Traftron Traffic and Lead System in Pre-Launch

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Yes, it's true!

Traftron is indeed in Pre-Launch & You are in the right place at the right time!

Have You ever wished that You would have gotten in at the beginning of an opportunity?

Yes, now You can!

You can become a Founder at Traftron – Visit now to learn more about the great Traffic & Lead System where you can share your website, social media pages, opportunities etc….. with like-minded friends.

What is Traftron?

Simply put, Traftron is a peer to peer platform where we can all connect and grow our businesses, social media presence and brand online. As we all know, traffic and eyes on our website will increase our rankings with the search engines and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is huge!

Google, Yahoo, Bing and all of the rest of the search engine platforms love when our sites have real traffic and when our posts, articles & blogs have relevant keywords that address what the viewer is looking for and needing answers for.

Tony Lee Hamilton Digital Marketing Veteran Crushing it 10X

Is Traftron Free?

Yes, it is indeed free to sign up at Traftron & even the first upgrade is only $29 so it's a wonderful ROI (Return on Investment) and the Affiliate Compensation Plan pays directly to your referrer $10 so it only takes 3 friends upgrading for you to break even and then be in profits.

Of course the low cost of $29 is well worth the increased traffic, referrals, leads and more that you get even if you aren't willing to share your Traftron referral link with others.

Why join Traftron now?

Well, its due time for You to be among the 1st isn't it?

I can almost guarantee You that this won't be the last time that you hear about Traftron so You can get started now while it's still in Pre-Launch ……….. or you can wait until many more join than you can be the referred instead of the referrer.

Me, myself, I had a multi-million dollar earning friend refer Traftron to me so I didn't hesitate at all to not only sign up but also to upgrade immediately!

Traftron Worldwide leads traffic

Why join Traftron with Tony Lee Hamilton

Traftron is a by invitation only platform, so why not join with me, Tony Lee Hamilton, The Digital Marketing Veteran, Crushing it 10X while assisting friends in earning online as well.

Also, as mentioned above, now is the time, don't research Traftron on the internet because as far as I have seen, this is the first article written about this awesome lead & traffic social media marketing platform. If you go directly to than you will be told that it is available via invite only and they will give you an option to contact support via email to get a referrer.

Wouldn't You rather have me as Your Referrer so that You'll have my support and guidance when you ask me for assistance?

Contact me anytime at

Click on any of the blue words below to open the popular article in a different tab:

Traftron with Tony Lee Hamilton

Get in now, it doesn't matter when you see this post, the sooner the better right now Traftron is indeed in Pre-Launch and now is always going to be the best time to start generating traffic, leads, referrals etc…. Grow your Business, Social Media Presence, Brand and all that you do online.

Start Crushing it 10X with me as your referrer to Traftron now!

29 thoughts on “Traftron Traffic and Lead System in Pre-Launch”

  1. Dan Labbe says:

    Hey Tony Great review, now show me that it works and i will join. Affiliate marketing has not worked with seo for me so its time for a change. Dan-L

    1. Awesome Dan!

      Welcome to Traftron my friend & yes I am here for you when you are ready!

      Talk with you soon Dan,


  2. kemdi21 says:

    Nice review of Traftron

    Ive been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for exactly a year now so I feel its about time for me to start promoting my website with other methods apart from SEO. So this is indeed great timing for Traftron Traffic. However, i do not like the idea that you can only join upon invitation. Nonetheless, since you are a great affiliate and have a strong presence in WA I feel comfortable joining under you 

    Thanks so much for sharing really appreciate it 

  3. Topazdude says:

    Hello Tony, Great review post! After reading your article on Traftron Traffic and Lead system review. I have came to know that what the the Traftron Traffic and Lead system really is, how it really works and why this is better than any of other traffic platforms. The details of what one get on Traftron Traffic and Lead System was really helpful. After that your personal expert opinion was  not like all of those blogger’s opinion who try to make things more complicated. This system looks to be a cost affordable, I learnt you mention that it’s joining is on invitation? Please your invitation link, so that when am ready to join I will easily come in through your invitation link. Thanks for sharing.

  4. affiliate_ghost says:

    Hello Tony Lee :), thanks for an honest and insightful review on Traftron traffic and lead system, even as it is still new to the market. i really have not read anything about it or used any other lead system to generate traffic. i would do my due diligence to see how it helps and the fact that it has an affiliate options makes it perfect. I would do my due dilligence and also share this post with friends.

  5. enrique vanegas says:

    Thank you for sharing ¨Traftron Traffic and Lead System in Pre-Launch¨. It sounds interesting but I would need something more than ¨peer to peer platform where we can all connect and grow our business, social media presence and brand online¨. For instance, how do you make money?

    I suppose you bring in and register your website to promote your products or Traftron´s?  Is there an affiliate program? What are the marketing tools you are going to use? Or is it more like recruiting people into Traftron  and more like because you get paid when you bring in people?

    Is this a multi-level marketing company that you will be able to earn money from your downline.

    I know you ask for a discussion, but based on your article I only have questions because there isn´t enough information

  6. Robert Trevor says:

    The price of the upgrade, of $29.00 sounds very reasonable, for what is said to be available.

    If it is free, and in the pre-launch condition, it sounds like a real bargain at the moment.

    With Tony as your referrer, in this by invitation stage,to get all the help you need,will be very advantageous.

    It seems almost too good to be true, to get all these,leads, traffic,and referrals, free of charge, when taking up this offer.

    Tony seems to be offering a really good opportunity with this Traftron proposition.

  7. jaykaynigltd says:

    This is an informative and educative article. The platform Traftron from your explanation is quite promising as anybody joining it now will be early birds and stand a better chance of success. I love to join systems that are in pre-launch stage because I stand to benefit more.
    Getting traffic and leads are my major “turn on” as well as paying as high as $10 for everyone you referred.
    I will like to hear more opportunities like this in future.
     Thanks for sharing.

  8. Peace says:

    Traffic for a blogger, is like water to the fish. So no blogger will want to pass up this golden opportunity to belong to a platform that presents a sea of traffic to their members, plus the option of making money through other means such as referring people. 

    As a matter of fact not grabbing what you’re offering could lead to regret, since joining Traftron is by an invite basis only. 

  9. Mary says:

    Tons of good information on Traftron Traffic and Lead System in Pre-Launch, this is well detailed and will be of help yo your readers. I have never heard of traftron traffic before now, I’m glad I read this, and  I believe it’s the right time for me.
    I like the fact that you will stand as the referrer so as to have support and guidance whenever I need your assistance for this traftron traffic. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Tolu says:

    Using you as my sponsor is not a big deal to me. I agree with you that the best time to get in is at the beginning of an opportunity if the opportunity is legit. I’m hearing of Traftron traffic and lead system for the first time. In as much that I want to give it a trial, there are concerns I have. Foremost, I’m not a fan of multilevel marketing program like Traftron. Second, while it is a nice idea to always be among the early birds in a program, however, I would need more time and testimonies on this program.  

  11. Nicole Stiles says:

    From what you’ve written, it sounds like it’s taking the place of google plus. A place for businesses to share their posts and stuff. Will people other than business be on Traftron Traffic to be able to view what the businesses are posting? Who is the brain behind the program? If you mention it, I’m overlooking the information.

  12. Vapz says:

    Wow, Trafton traffic and lead system, seems to be another great opportunity to be able to increase my visibility online with social media postings with the great keywords that ai am currently generating and lead generation,search engines would definitely love my website. What more,I get to be among the first referrers for Trafton. This is exciting already,so many possibilities for a token. Great! Great!

  13. Adamu2 says:

    Hi Tony, 

    I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.This is an awareness about traftron traffic that is yet to be lunch.I really understand what traffic means in affiliates industry and getting traffic to someone’s website. Every affiliates marketer needs to be involved in traftron traffic  ,I would be on this page to have more information about traftron. Best regards 

  14. Achievers says:

    Thanks for the review on Traftron traffic and lead system. I must  say that with the few experience I have had in the world of affiliate marketing, it is of great importance to know that for an online business to succeed and generate income, traffic cannot be do away it. If the product is in place with the right niche, without traffic no income. I believe with Traftron Traffic I can be sure of real traffic to explore my blog site. Thanks for sharing this article. 

  15. Etah says:

    Wow, this is amazing news for us bloggers always in search of ways to grow our traffic.

    You are right being one of the first people to sign up for this opportunity is a real added bonus. 

    Thanks for this well detailed and informative review, it’s high time I be among the first.

  16. Louis says:

    I do appreciate your honesty on this post, and I’m quite excited by the affiliate opportunity traftron offers. Seeing that I only need three friends to break even, couldn’t be a bad business.

    In terms of value I’d derive from this program, I believe traftron will deliver good traffic to my blog. And in all, it’s a promising enterprise, and I’ll love to be a pioneer.


  17. Ayodeji says:

    This is a great post and wonderful writeup. This looks like a very genuine Web program and I think it’s worth the shot. I just started online blogging and i really wish I can get more traffic to my website, and according to your review, it’s a great place where our website will increase our rankings with the search engines. Great work putting this up, keep it up. 

  18. Seyi says:

    I have been doing the online business for awhile now and I know for a fact that the opportunities that you grab as they open up is always the best ones that yield great income for as most people are not in on it yet and that gives an upper edge to make enough money from it  so , for this ,I am totally in on it. Will contact you via email. Thanks

  19. Henry says:

    Hi Tony! Thank you very much for providing this great opportunity to jump into Traftron early. Opportunities like this are scarce. And I appreciate this one because it comes from you, with vast experiense in marketing. It would be a huge help to become your referral. And the goal of breaking even with this platform seems easy to reach. I’ll give it a try!

  20. Cody Ellison says:

    This is a great article to read and your website setup in on point! I’ve never heard of Traftron but it is definitely something I would like to be involved in. I need all the help I can get with search engines and engagement on my site. I’m still new to creating my own website. Any additional information on leads and how the program works would be greatly appreciated!

  21. Yormith96 says:

    Hello, I have sent you my email expecting a feedback about registration links since registration is only through by invitation and not just registering alone and how to further pay my 29$ for my account am going to register. Please do not hesitate to get to me through, and also please send further information about it that may also be of helps in my registration process. Thanks 

  22. ajibola40 says:

    Thanks for writing this review on traftron and all it really did a good job by going extra mile to source for information on program that can help many.this is my first time of hearing about traftron and all that it can offer with a little fee of $29.there is so much to gain I must say and I will like to be the first set of members to register on the platform in other for me to maximize profit from my friends that don’t know about it yet

  23. Seun Afotanju says:

    Thanks for this informative and honest post, this is the first time I’m hearing about this amazing traffic and lead system, I think it’s going to be of great importance that I purchase this trafton traffic and lead system to the advantage of improving my online business, will definitely try to get this as soon as possible. Good job.

  24. Sammynathaniels says:

    Hi Tony,

    My experience in affiliate marketing for the past 3 years even before I joined wealthy affiliate has taught me that one can easily succeed if he or she has a good network and a community of like minds who are ready to promote the website and drive more traffic to his or her site. I believe every affiliate marketer should be a member of trafton now so as to experience rapid growth in affiliate marketing 

  25. Gracen says:

    Hi Tony, the platform Traftron from your explanation looks quite promising, especially the fact that it is in its pre-launch stage. I have a flare for systems that are in pre-launch stage as it usually favours those that get in at such stage. 

    I love the fact that it can be an asset towards getting traffic and lead and quite interesting to know that they pay as high as $10 for each referral. It will be great having you as a referral as I believe you will be in a better position to guide one on any confusing aspect about the platform.

    I have copied down your email and will definitely contact you.

  26. Linus Udochukwu Marvellous says:

    From what I read, it seems this platfo|m will be a good one for making money online especially for the beginners but my problem is, will it stand the test of time and not shut down after a while because that is what most new online business platform are doing. If you can guaranty that, then this platform will be one of the best and eventually the best making money platform online.

  27. Olalekan Taliat says:

    What a huge opportunity !. The bitcoin started as an opportunity I regretted not taking, as a matter of fact from the detail explanation of traftron , I envisage its going to be a success. As a blogger and an affiliate marketer, it will be wise to be an early bird in such huge opportunity to be at the fore front of traffic earning. The backbone of   Affiliate marketing is traffic, why wouldn’t I take my chances !

  28. Divine13 says:

    Hello. Traftron seems like a promising and genuine option to generate traffic for your blogs and websites with minimal effort. It is a good idea and it has an attractive price. I will look to register for this platform and will refer my friends as I could earn from the referrals. Thanks. 

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