Top 10 Social Media Sites for Business

When you think of Social Media Sites for Business what is the first site that comes to mind?

LinkedIn, Yes I would be willing to bet that LinkedIn is the almost unanimous choice among business professionals from all over the world!




LinkedIn is a wonderful site to be a part of and share our Business Profiles.(Mine can be viewed by clicking on the image to the left)

Send me a LinkedIn connection request as well and use my email if they ask – All positive and respectful Friends are welcome.

I currently have 11,395 contacts at LinkedIn and have published quite a few articles there as well.



Although LinkedIn is the king of Business Social Media Sites there are many more that I utilize and I will now share with you below:

  1. LinkedIn – discussed above

  2. IBOsocial / IBOtoolbox – An awesome advertising community where creating Press Releases, Posts and Comments generate traffic to our websites and increase our website rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc….

  3. Wealthy Affiliate – The #1 Ranked Affiliate Marketing Business Community in the World!

  4. MLM Gateway – Wonderful platform for Network Marketers / Internet Marketers / Affiliate Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Independent Business Owners to share opportunities with the World.

  5. Xing – German based site much like Linkedin and not just for Germans.

  6. Twitter – #NoIntroductionNeeded #InternetAffiliateMarketingVeteran #TonyLeeHamilton

  7. RallyPoint – Business site for Active Duty Soldiers, Retired, Veterans and Civilians who support us.

  8. Facebook – Business pages and Groups are great for sharing & growing your Business.

  9. Google Plus G+ – No explanation needed here as well.

  10. About Me – Not many know about this site but it can bring some quality traffic to your website as well.




So that's my Top 10 Social Media Sites for Business,

What sites do you utilize to grow your business?


Social Media Sites for Business











Comment and share with us below as we would love to network and grow our businesses together with Friends from around the World!


18 thoughts on “Top 10 Social Media Sites for Business”

  1. There are some list of individuals who are in business are looking for means and ways to get their businesses into social media, maybe that is how they could get traffic and that’s probably the best way to get into it because social media is the new cruise for anyone who really want to get traffic for themselves. Well thanks for sharing this out here.

  2. Hi,

    In your article Top 10 social media sites for business, when I think about the topic the first thing that came to my mind is Facebook but in your article is LinkedIn. The top 10 sites was listed in your article as follows, LinkedIn, IBOsocial / IBOToolbox, Wealthy Affiliate, MLM Gateway, Xing, Twitter, RallyPoint, Facebook, GogglePlus and About Me, with my little knowledge on internet I agree to your article.

    Thank you.


  3. Thank you for the list you have provided. I am already part of some of the mentioned sites but some are totally new to me i.e Ibosocial, About me, Xing and Rally Point .Truth is I can actually only manage four platforms at the moment .

    I will explore the list and choose the four I can commit to 

  4. For me, I would go with Wealthy Affiliate as they are really one of the best in the world,I have been with them for like a year now and it has been Good all the way.. When it comes to affiliate marketing they are other better sites but they are no cheap but wealthy affiliate gives you everything for the lowest amount ever.

  5. I always have a second thought about social media. There are just so many of them and some of them I find that I feel like I wasted my time using them, such as facebook in my opinion. However, I still have my Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and I just deleted the rest. I have never heard of IBOSocial before, it sounds like an amazing network that I can get my traffic from there. Will check it out, thanks for the list.

  6. Hi Tony, thank you for recommending these 10 sites and offering information on them to help decide which is best suited for one’s needs. There are many ways to make money online in my opinion and all it takes is just the willingness to try them out and the dedication to see it through. I’m sure these sites will be helpful to a lot of people. 

  7. here is another good post Tony on social media businesses available for me to give a try. I’m happy with this mad I hope to be able to make some good money out of social media as well. You did well to share it with me too because it really shows how it works. Thank you very much

  8. This top 10 social media sites business are very interesting to read through and they are going to be useful to a lot of us here. I’m a lover of businesses that are very sure, taking risks is very dangerous but I think when it comes to business, you have to be prepared for anything.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this out here with us all. To know that social media is the new cruise and for anyone who really wants to make a name for themselves, this is probably the best way to ge5 into it. Surely I value all you shared here with us and it can make a lot of difference knowing how to exploit all these social media platforms

  10. Hello Tony, thanks for this really nice article. Let’s of people who are in business are looking for means to get their business to go social media and that is how they could get traffic and that’s nice. Looking at the top social media sites it’s nice to see people get the best platforms and I’m happy to see it 

  11. Lot’s of great information here. I’m personally involved with Wealthy Affiliate and love it. I’ve also been involved with IBOsocial but it didn’t have the power I was looking for like WA does. LinkedIn and Twitter are obvious winners but I am surprised that you didn’t mention Facebook. Was there a reason why?

    • Facebook is listed Guy, Look at #8 my Friend!

      IBO didn’t have the power?

      I have no idea where you would get the idea that IBO doesn’t have the power Guy, Over 70% of my Referrals to WA, CDB, SMTE, GML and other sites that I promote have been Friends from IBO!

      Just a suggestion, You may want to have a closer look at IBO my Friend!

      Talk with you soon Guy and thank you for stopping by and commenting,


  12. As a US marine Veteran I will definitely take a look at Rally Point, that word alone brings back some memories! I have a majority of those accounts but haven`t utilized them much and will have to clear some time from my schedule. Thanks for sharing!

    • Awesome Spencer!

      Welcome my Veteran Friend, RallyPoint is a great site indeed and I love sharing it with Friends who are Veterans.

      Also check out VetTix as it is another site for Veterans my Friend.

      Talk with you soon Spencer,


  13. Well jeesh! I have most of the accounts you mentioned, but I had not heard of About Me. I also am way under-utilizing Linkedin apparently! Thanks again for putting together such a comprehensive resource! – Joy

    • You are welcome Joy, It is my pleasure to share with Friends my Friend. Social Media sites can be utilized to grow our businesses and there are so many available that I wanted to share my Top 10 with Friends from all over the World!


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