Vance joined Wealthy Affiliate

Yes, You read that correctly!

Vance joined Wealthy Affiliate on 13 May 2017 and is beginning his journey into Internet Affiliate Marketing.

His website is just getting started and will evolve and grow more as soon as Vances Sophomore year at High School is complete and he has the Summer off.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Vance just turned 16 a few months ago!

Did I also mention that Vance is my Son?

Back in 2001 Vance’s Mom (She went to Heaven in 2013) & I adopted him at his birth, He is truly a gift from God!

Vance Hamilton - Hamilton Marketing AgencyTony Lee Hamilton - Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran


The picture on the left is of course of Vance’s Mom and I holding Vance on the day that we got to take him home with us. The picture on the right is of Vance and I not long after his 16th Birthday at his High School after a concert that he performed in.


I proudly share Wealthy Affiliate with Vance along with a couple of other sites that I trust and believe in and that I also share with any Friends from anywhere in the world that ask me to help/Mentor them.

Below I will share with you Wealthy Affiliate as well as the other sites that I shared with Vance and that he has joined and become a part of in order to earn an income online the correct and legitimate way that will be a long term and lasting flow of Residual & Passive income.

Wealthy Affiliate:

WA is an amazing Affiliate Marketing Business Community with unmatched training & support and even though Vance is 16 and I am 51, we are not the youngest or oldest members there.  Wealthy Affiliate has members from all over the world and has been providing exceptional Affiliate marketing training since 2005.

IBOsocial / IBOtoolbox:

IBOsocial also known as IBOtoolbox or simply IBO is an Awesome Advertising platform for Independent Business Owners to share their website(s), Opportunities, Social Media Pages etc….. with Friends from all over the world!

Global MoneyLine









Global MoneyLine:

Global MoneyLine is an exceptional site for communicating with the platform creating Leads, List Building & Traffic organically to your website without sharing your e-mail address with anyone except for your sponsor and the admin at MoneyLine.







Traffic Globalization:

Traffic Globalization just launched May 2017 is actually a site that I have had a Friend build and it includes banner ad clicks from sites including but not limited to Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Pandora & Twitter.

Free to Join!

Although all of the sites above are Free to join, Vance has already upgraded in each of them.

Visit Vance’s website at to learn more about these sites and when You see value in them sign up for Free at his site.

When You sign up for Free with Vance, I will be available to help anytime with any questions that You may have so rest assured that You will have assistance and we are a team.

Vance joined Wealthy Affiliate, IBOsocial / IBOtoolbox, Global MoneyLine & Traffic Globalization and is well on his way to establishing a lasting income from online affiliate marketing.

Thank you Friends for viewing and commenting below,

Tony (Vance’s Dad)


P.S. Vance’s Facebook Page for Hamilton Marketing  Agency is

Posted by Tony Lee Hamilton

7 year United States Army Veteran - Providing Social Media & Internet Marketing Solutions for Businesses as well as helping Friends earn an income online with Internet Affiliate Marketing from anywhere in the World.


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  1. This is really wonderful Tony. I suspect the world of internet marketing, and especially affiliate marketing, is a business model of the future. It is likely to be many years before this is a core subject at school and Wealthy affiliates offer a brilliant start. give them a head-start.
    I was not familiar with IBO and Global MoneyLine though I am now checking them out.
    Traffic Globalization I was familiar with although not joined yet
    I have been with WA for a year now and find the support and encouragement really incredible.
    Is there the same kind of support in these other memberships?
    How soon before these new generations are showing us older ones the way, eh?

    1. Awesome my Friend!

      I agree that Internet Affiliate Marketing is a Business Model of the future and that Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 platform with the best community, training and support of any Affiliate Marketing Business site in the World on the internet!

      IBO, Global MoneyLine and Traffic Globalization are all wonderful compliments to the WA platform for earning on the internet as well.

      The next generation is for sure going to be able to show us things, Vance already does.

      Thank you my Friend,


  2. As a father myself, I can understand how proud it must make you feel to have your son becoming independently successful. It really seems, from everything I’ve read, that Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing platform for internet marketers to be honest and help each other to be successful. In an internet environment that is so full of scams, I’m happy you and your son have found a community that works. Cheers to both your and Vance’s continued success.

    1. Thank you so much my fellow Dad especially so close to Father’s Day 🙂 

      I appreciate you stopping by and commenting and also for your well wishes for Vance and I.

      Vance is doing well with Wealthy Affiliate so far and I am proud of him.

      Talk with you soon and Happy Father’s Day my Friend,


  3. As a Wealthy Affiliate member, I truly believe that everyone can benefit from becoming a member. I think it is great that Vance has joined. I just wish Wealthy Affiliate (and the Internet for that matter) had been around when I was in high school.

    I checked out Vance’s site, and it looks great. While all his friends are running around doing what teenagers to, it looks like Vance is setting the foundation for his future.

    Great job!

  4. hey tony!
    good move introducing your son to affiliate marketing. there’s lots to learn about it and sometimes things don’t go as planned. But with you by his side he will always have your support. Good luck to you and your son and hope he enjoy online affiliate as much as you do!

    1. Thank you Edgar,

      Yes my Friend I agree as Vance is a wonderful young man who has a bright future indeed.

      Talk with you soon my Friend,


  5. Wow Tony
    I know you`ve had real success with online marketing and I feel it`s the greatest gift to your son.
    Im sure if he`s as hard working,as social and as helpful as you are, he will soon enjjoy the success and freedom of online marketing.
    Vance is sure a lucky young man to call you a dad, just as you`re proud to call him a son.
    Tony, I have a question, recently it`s been quiet about IBO toolbox, is it still recommended? is it still worth joining?

  6. amazing of you to allow your son join a wealthy affiliate. This is perhaps when of the best gift one can gift a loved one. You have made an investment of a lifetime introducing your son.
    This is something everyone should join regardless of the age and background.
    I will definitely bring in a family member as well.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Wonderful Jimmy!

      Thank you my Friend and I agree because Wealthy Affiliate as well as the other sites that I recommend are geared to help Friends earn an income online from anywhere in the World!

      Talk with you soon Jimmy,


  7. Tony, thanks for sharing this story about your wife and son! Very touching and inspiring. I have a 15 year old daughter and this post has reminded me to share this with her.

    Wishing you and Vance all the best.

    God bless,

  8. Congratulations on your joint father/son venture.

    I would love to be in business with my son. I homeschooled my children and I wish I had started them blogging while they were 16. It would have been a really good education for each of them.

    I am very confused about what “Traffic Globalization” and
    “Global Monyline” are. Will you please tell me more about these companies?

    Thank You Very Much,


  9. Hi Tony my name is Raymond I am looking for help starting my own internet business can you tell me how it works I am always looking for ways to make money can you help looking forward to hearing back from you

    1. Hi Raymond,

      Here is a post from my website my Friend = Click here!

      You can contact me at any of those sites after signing up for Free and completing your profile Raymond and I will be available to help you my Friend.

      Talk with you soon Raymond,


  10. I think it is a wonderful thing to have your son become a part of such a great community. You are truly a blessing to him having blazed your own road in affiliate marketing. Very inspiring story and I hope you do a progress update as time goes on. I’m going to check into IBO Social, Global Moneyline, and Traffic Globalization. Should I join them all or do you suggest one over the other? I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi Deborah,

      Yes I do recommend that you join all three my Friend as I know that You are already a member of WA.

      Thank you for the wonderful compliments for my Son Vance and I as well Deborah and we look forward to networking with you on all of the sites that we are connected on.

      Talk with you soon Deborah,


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