Top 10 Instagram Influencers for Entrepreneurs to Follow

Are You an aspiring Entrepreneur?

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Building your brand on Instagram as an entrepreneur isn't an overnight success story, it indeed takes lots of work and effort. As is the case with anything in life, take a look at those who are doing what you would like to do and go from there. Success absolutely does leave clues.

Because of the above fact, I will be sharing with you, what is in my opinion, the Top 10 lit of Instagram Influencers for Entrepreneurs to Follow. Plus a bonus, my Instagram account & an invitation to be awarded with a free shoutout from my Tony Lee Hamilton ~ Digital Marketing Veteran Instagram Page @Tony_Lee_Hamilton #TonyLeeHamilton #DigitalMarketingVeteran #Crushingit10X #WealthySuperAffiliate #BuinessOpportunityHashtags

Make sure to follow all of us in order to be able to emulate and also grow you own brand by incorporating what you learn as well as incorporating your own nuances and style. The names aren't listed in any particular order, just as I share them, all as you will notice, have their own different methods and stories.

Grant Cardone Instagram

Grant Cardone

Louisiana native, best known for founding the 10X Movement after writing the most recent and popular of his 21 best-selling books, The 10X Rule. Grant is a twin, his Father passed away early in his childhood, he was into drugs, alcohol and a very destructive life in his younger years. He has been labeled as ADHD, compulsive, obsessive, overbearing, pushy etc….. 10X is the way that he approaches all things in hiss life. Success is not only his mission, it's also his duty & responsibility. Not only popular on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other Social Media sites, he is also the creator of Cardone University, CEO of Cardone Capital. Based now in Miami Florida after leaving California because of the enormous taxes and cost of living, he also assists businesses in being able to close more business with their clients.

Oh yes …….. He also owns his own private jet!

Gary Vaynerchuk “Gary Vee”Gary Vee Vaynerchuk Instagram

Born in Belarus of the former Soviet Union, his family migrated to the United States and his Father owned a liquor store. Gary was forced to work there when he was a teen, even though he was already and entrepreneur and earning thousands by selling baseball cards on the weekends. Although he was a very bad student, he did attend college then afterwards went to work at the family business full time. He had the foresight to utilize google ads back when they first came out in order to grow the business to many millions with a very limited advertising budget. The Wine Library which he also grew on YouTube way ahead of the learning curve of most businesses.

Now Gary owns and is the CEO of Vayner Media & Vayner Sports as well as an investor in Facebook, Snap, Venmo and Uber. Most recently he has launched Empathy Wines and One37pm, wine must be in his blood.

Gary is also known for being around rappers, sports stars and celebrities, focusing on youth and believes that no one should fake it til they make it. Flipping stuff, rummage sales, Craig's List, Facebook Marketplace and working your face off are high on his sharing agenda, also empathy and being positive . Gary has also written books, most notably, Crush it as well as the sequel Crushing it.

As You may or may not be aware, my site Crushing it 10X was inspired by both Gary Vee + Grant Cardone

Tony Robbins Tony Robbins Instagram

Probably the most known person that I shall be sharing in this Top 10 list as he's been around for a few decades now. Although his Instagram following isn't as huge as the previous influencer's and he's not near as active, Tony still is a very important person for all of u Entrepreneurs to follow and learn from.

Tony is also a philanthropist with a goal of planting 100 Million trees and will match all donations up to $300,000 in the month of April, for the Earth Month Challenge.

Jim Rohn is credited with being his mentor early in his career and although he is a very positive person, he doesn't believe in the “Positive Thinking” motivation stuff. He shares that you must change your state of mind and take action instead of saying “There are no weeds, there are no weeds” etc……. You see and grow what you focus on. Weekend Seminars including fire walking are an integral part of his popularity along with his working with many famous politicians, movie stars, sports professionals and more. You focus on an area of your life and make it bright, you will see the bright side of your life & the opposite is true as well.

Eric Worre Eric Worre Network Marketing Pro Academy

Founder of Network Marketing Pro, Eric Worre is a lifetime Network Marketer who as far as I am aware, isn't a part of a Multi-Level Direct Marketing Company. He shares his vast knowledge and experience with Network Marketing Professionals from all and any business and has created lots of training videos, both free and paid. he also wrote the book, Go Pro, The steps to becoming a Network Marketing Professional.

Currently he is offering a $1 trial for becoming a member at Network Marketing Pro and the Go Pro Academy that may or may not be in your best interest to try out. I do recommend it to friends who are indeed involved with Network Marketing & especially with in person networking as his content is geared in that way. (I, myself am more of an Internet Marketer, hence my brand, The Digital Marketing Veteran)

Eric Thomas Eric Thomas Hip Hop Preacher

Also known as The Hip Hop Preacher & he gained huge fame and fortune while being video taped in a classroom talking to students. “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, you'll become successful” The guru had just held the student underwater in order to make his point, it was very visually powerful in our minds.

Eric, from Detroit Michigan, was at one time homeless and for 2 years before turning things around. Since then, he has become one of the most sought after speakers of the 21st century and he also now has a Master's Degree & PHD from Michigan State University.

ET has an S2S podcast, is a motivational speaker and mentor to business minded youth, born in Chicago but raised in Michigan.

Bob Proctor Bob Proctor Gallagher Institute

Known as the leading expert in The Law of Attraction & more so after the book and movie, The Secret. The Proctor Gallagher Institute also features Business Partner Sandy Gallagher who was a Finance Attorney prior to joining Bob after she attended a seminar.

Bob has studied the Law of Attraction as well as the other Laws for over 5 decades and continues to share his expertise worldwide. He also claims to have carried around with him and reading daily, the same copy of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill for over 50 years.

As seen here on his Instagram bio, Bob utilizes the LinkTree link in bio link for sharing multiple website links within. I also use LinkTree and You can view mine at

You can also share the Proctor Gallagher Institute with their Affiliate Program at Clickbank like I do and earn an income sharing their seminars, products, services etc….

Russell Brunson Russell Brunson ClickFunnels

Best known for being the creator of ClickFunnels, the anti-website product that has helped millions of entrepreneurs earn millions of dollars with millions of sales. He has also written some books, highly favoring the word “Secret” hence the titles of his books always have that word in the titles.

Dot Com Secrets, Expert Secrets and most recently Network Marketing Secrets are a few of his books. He is also a Mormon, was a collegiate wrestler at Boise State and is also a resident of Idaho, Husband and Father.

Full of energy, dynamic personality and very knowledgeable business person, having earned his first million dollars while in college and still living in the basement.

Even if you don't utilize the ClickFunnels system, Russell is definitely an entrepreneur to follow for learning and earning on the internet and no matter what type of business you are sharing.

Ed Mylett Ed Mylett Maxout

Top 50 wealthiest persons under the age of 50, best-selling author and fitness addict as well as global speaker. Ed is also the Co-Founder of the Arete Syndicate & Maxout Podcast and as you can see in his Instagram bio is also the LinkTree link.

Hustlers aren't afraid to take chances, they take risks, fail hard and often, care about others and these are just a few of Ed's thoughts and ideas that separate him from others.

He truly cares about the success of others and knows that the secret to achieving long term growth in business is the ability to stay in front and at the top of mind with customers.

Ed is a lifelong entrepreneur and has always been in business as well as assisting others in their en devours as well.

Lewis Howes Lewis Howes School of Greatness Instagram

Former Professional Football Player & 2 sport All-American as well as current member of the USA Men's National Handball team. New York Times Best Selling Author School of Greatness, Mask of Masculinity, Lewis is truly an inspiration and real life person who is larger than life at the same time.

His podcast in the Top 100 in the world & his book School of Greatness has now been downloaded over 40 million times since 2013.

He has also shared that he was sexually abused as a young boy at the age of 5 by a man that he didn't know, sharing his story has helped many who were also victims in order to continue on and get passed the terrible circumstances that they never asked for.

After getting injured, losing his career as an arena football player, he sulked on hi sister's couch for a couple of years. All of that would have crushed most people, Lewis, however overcame those obstacles and has achieved great things as well as assisting others in achieving great feats in their vision to their dreams.

Mel Robbins Mel Robbins Show

I bet that you were wondering something like, where are the woman, is this an all Men's' club?

Well, without even realizing that the previous 9 were indeed all men and there weren't any woman listed and shared. Not on purpose but I also noticed just now so here she is, Mel Robbins (No relation to Tony as far as I know)

She is a former legal analyst for CNN and widely known for covering the George Zimmerman trial for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida in 2013 .

More recently she attracted attention for sharing her 5 second rule on the TedX Talks show and also for the book with the same title. She also wrote the books, Stop saying that you're fine as well as Stop Screwing Yourself Over.

Mel (Melanie) also has a show about real people, real stories and real change called The Mel Robbins Show & premiered in September. Link in her bio on Instagram for tickets and/or to become a guest as well.

Tony Lee Hamilton Tony Lee Hamilton Digital Marketing Veteran Crushing it 10X Wealthy Super Affiliate

Yes, this is me 🙂

As promised at the start of this article, I am also sharing my own Instagram profile picture. (Click on it to go to my Instagram Page in a new tab) Also in order to receive a free Instagram shoutout from me, Visit and sign up for free & complete your profile page at the site. In the event that you're already a member, (There are over 1.5 million members since 2005) don't worry, you can also qualify for a free shoutout as well. Simply visit the LinkTree link in my Instagram bio pictured at the bottom over to the right and then scroll down to the bottom and join one of those awesome programs that I recommend.

Friends, I hope that you enjoyed the Top 10 list of Instagram Influencers that all Entrepreneur should follow and learn from. Who do you feel should be on this list that I have omitted? Many are of course qualified so comment below with your thoughts as well as any and/or all questions.

Talk with you soon,


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