. So it is very easy to give up in life and end up nowhere. But when people read articles such as this one where real life changing stories and incidents are written, it tends to kindle the fire within the individual and empowers them to get back on track! Thanks for taking the time to write such a great article with great selection of motivators! Many of them are my favorites! 

  55. Thank you for this article. I have an Instagram account which i do not use more often. Reading this has encouraged me to style up. Otherwise apart from you, the others i have never heard of them and sure am going to follow them. A decade from now, i should be among the top 20 ladies and for a fact in Africa.

  56. I absolutely think these are great people to follow on Instagram. Personally I have always held a button on Tony Robbins and Gary Vee .I really do believe that our state of mind matters as Tony Robbins Says. Focus is extremely important. Gary Vee on the other hand is great because he focus on responsibility that each and one of us have for our own lives and how much we actually can do if we are just willing to do it. I do have an Instagram account and I must say that Instagram is a whole science in itself to master. 

  57. Hi, Tony. I didn’t have any interest at all on influencers, till now. 

    I have an instagram account, and I will do something about it.  When reading about Grant Cardone, and where he came from, I had to click… and found out that he has a book, “Investing in Real Estate”. So many resources right on spot.

    I scrolled down, and yes all men, and here she popped up, Melanie Robbins. A Ted show on “How to Stop Screwing Yourself”, she makes sense about all you are trying to do with people. So, I am glad I could read about influencers.

    I will certainly, come back and take out a least ideas.

  58. One of the strategies mentioned in WA training is using Instagram to grow online presence. I’m actually a little bit apprehensive about it. But when I saw 6 of my idols ( That includes you of course)in the review, I cannot contain my excitement to start my Instagram account. 

    Those great influencers had impacted my life in many ways. Russell Bronson was the first online guru that I followed. Bob Proctor contributed in my personal development and Tony Robbins taught me to awaken the giant within me.

    Tony Hamilton taught me to be patient and be very focus to what I’m doing as he demonstrates it through his blogs.

  59. Great post about top 10 Instagram influencers.  I am just starting in Instagram and it is overwhelming to say the least.  i love the idea of following some of these well-known people and copy what they are doing for success.  I love Tony Robbins and Eric Worre but many of these influencers are new to me and I can’t wait to find out more and how they do it.  Great list, thanks so much for sharing.

  60. Thank you so much for sharing this list. It’s definitely a good group of people you have got here and worthy of following for the online entrepreneur. I have heard of a couple of these people (you included since I’ve read many of your posts), but I’m looking forward to seeing what some of the others have to offer. Thanks again for the advice on who to follow. Hopefully it will lead to greater success!

  61. Hello Tony Lee Hamilton, thank you for sharing this informative and resourceful Article.  This article is centered on  top 10 Instagram influences for entrepreneurs to follow. This is my first time of hearing about anyone of the names listed here.  They all have great profile and I’m sure they would be of great help. 

  62. What a shame there’s only one woman on this list of top ten Instagram influencers. I wonder what we need to do to change that? It would be really interesting to know what your criteria are for making it onto your Instagram top ten. Care to share? Seriously though, it’s made me realise that many of my own ‘mindset’ heroes (people like Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy and Timothy Ferriss) are men too. Makes me think I need to be a bit more assertive in my own life, be my own expert, and not be afraid to shout out. 

  63. Except for Eric Thomas, Ed Mylett, Lewis Howes, and Mel Robbins, the Instagram figures that have been mentioned in this post are already in my focus and been following them for years now. If people want positivity in their lives, they should follow these influencers, especially the big names like Russell Brunson. I’ve been following him for the reason that I am an affiliate of his online company, ClickFunnels. But of course, should not miss in your list Tony Lee Hamilton, he’s so noisy these days and he looks like he’s making a good amount of money blogging.

  64. One thing I notice from the people on your list is that all of you have dynamic personalities! Nice to stumble upon these people, as they are totally great sources of inspiration for online entrepreneurs. I checked them out and they are great teachers! Grant Cardone’s tips are very useful and are great reminders. ET The Hip Hop Preacher’s positivity is so contagious too.

    Thank you for this. 



  65. Hello Tony, This is resourceful post for any affiliate marketer to Follow I personally learned a lot from this post. I do have an instagram account for my website but to be honest I never knew the kind of possibilities I had through it. The first thing I will do is to follow all these influencers.

  66. hello awesome article you have here Thank you for sharing people you think are great to have as allies in the instagram world. I have to say I went and followed them all as I need to learn as much as possible! Attempting to become an entrepreneur is super scary and I think the harest thing I can have is faith that it will work out, so this article is just another tool to ensure success!

    Getting the word out about your niche or site is tough, so any push in the right direction is great! Thank you vey much for this insightful article!

  67. Well! I have heard quite a lot about some of the people here on this list and to be honest, they are like the movers and shakers of the affiliate industry. Well! I must say that I fancy the thought of following them because one would be able to benefit from their many thoughts and opinions shared. Thanks

  68. Hi Tony!

    Amazing post as always! Success lives a trail and in my opinion following all these people is great for inspiration and for people to understand that anything is possible! All the people who you mentioned above have one thing in common and it is that they worked very hard to get there.

    They are great people to follow.

    Thanks for the post.

  69. Hello Tony!

    Thank you for sharing people you think are great to have as allies in the instagram world. I have to say I went and followed them all as I need to learn as much as possible! Attempting to become an entrepreneur is super scary and I think the harest thing I can have is faith that it will work out, so this article is just another tool to ensure success!

    Getting the word out about your niche or site is tough, so any push in the right direction is great! Thank you vey much for this insightful article! 

    Keep Being AMAZING

  70. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for sharing this resourceful post – Top 10 Instagram Influencers for Entrepreneurs to Follow I personally have learned a lot from it and am truly inspired.

    I do have an \instagram account for my website but to be honest I never knew the kind of possibilities I had trough it. The first thing I will do is to follow all these influencers. I am sure my online business will be able to benefit from these.


  71. Thank you for sharing such a useful post. I’m sure it’s great for your business to be on Instagram. To follow the influence of your niche, to learn from their experience. Unfortunately, I’m not on Instagram yet because I’m still overwhelmed by information from WA. I need to set my priorities so that I can be successful.

  72. Hello

     Thank you so much for sharing with us your helpful article I will do my best to help boost my website and start an income. and I am going to make sure that I had on to my Instagram now and follow at least half of this list. It really is going to help me a lot of thanks to you thank you for sharing that with us.

  73. One cannot go a path without having others with whom we should like to follow in their footstep. Like in this list that you have here, I am going to make sure that I had on to my Instagram now and follow at least half of this list. It really is going to help me a lot thanks to you. 

  74. This is a great compilation of top modern influencers and thinkers in the world of entrepreneurship. These people have definitely managed to define what it means to succeed as a solo-preneur and share a lot of their methods, mindset and opinions online. They are a useful tool to follow and get some help from bu be careful how long you spend on IG! 😉 I do recommend people read their books though.

  75. I am following Grant Cardone and Robin already and I am proud of their achievements which you have made known in this article and I also feel encouraged to do better in my small scale business as well. These influencers are some really well respects people I have seen and the next in line which I will follow right away is the Digital Marketing Veteran. So far I have learned a lot from you and I am happy I am not amongst those missing out. Cheers to more understanding 

  76. I plan on following all 🙂  I actually just started an instagram account so I will be a newbie.  I will do anything I can to help boost my website and start an income.  Love your website.  So much information and so helpful.  I will keep coming back!  I am looking forward to reading and learning!!

  77. Nice post Tony, an inspiring entrepreneur needs a good instagram account for effective business or marketing whether it is online or not and building a brand as an entrepreneur on instagram as you rightly said is not easy..Wow, you have a good list of people to fellow, i was only following Tony Robbins before but i will definitely fellow others too now because i need to build a good business brand for my business, thanks for the list

  78. I was happy to see Mel Robbins on your list. I have followed her for years now and is one of my favorite motivational people. I also recently reconnected with Bob Proctor. And of course, I have followed you for a couple of years now, too!

    I am interested in Eric Thomas and intend to look at following him, too. I had followed Eric Worre when I was doing MLM a few years ago. He had a lot of great info, too.

    Thanks for the list of people to follow. I have heard of many of them, some I follow…some I don’t want to.

  79. Hi Tony

    I think it is great to know what Instagram  influencer to follow and learn from but they are in specific niches. If you niche is, let us say on cooking, it is better to get to know people who is an expert in the field and can influence buyers and learn from them.  This can be very difficult to find out and to know how you personally can benefit from them. I know if you can get a recommendation from an influencer to your website it will do wonders, so it is better you brush up on your instagram skills.



  80. It’s good to follow up with people like these on social Media especially Instagram, it’ll be of great help to people who are entrepreneurs online. I’ll definitely follow the all and learn from their posts. Instagram is a good place to meet and interact with big entrepreneurs who can mentor you in your business.

  81. Thanks so much for sharing a beautiful, informative article with us. The principal element of this article is the top 10 Instagram Influencers for Entrepreneurs to Follow. It’s really amazing that you covered this subject so well in your post. I have learned a lot from reading your post and gained a lot of knowledge about Instagram influencers. I like Tony Lee Hamilton of the points mentioned in your article.
    The main reason I like you is that I have read and seen every one of your posts. You can attract people in a very beautiful way that works as an influencer.

    I’ve read your article and enjoyed it and I’d like to share it with my friends by posting it in the Facebook community so that everyone knows about your article and gets to know it.

  82. Hi, Tony!

    Thanks for this great list on Instagram Influencers. I’ve been using Instagram for months now and I feel foolish for never taking advantage of how easy it is to connect with people that are far more successful in my field.

    I mean, I already follow Gary Vee after watching his youtube channel for years but it’s good to know that there are so many more names to learn from and get familiar with.

  83. This is the best list of the very top when it comes to internet marketing and the best influencers that one can really get information from on social media, Instagram. Thanks so much for compiling this list together. Though I am following a couple of them already but it would be a lot better if I can follow all of them and this is very great to seem thanks so much for sharing this put here

  84. I’ve been meaning for some time to create an Instagram page. It has taken me a while to appreciate the benefits of promoting your business via this platform. I understand that it isn’t an easy process, and like any online endeavour, it requires work and commitment. I like what you say about success leaving a trace, and that is very evident with the success stories you have highlighted in your article. You have provided some great information about the back stories of these influencers, some of which are very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  85. Hi Tony,

    Once again a great post on Instagram Influencers. So much useful for new marketers like me which are always looking for this kind of stuff you write. You are putting effort to help others and I appreciate what you are doing.

    What an inspirational write-up of the top 10 influencers with the tenth one being a woman – Mel Robbins. I have set-up my Instagram account and followed all of them and then off course – you,The Digital Marketing Veteran.

    It is great post calling for action to learn about digital marketing fro the world’s top professionals- who have already walked the path and have been successful in it making million of dollars from it.

    Thanks once again for this great post.

  86. Tony, I have to admit, I’ve never done much on Instagram.  I’m part of a generation that is just getting familiar with Facebook 🙂  After reading your blog, it makes me want to take a second look at Instagram for the purpose of keeping up with the industry we’re in.  All these people are extraordinary entrepreneurs.  I can learn a lot from them.  Thank you for this post.

  87. Instagram has not received much attention from me in the past.  I can see this is a mistake that should be corrected.  Thank you for the intro to these wonderful influencers.  I now have my assignment list to complete.  This will be much easier to do as I use your guide for some of the influencers for this program.  

    Social media has been slow for me, but finding my way, and I appreciate the introductions you have presented.

  88. Wow Tony, what a brilliant idea to be following the great entrepreneurs. We can certainly learn a lot from them. I am fairly new to Instagram. The only two that I was actually familiar with was Tony Robbins and Russel Brunson. I have listened to quite a few of the inspirational presentations of Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, but never actually thought of following any of the great influencers. 

  89. Sadly, I was not following any of these influencers before reading this post. However, several caught my attention for their impressive accomplishments.

    So now I’m following you, Tony! I am also now following Russell Brunson, Bob Proctor, and Mel Robbins. I definitely want to learn more from you and the rest of these titans!

  90. Hey Tony,

    I have onli been following two in this list: Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson. But I’l start following them all, begining by the Digital Market Veteran.

    This post reminded me of a campaign Tommy Hilfinger launched back in 1986. The arrival of his eponymous fashion brand was announced by a huge billboard in the center of Manhattan theatreland comparing the then-unknown Hilfiger with the triumvirate of American greats – Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis. After that campaign, the rest is history. Tony, I really wish you the same (if Tommy did it once, Tony can do it again).

  91. Wow! This list has definitely brought the very best and the movers and shakers of the industry of affiliate marketing together and would be the very best options for anyone to follow to get the best out of ourselves. This is Great and I like this here I will definitely go and follow them all and see how best to take the right approach to achieving the very best with them all.

  92. Hi Tony, 

    The individuals that you have selected to be top Instagram influencers have impressive bios. I am very impressed and will have to really take some time to go through their information to be even more enlightened. They provide “eye-opening, wow moment” pointers that really show that there are so many things one can do in whatever field is chosen to focus on.

  93. Hi Tony! This is a very useful list. I greatly appreciate you have shared it with us. All eleven of you have a special gift to share with the world. And it’s cool to be in good company.

    I have been wanting to focus on my Instagram account. How to grow it and connect better with my audience. And your post has helped me in two different ways. First, introducing me to inspiring people. And second, I can learn from how they run their Instagram accounts. Thank you very much!

  94. Hi, Tony. It’s awesome that you have put together top 10 Instagram influencers for Entrepreneurs to follow. I have always wondered how long it takes for all of them to reach the number of followers they have today including yours too. I believe it does take a lot of hard work.

  95. Wow Tony. These key individuals that you have highlighted have impressive bios. I will be looking at each of them closely with an aim to follow them on Instagram.

  96. I can say that you have a good list of people to look up to. I am using instagram for business purpose thats why I need lists of successful people to follow. I know for sure that I will learn a lot from them as I have from your blog. There’s so much to learn in this industry but knowing those who have the best practices and following them can give us headstart and clear path as to where we really want to see ourselves in the future.

  97. Tony, it was an honor to be introduced to these amazing individuals, you included. I already knew of some of them. I shall be checking out those who I am hearing for the first time. 

    I like the term, Instagram Influencers. My Instagram receives loads of promotions every day. Pictures connect with people more easily that text. It is so easy to click and follow the person as well as check out their offers. 

    Grant Cardone has been flooding the airways with adds promoting his employee recruiting services. 

    Who doesn’t know Tony Robbins! Almost all entrepreneurial organizations have had him speak in their conventions.

    I came across Eric Worre on a weeklong opportunity convention that was also streamed online. I paid for that stream and it was well worth it. I have been involves in person to person network marketing opportunities and was totally unsuccessful in them. One of my goals at WA is to create a totally online system with the company I am with at the moment. For 10 years I have been using their services and profited immensely from them. I now want to develop an online system to find prospects that I can plug into their funnel and CRM system. I am pretty good in coaching people. But terrible at recruiting. 

    Bob Proctor is the last name familiar to me. He also is an icon in the personal growth industry.

    I will have to check out all the rest including you. 

    Thanks for this engaging Blog. Anyone who wants to be successful in business should check it out. Cheers! 

  98. This is a great list.  I knew of the top three and Mel Robbins.  I am definitely going to look up the others and follow them too.  Grant Cardone is one of my favorites as well.  His story is so inspiring and has led a person I know to start his own business as well.  Everyone knows who Tony Robbins is but GaryVee was someone I didn’t follow until recently.  

  99. Hi Tony,

    I have to say this is a great post. It’s full of inspiring story of those ten amazing men. These are really great people to follow indeed. 

    Your post is great and I know you based it on the top 10 influencers to follow on instagram. However, may I suggest that it would be more helpful to know how to grow my instagram and get more followers. 

    I’ve come to realise if you follow some people they don’t follow you back. So, it will be very helpful if I know how to obtain more followers.

    Thanks for sharing.

  100. This article is fantastic, in fact it’s so good I have bookmarked it for further reference use. This article provided me with not only a starting point into entrepreneurship but also into marketing. I am excited to take the time and do some of my own research on these people and find out why they are masters of their field. 

    Can I ask you question? For someone like me who doesn’t know where to begin with this topic, what books or resources would you recommend for me?

    Thank you agaIn, for writing this. 

  101. This is awesome, I’ve been focusing hardcore on Instagram lately. I’ve been trying all kinds of things and collecting results to eventually create a  data-driven strategy. I think if you wanted, you could turn this into a valuable resource for your audience as well as for yourself. I would start routinely updating and adding new Influencers every week or two, while also leveraging this as an opportunity to create new and relevant pieces of microcontent to distribute on social networks, podcast, youtube, etc… A few months of making microcontent out of Influencer updates and chosen Instagramers that’ll be added to the top Instagram Influencers list/resource. So imagine 8 months or a year of building this resource! The best part about building a helpful resource for your audience is that by helping your audience, it naturally starts helping you in multiple ways for examples your website would start to become an authority on Instagram Influencers for entrepreneurs This could lead to chances to sell a product or service on your website, you would probably have enough steady traffic also start generating a revenue stream, it’s even possible you’ll get offers from businesses or from influencers if you create a valuable enough resource. I would assume that you would also have some longterm benefits on your own Instagram. 

    Sorry I basically wrote out the who business strategy that your Instagram influencers to follow for entrepreneurs post gave me! Hope it intrigues you. let me know what you think about the idea?

  102. Thank you so much for 10 Top influencers for entrepreneurs, I do follow Grant Cardone on Twitter and followed him on Facebook but this is a great list and I will definitely follow them.  I am super excited and I am so glad I came across your article.

    I am also reading a book by Tony Robbins Great info ℹ️ and I know I am going to learn more Thank You so much and wishing you success. 

  103. Wow! This is a list of the top notch entrepreneurs. Though I do not know most of them, but I have read alot on Tony Robbins. His philanthropical attitude towards making many wealthy was the reason I read more on him and I’m also a follower of his on Instagram. Also, I wouldn’t mind a shootout as it would help boost my brand to the world. I am already on the process of qualifying for the free shout out.


  104. I have an Instagram account but not active yet. And since Tony Hamilton is now making a killing with Instagram, maybe I need to get active there ASAP. If he can do it, then why can’t I? 

    The persons on the list are not familiar with me, except for Russell Brunson and Tony Hamilton. Maybe because these two are active Internet marketers and being an Internet marketer myself, I know these two persons very well. And I can say, this is true, these two guys should be on your priority list in Instagram to follow.

    I just wonder, why is Tony Hamilton placed last on the list? He should be placed on top of the list, probably #1 or #2. 

  105. I really appreciate this post as I think there is great value in finding other individuals who are having an impact. Also who are gaining a great momentum of success that proves super inspiring and insightful to anyone who strives for the same kind of results.  I was pleased to learn about the top 3 picks of gentlemen I have never even heard of, so it is a good vibe to have the overview of them and what they are about.  I have added 3 to my Instagram as a result.  Thank you for the great content!

  106. I enjoyed reading this article, Tony.  I’d heard of about half of those on your list. I follow a few of them. I’ll have to check out the rest! I think we all need mentors and people who have “walked the talk”. Too many people online do the talking but have never walked that path! 

    These are brilliant influencers in the field of entrepreneurship, but do you know of any other people that could help me in staying motivated as a new startup business?  

  107. I really was wondering where the women were on this list until I came across Mel Robbins. These are all inspirational and motivational entrepreneurs and coincidentally I already follow about three of the influencers on this list and I love what they always offer especially Gary Vaynerchuk who always likes to swear a lot.

    I love all these guys and I would also follow the rest influencers on this list. Would love to get a shoutout from you on your Instagram page. 

  108. I am trying to grow my instagram follows but I am really not sure if it is the right platform for internet marketing, what do you think? I do follow 3 people in that list and they have of great inspiration. But is there any other benefit to get from following big influencers? 

    I am pretty impressed by your profile and I followed you. Waiting for my shoutout!


  109. Great article about the Top 10 Instagram Influencers for entrepreneurs to follow. The timing on this post for me is perfect.  I have just started an Instagram account and was getting very frustrated.  Instagram does not seem to be as intuitive as Facebook and Twitter for me.  But your post was so inspirational, I loved reading about all the titans of industry, the big hitters starting out with disadvantages, overcoming them and becoming successful. It is easy to see that all forms of social media, and now Instagram are helping to propel them to the top!  I do intend to like them and follow them (and you) on social media so I can copy their success and listen daily to their advice.  Thank you so much for this list it was really informative and a very interesting read. 

  110. Awesome post! I have only heard of Grant Cardone and Gary Vee before reading this article. Thank you for showing more role models and I think that maybe you can consider adding Tai Lopez into the list. I am looking to build an Instagram fan base as well. Thus I will be sure to check your website and maybe get a shout out from you. It’s nice to see that you have so many followers on Instagram. Maybe you can blog about how to get this massive following. Keep up the good work!

  111. Hello Tommy,

    This is great. I’m always looking for someone to follow to get idea from. These guys are truly true public figures and they are willing to help others when asked. These are all genius who started from the bottom and created their own product and their own name brand to creating millions. Turkey an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  112. Hi Tony,

    Thank you for the list of all these wonderful instagram influencers. I am so happy to find that I followed 3 people already which are Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins and Bob Proctor. They all have helped me going through my difficult times in life. However, I love Mel Robbins the most on her 5 second rule, she really make me get out of my comfort zone and just do it. Will follow the other people on your list and well and will definitely follow you Tony 🙂

  113. Dear Tony,

    Very recently one of my coach informed the potential of Instagram so I was thinking of using it and being active on the Instagram platform. The description and Bio you shared about each influencers is very helpful and their success stories are motivating, I got great inspiration.

    I got helpful insights from your post. Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor are the ones I am aware of and have watched their videos on Youtube. Read the book dotcom secret of Rusell Brunson so I am aware of him as well. After reading your post planning to watch Eric Thomas.

    For sure gonna follow everyone including you. Nice article, I really enjoyed the content and in the manner that you presented.

    Much Success!


  114. I loved your list of top 10 entrepreneur influencers to follow, most of the names are ones that I already follow. Each has their own particular sub-niche, and if you notice, they all focus pretty much on that. It works, and as you see from the number of followers they have, they can definitely influence a lot of people.

    One name that comes to mind that was not on the list is Tai Lopez. Is he not on Instagram or perhaps it was more a matter of picking the best of the best. There are a lot of mid-level influencers too that can be added as second tier people to follow. These people can sometimes be more useful if you ever want to use them to do some promotions through as they cost less.

    Instagram is such a powerful platform, I like the level of engagement that you can get, and the community is very active too. I have our VAs working now on an Instagram account for each of our websites and niches, as I know it is needed with the rising costs of paid ads.

    Thanks for your laydown of the top ten Instagram Influencers in the entrepreneur niche, and it is good to see your name on the list as well! Go get ’em, life is for the taking! All of these influencers have a good story to tell! 

  115. Great list! I’ve been following Gary V. for awhile now and while I sometimes miss his latest, I always catch up eventually. Tony Robbins is another one I have followed since going to one of his events a few years ago and reading several of his books. I’ve only recently begun thinking about how to use Instagram for business and it does make sense to learn what you can from the greats and apply it. Thanks for sharing!

  116. HI Tony, 

    Love that you share yourself in this liist. Thisa says that you really trust yourself and your business. I was nearly sure that Mel Robbins was the wife of Tony Robins, but I searched and yeah they don’t have nothing to do with each other. I liked the list. 

    However, I would have liked that you included Tai Lopez, I think he is one, not to say the best, of the most controversial entrepreneur of our current times. 

  117. Instagram is the last social media platform I have yet to conquer.  I don’t know if I have it in me to try to build a huge following.  I have about 5,000 followers on Twitter and thousands on Facebook, and it was a lot of time and effort to build that up like that.  I have tons on Linkedin and several boards on Pinterest.  It’s just a lot.  I think I either need an assistant, or I need to stick with what I have.

    Now, let me ask you, I’ve seen where people pay these influencers to give shout-outs.  What do you think about that strategy?


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