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Posted by Tony Lee Hamilton

7 year United States Army Veteran - Providing Social Media & Internet Marketing Solutions for Businesses as well as helping Friends earn an income online with Internet Affiliate Marketing from anywhere in the World.


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  1. Hi Tony, I’m a Bronze member. Have tried to promote it to my subscribers and got a few people to become Bronze too. I find it hard to convince others to go Bronze. I have lots of free referrals though. Do you have any tips?

    Because I don’t have many Bronze referrals (yet), I’m hesitating to go further myself (become Silver, then Gold…) If I became Silver, would there be a benefit?

    Thanks for your advice!

    1. Hi Ray,

      How long ago did you join and when did you become a Bronze Member my Friend?

      It sounds like you have more than paid for your Bronze upgrade so that is a great start Ray.

      Besides on my website I also promote MoneyLine here and at that site is where I have had most of my over 600 Referrals come from.

      Ray, I would also recommend that when you have already been paid for 2 Bronze upgrades that you upgrade to Silver so that you will be paid when they upgrade to Silver, otherwise you won’t even know when they upgrade to Silver because your commission will be passed up your line to the next qualified Silver Member.

      The same for upgrading to Gold Member Ray.

      It of course is entirely up to you my Friend as to if and when you want to upgrade.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting and for the questions Ray.

      Talk with you soon my Friend,


  2. Hi Tony,
    I have gone through the video and it convinces the more to join Global MoneyLine. But from past experience I have watched such videos on how to make money online and when you join nothing is there only to find a good number of advertisements which redirects you to scammers. Please promise me that this is not another MLM like SFI. I will join after your feedback

    1. Hello my Friend,

      MoneyLine is no scam!

      It’s a wonderful community to share with Friends and it’s Free forever if you choose.

      No redirects to scammers whatsoever and you choose who you would like to communicate within the platform.

      Thank you for taking the time to look and to comment and I welcome you to MoneyLine my Friend,


  3. Hi Tony

    I found the money line video very interesting, infect i signed up. I have seen so many sales videos that promise this and that but never delivers. But the money line video is very convincing.

    Tell me, does really work and does it deliver what it say it does?

    Its just that I’ve lost lots of money on traffic products that didn’t work.
    Let me know if this actually works.


    1. Hi Marshall!

      Welcome to MoneyLine my Friend & Yes Moneyline works wonderfully!

      I have been utilizing MoneyLine with great success since early September as I signed up on the last day of August 2016 and have never stopped earning and also having traffic.

      Thank you for stopping by and for signing up at Moneyline, Talk with you soon my Friend.


  4. Hey sounds like something I would like to believe in. However I’m not normally the type that will do something like this but I have a feeling if its recommended by people I trust, I will give it a shot. Thanks for recommending this and hope it does what it claim to do and it’ll be win win for all. Thanks Tony!

    1. You are welcome ht,

      It’s my pleasure to share with Friends my Friend!

      MoneyLine does absolutely do what it says it does and more, Welcome to MoneyLine.

      Talk with you soon,


  5. Hey, I never heard of Money Line before. I trust you Tony so I don’t mind trying this. Having followed you for quite some time I’m sure you wouldn’t put something on your site that isn’t worth our while. I’m going to check this out! Thanks so much and if you have other recommendations that can get me more traffic I’d be grateful 🙂 Hannah

    1. Awesome Hannah!

      Welcome to MoneyLine my Friend and I am sure that you will love sharing there Hannah.

      Talk with you soon,


  6. I too have heard about money line in past post I read and I not sure about it either. It does sound like it can be useful and offers a lot even though he claims that it’s free.

    Is it truly free? Is there some hidden fees or cost? Are they going to blast your email with spam and offers you have no interest in?

    1. Hi Salvatore,

      yes it is free and no there are no hidden costs and you will not receive email blasts of spam my Friend as the only ones that receive your email are the admin and your sponsor.

      Emails are not shared and all communication is done within the platform unless other forms of communication are agreed to by each person.

      Thank you Salvatore for the great questions my Friend,


  7. Very interesting take on the mlm paradigm. I thought I had seen it all and every now and again something new comes across my screen. I think the concept is great. Having people sign up and stand in line to grow your list. i am glad to see you are having success with it! Keep on trucking Tony!

    1. Hi Anthony,

      Yes you are correct that MoneyLine is very different than the conventional MLM and/or network marketing platforms.

      MoneyLine is amazing!

      Thank You Anthony for stopping by and commenting my Friend,


  8. Hi Tony,
    I heard about GlobalMoneyline from another post then came across yours. I watched the video and I’m still a bit sceptical about signing up.
    Ok. I understand that I get paid a commission for those people who sign up after me. But for me, it’s more about my brand and not just getting paid a quick buck unless the end result is beneficial to me and my customers.

    Concerning sending emails. How do I go about targeting people with similar interests without being seen as spamming them? I know having a large email list is great for marketing, getting traffic etc but I don’t want to be seen as a spammer. I’d rather have organic traffic arrive at my site through SEO parameters and sign up through my sign-up page, than sending out emails to ‘unknowns’. Your thoughts?

    1. Hi Jackie,

      Being skeptical is fine my Friend but never be cynical 🙂

      The value in MoneyLine my Friend is that you are able to communicate within the system (No emails are shared except with the Admin and your Sponsor) and you can communicate with all that join after you as well as those that join before you and message you.

      There are currently just over 150,000 members and MoneyLine launched in August, MoneyLine grows by 500 – 1,000 new members each day.

      Imagine if only 1% of those who join are interested in what you are sharing how huge that would be!

      Organic traffic is great Jackie, there is no doubt about that but then again so is direct traffic.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting Jackie and you are welcome back anytime my Friend,


  9. Hello Tony,
    Sounds great and the idea too. That many leads every day sound more greater. But I request you please give some details about how it works. There are 100s of Matrix, Affiliate, and referrals programs available on the internet but this program sounds good and different. I am going to join it with a lot of hopes of success in making some money.
    Thanks for giving this opportunity to the WA community.
    Best of luck

    1. Hello Leo,

      Welcome to MoneyLine my Friend!

      All communication is within the system unless the 2 who are communicating agree to communicate in a different way.

      What I love about that feature is that some Friends aren’t comfortable with sharing their email address at first. (The Admin & Sponsor do receive the email but no spamming is allowed and the email is safe)

      You are welcome Leo and if you have any questions at all my Friend you can contact me at anytime,


  10. This is excellent. I’m not usually into videos on affiliate marketing. But I will say I know of a few people who have joined this program and claim to make a lot of money with it. I’m still a bit skeptical. It seems legit and since it’s coming from a reliable source. I will give it a try. I will be back to follow up on my experience with it. Wish me luck.

    1. Wonderful James!

      Welcome to Global MoneyLine my Friend!

      Check the “LeaderBoards” while you’re there and You will see that I have referred over 600 Friends and am #12 on the all time referrals leaderboard among the 150,000 members.

      Talk with you soon James,


  11. Hi Tony,

    I joined money line just after it was launched. To be honest, I have not done much with it, BUT I upgraded to the first paid level and without much effort, I am in profit.

    I think it could be a good program for less experienced affiliate marketers to promote as well as “old hands”. I say that because the squeeze page and the video are well designed, and the “money line” keeps on growing even if you do not actively promote the program

    What it gives you is an almost instant list of contacts to reach out to, and the list grows day by day.

    All the best,

    David Hurley

    1. Hi David,

      Thank you for this wonderful testimonial my Friend.

      It’s not too late to start doing more and you will be amazed at what your profits will look like.

      MoneyLine has been the very best financial decision that I have ever made and I’ve made quite a few dollars online since 2009 David.

      David, Do You share MoneyLine on IBO my Friend?

      Talk with you soon David, Thank you for stopping by to comment and come back anytime.


  12. Hi Tony, thanks for sharing this MoneyLine video, I think it’s very informative. List building provides a great way to generate more income over time and I think it’s great that you can join MoneyLine for free and that they will build your list for you. However, I don’t think list building will be very effective in my niche, so I didn’t sign up.

    1. Hi there,

      You don’t think that list building will be very effective in your niche?

      Every niche needs and thrives on list building my Friend, there are between 500 – 1,000 Friends joining MoneyLine daily and I now have over 140,000 in my MoneyLine.

      If only 1% of those are interested in your niche do you know how many that would be?

      1,400 people would be interested in your niche and that’s only estimating with 1% being interested.

      My advise to you is to go ahead and sign up for free to find out how Moneyline can increase your website traffic, referrals and revenue no matter what your chosen niche is.

      Talk with you soon my Friend,


  13. Hi Tony, wow this seems amazing. loved your video and have read everything twice. I am a real newbie at WA ,about a month now and slowly getting there, would this be suitable for someone like me? I really want to join up im just a little unsure if im ready for this at my stage.Joanne

    1. Awesome Joanne! Except don’t wait til you’re ready my Friend as it is 100% Free to lock in your spot now at MoneyLine and then your list will be building so that when You are ready then so will your list be ready!

      Talk with you soon Joanne and thank you for stopping by to comment.

      You are welcome back anytime,


  14. Wow! I do wish that I had your character and charisma when it comes to speaking to the public! Maybe speaking into a video camera is not public speaking to you, but it really is since you have no idea how many people are going to be watching your video in the future and what kind of personalities will be viewing and critiquing your video either. I loved the concept of the offer; signing up for free and getting the downline below you for whichever way you choose.
    I even went so far as to continue on with the offer and signed up. Since I, like you, work in the same type of affiliate marketing industry and I was intrigued about how the whole circle would fill out since nothing these days is free all of seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, how would they possibly do it?
    Naturally, there was another side to the whole picture which only makes sense.
    But now that I am curious, I will ride the waterfall to see where it takes me.
    You had a great video; you came across very well educated about the products and I, as a customer, appreciated the confidence that you displayed in the company. It gave me the confidence needed to take that leap of faith and join. This is exactly what is was supposed to do,
    And because you had the call-to-action statement in the post title, you couldn’t have gotten me more excited about joining, or actually you got me to join to see what it was really all about and where it was going to take me.

    I do believe that you’ve got a sure fire post for your website here and I do wish you the greatest of luck.

    1. Awesome Rene!

      Welcome to MoneyLine my Friend!

      You have made a wise choice and I thank you for the compliments although the voice within the video isn’t mine. The voice is Big John’s, The top Independent Representative at MoneyLine and although I’m not # 1 I am currently #12 among about 150,000 Members and moving up as I type so yes I’m excited as well!

      Thank you Rene for stopping by to comment and welcome to MoneyLine,


  15. You certainly can’t go wrong with something that is free to try. Worse case, you decide it’s not working for you and give it up.

    If everybody that signs up after me is on my list, does that also mean that no one who signed up before me is on my list?

    1. Hi Chazz,

      Welcome to MoneyLine my Friend!

      Everyone who signed up before you, You are also able to communicate with when they communicate with you so MoneyLine is even more valuable.

      When you sign into Moneyline take a look at the LeaderBoards and you will see me at #12 or somewhere thereabouts my Friend and there are about 150,000 Members at MoneyLine.

      Thank you Chazz for stopping by and commenting, welcome to MoneyLine!


  16. Wow thanks Tony for sharing this information. I am not sure that it will help generate money in my chosen field of affiliate marketing but getting FREE lists to market too well its a no brainer to give it a shot!!! Once again thanks for sharing this with us but most of all Thank You for your service to this GREAT COUTRY!!!

    1. You are welcome Matt & welcome to MoneyLine my Friend!

      Take a look at the LeaderBoards Matt and you will find me at about #12 in the World at Moneyline with about 150,000 Members.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting and welcome to MoneyLine Matt,


  17. Thanks for the video Tony,

    I’m not going to lie. I’m brand new to the affiliate world and a lot of it seems a bit overwhelming. I watched your video and followed the link, but fell short of signing up.

    I am cynical by nature and am having a hard time believing all the hype around being an affiliate. That said I’m coming around and am plugging away.

    I’m going to bookmark your page and check back to see other comments before making a final decision.



    1. Hi Eric,

      I do understand you being cynical my Friend and that is fine.

      I don’t want anyone to ever do something that they don’t want to do.

      All that I can do is share the sites that I find to be legitimate and that have paid me with a great return on investment.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting Eric and you are welcome back anytime,


  18. Great video and I’ve signed up. Like you say, nothing to lose trying it if it’s free. Being a marketer by profession, if I can genuinely build a list from this then I’ll be happy. Watch this space! How long have you been using this? I would be interested to know how many people you now communicate with through this system. I take it you can’t export names to any other platform, since it says the addresses are protected? Is it a case that you can only email people within this system? I look forward to your replies.

    1. Hi Mara,

      Thank you and welcome to MoneyLine my Friend!

      I signed up on the last day of August and now have over 135,000 leads with that number growing at a pace of between 500-1,000 daily.

      The only emails that you receive Mara are those of the people that you refer to MoneyLine.

      All other communication is within the system which all but completely eliminates spam.

      Anyone who does mutually exchange emails, connect on other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, IBO etc. is fine as well.

      Thank you Mara for stopping by and commenting my Friend and welcome to MoneyLine!


  19. Hey Tony,
    Thanks for this video it introduced me to this program for the first time as I had never heard of this before. I found the video very informative and now I can consider this as an idea. What do you think are the benefits of this program? How do I know that these people in my moneyline are interested in the product I am promoting?
    Thanks, Fran

    1. Hey Fran,

      Welcome to MoneyLine my Friend!

      You are welcome and thank you, no matter what Fran we are never guaranteed that anyone will like the product that we are promoting.

      With MoneyLine our chances are better because there are so many Friends within MoneyLine sharing, currently there are about 150,000 Members and MoneyLine started in August 2017.

      Thank you Fran for stopping by and asking your question my Friend,


  20. Hi Tony,

    Great video! I am looking for ways to make money online and I am going to give this a try. I just joined Global Moneyline. I was skeptical when the video says it’s FREE. You never know until you try. I am ready to start my journey.

    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Pete,

      Welcome to Global MoneyLine my Friend and being skeptical is alright my Friend and indeed we all are especially when something says it’s Free.

      You are welcome Pete and I’ll see you there,


  21. Hello Tony

    Thank you for sharing the video opportunity, sounds too good to be true.

    I really do not understand how this program works, why would this program be free? What is in it for whoever came up with this program, sorry for being suspicious but I have been scammed many times before and am more careful about joining programs I do not understand and the video really does not explain how it works and why it costs nothing to join?

    1. Hello Jeffrey,

      Awesome questions about Global Moneyline my Friend!

      Thank you for asking and I will do my best to answer them all for you.

      The site is Free to join and the way that the site works it that when you join you are able to private message all of the members who join after you as well as any of the members who joined before you who message you.

      All messages are within the system and the only ones who receive your email address are the admin and your sponsor.

      You can stay a Free member forever if you choose to but when you see the value of membership you will most likely want to upgrade and even share Moneyline because MoneyLine also has an Affiliate program built in that is very lucrative!

      I do understand your concerns about being scammed jeffrey except that when MoneyLine is free to join there is nothing to lose and I am here to testify that there is much to gain.

      After joining go to the leaderboard you will see that out of about 150,000 members that I am ranked #13 and have personally sponsored over 500 Friends into MoneyLine and many of them are earning quite a nice Affiliate income with daily Paypal deposits as well.

      We all are also receiving direct website traffic from our sharing and earning with Referrals to other programs that we share like WA, IBO, CDB and more so the potential and financial benefits are amazing!

      Sign up for Free at MoneyLine and get your MoneyLine started Jeffrey.

      Talk with You soon my Friend,


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